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No. 241903

Post any commission sheets/refs with ridiculous prices and terms (ex. won’t draw x or y for the dumbest reasons), bad artist or overpriced bad art, unprofessionalism, terminally online descriptions, other red flags and etc.

No. 241956

File: 1664049848664.jpg (58.71 KB, 648x900, robaato.jpg)

coomer artists are rarely normal it seems

No. 241971

How is this anything that won't fit into the bad art thread or artist general on /ot/?

No. 241977

omfg this guy. He deserves his own thread. I followed him on twitter for a while because I liked like one drawing he did, and he complained so much and went private for some reason and was always talking shit. Cow coomer artist

No. 241979

shhhh just let the thread exist I promise it won’t hurt you just hide the thread nonnie

No. 242036

it does get a bit annoying to constantly see time and time again the kind of post that says "woah look at this artist charging more than 20 dollars for a piece!! outrageous!1!!1" in the normal threads when the art is passable. hopefully this will work as containment thread for that kind of stuff, idk

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