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No. 242911

Lost the original thread in the /m/assacre, wanted to bring this back. A thread for discussing and learning game development, women/projects to check out, and venting about things that are impossible to talk about in regular game dev spaces.

No. 242913

First time making a thread, really missed the previous one >>170049. I feel like I haven't had much time for my own project since starting a full time job to pay the bills, and I miss working on it. If anyone else has projects they're working on or dream of working on, it would be interesting to hear.

No. 242916

>The Sundew is a dark adventure game set in the aftermath of a devastating future war, in development by one-woman studio 2054.
Haven't played it yet but I usually like these types of games so I am looking forward to it. Reminds me of some of the stuff wadjet eyes released.

Not sure if on-topic, but I spent two whole years of my lifetime building, drawing and animating a RPG Maker game in the early 00s. I got to 4-5h at the end but never finished it since it was some longer RPG and it was mainly the tilesets/backgrounds that made me lose all hope since I wanted or had to draw everything myself since the stock tilesets were all fantasy or didn't match the style of the others.
I wish I could go back to such a hobby since I even have an idea for a shorter game that's mainly PoC but I fear I will never get that motivation back, today I have even trouble starting small tasks and I am tired all day even on weekends.

No. 242917

Samefagging, sorry. I mistyped, I meant PaC not PoC. Point and Click.
Well I am becoming a NEET again next month so maybe there is a ray of hope and I will at least try to do something again as long as I have the time.

No. 242920

I'm currently working on a project with renpy (dumb choice but it's simple and I'm not great at coding). I feel like I'm at a good point, the thing's going to be a point and click.
I started the project because I'm just so sick of all the moid-made VNs and indie games. For some reason it always feels like they love sniffing their own farts and take themselves way too seriously (with the writing I mean).

No. 242921

>I fear I will never get that motivation back, today I have even trouble starting small tasks and I am tired all day even on weekends.

Ugh I feel that, anon. Makes me wish I started this hobby when I was a teenager so I could have done it when I had more free time. It does help that game dev is only getting easier to learn/get into as time goes on with the all the tools getting released though.

No. 242923

Good for you, anon! I agree that games by moids just feel completely different and they're harder to enjoy when they're too scrotal. And even when female-led/-written games are good, gamers are way more apprehensive to give it a chance. I know gamers are the lowest common denominator but I still want good projects to have success, darn it.

No. 242931

thanks for making this anon. feels really fucking isolating

No. 242944

Yeah we should try. The new RPG maker looks promising too and there are even some point and click engines. It was incredibly fulfilling everytime I scriped a new event, map or story arc back then. I kinda want that back, maybe it's related to my daily life schedule and I will get used to work more once I force myself to do a little bit everyday instead of sleeping and scrolling when I come home from my office.
I am always in for point and click and VNs. VN elements are a great thing I think because they allow you to make scenes without animating anything, which is impossible for low budget games. I semi-animated a few scenes in my old game for some special parts and it was fun as fuck, but it wasn't much animation. More like characters moving/walking and backgrounds scrolling past them, mouth movements and such. Not much, but it was satisfying to see it when the scenes started.

No. 243012

File: 1664309414175.jpg (149.85 KB, 1920x1080, cover2.jpg)

Was curious what any anons thought about the Bigmode announcement Dunkey made previously. I wonder what kind of devs/games they'll pick, purely because Leah is also running it. I'm crossing my fingers that they don't just choose projects that gamers like Dunkey would like, and that Leah will be helping to diversify what gets made. I submitted a pitch but I'm not holding out hope. I mainly wish that some of their projects are done by women, but either way I'm curious to see how this could affect the indie scene.

No. 243016

I loved their announcement video about it and tbh i trust them. Leah and Dunkey are a good couple, so no way Leah wouldn't have a say in it.

No. 243033

i assume their first few releases might have some issues but they'll eventually find their footing.

No. 243066

tbh the video announcement (rightfully) got some flak because of dunkey acting like he's responsible for making ~indie gems~ like undertale and cuphead famous when most of his videos are on whatever game is currently trending lol. Overall it came off like he's got a big ego from his popularity. I think it may have a rough start while they learn the ropes of publishing but I do genuinely hope it works out well if it means more chances for small indie devs to find success. Dunkey seems to have a pretty limited taste in genres so I'd expect only a certain type of game to get published though.

No. 243085

I feel the same as you about it, very unsure based on the video but also cautiously optimistic. I do want it to work out not only for Dunkey/Leah but also for all the people involved in development. I do think that they can do it, plus their branding has been very good so far with their website.

No. 243193

Has any of you ever taken part in a game jam? I love these but feeling too old to participate anymore (meaning I don't think I could go 48h without sleep anymore). There are so many incredible ideas coming out of these events, and it's so satisfying to start a project from nothing and see it come together, even if just barely, in only two days

No. 243195

Never had the confidence to do it and I now regret it a little bit. Also hate the idea of having to work with strangers & mostly men

No. 243200

I have but yes it sucks to go alone and have random male teammates. You don't have to stay up the 48 hours, it's up to you to decide how much you can work on it and people are pretty understanding about that. You can always try and do it, the global one is at the end of jan, you could get a team by then

No. 243219

fuck off

No. 243226

This is off-topic, this thread is about women.

No. 243248

Do any nonnies have recommendations for what I should learn in order to make point and clicks and ultimately an open world rpg? I’m learning html, css and JavaScript with a little php, is there anything else that might be worth sinking my time into?

No. 243273

Never participated in a game jam before, but what's stopping you from putting together a personal project where you limit yourself to a certain amount of hours to challenge yourself? That way it wouldn't have to be a consecutive 48 hours that it took, but 48 hours of total work? I'd be down to participate in a more lax game jam like that if other anons wanted to try something like it. Like if we had a week or two to put something small together.

No. 243288

I really like working in a team, solo projects are not my thing. In general though i think my post was misunderstood; I'm not really looking to do game jams again, just were curious if any other anons had that experience and liked it as much as I did!

No. 243622

To any anons currently working in game dev, is the industry really that much of a meat grinder? Reading interview advice online makes it seem like you have to be prepared to answer insane low-level C++ optimization, rasterization, OS design, etc. type question even at no-name mobile game studios because the market is just saturated with applicants. On top of that it seems like you're expected to continue researching and preparing for even harder interviews because most jobs only last like two years. I'm doing a fucking master's in the math side of some of these things and frantically buffing my hobbyist programming skills but it feels like it will never be enough.

No. 243626

Not a game dev so feel free to ignore me but why wouldn’t it be? Being a game dev is the 21st century equivalent to saying you wanna be an actor. “I like playing video games and they say computer jobs make money so I guess I’ll make games!” yeah you and every other kid who’s got no hobbies or passions besides their computer.

No. 243644

I've only really had poor experiences with interviews. One fairly big company had me in for 4 hours of interviews with 7 people (all in one go), this was after submitting a homework task. Didn't have the decency to send a rejection afterwards. Another noname no portfolio company drilled me over math formulas in an interview. I'm not much of a mathematician but I can figure out and use the maths needed for creating gameplay elements. They said I'm not good enough to join them but later e-mailed me asking to discuss how I'd implement a particular gameplay system. I rejected it because it was very obvious they just wanted to try and get some diversity points on their entirely male company. I can't keep my nerves together in interviews so I guess it doesn't help when I have to solve problems on the spot.
People in gamedev have shit hours, shit pay, and normally really poor company/work culture. This is well known now, yet some of these employers will make you dance like a monkey for a chance to interview, meanwhile their seniors are leaving gamedev for other types of dev jobs to double their salaries. Their expectations are way too high and compensation way too low to treat people like this.

No. 243821

I’m a lead artist for an indie vn group for 2~ years and the games they release are free but the writing is top-tier with a lot of work being put into it.

I love VNs and it’s one of my life’s aspirations to make art for them but it’s a pain in the ass to find people that you’re cool with and keeping the momentum until the finished product. I have no desire to be part of the game industry personally but it’s very rewarding to be part of a team that loves the medium and the work they put into it.

No. 243900

Good for you, anon! I'm an indie dev and I agree, I wouldn't work in games if it came down to working in a company. I think that working in a group of 5 or smaller is what keeps it fun. I worked alone for the beginning of my journey and now collaborate with a couple other people for help with music and art, and I really like it.

No. 257644

How do you guys make a living in the indie scene? I'm a game designer for AAA studio but nonas im so tired of men. I can go solo since I can program and art but idk, I don't know if I wanna be in this industry anymore. I wish I had the money to not work and make games for fun rather than income.

No. 258005

I'm not in the scene myself but from observing other women who are, it's super hard to make a living and most do it as a passion project or hobby. it helps if you are good at different skills because then you can rely more on yourself - ie art, programming, voice acting, making soundtracks, marketing, etc. if you have any good game ideas you might have some luck making a demo and then creating a kickstarter to try and fund the full game? depends how ambitious and how much of a risk taker you are I suppose

No. 258006

omg I desperately needed this thread. I've joined several groups for women in games that have slowly transformed into "gender minorities in games" I'm so tired there are so many men in these groups and not just tims but men with full on beards proclaiming they are "they/thems"

No. 269407

File: 1674076029751.jpg (58.66 KB, 714x960, 116016352_2733801496946052_796…)

i'm so late to this thread but i hope that people are still about for it!

i'm currently between jobs (the gamedev job market sucks atm) so i'm working on a tiny lil PS1 inspired horror atm (very original i know)

are there any groups/discords etc for women in games that aren't super… political? i know that's not the right term but i just wanna find a place to chat about this sorta stuff & bounce off ideas without it getting all messy :')(:'))

No. 285971

Like this nona >>242920 I'm also making a Ren'Py game, though mine is going to be a dating simulator. It's not meant to be anything too ambitious or complex, just intended as a sort of "practice" project for bigger and better stuff. I chose an adult otome dating sim because all the Japanese R18 otomes, save for a couple of extremely niche doujin games, feature the female protagonist being raped or abused, and the really good ones are all-ages, among other issues I have with them. In other words, I realized that I hate most otome games despite me claiming for years that I love the genre, so I want to bring a bit more variety to it.

I started playing around with Ren'Py when I was a teenager, and tried to make some VNs with very basic features, but never finished a single project. Now that I'm more familiar with programming languages in general, I'm finding it very easy to learn new stuff, and even solve some problems myself with OOP, which I love because it provides efficient and elegant solutions that involve reusable code, instead of having to copy-paste everything and make your code 2 times longer than needed. Python is not as hard as I thought, I'm learning the basic stuff through tutorials and my own experimenting. It's mostly been fun and not as frustrating as expected, learning a bit of programming beforehand really helps. I've made more progress in less than a month than my past self did in years.

This experience has taught me that the key to completing a project is breaking it down into the core mechanics and breaking those down into steps, as well as avoiding feature creep, cutting corners as necessary, and designing a clear, basic idea of what's really essential to focus on from the beginning, setting small goals, etc. It helps that the story isn't important in this genre, it's all about the characters. While I work on the program and its essential features, I'm writing ideas for locations, story, dialogue, character development, events, etc. and creating concept art for when I eventually make the graphics on PC. The only thing I don't think I can handle myself is the music, but if I try composing a track and it doesn't suck, I might make all the soundtrack myself, kek (otherwise I'll just have to find appropriate free music, which is going to be hard because I'm extra picky). Once I finish coding all the features in I can finally start writing and drawing.

I think I might actually finish this game and release it, I'm so excited. Even if it doesn't get a lot of publicity it'd be so fulfilling if only a couple of people liked it. I might release it on itch.io as pay-what-you-want and if all goes well, add new characters and features. But for now, it's only going to last 2 in-game weeks or a month, and have one or two love interests.

After this dating sim, I want to try making a TRPG/SRPG.

>it was fun as fuck, but it wasn't much animation. More like characters moving/walking and backgrounds scrolling past them, mouth movements and such. Not much, but it was satisfying to see it when the scenes started.
Yeah, that's one of the things that keep me motivated too. Seeing your ideas come to life whether it's in the form of animation or as a program that works, it just feels awesome when you see it in action. I remember the first time I added blinking and lip sync to my characters in Ren'Py, it blew my mind, kek. That's why I never get tired of testing my game every time I add something.

IDK if you're still around or still need an answer, but I believe it's generally recommended to first choose a game engine oriented towards the kind of game you wanna make (better yet, if it has good documentation and an active community), and then learn whatever language it uses. Some game engines even use JavaScript, and others use Python, which is easy to pick up if you already know the former. A lot of engines use C++ and/or C#, but again, only learn a new language if necessary, I don't recommend wasting time learning something you're not gonna use yet vs. learning what you actually need right now.

No. 295954

Hey, nonna! At least you weren't as late to the thread as me!
Maybe "PS1 horror game" isn't as unique or whatever, but trying to find a brand new idea is stupid anyways. I'm super interested in your game! How is work on it going?
I'm glad you wrote up your experience with Python! I was nervous about learning it, but you made me feel so much better. I'm mostly web/server oriented right now, but I told myself I would start Python this month no matter what. It's supposedly one of the easier languages to learn. Everyone says learning to program in new languages gets easier the more languages you already know, and since I need to learn C++/C# eventually… Python. You should come back and update us on your progress towards releasing your game!

Here's hoping bumping the thread also revives it. Come talk, nonnas! You don't need to be an expert, just have an interest!

No. 296035

I'm the renpy anon you mentioned and I'm glad there are other women working with renpy and especially making a dating sim, because most of the ones going around are either cringy enby bullshit or straight up moidy porn games.
You also mentioned making music and that's what I would like to start doing too at this point (I'm focusing on completing a demo first, and the only things left to do are a bit of writing and music). What would you recommend to someone who doesn't know how to use "composing" programs? I think I could make a few nice songs but I just don't know what tools to use and how to use them.

No. 296049

NAYRT but what do you mean by composing programs? If you're talking about DAWs, the only real answer is that you have to pick one unless you can live record some instruments or commission someone. Picking one is entirely dependent on what kind of game you're making. If you're making a cute game, especially a pixel game, you can't go wrong with beepbox/jummbox. Otherwise, your best bet is to fuck around in FL or Ableton. It can look really intimidating at first but it gets easier with time. FL is good for beginners and is good at making songs really quickly, but Ableton is better at making fuller sounding songs, if that makes any difference to you/any other anon.

I don't know much outside of basic music theory but I've practiced in FL for half a year and I'd say I can make some simple, decent songs. If any anon is interested, I'd be down to make soundtracks for you, although I can't guarantee Hans Zimmer quality kek. Also unrelated, but what happened to the female gamedev Discord server? I'd love for that to make a comeback.

No. 296078

Omg anon thank you for telling me about Beepbox/Jummbox! The game I'm making has pixel graphics so this kind of music is perfect, I'll have fun playing with it for a while kek. I checked out FL too and it looks a lot more complex and it's also an expensive program (I'm sure you can crack it but I'm not good with that) so I'll probably settle for simpler stuff. But thank you so much again!!

No. 296430

Sorry if this creator is nonbinary but I believe it's a woman. One of my favorite artists, nekozneko has been developing a game called Roza Kopriva for quite a long time now and I think it looks pretty cool and interesting. I really love her art style, character designs and pastel aesthetic. I hope one day to see this game come to light.

No. 296620

Should we create a discord for women by women? I do not want to see a single tranny. There are no such thing as a tranniless game dev discord channel.

No. 296634

I would join but only if there's voice verification or something

No. 296635

that sounds interesting, can it be for tech/coding as a whole? i would love a terf-adjacent discord for women into tech and stuff

No. 296636

I've heard of a women's gamedev discord from somewhere else. Unfortunately I don't know where to find it, but it did sound like it was for actual women only.

No. 296639

Is it ok to post here as an artist? I've been trying to build my portfolio and join in with various projects but every time I've tried arranging a game jam with friends they've lost interest immediately and when I've tried advertising on the forums I've had a bunch of scrotes contacting me with either coomer shit or derivative bland concepts. I've managed to find a team to work with for now but I'm nervous about what I'll do after we finish this game.

No. 296707

How would you verify it? It would be a good idea but it would eventually attract trannies. Personally I don't really want to show my face or voice, and they can be faked anyway.

No. 296719

Sounds like a great idea! We can have different channels dedicated for tech fields, but in the early stage it's not a necessary.
I'd probably do like what the LC forums did previously, and just voice activate. I understand your issues, but I really don't want trannies and I can't think of anything else.
Besides, trannies never shut the fuck up about coom shit/trannies shit, most will reveal themselves anyway.

No. 296819

so glad this thread was revived! I'm in my final year of a CS degree and am planning to start working on a game this summer as a personal project. For those who have made games before, how do you go about getting art? I'm really bad a digital art myself and it's caused me to stop working on all of my previous because they're so ugly lol. I've asked a few times online to see if any artists want to collaborate and always get yelled at for "not paying artists for their work"

No. 296859

Well if you want to commission an artist you're going to have to pay them, and it's often very pricy, especially if you want fully rendered backgrounds and a good amount of assets. Very few artist are willing to work on a game without being paid. Same for music or additional programmers.

No. 296885

Take it from me you WILL want to do voice verification at minimum. It’s not worth catering to people’s shyness when the risk is trannies ruining the entire server. It’s not foolproof but it raises the barrier to entry, always do it over call because live voice changes still have delays and quality issues and don’t take shitty edited recordings.

No. 296958

NTA but would something like a voice call interview/introduction prevent moids from paying random women/getting their female relatives or girlfriends to do the voice verification for them? Some questions I had in mind are
>programming experience/field
>reasons for getting into programming/game dev
>personal projects (finished, as well as planned)
>hobbies (and ask to elaborate about random things)
This would probably make it easy to filter out scrotes later on if they somehow managed to get a woman to get voice verified for them.

No. 296967

NTAYRT but that questionnaire sounds good. How anons have found LC should be added too though, imo. Also I agree with the other anon, voice verification is a must.
I won't be able to start this server but I'd be willing to help moderate it if that's a concern. I hope something actually comes of this, as it'd be great to have a female-only space to discuss programming and games. I'm so sick of males.

No. 296974

I'm on board with the questions & verification! As long as it doesn't allow beginners/noobs out of it! I'd like it to be for everyone.
Not sure if the questioniare will stir moids away, but it's a nice conversation starter

No. 297026

AYRT yeah the goal of the introduction is to filter out, not noobs, but moids. Just to make sure what you say when verifying lines up with what you say later in chat (to make sure someone is being honest and not just a moid who gave a script to a woman during the interview, it's pretty hard to fake a backstory on the spot and keep up with it later)
You could even change up the questions a little for everyone so it's even harder for scrotes to lie

No. 304281

Sorry to necro, but is anyone actually going to make the server? I want desperately to collaborate with some women, as I have a very strong concept for a game but I'm not sure I can handle it alone.

No. 304339

I second this, I'd love to see a server. I'm not the most skilled, but I'd love to help.

No. 304341

I’ve been learning unity for a while because the internet told me it’s friendlier for beginners and non-programmers since it uses c# but lately I noticed a number of artists and non-programmers using unreal because of visual scripting
It’s left me feeling so confused
I know that the important thing is actually completing the damn game/project

No. 304342

Someone will have to make it and find a way to invite women in
I think the main challenge will be keeping it on topic

No. 304376

AYRT. I'm not capable of hosting a server, but I'm leaving my email in the field if anyone wants to reach out by any chance. It's a shot in the dark, but I've got an idea for a dark fantasy pixel RPG and I'd love some help with art assets or programming (I can do one or the other, just not both out of fear of burn out.) Hope this isn't against the rules, I'm just desperate.

No. 304396

So I really suggest against unreal. Although it usually tends to be more visually stunning than unity, overall, it is much much more buggy than unity. I've done some software development, and I watch a lot of game demos from indie devs… A big problem with unreal is you may have a game using unreal that works fine on your computer, you go to export the game and have someone test it on their computer, and it's a buggy mess, almost unplayable. Unity has a lot more support to prevent and work through these issues. Unreal also seems to cause a lot of frame rate issues, unless you know how to really optimize your games, and you know how some OS works.
Not that unity's perfect but as a tech fag I have some issues with unreal.

No. 304964

I mean, I can make a server on discord. I just need to know how to share the link. It feels a little risky sharing it directly to this thread. Also I'm not the best at clocking troons, sadly.

No. 304985

the best way would be to have people email you, then ask for their discord and voice verify before sending a link.

No. 304986

Okay, that sounds doable and smart. I am going to sleep so I will check in the morning and make the server.

No. 305060

Alright, I've made the server, just email me your discords and we can voice verify. It'll also verify me in the process, unless there's some other way to verify myself. russkel @ proton . me

No. 305067

how long will you keep the email open for? I'd really like to join, but I have nothing to contribute right now and I was thinking I'd join later on when I have gained some experience
for now, best of luck to all the nonnies starting your collabs!

No. 305070

I don't plan on closing it, so probably until I forget about it. Which will be hard considering I get notifications from it.

No. 305072

I've sent an email! my discord is based off a vegetable! If you need a hand making the channels, I can do that

No. 311289

Anyone else working on games as a hobby while keeping a regular job? I used to dream of being a full time dev for a short time but it feels like my stuff is just too niche to be feasible financially. And like another anon mentioned, I would rather not work in games than work for a company. It feels like I never get enough time to work on my projects and it gets demoralizing seeing other people finish stuff much quicker.

No. 311441

I’m doing that. There’s no industry for game development where I live so it has to be a hobby.
I’m still learning as well so it can’t be a full blown professional thing unless I get super lucky

No. 314376

is the discord still active? Ive sent an email but didnt get a reply

No. 314592

same, maybe it went to spam…

No. 329786

Nonnies how can you tell your game is good/interesting? And how would you go about testers?
I'm making this simple game but obviously I think it needs work, it's my firt time making a game too. I have no friends and I don't know anyone who can give me proper criticism on games. I have an account where I post screenshots from time to time but they get 0 attention so I assume it's not good enough kek. What should I do?

No. 329833

are you involved in any indie game dev communities? i know r*ddit is a cesspool but there are lots of indie dev subreddits as well as r/playtesters for literally that purpose. itch.io is sorta community-ish as well, so i'd try expanding your online presence by taking advantage of as many non-sketchy hosting platforms as you can. if you just have a tumblr/twitter about your game, then it's no wonder you're not getting any engagement, especially if you can't lure in fandom people by clever tagging/posting fan content/etc.

No. 329845

Seconding itch.io. I had friends who could give me feedback when I made my first game, but posting an early build on itch gave me feedback from strangers and they were able to find bugs my friends couldn't. As long as you mark it as an early build people will understand that it isn't a polished product and can offer feedback for you to improve it. (Granted, this all depends on if people find your game page interesting enough to try it.)

No. 329861

Will itch.io be fine with a very female-gazey game? Afaik it's pretty male-centric so I wouldn't want to be dogpiled or ignored for those reasons. And would you be fine with strangers possibly being able to look through your code and files?

No. 329956

Itch does have a female user base as well, or at least people who can appreciate more "feminine" games but it depends on your content I suppose. It's very tranny infested as well so as long as your game isn't offensive to them I think you'll be fine. My own stuff is made from a female perspective (no weird moidy content, female protag, a few cute male characters) and people have enjoyed it well enough. You run the risk of people not trying your game due to disinterest more than people hating on it. But if your visuals are eye-catching then you likely won't get ignored necessarily.

I haven't made my code/files publicly available, nor am I sure if I would want to. I'm not super knowledgeable about computer stuff (I only know enough coding to make a game that runs really) so I'm not sure what the ramifications of that could be. It's probably mostly a big deal if you're worried about people using your work without you authorizing it but I don't expect that's a huge risk.

No. 345461

Sorry to necro, but is the discord server still active? I was in the middle of working on a project with my moid friend but he had to drop it all of a sudden, and I need a new programmer but I'm really uncomfortable with asking some random scrote for help. I'm fine with voice verifying.

No. 369055

>want to make a harvest moon stardew valley type game
>only know rpg maker
And now I've chose to make it in renpy of all things because I found tutorials for it and hope it won't lag like rpg maker did.
But I'm still stuck in the hard part of writing the script because romancing waifus/husbandos is the biggest part of the game for me.

No. 369067

I'm not making a stardew valley type of game but I am making a game in renpy and the writing is the most difficult aspect for me. I'm a retard irl and I'm not good at talking so obviously I don't know how dialogues work kek

No. 369085

I even tried ai but it can't give me exactly what I'm looking for and I know if I tried it would get me there but I just can't start

No. 369089

I'd start with some dating sim tutorials (tweaking them for your needs ofc) for renpy and then begin building the overworld/minigames from there. Imo renpy is superior for using variables for social games, while rpgmaker can do the same things with a bit of work, and much simpler overworld programming.

No. 369124

There's farming plugins for Rpg Maker MV or MZ yknow
No plugins for writing romance though

No. 369222

Damn… RPG Maker sounds way easier for this nonna. Not sure how you'd make a farming sim in Ren'Py.
There was actually a Harvest Moon clone on RPG Maker, called "World's Dawn", but I haven't played it myself. I think it should be possible to decompile it and study it yourself, might be useful if you're proficient in RPG Maker.

I'd suggest to just copy and mix from stuff you like/find cool and then spice it up with your own sensibilities.
Use AI to fix your grammar or reword sentences, although you'd still have to judge results yourself.

No. 369428

File: 1712710598516.png (7.6 KB, 301x73, LoveInterestLineUpHeroMaker.pn…)

I'm working on a game that's like Princess Maker but instead of princess or scullery maid it's a superheroes or supervillian but you can still end up a whore. I made art of the love interests, each in costume ans civilian mode.
Left to right:
Rich prep school boy Villian civilian, Villian outfit, The Normie, Sidekick satyr, Cripple Sidekick civilian, Good boy Hero civilian, Hero magical boy, Minion civilian from the streets, Minion transformed

No. 369434

very cute

No. 369435

This looks adorable, I kind of like the idea of romancing the crippled sidekick.

No. 369437

The minion's civilian outfit is so cute

No. 369440

i would play the fuck out of this

No. 369441

Cutest pixel characters ever, please design more and post them here I NEED to see more and also hear all about them

No. 369770

File: 1712859997772.gif (2.8 KB, 52x77, Sprites10.gif)

Thank you! I actually lost an external hard drive last year that had the game files so I had to remake most everything. Thankfully my sister had some art of the rivals I sent her 3 years ago. But then I found the tutorial script explaining the mechanics and some old draft notes on my Google docs and the art sprites hiding in some folders of my Dropbox.
Pic related is the player character for a "failed chores" animation. It's not a customizable character it's more you have the set character and can customize her future as a hero, villian, or normie.
I'm also going to redesign the rivals.

No. 369773

I’m planning to use gamemaker to make a platformer, one of the mechanics I want to include is 0 gravity and the accompanying weightlessness/directional drifting that comes with those environments. Does anyone know any 2d games with a similar mechanic that I could check out? I want to see how it would function and inform puzzle design before I commit.

No. 369775

This is super good and cute anon, it's always such a pleasure to see other farmers making pixel art and including it in a game. Please do post more if you feel like you can (I'd understand being scared of being outed as a farmer though).

No. 369781

How 0 gravity are we talking here? Is it just like the old old game Asteroids where the player keeps moving in a direction you sent it until it bounces or you change direction? Or just moon gravity like i think Celeste was?

No. 369784

Yes, like asteroids! Do you know any games like that where it’s the player just drifting?

No. 369787

I think something like Active Neurons may be similar? You push a box in one direction and it keeps going that way at a fixed speed until it hits an obstacle.

No. 369788

Thank you, that sounds like what I’m looking for.

No. 371088

Why isn't there something like RPGMaker but with sidescroller fighting games?

No. 371529

Finally took the plunge and started putting together a little demo in Ren'Py. It's very short and simple, I just wanted to try to cram as many beginner level features as possible in one project. I'm feeling a little stuck at the moment, though. Is there anything you wish you'd learned earlier about using Ren'Py?

I can't believe there isn't already something like this, actually. There has to be some way to make a simple framework that would allow users to plug in their roster of fighters, stats, etc. I wonder if RPGMaker itself could be used in this way?

No. 371530

>fighting games

No. 371543

There’s also Pixel Game Maker, but it’s kind of buggy and the UI is extremely ass.

No. 371578

Ikemen Go
Fighter Maker
Linear motion battle system and Chrono Engine plugins for RPG Maker MV can both make something similar to a side scrolling fighter but imo it's pretty jank and never feels quite like a polished fighter
But I've also seen one person make a whole platformer/fighter/beat em up? with just RPG Maker VX and custom scripts, vidrel, so maybe with enough dedication it could work out

No. 371802

I recently watched this Super Eyepatch Wolf video about fake games and the book Vermis thats a fake game guide actually inspired me to be more creative with my game idea.
I've had so many game ideas over the years but never finished any of them, despite keeping them simple enough to realistic achive but I realized listening to that video that if I were to try and take any of those unmade game ideas and turn them into a strategy guide artbook I wouldn't be able to because I always kept trying to get the game mechanics done first before delving too deep into the art.
This time im choosing art first. I'm going to go out there and make my game art so even if I can't assemble it in engine I can at least share the idea.

No. 380541

File: 1715521156940.jpg (316.88 KB, 1005x743, 1000007252.jpg)

I'm in the middle of drawing more sprites for my game, but during a family get together I got into my nephew's pearler beads.
Based on my pace so far the art is going to take forever but if I keep going it'll get done eventually.

No. 380550

what engine are you using nonnies? i am learning godot

No. 380551

I was in the process of learning godot and renpy but school got in the way for a while. Hopefully I'll have more time once finals are done.

No. 382004

Renpy, because I'm crazy and hoping it won't lag on the simple stuff I want do. I wasusing rpg maker mv/whatever the newer ones were but the lag made me drop it and I didn't want to learn Godot

No. 382044

>want to add an actual trf radfem anti troon character in game
>want to actually sell it in public like steam
Is it possible to sell a censored version on steam and have an uncensored patch dlc avalible elsewhere? I could probably throw in some other things like blood, lewdity, and violence in the uncensored version but I just want to sell at least some copies before it gets taken down by the trans agenda

No. 382045

>sell censored version with uncensored patch elsewhere
This is definitely possible. A lot of Japanese eroge games do this as a safeguard because Steam is weird when it comes to censorship. Usually the patch is available on the publisher's site or a porn site like Nutaku, F95zone, etc if it's a porn game

No. 382047

Is renpy easy to learn for someone who's never coded before?

No. 382078

its a decent entry point, python is a good beginner langauge and renpy helps dip your toes in

No. 382209

I'm going on YouTube tutorials for anything more than basic visual novel stuff the built in tutorials teach

No. 382598

Hey nonnies, I'm trying to pursue gamedev as of late, but the problem is that I can't code. My only option is to "handle the art" side of the game I want to create. Could anyone here give their experiences on how they started as beginners?
Also, I'm guessing you should probably make connections - so, where is the best place to find people who can hopefully help with your project? At least for free/cheaper

No. 382796

Start with a simple visual novel in any engine. If you really get stuck make your trial game an adaptation of a public domain book or play.
Just make Romeo and Juliet as a visual novel in Ren'py or RPG Maker or Visual Novel Maker so you can wet your feet and then think bigger and focus on having fun with art first.

No. 384037

File: 1716140045563.jpg (316.02 KB, 1599x913, 1000007480.jpg)

There's two game jams, otome and josei and I'm going to make a basic demo of the closet mechanic for it.
I'm going to have it be how the player chooses their outfit for each daily task they schedule out. In the game jam version it's just a
>choose outfit for date
Game with some fluff before and after.
The final game will also have a different date thing but that's a ways away. The final game is a princess maker with superheroes, but the closet dress up game won't have any mention because that's a little too much for essentially a tech demo.

No. 384079

My best tips are
>start with the game/story you can afford to make the most mistakes on
If you start with your dream game for your first project and it ends up trash, you'll be demotivated to finish any other game in the future
>start with easy, low-end programs like godot, RPG maker or renpy
Lightweight programs with lots of tutorials and plugins will help speed things up when you don't really know your way around coding. Avoid unity and unreal engine for first-time projects. Unity is good with lots of tutorials, but as an artist too, I didn't want to have to code that much. For unreal, it's really easy to use, not a lot of tutorials though, and the amount of space it takes up is crazy. Will also give you the "look of a cheap AAA game" whether you want it or not
>itch.io game jams will help you build connections and make actual games
They will help you get connections with other indies and will give you experience in working on a game in a group. You'll also be able to realize what you really like to do when working on a game, or find people who will literally code your game for you. I've met coders, musicians, voice acting companies, etc. all through game jams on itch.
>accept criticism
I was upset because I didn't want anyone to play my game because I knew it was trash kek but you'll have to live with the fact that your first game likely wont be an indie hit. If it makes you feel better, I found out my first game got uploaded to the VNDB and it had been secured in history as mid.

No. 384357

I wanna know nonnies, is RPG Maker VX good? A friend gifted it to me but I haven't tried it yet. I don't know anything about coding and I'm more of an artist than anything but I wanna try game development one day, is this engine that I have worth it?

No. 384363

VX is the easiest version of RPGmaker to use next to the latest version, it was one of the first engines I tried and its good for making a small starter game. If you want it to be something unique you have to innovate tho, the engine is very limited. If you want to make something beyond what it can do I would learn smth else, but if you just want to make stuff like yume nikki art games, its just fine at what it does.

No. 384402

Thanks nonna, I also wanna know something: is there a reason why I can't find VX tutorials on YouTube? I only see VX Ace tutorials, I find it very frustrating. What's the difference between those two?

No. 384408

i believe the biggest difference is that vx ace added battle backgrounds and added loading multiple tilesets per map to allow for more map decoration diversity, the fandom wiki for rgpmaker also has a good chart that compares all the engines features

No. 384412

adding to say that VX ace tutorials might still work to teach you the baseline since they're the still in the same programming langauge as VX, VX ace was more of small expansion of VX iirc?

No. 384431

It's pretty easy if you want to make a regular vn, though it can make more complex things if you're good with python. Definitely give it a try nona.

No. 387779

File: 1717086688361.png (904.11 KB, 6000x902, Xx8RrI.png)

How do you nonas feel about this developer? She makes small free RPG maker horror games and I just found her randomly by watching gameplay videos. I think the art style is cute and the writing while simple can be pretty heart warming, but some character designs are very strange and the gender special tranny stuff are pretty annoying, like her game "My Neighbor Enide" had a character become a TIM and that genuinely was the scariest part of the game kek. I don't really talk much about gameplay because it's very simple visual novel kinda thing with minimal inputs besides walking.

No. 388052

>got far enough to make the portrait sprites of some characters
>can't post them online because it's kids in "underwear" so I can draw multiple clothes on top
I just don't want to give the pedos a headstart

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