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File: 1677699642350.jpg (335.3 KB, 2068x1668, efjd0quy6uq91.jpg)

No. 279476

post edgelord/edgelady characters and edgy movies, comics, shows, cartoons, art and music that you may like

No. 279477

File: 1677699664172.jpg (115.79 KB, 600x834, 17.jpg)

a classic

No. 279486

No. 279487

No. 279499

File: 1677707575497.png (611.84 KB, 500x723, 72D156AE-8364-42C3-8DAC-A4273E…)

No. 279501

No way you’re calling this shit edgy wtf are FNAF babies are doing on my imageboard

No. 279504

File: 1677709452927.jpg (Spoiler Image,154.51 KB, 1024x768, 1644188515942.jpg)

anyone remember this artist? she was obssesed with columbine and goofy's son
Helluva and hazbin are a late 2010's sparkle dog/mary sue/invader zim oc artist wet's dream. I dont like it either and i hate its shitty twitter humor, but it's peak edge

No. 279506

i meant 2000's*, i kinda like the sparkle dog designs even if they are super ugly and overdesigned

No. 279509

File: 1677709757347.jpg (62.59 KB, 536x609, 1677709635523.jpg)

A classic

No. 279510

I like some ND songs, not this one though. But it's definitely edgy and it makes me a little nostalgic about lolcow since I first heard it in her thread here years ago.


No. 279513

Ig it's edgy like an old Cartoon Network show is edgy just add undisguised sex jokes and profanity

No. 279515

File: 1677712949133.gif (2.06 MB, 200x150, 200w.gif)


>pointy objects, green day, and…. staying up all night

>dislikes: peace and love…

No. 279516

File: 1677713306370.png (1.17 MB, 1000x1098, d11315d344f9a151af3dbcef17e335…)

I dunno if it counts as edgy but I went through a Happy Tree Friends phase in elementary/middle school and I thought I was soooo cool for liking this shit instead of the other things girls my age were into. I also realized I was making dark htf and sonic ocs before I knew what ocs were

No. 279519

same, i remember my friends not me i swear having a crush on the green bear and making animu fanart of him, kek. My favourite will always be the crackhead squirrel

No. 279520

I need to see the rest

No. 279527

File: 1677717201859.jpg (6.27 MB, 2480x3508, SabitsukiGrafitti.jpg)

.flow video game

No. 279537

File: 1677718372770.jpg (195.79 KB, 780x770, e2e.jpg)

Ironic edge but this will forever be a fucking classic and funny. I don't care what anyone says

No. 279550

I still don't get why Ryuko is labeled as edgy when she's not even an edgelord herself. Is it the color palette and tough personality?

No. 279557

short king kek

No. 279559

File: 1677726559106.jpg (309.69 KB, 800x1132, bleedman.jpg)

remember this
its by a 13 year old

No. 279560

File: 1677727197161.png (2.02 MB, 1434x1920, manara.png)

9/11 tributes are something else

No. 279564

File: 1677730373856.jpg (78.47 KB, 400x676, ranfren volume 1.jpg)

FINALLY a good excuse to post ranfren here

No. 279565

Lmao I love milo manara I’m sorry I know he’s a moid who made his living off of drawing porn so it’s not like he’s a good person but he’s so funny to me. he’s so single minded about drawing a hot woman it borders on being a special interest, he’s dedicated his whole life and mentality to it —literally his friend died in a terrorist attack and he drew a lady grim reaper in his memorial picture of his friend! There’s always a sexy woman in everything he does, it’s too much. It’s like there’s something broken in his brain where he draws a lady and comes up with a rationalization after the fact.

No. 279566

I didn't know someone he knew actually died on 9/11, that makes it so much worse

No. 279567

This feels this was drawn by a TIF

No. 279568

feel what you wish, nona. it speaks to me personally

No. 279572

File: 1677733730901.png (66.67 KB, 1002x767, k109.png)

literally canadian nekojiru

dogisaga is australian nekojiru

No. 279573

I know the ranfren author has talked about liking nekojiru before. Tried watching nekojiru soup once but wasn't my thing. will check out picrel though.

No. 279574

File: 1677734108587.jpg (130.28 KB, 1024x831, cuz im evil.jpg)

i like it.

No. 279575

literally me

No. 279576

File: 1677734386246.jpg (226.83 KB, 700x1000, dango_vol1_ch6_5.jpg)

the comics are totally different from that. it's the same edgy surreal stuff but with the cute cats. the comic with the fish man and the one where they met those enslaved seals who were forced to bake cookies and started putting poop in them out of spite were the most memorable to me.

dogisaga had a weird racebait era for a while and is a schizo (a real one not a larper). but you can find her old website and most of her comics from when she wasnt totally off the handle with the wayback machine, they were pretty great.

No. 279578

I'll look into it! first thing i saw was her banned twitter and I'm now looking at reposted comics from some other imageboard I've never heard of before. Might try to read nekojiru too, thanks nona

No. 279579

File: 1677734609420.png (105.29 KB, 800x1268, 91278313.png)

Fluffy pony abuse

No. 279580

I always thought this was more someone's autistic fetish rather than trying to be edgy

No. 279581

File: 1677735043387.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1279x1530, india_ch0_1.jpeg)

No. 279582

File: 1677735132927.png (2.35 MB, 1222x1400, luthervon.png)

Luther is legitimately my husbando. Also, I feel like the creator of ranfren would be/is a farmer

No. 279583

She's definitely neet enough to be someplace like this but is also extremely rural and has mentioned a few times having very poor internet/posting from the library/etc. Not that you need to have great internet to post here but I don't think she spends much time online.

No. 279584

ugh it breaks my heart to see this stuff it's not even funny to me at all i'm so glad they wiped google ( or at least on safe mode ) of this crap. actually makes me feel profoundly sad

No. 279585

File: 1677735530862.jpg (107.54 KB, 298x236, jthm.jpg)

glad that Jhonen chilled out but jthm was my shit when I was younger

No. 279586

I was filtered in the rat chapter, can I just skip it kek

No. 279587

yeah that's where she kinda starts bringing in more continuity. Ratmen arc is 17-21 or so. New "arc" begins volume 2, all that's important to know is that Luther wants the family to be closer after the events of rat arc and forces everyone to go on a camping trip together.

No. 279588

File: 1677735722563.jpg (106.08 KB, 500x333, Jhonen-Vasquez-Zoetica-Ebb-jho…)

I truly loved this man at one point

No. 279589

File: 1677736266387.jpg (751.74 KB, 1280x1831, nekojiru fight.jpg)

yeah this is pretty cute

No. 279590

File: 1677736968888.jpg (266.46 KB, 823x1200, FHpKbYZXIAAWZzH.jpg)

I remember her diaries making me really sad for some reason and then reading her biography and finding out she died via suicide, it all made sense for me.

No. 279591

No no no I’m sorry, this was a different terrorist attack in France (I couldn’t find the picture sorry — it wasn’t that sexy since the lady was covered in grim reaper robes but it was clearly the same woman he always draws). I don’t think he knew anyone who died on 9/11. iirc he said that picture you posted was supposed to be about western values and sort of a “fuck you” to the terrorists with the woman scantily clad as opposed to a conservatively dressed middle eastern woman (????? I don’t know it made no sense lmao)

No. 279593

File: 1677738794664.jpeg (238.3 KB, 612x790, BF61499F-2631-4EDE-91DF-00D37B…)

Wow Zoetica… haven’t seen her in years. I have a Coilhouse magazine somewhere in my apartment lol

No. 279660

We have a whole thread on this in /manure/ or /pigsty/ I don’t remember. If nonnies want to be horrified

No. 279661

Samefag, >>>/sty/1049 seems like there’s male posters in that thread.

No. 279662

Literally never heard of either of those boards do they even get used anymore

No. 279663

Iirc the jokes were from before the anime release when people tried guessing what would be her personality based on her design.

No. 279666

They seem to be used for like shit threads or stuff like that

No. 279670

Kek I’ve been on this website since 2018 and have never heard of either of these boards, wtf. Is there any other hidden boards?

Yeah call me an SJW but these images have always weirdly disturbed me even though I’ve seen far worse. I think it’s because I remember accidentally stumbling upon them when I just learned how to read

No. 279671

Lenore is great
i agree, it's like crumb, they are so utterly autistic it's hard not to laugh

No. 279682

>reads all her comics
>get infuriated
>read all her stuff anyways even watch documentary
>she may have been autistic
….yeah it hit hard knowing shes dead now….i wonder what would she think today..

No. 279684

I think the only other one is /int/ but all the hidden boards just seem defunct or just shit thread holders

No. 279691

What’s /int/ for??

No. 279693

wait is she actually dead, when was this

No. 279694

in like 1997, anon. decades.

No. 279696

I had her confused with the bpd bunny artist

No. 279699

File: 1677784804679.jpg (40.41 KB, 320x240, columbinerpg.jpg)

I played through this at one point in my life. It's decent entertainment as far as the game mechanics go but also fucked up.

No. 279701

File: 1677785384433.jpg (284.54 KB, 1080x1995, dogi.jpg)

oh no, she's alive and posting the usual word salad on telegram. never struck me as suicidal. but she gets institutionalized for freak outs every once in a while.

No. 279703

is that really what she looks like?

No. 279708

File: 1677788456864.jpg (434.97 KB, 1474x1962, redo of healer.jpg)

At least the first episode attracted the edgelord meme crowd.

No. 279717

File: 1677790150956.webm (14.88 MB, 479x852, Untitled (1).webm)

she's eccentric

No. 279721

There is something so delightful about Vocaloid horror songs. I love when people create creepypasta based on Vocaloid songs claiming that they where based on true events and 12 year olds starts to genuinely believe them and treat it has facts. Joking aside I do really like this song. The story is interesting and love that inspired so many PVs. It's also kinda clever that it kinda addresses the Crypton Vocaloid's history in a meta way

No. 279729

There’s also /cream/

No. 279730

Didn't she end up trooning out?

No. 279741

why did i picture her as asian?

No. 279746

i think she just said that to piss off her ex during one of her freak outs. she's anti-pharma, drugs, vax, etc. now so trooning is no-no.

No. 279750

I too love edgy vocaloid

No. 279847

File: 1677842549771.jpg (98.55 KB, 1024x448, 6489.jpg)

>why did i picture her as asian?
I thought so as well, especially cause was used to make fun of korean nationalists

No. 279850

i think youre probably thinking of hyojin there

No. 279851

Wtf did I just read

No. 280109

File: 1677974314782.png (3.86 MB, 2534x1528, Screen Shot 2023-03-04 at 6.53…)

have this comic my shitty heroin-addict ex made with his uncle. apologies for out of order.

No. 280117

I love the rendering on this, they knew what they were doing

(great thread idea)

No. 280127

>That schizo vaccant eyes.
It's kinda sad when schizophrenia literally kills the mind of the person. But oh well, at least she's not with her pos nazi ex anymore. Her early stuff still makes me laugh.

No. 280132

this is actually frying my brain i cannot believe this is the person drawing those colorful asian line-stamp-looking looking racist(?) bunnies. I am fascinated by her. could anyone spoonfeed me exactly why she is hated and any other lore or direct me to a thread that has covered this? Not getting much by google searching "racist bunny comic" kek

No. 280136

is heroin addiction still common in the west? I thought it ended in the 90's it's a still huge issue in my country

No. 280139

File: 1677991906532.gif (131.86 KB, 600x545, 247631F3-9CD2-40AB-86DF-7CF148…)

Baby Smurf abuse is like it’s weird cousin

No. 280140

I used to watch this video all the time

No. 280142

fluffies have always been ironic trolling, the smurf guy is a legit pedo

No. 280144

Reminds me of the "dark/evil winx club" trend that was really popular a decade back, also every single "dark bloom" version had her paired up with the middle aged antagonist from the third season

No. 280146

Eehhh, the fluffy pony comics definitely came off as a weird fetish thing to me even when people tried to claim it was just a joke.
Same with Yukkuri abuse.

No. 280147

Never watched winx club but the antagonist is pretty attractive cannot lie.

No. 280148

File: 1677993521052.jpeg (99.51 KB, 750x411, 849A9AB1-9D69-4FA6-8F83-2DF584…)

Not sure if this counts as edgy or just cute autism

No. 280150

This is painful to read. Eugh.
Kind of. Depends on where you are. I live in a US city that's infamous for this sort of thing but needles are all over the street. The last city I lived in wasn't as but I still knew a couple people who had a serious problem (one current, one former but she still took methadone) and the methadone clinic always had a line around the block.
Prescription opioid addictions are a problem in North America and can lead people to heroin addictions (that's how it happened for the people I knew.) Not sure about Europe.

No. 280151

I suspect the people who made evil winx fan videos grew up to make the netflix live action version

No. 280165

its just ''haha funney thing but secretly gore'' like happy three friends, peak 2000s angsty internet, meanwhile the smurf guy tried to sell his baby smurf rape comic as something heartwarming and cute

No. 280191

what a mess, way too much text and random
shit, really looks like a fried brain made this.
yes it is. almost all big cities I know have a high concentration of addicts somewhere. Hard drugs will always be a thing I guess

No. 280291

I can't believe this is the result of two people's efforts. Two people agreed that that this said something and made sense.

No. 280295

File: 1678052097418.jpg (393.14 KB, 750x1050, charby_the_vampirate.jpg)

I used to really like the comic on DrunkDuck comics (now theDuck webcomics) called Charby the Vampirate.

The oldest comics (from the early 2000's I believe) have aged very poorly but are still really charming imitations of comics like Lenore.

No. 280296

File: 1678052135835.jpg (561.94 KB, 684x886, charby_the_vampirate_2.jpg)

Another old comic. The first hundred or so follow a really similar format.

No. 280318

>Columbine + Goof Troop
Actual worst kind of autism

No. 280319

This takes me back

No. 280358

Viral from Gurren Lagann and his Linkin Park theme song

No. 280359

I could never stand this anime but Deadman Wonderland's opening is the definition of edgy, can't believe no one posted it yet.

No. 280361

Kek this is hilarious

No. 280362

This was my shit in 9th grade. It made me sooo excited for the Mekakucity Actors anime to come out even though none of the other songs were edgy enough for me. I was so disappointed lmao

No. 280366

What is your password?

No. 280367

I watched so many mediocre shows just because they had good and edgy OPs.

Take on a 10 year old anime: I agree with people who say that Mirai Nikki was really overrated when it came out, but now everyone acts like it was always complete fucking garbage. But it's fine. It's a fine, edgy, cheesy battle royale anime. It doesn't really purport to be anything more than that.

No. 280369

This feels straight out of the 2000's, its edgy asf and I unironically love it

No. 280370

Omg anon, i remember being hyped about Mirai Nikki when I found out the opening song was done by a band I was obsessed about.
I agree, the anime wasn't that garbage, just average.
I remember how triggered I was by the poor fashion choices of every character, my friends wanted me to read the manga and I couldn't stand it because the art was so ugly to me lmao, at least the fanarts were nice.

No. 280372

I watched all of those back in the day but watched this one the most, idk why must've been the song kek

I also watched this video a ton as a kid, looking back I was more fascinated with the music than the sanrio-styled characters getting gored, but was bothered by the cats killing themselves It was babie's first zombie apocalypse media for me

No. 280602

Someone showed this to me in the 4th grade and it felt like the most needlessly cruel, horrifying thing in the world. I'd seen shit like SAW, but for some reason, this struck me to my core, unlike stupid horror movie stuff. It felt more real, in a sense lmao. I was hooked, and I started using YouTube regularly and discovering other stupid edgy shit.

And I was SO into these videos. I was such a fucking brony, despite barely being too old to be the target demographic of the show. I showed this to my 7 year old sister when it came out, and she probably liked it more than I did.

Nicole is such a cow but some of her songs are great. I really, really liked "Angels of Porn II." Great, really intense lyrics, and I hadn't ever heard anyone describe the sorts of feelings I had about hating my body and being repulsed by sex (but compelled to engage in it) all in one song before.

Funnily enough, I feel like just watching porn at a young age fucked me up way more than edgy media. I don't really think that consuming edgy media is good for kids, but the fact that it doesn't purport to be reality means that it doesn't directly make kids feel like shit.

No. 281312

File: 1678304534551.jpg (2.04 MB, 2224x3445, 1040277.jpg)

I love Mirai Nikki. People who hate on it are triggered teens who never watched anything edgy.

No. 281599

Anyone remember Childrin R Skary? Katy Towell is still making animations apparently, I was obsessed with her stuff.

No. 281602

File: 1678407682425.jpg (193.7 KB, 1044x673, FfE0dxBXoAE4n0z.jpg)

Hard to tell whether Ogata is a true edgelord or just a disturbed boy that desires to be an edgelord, but he's certainly edgelord-related
>I kill people to prove that I won't feel any guilt, nobody feels guilt, they are lying they are like me who doesn't and I would rather and literally kill myself than admitting that I do and I also hate good people because they don't exist until they do

No. 281607

How dare you post my husbands in the edgelord thread! Reee—
Kidding. You right, he was an edgelord to the grave but also was legit a bit of a psycho. I liked that the author didn’t beat us over the head with Ogata being wrong in his way of thinking (just showed us), and also didn’t make him a comically edgy dumbass.

No. 281639

File: 1678424534153.jpg (157.98 KB, 736x1056, c71c036b74779692b24ea81d983684…)

Goodnight Punpun is one of those strange reading experiences where I regretted reading the whole manga, but I still felt compelled to tell someone about it.

No. 281646

I've read it in middle school and decided it was some retarded scrote fantasy. Never understood why everyone was praising this thing.

No. 281658

I started reading it and I just kinda made a face and stopped reading it. It was like I met the main character and turned 360 degrees in my mind and walked way lol. Definitely belongs in the thread though.

No. 281667

Kinda OT but I kept getting this recommended to me but I never read it. Why's it edgy? It looked vaguely sad at first glance.

No. 281668

File: 1678439240675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.64 KB, 1300x1300, gloomybearstore.jpeg)

This is the only Funko Pop! figure I find cute.

No. 281669

it's a phycological drama from a clinically depressed teenage male's perspective

No. 281672

Read a synopsis and it sounds so scrotish. Ew.

No. 281673

I definitely felt like the coolest kid in maths class for watching these two + elfen lied

No. 281685

This thread actually convinced me to read Ranfren, thank you.

Somehow in my whole decade of listening to Ali Project and Yousei Teikoku on the daily, I could never be assed to watch Another and Mirai Nikki. I'm doing the same with Junna now, you couldn't pay me to watch Kakegurui but Konoyubitomare absolutely slaps

Asano Inio is beyond overrated imo. Patron saint of pathetic scrotes who larp as sociopaths, and I don't know how to describe it, but something in his writing is so pathologically male it makes me cringe all the way to the bone.

kek I also thought I was the shit for watching this, it was basically the entrance test for the edgy weeb club (along with that one Dir en Grey MV). Then people started writing huge essays about how deep it actually is for some reason

No. 281692

File: 1678448041297.jpeg (402.88 KB, 720x720, 4BE61DFD-53EF-42A5-8424-E84A5C…)

I loved picrel so much and it triggered my inner edgelord when I watched it as a kid, but it’s actually good and I’m sad that this genre died. Also the soundtrack is great
never read it because of this tbh >>281672 Did the same and was like nah, I already know that depression is bad no need to read this even if the stylization is interesting.

No. 281813

not necessarily "edgy" but there's always been Halloween themed media that was popular with edgelords in the early 2010's, the most well known being of course nightmare before Christmas but there were some minor examples such as the scary godmother series

No. 281814

Billy and Mandy

No. 281815

File: 1678474773000.jpg (183.66 KB, 425x600, hellsing_01.jpg)

This was my shit when I was 16-17, I was so fucking obsessed by this manga that I was constantly thinking about it. I should reread one of these days, I know it's very dumb but at least the art is good.

No. 281823

The voiceacting in that show has a special place in my heart

No. 281830

File: 1678477505246.jpg (61.38 KB, 900x670, 0fd555814d476314c1c398c0ef22f6…)

He was such an edglelord for the latter half of Roots and first half of the games that he annoyed even me lmao

No. 281833

I SAW a shitty thread /a/ yesterday and planned to come here for no other reason but to post this little trash.
I hate that fuck so much lmao. Other edgy guys in this threads are great, I usually love edgelords, but this fuck? Nah. Digusting self-pitying coomer brain, unironically deserved the rope.
>Goodnight Punpun is one of those strange reading experiences where I regretted reading the whole manga
I genuinely liked it at first and despite everything I think that it could have become a great series until the mangaka started to self-insert too hard. I wish there were more series that thematized mental issues, longing and loneliness during childhood. And a lot of the early side characters were great. I hate absolutely everything about the second half and wish I dropped it before that to keep a nice memory of it. Its fanbase is also the worst shit imaginable.

No. 281834

I watched some of the episodes of the first anime on tv long ago just because I thought Integra looked really cool, I don't even remember much about it though.

No. 281836

File: 1678478549422.jpg (209.48 KB, 1038x700, r515151.jpg)

This was huge in my early years of anime downloading (2004?) and at least back then I liked it a lot though I would probably consider it trashy now. Still think it had one of the best OPs ever made. I hate generic j-pop lol.
Up to this day I am shilling Mashimo's works and this won't ever change. But speaking of him, Phantom is another series most would consider edgy I think.
>I’m sad that this genre died.
Me too. Noir is literally what got me into anime. And there were so many gritty or simply melancholic drama series back then. I guess serious things can never compete to comedy when the mainstream is involved so now the industry is flooded with moeblob SoL and waifu pandering comedies or fluff.
Hellsing Ultimate hyped me up like nothing else. It had god tier animation and look and it was non-stop action fun with unrepentant psychotic characters.

No. 281987

god i love nicole's music i dont care

No. 282032

File: 1678544023532.jpeg (15.85 KB, 400x225, 1972CDDC-1EAF-4437-8729-252CC8…)

anon i love phantom!! it makes me so happy someone else remembers it. it's kinda bad but it's literally all my favorite things in one anime, i even considered the main girl my waifu.

No. 282033

Don't care what anyone says, Billy and Mandy (and Ed, Edd, n Eddy) were the best CN shows back in the day.

No. 282034

File: 1678544486338.png (255.28 KB, 720x405, MC7ThumbnailNG.png)

Madness Combat is something that sticks out when I think of edgy shit. This was so cool back in the day.

No. 282035

File: 1678544645319.png (336.77 KB, 966x531, Screenshot_20230311-082321.png)

Samefag, McMatrix as well. I spent way too many hours scrolling through newgrounds

No. 282038

File: 1678545395836.jpg (141.27 KB, 426x600, A11663-871950583.1401527459.jp…)

Akame ga Kill is a fine example of the worst of kind of edgy, being boring as sin. It maybe one of the few times I fell asleep watching a show.

No. 282041

File: 1678546250553.jpg (2.62 MB, 6452x4333, Phantom.of.Inferno.full.372688…)

Phantom is only good in the first half and the last 1-2 episodes. The Japanese high school part is absolutely shit. The anime stuff could have rewritten in to be less shit (=removing the highschool altogether and just having the two leads as immigrants living illegally at the bottom of the society), but they either saw nothing wrong with it or were too lazy. I hope their laziness cost them, at least for myself, I decided not to buy the DVD collection because I was so disappointed with the second half.

Also, Phantom is one of the few shows where the MC kills an innocent child because he's ordered to and faces no repercussions. This would be unimaginable nowadays, unless you make the MC a villain, like Death Note, rather than a tragic hero like he's portrayed in Phantom.

No. 282045

File: 1678547459680.jpg (146.88 KB, 636x656, jkhfhh.jpg)

i used to like Hideo Yamamoto's Homunculus a lot when I was younger, I re-read it recently and yeah the writing is rather scrotish at points but still it was an alright read.

No. 282050

Its been years since I read it, how'd it end again, wasn't the college student some tranny cause his dad liked a goldfish over him

No. 282051

his dad killed his guppy fish and that made him a tranny

No. 282058

oh yeah, but how'd it end again

No. 282063

File: 1678554851803.jpg (Spoiler Image,226.29 KB, 728x1060, 1.jpg)

he drilled a hole into his ex gf's head and had sex with her while thinking he was having sex with himself and then he left her to bleed out, and some time later the tranny finds him with multiple holes in his head and he led the police to him, who the guy approaches happily because to him they look like himself

No. 282070

File: 1678557685843.jpg (104.8 KB, 1200x630, 1f65ce19-aff4-457b-971d-b6f491…)

nic and dr theo are husbando material to me nevertheless. such a shame the manga is on an indefinite hiatus.

No. 282080

I loved these vids! I’m happy she’s still doing stuff, she was always really good at setting tone in her animations.

No. 282084

No. 282099

Courage the Cowardly dog is actually the best.
Cow & Chicken was good in spite of it being repulsive.

No. 282114

I see you nonna, I see you!! I didn't see all of the videos, but for some reason was obsessed with Never Woke Up. I never thought it was "edgy", but instead an interesting way of looking at death from a child's perspective. I think I saw it around the same time my beloved aunt died and I was struggling with coming to terms with my own mortality. The concept of "…whatever was waiting for me in the forest wasn't hungry, but it was waiting" still influences me and the type of horror I like.
LOL, I watched the video again when I saw your post and it's still unsettling to me! Towell is really talented, and her style of children/fairytale horror is cool. Some edgelords may have been into her stuff, but I wouldn't say the material itself is edgy. At least, the video that I like isn't.

No. 282188

I loved this manga when it was still being serialized. The mangaka has really severe lupus and doesn't have full control of one of her hands and is half-blind, so I really feel for her. She still draws though, which makes the scrote that does HunterXHunter look even more pathetic when he whines about his back pain.

No. 282191

File: 1678606509961.jpeg (28.66 KB, 640x426, DD01F84D-C2B6-4756-B128-632CC7…)

He’s edgy but peak husband material honestly
>loves children and cute animals
>kills domestic abusers and child abusers (so he’s only killed men obviously)
>loves the exorcist
>does pottery and lives in a fancy cabin

No. 282192

File: 1678607367210.jpeg (916.35 KB, 3000x4325, 6487171_3000_4325_323182.jpeg)

I love Satsujin Keisatsukan no Kokuhaku so much, the premise seemed uninteresting to me cause "vigilante" series often are just unrealistic, but I was surprised that it depict the type of criminals that are more commonly found in Japan and even other first world countries

No. 282214

Depending on what causes his back pain it can be comparable. Not to blogpost but a family member of mine has a condition that fucks up her back to the point where she's noticeably shorter now and it's a miracle she's not in a wheelchair and she considered suicide before she finallu received a medical treatment. Although, iirc Togashi also talked about overworking way too much when he was younger and doing YYH so who knows. By the way since Gangsta is on hiatus, does the anime provide some closure or is it too short for that? Too many manga I like are on hiatus.

I read the first chapter on twitter when the mangaka posted it and I jist couldn't take it seriously because of how over the top it was kek. I need to read more of it.

No. 282226

its based on a couple of real cases in Japan, where murders and serial killers were released from prison, wrote autobiographies, appeared in documentaries and became millionaires

No. 282232

the anime was manglobe's last production before they filed for bankruptcy and has 12 episodes, so not really.

No. 282233

Yeah I know, I noticed this in that first story with the cannibal guy targeting children instead of grown women like the guy he's based on. I think I stopped reading after the second story with the rapists because nothing else got translated after that one at the time.

Well fuck. At least the Samumenco director isn't sperging anymore about how the main characters arent meant to be gay for each other so there's that.

No. 282234

19 characters are literally translated though its on hiatus cause the author is sick

No. 282240

File: 1678629041532.png (150.94 KB, 609x798, my_autistic_collage_in_defense…)

>which makes the scrote that does HunterXHunter look even more pathetic when he whines about his back pain
Good for her that she is still able to work but leave Togashi out of this.

No. 282247

Has anyone ever listened to this? This is a remixed version of Kanye West's "The Life of Pablo" Album

>It was made by the /mu/ board of 4Chan after one of its users had a dream about Kanye releasing an album called "The Death Of Pablo". This is what he had to say about it: "I keep having this dream where Kanye puts out a new album called The Death of Pablo. It’s just 4 songs, “Ultralight Wall,” “Washed Up,” “Father Stretch My Hands pt. 3” and “Fade pt. 2.” They are all around twenty minutes. It sounds like the originals but just twenty times darker in both lyrics and production also, “Fade pt. 2” has 10 minutes of Kanye talking about his innermost fears and what happens when you die after a few minutes of silence.

It's pretty edgy and I don't care for Kanye much, but it's haunting and creepy enough I thought it would fit here haha.

No. 282258

Every woman actually feels this way at some time. I'm completely convince of it.

No. 282413

Why is Kamen Rider Jeanne in the thread pic? She's the opposite of an edgelord, she even converted Aguilera from edgelordism. If it's going to be anybody from Revice, it should be the guy literally called Kamen Rider Evil. Bizzarre.

No. 282422

I feel so bad for him. People act like he's the laziest asshole in the world, as if it's impossible for an artist to have health issues and he's lying so he can play video games and troll people.

No. 282425

This gets me every time

No. 282428

File: 1678657719108.png (4.51 KB, 572x93, junji ito.png)

I know nonna, I feel the same, manga/anime fans always feels so entitled to a creator even when they are extremely sick, it's disturbing. The whole industry is insane in terms of overwork. Togashi seems to be getting a tiny bit better according to the last news though!

No. 284036

I fucking love this movie.

No. 284927

File: 1679605727321.jpg (83.73 KB, 1125x1118, IMG_3436.jpg)

No. 285361

I’ve started unapologetically loving edgy characters and stories, obviously there are many that are just bad.
To you what makes edgy media good and what gives you second hand embarrassment.

No. 285400

It has to be on one end of the spectrum or the other. Either a) a 12 year old kid's concept of what edgydark cool would be or b) edge as a meaningful veneer communicating something earnest, even if it happens to be generically angsty.

No. 285406

File: 1679733595622.jpeg (91.7 KB, 1242x654, FrnoVoSXsAQRVn7.jpeg)

Good edge: it has depth, if it doesn't at least it's funny in a self-aware/intentional way, is not made for shock value like "I'm 14 and this is edgy", but because the creator likes the aesthetic, basically if the creator is not a poser

Bad edge: immaturity, edgy fanart of children's media (sonic gore or sth), dumb people who try to write smart characters, trauma porn without a point, tragic scenes that seem shallow, despite being shallow it takes itself completely seriously, no humor, bad writing in general

No. 292956

I watched this so many times when I was younger. I wonder what the artist is up to now

No. 292979

File: 1682779942470.jpg (179.05 KB, 900x1021, zayo_comic____by_nevskiirken_d…)

I was so young when I got into the deviantart invader zim fandom, I just barely remember it but it was so edgy and hilarious. I remember there was one artist who had a purple irken oc who fell in love with Zim, she had a whole webcomic that I thought was the coolest shit ever. I wish this shit was archived

No. 293000

Does she have a Sharingan or something?

No. 293011

File: 1682786694887.png (319.02 KB, 1334x750, 31F92F27-E1E4-4714-8A06-F3C429…)

this popped into my YouTube recommendations
Probably the most edgy OCs I’ve seen in a while.

No. 293058

Aww he's kind of cute. I love edgy characters with slasher smiles and big googly eyes

No. 293177

this is just knock-off freddy kruger

No. 293489

File: 1682946530089.jpeg (165.71 KB, 828x831, AAB59926-4D6F-4660-992F-5F6872…)

I thought this was cute

No. 293506

I think it's cute too. has intense soul

No. 293514

Okay this rocks the art is so nice

No. 293517

The dialogue is cringe, but the designs are very cute. Especially the cat.

No. 293524

of all the ''kill cute things games'' this is the most horrfying one and i hope the moid that created it isnt allowed near children

No. 293559

Think I just found a new husbando…

No. 293702

File: 1683049380901.png (150.9 KB, 752x628, bullshit retard powers.png)

it felt like every edgy OC had to have red eye powers because of the influence of Naruto.

No. 294021

File: 1683144758600.jpg (25.72 KB, 400x400, 305440746_406471894979610_3437…)

I adore child characters who are a bit edgy and self serious. I can totally imagine real-life kids being like that, which makes it even more adorable.

No. 294032

Fucking husbando tier.

No. 297522

Does this count?

No. 317801

I loved edge punk music back in the day, whatever happened to it?

No. 317802

…RBF is ska, anon

No. 317807

/tttt/ meets the worst of /mu/, they pretend not to be sexual but it's so obvious they're both (one of them is a DID larper) edgy coomers. At least they're dating each other and not hurting any actual women.
They took the title for their project from a pseudo-snuff film where a woman gets horribly abused and raped, yet they have the guts to claim it's "undying love and devotion" and not bdsm fetishism.
Sad to see they're getting praise in certain circles. Why would anyone want to see some trannies' tiny cat scratches?

No. 317812

I too watched Digimon The Movie

No. 317933

File: 1693077243155.png (224.76 KB, 600x500, aa132dd3cddd9b568fc1e4fd124061…)

I used to have such crush on Dark Pit, now I just wanna pinch his cheeks.

No. 318425

whats edgy music to listen to wheny o ulike old bladee

No. 319003

File: 1693601017781.png (459.21 KB, 680x468, 9042fc6c8af8d5a999a7.png)

this brings back memories.

No. 323133

(sorry for replying to a 6 month old post lol)
i liked this manga, i've read it like almost 10 years ago and i'm having trouble re-reading it because some parts hit too close home. i enjoy how inio asano writes, and i kinda like how flawed a lot of the characters are, the only problem is that even though punpun is supposed to be a shitty character, at the part where he starts becoming an adult, the story keeps trying to paint him as a victim of his surroundings which just doesn't work since he is now 100% responsible for his actions. though i absolutely love the start of the story which is set in his childhood. and i really like the other characters, specially seki and shimizu. i empathized with them so much, they were such good characters, it made me want to jump in the story and give seki a big hug. just thinking of them makes me a bit sad as well.

No. 344859

Early tumblr hipsters loved this shit

No. 359434

File: 1709271720308.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1059x1321, IMG_7269.jpeg)

>bad edgy media

No. 359436

File: 1709271744965.jpeg (741.63 KB, 959x595, IMG_7268.jpeg)

No. 359438

File: 1709272067073.jpg (209.44 KB, 1600x1067, AHS-Tate-Langdon-Pic.jpg)

No. 359440

File: 1709272413257.gif (1.95 MB, 500x370, 1000003053.gif)

>good edgy media

No. 359441

File: 1709272437668.gif (3.19 MB, 1286x724, IMG_5031.gif)

No. 359442

File: 1709272776819.jpeg (44.31 KB, 478x480, IMG_7271.jpeg)

No. 359443

File: 1709273093731.jpg (28.7 KB, 354x600, 1000003051.jpg)

No. 359446

File: 1709273438904.gif (60.55 KB, 500x281, IMG_0718.gif)

Why is Kamen Rider Jeanne in the threadpic when a) she's a good girl and b) there's literally an edgelord from the same season (gifrel) called Kamen Rider Evil?

No. 359448

>Despite Sakura's strength, Vice had sensed the inner demon lurking within her that represents her feelings of helplessness and self-doubt, which Aguilera had planned to exploit for her own purposes. This culminates into Sakura receiving the Libera Driver from Weekend and recklessly transforming despite her inability to do so, which results in Ikki getting injured when protecting her. Ultimately, Sakura recognizes her weakness, and transforms successfully with a newfound resolve to become stronger. After becoming Jeanne, Sakura has become extremely prideful and does not take for granted in her role as a Kamen Rider, often resorting to fight head-on.
That's why.

No. 359453

File: 1709274913325.jpg (119.72 KB, 500x598, edgygaylord.jpg)

not sure if he belongs. he is canonically extremely edgy though he tries to kill god.

No. 359458

File: 1709276053568.png (3.46 MB, 1782x1811, KRRe-Lovekov.png)

What part? The demon? That's normal in Revice, most of the riders have that. And hers looks like picrel lol

No. 359478

File: 1709284870884.jpg (214.79 KB, 844x1200, lel.jpg)

Devilman, all versions (manga, OVA, Crybaby).

No. 359521

Who is he and what is he from?

No. 359819

File: 1709448764679.png (1.1 MB, 1179x959, 67dkMWf.png)

No. 359820

File: 1709448828195.png (1.07 MB, 1241x1425, LKrnuho.png)

No. 360004

File: 1709522176584.jpg (14.41 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

NAYRT but pretty sure it's the archangel from Baroque

No. 360024

File: 1709531243312.gif (Spoiler Image,3.18 MB, 835x501, baroque.gif)

yep, that's him! though the ps2 remake is a lot milder in tone and aesthetic. picrel (spoiled because of graphic content) is a fan site mostly about the original saturn/ps1 version that gives a good overview of the gritty aesthetic of it.

No. 360097

File: 1709565056681.jpeg (192.93 KB, 1079x1235, kGd7Jbt.jpeg)

No. 360125

File: 1709573452099.jpg (136.22 KB, 657x607, 8A84A89C-5199-49C5-8CF3.png.jp…)

No. 360713

File: 1709841187205.jpeg (179.19 KB, 727x1100, IMG_9223.jpeg)

Does anyone else remember edgelord incel Torture-Device or the whole nazis on deviantart era? Rumour is that he was a woman all along or that he’s dead.

No. 360935

Anyone remember Dont Hug me Im Scared? I used to analyse these videos and think they were so cool when I was like 14 lol

No. 360942

I watched the show recently and it was honestly really fun. I hope itngets a continuation.

No. 363038

File: 1710605244530.gif (1.08 MB, 300x225, da50216b399692e769f0ea79154673…)

No. 363039

File: 1710605266165.gif (1.2 MB, 245x140, 1000003456.gif)

No. 363040

File: 1710605298438.jpg (144.34 KB, 857x1390, 1000003458.jpg)

No. 363041

Please what happens next I need to know

No. 363180

File: 1710644087646.mp4 (11.2 MB, 1920x1080, 1710387468122.mp4)

Arlecchino from Genshin Impact has my heart.

No. 363191

File: 1710646660675.jpg (23.91 KB, 475x315, blackwings-1.jpg)

I feel like gackt belongs here

No. 363192

File: 1710646733465.jpg (65.87 KB, 474x711, 3f91cc0934320b04099e2c99617728…)

Especially outfits like this

No. 363194

File: 1710647081659.jpg (49.83 KB, 1024x938, WQEECPIXDOPQ4MLLQH3YNNUWKA.jpg)

The Crow for WWEfags

No. 363197

File: 1710647497198.jpeg (73.54 KB, 920x393, IMG_1435.jpeg)

The Hell Girl website still works so that’s fun.

No. 378124

who was your first crush that had an edgy vibe?

No. 378166

shadow the hedgehog kek

No. 380453

this mfer

No. 380575

No. 381033

Looking back, some of the episodes of this show was corny as fuck.

A girl literally gets dragged to hell for being a generic shoujo bully.

No. 381037

File: 1715600513850.jpg (442.34 KB, 1600x1200, de9kn9-bf06f78c-cd77-4f82-b396…)

No. 381099

File: 1715609139306.webp (11.3 KB, 300x168, pictura_kyo_.webp)


extremely based beyblade nonnies

No. 382077

File: 1715743675028.jpeg (20.98 KB, 200x500, IMG_2850.jpeg)

I FEAR the woman I would have become had I had any games with shadow in them

No. 382116

I remember reading translations of his autobiography where he claimed to remember being born and being a baby, having psychic powers or something

No. 384919

No. 384920

No. 384922

No. 384923

No. 384925

No. 384926

No. 384927

No. 384928

No. 384929

No. 384931

No. 384941

there was another episode where an innocent person gets dragged to hell, enma ai didn't really care

No. 385904

File: 1716511297491.png (273.51 KB, 500x500, image_2024-05-23_173901276.png)

i love the first 2 postal games so much. i love how retarded and absurd it is, i love the way the shotgun headshots in postal 2. i'm too lazy to sperg out but god i love postal.

No. 385912

Postal was a dumb, fun game. I love the pearl clutching it caused.

No. 385925

It’s hilarious. You just can’t take it seriously. Anyone who actually played Postal 2 would see the mission where you can go kill the game developers, they clearly aren’t trying to make it seem like the Dude is a cool guy and the game is promoting violence, unless you think they also wish someone would shoot up their office in real life.

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