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No. 272624

Discuss what you like/dislike about adult animation shows.
>Rick and Morty
>Family Guy
>The Simpsons
>Bob's Burgers
>American Dad
>South Parth [has its own thread] but you can mention it for comparison of other adult animation shows
>King of the Hill
>Bojacl Horseman
My favorite is American Dad, it's so random and silly at times.

No. 272652

Will you guys keep watching Rick and Morty after the voice actor change? I sure won't lol. It really pisses me off that they decided to hire two popular actors instead of some nobody who could imitate the voices really well.

No. 272653

No but I haven’t liked R&M in a while. I am bummed about Solar Opposites though.

>they decided to hire two popular actors

Afaik they haven’t chosen anyone yet?

No. 272654

I've started watching South Park from Season 1 and I've been loving it. I'm currently on season 7 and I won't be stopping anytime soon

No. 272657

Oh I think I got tricked, I saw a video saying they had chosen the new VAs but I can't find any news about it.

No. 272680

I started rewatching South Park from season 1 during the summer break. I hadn't watched the show since I was a kid the early seasons have such a nice atmosphere

No. 272719

New season is coming out soon! I hope it’s a full season… the last one was only 6 episodes and it bummed me out. I hope they’ll stick to regular episodes and stop doing specials… those kind of suck imo

No. 329183

I just watched Moral Orel and I loved it.

No. 329184

I am glad you enjoyed it nonny. I still remember when it went viral and i hate how it tarnished the online debate about its themes.

No. 329374

Thoughts on the new Rick and Morty episode? My personal pipe dream is that we get a Bird Daughter / Summer bonding ep.

No. 329381

It was complete dogshit and thats saying a lot for a show that's been dogshit for the past five seasons. Seems like they have too many seasons ordered and ran out of jokes a long time ago. I would say it's insulting the viewers intelligence to make this many shit/piss/fart jokes in one episode but it's Rick and Morty so the average viewer really is that retarded.

No. 329433

Ah I have this on my watch list and totally forgot so thanks for reminding, I’ve heard great things

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