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previous thread

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as someone who had a turbulent relationship with their own mother and grew up without many friends, this songs always make me cry, as its something I never had but also something I want to give to my own child

No. 261537

a lot of people hate joanna newsom's voice but her songs are like oral epics to me. this song is about the fleetingness of life, tied up with the theme of a dog burying her bone and hoping to save it for later

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No. 261570

included in my playlist for my long gone cat. i cry to it for hours on end

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No. 271602

This song makes me really emotional

No. 277459

No. 278748


風中風中 心裡冷風 吹失了夢
事未過去 就已失蹤 此刻有種種心痛
心中心中 一切似空 天黑天光都似夢
迷迷惘惘 聚滿心中 追蹤一片冷的風

各種空虛 冷冷冷 吹起吹起風裡夢
過去的心 火般灼熱 今天已變了冰凍
記憶中突然又痛 只因空虛再作弄
你似北風吹走我夢 就讓一切隨風

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