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No. 270789

>Share interesting YouTube channels you discovered or watch regularly
>Ask for specific recommendations
>Discuss your favourite channels and why you like them
>Foreign language channels are good to post

previous thread

No. 270805

Oh nice I was thinking of making a thread like this!

I like to watch woodworking videos, I have no intention of doing it myself but I love seeing the process. This guy does wood + epoxy projects.

No. 270806

A decent animated horror stories channel I found

No. 270919

Relaxing and beautiful artistry

No. 270993

From my Astrology obesseded nonnies

No. 271003

Street cats channel

No. 271103

Bump don't scroll

No. 271106

Meow moew bump . Look at cute cats instead of troons

No. 271710

I like this guys videos on how companies are successful (or why they fail). Not a business major myself so I have no idea how good his analysis is though.

No. 271711

I love pretty much all of Business Insiders videos on manufacturing all kinds of products around the world. This one is about making food commercials rather than manufacturing but still super interesting!

No. 271818

Husband and wife in China share household recipes

No. 271819

Bitesized videos explaining classic art in layman's terms

No. 271820

Various old and new technologies explained with a dry sense of humor

No. 271974

Tasting History with Max Miller is one of my favorite comfort channels, also I think Max is kinda cute

No. 271985

I like his videos, but I will bet $100 on him trooning out kekk

No. 272009

I remember watching his videos in the past, they're enjoyable

No. 272021

Why do people feel the urge to say that? Is the only reason because he hasn't cut his hair for a while?

No. 272208

Lock picking tutorial channel

No. 272209

"there's 104 days of summer vaccation"

No. 272252

no.1 channel we watching during dinner (2nd is epicurious) & i think he's really great. i can imagine this being like a pbs show premises 15 years ago

No. 273115

Animation tutorials channel

No. 273128

Adam Ragusea does cooking and food science videos, I really like them. He tests stuff out and explains everything clearly.

His podcast is interesting as well but his delivery and pace is kind of weird compared to his normal vids imo.

No. 273130

Linus Boman does videos about graphic design and typography which are really interesting

No. 273155

I like watching this guys videos about repairing/modding old handheld consoles and weird accessories for them etc

No. 273176

Love this dude. I stumbled upon him completely randomly a while back and posted him in the previous rec thread but think he deserves to be posted again.

He's just an older man up to a little bit of mischief for fun but isn't harming anyone. He does regular camping videos too. They aren't super high production and I guess can be kind of boring, but they hit that sweet spot of camping videos for me. I don't like the too overproduced type of camping videos that veer into super aesthetic/ASMR territory, nor do I like the ones that are too long and rambley (I see a lot of hour long ones). Steve's videos have a good mix of action (set up, take down, cooking time, a bit of exploring about) and chatting with the camera, but also aren't very long. They are very laid back and comforting to watch, and I usually always watch one before bed.

No. 273193

This channel was actually a lot more helpful explaining math concepts other ones I’ve seen

No. 273196

just a channel that has some of the best cat compilations on the internet

No. 273249

This guy hasn't been posting of late, but his videos are fascinating.

He's an edgy fuck that travels as cheaply as possible. Sneaks into places, sleeps in abandoned houses and behind bushes, eats convenience store food.

A lot of people speculate that he's the same guy that did Surveillance Camera Man, to any that remember those videos. This series is less unethical and more entertaining, imo.

I linked the Japan Holiday video, but I also really like the video where he kayaks to a former prison island by Seattle, and another where he trainhops.

No. 273259

The prison island one was really good.

No. 276596

I really like this youtube channel, it is about innovations in the fields of computer graphics and artificial intelligence, I think everyone would find it interesting, because it's amazing to see how many great new techniques are being developed every day and also the simulations look really cool. And I like his accent. What a time to be alive!

No. 276772

You should find it horrifying.

No. 276852

any channels like Atrocity Guide? I really like her in depth video essays on more obscure topics. Some similar channels are frederik knudsen, nexpo and nick Crowley but I'm already subscribed to them. I also like Matt orchard and he's a higher quality jim can't swim.

No. 277150

>Found a channel where the reviewer is actually fair and netural regarding HL
>He's also hot and has a nice personality and I ended up binging all his top videos in a day

No. 293876


For all those anons who love cleaning.

Also I'm really looking for new channels who are maybe vloggers or people who upload often about lifestyle etc

No. 294359

A Lawyer who explains celeb and e-celeb legal situations.

No. 295011

Nokeric makes disgusting and hilarious comedy skits, many of which involve his mother, and the two of them honestly make an incredible duo. His videos kind of remind me of some of Sam Hyde's skits, but less racist.

He also has a talent for making some of the most repulsive youtube thumbnails I've ever seen.

No. 317476

Old Australian retirees living in Turkey.

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