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File: 1561638941695.png (130.47 KB, 1592x1980, BINGO_CARD_1.0.png)

No. 37913

For 'Murican anons and politifags around the world
>Discuss the 2020 Election Democratic debates
>Discuss polling numbers and statistics
>Discuss which of the candidates you like or dislike and why

This thread was created with the intent of discussion, not infighting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 37922

liberals will never get the support of white working class not because the white working class are bunch of uneducated hateful paranoid bigots but because liberals really do have an actual disdain towards them thats obvious to everyone

No. 37923

When ur white and poor you kind of have to be liberal unless you want all your money burned just like trump did to is with taxes this year, the cunt.

No. 37928

I think there's a tension between the kind of leftism that emphasizes class struggle the kind that emphasizes SJW issues.one can support both but sometimes classical leftism and SJW issues are at odds with each other (Muslims and Hispanic immigrants aren't the biggest supporters of gays), but I noticed that often people emphasize one side much more than the other. As we know, the people who care about issues like slut shaming or gender pronouns are not the working class people, they're the well-off academics and hipsters. Therefore, it's easy to see if someone is committed to supporting the working class, they might ignore issues that those people don't care about. And conversely, if someone really cares about non-class social justice issues, they might look at low class people with condescension as unsophisticated, since they are usually the biggest opponents of social liberalism.
An example I saw recently was a couple days age when ChapoTrapHouse users were making fun of a Poor alcoholic man because he didn't believe Transwomen were women

No. 37932

File: 1561642279947.jpeg (110.01 KB, 640x629, 9C3FFBF9-200D-42D6-8973-4DCB88…)

mfw Castro said we need to extend the reproductive rights debate to trans women instead of trans men

No. 37933

File: 1561642956295.jpg (10.49 KB, 152x225, 1435590693280.jpg)

>extending the discussion of women's reproductive rights to men who are sterilizing themselves and will never reproduce

No. 37934

File: 1561643362166.png (112.32 KB, 500x450, the-democratic-party-getting-r…)

That's a very good point. I hope whoever the Democrats nominate this year is strong in electability for most (if not all) demographics of the left. Ideally, I like Bernie, but realistically, I think Warren could be agreeable among a lot of people and do a good job.

No. 37935

Biden really is the most disgustingly corporate of all of the candidates. Please give me anyone else.

No. 37947

I personally like Yang the most, but he's not the candidate that's going to rake in votes in today's world. For the future terms, though, I'd like a president that will bring up things like cyber privacy, compensation for extinct jobs, technocracy topics, etc. Something future-facing. I'm really tired of the US being so behind on protecting its people against the things technology brings. We need better laws to ensure Facebook and the lot don't abuse people's weaknesses and that can't happen unless the leader figures are tech savvy.

For this election I'm with Bernie. Warren ain't bad and Tulsi seems alright for her anti-war thing but I think being internal economy oriented and giving people healthcare is far more important than exclusively talking about the military and shit. Idk why people that were backing Bernie last election all seem to be quiet about him now. They all seem to be backing Warren now and I do not understand…

No. 37951

People aren't going for Bernie so much this time because he already lost internally once so there's no way he could get enough votes out of on the fencers.
He's too socialist for the majority to go for him.

I didn't watch the debate and I don't care until the primary's because it's not like the public has any effect until then. But I'm not really hopeful that the Democrats can keep Trump from another term.

No. 37959

I don't understand why people are opposed to someone that lost before. Doesn't the US love underdog stories??

No. 37974

Those people vote against their own interests by voting for people like Trump, who roll back regulations on businesses.

Why the fuck would we hate them if we support legislature that helps them?

No. 38000

I'm hoping against hope that Yang can work a miracle here. I would love to see him as president.

No. 38016

He’s holding his weight so far

No. 38020

I've been really supportive of Sanders since the last election but I'm honestly not sure how I'm feeling about this debate so far

No. 38026

Yang gang is non-existent

No. 38028

they'll never get the support of the non-white working class either. sure, they can scream equality and representation all they want, but majority of their promises only affect the middle class.

No. 38031

I really think he's being a bit cagey about the specifics bc these leeches are constantly piggybacking off his platform even when he's vague.

Bernie really has a shot with the people imo.

Rip yang

No. 38038

Agreed. Bernie would do better if he emphasized that a lot of the major talking points being brought up are only because of his 2016 run.

I was hoping that they'd grill Kamala on her past as a prosecutor, but alas…

No. 38152

File: 1561729021507.png (156.51 KB, 1438x967, Screenshot_20190628-091637~2.p…)

I'm so intrigued by Marianne Williamson. I like her as a fringe/niche candidate better than Yang. It'd be so weird watching a 'live, laugh, love' type lady lead the country as president. I'm not saying she should be the nomination, but I'm entertained by the prospect of if she were to advance.

No. 38162

File: 1561736584484.jpeg (249 KB, 750x1104, 583ED107-89B4-4E96-ADC4-9B3BAD…)

I thought this infographic was pretty interesting

No. 38163

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