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File: 1666115608552.png (566.5 KB, 685x1248, Man or lobster....png)

No. 248402

This is a containment thread for Evanfags to discuss and inevitably sperg about the actor Evan Peters.
Topics regarding Evan Peters such as;
>Film and television roles
>Appearance and styled looks in his roles
>Rising recognition for [Insert role here] character and veiny forearms

No. 248407

File: 1666116483720.jpeg (258.12 KB, 2048x1334, 1665574388294.jpeg)

Aw nona, I was just gathering caps to make it myself! Thank you for this thread though. To start it off here's bathtub evan

No. 248428

File: 1666121078808.jpeg (82.94 KB, 500x500, F064621E-EEBA-4FB4-8A5E-9B51D1…)

I AM SO HAPPY WE HAVE A THREAD. I always feel so guilty spamming the attractive males thread. And thank you for using the pic I posted. Anon I love u

No. 248429

I love the thread pic with the replies. I saved it!!!!!

No. 248430

File: 1666121203253.jpeg (110.52 KB, 750x739, 8BD33A85-7161-4034-9C52-D61C6B…)

No. 248431

lmao this thread is great

No. 248440

Two of my posts made it into the thread pic, I'm so proud…
God he's so gorgeous wtf

No. 248441

File: 1666122562160.gif (613.15 KB, 310x279, 0A84B659-3C98-4A51-88E8-DF5AB1…)

I see mine too kek, I love nona for thread pic. Very cute and wholesome
I love fellow evanfags

No. 248454

This thread is the best! Love my fellow Evan nonnies

No. 248456

File: 1666125100983.jpeg (124.89 KB, 750x750, 09E66B33-30D6-48B5-BD66-A6CF08…)

No. 248459

File: 1666125329130.jpeg (45.63 KB, 500x600, 770AEBA2-DD1C-4805-BADA-8FFA01…)

Hugs nonas

No. 248494

File: 1666136340266.jpg (165.88 KB, 500x700, original (6).jpg)

sometimes i rewatch ahs asylum just to see him play kit walker again. aside from kit just being almost the perfect man, i think evan looked his best around that era too.

No. 248498

I just finished rewatching it last night… truly peak Evan ugh

No. 248499

File: 1666137805659.jpg (105.05 KB, 800x1044, 521902-800w.jpg)

No. 248544

File: 1666152883158.png (1.01 MB, 736x920, CC637DD4-C58A-4351-A1A1-BC06F9…)

Maybe unpopular but I was howling for evan as Kai

No. 248545

File: 1666153189672.jpeg (47.17 KB, 640x640, 1B4D48AF-964F-4C20-9806-6D5CB6…)

Samefag but look. A rare piece of fanart.

No. 248575

File: 1666164947260.jpeg (243.99 KB, 584x1065, 881C2903-3E74-4D32-A719-C3532D…)

Kit is my favourite character he has played. God I often rewatch the kitchen scene.

No. 248576

I love his big hands in this video kek!!

No. 248630

evan girlies we won

No. 248640

File: 1666183636569.jpeg (71.38 KB, 500x750, 5B128715-45C5-47F1-9D98-FE76DA…)

No. 248656

File: 1666187582055.gif (956.11 KB, 268x268, 5CD1E5D4-8D7E-4BCA-8047-3B6A7D…)

i hope everyone contributing to this thread is having a lovely day

No. 248657

He looks like a Pixar character in this.

No. 248658

Um that little smile is so cute

No. 248669

File: 1666191592365.jpeg (130.17 KB, 1024x845, BA9FA07B-82BF-4D75-8970-0B9D2A…)

washing dishes

No. 248700

File: 1666199785488.jpg (76.17 KB, 736x919, 8a507e05bfe8c82387f738fbb0191e…)

Scrolling down evan images on google, and wtf? Emo evan?

No. 248704

I'm devastated he's gay and Ryan Murphy's bottom bff but I'm chuffed he's still cute and getting roles. and not being bitten by emma roberts

No. 248713

File: 1666201333196.gif (479.5 KB, 500x281, 61A4C17E-5145-4B0D-B6AE-F4342E…)

She didn’t deserve him

No. 248721

nona he is not gay kek

No. 248722

File: 1666202496753.jpeg (55.75 KB, 750x937, 6A2EC1C2-BDC9-4BCF-8C58-55231B…)

She did not deserve him at all. He is such a cutie! How could she!

No. 248723

File: 1666202602681.jpeg (259.35 KB, 736x1308, 1A5EFDE4-F182-4C9F-9F55-CCB94A…)

I am so glad Evan is mid thirties and hasn’t aged like milk

No. 248725

File: 1666202661901.jpeg (150.51 KB, 675x1200, D542F8B9-780B-4660-8252-8BC6EA…)

I love his big hands

No. 248728

File: 1666202855613.png (Spoiler Image,266.82 KB, 1210x800, 12406387-5CAB-4FAB-BCA7-77B4C7…)

No. 248729

File: 1666202952999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.72 KB, 750x750, 25823CA0-D134-4B7F-85C4-7CD523…)

No. 248733

File: 1666203095545.jpeg (67.67 KB, 554x1200, CAA5DCFF-F808-43B1-A6E3-20C737…)

Pinterest has the best pics nonnie

No. 248739

File: 1666205606820.png (256.41 KB, 533x640, bWVkaWEvRmU4S05Bc2FNQ.png)

this was the coolest shit ever i saw when i was like 13

No. 248741

File: 1666205919364.jpg (42.12 KB, 296x475, 26367166._SY475_.jpg)

no offense but onision agrees

No. 248745

File: 1666206242533.gif (9.71 MB, 720x900, 1DF0EB79-C3E7-492D-9379-D3DD1B…)

Tate reminds me of that 2014 tumble aesthetic

No. 248747

File: 1666206326291.jpeg (277.56 KB, 750x1334, 47E2F198-044B-447F-ADEB-E9902A…)

No. 248749

File: 1666206885410.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.28 KB, 851x767, IMG_20221006_131622.jpg)

i really like these ahs behind the scenes type pictures

No. 248751

File: 1666206962596.jpg (35.22 KB, 499x587, IMG_20221004_175949.jpg)

No. 248755

File: 1666207073508.jpeg (96.1 KB, 750x750, 1F7AA5ED-D0A1-4B3E-87DF-AA4E4C…)

From Adult World

No. 248756

File: 1666207184467.jpeg (21.8 KB, 236x333, 5A97D76F-572B-43A5-BB46-1D2115…)

Messy hair and tired

No. 248761

File: 1666210212724.jpeg (62.8 KB, 736x736, 902D54EB-A4CD-45AC-809B-4F9D06…)

He WAS the aesthetic

No. 248765

File: 1666211723137.gif (273.37 KB, 500x281, 0BD96AD8-671D-475B-847B-8D1591…)

True nona

No. 248768

File: 1666211972232.gif (1.47 MB, 500x255, 18B53AF0-F8AC-40C5-B7FE-7EF730…)

His curly hair is so cute nonnies! He was so cute in this movie

No. 248791

Man you anons really do simp for whatever mediocre flavor-of-the-week scrote played the latest edgy villain character, don't you? Kylo Ren, Hannibal Lecter, the Riddler, and now Jeffrey Dahmer. Can you guys be a little less predictable?(shitpost)

No. 248792

cry about it anon. also Evan is very cute unlike the others you mentioned

No. 248796

File: 1666216404708.jpeg (83.67 KB, 707x791, BBB4EB78-DA0C-4C74-BC45-E8F398…)

Cope. Seethe.

No. 248798

>Hannibal Lecter
don't disparage Mads reeeeee lol

No. 248801

File: 1666216784436.gif (2.97 MB, 480x480, 4E59AE46-0028-48FF-80FE-A12D8A…)

No. 248802

File: 1666216910090.jpeg (82.17 KB, 750x751, 0552044E-4B05-4A2D-8E90-E9D374…)

No. 248803

File: 1666216995629.jpeg (219.37 KB, 675x1200, CE1C38DD-071B-4671-8F61-F6EA83…)

No. 248830

File: 1666224747238.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1242x987, 99D5F021-CBB2-45AA-A02F-232DC1…)

90% sure this isn’t real but if it is sweet jesus

No. 248862

i bite

No. 248865

Samefag but I’d sleep on it

No. 248873

File: 1666233836759.png (Spoiler Image,70.98 KB, 337x348, disembodid hond.png)

Have a hand.

No. 248874

File: 1666234002374.png (Spoiler Image,58.5 KB, 276x334, ha0nd.png)

or two, you can use it for whatever purposes you want. A bit angry with myself for clipping the little finger

No. 248875

File: 1666234703577.jpg (79.1 KB, 1081x721, Evan-Peters.jpg)

Thanks for the hand

No. 248954

File: 1666250654626.gif (6.47 MB, 540x380, tumblr_2a4a3bfe000c9451ce63a28…)

I adore him

No. 248987

File: 1666255434218.gif (7.45 MB, 540x285, tumblr_2645687e3c28e51f2183913…)

evan is literally one of the best looking mid thirties actors, >>248723 exactly like show me another 35 year old actor who still is half as cute

I agree, thank you nona, I'm glad we got this thread!

he really does, that emoting. actual live action disney prince material

this face!!! I love it

No. 248988

File: 1666255697447.jpeg (40.4 KB, 672x672, EF9C8F1C-7ABB-4828-9C1B-E86873…)

That is real anon, that is from the fourth episode of Dahmer kek

No. 248990

File: 1666255759724.gif (471.94 KB, 500x321, 560C970B-5860-4AAD-B0E8-CA601A…)

you are so cute anon! i love u fellow evanfag

No. 248991

File: 1666255850583.gif (7.08 MB, 540x285, tumblr_be35ef29406910539485706…)

I loved the dahmer episode with the deaf character, because the first half of the episode had no evan the very moment he spotted him from across the bar and we saw evan I was like THERE HE IS OH MY GOD MY BABY. the critics were right, this show is darksided cause it made me feel gooey feelings for a serial killer. shit

love you too and that gif!

No. 248994

File: 1666256293522.jpeg (147.9 KB, 749x907, E52F6F0C-6DB4-44D7-A640-681528…)

No. 248995

I mean yeah it's just cause he's cute though lol ofc this was going to happen when they cast a cute guy as a serial killer
It was a really good episode but I quit watching soon after because of how depressing it was, the whole show is just utterly bleak

No. 248996

File: 1666256334821.jpeg (70.95 KB, 750x717, 05DF6AF5-623F-4237-8305-A76B6E…)

I understand anon, I felt the same.

No. 248998

Any source on this? Or is it shopped? I know they had him running around in the gimp suit on AHS, but this looks like it might be edited?

No. 248999

No source kek, it must be from around ahs murder house time but idk

No. 249036

File: 1666268681510.gif (1.96 MB, 245x245, 1D3F613A-F212-4AAA-88FA-4A912D…)


No. 249043

this looks like a really bad photoshop of typical fetish porn

No. 249066

File: 1666277326417.jpeg (125.42 KB, 750x1093, FE189051-0219-4631-ABD3-6F5908…)

No. 249091

File: 1666283786528.jpeg (116.71 KB, 750x1333, 92A5548C-031D-4360-B4E5-41D5F1…)

I hope you nonnies are having a good day

No. 249094

File: 1666285621094.gif (4.3 MB, 640x474, 5DB60A66-885F-405C-9AAD-380A2A…)

His singing voice in double feature was so cute

No. 249097

Evan Peters & Frances Conroy singing Too Much, Too Little, Too Late. Couldn't find a video with just the song.

No. 249099

Island in the Stream

No. 249100

The Pirates of Somalia

No. 249101

Come As You Are by Nirvana

No. 249107

this is a cute singing scene too

No. 249109

tbf dahmer was an above average attractiveness man, evan was a great choice. yeah, bleak is definitely a word I'd also use to describe it. seeing the young guys, especially the ones where it focused on their hopes and aspirations, knowing they were gonna be killed was depressing. the part with the fourteen year old kid was especially dark

completely! for me he just has the cutest nose and I love the dark almost black eyes

No. 249119

File: 1666290209812.jpeg (147.68 KB, 750x1500, 728AEB2F-50EC-4EAE-B4DE-C3228F…)

> dark almost black eyes

No. 249120

File: 1666290505489.jpeg (54.54 KB, 750x902, BF6D11FF-C4DC-4D9D-847B-69F222…)

Omg Colin, one of the only times he actually played a ‘good’ character he got killed off!!

No. 249136

File: 1666293527770.gif (7.94 MB, 540x450, tumblr_1e57aaef738409fc76b4d9b…)

I was so happy for him to finally play a good character, why he had to die… I'm still sad about it

No. 249140

File: 1666293773825.gif (5.39 MB, 1000x750, 13EF221A-C2D1-474A-B8F6-D72E37…)

He was such a cutie in it! That emmy was deserved

No. 249152

File: 1666294431272.gif (5.4 MB, 540x410, tumblr_f7cabcdd2d4cf3398a39be4…)

Agree, he truly was! such precious smile. Absolutely, it was well deserve!

No. 249156

File: 1666295384953.jpeg (227.91 KB, 1074x1433, 99044542-BBDF-4598-8114-618B94…)

No. 249167

File: 1666298474166.jpeg (141.63 KB, 750x750, EE4B958D-AF0E-4840-BA2C-F99667…)

No. 249217

File: 1666311427993.jpeg (158.42 KB, 750x937, 1A4C39C8-F95F-4555-9BCB-971B3C…)

He has really pretty lips

No. 249293

File: 1666340901431.jpeg (77.69 KB, 750x750, B9174D85-8D64-43BA-98C3-431FA5…)

No. 249341

File: 1666365256581.jpeg (109.19 KB, 736x736, 8C9FDD16-60C3-4B6E-85A1-962263…)

do you prefer his hair blond, brown or black?

No. 249342

File: 1666365444213.jpeg (194.4 KB, 750x581, 9B52D30A-5502-4DD5-9C8D-C1BFE9…)

> brown

No. 249343

File: 1666365480920.jpeg (113.68 KB, 750x997, DEA6D704-2D82-4030-93F6-C92764…)

> black (kek)

No. 249388

File: 1666371287704.jpeg (198.32 KB, 736x1307, 53A33180-41AD-4DE0-B0A2-F66B8B…)

Natural brown

No. 249426

File: 1666386879718.jpeg (115.82 KB, 736x730, 9F859C64-A0A0-485F-8AAE-78E488…)

> Blonde

No. 249429

Kek I actually really like this look, is it from AHS? I only saw the Coven one

No. 249432

File: 1666387773791.jpeg (91.41 KB, 750x750, 824523F6-5595-4C82-ADA5-5AE51A…)

Yes from Hotel. He played a serial killer based on H H Holmes kek

No. 249433

File: 1666387834899.jpeg (142.33 KB, 750x750, BDC62EDA-F36F-4FC1-B8E2-DDC550…)

No. 249435

i love how evil his eyes look i think there's something wrong with me

No. 249555

File: 1666428227463.jpeg (231.53 KB, 615x1200, 0ACEEBD9-7D46-456E-A969-511487…)

same nona

No. 249591

File: 1666454944261.jpeg (56.09 KB, 749x753, 01305615-0F46-47A3-A13A-2E1E0C…)

No. 249609

this pic is really sweet and cute.

No. 249659


No. 249918

File: 1666535981578.jpeg (69.21 KB, 749x926, F1C31CAA-F174-4FFF-8D78-E08291…)

No. 249927

File: 1666540892502.jpeg (133.11 KB, 750x983, 48A579F0-A685-4C05-B660-F676E7…)

No. 249934

File: 1666542670709.gif (369.76 KB, 500x562, 76A4B2CB-DA3B-4121-89F9-1D78B5…)

No. 249935

File: 1666542775844.jpeg (220.4 KB, 750x1332, BB1EEA1A-37A9-438E-AC89-7F8C0C…)

No. 249959

File: 1666551420716.gif (945.16 KB, 500x281, 40C7805B-C65F-490C-9480-097307…)

No. 249965

File: 1666558083549.jpeg (410.34 KB, 719x1280, 38078D62-7A63-4607-8EDF-B37B19…)

No. 249975

His eyes… His fucking eyes

No. 250119

File: 1666610762835.jpeg (77.06 KB, 736x1200, 4EF48C87-D03D-4CE7-A3B8-C6CD86…)

No. 250132

I love how even as Mr. March, he is leagues hotter than the entirety of the sameface male model cast of Hotel. And I love how that confuses moids and makes them mald.

No. 250148

File: 1666620599512.jpeg (137.5 KB, 750x937, ABE7DE14-0794-4684-BE0F-A24660…)

Based opinion nona

No. 250149

File: 1666620682397.gif (930.64 KB, 245x250, CC7E3507-343B-4843-B17C-DE7906…)

No. 250150

File: 1666620784232.jpeg (56.65 KB, 515x788, 5A882F0C-F3FC-46FE-A150-7F457A…)

No. 250194

File: 1666633444700.jpeg (157.7 KB, 750x750, 6EB2CA78-BA76-4CAA-8AF0-5D7746…)

No. 250195

File: 1666633563911.jpeg (183 KB, 750x937, D80C2FD3-77E8-4730-B3FB-F1B452…)

No. 250245

File: 1666643111878.gif (5.14 MB, 1000x750, 2EBB2485-2018-4AEF-9AC5-8E07F1…)

No. 250247

File: 1666643225333.gif (10.59 MB, 998x1000, E18F1AF7-CB0C-40AF-B16F-3F31EB…)

No. 250277

File: 1666649687830.jpeg (70.81 KB, 615x647, 5C4D169A-1500-4127-BB3C-F7026C…)

No. 250283

File: 1666651078743.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62.6 KB, 735x490, 9B8EA0AE-0136-435D-92FE-000ECE…)

No. 250284

File: 1666651127944.jpeg (85.72 KB, 750x1333, 3A1104C3-1B46-4D54-BAE7-190190…)

anons, i could post pics from my evan pinterest folder forever

No. 250432

>The scene where Jeff’s playing the board game with Tony and kisses him and you get a nice side glimpse of Evan’s stubble dusted jawline
God wish I had a hi def cap of that cause ooof

No. 250481

File: 1666725071827.jpeg (172.61 KB, 750x937, 08457328-D8E7-41B5-BE18-402778…)

I love that scene. I tried screenshot but Netflix won’t let me? It keeps coming up blank. But I found this lovely pic of his jawline

No. 250482

File: 1666725112546.jpeg (203.14 KB, 750x937, A2A14E33-A174-4FC1-A9E4-F567EB…)

No. 250634

The way kit holds her close to him is so precious

No. 250654

this thread makes me feel so valid

No. 250662

File: 1666774710207.jpeg (138.5 KB, 750x750, E7E257C1-5F23-453B-AD0C-5995B5…)

I know nona, this is why kit is one of my favourite characters he has played and why ahs asylum was my favourite season. i loved him.

No. 250663

File: 1666775093472.jpeg (99.05 KB, 750x1051, 2AB67B24-3447-4047-9947-6196D2…)

me too, here is a cute pic for you

No. 250744

File: 1666802196759.jpeg (83.12 KB, 749x845, 2A3E8788-2744-42F4-8BF3-21E10C…)

No. 250773

File: 1666809633171.jpeg (419.94 KB, 1023x432, 1B9A7853-A64D-47AC-A2C8-A60B64…)

No. 250775

File: 1666809686202.jpeg (312.51 KB, 1024x1347, 2318289A-A8B9-4BC4-9BCD-F6AB96…)

No. 250776

File: 1666809769482.jpeg (318.35 KB, 1221x1920, D45514C2-0191-4B7A-BBBE-388B8D…)

No. 250778

File: 1666811714342.jpeg (71.68 KB, 676x567, FfmEjZ4XkAMakjR.jpeg)

No. 250779

File: 1666811751238.jpeg (11.89 KB, 293x239, FfmEjZ1WQAA7kzb.jpeg)

No. 250780

File: 1666811796503.jpeg (308.54 KB, 1638x2048, EfFcN2mX0AEcmQY.jpg-large.jpeg)

cute nonnie

No. 250782

File: 1666811982953.jpg (44.79 KB, 500x650, 7f71ee747c1805f972f2d1261072ae…)

i could post my pinterest folder pics forever

No. 250835

File: 1666826813441.jpeg (156.29 KB, 750x937, C7A45254-8EA6-4062-8A68-0CF895…)

No. 250898

File: 1666857671560.jpeg (684.49 KB, 1170x1136, 2B51C624-5881-41BA-8A2B-798423…)

No. 250984

Omg I loved this movie.

No. 250986

File: 1666896014989.jpeg (69.44 KB, 600x600, 5A8CE0FE-7EBC-4887-9F9F-2606A0…)

No. 250987

File: 1666896117834.jpeg (45.37 KB, 438x552, AA050067-4B9C-4AC3-A292-61D9EC…)

Cute curly hair

No. 251001

File: 1666901175950.jpeg (120.51 KB, 540x960, 236DA728-AF28-407A-8F3F-E3A02F…)

No. 251126

File: 1666965611155.jpeg (152.96 KB, 750x750, C69FE674-BF7E-4E50-9C95-10BF22…)

No. 251127

i have always had a deep seated hatred for emma roberts since she put her hands on evan. can’t watch anything with her in it kek

No. 251142

anon me too kek

No. 251153

File: 1666978752749.jpeg (137.31 KB, 806x879, 5AC67522-5A07-4070-811D-A3F41E…)

No. 251297

ok you bitches converted me, should I start with AHS season 1 or is there a better season to start with

No. 251430

Start with season 1 and go in order… some seasons are connected so it makes the most sense.
I just started a rewatch ~2 weeks ago… You're gunna have a good time, trust me

No. 251489

File: 1667087814142.jpeg (92 KB, 1080x1080, 0983AC7A-AB49-4462-AB03-8D6EC3…)

No. 251490

File: 1667087890360.jpeg (156.3 KB, 750x937, 5E240140-2ADE-48CE-86C0-5ECA66…)

Start from the beginning. But season 2 is peak Evan IMO!

No. 251491

File: 1667087934477.jpeg (71.05 KB, 508x750, 6B097313-2F59-4BE1-9113-9B99A7…)

No. 251494

Ah my god, I've never really paid him much mind but he is so cute in this picture. I now feel compeled to watch more stuff that he's in.
What show is this?

No. 251531

Is it just me or does he look kinda like a more masculine Gerard Way

No. 251552

File: 1667124750843.gif (476.79 KB, 500x321, 552CD0DC-A5B6-44C5-A053-006911…)

Evan gives me such good vibes. He’s one of the few celebrities I actually like. Idk if it’s just me, but he seems really genuine to me. I might be delulu though.

Also, on the one hand, I’m happy he’s getting so much recognition after the Dahmer show. On the other hand, I really hope this is not the role he gets remembered for. I’m already seeing Twitter retards claiming Evan must be a “psycho” himself because he often plays serial killers. They should learn the definition of typecasting. And most of those roles are from AHS anyway; every cast member has played a killer at some point in the show. I hope he doesn’t get cancelled over some dumb shit because he’s basically the only actor/celeb I find interesting these days.

No. 251564

File: 1667126848457.gif (6.26 MB, 998x1000, 52B271ED-D442-49A2-A315-B06794…)

Mare of Easttown, he plays a detective. He did a drunk scene at a bar and apparently he was so disappointing with his performance that he nearly quit acting!! But he ended up winning an Emmy award for the series. Spoiler: he gets shot and killed!! I stopped watching properly after that kek!!!

No. 251567

File: 1667127124109.gif (729.02 KB, 250x250, 5475A2C3-383B-44AB-9AC1-0499B5…)

Same anon!!! I remember he liked a tweet about how bad the looters and protesters are during the BLM peak. And I still see people say that he is racist and doesn’t support BLM because of that kek.. he said it was an accident though. I’m kinda glad he isn’t on social media anymore. But same I see people hating on the show and then I guess hating him too. But he has also had a lot more recognition and people loving him too from Dahmer!! So idk. He is sooo wholesome and cute in interviews. I love him.

No. 251568

File: 1667127208353.jpeg (82.05 KB, 749x562, 47BED60A-A60F-4D13-AB21-955328…)

I am so thankful for Dahmer for giving us many shots of his hands and arms

No. 251570

File: 1667127322934.jpeg (56.57 KB, 750x501, EE4ACF3D-DA60-4D99-B650-8E55E9…)

I love that pic anon. You should watch him.

No. 251577

File: 1667132447751.jpeg (634.27 KB, 828x821, 6BE58D60-36E1-4356-B687-A2F2DE…)

i have had a dang crush on this man for eight plus years god help me

No. 251595

File: 1667140149226.jpeg (172.53 KB, 749x902, EB7A8B1E-01E1-492C-933F-C77B3B…)

Same nona since 2013 I think?

No. 251596

File: 1667140182146.jpeg (87.32 KB, 750x1392, 1236244D-3654-434A-9AF4-C53573…)

No. 251622

File: 1667150355078.jpeg (148.51 KB, 1086x1086, 2C75A1C2-3E31-4CFC-96EC-63F64E…)

I can already see an influx of shithead 12 year olds dressing up as Dahmer when Evan shows up to his next convention. I love that he’s getting recognition but this role will follow him for years to come and kinda I hate it because he’s more than just the killers he plays. (They’re still cute though)

No. 251643

File: 1667158785583.jpeg (170.75 KB, 1242x1519, 74D3F0CB-1D7C-409D-8DDB-84466F…)

From yesterday. I hope he is happy and doing well!!!

No. 251644

File: 1667158914581.jpeg (123.9 KB, 750x750, 8471B6BF-D785-4A75-908F-8CD747…)

No. 251650

File: 1667160313102.jpeg (110.02 KB, 720x709, 8678AE8B-891C-4B2C-8CA0-F7E56A…)

I love his angular face.

No. 251672

this was my phone wallpaper in the 10th grade kek. i don't find him that attractive amymore but this picture brought back memories

No. 251734

Thanks anons, I started it yesterday and I'm almost through season 1, it's pretty entertaining and Evan is definitely really cute in it kek. I was actually hanging out with a guy and he made me start from season 1 because I mentioned that I'd never seen it. I kept having to peer around his head while we made out when Evan came on screen LMAOO.

No. 251746

File: 1667207864487.jpeg (125.57 KB, 750x750, D1245FAF-AD49-468D-89F8-DA78D6…)

Happy Halloween.

No. 251764

File: 1667216817867.gif (1.26 MB, 245x400, 1472644880-evan-peters.gif)

Happy Halloween nonas! Have a wonderfull day!

No. 251769

File: 1667218636429.jpg (28.95 KB, 688x446, FgJLK6aX0AAF1ea.jpg)

why is he so perfect?

No. 251845

File: 1667237861621.jpeg (81.99 KB, 720x900, 1F8918EE-4327-4045-AD95-D3CAE5…)

Happy Halloween evanfags

No. 251846

File: 1667237920262.jpeg (99.04 KB, 750x930, 2338C420-B842-4DA7-AC56-E21C41…)

Because he is an angel nona

No. 251892

File: 1667251119877.jpeg (123.19 KB, 1067x793, 270D2587-8B6D-4063-9670-285777…)

happy spooky day!

No. 251893

File: 1667251195994.jpeg (39.7 KB, 400x400, 8C5DFBE3-1079-40FF-B858-1E37E8…)

No. 251905

File: 1667255655050.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1500, 999FE213-A7A4-43FE-8231-B83DF9…)

ai art generator kek

No. 251980

God bless the anons who are keeping this thread going, you all deserve the world.
Also I think I'm in love with Evan, I keep fantasizing about finding a doppelganger but I know it'll never happen. How tf am I supposed to cope with knowing he will never be mine?

No. 252200

File: 1667345082065.jpeg (108.54 KB, 900x900, 65C2AEA7-64B1-4F7C-AF09-D311F4…)

No. 252343


No. 252353

File: 1667379008281.gif (705.3 KB, 235x382, FBE5C987-5524-4603-8207-1B68B2…)

I have a Pinterest folder that is ever filling up. I could keep this up forever nona

No. 252355

File: 1667379223148.jpeg (93.57 KB, 750x1127, 12C2B763-798A-4B27-8660-770A8E…)

Same anon. I would die for him and live as a ghost forever

No. 252356

File: 1667379567026.jpeg (166.8 KB, 540x960, F22B383B-06DF-4A75-B573-80C67E…)

His long curly hair with a little cute bunch on top

No. 252439

He looks so pretty and yet cute at same time

No. 252497

He does like very soft and pretty in that pic

No. 252498

File: 1667415606887.jpeg (109.95 KB, 750x1333, 1F441F6A-8B0A-4F2D-9A3F-92AAEA…)

No. 252501

File: 1667415956093.jpeg (Spoiler Image,291.79 KB, 1280x1840, B85AF369-125A-49F3-B709-992BBB…)

No. 252502

File: 1667416063114.jpeg (292.91 KB, 1638x2048, EB774477-A089-4A6E-9B05-1B4B98…)

First pic

No. 252503

File: 1667416386572.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1242x987, 215768EB-B59D-4F30-9517-917FA2…)

No. 252504

Ha he got spanked in this episode. Also I don't recall him looking so cute. Nice

No. 252506

File: 1667416969152.gif (478.96 KB, 500x260, 5825301B-947D-41CF-9F35-7D1EAD…)

No. 252554

Oh my god

No. 252666

File: 1667451184309.jpg (93.28 KB, 980x980, evan.jpg)

I always thought that blue haired evan was his worst period but yesterday i saw a tiktok of Kai with a buzz cut and forced myself to watch the cult season of ahs. I just watched this episode where he is mastubating in a gym bathroom and i feel like this scene really changed something in me. He was so agressive its like he's almost punishing himself. After finishing the episode i went to see the scene again again and again on youtube and saw some people on the comments saying that evan himself told in a interview that this scene was real and cant get it out of my head. I can't even finish the season because im just rewatching this specific scene. I think the only flaw of this scene is his ugly hair if i was a billionaire i would pay evan 1 billion to recreate that exactly scene but with tate hair.

No. 252734

File: 1667471899776.gif (Spoiler Image,3.12 MB, 245x270, AF4D1D46-DD1B-4634-ADDC-836DDD…)

anon kek because same. i rewatch that scene too and the asylum kitchen scene! this role i think affected his mental health a lot but the fact that the shower scene was real is crazy and makes me watch it over and over

No. 252777

File: 1667487711620.gif (799.85 KB, 500x282, 5C187C87-3839-485F-A935-91EEC5…)

No. 252779

File: 1667488160035.jpeg (96.76 KB, 749x991, 570EEAA1-1A13-41F9-846A-1B6D16…)


No. 252800

Youtube link pls?

No. 252811

File: 1667498668321.jpeg (377.36 KB, 1536x1536, E6D011D9-53D1-474D-BFC5-B0844D…)

No. 252812

No. 252814

File: 1667499177439.jpeg (143.31 KB, 1075x806, 36A5B26B-A05F-4985-A7E6-BF6A67…)

Age restricted kek sorry nonas, enjoy though

No. 252821

>the moans
I'm not proud of who I've become…

No. 252849

> Evan Peters most important scene
is the description of the video and i agree

No. 252856

please i can't stop watching this

No. 252890

File: 1667513577586.gif (5.06 MB, 540x540, CC5257B0-DB33-4A28-AB28-2783BC…)


My pussy could not handle cult

No. 252894

you can always just view it by putting nsfwyoutube infront of the url if you dont feel like giving your real id to youtube. Like this: http://nsfwyoutube.com/watch?v=4ilX6v2PnSQ&ab_channel=Misfits_Horrorpunk

No. 252907

This is and will forever be my favorite version of Peter, even though I hated Coven. A perfect silent and obedient zombie boyfriend.

No. 252913

File: 1667520140633.gif (3.33 MB, 245x270, ABFDC509-C14B-4C38-BA3E-7CA950…)

anon oh my god

No. 252915

File: 1667520320553.gif (2.06 MB, 245x270, 0B91FC14-7D61-4170-A714-4DC30F…)

No. 252926

This is less hot than I expected

No. 252978

Need this right NOW

No. 253011

File: 1667560690681.jpeg (182.45 KB, 896x1064, 88B23101-AA30-4C8E-9520-1898B6…)


No. 253025

File: 1667565043340.jpeg (69.2 KB, 749x925, 5AF015E7-8CEB-4217-8E7D-85E768…)

No. 253046

File: 1667573069855.png (1.66 MB, 960x815, 4165B13B-62AF-4F5C-B7DB-D32919…)

No. 253158

Kekkkk he's so silly and cute

No. 253279

nona holy shit thank you, not just for this evan vid but in general kek

No. 253357

File: 1667652454388.jpeg (80.23 KB, 393x750, FBB457CC-9763-4DE9-9C2C-AAE623…)

No. 253370

File: 1667659755318.jpeg (656.88 KB, 1640x2048, 2B2AFA04-EA16-4F76-80D1-78EF30…)

No. 253371

File: 1667659911505.jpeg (673.11 KB, 1640x2048, F1523061-A0CE-41D4-AAFD-9EB970…)

No. 253457

How can a man be this beautiful? Sigh

No. 253505

File: 1667696517056.jpeg (28.99 KB, 250x250, ACF20145-1CF2-4CCD-BDC3-E0BA1A…)

Can someone edit this so it looks like aheago

No. 253595

File: 1667750880972.png (684.97 KB, 640x620, CDF99718-73E2-4E55-9CBD-79EB49…)

It is simply unbelievable

No. 253653

File: 1667770979389.jpeg (229.08 KB, 1120x896, 39B81BA1-4D40-4FEC-AA01-88C3E1…)

No. 253654

File: 1667771018972.jpeg (410.03 KB, 2048x1536, 9AB68FE4-FB03-4FE8-B219-3C6814…)

cutie pie

No. 253662

File: 1667773741409.jpeg (106.91 KB, 800x1200, 26AC090D-C6FA-4BD2-B86F-CBEBC1…)


No. 253669

File: 1667776145234.jpeg (108.8 KB, 749x742, 7FB42771-0E4E-492D-B495-FAAFE5…)

No. 253679

File: 1667779582923.gif (962.48 KB, 495x267, 41f8ac0d81862e79bdcfc75bd56aa6…)

No. 253681

File: 1667779701590.gif (848 KB, 500x488, original.gif)

No. 253682

File: 1667780040209.gif (875.01 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nz9jqeaV221thdow0o1_500…)

No. 253687

I wanna trace his lips

No. 253922

File: 1667855369597.jpeg (263.69 KB, 896x1344, 124D38D1-C75E-48AC-BA8A-9CD220…)

No. 253923

File: 1667855440489.jpeg (168.53 KB, 896x1102, 8DE33348-64A3-47FA-B8D4-DD3A3C…)

No. 254061

File: 1668026854586.jpeg (439.79 KB, 1638x2048, 5DEE85CF-942B-4BF2-A562-FEED4D…)

Let’s settle this

Who’s Evan’s hottest character

No. 254074

File: 1668029446623.jpg (42.19 KB, 564x564, 5a8d5f006916075c565cc0d0a539f6…)

nonas I missed posting here for like.. a day

No. 254075

File: 1668029470643.gif (965.4 KB, 500x250, f7894f50e5b6d1e67a4db5882af489…)

kit from ahs season 2

No. 254077

File: 1668029537774.gif (2.78 MB, 268x350, f250f58f4db4954ba434336786d0c6…)

No. 254080

No. 254085

evan was cute when he was young now he is ugly

No. 254100

anon are u ok?

No. 254105

File: 1668034694735.jpeg (235.17 KB, 750x906, 1D9BB64A-2EFE-46AF-B9E9-BBAF39…)

No. 254111

he’s one of the only male celebs to not have hit the wall despite him being 35. He literally looks the same

No. 254113

His brows look pretty here lol

No. 254122

File: 1668044131752.jpeg (53.4 KB, 300x300, 8CA4B646-93AA-48AB-BD3D-1E8378…)

I think I might have a feeder kink because he looked unreasonably cute when he was chubbier

No. 254134

just compare his resent pics and old ones most pics in this thread are old his face now looks weird he wouldn’t survive the wall in his 40s

No. 254166

kek he did used to be a bit chubby. so cute

No. 254280

File: 1668108380505.gif (1004.24 KB, 500x279, tumblr_mdy4wocPTd1rdztd2o1_500…)

kit for me too - perfect!!

No. 254281

File: 1668108726547.jpg (92.86 KB, 640x851, tumblr_oyh6zhTeLJ1u5jvsuo1_640…)

No. 254295

Kit. The answer will always be Kit.

No. 254463

File: 1668174865007.gif (955.78 KB, 316x280, E7960B09-1C32-4B3C-A4B3-30A253…)

kit kit kit

No. 254464

File: 1668174945092.gif (827.82 KB, 500x278, D35B6283-DC3C-48CE-A9A6-E21524…)

No. 254465

File: 1668174973352.jpeg (32.15 KB, 749x420, 419E93AA-4771-465C-ACC3-407C38…)

No. 254529

File: 1668204022380.jpeg (111.04 KB, 657x1024, FhUDwt9WQAE0q3X.jpeg)

No. 254531

File: 1668204157993.jpeg (132.04 KB, 658x1024, FhUDwt8XoAMFQGl.jpeg)

No. 254543

File: 1668210952984.png (698.94 KB, 828x810, 23F4DC2F-DDED-46D2-B806-78BE6E…)

No. 254580

File: 1668230194370.jpeg (55.35 KB, 500x665, A17A0711-AABA-42A6-AABC-25F3CC…)

He can be my daddy

No. 254667

File: 1668279799809.jpeg (127 KB, 750x937, 9F86D033-FAD2-4EED-8478-25EFC3…)

No. 254709

File: 1668292404316.jpeg (151.16 KB, 827x1182, A23CE49D-D5B0-4989-A519-872C13…)

No. 254896

No. 255196

File: 1668515962099.jpeg (61.31 KB, 750x646, 61E78C72-699F-4991-84B1-C66B30…)

Evan my beloved

No. 255197

File: 1668515992991.jpeg (114.24 KB, 606x606, C816D610-D74B-412B-8F2C-8E6021…)

No. 255209

File: 1668521192098.jpeg (206.39 KB, 640x960, 88BEEDFD-356B-41BE-8395-A957FE…)

No. 255227

everyday i pray and beg that evan doesn't go through twink death

No. 255303

File: 1668556968895.jpeg (59.54 KB, 1073x815, 085D79CC-0C30-4DA5-ABAF-758DBB…)

No. 255446

File: 1668612175376.jpeg (80.95 KB, 750x727, 4F88126B-9521-4D29-9FA6-4A1ED8…)

Thicc Evan is best evan

No. 255447

Adult World evan

No. 255555

File: 1668632057590.gif (9.74 MB, 540x400, c96bba12e0c7d29529595cfe5c1dfc…)

adult world Evan is the sweetest

No. 255557

File: 1668632174748.gif (976.28 KB, 490x320, 345df6239fbd0c682ce303aa93e9e1…)

No. 255558

File: 1668632223167.gif (949.53 KB, 245x215, 3d88132f27f121bd6196aa75e31ac4…)

No. 255589

omg i just want to straddle him in this pic

No. 255594

Oh god I so would too

No. 255825

File: 1668711782234.jpeg (246 KB, 1080x1080, 46562E0E-D262-4338-A97B-496C07…)

Evan in a turtleneck is soooo cute

No. 255826

File: 1668711805880.jpeg (231.22 KB, 1080x1080, A279DD26-9368-46FC-A46D-7BC2FC…)

And slicked back hair too

No. 255834

Why the fuck don't I have one of these yet? Unfair.

No. 256172

File: 1668831153956.jpeg (124.54 KB, 750x883, ED8EA782-0C1E-482A-A6B0-4BEE68…)

if only men produced breastmilk I’d feed on him all night

No. 257240

File: 1669186666175.png (737.11 KB, 500x750, 834EF5CC-AF38-41B4-A5A4-17D7ED…)

don’t let this thread die on me

No. 257424

I want to be that lump of whatever he is sleeping on

No. 257762

File: 1669358008455.jpeg (136.73 KB, 750x881, 1FCEBCCF-C3CD-41F0-8B30-752A89…)

No. 258379

File: 1669555854906.png (793.91 KB, 750x1334, EF451365-8723-4E71-B9BE-45E0FA…)

I wish he still had social media. But then again I don’t because I know he probably would be cancelled like that one time he liked a tweet saying looters during the BLM were bad

No. 258380

File: 1669555903017.png (753.43 KB, 640x640, 15C27233-C9CD-4015-9691-3FF1A5…)

No. 258381

File: 1669556240767.png (720.42 KB, 640x626, 8B6B968C-E00E-437F-AB70-316319…)

This thread will never die, in my heart, but as long as I have my ever growing Pinterest board of pics, that is ok

No. 258512

File: 1669577016261.jpeg (Spoiler Image,33.41 KB, 425x560, D39ACBC5-1D5D-47C2-AACB-7CE51D…)

No. 258530

File: 1669583617461.png (1.01 MB, 675x1200, 79807056-0EC3-4B71-9DE4-C45941…)

I would die for him. I want him to choke me.

No. 258532

File: 1669583768870.png (205.48 KB, 500x730, B394BA7A-B973-44FF-B2F7-D81411…)

No. 258545

File: 1669586303822.png (1006 KB, 750x750, 112198CB-4BE9-4CE6-AF4A-1AFD0D…)

No. 258598

His moans were so nice

No. 258652

File: 1669606007033.jpeg (51.54 KB, 410x750, BE4431DE-E3AD-4DC2-9753-7A1C36…)

Tate looks so big and cuddly

No. 258729

He wanted to be loved. I want to cuddle him like that.

No. 258730

Nice and REAL too kek

No. 258838

File: 1669657609538.png (954.8 KB, 750x937, FFDB15FC-0A05-43DC-841C-209B6E…)

No. 258842

File: 1669657733602.png (781.61 KB, 640x819, C1DC0ACD-BF0F-4FC6-8E79-34D861…)

No. 258853

File: 1669659319601.png (583.91 KB, 472x648, 4BBD9C30-14F4-4765-8679-965771…)

No. 258900

his hair is sooo cute here! i like his hair like this the most

No. 259087

File: 1669728829346.jpeg (170.86 KB, 1080x1350, C6853A98-0EAA-44E1-9078-E14527…)

No. 259538

File: 1669836513710.jpeg (72.6 KB, 750x750, 5224D9EA-1ED2-48AF-80FF-6F8444…)

I want him to read to me

No. 259539

File: 1669836573379.jpeg (33.68 KB, 652x504, EBC12862-0E35-4AD0-B6A2-7DAE94…)

No. 259704

ended up sitting next to him and his family at a restaurant when i was 14 i was super nervous i wasn't even able to eat my mom ended up talking to his sister in the bathroom and she said we could get a pic after they ate and i did he was super sweet and so was his family they asked how our trip was going we ended up chatting a bit and got a pic and a hug still crushing on him since then

No. 259752

ANON that is wonderful? Do you have the pic? You can cut yourself out obviously. Don’t worry if you don’t want to post it. But that is so cute and wholesome and lovely. Wish that was me but I would be so shy and anxious kek

No. 259855

File: 1669923386674.jpeg (556.24 KB, 2048x2048, 3C733525-AECE-4628-AEDE-BC679A…)


No. 259866

File: 1669926737090.gif (4.48 MB, 540x380, 7907BE10-6775-48CB-9D3D-D848D5…)

No. 260125

File: 1670020848455.jpeg (256.24 KB, 1080x1350, 04CA75CB-C48C-4FAC-ACA5-12036A…)

new bts pics

No. 260130

File: 1670021554269.jpeg (347.58 KB, 1080x1350, 86FC3D19-C521-4C48-AF15-4FCB91…)

No. 260192

File: 1670049804935.jpeg (1.52 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_202212030138120.JPEG)

>>259752 looked through my pics and found it i get embarrassed looking at it cause i look like such a fangirl i actually met him earlier in the day at a con and got his autograph i secretly record his signing a photo for me

No. 260193

File: 1670050097388.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3465x3465, IMG_202212030145070.JPEG)

here he is getting a laugh at me going "oh my god" by how excited i was this was a few months before freak show came out i think this haircut was so cute on him

No. 260351

File: 1670105647575.jpeg (38.98 KB, 640x425, 90C5F083-8AF2-4AD7-9DDF-F96E13…)

Am I the only one who notices evan looks exactly like this monkey? (not knocking capuchins are cute)

No. 260360

glasses really suit jimin !

No. 261195

File: 1670307311110.jpeg (106.67 KB, 675x1200, 6DBA3896-51AD-431B-BCB3-B7D4D2…)

He looks so gentle

No. 263019

File: 1670855205407.jpeg (30.27 KB, 398x398, 1C7CC1A9-FF89-4A54-A051-223196…)

I will always love this thread. Even if it dies. I still have my Pinterest board.

No. 264409

File: 1671322559683.jpeg (67.85 KB, 377x750, EF854AC9-4923-4A2D-9D5B-A928C4…)

No. 270894

File: 1674268836140.jpeg (251.9 KB, 1080x1069, 693E93A0-0568-4D1A-A447-DA26EB…)

happy birthday to this magnificent human

No. 271259

File: 1674445451981.jpeg (130.72 KB, 1026x1026, 2B5FB1C0-EC3D-4F14-A1FB-C71835…)

I’ll love him forever he’ll always be cute

No. 306792

File: 1688587088346.png (354.34 KB, 651x669, VFGVB23070A1_2.png)

I can only dream.

No. 326997

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