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Share your opinions, thoughts and feelings about all types of media below without anons being judgemental about it. Bait and infighting won't be tolerated. Please have a civil discussion. Have fun!

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File: 1678983114308.jpg (682.15 KB, 2744x1820, uwu.jpg)

Great thread anon! I hope it stays!
I think lord of the rings shouldn't be considered male media. I loved how at some point tumblr was full of lord of the rings blogs run by women. It's just so whimsical and to be honest it reminds me of those japanese anime shows where there's a big male cast and all of them are bishies. I don't know if this makes sense or not, but it does to me.

No. 283184

I only watched the first two movies long ago on tv and not completely, my friends are begging me to watch them but I still haven't. I don't remember the plot beyond the very beginning, just a bunch of scenes. Should I read the books too? I feel like it's too iconic for me to not know about it when I love so many video games that are more or less directly inspired by it and by Dungeon and Dragon.

No. 283188

File: 1678983673434.jpg (1.19 MB, 3000x1899, kino.jpg)

Kino from kino's journey is massively headcannoned as nonbinary by so many fans out there, but I've been rewatching it and the thing is, she never says she isn't a woman, and she never states that she's a boy or that she wishes to be one. She simply doesn't like to be called "missy" or "boya". I believe this is hard to translate into english but I've been getting better with my spoken japanese and what stood out to me is that she simply wants to be awknoledged as someone who deserves respect, and probably doesn't want to be treated as a child. She's a dangerous gunslinger after all. She even says that being called those things is embarrassing in the same episode. She just wants to be called Kino.
Whenever someone calls her kino-chan or kino-kun she doesn't correct them, because they're referring to her with her name, not some weird or silly pet name that makes her look childish. In any case, the pictures I've seen online of Kino always portray her as female and her struggles are female, just because she isn't some ultra girly character it doesn't mean that she's suddenly nonbinary. I love her very much, she's one of my favorite characters and I really recommend the first anime and the ovas.

No. 283190

File: 1678983885095.jpg (85.71 KB, 650x406, enstars.jpg)

I think it's very silly that tifs see some piece of media that is clearly meant to be a female fantasy full of handsome anime men and then say "omg that's literally me". No male likes enstars and no male thinks bakugo and midoriya should kiss as hard as tifs do kek

No. 283195

cool thread idea

No. 283197

i love reading and i love video games but i think visual novels are the worst of both worlds. i read very fast and i love doing whatever i want in a game. visual novel games provide me with neither of that. the text pops up too slow and you are just glued to the computer in an uncomfortable position for reading. it's a shame because so many visual novels seem to have amazing stories, i just wish they existed in book form.

No. 283206

>the text pops up too slow
It depends on the video games and visual novels though right? Because in Ace Attorney in the main series you can't skip texts to make it appear faster in your first playthrough but if you replay them you can, and they give you that choice in DGS instead, it felt great. Same deal with video games with plenty of cutscenes with voice acting where there's no speech bubble so you can only watch the whole thing or skip the cutscene entirely. I find this so annoying in Pokemon (without the voice acting) because the stories are usually ass in the recent games and I just care about gameplay.

>i just wish they existed in book form.

It wouldn't work for many of them though. I like the concept of visual novels because of how you can make your own choices and get different endings and scenes, it's not something a book can recreate. And some of them rely too much on interactivity to be good novels.

No. 283223

File: 1678997244973.jpg (382.54 KB, 1106x1107, 1553900785806.jpg)

Made in Abyss has very cute art, great worldbuilding and an interesting concept. It's too bad that the mangaka had to insert his nasty fetishes because otherwise it could potentially be a 10/10

No. 283283

File: 1679007106802.jpeg (115.29 KB, 1010x576, 56293771-C71F-43CA-9ECE-4ABCF1…)

I tend to feel bad when I’m too critical about the retarded shit that my best friend likes, like heartstopper, like the comic isn’t particularly bad tbh, the series was absolutely dog shit because it kept trying to pander to trannies, I liked how they expanded a bit more in the personalities of most characters, but the tranny was annoying, I don’t know, I just can’t stand having a cultist of the gendercult getting shoved down anyone’s throat.
Plus, in the comic he trooned out because it’s illegal to be gay in Egypt, but in the series it’s because of genderwoo woo bullshit that isn’t even specified.
Like girl, if you will get into that shit then throw at me the lore so I don’t look at your character as the token black (tranny) of the bunch that it is, stop being so afraid of telling me that you believe that a moid can feel like a woman and bite the bullet already, everyone is doing so, you won’t get a medal for not going full retard in the future, plus the series is so short, trying to make a resume of a huge ass comic, that it isn’t really that amazing.
I really hate how ugly is the dark haired uwu uke boy so much, that dude shouldn’t be an actor for romantic series, he should be part of some ninja turtles series, I’m sure he would barely need special makeup to make his face look turtle-like, he looks like he’s what happens when a ninja turtle has a baby with a human.
And yeah, I was surprised because even though the comic is quite long, it somehow didn’t tell us everything about the side characters, or I don’t remember reading much about the lesbian girls.
Like they changed many important plot points like the reveal of the lesbian girls being them telling the blond guy that dark hair girl doesn’t like him because she’s dating her girlfriend and blond guy being like “oh surprised pikachu face” And not them flirting at school in front of the tranny.
I don’t know, it felt special when the girl was like “yeah, I don’t like you, I have a girlfriend and it’s her” but the girls telling the tranny felt like “teehee now you know our dirty little secret wink face”.
I guess I’m just frustrated because while I’m not any flavor of the rainbow soupletter, I feel like things in that comic could’ve been done better somehow? Plus it’s so awkward how the series could be named “the lgbtqwerty club (friends)” and no one would bat an eye because it feels utterly in your face most of the times. I don’t know, I’m sure lgb romance can be handled differently, but then again, it’s about teenagers, so I conform with it not being extremely fetishistic with unnecessary sex scenes and such.
In the end the comic and the series felt like Ann absolute nothingburger. But I feel bad being so critical and nitpicking because I’m sure I wouldn’t write anything better.

No. 283300

this is literally just the guilty pleasure thread with a different name. >>>/m/238506

No. 283311

This is a interesting thread! I want to contribute with my favorite media.
Kirby. The novels, games, music, anime (although it's not my most favorite), merchandise, characters, community. Everything. Kirby is a series that has pulled me out of dark places and I believe it's truly one of the best franchises imaginable. Yes, it's a "kiddie" franchise, yes I'm hopelessly obsessed with it but it's a franchise I love nonetheless. It truly encapsulates this soft, bright and fun aesthetic that really gets you in a good mood.
The novels are so damn good. Most of them are in Japanese and are slowly being translated but the ones that are turn out to be pretty engaging. They don't follow game canon to an exact 100% (For example Dark Matter doesn't appear) but instead have their own canon to follow, and the novel canon is surprisingly good. It doesn't flanderize the characters, and some of the takes on each character and the world are interesting. Some of the plots are pretty funny too, for example, Meta Knight is invited to a party and Kirby and Dedede decide to tag along with him by sitting on top of each other in a large dress, naming themselves 'Dedeby' to be Meta Knight's +1.
The games are super super super good. Some of them range from needing to be 'actively playing' while other games can be comfy romps to play before bed. Most, if not all, are platformers which may be off putting to some but I just love a whole lot. I would say the most tantamount games would be Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Super Star/Super Star Ultra. I would say Kirby Adventure would be a game to start off with because you get a nice raw feel of Kirby as a whole, one of it's foundational stories, and you get to see all the more popular characters. Where as Super Star/Ultra is what I'd suggest if you're not one for playing super 'old' games. Super Star/Ultra is one of the second (though best) foundational Kirby games. You get a selection of subgames to choose and play from and some of those subgames are just really good. I would suggest it as my #1 favorite game.
>Revenge of Meta Knight: Meta Knight tries to take over Dreamland and Kirby must stop him, has a lot of dialogue from the Meta-Knights and Meta Knight himself, gives us one of the best Meta Knight boss battles
>Revenge of the King: We get to see Dedede try and settle his score with Kirby, it's a harder version of Spring Breeze but gives us a lovely insight to Dedede.
>Great Cave Offensive: A collectathon where Kirby explores a large cave and fights bosses in a more opened ended map and you must collect treasures.
>Milky Way Wishes: A slightly harder game where you have to go to each of the seven planets, collect a star and use it to summon NOVA to stop the Sun and Moon from fighting but also you have to fight Marx as he basically set you up from the get-go. You don't get copy abilities but instead must collect copy essences.
There's more eccentric games, such as the Castelvania-like Kirby and the Amazing Mirror or Kirby Mass Attack. I think I can see why people would have problems with Kirby games since a lot of them (in the base game at least) seem a little easy which can get boring. Like, if you compare Adventure and Star Allies a child would most definitely rage quit and die several times during Adventure especially against that star speckled testicular fuck Nightmare's Power Orb.
Kirby is best known for it's music as well, all of it is good but here are my favorites.
Iceberg - Kirby's Dream Land 3, The Legendary Halberd - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Morpho Knight – Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Vs. Hyness - Unhooded - Kirby Star Allies, A Dance with the Painting Witch (Drawcia Sorceress) - Kirby's Dream Buffet, A Trip to Alivel Mall - Kirby and the Forgotten Land, VS. Meta Knight, and The Entirety of the 30th Anniversary Music Fest.
The anime isn't my favorite, but I respect it on the grounds of being good. It's not so much the "Kirby Anime" but a "Anime with Kirby Characters In It" and because of that, it has a very wildly different canon than the actual game canon. For example, Kirby is a helpless baby who was woken up like way earlier than he should be, Meta Knight is a war veteran, Dedede is an illiterate manchild. It also has this tendency to have episodes focused on real world topics such as sushi, otaku, deforestation, and the horrors of industrialization. I actually find those episodes super fun, and I like the amount of references they'll throw in. JKR shows up in the Anime, an entire episode dedicated to HP, thought that might be interesting to share
Meta Knight, Kirby, and Dedede are my favorites though I also have a soft spot for Susie, Animal Buddies, and Sailor Waddle Dee. All of the characters within the franchise are amazing, and the variety of characters of different types, values, circumstances and backgrounds would put the average triple-a woke developer to shame. While most characters are somewhat vague, at the very least the mystique allows for fans to build a lot on the characters. Some characters I like to think of is Susie Haltmann, who debuted in Kirby Robobot. I find her to be one of my favorites, she's a cute secretary with a great deal of scientific knowledge, who's hardworking, sophisticated and egotisitcal. Her backstory is pretty sad though. She was basically thrown into Another Dimension after a mishap with her father's, President Max Profit Haltmann, machine. Star Dream. She returned from this, slowly working her way up the company as a means to ursurp Star Dream from Haltmann. Ssuie fails though, deleting her father from existence, but we later learn that she's actually rebuilding the company on her own. You got animals, you got talking spiders, you even have one human. Kirby has a character for anyone.
While I have my gripes, the Kirby community is genuinely very open, comfy, and fun. There's sects of course but overall it's good. You have tons of fans focused on certain things, such as modding and ripping the games, collecting merchandise, writing fanfics and making art, translating media, discussing the lore, shipping, you name it. It's genuinely a very nice and somewhat accepting community. I hope I can meet someone into Kirby as much as I am offline. I just love it so damn much, it's unreal.

No. 283315

when in your kirby journey did you first realize you saw circles and penguins sexually?

No. 283327

Not op but literally not true. Not all the opinions here are guilty pleasures, did you even read the posts above you? Silly nonnie.

No. 283331

File: 1679019787193.jpg (33.44 KB, 474x266, th-3904270962.jpg)

There's many reasons anons have to dislike oyasumi punpun. One is the obsession certain kind of terminally online people have with it, and how scrotal and self inserting the author is… but for me the main reason to not like it might sound super dumb. Punpun is just too depressing of a series to read for me. Whenever I tried to read it in the past it simply destroyed me. I read the final chapters where the thing with the girl happens and it was just too hurtful, it ruined my entire week. I am not a dumb baby but sad stuff like this is hard to swallow, dunno if this is a common problem or just me being a bit sensitive but some things are simply too hard for me to read… Like a raw wound that keeps getting worse as I read

No. 283332

Yeah, that's cuz it's torture porn written by a misogynist. I'll refrain from alogging inio asano because it would be too graphic.

No. 283336

This comment made me unironically very happy to read, specially the music part! My bf loves Kirby and we listen to Kirby music together so I really appreciate when people go this in depth. I agree Kirby just puts you in a good happy mood!

No. 283339

Yes, yes it does the music is really really good isn't it? Even games as old as Adventure have some absolute bangers (Nightmare's theme comes to mind).
>I agree Kirby just puts you in a good happy mood!
It does, there's nothing quite like it and I'm deeply grateful for Kirby to be quite honest.

No. 283340

File: 1679023418268.jpg (28.73 KB, 533x800, 5647e0d5-152b-43d4-b9ab-893a92…)

haven't played the kirby games since I was a teenager but I notice the fans(the non-fighting game one's anyway) tend to be really chill and accepting

No. 283341

The music is amazing!! It has helped me before whenever I have tried to deliver a school or work project that I absolutely needed to concentrate on. It's like pure dopamine to me. I am so grateful for Kirby too.

No. 283342

Yeah, I agree. Admittedly you'll notice a lot of fans are young and there tends to be a lot of contention when it comes to "derivative media & character focus" parts of the fandom but if you're focusing on purely the games parts of the fandom it's super chill as you said. Really fun too.
Same here! I think Dreamcourse and DL3 is the set of OST I keep finding myself going too. The 30th Anniversary Music Fest is good as well.

No. 283345

File: 1679026858973.gif (744.08 KB, 200x146, 082.gif)

I still love the Pokemon Mystery dungeon (specifically PMD2 as that is the one I started with) franchise and consider it one of my favorite games even in adulthood. I'm not really into pokemon anymore besides these games, I have the urge to reply them at least once a year. I think having a high replay-ablity factor using different pokemon as your main two each time, & the dungeons having infinite bullshit situations to plan around/figure out is better than the main line pokemon imo.
The soundtracks and pixel art of the first two games are amazing too

No. 283346

Have you tried the randomizer? It's actually pretty good

No. 283347

I've seen it! I think its funny it's possible to get the huge legendaries as starters and be stuck with them in cutscenes

No. 283356

File: 1679029981712.gif (1.41 MB, 400x300, tumblr_p1apiv4TYj1vg0r9to1_400…)

I really like Alien Nine and it just reminds me of my own early teen years when shit really hit the fan in my life and everything was scary and anxiety inducing and I had no one to turn to. I watched it when I was 13 and I've cried again and again rewatching it. I hate the weird "oniisan" scene and I really disliked the manga. But the OVA is so special to me. Again the way women and men interact with media is completely different.

No. 283393

File: 1679055728716.gif (1.56 MB, 540x399, borgu.gif)

anon i watched aline nine when i was 13 too! it's my favorite anime of all time, one of the last i genuinely enjoyed. seeing yuri was like looking in the mirror. the manga confused me but it had some cute moments that i wished were animated. "alien nine next" is the worst i've read out of all of them and i wish it didn't exist. this is the first time i'm seeing anybody post about it here ( and it's been a while since i've seen anything about it in general ) so i'm a bit excited kek, sorry!

No. 283451

kek hey, i love alien 9 too. made me tear up. am tempted to rewatch it now. the ova's amazing but the manga is disgusting

No. 283618

File: 1679104241937.png (2.24 MB, 3346x2695, HTT_group_image_2.png)

I know this one is beloved by many women too and it's seriously not so bad like most other "girls doing things" anime, but for me, I was always put off by watching it. The girls aren't sexualized and everything is happy and fun. But I guess I feel like this is a vouyeristic approach into the lives of some random idealized high school girls. I never had a high school life like this and I just can't imagine enjoying this show for that reason.

No. 283632

I loved the manga in middle school and would always try to show my mom my favorite parts. Did not understand why she was so grossed out by it. As a kid I couldn't see the blatant fetishization and sexualization of it, I just thought it was fun and cute kek. I still have a couple volumes on my collection shelf and I always debate trashing them vs not trashing them, since I am disgusted by them now but loved them so much as a kid. I always loved ritsu best.

No. 283633

samefag, I never watched the anime, but I'm curious because you say they weren't sexualized in it– in the manga there were definately parts that were blatantly sexual and weird, like mio being forced into sexy costumes (to advertize the club I think?) and lots of skin during a vacation plotline, and a weird part about """skinship""" that I couldn't never figure out the meaning of as a child. If these sorts of things weren't in the anime, they must have sanitized it.

No. 283665

File: 1679116494592.png (11.99 KB, 321x307, killlakilltwitter2.png)

DAE really like Kill la Kill? Idk, I really like the art style, the animation, how over-the-top everything is, the dumb story, the fights, the music, the character designs. Ryuko and Satsuki are both super cool, even though half of the time they're practically naked when wearing those retarded outfits. Even then, Trigger managed to make them badasses like when Ryuko goes berserk and is all covered in blood. I know it's coomer shit, and I hate the reasons for its existence (misogyny, male gaze, etc.), but this is the one coomershit anime that I can tolerate for some reason, and I've got a soft spot for it, due to how big it was with shippers at the time. And there's a bunch of appealing male characters which of course helped distract from the blatant male gaze.

This might sound stupid as fuck but for the longest time I didn't see any degenerate moid shit related to it (outside of the actual show, that is) so apparently I saw the fanservice of the female characters in the show in a different light than most people. Granted, I was a teenager and desensitized to anime degeneracy, but the only moment that made me truly uncomfortable at the time was when Ragyo molests Satsuki. In fanart, I only looked at degenerate fujo shit but never saw disgusting male-made fanart of the main girls, until I went to a con and saw the gross KLK posters and t-shirts that were being sold there. I felt like they were an insult to Ryuko's character on top of being off-model for the sake of coom. Yeah, I know the original design is already coomery, but the way moid fans draw her is more offensive somehow.
Also, the Nonon meme was really annoying. She was alright in the anime but seeing her everywhere on the internet got irritating.

>Did not understand why she was so grossed out by it. As a kid I couldn't see the blatant fetishization and sexualization of it
When I was in high school I'd save a lot of art from Pixiv as inspiration. There was this artist that I liked a lot and whose style became sort of popular on Pixiv and got some copycats, I forgot their username. Anyway, I showed my mom a couple of my favorite pieces, both were of anime girls with really pretty designs and vibrant colors. But the first thing that my mom pointed out was their chest, and joked that she wanted breasts like those. That took me by surprise, because back then I just wouldn't notice how much emphasis was put on anime girls' breasts even when the pic was "innocent".

No. 283673

I love KLK partially because the female characters, as sexualized as they are, feel very cool and strong in a very sincere way. I remember seeing guy fans saying Ryuko was basically just written as a boy but looks like a girl to sell the show and it would make me mad because it was like saying that girl characters couldn't be cool or have story driven narratives or be tomboyish. Also outside of the characters, the setting and story are fun and unique. Almost every Gainax/Trigger show has coom in it but for some reason I always love them kek.

>This might sound stupid as fuck but for the longest time I didn't see any degenerate moid shit related to it

I had a similar experience! It was actually really popular on tumblr as it was airing so I still think of it as something gay tumblr girls love. My highschool gf and I would call each other on the phone to talk about the new episodes, I have really fond memories of freaking out together over the Ragyo mom reveal. It was also one of the first shows I remember that went all out on sexualizing the males as equally as the females so it felt like it was filtering out the male fans who couldn't handle that.

No. 283693

Yes! I'm glad I'm not alone in this kek, sucks that one of my favorite female protags and one of the most badass I've seen in anime comes from a show where she's wearing that ridiculous shit, but that sums up the complicated relationship I have with KLK. I appreciate that the main two girls aren't depicted as moe uguu waifus and are instead treated as serious characters despite you-know-what.
>I have really fond memories of freaking out together over the Ragyo mom reveal
Yeah, I remember thinking the first half was going to go in an obvious direction but then in the second half it took an unexpected turn and every two episodes there was some crazy plot twist like that one. It was fucking glorious watching it for the first time. Other people I showed this anime to agreed too.
>Almost every Gainax/Trigger show has coom in it but for some reason I always love them kek.
Probably what helps is that most of the scenes where they're (half) naked don't feel like "serious" fanservice because the usual art style is so stylized and bordeline cartoony, the animation is usually limited and/or rough on purpose, and there are a lot of comedic shots where they're just drawn in a funny way, unlike most anime with fanservice in them, in which everything is animated in great detail to the point every time a girl moves it grosses me out (hell even just looking at them since they're always blushing for no reason and have childlike faces with massive bug eyes). IIRC in KLK most of the sexualized scenes happened in the first few episodes when Ryuko wasn't used to wearing the suit and there were a lot of jokes about the males in the audience ogling her, but after that it (almost?) never happened again, and not a lot of attention was drawn to it anymore, so it stops being distracting, which was a big improvement. Mako's dad and brother continued to be pretty fucking annoying and gross though now that I think about it, but they're such a tiny part of the story and don't interfere with the good parts that it's very easy to get past that.
And like you said, the boys are also sexualized a lot, though I wouldn't say to the same degree as Satsuki and Ryuko, but still a lot (esp. thanks to the relatively large amount of male characters). That kind of thing didn't happen (doesn't happen?) often. They're also given a lot of screentime and best of all, attractive designs just like the female characters. Not all female characters received this treatment either.

Speaking of which, I just remembered Nui. She was one of the highlights of the whole series, such a fun and exciting character to watch. Every time she was on-screen it was a big deal. Man I'm so sad there will never be a second season. I tried watching Space Patrol Luluco after Kill la Kill ended but I couldn't get into it at all. And TTGL starts a bit too slow for my taste.

No. 283694

Kek something similar happened to me and me showing shit to my mom. Some of it was more serious and left a very bad scar in my mind though. I had controlling yet ignorant and emotionally neglectful parents.

That said, like I mentioned I didn't really watch the anime because it really put me off how much of idealized, innocent and pristine these girls are, I feel like it must have originally been made for readers to "experience" what these girls do and their friendship. When K-On came out I was young, insane, had no friends, and desperately wanted to kill myself. Of course it never appealed to me. I was not a happy and cheerful girl and didn't need to pretend to be one. Also, for what I can remember, the maid costume scene (?) with the long haired girl was not as sexual? I remember it being simply a funny gag but I dunno, it has been a long time since this show was popular.

No. 283695

To be honest I do see the appeal in Ryuko and Satsuki and why people would love them. They're badasses. I like how much emotion and angst they show vs your run of the mill female character in any media. They unironically remind me of other "serious" female protagonists from movies like Kill Bill. Again and again women have enjoyed things meant for men but in a different limelight than they do. It's simple.

No. 283711

probably tmi but it helped me realize some of the abuse I went through. for all its flaws it helped me a lot, and I love satsuki to death. now explaining that to moids who my worst moments are nothing but a pornhub category, with zero research into the harm in does to kids… I can't even talk about it

No. 283826

File: 1679169502274.gif (4.87 MB, 540x400, 70B5BC85-7AA5-4A38-A794-FFE7C4…)

Based, all lotr fans I’ve met are women anyways.
I was literally gonna post k-on too!! Me and my friends watched k-on when we were like 15 and dreamed of creating a band like them. It’s crazy how much I can relate to it, spending hours procrastinating with friends and even traveling to London as high schoolers (k-on the movie), we did it all. The show was exactly like how we were, not boy-obsessed or super talented. Just regular girls passing time together and finding ourselves. We never noticed the fanservice for scrotes at all.

My contribution to this thread is Twilight. I will forever seethe over how only now it’s okay to love Robert Pattinson as an actor because men have accepted him after Batman. While women have loved and noticed his charm for years. Story wise there is nothing as cozy and hopelessly romantic in the most toxic ways as Twilight. Even if Edward is an overprotective virgin he’s also the visualization of eternal and unconditional love. Sure I’m aware of it’s glaring issues especially towards the end with the pro-life bullshit, but I still love it so much. Edward feels like some 90s shoujo manga bishie.

No. 284364

I agree, it's so fucking sad how only now that moids can self insert he's being recognized. Btw I hate the lighthouse… yes it's an incredible good movie and it deserves the recognition but something about it puts me off. Can't put my finger on what it was exactly. I just know it's amazing, but not for me. I felt a bit nauseous watching it honestly.

No. 284370

I really liked KLK but got sick of seeing spoilers everywhere so I never watched the last episode because I already knew everything about it by the time I could watch it anyway. It's just mindless fun, it's impossible to take any of the nudity and fanservice seriously, I think the only person I know who did was a gay guy whose husbando is the guy with the tomahawk who's voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki.

>Also, the Nonon meme was really annoying. She was alright in the anime but seeing her everywhere on the internet got irritating.

I loved Nonon! And what you say about her is how I feel about Mako. She's cute and funny but seeing people with no reading comprehension reposting all her scenes to point exactly what's funny about them annoyed me so much.

No. 284371

File: 1679336737117.png (23.25 KB, 734x719, robpat edit video.png)

It feels unreal in a way, how men's perception of Pattinson changed from "that sparking vampire in twilight" into a "literally me" sigma male icon

No. 284384

It makes sense
>men hated Twilight or at least found it stupid and laughable, Robert Pattinson was also shit talking it when the movies were being released although not with the same arguments
>Robert was barely showering while on set for Twilight, still looks like he smells
>allegedly selfposted on anonymous websites to promote the Batman movie like a retard, I wouldn't be surprised if he already posted in his own thread on /m/ at some point
>talking FF7 and how both Tifa and Aerith are his waifus at the same time in an interview like a retarded nerd
Add to that that he looks good (despite the lack of showers) and men will relate to some of his personality traits while also wishing they were as handsome.

No. 284459

But he did quite recently say that he appreciated how Twilight made him a big actor and even admitted that he acted like a huge fool on the set of Twilight. He would go against what the director said until they almost threatened to fire him. So now he realizes how young and dumb he was on during the Twilight era.

No. 284520

Is that common knowledge though? Because I think most men now are still mentally stuck in that "Robert Pattinson hates Twilight more than we, based, he's just like me for real" era so they think that's one of the things that make him relatable to them.

No. 284526

File: 1679432345634.png (429.38 KB, 1280x1311, 1aa1eabd32602c5f376b3c95bcb504…)

I really like touhou and I have very fond memories of it. I never interacted with other touhou fans to begin with, so for me there's no "it's male/trans media" feeling to it. I love all the characters specially Marisa. I want more female touhou fans to exist.

No. 284527

File: 1679432629134.png (437.37 KB, 500x688, a7aa48adbe64518bfbb6e9fa6e6a57…)

samefag but while I know im@s has also a large male fanbase, I've seen enough women into it that I tend to forget. I like the fun colorful costumes and wacky songs and how everyone's personalities are different to one another yet you can still help them succeed in their dreams. It reminds me of Aikatsu and other similar franchises.

No. 284529

I went down a rabbit hole of touhou after seeing scarlet and I really love all the character designs honestly but I have no idea where to start in terms of playing it. Do you have any recommendations?

No. 284533

nta the one I've been the closest to completing was fairy wars, the one with cirno. I love cirno so I recommend that one the most, more hardcore touhou fans would probably recommend you play them in chronological order though.

No. 284728

>While women have loved and noticed his charm for years.
I assure you that even now, the "charm" moids notice is not the same charm women have known for years. Even in Batman he was more than just a male self insert in the eyes of women who watched that movie, but men can't see that. Moids aren't able to "get it" on the same level that we do, as proven by this thread.
Honestly just seeing everyone talk about Twilight in such a positive light after being a NLOG in my teens and shitting on other girls for liking it (which of course I'm deeply ashamed of) I'm thinking of finally giving the movies a shot, maybe even the books too.
Touhou has actually had a lot of female fans in the past (don't know if that's changed recently), they were artists mostly, making normal art of the girls instead of porn which seems to be the main draw for a lot of scrote "fans".

No. 284771

I unapologetically loved the books as a teen, they’re really great and I thought twilight really captured the angst of new love that feels so all encompassing you’d die for it as a teen. The movie kind of loses nuisance because you can’t hear Bella’s thoughts, so if you have time I’d recommend reading the books as well.

No. 284796

Play Touhou 6, the embodiment of scarlet devil first. It was the first touhou game on the windows and the first "canon" one.

No. 289892

File: 1681647014681.jpg (80.12 KB, 640x640, e44e6190d684cb109a042411b5d37e…)

I really love Life is a Strange series, both back when I was a teenager and the first game came out and even now when I'm older. there’s many reasons why, but i think why it has stuck with me for so long the way no other game has is because it just feels so genuine in its depiction of navigating the world as a teenager and as cringy as the game can be, especially with the dialogue at certain points, the sense of nostalgia and wanting to turn back time to change significant events in our lives is quite relatable

No. 290096

File: 1681681218680.jpeg (76.49 KB, 750x750, D6C302E8-4E00-4E37-B3D8-754F32…)

I started watching inside job, which I legitimately enjoy. The female MC is unhinged and I love her, she's annoying but not insufferable. I know anons have accused Reagan of being Shion Takeuchi's self insert but I'd rather see more characters like her over ones written by men. Let women be cringe.

imo it doesn't go so far into the le wokeness tropes or cliches that it forgets to be funny, the other characters are funny plus I like the angle of parodying conspiracy theories and the "deep state". marathon a few episodes a day and forget about my life sucking for an hour and a half. of course Netflix cancelled it

No. 290098

File: 1681681469857.jpg (51.38 KB, 500x500, artworks-000134106127-28trvf-t…)

touhou is one of the first internet things i ever got into kek
i really used to struggle in school so cirno was something of a "comfort character" for me back then

No. 290143

Yes, I love her too! She feels so deeply relatable, idc if she’s a self insert I want more characters like her. I honestly can’t bear to finish the show knowing it got cancelled.

No. 290145

I can't wait to watch Inside Job, I've only heard good things about it. Oddly I didn't see any of those criticisms on here. I hate that some anons are so quick to criticize and dismiss anything that involves a self-insert even when it's a woman doing it. Hating male self-inserts by default makes sense, but why so much hate for female ones? What's wrong with an author making a female protagonist that she and many other women can relate to? What's wrong with having fun? Not everything has to be so serious and characters don't always have to be completely detached from the author, that doesn't automatically make something better written or more entertaining or more appealing.
I want more self-insert female protagonists that aren't like the usual hyperfeminine character stereotypes. I want more variety and more freedom to depict women in unconventional ways. As long as the character isn't ruined by preachy messages I'm all for it.

No. 290147

File: 1681693082941.jpeg (342.18 KB, 2000x1318, 6C7C2057-9ED2-4339-9DEA-F91279…)

Worst horror media I’ve seen in a while, why is she bothering to call it an ARG when she’s just going to link her socials and portfolio everywhere? The actual horror elements are trash and the half the characters being gender specials makes no sense for a show that’s meant to be from the 70s in analog context.
The creator herself is also super annoying, trying to force tumblr sexyman OC and then getting pissy when people draw porn or make fanart of her characters, like what did you expect? I wish more creators took the Zun approach to their characters instead of being donut steel nuts.

No. 290153

>characters wear troon flag shawl and nonbiawy flag bowtie
it was always going be trash

No. 290154

I'm going to finish it and manifesting it's picked up by another network and continued, or inventing new episodes in my head. Reagan definitely feels very human, even for a superintelligent holier than thou scientist.

I think some anons were criticizing it in the western animation cows thread and a couple complaining about the alleged self insertion and it being too safe or boring, but I found it to be a great balance between wholesome and edgy and not too reliant on the usual holier than thou pretension that you'd find in adult cartoons like Rick & Morty although prior to Roliad's scandal I guilty pleasure enjoyed the first few seasons of R&M and am disappointed but not surprised about the creators misogyny and abuse Just felt good to see a female created show with a female protagonist and fun side characters that was animated, which of course meant Netflix would let it slide

No. 290155

File: 1681696123252.jpeg (141.38 KB, 1170x1025, 82D4C757-D40C-4DCC-B2FC-28203B…)

>why is she bothering to call it an ARG when she’s just going to link her socials and portfolio everywhere?
I agree. I get that she wants to take credit for her work but it really takes away from the mystery and what little horror there is when you can go on her tumblr at any time and see her slap fighting with random anons and dictating what you can and cannot do with her characters. The whole point of an ARG is that you suspend your disbelief and get immersed in the mystery. I wish more ARG creators (and internet creators in general) would just step away and not try to micro manage every aspect of the fandom.

It’s a shame because the art is gorgeous and I love the character designs, and lost media is something I’m interested in as well. You can tell she’s put at lot of thought and effort in this project. But at the same time, I agree the actual horror elements fall flat. It is only in the early stages and she likely doesn’t want to front-load the beginning of the ARG, but something more than a spooky face and a few lines of ‘It hurts’ and ‘Get it out’ would be great.

And yeah it is hilarious that she’s saying that such and such characters are acktually twans, this is meant to be a puppet show from the ‘70s! There’s no way that would have happened, which again makes it harder to suspend your disbelief and get absorbed into the ARG.

No. 290201

I found Inside Job to be really terribly unfunny. I was really sad because I’m a huge Gravity Falls fan and thought it would be good. But I literally couldn’t stand any of the characters and wasn’t even giggling.

No. 290415

File: 1681761128171.jpg (227.01 KB, 1099x727, 7NneGuvsm-mNVmkcLucEMGbdBk82qr…)

I am so extremely tired of Tolkien's works being picked up and used in unfaithful adaptations, if I'm being honest. With all the crap that's usually added and changed, most adaptations could honestly just be their own stand-alone fantasy world or DnD campaign. A lot of them frankly are.
I feel like the high fantasy and magic aspect in Tolkien's works is honestly minimal compared to what is shoehorned in via the movies, games, etc. Honestly the most 'magical' part of any book I read was the Valaquenta in the Silmarillion, where it's all about gods literally making the world and fighting and stuff. Most of the other books and stories have some mild magical or fantastical element behind a complex political plot, like the dragon in the Hobbit behind all the political tension going down in Laketown between the dwarves and the elves. Or how the Feanorians cursed themselves to recover some giant diamonds their father made and are basically just on a political campaign of destruction killing other kings and lords to get them. IDK I'm just sick of it. I wish WB and Amazon and all the other retarded studios would just move onto plain DnD instead, since that's already what they're putting out anyways.

No. 290798

damn anon I really enjoyed it, sorry you didn't

No. 292644

File: 1682652641580.jpg (197.87 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BYTIxNjk3YjItYmYzMC00ZTdmLT…)

I've been watching this since my friend is really into it, and honestly with how popuar it is I wanted to see the hype. It's hard for me to understand exactly why this is just so crazy popular. And its not like a I hate anime or even shounen, I ate battle shounen up non stop as a tween and even now there are some series I enjoy to follow.
I don't even dislike it but it feels like it should be some semi-obscure show I'd have one friend who is obsessed with but never hear about otherwise lol. Some of the characters are cute and endearing and its usually funny, and a lot of the fights are cool, but aside from a few moments its usually kinda forgettable. Maybe it gets better in the manga later, maybe I'm too old to get my mind blown by stuff like this now, idk.

I love KLK so much. I wanna rewatch it but I'm afriad I'll dislike it now that I have more feminist views now than when I first watched it lol. The fanservice bothered me at first when I watched it, but it all gets so ridiculous with all the nudist beach stuff and the crazy animation it eventually faded into the background to me.

No. 298660

It's because Ufotable. People like their specific artstyle/filter use and check out whatever they put out since Fate. The fights are good. But this show and Jujutsu Kaisen (which also features a lot of well-animated fights) do not deserve the following they get because they are rather lacking on the drama/PLOTTWEEEST/outlandish/complex characters front.

I think we are just too old for shounen kek. I can't get why people didn't mass-quit reading the Tokyo Ghoul manga after :re had started. I guess it's sunk cost fallacy - following the series to the end, no matter if it stayed good or turned into dogshit.

I hate the character designs. It's a good enough reason to never touch it.

No. 298679

Mediocre battle shounen are the Marvel movies of anime. That's probably why it's so popular but so fucking unremarkable at the same time.

No. 298833

File: 1685131845115.gif (5.62 MB, 640x640, inside-job-brett-hand.gif)

Not OP but I also want to add that Brett is great too. He's sweet, likable, funny and it's rare seeing a handsome guy in an adult cartoon being sexualized especially in a comedic way. Most adult cartoons usually have fat ugly old men and sometimes sexualize women in the male gaze view that just comes off as cringe, uncomfortable and unnecessary.

No. 298839

The more I see of the new Barbie movie, the less excited I am for it. I really dislike those "fish out of water/ignorant character used as mouthpiece for easy social commentary about our society" movies, and this movie seems to be just that.

No. 298966

I wish I didn't see the last trailer yesterday because trailers for comedy always show the funnuest jokes with no context so once you watch the movie there's no element of surprise anymore. I'll try to forget it until I watch the movie.

No. 299141

File: 1685221373038.gif (8.17 MB, 540x300, tumblr_7c8fd56f4d392608f47ec43…)

I wish the Breaking Bad fanbase wasn't filled with scrotes, but I guess that's just what happens when you make a show about moids being awful people. All moids who watch this totally miss the point and end up idolizing Walter White, completely missing the point that you're not supposed to sympathize with him. I love this show so much, but so much of the fanbase is just insufferable.
With that said, I know I got the worst taste in fictional men, but god damn, I want Saul Goodman all to myself…

No. 299149

File: 1685224326224.jpeg (180.05 KB, 1242x1375, IMG_1242.jpeg)

I only interact with this fandom on tumblr so it’s mostly women though it’s a lot of TIFs who retardedly head-cannon Jesse as one of them. Saul is so hot though I would die for him

No. 299154

I’m not a turbo weeb so idk about hidden gems but at least as far as popular anime it’s all gone way downhill in writing and rewatchability in the past decade or so. Recently rewatched Samurai Champloo which has a very simple plot with simple characters, but the writing is so good it blows this era’s shit out of the water.

No. 299161

File: 1685225425544.jpg (79.14 KB, 850x510, ERQbz_AW4AAp0ga.jpg)

>With that said, I know I got the worst taste in fictional men, but god damn, I want Saul Goodman all to myself…
You're not alone nonna, Saul Goodman is hot af and I want a piece of that too.

No. 299166

>Saul is so hot though I would die for him
ayrt, RIGHT?! God, I want him so bad. It sucks though, he's seen as an "enby icon" by the Tumblr Sexyman people.

No. 299203

File: 1685241334144.jpeg (79.9 KB, 725x720, IMG_1243.jpeg)

>enby icon
Of course. Picrel is obv an ironic meme probably made by a troon but it still makes me laugh

No. 299210

File: 1685246938821.gif (996.34 KB, 498x375, the-simpsons-lisa-simpson.gif)

I predict it will probably receive good reviews and earn a decent profit, then be discussed on Twitter for a few days, and eventually be forgotten. It won't be revolutionary, but it won't be particularly bad either

No. 299243

I love LiS too! They're my comfort games. LiS 2 in particular hit hard. The way Sean is willing to just sacrifice his whole life for his brother reminds me of my younger sisters. I picked the ending where he surrenders and goes to prison and actually teared up. These games are cringe as fuck (especially True Colors) but I love them for it.

No. 299263

i just started watching this with my mom and we're both surprised by how much we like it lol. the fandom speculation talk must have been fun back in the day

No. 299290

I think people tended to idolize Walter back when the show first aired, but most discussion I see of the show nowadays acknowledges what an asshole Walter was.

No. 299976

File: 1685656476037.jpg (67.61 KB, 557x558, img-3.jpg)

I'm not a ponyfag but rarijack is such a cute ship I squee whenever I see it. I wish I could find some good human AUor equestria girls fanfics with them

No. 305456

I love NiziU a lot. They make me happy. I don't know why, I'm not into k-pop/j-pop and I don't really like cutesy aesthetics in girl groups, but NiziU's videoclips always manage to cheer me up.
I think it's because the members usually interact with each other in the videoclip while they are doing dumb cute things. You can tell they enjoy each other's company and some of them seem to get along really well, like Rima and Mayuka. I love their energy.

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