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No. 63529

Post 'em.

No. 63530

Here's my #1.

No. 63531


No. 63532

this whole album is the most depressing thing I've ever heard in my life.

No. 63533

güd taste

No. 63534

No. 63535

last one for now

No. 63536

No. 63537

No. 63538

After making fun of Coldplay my entire life I actually sat down and listened to their debut for some reason and it actually wrecked me. I feel bad for not giving it a chance before, it's perfect sad music.

I've been avoiding listening to this after I listened to Phil on Marc Maron's podcast talking about his wife's passing. I knew it was going to be so raw and invasive in a way and it freaked me out. Might give it a try now though, thanks anon.

Thanks anon, you too. It's my go to album whenever I need to cry.

No. 63539

No. 63540

No. 63541

This one always gets to me. Their album Hospice kills me too

No. 63542

fucks me right up every time

No. 63543

this too

No. 63544

the video + song gets me every time

No. 63545

I love you anon

No. 63546

Hurt by Christina Aguilera gets me every time. Also How to save a life.

No. 63547

No. 63548

No. 63549

My nigga. Best Smiths song.

No. 63550

No. 63551

No. 63552

No. 63553

No. 63554

No. 63555

No. 63556

A+ taste anon

No. 63557

No. 63558

My top sad song.
How To Disappear Completely, by Radiohead

No. 63559


RIP John Lever

No. 63560

No. 63561

No. 63562

this song really gets to me…I've never lost anyone as close as a parent but I can't imagine how this song will affect me after I do.

No. 63563

No. 63564

No. 63565

Wanted to see what PhemieC was doing after her Homestuck days (thank the fucking Lord)
Ended up finding “Changeling” and crying like a little bitch at the last line.

No. 63566

What were her HS days? I've never seen her in that community.

No. 63567

I know this was overused on that literal hugbox website, but still makes me tear up every time.

No. 63568

TCV is good for crying in any way

No. 63569

>my best friend was comatose and all she got me was this lousy shirt

No. 63570

This entire album is heartbreaking on another level.

No. 63571

This one makes me emotional because it makes me think of a depressed person, which I was years ago.

No. 63572

I'm almost 26 now and I never managed to watch this movie without crying (no matter how old I am) and this song is one of the reasons why

No. 63573

If you like doom ‘gloomy’ metal albums then I recommend pursuit of the sun & allure the earth, woods IV: the green album and woods V: grey skies and electric lights.

They disbanded after their vocalist died in a car accident.

Don’t think I’ve ever come across a song like this that puts utter despair into words so beautifully before.

No. 63574

I want to cry from the sheer, simple beauty of the world that this song tries to convey.

No. 63575

For You Only - Trading Yesterday

Wind Beneath My Wings
Yes I know, it's old and overplayed, but there's a reason as to why this really gets me.

My granddad's favourite song, who said it was about my nan. It was played at his funeral and as the second dance at my auntie/his daughter's wedding, with my nan after the bride & groom did the first dance.
When I was younger I didn't really understand what he meant, but now I think I do - she provided him with the family he had always wanted, looked after the kids a lot, while working also - so my granddad was able to devote a lot of his time to trade union work, socialising with friends, etc. At his funeral they had to leave the church doors open at the back because not everyone could fit inside as he'd had so many friends. Nan never complained or resented him, instead quietly supporting him for the rest of his life. So I think he meant it in that sense - that she'd enabled him to do that.
So yeah I cry my eyes out when I hear this song.

Cure My Tragedy - Cold

written about his sister who was diagnosed with leukaemia (I think?)

Maria & the Diamonds - Immortal
The video makes it even more tense.

Celldweller - Great Divide

No. 63576

No. 63577

probs the song id off myself to

No. 63578

No. 63579


No. 63580

No. 63581

How ironic…

No. 63582

No. 63583

No. 63584

No. 63585

V is great, IV is too teeny bopper for most people's taste including mine. Travelling alone speaks volumes to me and so does Lightning and Snow. Keeper of the Ledger is also a good one if your philosophy/religion is animistic or nature oriented.

No. 63586

cried at least a few times to these (not anymore though but I hope it's okay to post)

The Smashing Pumpkins - Soma

The Smashing Pumpkins - Galapogos

Saez - Il y a ton sourire
(only live I think) https://youtu.be/KIY-Xtam1HM (btw frenchfag here,the lyrics are beautiful)

The Smiths - Asleep

My Chemical Romance - Desert Song

Buckethead - Soothsayer
never made me cry really but put me in a weird emotional trance.

you all have good taste,btw a lot of these are very powerful emotionally

No. 63587

samefag bc clicked too fast

Steam Powered Giraffe - Soliton

Supertramp - Don't Leave me Now

Dire Straits - So far Away

No. 63588

File: 1525360589701.jpg (54.87 KB, 500x334, tyler.jpg)

>Steam Powered Giraffe

No. 63589

I know they're considered 3dgy and such but their older kind of acoustic stuff wasn't bad.
except for Soliton I can't stand their new stuff though.

No. 63590

For my fellow baguette-fags. Let's not waste too much time.

No. 63591

Reminds me that I'll never have anyone truly love me, they'll only settle.

So does My Kind of Woman by Mac DeMarco.

No. 63592

Happy tears, but still tears non the less.

No. 63593

This version never fails to make me cry

No. 63594

i have to skip it when it comes on in public

No. 63595

Sharing Joanna Newsom love!
Several songs on Divers get me all choked up.

No. 63596

No. 63597

You guys are going to think this is stupid, but I get teary eyed every. Single. Time.

No. 63598

omg me too anon. for real.

I even limit myself to not listen to it too often so I don't get desensitized lol

No. 63599

Oohhh yeah. That song is beautiful.

No. 63600

Instrumental soundtrack music, anyone?

No. 63601

No. 63602

No. 63603

No. 63604

No. 63605

No. 63606

god i hate new muse shit but goddamn this song kills me

No. 63607

Fuck, this takes me back and yes, it makes me cry, too. I loved the score from this film because it wasn’t in any way what I expected.

No. 63608

huge Michael Nyman fan. there’s something about minimal, repetitive music that puts my head in a great place. but it also makes me really weepy. Arvo Part, Philip Glass, and Max Richter all work for me in the same way.

No. 63609

Arvo Part.

No. 63610

I didn't know there was someone else that appreciated modern neoclassical music.
I could listen to Michael Nyman all day, I first got introduced to his music through the movie Piano:
This is my favorite of his tracks:

I also like Arvo Part and Philip Glass, I listen to them regardless of my mood but when I'm depressed listening to their works just makes my nihilism and existential crisis worse.

Arvo Pärt's Fratres with piano and violin is just something out of this world.

What else do you listen to usually? I don't encounter many people irl or online that are into same artists.

Also, another composition what makes me tear a bit is Maxence Cyrin's piano version of No Cars Go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAAdQ7TY96o

No. 63611

Same! I saw The Piano, loved it and loved the music. I’m also a big Erik Satie fan, which probably completes the circle. I have almost complete collections of all these composers, I’m a dork.

There used to be this amazing video on YouTube of Arvo Part attempting to explain his feelings about…argh let me go find it. He’s talking about composition to a group of music students and every time I watch I’m in awe. He’s trying to explain something in words that he can really only truly express through music.

Do you know Nyman’s score for the movie Ravenous? He did it with Damon Albarn of Blur and it’s super quirky and great.

Have you seen any of these pieces performed live? I’ve been lucky enough to see the Estonian Chamber Choir doing De Profundis, and also MGV. I sobbed both times, really beautiful and powerful stuff.

As for other music I like sort of old stuff. Radiohead, Kate Bush, some Peter Gabriel, I used to love Elbow but the last few records didn’t do much for me. Asleep in the back is still my favorite.

Nice to meet a fellow modern neoclassicist lover!

No. 63612

A couple more quick songs for you, anon!

Mazzy Star is always a favorite

Agnes Obel is very hit or miss for me, but this song is a great one.

Not to get too far ot, but for music in general, I love Aphex Twin a ton and there’s someone who just popped up on my radar called Sylvain Chauveau who’s pretty good. I like Austra and Aimee Mann too. Antonio Carlos Jobim makes me weepy sometimes, depending on the song.

I have no idea why the A’s are the ones coming to mind right now!

This last song I can’t help loving, I heard it on Air’s Late Night Tales and then went on a bender for this guy’s music. Hope you enjoy some of these.

No. 63613

> I saw The Piano, loved it and loved the music. I’m also a big Erik Satie fan, which probably completes the circle. I have almost complete collections of all these composers, I’m a dork.

Same. I love Erik Satie! Do you play an instrument as well? I play piano and when I reached a decent level I thought that playing Satie was going to be easy peasy. I was soon proved wrong. While technically it seems easy to play Satie, it really takes time and practice to play some of his works like Gnossienne properly, to convey that mood that you often associate with his music, like melancholy. It made me appreciate his works even more as I think his works and a lot of other music belong to minimalism genre, in general, is not taken seriously due to its minimalistic structure and repetitiveness. To add, I'm surprised and saddened at the same time how little popularity Michael Nyman enjoys when you compare him to Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen who are both overrated and terrible "composers" imo.

> There used to be this amazing video on YouTube of Arvo Part attempting to explain his feelings about

I've only found this interview with Bjork. I really liked the relaxed conversation between the two without any pretentiousness. Arvo seems so down to earth.

If you do find the video you mentioned, please do let me know.

> Do you know Nyman’s score for the movie Ravenous?

No! I thought I got through all of his works and now I discover this. I've been through some part of the Ravenous score and I love it.

> Have you seen any of these pieces performed live?

Sadly no. I wish I had the chance.

> I’ve been lucky enough to see the Estonian Chamber Choir doing De Profundis, and also MGV.

I'm jelly. Can't imagine what kind of magical experience that is, to hear it live.

> As for other music I like sort of old stuff. Radiohead, Kate Bush, some Peter Gabriel, I used to love Elbow but the last few records didn’t do much for me. Asleep in the back is still my favorite.

Awesome eclectic taste you got there. I like old stuff too and I'm a fan of Peter Gabriel, his Steam was my morning jam for a long time.

> Nice to meet a fellow modern neoclassicist lover!

Nice to meet you too!

Thanks a lot! I'm going to go through these now. Btw I also love Aphex Twin, I like ambient and electronic as well, for example, Floex/Dvorak, Vangelis, Aphex Twin, Royksopp, Chris Clark, Depeche Mode. There are too many great artists to name.

No. 63614


I love modern classical stuff! I'm partial especially to Max Richter, Nils Frahm and also a lot of Icelandic stuff - Olafur Arnalds is my favourite musician right now. He did the soundtrack for Broadchurch and has loads of wonderful music available. and I also love the late Johann Johannson - his scores for Prisoners and Arrival are lovely, and IBM 1401 is especially gorgeous. I can't believe he's died at only 48.
Also I like Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, as well as great music (I like the soundtrack Angels of the Universe) he is like a chief pagan druid. Iceland is an awesome place.

also Aphex Twin is a great call. I love him too.

No. 63615

Good morning! Sorry it took me so long to see this but yesterday was a long day. It made me so happy to wake up and see this!

It looks like we might have pretty crazily similar tastes in music, at least when it comes to purely instrumental—I also love Dario Marianelli’s score for Jane Eyre and think it’s beautifully sad and romantic.

I envy you your ability to play an instrument. I would love to have the discipline but I can only enjoy others’ talent. I’ve sung in choirs all my life but truthfully I’m an amateur. I’d give anything if I could be a part of a group that performed any of Arvo Part’s work, but I’m know I’m nowhere near talented enough. I often envy people who can play because it seems to be one of the purest forms of expression. Music has such command over emotions, sometimes when I’m depressed it’s the only thing that makes me feel. It’s really an amazing thing and I’m fascinated when I watch musicians getting caught up in the emotions of a piece.

Erik Satie is so deceptively simple! I think it would be terrifically hard to play and have it sound ‘right’.

I forgot to mention John Cage whose compositions for Paris and In a Landscape are gorgeous pieces of music, and also Meredith Monk who can be crazy fun to sing. Gotham Lullaby and Memory Song are some of my favorites. This is Anthony de Mare singing Memory Song, it’s not for everyone but I love to sing along, and also a bit sad in it’s strange way. https://youtu.be/n-KkkEZ_RyE

Ambient and electronica are also favorites of mine. Royksopp are terrific. You mentioned Bjork, who I like very much. Depeche Mode was my first concert!

I looked and looked for the Arvo Part talk with the students, but the only bit of it I could find is the short version that I posted at the header of >>63611, I believe it’s an entire video’s worth of him discussing his music.

I’m so glad you enjoyed the score for Ravenous! https://youtu.be/4385qsNWHNo is probably my favorite piece. The movie’s is actually strange and fun, but I probably wouldn’t have left it on if I hadn’t heard those clarinets and oboes! His style is so unique and distinct.

I was just introduced to both Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds and I like them both! I think I might favor Nils Frahm a tiny bit more, but they’re both very good at writing these sometimes melancholy, always relaxing pieces.

I hope we can all share some more songs that we enjoy, this has been the nicest time I’ve spent here at lc.

No. 63616

No. 63617

Ugh, forgive the typos, I was on mobile.

No. 63618

more sadness from movie soundtracks, this is Anne Dudley. some of her string arrangement reminds me of Bernard Herrmann, who also makes me cry effortlessly.

another favorite from the Jane Eyre soundtrack:

No. 63619

this is the one that gets me, anon.

No. 63620

a classic

No. 63621

Better if you can understand German, but if you can't:

No. 63622

it's probably just me, still counts though right

No. 63623

t.A.T.u. gives me feels, too, anon.

No. 63624

No. 63625


No. 63626

nice. i'm still so betrayed that jesse turned out to be a pedophile.

No. 63627


OG JNew crying song

No. 63628

Karen Dalton \\ Something on Your Mind

"Yesterday, any way you made it was just fine…"

No. 63629

Tim Buckley \\ I Never Asked to be Your Mountain

No. 63630

Kate Bush \\ Running Up That Hill

No. 63631

"What we've got down here are oceans of longing…"

No. 63632

Kate bush never fails to make me feel

No. 63633

No. 63634

Seconding the Kate Bush love so much. This one had me sobbing during the opening of the Handmaid's Tale

No. 63635

I know. This song is a nearly perfect representation of a kind of existential / philosophical angst I have. And now it is hard to talk about Brand New because of the scandal.

No. 63636

No. 63637

No. 63638

I'm sorry i'm pathetic
At least I don't cry because of the stupid animu video
But I cry because it reminds me of my very old grandma telling me that life is fickle and that she loves me regardless.
Is happening again…

No. 63639

No. 63640

This is one of his most moving performances of this song IMO, especially at the end.

No. 63641

No. 63642

No. 63643

Can't believe Bright Eyes hasn't been mentioned, Conor Oberst knows my soul…

No. 63644

fucks me up everytime

No. 63645

No. 63646

This song kills me everytime. So does the finale song, Chenoweth sounds so haunted during it which certainly suits the feeling Glinda would have

No. 63647

No. 63648

No. 63649

this song fucks me up

No. 63650

gut-wrenching. made me cry before i lost a loved one, but now that i have, this song hurts so much more. i feel the pain that i only imagined back then.

No. 63651

No. 63652

Florence & The Machine: What the water gave me (ALL versions)

No. 63653

Oh Wonder - Without You


No. 63654

So sad. He sang this one right before his beloved wife of 35 years died.

No. 63655

This song honestly fucks me up, the story of Laika is just so sad anyhow.

No. 63656

i havent thought of skylar grey in so long but now im really fucking sad

No. 63657

Alright guys, buckle up because this is the saddest song known to man. I cant listen to it without collapsing on the ground and doing some ugly, open-mouthed sobbing. good luck and be prepared for a ruined evening

No. 63658

karen dalton is amazing and i feel like no one knows her, i'm so happy that’s not the case
not a sad song, but do you know driftin’? https://youtu.be/_nt-efRpjlQ

train song by vashti bunyan is really sad, though

No. 63659

If you think this is sad, check out A Crow Looked At Me album by Mount Eerie.

No. 63660

;_; this is now a one-upping contest but for SAD SONGS ;_;

No. 63661

This is gorgeous but I think Volcano is the sadder song. His voice just gets better and better the older he gets.

No. 63662

This song is reminding me of a horribly sad documentary about terminal patients in Oregon who are allowed to end their own lives using prescription drugs given them by their doctor.

Most of the movie followed this lady who had liver cancer and she was doing really well for most of the film but then began to get really sick, you could see it taking its toll on her. She held out as long as she could and then her whole family came to the house the day she was taking the pills. She had made sure her sons knew how to cook the recipes they loved, all that. At the very end, the cameras aren’t in the room with her, to give the family privacy, but they taped sound and her family is singing songs to her. She’s really quiet and then you hear her voice, it’s so light and happy and surprised, and she says ‘Oh, but this is easy!’ That movie devastated me.

No. 63663

I actually thought about posting that one, too. It’s kind of strange because in some ways the way the song came about wasn’t that serious, but it’s so, so sad. I couldn’t even click on it. I can handle people, but not animals, and Laika is too much.

No. 63664

I’ll leave you with this excerpt from a poem

‘or like the eyes of Laika,
Soviet space dog,
in an old drawing
I remember, the stunned,
not yet distrusting but
no longer trusting look
from within the comical
glass bubble of the gawky
helmet tilted atop
the comical white spacesuit,

as the spaceship hurtles
out toward the stars, the earth
a star behind it, the earnest
dog eyes fixed on black
space like a door
the masters have walked through
and will return from, surely.
Surely they'll come to get me.
Surely they didn't love me
all that time for this.’

No. 63665

No. 63666

I never grew out that phase lol

No. 63667

This one gives me anxiety

No. 63668

Frightened Rabbit - Floating in the Forth

this used to be just a sad song now it makes me want to throw up, to be honest

>"After being reported missing on 9 May 2018, Scott was found dead the following night. His body was found on the banks of the Firth of Forth."

No. 63669

"Remember Me" from Coco

No. 63670

Gets me every time

No. 63671

Some more songs that make me cry like a bitch:

The Funeral Party by The Cure: https://youtu.be/N9TejwVknN4

Class of 2013 by Mitski: https://youtu.be/4y0O7gAQEFU

Creator, Destroyer by Angel Olsen: https://youtu.be/s_c6uvZRDBE

Afraid by Roar: https://youtu.be/J-u5lajrArI

No. 63672

No. 63673

I can't listen to "cancer" by my chemical romance without crying. my best friend passed away from cancer….

No. 63674

Landslide by Stevie Nicks

recently had a good cry because of this timeless song

No. 63675

I’m very sorry, Anon.

No. 63676

No. 63677

Can I ask why…?

No. 63678

Aw lol this reminds me of when Gintoki sang this song.

No. 63679

Nostalgia I guess. He's such an icon of childhood.
Legendary kek

No. 63680

The Radio Dept - I Don't Like It Like This

Because it reminds me of being a teenager. Especially because I was obsessed with the movie "Marie Antoinette" as a teenager and they put this on the soundtrack.

No. 63681

Samefag but going with the nostalgic anime theme, some songs from Sailor Moon often make me tear up too. As a kid we had the episodes subbed on VHS and I'd always be watching them.


No. 63682

thank u

No. 63683

No. 63684

The rare when the adaption is better than the book

No. 63685

this whole album fucks me up. i hate how relatable the lyrics are. i adore this man but this album really gets to me. it's addictive and i can't stop listening to it because it flows so great but it really does make me feel miserable.

No. 63686

No. 63687

You should really feel bad

No. 63688

Gets me every single time.

No. 63689

I guess it doesn't exactly make me cry but it perfectly describes what I'm going thru right now…

No. 63690

How has this thread STILL managed to avoice being banished to /m/?

No. 63691


No. 64240

I wish I had a love like this. https://youtu.be/52nfjRzIaj8

No. 64309

and the movie version even more
It makes me cry because muh relation to the female protagonist, but also the male protagonist.

Call me corny, but it's due to this song that I started learning the guitar (just to play that song lmao)

No. 64312

I used to sob to this when I was a teenager.

I didn't like this movie at all, but gaga was excellent in it. I hope she keeps acting. Can't wait for her to get her EGOT because people will seethe and it'll be delicious.

No. 64406

This song just makes me tear up.

No. 64422

No. 64522

Beach house makes me ugly cry but I don’t feel negative about the experience for some reason.

No. 64524

I’ve cried to all of this shit at some point or another.

Here’s another song that makes me cry, it’s supposedly about an abortion/miscarriage she had

No. 64525

Madge is cringe as hell these days but she has some amazing music too, I also love frozen and nothing really matters for some tears.exe

No. 64621

Might be cringe to some, but I think this song is so beautiful. I haven't even seen the movie yet, I'm ready to bawl though

No. 64658

I dunno why but someone made a frozen AMV to Saint seiya years ago and now that song has been in my head. I really love that song in general though. she has some great hits

No. 65733

No. 65768

Not to be an animefag, but this Death Note soundtrack never fails to make me start fully crying and sobbing aka snot and tears everywhere.

I even have tears in my eyes as I type this.

No. 75186

Just has that wistful je ne sais quoi.

No. 75188

I love you

No. 75218

I checked earlier in the thread to make sure mine wasn’t posted, Kate just has such a knack for conveying emotion with just her voice let alone the lyrics and songwriting.

No. 75219

This song, along with Melancholy Hill, Broken, Some Kind of Nature

Not sure if they make me sad because of the songs themselves or nostalgia

No. 75220

No. 75224

Mac makes such heartfelt songs, he always has a good grasp on what it feels to be hopeless and hopeful at the same time

No. 75226

This was my favorite princess movie as a kid and still is, this song is so melancholy and nostalgic to me

No. 75227

This piano version is amazing

No. 77243

karen dalton didn't write any of her songs, she just made her covers really personal and beautiful. iirc, she moved to Greenwich Village to join the folk/music scene, did heroin, and died of AIDs. bob dylan really liked her and played with her. she performed at SNCC events for civil rights. tragic life, really

No. 77308

cried in the car once when listening to this song

No. 77525

I love Hide And Seek, it's a beautiful song

No. 77543

No. 77546


No. 77573

I love him so much, he’s so beautiful

No. 77614

No. 79581

Never mind. I just learned she’s a pedophile.

No. 79840

Comforting but reminds me of lost youth along with Take My Breath Away and Absolute Beginners

No. 79844

I win the thread with this one.

No. 79858

wept in the car to this song on the way to work the other day

No. 79873

Lmao anon that's the song I came here to post. It reminds me of my mom.

No. 80526

>i get so carried away
>you brought me down to earth
>i thought we had something precious
>now i know what it's worth

depeche mode have some of the most raw emotional songs despite the cold industrial synth instrumentals imo

No. 80560

No. 80580

I couldn’t even play it when I went to look it up. In my entire life, this song has never failed to make me cry

No. 80618

weyes blood

No. 80620

can't even listen to this or I'll feel awful

No. 80621

all of carissa's wierd (yes, it's meant to be spelled 'wierd') is sad as fuck, this is one of my favourites though

No. 80623

since some smiths was posted above, I think this is the saddest morrissey song that I know

No. 80646

the chorus absolutely ruins me every time

No. 80984

This is the theme song for my mental breakdown

No. 81004

No. 81005

just kill me

No. 81006

weirdly makes me miss my predatory ex and being 17

No. 81010

Loved this song in 2012, when I was 17. Brings back a lot of painful memories, stings like a knife.

No. 81031

I don't know why I always feel like my life is shit after this.

No. 81034

i know this is k-rock but damn this song makes me cry

No. 81480

holy shit i remembered sobbing as a kid when i saw the trailer of this movie

No. 81562

(I recommend skipping to :23 to avoid the most unnecessary intro ever) this is not really the kind of music I listen to but my brother showed me this song and the lyrics broke my heart….especially towards the end

No. 81607

Normally Jack's stuff is usually funny, but this one gives off a vibe of sadness. Maybe has to do with currrent events?

No. 81608

i cry everi tiem

No. 83947

No. 84039

No. 84070

When I listen to this at night, I get in such a depressing mood that I start cry lmao

No. 84074

I don’t know when/where I first heard this but thanks for reminding me of it

No. 84080

I know I know Disney and all, but after I lost my younger brother this just gets me every fucking time. I'll cry for the rest of the day.

No. 84084

The climax of this song is so cathartic.

I'm sorry about your brother, anon.

No. 84087

A heart that craves doesn't have to stay that way, just let what's dead go.
In time, you'll find needing things only kills you slowly.

Ooho, good taste anon! I almost forgot how much I love this band and this song.

No. 84099

reminds me of my times as a BPD drug addict, makes me want to kms, can't even really listen to it anymore

No. 84100

I need to listen to more vampire weekend this song is perfect

No. 84122

No. 84276

I had suicidal thoughts when this song came out and whenever I hear it I feel the despair that I felt back then

No. 84285

idek why, I just can't stop sobbin

No. 85023

>I created this world
>To feel some control
>Destroy it if I want

thank you mr. joseph
very cool

No. 85099

No. 85106

Nighty night anons <3

No. 85115

this one's been a go-to of mine for well over ten years now. good for when i'm feeling aimless and uncertain and wanting for something (which, given current events, is often)

No. 85797

This song perfectly describes the situation I've been in lately, I left my abusive bf and he immediately rebounded with another girl. I'm scared for her because I know how horribly he treated his previous girlfriends, I know he'll tell her how horrible I was so that she feels bad for him, and I know the cycle will continue. Really cannot believe Ms. Apple completely captured the strange "bond" I have with girls I never met, but that we all have the same abusive bf in common.

No. 85876


No. 85908

most of mitski's songs make me cry but this one in my go to when i'm sad

No. 85909

Came to post mitski

No. 85960

thank you so much anon

No. 86177

No. 86204

this song hurts

No. 86448

cyn- i'll still have me

No. 88478

riot grrrl scene was kind of cringe in retrospect but this song still makes me sad

No. 88624

u all have impeccable taste, thanks for reminding me of some classics gonna go be sad for no actual reason now

elliott always makes me cry but especially this song. and waltz #2 and pitseleh

No. 88628

samefag because i completely forgot about the saddest song of all time. radiohead is way too good at crushing my soul

>"Street Spirit is our purest song, but I didn’t write it. It wrote itself. We were just its messengers; it's biological catalysts. Its core is a complete mystery to me, and, you know, I wouldn’t ever try to write something that hopeless. All of our saddest songs have somewhere in them at least a glimmer of resolve. Street Spirit has no resolve. It is the dark tunnel without the light at the end. It represents all tragic emotion that is so hurtful that the sound of that melody is its only definition. We all have a way of dealing with that song. It’s called detachment. Especially me; I detach my emotional radar from that song, or I couldn’t play it. I’d crack. I’d break down on stage. That’s why its lyrics are just a bunch of mini-stories or visual images as opposed to a cohesive explanation of its meaning. I used images set to the music that I thought would convey the emotional entirety of the lyric and music working together. That’s what’s meant by ‘all these things you’ll one day swallow whole’. I meant the emotional entirety, because I didn’t have it in me to articulate the emotion. I’d crack… Our fans are braver than I to let that song penetrate them, or maybe they don’t realise what they’re listening to. They don’t realise that Street Spirit is about staring the fucking devil right in the eyes, and knowing, no matter what the hell you do, he’ll get the last laugh. And it’s real, and true. The devil really will get the last laugh in all cases without exception, and if I let myself think about that too long, I’d crack. I can’t believe we have fans that can deal emotionally with that song. That’s why I’m convinced that they don’t know what it’s about. It’s why we play it towards the end of our sets. It drains me, and it shakes me, and hurts like hell every time I play it, looking out at thousands of people cheering and smiling, oblivious to the tragedy of its meaning, like when you’re going to have your dog put down and it’s wagging its tail on the way there. That’s what they all look like, and it breaks my heart. I wish that song hadn’t picked us as its catalysts, and so I don’t claim it. It asks too much. I didn’t write that song."

No. 88675

Can we be best friends?
>exit music for a film tho

No. 88836

1. yes
2. exit music!!! and all of OK Computer honestly

also there's something about true love waits (esp this version) that really fucks me up

No. 88844

I miss being sad in 2010.

No. 88934

All their b-sides are underrated too, agree with talk show host or cuttooth. I honestly still like the original true love waits as opposed to the one on amsp but it's still soul shattering I guess. How do you feel about the original identikit?

No. 89221

ooh i love identikit. i wish they had kept that beautiful synth melody that rises midway through in the studio version, the early version in general feels more powerful and like, frenetic/ chaotic? i still love the amsp version though, it's toned down but i could see it on In Rainbows (which is one of my favorites of theirs, biased towards it because it was what got me into radiohead as a preteen when it came out. no skips on that whole record for me). i honestly have a ton of radiohead's discography that i still need to get through so i'm lowkey a fake fan, barely remember king of limbs at all lol.

also been on a gloomy NIN kick lately

No. 91227

also qualifies for the guilty pleasures thread

No. 91483

No. 91487

No. 91496

No. 92525

Sia - Straight for the Knife

No. 92533

I've been listening to this guy since 2014 and this song from their most recent album just really does it for me. Buries me in melancholy every single time. It's perfect from beginning to end.

Was about to post both Street Spirit and Exit Music. Anons here have great taste.

No. 92672

No. 94217

bittersweet. feels relevant now too

No. 95023

Mazzy Star in general gets me fucked up, but especially this song.

No. 95132


Everything about this song is beautifully painful. Though you shouldn't say this when someone asks you what your favourite Smiths song is because they'll think you're depressed… h-haha not speaking from experience nope not me

No. 95134

Shit, I forgot we have a YouTube thingie, sorry

No. 95166

No. 96670

No. 97348

reminds me of times when lurking imageboards was new to me (and comfy)

No. 97376

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