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File: 1560450658973.jpg (30.23 KB, 350x352, ATVotoms_5764.jpg)

No. 35673

/m/echa general. Post your favorite mechs.

No. 35695

File: 1560467724914.jpeg (97.73 KB, 768x1024, 33695C30-8F42-4C7A-8012-06B354…)

They’re not very similar but I think my favorites are Bang Doll from FSS and Eva Unit 02.

No. 35699

File: 1560475703546.jpeg (25.32 KB, 489x500, $_3.jpeg)

>Teleports behind you
>Nothing personal, Keroro

No. 35961

File: 1560591862752.jpg (43.21 KB, 292x395, kdknt1305_2.jpg)

Five Star Stories have the best mecha designs. They're all so beautiful

No. 35962

File: 1560591932171.jpg (18.36 KB, 232x400, 41Z8MR0ETVL._AC_SY400_.jpg)

No. 36054

File: 1560668212431.jpeg (240.96 KB, 697x966, 3417D7F0-3CC1-4826-AEDB-289799…)

No. 36073

File: 1560683534658.jpg (43.15 KB, 362x833, jagd6.jpg)

I prefer Eva 01, but hard agree about FFS, they have the most aesthetic mecha.

>those ridiculous spires on Jagd Mirage, I love it

No. 41290

File: 1563948929336.png (811.78 KB, 661x935, ba776627c95fe43f4e12c3c38f3ad4…)

The design of Nirvash isn't exactly memorable, but I just really liked this anime at the time and it holds a lot of nostalgia value for me.

No. 41304

File: 1563956564404.gif (924.77 KB, 450x338, giphy.gif)

I have a soft spot for this dumb looking bitch
>ywn one plus one plus one plus one plus one GORAION

holy shit these are amazing.

No. 41344

File: 1563980396752.jpg (74.55 KB, 720x559, Cast.jpg)

CAST class from Phantasy Star Zero

No. 41345

File: 1563980450499.jpg (18.48 KB, 362x500, 41pKE0imbRL.jpg)

RAcaseal, best CAST

No. 41436

File: 1564037211145.png (667.07 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2016-04-09-15h39m02s69…)


No. 41460

File: 1564060979099.jpg (79.27 KB, 351x600, tumblr_pqvssfDr6i1tivim4o1_r3_…)

Not even the class I played and I don't even care much about mechs but I loved that design so much

No. 41579

File: 1564130654531.jpg (730.27 KB, 2348x3496, Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 - 2…)

same, I do like android styled mechs.
I also really like the Mag designs

No. 41721

Wow I usually don't like mechs but these are really fuckin cute

No. 42392

Do any of you own and build gundam (and related) kits or statues? I'm thinking about doing a general toy thread for all kinds of things in case you guys wanted to post there but I figured you would've shown it here already.

No. 42393

I haven't but I really want to

No. 42398

What's stopping you?

No. 42415

I just really don't have the disposable income for it right now.

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