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No. 246525

Discussion, criticisms, complaints about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (films, shows, etc) are welcome here. Talk may involve spoilers. Avoid infighting.

If you don't care about running the risk of potentially reading about recently released content feel free to participate.

As Phase 4 is the current stage, here are the releases so far:

>The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
>Black Widow
>What If…?
>Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
>Spider-Man: No Way Home

>Moon Knight
>Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
>Ms. Marvel
>Thor: Love and Thunder
>She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

No. 246527

I'm sorry if nonnies wanted a combined MCU/DCEU superhero media thread, just thought some might want them separate. Anyone is free to make a DC thread if they would like to.

No. 246529

Is love and thunder bad-bad or so bad it's good bad? the screaming goats makes me want to watch it.

No. 246531

File: 1665540461520.webm (1.14 MB, 1024x576, 1665232918048267.webm)

I really enjoyed Werewolf by Night. I hope that there's more Marvel horror in the future.

No. 246558

I might be overly critical on this but I watched it with some hope that it might further character development of Thor and GOTG as I thought they were going to be in the film, but they only appeared for mere minutes that if they were cut out it would have made no difference to the overall film. It was flashy but to me it wasn't that good, the visual effects weren't on par and I don't even blame the animators since it came out that working for Marvel is horrible for them, explaining the recent bad CGI.

It was mainly just disappointing in comparison to Ragnarok. The screaming goats were shown too much it felt overdone. Pacing is noticeably bad, especially in the first several minutes after Thor/GOTG appears where I lost track of what was going on because too much was happening too quickly. I've forgotten the majority of the plot. Some orgy jokes thrown out. Christian Bale's character was underutilized, so was Sif. Jane Foster's relationship/breakup with Thor and how she became Mighty Thor are quickly explained away. There are parts that are good but they're sadly few and far between.

No. 246563

Oops, I somehow didn't realize that was part of Marvel. I should have added it to the description

No. 246566

interesting, i haven’t watched it yet. sam raimi’s directing of doctor strange 2 was apparently considered a horror too (idk i don’t really think it was, it was just sometimes gory?) and i didn’t even like it, so i hope this is better than that. werewolf by night does seem like it would be better.

No. 246586

Bad-bad. I went with a group and walked out of the theatre deciding that it’s the last marvel media I’ll ever watch.

No. 246667

I was planning on watching it at a theater with someone but because of issues we ended up not going there. When I finally watched it at home I was glad I didn't spare the money for tickets.

No. 246669

Hmm I think it was fine actually. I felt entertained, will never rewatch but it was fun enough. Nothing ever will be as bad as The Eternals… Maybe the sequel can try though.

No. 246748

God, Eternals. It looked all flashy but just nothing memorable in the plot. Those big name actors used on it and I can't even see how they connect to the rest of the MCU. If it didn't have the Marvel label I would have seen it as a weird one off movie

I feel like many of the Phase 4 movies so far haven't been too good kek

No. 246971

I just watched episode 8 of She-Hulk, wasn't sure if I wanted to continue after 6 and 7 but I was bored. Tbh it was nice seeing Matt Murdock again, but I had a visceral reaction to that ending. Not because I thought the episode was that bad, though I almost thought it was going to be shit because of the Leapfrog guy alone. But because the situation was so fucked up at that point

No. 246972

Watched it with a few other friends, we couldn’t even make it past the second episode. Idk how you do it Nonna kek

No. 246997

Honestly, as dumb as it can get, I'm still curious to see what would happen. I genuinely almost gave up after episode 6. I've even seen some articles compliment that episode but I don't get how. Didn't make sense, Titania is just annoying and the other people were annoying too, Daredevil tease from the ep before amounted to nothing in that episode but his appearance in 8 kinda made up for that I guess? Didn't even see who that awful bride was getting married to kek and it was a whole wedding episode.

No. 247193

File: 1665682238839.jpg (1.55 MB, 1988x3056, 002.jpg)

bad, they took one of the best comics in the last decade and turned into a quip marathon

No. 247227

They seem to do that quiet often. The age of ultron conic left me in tears while the movie is just irredeemably bad

No. 247228

Thank you for making this thread nonnie.
I muss being super into the mcu but the movies and shows are just “ok” . Im planning on watching she-hulk because it’s a salt kine generator but i know i’ll end up cringing

No. 247288

i hate you fucking nerds who think your picture books are deep and meaningful and for adults, you are the reason these shitass movies keep being made

No. 247295

Nitpick but how does Thor have both blue eyes again? I preferred the different colors on him, it looked very cute.

No. 247489

Nta maybe it's cringe but people are allowed to be annoyed when these adaptations turn out to be shit and at least we can all agree they sucked.

No. 247535

Age of Ultron was okay, sort of, it brought in Scarlet Witch but was ultimately forgettable. Also wtf at that Bruce and Natasha storyline.

No problem, similar boat here tbh. Dropped out for a while after Endgame. Didn't mind some shows and movies from this phase when I got back into it. But out of this list most haven't been good and Phase 4 as a whole has been weak. She-Hulk is not the best but a thing to form an opinion on your own than listen to angry scrotes about it. It's definitely cringe and some episodes I don't like, but some characters from other titles pop up now and then.

I googled because I realized you were right and nowhere had a legitimate answer for the change in eye color. So another thing to call LaT out for I guess.

No. 247551

I’ve been searching it up because it’s been bothering my head lol one review said that
“ his bionic eye appears to have changed colour in the latest film and is now blue to match the original colour” I feel like this is just to save their ass on them being lazy.

No. 248004

It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything special ether. Regular movies and shows from mcu are so bad even mediocre short seems like something good.

No. 248005

Natasha should have dated Clint, they had amazing chemistry in the first Avengers movie, him having a side family was stupid af.

No. 248921

MEGA RANT incoming.

For me, the Loki show is where the wheels came off the cart not just for the MCU but for me buying comics for good.

Marvel Comics have a status-quo to maintain, it's the weakness and strength of the stories. It's like an eternal soap opera and there's comfort in that. Loki generally is machiavellian through all his incarnations, he's the brain to Thor's brawn, but he's not an effete weakling. He's a strong fighter and is masculine and stoic. It's only in recent years (after the MCU and the Kid Loki arc) that he has of late been portrayed as a gender-fluid pop-culture quipping faggot who gets dunked on a lot. At least, though, in the comics he has significant powers and could be a threat if he wasn't written like a retard.

I'd been looking forward to the Loki show because I wanted to see some feats of the character. I wanted to see him use his awesome powers and out-scheme and out-wit his enemies (again, this is his special skill beyond his magic, is his mischief). Instead, the showrunner makes him a bisexual retard who gapes open mouthed while his literal female equivalent (!!) runs circles around him. She's better than him in every way.

He also gets beat up and handily defeated in every episode, even by a huge obese chick, what a joke. I could beat that obese woman myself just by running up some stairs, she'll have a heart attack before she reaches me.

It came as no surprise to me that the writer is a rainbow flag carrying SJW, there was no way she was going to give a straight (yes, STRAIGHT) white male character any justice. The whole show just meanders along until Kang is introduced abruptly at the end. Anyone familiar with comics and Loki's recent arcs would know that King Loki (Loki's evil future self) is a better villain in this case that perfectly matches the themes and settings. Since the release of the show, I don't watch anymore MCU and I no longer have interest in the comics or a lot of media.

I was really disappointed with how one of my favourite characters was treated, especially because I suppose I have sentimental attachment to him due to my grandma introducing me to comics, believe it or not. So much of modern media really is just bashing by people who don't like existing characters/settings/plots etc, rather than make something new, it feels like they want to mock the old.

I think the majority of people feel similarly - last year One Piece along outsold all of Marvel comics. MCU needs a break and an urgent course correction. I'm not sure I will watch Loki season 2 because I just can't handle the faux feminism and contempt for this truly fucking cool character (seriously, go read Walt Simonson's run in the 80s).

No. 248928

For good or for ill, the comic's industry knows that the main demographic of buyers are people in their 20s, 30s, 40s etc, and the stories reflect this accordingly. This is also why they keep putting woke shit into the stories because they a) diversity hire and b) are trying to entangle a new generation of readers (which so far has been an epic fucking fail, manga is outselling american comics precisely BECAUSE it doesn't pander to liberal retards on Twitter).

No. 248952

This is pretty much why I don't really care anymore after Endgame, though different characters. Just the stuff I liked from the comics being changed. And the way the medium is different means things like killing off characters or recasting them because of actor issues becomes a thing that majorly affects storylines. Or just bad casting in the first place.
GoG2 disappointed me and I really don't like Gunn. And they seem to want to do more with Captain Marvel then the actual cosmic characters I like.

No. 253466

i kinda agree. linda cardellini is great but the side family thing felt like a total retcon when avengers 2 came around and suddenly nat was into bruce and sad about not being able to have kids or something. only thing i saw between nat and bruce in their scenes during the first avengers movie was a potential friendship, nothing more.

No. 253478

best marvel movie is thor ragnarok

No. 268462

i know this thread has been dead for a while but has anyone watched the second black panther and because i'm running out of things i'm interested to watch is it worth watching or delving back into the mcu? i've seen a mix of people either believing it does the characters justice or that it hasn't. so far phase 4 just seemed like a shitshow

No. 268469

Not >>268462 but along with her I'd also like know if Doctor Strange 2 is really one of the best marvel movies or nerds just go wild with whatever is new.

No. 268479

ayrt but for this i can probably say something. i watched it a while back - from what i remember there was way too much going on in that film visually and iirc some in the celebricows thread (i think?) did not like it for how scarlet witch was written. i didn't enjoy it, or the decisions made with the cinematography and special effects. there are nods to xmen (?) thrown in which are quickly wasted away, and any exploration of the vast alternate universes are flicked through in a matter of seconds.

i didn't really care for the first doctor strange either, or feel any attachment to the character so i may also be a little biased. it is definitely not one of the best marvel films though so i don't know who's saying that.

No. 273284

File: 1675478481376.jpg (65.3 KB, 640x427, Header.jpg)

NEW: 'WandaVision’ spinoff series starring Katherine Hahn as Agatha Harkness in AGATHA: COVEN OF CHAOS
>"Agatha: Coven of Chaos" brings us back into Westview, picking up where "WandaVision" left off, as Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) is freed from Wanda’s spell, which imprisoned her in her Westview persona of Agnes, by a new coven of witches. Aubrey Plaza is their leader, and Ali Ahn and Sasheer Zamata are also part of the group.
>Joe Locke is indeed playing Billy Maximoff, who was previously played by Julian Hilliard in "WandaVision" and "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness". Billy is now a teen who is attending school in Westview, and becomes a person of interest for the new coven of witches due to his connection to the Demiurge, an ancient entity that controls all magic in the Multiverse.



>Have no fear, we've got stories for years like..
>spinoff about a side character from a spinoff

No. 274443

thank you for keeping this thread updated nonna it’s usually dead kek. i'll be honest, i do find the concept kind of interesting, but also the mcu is already crazily expanded. how much more trouble do they plan to cause with these characters? where did billy even come from after i thought he disappeared? where’s his brother? this plot reveal just poses even more questions

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