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No. 297105

Anything media-related goes here since this thread is not going to be really active otherwise.
(Tout ce qui concerne les médias est autorisé ici, car ce fil de discussion ne sera pas vraiment actif autrement.)

- Nollywood and other assorted industries // (Nollywood et d'autres industries diverses)
- Animation and TV // (Animation et télévision)
- Art and Comics // (Art et bandes dessinées)
- Books // (Livres)

No. 297108

Okay this seems sick, got any links?

No. 297111

File: 1684420083528.jpg (64.05 KB, 388x548, 2928090-gf.jpg)

Aya of Yop city. I remember reading it a long time ago and liking it.

No. 297112

OP image is from Kirikou and the Sorceress, produced by Michael Ocelot. I really liked it. The titular character was such a cute shmol baby.

No. 297113

If only the YouTube video wasn't in such poor quality, I can just imagine how beautiful the animation and colors would really be. Interesting story, is that her son?

No. 297126


She's the villain of the story and his love-interest.

MC's basically a titular (Enfant terrible): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enfant_terrible_(folklore)
>The enfant terrible is a character appearing in the tales and myths of many cultures of West and Central Africa, mainly amongst the traditions of the Bambara and Madinka. Recognizable by the unusual circumstances surrounding their birth and an extraordinary precocity the enfant terrible are guilty of transgressive behavior, often destructive or suicidal, leaving the societies from which they spawned helpless to stop them. Depending on circumstances, they may eventually return to the divine world from which they come or change into benevolent powers.

No. 297127

Oh yeah like in Metal Gear, which is what I know the phrase from. The games followed the trope too. Why does he change into an adult man? Did he start out as one?

No. 297139

I love this movie a lot but when I watched it as a child it scared the shit out of me. I remember that it has some sort of sequel but I don't remember what happens in that one at all, just that it happens sometime in the middle of the first movie because Kirikou is still a small child.

No. 297142

Idk if it's true but I read somewhere that the movie was used to symbolise gang rape. Karaba was raped and that is why she became evil and "ate" the males of the village. I don't remember much of the movie so I can't recall enough of it to see if this explanation makes sense or not.
Side note, I loved karabas boob jewelry.

No. 297301

>If only the YouTube video wasn't in such poor quality
You can pirate it and watch it in 1080p Bluray!

No. 297304

File: 1684504179101.jpg (198.41 KB, 1808x1080, kirikou.et.la.sorciere.1998.fr…)

same nona from >>297301 . Went and quickly downloaded the film to upload a scene from >>297112

No. 297489

File: 1684570688243.jpeg (27.66 KB, 267x400, images (68).jpeg)

Thoughts on this?

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