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File: 1680448420790.jpg (84.43 KB, 960x640, FB_IMG_1672811901524.jpg)

No. 287101

Fire Emblem thread? Fire Emblem thread.

Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. First produced and published for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990, the series currently consists of seventeen core entries and five spinoffs. Gameplay revolves around the tactical movement and actions of characters across grid-based battlefields, while incorporating a story and characters similar to traditional role-playing video games.

I am aware there's a general game thread where Fire Emblem has been discussed, however, I feel like many of us are fans and deserve a separate space to sperg about anime chess in peace.

>How long have you been playing?

>Favourite title?

>Least favourite title?

>Any hot takes?

sperg freely here

No. 287114

If I wanted to start this series, which game should I start with? I've always been kind of interested because a friend I knew played these games a lot but I am not sure what the essential Fire Emblem experience is

No. 287121

I started with Awakening and thought the previous games were never localized before because I heard about it for the first time when playing Smash Melee as a kid and Marth's trophy description stated that it wasn't available outside of Japan and I never looked it up the following years. I liked Awakening a lot and I'm glad it was easy or I would have been lost. Then I loved Fates Birthright and Conquest and found the DLC route to be garbage. Echoes was a waste of my time and money, absolute garbage. 3H was ok, I loved the first route I did but it's really a pain in the ass to replay so I only did the route with Dimitri first and then the one with Edelgard and got burned out. I'm not playing Engage, it's ugly. I gave FE7 and 8 a try but never finished them because the RNG kept fucking me over, but maybe I should play them again someday.

No. 287123


The thing is, the devs add some twists to every game to make it a tad bit different than the other.

Everyone and their mom has played and recommend Fire Emblem Awakening because it is easy enough, not hard to get into and previous game knowledge is not required, while it does have some past game references.

If you prefer more old-school gameplay, Fire Emblem Sacred stones is also great and completely newbie friendly. The thread pic is from that game.

No. 287126

I know the threadpic is from Sacred Stones, I said I played it but never finished it. I think I started with Erika's route and stopped after doing a map in the desert because one of my unit died from a hit that had like 10% of landing for the 3rd time kek. I was too lazy to do some grinding between chapters and while Seth is supposed to be OP, his stats in my run weren't that noteworthy compared to other units.

The reason why I started with Awakening isn't just because it was easy, though that was pretty good for me, but also because it was popular enough on tumblr that I learned that yes, the series isn't Japan-only anymore (although until the Switch games didn't get released everywhere at the same time). Which other older games would you recommend?

No. 287190

File: 1680501130483.jpeg (102.1 KB, 1260x1118, 8E3C47B5-1AEC-44C0-B64D-A7108C…)

7, 8 & 13 are good beginner games.

No. 287205

File: 1680510077603.jpg (34.17 KB, 460x317, lynn.jpg)

It depends on if you want an easy experience or not. Older FE games can be punishing and only the newer games have stuff like modes where your units don't die forever if they get killed in a level.
Personally I think for a classic FE experience, you should play 7. It has a great story and really fun characters, you'll love all of the main lords. It has all the things that make classic FE great: great maps, scaling difficulty, secret levels, interesting support conversations between characters, actual need to strategize between battles (between your inventory and what characters to level and use), and just a good classic fantasy story with some light politics. It can also be emulated on like every device and the gameplay is easy to pick up and put down.

If you want a more modern FE experience, ie: otome simulator, I'd go with 3 Houses and I'd play either Crimson Flower (if you like shipping) or Azure Moon (if you like husbandos) first. Then I would beg you to play the spinoff 3 Hopes which is not exactly a FE game but it's fucking amazing if you enjoyed 3 Houses at all.

>How long have you been playing?

I'm an oldfag and have been playing it since I was a little kid, I started with 7 because it was localized in the US first, but have played every entry in the series.

>Favorite title?

Tossup between 4, 7, and 3Hopes.

>Least favorite title?

Tied between Engage and Thracia 776. And maybe the Shadow Dragon remakes

>Any hot takes?

90% of Awakening's characters suck ass and have 0 personality.

No. 287214

7/Blazing Sword has one of the better tutorials in the series so far. It eases you into many of the series' common gameplay mechanics (using items, units and their roles, weapon triangle, enemy recruits etc) without just dumping a ton of text boxes on you. It's mechanically simple enough, even compared to some of its predecessors, that it should be fun to branch out from if you like the core gameplay and want to play other games in the series.

As far as the essential FE experience goes, even though they all keep the same basic gameplay, the series does tend to invent and reinvent new ways to interact with that basic gameplay loop that most fans will have different opinions on what is "essential FE", and only a few games are ever that similar to each other, exceptions being the GBA games (6,7,8) and DS remakes of 1 and 3. I personally tend to think of Thracia 776 as "the most fire emblem-y fire emblem", both in things afforded to and inflicted upon the player, but then I couldn't really recommend that to a newcomer.

No. 287217

File: 1680517683391.jpg (13.33 KB, 261x261, hI_jbfjQ_400x400.jpg)


Honestly, as much as I love Three houses I wouldn't recommend it to a newbie, because it might create dead wrong expectations for the rest of the games. The whole open world, communicating with the characters in a more intimate lever than ever, quests to fetch objects and having a lot of control for skills which make classes almost pointless in the game, is absent in other games. Plus, much like Shadows of Valentia, there is no weapon triangle, which is a critical point of strategy.

That said, Three Houses is a masterpiece, the characters have more depth than most games and the story is simply captivating.

No. 287226

I don't want an easy experience, I want a normal/challenging one. I think I'll try 7 it sounds really engaging. I don't really care much for the otome if there's no gameplay, gameplay comes first for me. I also have a DS so I can get the GBA games without having to emulate (I'm fine with emulating though, I just like owning the game physically and using my DS)

No. 287229

Usually the gameplay is more important and the social stuff is more of a bonus in the more recent games. Don't explect something like Persona 3, 4 and 5.

No. 287242

>The whole open world, communicating with the characters in a more intimate lever than ever, quests to fetch objects and having a lot of control for skills which make classes almost pointless in the game
nta but FE3H isn't my first FE game but It's one of my first and I really hate the open world aspect. It's so tedious to run around and talk to everyone and do stupid quests when all I wanna do is either progress in the story or do combat. It's a shame too because I like everything else in the game but the open world drags it down.
I do like the skills system though but I gotta admit it feels kinda aimless since you can do whatever you want with it

No. 287266

Same. At some point I just skipped it all the time. Fates did it way better, it only takes a few minutes or even seconds to do whatever you want in the hub before doing the next chapters or side quests in that one.

No. 287288

File: 1680548373480.jpg (103.35 KB, 742x1200, 103778891_p0_master1200.jpg)

Do you guys have fanart that's not tumblr tier shit? I'm looking for stuff like picrel

No. 287296

ayrt, yeah, I totally see where you're coming from. To be honest all the newer games have that aspect. Running around the church in 3H is tedious af and I wish the map was better. The hub/base for Awakening, Fates, and Engage have been also very meh to me. I do not want to feed the tadpole dragon bread, pet/blow on a random character, or listen to someone coming in to my room like a confessional, kek.

I do like having a home base, because it can be nice to just go to an area to screw around, but none of the bases so far have really scratched the itch ig.

No. 287310

>I do not want to feed the tadpole dragon bread
tbh it's only useful if you bother playing online or against people you met with the streetpass feature. Which was really fun but since the localization removed a shit ton of equipment that only worked in that type of battles it made them harder than they should have been, all because cartoony bikini armors in a game rated for 15yo and above was seen as bad by Treehouse. Fuck them.

No. 287313

I’ve got some, what characters are you interested in?

No. 287354


I was thinking anyone from Golden Deers, Felix or Kliff, Leon from Shadows of Valentia. Though if it's pretty I'm open

No. 287380

nta but you have good taste in characters, nona. Hope you find some good fanart

No. 287400

File: 1680606813795.jpeg (287.08 KB, 2000x1384, B5964917-06FD-4801-A892-43807D…)

I don’t want to spam so I’ll just post a few. Sorry in advance if they’re not to your liking.

No. 287401

File: 1680606848086.jpeg (192.36 KB, 1200x1168, AF672740-21B4-48BF-9FFB-C76A34…)

No. 287402

File: 1680607050184.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1650x2475, 97D95803-FB62-43A2-B310-F0653A…)

No. 287403

File: 1680607081160.jpeg (537.78 KB, 1583x1978, E77F0C65-8487-48CD-8BA4-BB7DEC…)

No. 287404

File: 1680607115855.jpeg (376.16 KB, 1712x2500, 4860B9C0-4B90-47AD-A3FA-FA2685…)

No. 287405

File: 1680607214495.jpeg (165.1 KB, 1280x1013, E79CFB7D-4DD9-4BCD-965A-A1D09B…)

No. 287406

File: 1680607261143.jpeg (158.84 KB, 1280x813, 01289AF6-39DF-446E-9189-E111DC…)

No. 287407

I relaized that I always married the guys voiced by Koyasu since Awakening… Is the guy he voices in Engage cute? Engage is an ugly as fuck game but who knows.

No. 287448

File: 1680632017492.jpg (46.64 KB, 466x442, FhuJbo0XEAAGXAp.jpg)

A Fire Emblem general! Be still my beating heart.

Nonas, I have a very unimportant question to ask. Should my Alear marry("give the bond ring to", whatever) Ivy or Diamant? Engage has fun gameplay but is otherwise kinda dogshit, so I don't think I'll be going in for another playthrough for a few months. Pic unrelated.

No. 287452

I haven't gotten far in Engage, but yes the character is cute. and his personality isn't annoying, imho.

No. 287677


thank you nonnie, you gotta love the edgelords and the traumatized girlies


thank you as well! I specially loved the third and the last one!

No. 287906

File: 1680824147951.jpg (125.2 KB, 640x874, IMG_20191014_204433.jpg)

You don't want to know how much Dimitri art I have on my phone tbh

No. 287909

File: 1680825065405.jpg (125.15 KB, 850x574, sample_8febf57415958237ddf6216…)

Me too anon

No. 287912

File: 1680826629880.jpeg (147.2 KB, 946x1400, EavLDkOVAAALX9Z.jpeg)

No. 287923

>90% of Awakening's characters suck ass and have 0 personality.
am awakeningfag and i'm sad that i agree kek. i enjoy the game as a whole and am very nostalgic for it as my first FE but when i try to think about whether or not any of the characters left any sort of impact on me i come up blank. say'ri's story with the rebellion in chon'sin is the only character arc that actually kind of compelled me, minutely, but she's completely forgettable otherwise and is barely relevant for the rest of the game.

No. 287928

File: 1680830134009.jpeg (160.12 KB, 1536x1150, 8798AC1B-ECB1-41F4-9086-7A2EB9…)

Anytime nonnie
Me four

No. 287980

I also agree but I don't mind it. I'd rather have simplistic characters and short cutscenes between chapters than whatever the fuck was going on in 3H where all the characters have a specific backstory but their supports are all super simimlar (especially fucking Marianne or Sylvain) and the cutscenes are so long and boring I wanted to skip them to actually play. I like JRPGs with good stories but in FE I just want to play for the gameplay itself like I do with Pokemon, I don't know why. Maybe because I started with Awakening and it gave me the Tetris effect for months.

No. 287982

File: 1680852813340.jpg (116.15 KB, 761x1200, 104456069_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 287999

I'm honestly surprised by such nice responses, I fully expected to get torn to shreds for daring to criticize Awakening (I like the game too tbf). Fire Emblem nonnies are the sweetest.
I'm playing the patched translation of Fates Conquest right now because I got curious about the differences. If there's one thing I really like about the gameboy femblems, it's that the gameplay is nice and fast. I always hated that maps took forever on console titles. Shoutout to the Fates nonny that posted it in one of the /m/ threads! I forget which.

No. 288057

File: 1680870997941.jpg (292.32 KB, 1752x2480, 3319imu9v7k31.jpg)

Correction for you: FE GIRLS are the sweetest. The men are horrid a lot of the time, god bless everyone here
have more Dima

No. 288068

My defacto husband in FE13/14 is Inigo/Laslow (embarassing I know) but I refuse to ever pick up Soleil. I absolutely hate her with a burning passion. As far as I play she does not exist. He deserved a better canon child. I could write a whole rant on her but I will refrain from subjecting everyone to that level of autism.

No. 288102

No please insult Soleil. I need to see someone who hates her as much as I hate her. She's a fucking abomination.

No. 288133

I hate her. She's just yuribait for men who want to believe that they can turn a lesbian into a straight girl with their dick. What made me love Laslow is that while he tries to be flirty he's really just a shy bumbling fool, meanwhile they tried to make Soleil "successful" at it as a contrast. Instead she comes off as sexually harassing everyone she talks to, including her own mother. I hated her already but reading her conversations with Corrin (if you're her mom) were absolutely disgusting. It's played off for jokes but it's not funny at all and really gross, especially because she doesn't ever seem to stop or care about the feelings of others.

Laslow deserved a cute daughter or son that would naturally attract people with their charisma no matter if they tried or not, if they were so desperate to create a contrasting character.

No. 288152

I hate her for the same reasons. I hated that she basically that she was sexually harrassing Ophelia in their supports and the fans loved it… while saying she should have been a gay option instead of the much better written characters Zero and Rhajat. While also saying that Zero and Rhajat were homophobic stereotypes for having respectively having a traumatizing past and being a little awkward, which the localization ruined btw because they thought there was no way to convey the whole yuribait cliche for a western audience, as if it wasn't super trendy right now for girls to pretend to be queer while exclusively dating and marrying males. Yeah it looks like the devs tried to make Inigo 2.0 with a twist but forgot what made Inigo appealing to begin with. She's an obnoxious spicy straight. Thank god the kids aren't that important in Fates.

No. 288155

Agreed with all of it. Inigo's charm is that he's actually really soft-hearted among other things and his interactions with Olivia were always adorable to me. They gave Soleil absolutely 0 of that charm.
Also can we just talk about how treehouse fucked everything up during the localization? The fact that some of them really just wrote what they wanted it to be rather then actual translations is mind blowing in the sheer amount of audacity.

No. 288162

Engage is so coomer-y it’s frustrating. Horrible, impractical designs with over-exaggerated proportions, creepy loli and shota bullshit, constant dialogue about female character’s bodies, curves, and boobs, among other things. God damn, and I thought Fates was the worst it could get, at least the concept and art for that game was good but this is just a dumpster fire. I love the series’ gameplay but to see it degrade into the bullshit that it is today is sad, and the fans that it brought on make it even worse.

No. 288163

I could talk all day about how they ruined Fates as much as possible and are still somehow allowed to localize more games from the series. Even Final Fantasy stopped doing that shit long ago. Fates' story really isn't that bad, the issue is that it's clearly character focused and the localization made everyone at least a little bit OOC. And then you have characters like Xander or Effie being straight up different enough that they give a completely different impression depending on if you played the original game on release or one of its "translations". And in Xander's case it sucks even more because he's one of the main reasons why the whole story even happens. Don't even get me started on how this even affects gameplay, I'm still mad some of the DLCs never got released in the West and I used to play a lot against other players during breaks in university but none of us could truly customize our characters with some of the more silly but very useful armors that were removed by Treehouse.

No. 288165

God I remember being so annoyed by Effie, and then finding out she was completely different in the original version of the game. Even her voice in EN feels like a mockery. I just don't get it. Why on earth did they think turning everything character into just a trope or gimmick was somehow a better version? Was it some sort of weird powertrip? Not to mention they publicly admitted they just left out things they didn't personally like etc. Why would anyone want to hire them again after that?

No. 288169

>Was it some sort of weird powertrip?
It has to be there's no other explanation for that shit. It's not even like Ace Attorney or Pokemon where they would have needed to adapt some things anyway like, idk the characters having names that are puns in Japanese and trying to make similar puns in other languages that also look and sound like names, or whatever. Even names that are common in the West were changed like Léon became Leo, and Benoit became Benny because these names were too French for American millenial hipsters working at Treehouse I guess? They also thought everyone was too stupid to read Suzukaze and shortened it and changed some of the Chinese names as well for some characters that show up in the DLC route, which straight up contradicts the setting itself. Just these name changes are stupid but if it were just that I wouldn't have noticed all that much. Then they saw a whole fucking kingdom that's clearly inspired by India and changed all the names to make it seem like it's inspired by Ancient Greece and Norse mythology because…? Which is dumb as hell because one of the final bosses is a giant dragon that wears a mask that's literally just Buddha's face so they couldn't have hidden it either way because as far as I know Buddhism wasn't really a thing in Ancient Greece kek. Shit like this was common in video game localization 20 years before that game got officially released, they must have been very arrogant to think that this was acceptable. I bought physical copies for both BR and CQ in my first language because unfortunately Nintendo is full of retards so the console is region locked, but I waited until I could find cheap second hand copies just out of principles despite looking forward to it as soon as the first trailer got released.

And about Effie… She wasn't even the worst one. They fucked up Rhajat and Hisame way more just on top of my head. They made Garon seem even more like a maniac and Xander like he had enough common sense to notice that his father was a sadistic piece of shit, which contradicts the entire story so much it's no surprise that everyone thinks the story is nonsense.

No. 288170

File: 1680902341219.jpg (96.37 KB, 500x717, 3YqqifeIBUZcCzK2rFU0CWo_SjWxie…)

I love Fates game play wise but I'm still so upset at how badly they localized it, and how bad they fumbled even the backstory that wasn't shown for some reason. Resident Camilla fan who wishes the reasons for her being messed up were more than just casually mentioned in side content.

No. 288171

It's all in some of the supports but since the localizers took a Japanese game that's rated for 15yo and above in Japan, decided that her backstory wasn't kid friendly and made it even less obvious in the supports without removing it entirely, it's hard to get that info in one playthrough. Especially because you can't grind in Conquest unless you have DLCs so you can miss some supports.

No. 288197

File: 1680913797039.jpg (137.19 KB, 1240x870, l9dxkuprgvg71.jpg)

Thank you nonna, have a Ferdinand in return!

No. 288202

Yeppp, makes me sad but I still love it despite the flaws.

No. 288210

Based Camillafan. I really like her character and wish she hadn’t been reduced to just a coombait character in other appearances.

No. 288221

File: 1680927947939.jpg (114.66 KB, 900x900, d9x59dk-214a6e15-ef34-4e4f-945…)

I guess I just latched onto her (and only ship her with women) bc I've felt similar a lot of times, where my body type alone dictated how people saw me. I know not everyone finds it empowering but I love how much of a mess she is. Fanfics ftw there's a ton of good Caminoka and Cormilla art thank god

No. 288283

It seems like I can't access save states in my 3ds emulator gba games? What am I doing wrong?

No. 288593

File: 1681081861258.png (778.74 KB, 1090x643, 39874238.png)

I'm an oldfag, my favorite game is FE4, though I only played it a few years ago. I thought I would hate Engage but I've actually been enjoying it so far. The gameplay is fun, some of the supports are nice but you have to dig deep. Alcryst has great supports, for example despite having a terrible introduction.

No. 288613

File: 1681083503367.jpg (158.39 KB, 1280x720, 1680911455548821.jpg)

I'm surprised how much he grew on me.

No. 289068

yall are tempting me to find money I don't have for engage rn
friend also said the game play is great and thats a lot of what I liked about older FE

No. 289221

File: 1681351812149.jpg (99.65 KB, 799x566, 008566974_017667313_yPqVdVamq.…)

If it's gameplay you like, absolutley go for it. It has some of the most polished gameplay in the series with a tonne of customization and great battle animations. The latest DLC, the Fell Xenologue was icing on the cake because it requires the player to actually understand the game mechanics like games of the past. It's a rare piece of gaming content that actually requires the player understand Engage's skill and bond system to beat it on higher difficulties. I really enjoyed the challenge.

No. 289451

What exactly is the gacha mechanic in Engage?

No. 289558

It isn't really relevent, it's more like a side-grade thing. You roll for rings of characters throughout the FE series and sometimes they give small stat boosts like +2 spd or something, it's nothing really game breaking and it doesn't cost anything except some ingame currency which is really easy to get.

No. 290230

I just got to this part in the game, the snake dragon was really cute and straight up looked like something out of monster hunter, kek. I wish the models in Engage weren't so ugly, the faces actually freak me out a bit when they move, and I know it's shallow but I'm having a hard time finishing it for that reason.

No. 290314

File: 1681742852629.jpg (246.12 KB, 1200x1368, fehel.jpg)

She was right about everything, the nobility system, the corruption, she knew all about those who slither in the dark, the crests, the fact that Rhea is a creepy shady bitch, everything. Her wanting to declare a war/uprising because these oppressive structures are not just going to hand over their authority is perfectly logical and her trauma with Crest experimenting is something very undermined. If you recruit Lysithea, she never explicitly tells her that they've gone through the same thing, but it always warms my heart that she looks out for her in that matter. The fact that fans call her a war criminal, of all things, considering there's Dimitri over there slaughtering civilians left and right after he's gone crazy, and the church literally establishing a faux religion to create an oppressive system that benefits only a small amoutn of rich people is really something.
I can understand how Dimitri, blinded by his grief, could pinpoint the tragedy of Duscur to anyone, but come the fuck on, nothing pointed at her, and I say this as a fan of Dimitri, because I respect his character development.

No. 290327

Edeltard was right about a lot of things and did everything wrong. Dimitri beat the fuck out of the grey skinned guys without even knowing they're behind everything because they were weak little bitches, yet I'm supposed to believe Edelgard couldn't do anything against them until she conquered the continent? Dimitri's army was the underdog, to make things worse. And when she was the one with enough power to invade the other countries to begin with? Lol anyway I wished her route wasn't about how kawaii and sad she is, I wanted her to be a ruthless piece of shit mass murderer for a change like she seems in Dimitri's route. I was so disappointed. But then again the game is annoying to replay so I didn't have a lot of patience to beat it a second time just to see scenes about how she's so scared of mice but in a cute way. The story is an incoherent mess too, I wish the writers could have used some of their unused ideas like Edelgard killing Geralt herself and Byleth not being able to save him because Edelgard could also manipulate time because of her own Crest. It's like the writers decided that she had to be a marketable waifu so she couldn't possibly kill your own dad and commit crimes like they planned.

No. 290395

okay but you can literally take this exactly the other way around, Dimitri seems like an unstable murderous unhinged piece of work in all routes except his and in his own he's a ~ misunderstood hurt boy that you can fix ~

No. 290407

The fun part of his route is that he's meant to look unhinged and ir works. I didn't feel like the writers wanted me to think he was a cute misunderstood sad bishonen until he at least calms down. The equivalent in Edelgard's route would be if you removed the scenes meant to make her look like an obsessed waifu, and make her not give a fuck about casulties. Something like the other red emperors in the series.

No. 290420

I love Edelgard anon and the Black Eagles are my favorite route hands down, so I agree with you. The writing for 3H was both great and awful, where you can clearly tell that there was some meddling to pander or the part of the writing team with the shitty ideas got the spotlight. TWSITD should have never existed, and their arcs are the worst parts of the game, imo. I would have been a lot happier if it was just the nobles of Adrestia themselves being evil bastards and not being controlled by some kind of… evil skinchanger mole-people with anti-dragon nukes.
Dimitri was the route I first played and while I'm also a fan, I hated how the writing made him win just because. His underdog group manages to do everything, they beat back an invading country twice their size and also manage to kill the actual bad guys at the same time by complete chance! Amazing. There's never any feeling that you're fighting insurmountable odds or that you have no idea what the fuck might be really going on. Plus there's never any resolution for Dimitri's schizo episodes, Dedue just reappears one level and then suddenly through the power of love Dimitri is now more sane and whatever. His cringe speech to Byleth when he was standing in the rain was also very poorly written.

And Claude's route is extremely boring since it's all about TWSITD. Claude himself undergoes some kind of spine transplant after the timeskip and loses all the mischief and sassy quips that made his character fun, and the writing is always extremely shitty to him too, always saying what an amazing ruthless genius he is and never showing him doing anything of substance.

I like 3H but all the lords have their share of shitty writing kek. I'm sick of people picking on Edelgard like she's the one that sucks the most because of dumb waifu elements (the other lords have their husbando moments plenty of times).

No. 290423

File: 1681764139159.jpg (184.35 KB, 1250x1350, FY1y3u3XwAIZOIQ.jpg)

I have my issues with Edelgard and the CF route, but extreme Edelgard haters are insane. They always woobify Dimitri and Rhea, stripping them of all the parts of their characters that actually make the interesting and leaving them as a misunderstood sadboi who just needs a hug and a misunderstood mommy milkers tittybimbo who just wants her mother-grandchild to wuv her. How anyone could believe this about a guy who crushes other guy's skulls with one hand and an immortal dragon woman who established herself as the head of a false religion created so she could engage in human experimentation to bring back her dead mommy, I'll never know.

The few who try to paint Edelgard's anti-Children of the Goddess sentiment as the equivalent of real world racism are hysterical, though. The Nabateans are an alien race of super-powerful immortals who still control society even when their numbers can be counted on one hand. Sothis is, from what we can tell through her dialogue/positive reactions towards the choices Byleth takes, ruthless and bloodthirsty. This is the series where "nice dragon goes crazy and threatens humanity" is the plot of like half the games! Come on! The only reason Seteth and Flayn are so relatively normal is because the former can't transform anymore and the latter is too young, and very likely half-human. Rhea is looney tunes even before her breakdown at the end of CF/SS. Still love her tho

No. 290434

>TWSITD should have never existed, and their arcs are the worst parts of the game, imo
I agree, as the anon bitching about Edelgard. They feel like they only exist to give us a shitty pretext to absolve Edelgard of her crimes because "she did everything bad for a greater cause" and to make us more likely to play several very repetitive routes just to know what's up with them but they're really inconsistent and uninteresting. The writers are incompetent and should have things simple, no 11 identical chapters in each route before the timeskip that you cannot skip at all, no lizard guys with mechas, no incoherent cpnspiracy theories, just make Edelgard and Hubert regular charismatic assholes with ideals and a powerful and there, you have it. I'll never get how CF can be anyone's favorite route just because of how short it is tbh but that's another topic.

No. 290443

File: 1681768658249.gif (117.54 KB, 480x320, tumblr_oncmh4ciUy1w3g4f9o1_500…)

>How long have you been playing?
>Favourite title?
>Least favourite title?
Shadows of Valentia
>Any hot takes?
SoV is a misogynist game that doesn't treat feminicide with the tact it deserves. It's miles worse the coomer shit in 13, 14 and FEH.

No. 290446

ahem in most endings of Crimson Flower there is a clear resolution that those who slither in the dark are dealt with. What's more the route-exclusive S Support of Byleth with Jeritza also literally revolves around them being a murderous power couple that beats the shit out of them lol

No. 290447

That happens off screen, it's not like there's a whole map where you actually get rid of them yourself once and for all in CF, it's just not cathartic at all. Jeritza's ending was only added later with a patch iirc and the art is ugly as fuck, it feels like what you just said was more of an aftefthought, as if the writers finally noticed that there's not a whole lot of closure with these guys after the game got released.

No. 290450

Back to /vg/

No. 290521

Aaaand thread ruined

No. 290645

File: 1681862337124.jpg (182.14 KB, 1280x1247, FireEmblem-PathofRadiancefull1…)

I'm replaying PoR right now and I forgot that it had such cute illustrations for the cutscenes. It really reminds me of older femblem games, I miss these and how nice they are.

No. 290723

Are you playing this on an emulator? I downloaded Dolphin but I'm not sure how to proceed.

I am really curious about your take on this. I always though SoV was not popular because it appealed more to the female gaze.

No. 290731

I loved all the GBA era Fire Emblem games but for some reason I couldn’t get into PoR

No. 290732

SoV? Female gaze? lmfao the whole is about how all the female playable characters have to be rescued first, and how Celica is a dumb, emotional bitch. The game is trash, not fun to play at all, the female characters are supposedly way worse than in Gaiden because the devs added a few things in the remake, and the guys aren't even attractive. Fates has more female gaze stuff because several of the guys are hot and sometimes half naked, and you can marry them.

No. 304922

Would you guys consider Fire Emblem a niche series?

No. 304932

I think it’s kind of mainstream for JRPGs but it leans into niche territory with the games that require emulators and fan translations to play.

No. 304973

The only people I know irl who heard about it are very into video games so I'd say yes. I don't care if they're "filthy casuals" for not liking classic mode, if they specifically looked for games from that series and sperged over chapters and husbandos they're more likely to hear about niche games to begin with.

No. 305013

File: 1687846946459.jpg (34.46 KB, 628x400, 197879abaa7998fb7f3d2ab8319fac…)

Eh, it depends on what your definition of niche is. Is it Mother/Earthbound or Rune Factory niche-levels? I would say no. I think it's as niche as Phoenix Wright. If I were to put Fire Emblem in an videogame franchises iceberg, I think I would put it in the third tier (the underwater level closest to the surface).

No. 305062

Ace Attorney is way more niche, and I'm the anon who said Fire Emblem is niche. FE now gets released in several languages at the same time as in Japan, with physical copies and limited editions because the devs believe there's a big enough audience. AA is seen as meme shit by most internet dwellers, fans overseas aren't enough for Capcom so we have to deal with shit like only having an English translation and nothing else since that godawful Edgeworth spinoff, no physical copies for the 3DS games, and we could only play DGS years after Japan in a remaster that's only in English and that didn't get physical copies in Europe so I had to order an American copy on Amazon. They're not on the same level because visual novels are more niche than JRPGs by default too. Good luck getting new fans with how AA treats its storylines and characters since AA5, while most recent FE games are standalone games that don't require prior knowledge of the previous games to be understood and enjoyed.

No. 305064

I think this was a fire emblem game I played ages ago but can't remember the name of.

>2d sprites on handheld

>medieval knights, horses and armour
>mission was someone being kidnapped or fleeing because they were to be kidnapped
>possibly a princess and a older knight then a younger knight travelling with her
>I think it was raining during the mission and they wind up in a town
>one of the knights stays behind to throw of pursuers

Some of this may not be accurate but its what I remember from years ago, was this a fire emblem game ?

this is way before the switch and possibly even wii u

No. 305114

To be honest it really WAS niche before Awakening. There was a real fear that no new Femblems would be made if Awakening failed because the series wasn't that profitable and nintendo was in its flop era at the time. I think 3 Houses really propelled the series into more of the mainstream, though.
I think the earlier games are still pretty niche. I don't hear anyone except actual fefags talking about 4 for example. 7 was the first game to even be ported from Japan and even that I don't hear people sperg about.

No. 305117

The GBA games were pretty acclaimed when they came out, and as far as it went with the Gamecube FE was one of the only JRPGs available. Like I feel in the 2000s Fire Emblem and Golden Sun were the JRPGs “normal” video gamers were aware of + weren’t shit on because of their Nintendo affiliation.

No. 305125

Were they really though? No one knows what I'm talking about when I bring up Sealed Sword or Sacred Stones, I mostly hear rumblings about Tellius if I ask about anything pre-Awakening. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places kek but I always found FE to be a smaller fandom until the shipping stuff really amped up.

No. 308579

How important are gambits and battalions in FE3H? I never use them which surprised one of my friends because she says they are a core aspect of the game lol. I did a lot of grinding on accident so most of my units are OP which means they make alot of damage with normal attack. I'm also playing on normal mode so maybe that's why I feel so powerful.

Tbh I wish you could change the difficulty while playing, normal mode feels too easy but I have to complete this route before I can play hard mode

No. 308587

No, it's one of Nintendo's flagship IPs now. I do consider pre-Awakening games to be slightly more niche because the difficulty is steeper than casual mode. Most of the time if I see someone who likes Fire Emblem, online or off, they just know about Awakening, Fates, or Three Houses. At most they'll know who Marth, Roy, or Ike is solely from Smash Bros or their cameo appearances. (Which is fine, I'm critical of new Fire Emblem but I still like them, I think a lot of people would like some of the old games too.)

No. 308598

Could be any one of these: FE7, 8, 11. I think it's either 11 or 8.

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