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File: 1529133993265.jpg (230.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 26409

Wish fulfillment games with varying degrees of plot, smut, and fan service.

Post your recommendations, advice, opinions, etc down below.

(Picture is from a free game called Cinderella Phenomenon, just because I liked the line up)

No. 26410

File: 1529134102892.png (491.26 KB, 800x450, ieIiGC.png)

Just completed "Cupid," another free game from Steam. I highly recommend it but it is weird as fuck. You play a fourth wall type-character instead of the main. It's also pretty squicky at parts. Still, its definitely not a regular slice-of-life romance vn and I appreciate the creativity that went into it.

No. 26411

not a VN but a rpg

The Poor Whore is fucking hilarious and bizarre.


18+ obviously. It's just a basic RPG Maker game but its entertaining.

No. 26412

File: 1529139568579.jpg (143.87 KB, 960x544, TWAyZLwxQw0.jpg)

I've played all the translated otome on the vita and I liked Norn9 and Code:Realize the most. On PC I'm playing through Higurashi Ch 6 and Higanbana right now, good stuff. The short story "Reaper of the 13th Step" in Higanbana was really motivational especially.

Overall I'm happy that so many high quality VNs are being translated nowadays. There's too much to pick from, my backlog keeps growing

No. 26413

are there any "fan service" ones that isn't filled with dudes that look like dykes?

No. 26414

nope, and that's what makes them so great.

No. 26415

File: 1529180455466.png (1.03 MB, 1184x666, d9 afJ.png)

Aloners is a free western otome-ish vn I really enjoyed. There's only one love interest but he's a gem. The protagonist isn't an insufferable baby either which was a huge relief.

No. 26416

File: 1529180649498.jpg (169.36 KB, 1070x400, thebellchimesforgoldfeatured.j…)

There's The Bell Chimes for Gold if you're into grandpas.

No. 26417

File: 1529189170687.jpeg (84.65 KB, 800x449, 7C1CA38B-575B-4AED-8877-4E5384…)

Depends on what you think dudes who look like dykes looks like.

Also has anyone played Dream Daddy? Is it overrated or as good as people say?

No. 26418

I played it. It was kind of boring and short, seemed like streamerbait to me. It was obviously intended for an audience that doesn't play visual novels.

No. 26419

I'm new to this genre but very curious. Any recommendations for 3ds?

No. 26420

stick skinny, flat as board pretty boys

No. 26421

3DS doesn't have many "pure" visual novels, most of them have gameplay elements to them. The highest quality "VNs" would Professor Layton, 999, Ghost Trick, and the Ace Attorney games. If you want an otome there's Hakuouki which is decent but has a bland protagonist and a long and drawn out story.

PC has a lot more options for all types of visual novels and vita is good for otome. 3DS really doesn't have that much.

No. 26422

Also Hotel Dusk!

No. 26423

>tfw got halfway through Hotel Dusk before realizing got locked out of the coin puzzle thing
Lost all incentive to finish it. Same with the newspaper collection thing in Legend of Heroes: TiTs (not a VN, but comfy JRPG).

No. 26424

Thank you for this recommendation! Just got to Ch. 2 and really enjoying it! Looks like I'm working on Saito hehe

No. 26425

File: 1529303107767.jpg (97.41 KB, 700x342, arcana.jpg)

Any opinions on the arcana?

No. 26426

I downloaded the app and played a few “chapters.” Uninstalled it when I realized all the good choices cost in game currency, which of course cost real money. I hate how common it is for micro-transactions to seriously hinder vn games. It sucks too cause the art is absolutely stunning and the mini game is adorable. I just know I’m going to get frustrated very quickly with it’s pay to play set up. I’d rather just pay upfront than be lured into it.

No. 26427

File: 1529305088379.jpeg (96.02 KB, 736x981, B1404203-47F7-4873-A885-37C6D9…)

Forgot pic
I can’t get over how pretty the art style is. Ugh how annoying

No. 26428

File: 1529307877389.png (1.02 MB, 768x1025, Asra_1.png)

Oh that's really too bad, I hadn't played far enough to realise that yet…but yeah I agree, I'd reather just buy a complete game at once.
The art is very nice but does sometimes seem kind of recycled to me, maybe we can take solace in that?
I do love this smug manlet.

No. 26429

File: 1529308724031.jpeg (144.29 KB, 736x1226, 9974CEA0-30B2-45B3-80BD-CC42D9…)

You might have more patience for it than I do haha. And god yeah his character is great, a tad cliche but great. I think it’s one of the better vn apps out there in terms of ui and art style.

No. 26430

has anyone tried to make their own visual novel? I'm interested but Idk how much work it would be.

No. 26431

It's a lot of work, but if you practice on finishing small projects first, bigger projects dont feel as hard.

Writing is one thing, but then you also have to make all the elements like art and music and then program them in. If you feel curious about attempting a project about I recommend downloading tyranobuilder(very easy to use) or renpy(more scripting) and seeing how you like the results when you play around in the builder for a little bit.
It's super satisfying when you get to the point where all the elements mesh together.

No. 26432

I recently watched a saya no uta gameplay and aside from the disturbing parts which were thankfully censoredlike having sex with a seemingly 14 year old and raping a person and all thatI thought it was a very well paced visual novel that got me thinking about lots of stuff.Any recommendations for a visual novel like that?

No. 26466

You really bumped this thread for that 15 year old ass game?

No. 26604

what should have I done?make a new one?and then be called out for making a new thread while there's already one?
and it's not for "that old ass game" it's for recomendations for a visual novel LIKE that.and does it even matter if it's old to begin with?

No. 31437

tokimeki girl's side four will release in 2020 and I am never been happier. It's been my favourite otome series since I was a teen

No. 31450

otome: halloween otome (dumb, easy and short af, just a comfy game), nameless, dandelion

non otome vns: never7, remember11, kara no shojo

No. 31452

Entry level EOP as fuck.

No. 31877

There's an otome thread already, retards.

Lmao ikr

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