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File: 1461609433400.jpg (149.57 KB, 1920x1080, 8e35731f-d6bc-4cfc-8c3c-86a53f…)

No. 24147

Seeing as we don't have an official thread and the new season has just started.

Discuss, debate, swap theories, post artwork, post dank spoilers etc.

No. 24148

File: 1461609721454.jpg (161.78 KB, 900x731, 1461596249290.jpg)

I feel like I'm not really all that hyped for this season.
Of course I'm going to watch it religiously anyway, but as a bookfag I am definitely interested in seeing what direction it'll take given that the plot it has now overtaken the actual books.


>giving Ramsay emotions in that first ep


No. 24149

File: 1461610825157.jpg (9.64 KB, 720x462, 1461606124748.jpg)

This got posted to 4chan but idk if it's legit or a shoop.

Inb4 people crying about spoilers, everybody and their dog knows Melly Sanders is going to resurrect Jon.

No. 24150

File: 1461611755144.webm (2.5 MB, 1280x720, 1461608590842.webm)

No. 24151

Melly Sanders lololol
I usually hate when dead characters are resurrected, but not this one. I really hope Jon Snow lives a long life in this show, since he's one character that I genuinely like from the start.

No. 24152

I hate the show now tbh.
The first season was alright but I just can't get anywhere near as into the show as I did the books. Idk what it is.

No. 24153

File: 1461664812326.png (59.33 KB, 246x251, 1455499475807.png)

The first season was very close the the books but they seem to have changed a lot of shit just for the sake of it, even before they ran out of books to script from.
I was so fucked off we didn't see Lady Stoneheart's story or Tyrion's magical boat journey through all the sunkern ancient cities.
Hardholme was a huge duissapointment too, so damn creepy with the screaming cliffs behind the town, thing's moving in the water and slavers coming and taking the wildling women and children, pretending they're rescuing them? lolno, whitewalkers immediately, so skary.

No. 24154

The story is void of urgency. Characters are introduced then killed off for shock factor and muh realism. Rinse and repeat. It's a fucking soap opera with swords.

No. 24155


You're on D&D's wild ride. At this point I've made the mental separation that I'm not watching ASOIAF, I'm watching GoT. The books can afford to be more intricate and take their time. GoT can't, so they're just winging it at this point.

No. 24156

At this point the Sand Snakes are like watching your least favorite lolcow trying to @PT or something. You can feel the cringe moments before they enter the scene.

No. 24157

I've really been enjoying Alt Shift X on youtube, he has some serious skill tying up hints and loose threads in the series, both in the books and in the show.

No. 24158

Jon = ice.
Daenerys = fire.

Jon snow is not the son of Eddard Stark, but rather being the son born as a result of the coupling between the "assumed" abducted Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Eddard continues to refer to Jon as a Stark because he is half-Stark.
As Lyanna's dying wish she pleaded with her brother to take in Jon and protect his lineage, knowing that the Baratheons would come for him otherwise, i.e. "Promise me, Ned".

Daenerys is the daughter of Aerys Targaryen, Jon the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, making Daenerys his aunt.

Targaryens have traditionally coupled within their family lines for thousands of years.

Jon and Daenerys r goin' 2 shag m8 and rule the land = A Song of Ice and Fire.

I know this was figured out literally eons ago but thought I'd distribute it here anyway.

No. 24159

As someone who hasn't followed the fandom for either this makes a lot of sense to me. Especially since I think it's obvious HBO's pushed Daenerys and Jon to be favorites.

It also makes me wonder if this is their nod to ADWD where Dany's actual nephew Aegon who was originally supposed to meet up with her back in Slaver's Bay to take her as his bride.

No. 24160

If that's actually Aegon and not one of Varys' pawns for his purpose. It was kind of mysterious and chances are at the current pace of Martin's output we'll never know for sure.

No. 24161

Showfags: the thread.

No. 24162


We've all read the books faggot.
Go start a hipster "I lieked it b4 it wuz kool!" thread. You're not special.

No. 24163

I never said I was, you dumb cunt. But if you still watch that piece of garbage, I have no respect for you. It's basically going to a dog's ass and expecting it not to smell like shit. Get over yourself and your shit taste, and learn from your mistakes. For fuck's sake, complaining about the show here and still watching is pathetic, and sharing stupid theories that even the most stupid 14 year old faggot who watches this now is retarded.
But keep watching that shit, maybe that way you'll have a something to talk about at work with your colleagues instead of hiding in a corner being an autistic dumbass.

No. 24164

File: 1461768550494.jpg (28.35 KB, 300x381, gQ9Ft6n.jpg)


Shoo, no one wants to talk to you here.

No. 24165

File: 1463613530178.jpg (45.94 KB, 630x315, cleganebowl-hound-and-mountain…)

I've heard whispers that Jaime is going to kill Cersei at the end of this season, and that Sandor will make a reappearance as the Gravedigger and will finally fight UnGregor as the chosen champion in a Trial by Combat (UnGregor will fight for the crown, Sandor for the Faith of the Seven).

No. 24166

File: 1463613841957.jpg (120.6 KB, 1368x913, img_8422.jpg)


No. 24167

My hate-boner for Ramsay has never been stronger.

No. 24168

I still believe that Stannis is going to come back.

No. 24169


They had a farewell party for the actor. I'm sorry Anon.

No. 24170

>killing off side characters for forced drama
>the people doing the killing have no one objecting
>none of dorne is bothered
>none of dornes vassals
>roose it loose is silenced
>no one cares
>fat walda isnt stopped by any of the freys
>shirtless ramsay takes off his shirt and gets away with his perfect plan
>muh dragons wins again

This season is getting to be a real shit show tbh, its gone from grey to straight up good guys and baddies.

they keep killing off side characters to seem shocking and anyone can die but thats not the point of the show, and the show watchers arent gonna remember who is who anyways.

>If Jon drinks water does it shoot out of his chest?

No. 24171

Yes! The one true king lives!

No. 24172

I can remember reading GoT years ago. Back in 06. Very few female fans back then.

No. 24173

You need to let him go

No. 24174

i want baelish to win, best character imo, but the show is a trainwreck.

No. 24175


No. 24176


Next episode of GoT leaked early. HBO accidentally leaked it themselves after posting it online early kek






No. 24177

Masie who plays Ariya has such a punchable face

I don't find Sanca pretty

I wish Dragon bitch smiled more

I want to fuck John Snow

No. 24178

File: 1463943139682.png (465.6 KB, 894x492, 1430127908-url-o.png)

>"he said the same thing he'd been saying for hours, "burn them all".

Aerys Targaryen confirmed for actually having been driven mad by the whisperings the The 3-eyed Crow.

No. 24179

Am I the only one who finds snow overly tedious? I can't handle the whole "boo hoo bastard child now I'm the bossman but I don't wanna be becus my gf ded an betrayal hurt my feels an I just wanna be ded"
His face is nice enough to make up for it I guess.

No. 24180

why wasnt his name "hodador?

No. 24181


Because it's pronounced Ho-D'Or, not Hoddor.

No. 24182

To make it less convoluted

>brans sneaks back to watch his younger father again

>see's hordor struggling with a wild horse
>shouts as the horse free's itself
>distracting hordor and hearing bran shout
>hit to his head and falls hearing hordor shouted by bran

there ya go

plus the wights are gonna catch up unless they get rescued , they are literally less than half a mile ahead of them now

No. 24183

Man Jon/Sansa is going to suck when D&D make it happen. OOC mess

No. 24184


A guy that worked on the production have confirmed that they Bran and Meera are rescued by Benjen Stark, who proceeds to guide them to the wall. At first I was a bit sketchy about whether or not he was legit, but every thing he said about the most recent episode turned out to be true, so if you're interested, spoilers inc.

Davos comes across Stannis' old camp near Longlake, where Shireen was sacrificed. He discovers the remnants of the wooden stag-figure he made for her and confronts Melisandre. She admits to sacrificing her on a pyre.

Jon and Sansa go to war against Ramsay, A.K.A Bastardbowl. Ramsay sets Rickon loose across the field and allows him to run towards Jon, firing arrows haphazardly in his direction. Just as he reaches Jon, Ramsay looses one for real. It pierces Rickon and he dies in Jon's arms. Ramsay is subsequently captured and imprisoned.

Arya eventually decides against poisoning the actress and instead attempts to flee. Jaqen H'ghar orders Arya's death and sends the Waif after her, whom Arya fights and manages to kill.

The Brotherhood Without Banners is no more. The remnants, led by Thoros of Myr are basically "thieves of the highway" in the Riverlands. Ian McShane's former knight-turned priest character (along w. several other people) are ambushed by the "Brotherhood"-remnants. One of the men accompanying Ian's character is The Hound. Not sure if Ian McShane's character is killed, but several others in their company are killed by the Brotherhood, and the Hound is forced to fight them. He battles Thoros of Myr 1 on 1, and wins.

Cersei's request for a trial by combat is rejected by The Faith, however Cersei does set UnGregor on a bunch of sparrows, including Septa Unella (Shame. Shame. Shame), whom he proceeds to "have his way with". Qyburn kills Grand Maester Pycelle.

Jamie organises a coup on The Faith, however upon arriving at the steps of the faith with an army, Tommen and Margaery appear bearing the the symbol of The Faith on their garments as they have sided with The High Sparrow.

In the Riverlands, Brienne and Pod arrives in Jamie's camp. Bronn surprises Pod by "strangling" him as his way of saying hello. Brienne and Jamie have a discussion in Jamie's tent. He doesn't like that she is siding with the Tullys, while she explains the situation in the North, however Jamie refuses to believe in the Others, and explains that he has been sent to deal with the Tullys, not the Boltons. Not his problem etc.
Brienne goes inside Riverrun to meet with the Blackfish. Jamie forces Edmure Tully to surrender Riverrun, as he is the lord, not the Blackfish. Blackfish shoots arrows after the Lannisters. A battle ensues inside Riverrun, and Brienne is barely able to escape. The Blackfish is presumably killed off-screen

At the end of the season Tommen dies after throwing himself out of a window of The Red Keep. The why was never elaborated on, but it's intended to parallel what Jamie and Cersei did to Bran.

No. 24185


It was actually supposed to be:

>Bran is enduring the vision at Winterfell, and a young Hodor catches his attention

>Bran is unaware that in the present his party is under attack by the Others and their wights
>he hears an echo of Meera screaming "Bran! Warg into Hodor! You have to warg into Hodor!
>Brinden Rivers/The 3-Eyed Raven is murdered by an other, and upon having his corporeal form dissipate in the vision, it appears that Bran is now visible to past-Hodor, who turns and stares at him
>as Hodor is staring at Bran, the echoes of Meera's screams of "Hold the door! Hold the door!" echo through that reality
>some kind of connection is established, and Hodor of the past experiences Hodor of the present's death (his own death), and falls to the ground in an apparent seizure
>his mind is completely destroyed by the experience, leaving behind only the echo of the last thing he heard in the present (Holy the door>Hodor)

It was a bit vague, but I think that was the intention.

No. 24186

I wanted jamie to have his redemption arc in riverun, maybe palling around with bronn.

He ignores cersai, seems to be the opposite for the show

No. 24187

i think benjin is gonna save them.

No. 24188

he's not nearly as tedious as jorah.

No. 24189

I hate these perpetual unwilling hero characters.

No. 24190

so, since the recent season is over, can we revive this thread?

anyone interested in discussing stuff?

No. 24191

File: 1504011765571.jpg (40.63 KB, 1024x576, 64007539.jpg)

No. 24192

This show is absolute garbage typical network television trope bullshit since it passed up the books. Fuck the producers of this trash.

No. 24193

I loved the books. I feel like the show is too predictable now. Jaime is still my favorite, in the books and the show. They tweaked him quite a bit but his attitude at the end of this last episode was more akin to his characterization in the books.

And the actor is ridiculously hot.

No. 24194

It was bad. Not even hilariously bad like the last season, just straight up horrible. I also noticed they reused old parts of dialogues multiple times.

No. 24195

Care to give some examples?
I agree it wasn't as disastrous as the previous 2 seasons(been meaning to rewatch them for quite some time but just can't stomach it due to how fucken cringeworthy it got), few satisfying moments but it still fails to keep it as tight as season 1 and 2 was. Shame

No. 24196

File: 1504061706549.gif (2.59 MB, 400x264, ;3.gif)

Wasn't the worst thing ever, although the pacing and dialogue this season was hilariously bad. At this point I'm only watching to see fate of best boy (pic related).

No. 24197

I lmaoed when he got superpowers after getting kicked in the nuts "nuts

No. 24198

Gonna reply here to not derail the other thread:
>went off to fuck a 14/15 year old because his wife would literally die giving birth to a child to fulfill a prophecy he spent his entire life obsessing over
>annulled his marriage, destroying relations with Dorne if the Targs ever survived RR, rendered his two older kids bastards
Show-canon probably diverges and simplifies him into a sweet dude, though. I'm actually more pissed that he's ugly as hell and they just dumped Viserys's ratty ass wig on him. Really ruined the grandiosity of pre-Robert's Rebellion's lore, imo.

Also, RIP Varys's importance now that the Griff arc was snuffed out. My poor perfumed eunuch.

I haven't read the side stories, but I'm nervous of future adaptations of the ASOIAF world. I hope they treat them more like a mini-series so we can get something like GOT S1.

No. 24199

the worst things to happen in the season:
- HOW viserion was killed off
- HOW jon Snow was saved after falling behind
- HOW easy Samwell Tarly counted 1 and 1 together after coincidentally copying a random book in the citadelle
- HOW arya behaves
- that the white walkers are more like zombies from the walking dead now, like thank you, if I wanted to watch the walking fucking dead I wouldve watched the walking fucking dead

It's just all to clear that George R.R. Martin was not involved into developing the story like it was before with everything.

The only good thing about the season was Cersei still being Cersei.

I can even predict the ending of the series in some way or the other.

No. 24200

This season was predictable as fuck - hell, even the shots were - but I enjoyed it. The threat isn't human anymore, it's not about conspiracies, houses or who sits on the throne anymore. Now it's 100% fantasy, next season will be all about fighting White Walkers and wights, who's still alive (not Cersei kek) gets the throne.
It's going to be Tyrion or Jon

No. 24201

I'm so glad we can discuss this here, because I agree with all your points. This season was too Hollywood like and was definitely not like the past seasons that made it good. Even dumb redditors recognize the big changes even tho they are satisfied with it.
I was mostly pissed off about how rushed jonerys. I know they have such little time but they could have added some really close bonding scenes over other scenes that were basically filler. And viserion dying with Daenerys acting calm was retarded. She claims they're her children, yet she cares more about Jon snow. That scene legit reminded me of this single mother I used to know who would drop her kids for her bfs

No. 24202

Sorry for samefagging but yeah I agree it's mostly fantasy now, and all the showfags use this as a defense to all the inconsistencies. It's actually funny because in recent interviews with GRRM he States that he wants a fine line between fantasy and realism with game of thrones and he doesn't want to over do it because it can be overbearing and ruin much of the realism that got captures

No. 24203

>little finger not peacing out when Bran quotes chaos is a ladder back to him

>too many dun dun dun shock moments with smug faces rather than good dialogue

>varys and tyrion became pretty useless for the entire season, selmy died for this

No. 24204

There are a lot of inconsistencies, not gonna deny that. Nowadays whenever I watch GoT I just shut my brain down.

I'd add
-Why did they recast Dickon Tarly only to kill him off in that way? t. Billy Bones lover that was looking forward for naked Tom Hopper
-Samwell didn't react to his father and brother getting roasted alive because he doesn't know yet or…?
And this ones that grinded my gears pretty hard,
-Samwell wasn't fucking paying attention when Gilly was reading about Rhaegar's annulment, he didn't react, interrupted her and gave the book to the kid. Now in 7x07 it turns out he heard it and tells Bran about it?
-Jon's stupid plan of kidnapping a wight to show Cersei when she has an UNDEAD GUARD by her side all the time. The wight being the only one that doesn't fall down when Jon knocks down the White Walker close to him, which causes all the other wights around to fall, all of them BUT one. Daenerys bringing all the three dragons along, I could see one dragon dying in that exact moment. Couldn't D&D think of something smarter, like bringing a freshly dead corpse over the Wall and just wait for it to come back as a wight? But nooo, they just had to give a dragon to the Night King
-Arya and Sansa's plan to frame Littlefinger that was the most predictable thing of the season next to the NK acquiring a dragon that spits blue fire and knocks down the Wall
-Euron's fleet teleporting and passing through Dragonstone multiple times without getting roasted by dragons

No. 24205

Every time someone has expressed shock at any of the events you just listed, or any other super predictable things once D&D surpassed ASoIaF, I roll my eyes. Maybe I'm just a jaded ass, but this show went from compelling and cool to ridiculously easy to predict "plot twists" and really gimicky "yasssss queen slay" moments.

No. 24206

Thanks for opening my eyes about this season. At first I was like yAaaS it's so good fucking finally but I think it felt like that due to the fact that season 5-6 was absolutely hilariously bad. It sounds hella silly I know but GoT is like my baby that was supposed to become a man but it grew into an autistic neckbeard and it has me forever grieving. I grew my chesthair after all the times I wept from season 1 and 2 + red wedding and now it has turned into this viral mememachine.

No. 24207

>GoT is like my baby that was supposed to become a man but it grew into an autistic neckbeard and it has me forever grieving.
all of this

No. 24208

File: 1505807472623.png (425.75 KB, 800x450, goldenfools.png)

call it a niche but i'll be pissed if these two don't get a last scene together. let them die in each other's arms post-coitus tbh

No. 24209

Why do you guys like this show? It seems everyone I know is watching it. Are you not uncomfortable with all the rape and incest scenes? I personally can't watch media that's designed for the male gaze or is really sexist.

No. 24210

i skip past the sex scenes because i enjoy the characters and storyline–literally the only sex scenes that are detrimental to the show are the twins (just to show they're incestuous) and then the two that banged in the last episode (don't wanna spoil!) other than that, i skip them because they aren't necessary and i hate seeing people make out on tv, lmao.

No. 24211

I liked it more when they were following the books but that's sort of impossible now since Martin doesn't seem to be getting around to finishing the series. The characters and politics are intriguing. Honestly, I don't give a shit about male gaze or medieval sexism. Though I will say the show added more gratuitous sex scenes than were necessary. I guess they had to fill up that time slot a bit. And besides, this last season was way more grrrl power than anything else.

Funny thing is Jon and Dany are incestuous too. I wonder if they'll go the "oh no taboo" route like with Cersei and Jaime or "it's tradition!" since the Targaryens are known to wed their siblings.

No. 24212

related but not siblings, technically.

No. 24213

File: 1554529447204.jpg (55.8 KB, 720x711, hurrr nikolaj.jpg)

what are your predictions for season 8, /ot/?

No. 24214

shouldnt this be moved to /m/?

No. 25054

Let's get some final season predictions coming. Maybe we can make some bingo cards as well.

I usually like to make ridiculous predictions because sometimes they do happen and it's great. Here are some:

>Daenerys has to sacrifice Jon to fulfill the Azor Ahai thing, not the other way around. Probably a zombie Jon that she 1v1s in a sad battle. Also Azor Ahai turns out to be useless.

>They throw the "Dany is barren due to necromancy" thing out the window and we get an incest baby from Jon.
>Cersei doesn't die by the hand of Jaime OR Arya. It'll be someone else.
>The series ends with the death of all monarchs and we get DEMOCRACY, BABY.
>White Walkers win and eradicate all living but at least everyone's finally happy in the endless winter.
>The North gets completely BTFO by white walkers.
>Clegane bowl does happen but nobody cares anymore.
>Sansa is going to be on the verge of yet another rape but will YAS KWEEN out of it this time.
>Jaime will survive longer than most characters.
>Tyrion will get more credit than he is due as he always does.

No. 25117

I have a theory that Arya will be the last Stark standing.

Jon will have to fight an undead Tormund.

The last episode ends with Ned waking up in Winterfell on the first episode, going “Wow, that was a crazy dream”.

No. 25124

File: 1554998322747.jpg (54.64 KB, 731x941, 56622549_851992345133132_42760…)

Let's try it

No. 25160

File: 1555009057205.png (189.85 KB, 731x941, Untitled.png)

a lot of this is wishful thinking.

No. 25165

You killed off all my favorite characters except like one.

No. 25278

just like grrm.

No. 25937

Oh shit lmao

I'm actually pretty hype about this season. I mostly watch it for the cinematography and the cool costuming these days bc the writing is quite bad but I still love the hype and the discussions while it's airing.

I want Jorah to carve a bit of happiness out for himself and I hope Jon & Dany both die. Arya can die too.

No. 25939

Why do you want those characters to die? Jon and Dany are my faves even tho I know it's basic as fuck

Didn't realize people like Jorah…

No. 25952

If Germ can't deliver on the ending guess I'll have to watch the fanfic show.
I just want Dany to be happy with a family all her own and an Arya and Gendry reunion/marriage!!
I'm shipping trash but that's all the show has left for me

No. 25954

They're characters with really boring arcs, lame actors, and they drive the story in an extremely generic direction which is pretty much the opposite of what I want from GoT.

No. 25968

File: 1555294561159.gif (2.13 MB, 500x260, jointunpleasantamericancrayfis…)

this post >>25160 is mine. I want them to die not because I hate them, but I think it would be more satisfying than the straightforward end to the hero's journey we're used to. (harry potter, star wars etc.) Jon and Dany on the show do nothing for me, but in the books Jon is one of my favorites and I quite like Dany. (although her chapters really drag and grrm's skill at writing internal monologues for women isn't as good as it is for men.)

I don't think it's that people like Jorah as a character, they just think the actor is hot. He's a more minor character in the books.

>they drive the story in an extremely generic direction which is pretty much the opposite of what I want from GoT.
Agreed. I think the book and the show are heading for the same destination but via different routes, and I really don't enjoy the way the show is doing things. There's no nuance to it.

No. 25983

I'll admit most of my affection for Jorah is that the actor is qt.

This episode was boring but necessary to get things started. I'm actually quite interested in where Sansa's story will take her next. I found her to be an annoying character at first but her journey has been so rough and forced her to adapt far more than any other character. Every other character kind of kept stubbornly following their truths but Sansa had to change her entire world view to survive. I like that about her. Also Sophie Turner smugly looking down at (wo)manlet Targaryens is everything.

No. 26012

What a disaster. Why can't they write a normal dialogue?
"We don't have who to kill? Let's kill that Umber kid who just appeared! And look, we have Bronn's old ass and boobs, too!"
Jon and Daenarys' scene was just bad. I want to forget about it please.
Sansa is like the only person who actually think - that's weird, and Arya is on her side, which is the best thing about that, because I don't like Her and I was suprised. Everyone is smarter than Jon, anyway.
Too bad Harry doesn't have his elephants, what a shame. (Maybe they're in the same place where Aegon is.)
I feel sad because of Sam, tho. Can Dany just die please. Mad queen is coming.
Bran and Jaimie will be best friends, cant wait. 3/10

No. 26014

Finally someone says it.
I absolutely hate the "heros journey" & "chosen one" trope. I just hope that D&D don't fuck it up
big time like in season 7 and let Jon & Dany die - especially Jon since I had a hate boner for him since the whole cheesy generic R+L=J shit. And Dany is just annoying at this point.

No. 26051

I just hope Brienne survives.

No. 26125

File: 1555351801006.jpg (88.18 KB, 731x941, PicsArt_04-15-12.50.28.jpg)

Is it too late for this? I don't really think anyone will be turned into a white walker, but I guess we'll see? Would be wild if Danaerys was killed and got turned tho. I dislike her. Really wishing the Night King would take the throne, all humanity gone or turned to zombies. That's my ideal ending for this series, tbh.

No. 26175

Theres a high chance either Dany or Jon gets turned imo. It's just so poetic you know!

No. 26226

Please ignore this post if you hate possible spoilers or leaks
I'm hearing on reddit that a well known leaker who's been right for 3 seasons has stated that tyrion will be tried for treason. I'm also hearing shit about him slaughtering people in KL's

This makes me upset if true. Can I also just say about episode 1, Dany is such an insufferable cunt Her story arc is cool and all but she's never been fit to rule. I feel like Darrio is also going to backstab her, idk.

No. 26227

Some would classify Jon as undead, it's more likely for Daenerys to turn.

No. 26228

Ehh, idk that sounds redundant since a trial happened before.
considering he is a fucking dwarf i find it very unlikely that he can actually slaughter a large group of people. maybe a couple kids or women he ambushes but that's about it

No. 26229

I was told it was via wildfire. I don't see any reason for his character to do that though?

No. 26230

Link to the post please?
This also sort of happened with Cersei tho. Maybe he would use it to kill whitewalkers and normal people would get friendly fried?
Don't really believe it, but we will see.

I hope Dany will not turn, she deserves better.

No. 26236

No. 26245

I'm begging, please give me a nice Hound/Sansa reunion

No. 26246

It's seems a like they don't really care about reunions tho. Gendry and Arya were at it again with that boring "dOn't CaLl mE a LaDy!", Bran/Jon/Arya - mehhh. I mean, I was excited for Sansa/Tyrion reunion and everything they did was "oh, you have nice job" and "bitch you're stupid".
Show runners think only about where they can put Jon/Dany and bad CGI dragons scenes

No. 26257

i need some fucking closure there. I liked the little reunion he had with Arya.

No. 26304

I always rather preferred the Hound's potential friendship with Sansa. I feel like that one was more interesting bc the dynamics were more complicated.

No. 26446


No. 26457

File: 1555511873211.jpg (63.11 KB, 1200x674, 1555476630548.jpg)

Bran is based as fuck, I hope he makes it to the end.
>sits and stares creepily, somehow always gets someone to move him so that he can be in different places staring at different people all day and night
>knows everything from past and future but people won't even ask him
>tells main characters to hurry tf up
>probably saw Jon and Dany having sex at the waterfalls, shat himself at the thought of another crazy Targaryen being generated and told Sam to spill the beans to Jon immediately
Next episode:
>The incest, Jaime, I was there
>You were so beautiful

No. 26460

>tells main characters to hurry tf up
that was the best part I love bran
Maybe we'll see him warg into one of the dragons and fight the night king

No. 26464

Ok you made me really appreciate this character.

No. 26509

What about the build a ramp for bran memes

No. 26518

File: 1555537809315.webm (2.97 MB, 960x540, 1555421046335.webm)

No. 26581

File: 1555555366974.jpeg (88.5 KB, 701x761, 502CE853-9419-4697-96F2-CF91AD…)

No. 26613

The Anthropology of Game of Thrones

No. 26626

Post em

No. 26627

I really like Harry Strickland. He didn't do anything and he's probably shit. I mean - they killed some people on ships, which Golden Company wouldn't do - or at least Harry would be angry at Euron - but no. And they don't have Targaryen to stick up too, no reason for them then. But it's the only thing that is conected with book at this point so I don't mind.
He will be dead in 3 episodes.

No. 26876

The third episode is titled the battle of winterfell

No. 27142

I'm waiting for the memes. only

No. 27622

File: 1555922030184.gif (463.32 KB, 200x154, 78340239.gif)

arya finally got the d

No. 27627

I thought I'm gonna puke. No more naked Maise please

No. 27643

File: 1555931870402.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.61 KB, 939x939, eqbrnntp5qt21.jpg)

i come bearing memes

No. 27645

File: 1555931948178.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.9 KB, 960x997, ckx0orwa5qt21.jpg)

No. 27649

File: 1555932312278.jpg (Spoiler Image,847.71 KB, 1125x1602, IX98Q9O.jpg)

No. 27667

I love Podrick so much it hurts

No. 27679


that scene made me feel so weird lol
Fuck guys I like maisie but she looks like quasimodo to me fuckk
The giant story confirmed tormund has a mommy gf fetish

No. 27687

File: 1555939364054.png (758.98 KB, 1024x576, 1504556684573.png)

Whitewalker Bobby B when?

No. 27791

same, podrick has moved up to the coveted position #1 GoT husbando for me. he looked so much better with the new hairstyle this episode

No. 27799

File: 1555970968081.jpeg (98.81 KB, 750x731, AE5CC817-0D7C-4088-A5F9-18157C…)

Guys I’m sorry for being sour but this season is bloody awful so far.

>no chemistry ever between anyone

>generally shit acting
>shit script
>everything is fanservice at this point
>nothing matters
>I miss sean bean

No. 27815

sean bean died so long ago, have you been hatewatching for 7 season? the show has been off the rails since they move passed the books in season 5

No. 27844

File: 1555984093888.jpg (44.38 KB, 788x394, vW4fP7H.jpg)

Some people are tinfoiling that these scars come from the fact this isn't arya, but the waif
What do you think anons?

No. 27854

Arya has had all kinds if injuries over the series. What makes more sense, Arya secretly being the Waif or Arya just having managed to obtain injuries over the several years she was on the run. Why would the Waif take the time to travel to a foreign country, kill Walder Frey and the rest of his family, recognize Hot Pie, make it to he North, know enough about Arya to fool both Sansa, Bran, and Jon. There is no reason for it. Foolish tinhatting by people reading too many Buzzfeed listicles about GoT without putting their braincells together to think about what would actually make sense.

No. 27874

I know anon, and I completely agree. I feel Ned, Baratheons, Catelyn, Tywin, olenna hell even Stannis added more.. quality? and structure to the series. Idk if it’s because they were way better actors then everyone else but everyone is so mediocre now in their performance. Season 1-3 I was on the edge all the time but now it’s like soap-opera tier.

No. 27879

she nearly died from a stabbing a few seasons back, the scars make sense.

No. 27881

I don't know why they killed olena off like that in s7.

No. 27919

>implying Dabid would be capable of such complex writing

No. 27955


i'll never be not salty about the lack of lady stoneheart

No. 27963

The fact that so many important or seemingly important things from the books have been left out of the show but GRRM still says the show's ending will be very close to his vision for the book's ending is pissing me off. What was the point of stuff like the Lord of Light, the Drowned God, Patchface, Stoneheart, and so on? If they're all just going to end up being irrelevant in the grand scheme of things that's mindblowingly lame.

No. 27967

Definitely makes me feel like reading the books was a waste of time.

No. 27986

reading a fat man's fap fiction is always a waste of time. just read the stuff he rips his ideas from.

No. 27987

I have a feeling that show said to us "Theon is Sansa's real love interest and he's gonna die in next episode. Just like Gendry (bye bye House Baratheon, since Edric and other great-better than Gendry-bastards aren't here). Enjoy your cute Podrick's song (about a girl, for whom crown prince abandoned the throne) while watching last moments of 3 couples (Gilly and Sam are safe) + Jonerys, though they're pretty mad now and no one cares". Nice

No. 27989

How do you know Gilly and Sam are safe?
I mean, one of them might survive, but I am not sure about both…
Will Gilly not be in the crypt with other women where the nightwalkers might awaken and slay them all? They hype the safety of the crypt too much

No. 27998

I don't know, I feel like there's no point in killing any of them. But when I'm thinking about it more…. The theory about crypt is all over the place and it might happen, but how many bodies are in there? I think mpst of them are just bones, I can't imagine bones killing hundred of people.

No. 28001

Ned was beheaded so he can't be reanimated, Catelyn's body is not even there iirc, Lyanna's corpse is too old, bones don't count because there has to be some flesh.
Rickon is the one that might be revived.

No. 28209

You guys are right, but I still feel like some terrible shit is going to happen in the crypts… unless it's a red herring thrown to distract us from something else

No. 28237

>decapitated corpses can't be reanimated
Was this actually shown to be the case in the show in particular? I don't remember them ever bringing this up. They burn the bodies to prevent the reanimation and I don't think they'd do that if they could simply decapitate and bury so loved ones can visit their graves instead of having nothing left.

No. 28249

I've also thought that corpses would have to come out of the grave, and those graves are made of stone and sealed (unless wights have superstrenght, I don't remember that atm). I've also read something about the iron swords preventing them to come out of their graves, too. Idk

I don't remember, but it's zombie 101. The official wiki says that decapitation is useless after the corpse turned into a wight, it doesn't specify the before.

No. 28345

Yeah, my Sansa x Tyrion can fuck off

No. 28383

File: 1556205315165.jpg (84.18 KB, 720x366, Zz4Livy.jpg)

a massive death spoiler just came up on my suggested news stories on chrome and I'm fuming. I did not ask to see this shit you miserable fucks.

No. 28391

I read the article and it looks like a lot of speculation? Not a definite thing.

No. 28500

Theon X Sansa kind of came out of nowhere… I don't think any of the male characters would be a good match for her anyway, I don't actually ship her with anyone.

No. 28589

There wasn't much but we can say they cared about each other since they run away. In books there was that one quote, in which Theon thought he will marry her some day.

No. 28590

I think he’s also a sense of normality for Sansa—Jon, Arya, and Bran had been gone so long from her and Theon (while emotionally wrecked from Ramsey) was able to be there just as he had when they were younger. I don’t see them physically in love, but she does love him for being there.!

No. 28622

They both were tortured by Ramsay so there's probably some shared trauma bonding going on.

No. 29040

There are actually leaks of episode 3, but who know if they're real.
HBO isn't doing the best job this year; someone told what will happen in episode one (and it was all true), and the second episode was available a few hours before the official premiere. And they saying they spent a lot of money on protection against leaks? Wow.

No. 29211

I've never liked battle episodes anyway but this episode in particular was extremely bad. Wish we could go back to battles happening off-screen. Let's see if the last 3 episodes go back to being the cool political intrigue show I signed up for.

rip jorah

Also the way to fight a necromancer has to be to do a stealth mission to kill him. Why did they bother fighting his zombies? He can res infinitely, this nigga doesn't even have mana restrictions.

No. 29240

I thought the ending really ruined the episode. Arya literally coming out of nowhere and doing the "pssh, nothing personnel kid" thing was so anticlimactic.

No. 29249

>Why did they bother fighting his zombies?
Well the zombies were going to come at them as Night King made his way over, so might as well try to fend them off?
Could have probably spared the Dothraki and a lot of other lives with better strategy though

No. 29302

Right. I was trying to say they could build their strategy entirely over stalling and tricking the shitty wights with no brains of their own. I guess without the blizzard NK summons things would go far better but I'm pretty sure Jon knows NK can summon a blizzard, as did the other dudes from the Night's Watch.

No. 29326

I´m really kind of torn right now. For 8 seasons everything is about the winter. Now it is not only here, but it has to be fight against it and than you got… this episode.
The fight really seemed super naive regardless of all the warriors in Winterfell, who should have a high knowledge of wars and strategy. Nothing happened really unexpected of what the Night Kind did.
Of course he couldn´t be the end, since there is still the actual throne, but his super fast, unspectacular death was not a good end, tbh.
And that no real main character died is also kind of surprising. Not in a really good way, for me. GoT always had the charme that no one is save. It was one thing what made this show different. Now it just feels like a boring and common fantasy series with very clear hero/anti-storyline.
I hope the last episodes will shouw again, why so many people fall in love in the beginning.

But with all the rant behind… I still liked the episode. It was not the worst they have ever done.

No. 29328

It seems to me like they were hyping everything up so much the fandom (not here as much maybe) really forgot that GOT was always about all these prophecies and speculations and this and that and now that they're all supposedly going to be revealed a lot of it may not meet the expectations.

Generally I think whatever happens the end will be a disappointment either way because the show is simply that big and you can't please everyone.

No. 29337

File: 1556560393313.jpg (179.44 KB, 828x626, 1555770762077.jpg)

>tfw the Dothraki horde in an open field didn't actually do shit and Bobby B was wrong

No. 29353

Wew, that was an awful episode. It's really too bad that I have to watch this trash because GRRM doesn't write books anymore.

No. 29362

bran is going to warg into the mountain at some point calling it now

No. 29367

So, what the fuck was Bran doing when he warged into the ravens??? I was hoping he'd either warg into the Night King or Viserion.

No. 29372

File: 1556571481907.jpg (25.38 KB, 390x390, gameofthrones1.jpg)

Fuck me this episode was so bad. Literally unforgivable. 15 million per episode and that was what they shite out.

No. 29377

I didn't hate that episode, I understand that people feel like the show is blunted by the night king's death without mainly mains dying but it will just make for a more spectacularly fatal final few episodes. Arya running sneaking from the zombies was kind of fun.
The dorthraki got a shit deal and theon charging was dumb though.

>Bobby B was wrong
What was he wrong about?

No. 29382

He was watching avengers endgame

No. 29387

He was probably re-watching Arya's first time in loop

"Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field" -Bobby B, season 1

No. 29389

Robert said meeting the Dothraki in an open field was suicide because they're OP warriors, then they died like nothing. fuck I hated that

No. 29390

Robert said meeting the Dothraki in an open field was suicide because they're OP warriors, then they died like nothing. fuck I hated that

No. 29408

To be fair there was a blizzard, it was cold, and pitch dark, and the shit they're fighting are zombies.

No. 29506

he was luring the night king

No. 29616

yeah, but half the power of Dothraki is how terrifying there are. Zombies aren't losing their shit like people. It's such a shame that they were killed off like nothing, even if the sword-lighting and subsequent scene were powerful.

aaand the zombies attacked the crypt anyway.

Really worried that Dany and John will fight to death after Cersei is killed (or before).

No. 29667

I'm fully expecting a politically complicated episode next week. Daenerys already had poor priorities before the battle, and now things are gonna get even messier. She will probably distance herself from Jon. She could totally just marry him and take the throne anyway but she can't deal with the fact that Jon has a better claim so it's like, not actually being the real monarch if it's a power couple.

No. 29709

A ten-year-old would write a better war strategy. The last episode made no sense. Robert was so afraid of Dothraki and they just… ran and died. Nice. At least we don't have to look at them anymore.
Sansa/Tyrion scene was good tho, and Podrick my son is alive so I guess it's ok. But Edd and Beric died, I know noone cared about them but they were such a great characters. Arya/Dany/Jon's plot armor is something I can't stand.
3 episodes left, are they gonna fight with Cersei in all of them? We can say Dany and Jon lost a lot of people, but they have some Greyjoys (Martells don't count, noone cares about them), Cersei have Gold Company,Euron's forces and Lannister/South forces. Their last chance is Harry Strickland, but I don't think D&D care about his book character either. They said ''only Targaryens can ride dragons'' so I guess they have no idea what are they doing.

No. 29779

I'm seeing some people claim a lot of EP3 criticism is because of misogyny (which I wouldn't doubt), but man, sometimes shit writing is just shit writing.

No. 29885

Nah, that's so unjustified. Daenerys isn't a good character imo, but I love a lot of the other female characters in this show. Sansa and Cersei are my favorites, for instance.

The reason I dislike Daenerys is that even her biggest misfortunes end up as an advantage for her, and rather quickly. She gets sold to a gross warlord that rapes her and she ends up falling in love and gets into a relationship that is framed as loving. Yikes. She had a lot of ruling-related fuckups later on as well, and never really came up with a better solution to her problems than "lol just burn shit". The latter isn't a huge deal if they leaned into it and framed her the way she truly is, but they keep framing her as a wise leader who cares about her people. A savvy reader/viewer can already tell this isn't the case.

Sansa went through living hell after living hell and had to change her entire worldview to survive. Her fuckups became lessons, but they never became gifts to her, like Daenerys' misfortunes did. I've grown to respect Sansa a lot over the years because of how persistent she was to adapt.

Cersei is a complicated character who holds grudges and is rather short-sighted. She is quite cunning but she can't utilize this as well as she could have because she can't see past what is in front of her most of the time. Her life as a daughter to a shitty father who only cared about his sons is unfortunate, and her feelings of being discriminated against are valid. She does live in a shitty sexist society (albeit quite better than real medieval times, let's be honest)but most of the time her fuckups stem from her own shortcomings, not really from people trying to discriminate against her. She self-sabotages very often.

Sansa and Cersei are great characters that are interesting to keep watching more of. Daenerys falls into success way too much imo. These last 3 episodes they can try to bring some nuance to her portrayal but I believe it is far too late for that.

Arya assassinating someone isn't really out of character for her, as far as she has been shown she is competent. The way it was shot made it seem cheap. Instead of having the stupid Metal Gear library stealth scene, or like the 5 separate scenes where Jaime and Brienne seem cornered, they could have set up an assassination sequence for Arya. I don't think anyone would actually have a problem with Arya being the one to do it. It wouldn't be an epic twist or whatever, but narrative is cheapened by these shock value plot developments imo. GoT used to be good at shocking the viewer without making it look cheap.

Also on the note of Arya as a character, I think her show problems are all execution-related. Her Braavos training stuff was 80% boring and 20% asspulls (remember the fucking Waif fight???) and it did her no favors. Yeah, the actor is ugly and all but I highly doubt people that hate her would hate her still if her journey as an assassin was portrayed better. Her interactions with the Hound are well-liked across the fandom, for instance.

No. 29898

File: 1556809449817.jpg (1.08 MB, 810x2542, Screenshot_20190501-063339_Red…)

Honestly, I think this is the most well written and explained criticism of the episode that I've seen.

No. 29998

File: 1556873990405.gif (2.54 MB, 540x280, 406d322a-b31b-452d-acf7-0f4b42…)

I always thought Bran was going to defeat the NK but knew the show was probably gonna fuck it up and just have Jon be the Disney prince to kill the NK.
Honestly was surprised it was Arya and I don't even mind. It makes sense. Not as much sense as the kid that was chosen by the gods of winter with the direwolf named summer to end the long night but still much more better than Jon Snow.
Also I'm glad there won't be anymore dumbass Bran-is-the-NightKing bullshit theories

No. 30019

No, it doesn't make sense

No. 30028

How come? To be honest I'm more of a book fan so I'm probably more influenced by the books when watching the show.

Who did you think should've killed the NK?

No. 30039

NTA but I can think of 3 common opinions on the Arya thing:

People that were too disappointed by Arya's training that they don't accept that she is framed as a competent assassin, despite the narrative. To them, anything Arya does well against a formidable foe is bullshit. These people are similar to the "Rey didn't train" crowd in the Star Wars fandom. Braavos was lame as fuck and I think Arya should have mostly trained off-screen, with some cryptic magic shit happening with her at the end of some episodes. Her in-show training didn't make any sense

Then there's the group that simply didn't like how the recent episode executed the assassination, in terms of how sudden and cheap the "twist" was. She seemed to teleport out of the room she was cornered by what seemed to be dozens of zombies, all thr way through the big boys, to NK's backside.

Then there are people that liked the scene, lol. They accept Arya as an assassin and are satisfied with a twist type outcome.

No. 30049

As a book fan I'm pretty satisfied with Arya's role in killing the NK, it's Bran who was the major disappointment.

The NK refused to fight one-on-one against Jon, preferring to raise his wight army to fight for him while he runs to Bran instead. The only way he could be taken down is by surprise, which is something Arya trained for since season 1.

No. 30058

Yeah, I get that. What I'm getting at is they could have shown a sequence of scenes where Arya actually gets over to NK for the stealth attack. They didn't do any of that and instead showed us minutes and minutes of random characters getting cornered. There was enough runtime to set up a good sneak scene for Arya but they just opted out of that in favor of a teleportation epic twist kill that does make sense plotwise but is unsatisfying from a cinematography standpoint.

No. 30060

Yeah I agree there, I get that they wanted the surprise element of Arya popping up out of nowhere, but it could have been executed better

No. 30064

File: 1556899745425.gif (1.53 MB, 268x152, a49ad25f-5a92-4e68-a2d1-f1ddd7…)


could just be a coincidence but ppl on twitter pointed out that the gush of wind that passes the White Walker was Arya sneaking by

No. 30065

I saw that shot but do you really think that is a good enough visual indicator of Arya coming? What the fuck did she even do, turn invisble? Shadowmeld? lol.

No. 30068

If it was her it's definitely underwhelming and unrealistic but it's a fantasy show that stopped making any sense after season 4 so that's the quality I'm expecting.
Also wasn't she trained by magic assassins? Maybe there's a facelessman magic equivalent
to shadowmelding lol

No. 30074

This one guy from Reddit few months ago spoiled 3 things (his brother who was on set told him or something) and he was right about NK killing Theon and Arya killing NK after "jumping from somewhere".
I'm not gonna tell the last spoiler, but it's about Jon.

And by the way, yesterday I was thinking about Cersei's death. I don't know if the show still cares about her prophecy (killed by "younger brother") but I thought about Jon. I know people want Jaime/Tyrion or Arya(please no) kill her but Jon is also younger brother, and I think it would be nice. At least they would acknowlege Elia, Aegon and Rhaenys. (Since they only care about Lyanna/Rhaegar love story).

No. 30081

I'm guessing the Jon spoiler is he's gonna die for realsies this time.
Germ did say that the ending was going to be bittersweet.

I've always thought it would be Jaime but Jon Snow would be interesting and not too much of a reach either.
I hate that Arya is the designated assassin. There's more to her character like her compassion,her knowledge of math and different languages and cultures but all the show focuses on is that she kills.

No. 30092

>maybe she has powers outside of putting on faces
That is entirely possible but we have never, ever seen her do anything like that. All we've seen her do is stab people and sometimes impersonate people.
I'd like her to be able to do cool shadow magic shit but it seems she can't.

No. 30096

Please please please give link to the post? Or spoiler the third reveal using the spoiler tag so anyone uninterested cannot read?
It's hard to comb through the bullshit 'leak' posts to find genuine ones…

No. 30101

For real, I've seen so many fake leaks with any possible outcome that I feel basically unspoiled. Anything could happen at this point, kek

No. 30104

File: 1556916190515.gif (1.29 MB, 200x166, 053D370B-0F7D-4464-98AE-645D11…)

The thing that bothers me is that before that they had a long scene of Arya trying to move past white walkers inside of the
?winterfell library like a normal human being. Not vavavoom epic stealth wizard.

Just that the big boss villain that’s been there since the first ever episode got stabbed by the Quasimodo stark tween just ruins the whole immersion that 7 seasons created.

No. 30105

>quasimodo stark tween

No. 30108

File: 1556917124426.jpg (30.03 KB, 618x452, IMG_20190503_224926.jpg)

I can't find it now, but he said his brother told him that Jon will kill person he (his brother) hates. So at first he thought it's about Cersei, but then he said it's about Dany. Jon will kill Daenerys.
But I don't know anymore. I wouldn't be suprised tho, 3 episodes left, we will see.

Pic unrelated.

No. 30112

Saged for blogpost: Call me a dumb pleb all you want but I actually liked this episode kek

Lighting and execution issues aside, the plot points didn't really bother me. In LOTR Sauron was destroyed in the middle of the book by Frodo and Sam instead of chosen one Aragorn. This episode reminded me of that a bit. I expect the last 3 episodes will be a Scouring of the Shire-type situation.

The decision to give that much attention to the WW might've been a mistake, but it was a mistake made by GRRM and now the show is taking heat for it. IMO the show and books alike suffer for the White Walkers being added as a clear, distinguishable threat.

No. 30113

The thing with the books is that they could be slightly different enough for it to make some sense. Such as people theorising Bran may have done more than he did. Others have mentioned that GRRM could also just change the events slightly because there's no way the books are anywhere near done atm.

But I agree, they hyped up the WW as being this 'final boss' only for them to not be.

No. 30126

File: 1556922224308.jpg (81.51 KB, 639x893, 1556618426009.jpg)

Yeah, when I rewatched it I also interpreted this scene as Arya passing by.
Anyway, pshh… nothing personnel Night King

No. 30170

Anyone remember all those scenes from season 1 where Jaqen just fucking teleports right behind or right next to Arya.

And Arya being trained by the facelessman.

Also if I'm not confusing shit from the books with the show don't they have a whole training montage of Arya learning about poisons?

Wtf happened to that? Is it gonna come back to have any significant? It's the only thing we actually see her trained in besides her blind fighting and there's nothing more about it.

No. 30177

Arya does poison the Freys in S7.

Tbh Arya should have been given a bigger role in the show because she's an important character to GRRM, and he says he's written a lot of chapters about her training time in Braavos already.

She should have had a few more training scenes in the show just to establish how deadly she'd become imo

No. 30178

File: 1556952491675.gif (686.98 KB, 245x230, tumblr_m6btybOEe71r00543o1_r1_…)


The immersion has been ruined for me since Jon came back to life with absolutely no consequences.

Azor Ahai or whatever just bringing his fave back to life.

Still the same Jon. No big deal just got his ass patched up with fire witch magic.

Compare that to Drogo's death and the magical mystery of reanimation is lost. What exactly was the point of Jon's death besides him having a loophole out of the nightwatch.

No. 30181


I completely blocked that out lol.
Honestly I just want to forget the whole Frey murder. It was so disappointing compared to the purple wedding.
All the show gave us was a lukewarm reunion and goodbye between Arya and Nymeria and an emotionless and underwhelming end to house Frey.

I really liked the fan theory of Arya reuniting with Nymeria and her pack and just savagely tear apart the Freys as an ironic call back to when Walder said the northern men were all warges who turned to wolves at the wedding.

No. 30190

I partly agree with you. The build up of Arya had also be as much as of the WW.

But that still would leave the bad taste, that Arya is in the end nothing special. There are other faceless man, with much more years of experience and practice. If Arya could kill the NK that easily, than he should have never been that threat to begin with, because the faceless man can assassinate him no matter what.

No. 30204

It made no sense that Arya Stark came out of Braavos completely rejecting the Faceless Man philosphy and nobody came to hunt her down John Wick style. She doesn't abide their code, even says as much herself at the end of her training, and then fucks off to do ideological personal killings that have nothing to do with anything. Why would the Faceless Men allow her to tap into their magic and techniques but sully their name?

No. 30207


In the books the kindly man/ facelessmen tell Arya that she can leave them anytime if she wanted.
Maybe that wasn't too interesting for the show so they changed it into some more convoluted nonsense?

"Do they frighten you, child?" asked the kindly man. "It is not too late for you to leave us. Is this truly what you want?" (aDwD, The Ugly Little Girl)

"You lie. And that is why you must now walk in darkness until you see the way. Unless you wish to leave us. You need only ask, and you may have your eyes back." (aDwD, The Blind GIrl)

No. 30248

Agree, Jon is even worse this season tbh. Constantly utterly clueless, a bad leader and no chemistry with anyone what so ever. The azor ahai arc could’ve been a great way to improve his character.

No. 30259

Always found it weird that everyone treated Jaime like shit particularly over "killing his own king" when they were opposed to the king he killed in the first place. There are tons of more pragmatic characters and yet nobody goes "well, the king was batshit and was gonna cause more harm to his own people if let live".

No. 30276

I have this bad feeling that the ending will be real shitty and 8 years will go to waste

No. 30315

At least it will be an ending, because I don't think GRRM will ever finish the books. He's a lazy fuck and the show suffers for it because they're not sure how to create material out of thin air.

No. 30331

You can't please everyone at this point.
The worst ending for me would probably be Jon because… well, he should be dead. Or everything ending with a 'happy ever after' sort of thing.

No. 30333

File: 1557056094272.gif (971.82 KB, 500x270, giphy (1).gif)

Completely unrelated to season 8 but I miss Robb.

Also I skipped all of season 6 and 7 so idk if it's already happened but was the stallion who mounts the world prophecy ever fulfilled/expanded on?? Like it's pretty obvious in the book that it's Dany but has the show mentioned it ever again?


I blame Jon's nonexistent chemistry with anyone on Kit. Kit just can't act.

No. 30336

I'm 90% sure Jon is gonna live to the end. Dany will die, that's for sure; her arc have to end with her death. Or… at least in books.

No. 30339

File: 1557059301602.gif (1.93 MB, 500x220, tumblr_o816g0RyYZ1vroozjo1_500…)

I can see Dany dying in the book only because she fulfills the role as the messiah figure. Dany from early on in the books sets aside her plans to conquer Westeros because the enslaved ppl of Astapot, Yunkai and Meereen need her. So it's not too far a stretch if Dany sacrifices herself for the ppl she wants to free and protect.
But I don't think Jon's going to outlive Dany. He's on borrowed time just like Lady Stoneheart, Beric and Sir Robert Strong. If Dany's the messiah Jon is the tragic hero.

Also I'm honestly shocked how civil this thread has been considering it's anonymous and eveyone has obvious faves they want to "win

No. 30342

Episode 4 leaked. I'm fucking crying

No. 30350

Same anon, I'm actually teary eyed.
Watched the leak and fucking hated it.Like that hurt me more than Theon.

No. 30351

I watched it after it was mentioned here and I don't even follow the show at this point and I'm ready to cry.

No. 30358

File: 1557074299873.jpeg (61.23 KB, 720x720, 1556633286145.jpeg)

>mfw I'm only gonna watch the episode in about 24hours and anons are scaring me
Good to know I'll have to avoid imageboards and social media until tomorrow, though

No. 30360

I think one person in the show pointed out that Azor Ahai could be a woman. Probably Quaithe (sp)? I don't think anyone in the show drew a parallel between that legend and the Stallion, though. It's all quite clearly the same legend, just localized versions across continents.

If any of the prophecies come true in the book or show I'll be really mad. Prophecies being followed bc people believe them vs chosen one actually being chosen by an author who supplies plot armor are really diff things and the latter is how the show has been going.

Also I'm so fucking tired of Bran not warging into anything that would be cool to see him warg into. At least warg into Ghost or something dude. Or maybe someone like Sandor who would be really scared to go towards fire, to force him to fight through the flames. Then you can have Sandor lose his shit once Bran is out of him. Idk, something.

I have not read the leak on ep 4 but I'm confident that some of my bingo slots will be filled today.

No. 30363

Could any of you guys link it? I don't want to go look on /tv/ since it will 100% be full of spoilers

No. 30375

File: 1557080945805.jpg (47.98 KB, 1078x1046, FB_IMG_1557063917696.jpg)

No. 30379


the video of the dragons was taken down but there's a low quality one on twitter rn


r/freefolk may have more leaks pinned

No. 30381

Hoooooly fuck, then the guy who leaked the season outcomes was telling the truth!
(Don't hover on the spoiler tag unless you've already read the end leaks)
So Daenerys is really gonna bite the dust, huh. Well, at least she won't end up on the throne or produce another Tardarien

No. 30383

Holy fuck, he was right

No. 30390


What's the reason you don't want Dany on the throne?
I never understood the hatred towards Dany from got fans and always wanted to ask just not on reddit or tumblr

No. 30391

She is demonstrably bad at ruling, in terms of literally governing a country. She has fucked things up in the other continent if you recall. She is only interested in the throne, and not much else. She is also ruthless and paranoid, turning on people extremely quickly.

No. 30396

File: 1557088991009.gif (6.06 MB, 600x330, orhf0ttjxqt21.gif)

Shit, the show really deviated from the books. That's so frustrating since she's the complete opposite in the books.
I stopped watching GOT by season 6 because of the Sansa and Jeyne switch and so glad I did since it seems like they butchered Dany's character.

Anyway anyone have any theories on whose going to be on the throne in the end (if ofc there's even a throne still)?
My weak bets on Gendry and Arya

No. 30398

It… would be even worse than Dany. At least she knows "something" about ruling.
The blood isn't the only thing that makes a good king, Gendry is… prick. Pretty stupid and egoistic. In the show he supposed to be Edric Storm, but there so many differences beetwen them it hurts. We don't need puppet on the throne. I'm not even gonna talk about Arya. Westeros would bleed.

Personally, I don't know. Maybe Seven Kingdoms will fall apart again or something, which would be ironic. (I'm rooting for Young Griff in books, tho)

No. 30399

Because she would be a terrible ruler? Have you seen her in the last two seasons? She's turning out to be more and more like her father: psychotic, ruthless and power hungry. And this is coming from a former Dany fan.
Dabid just ruin any character they lay their hands on: Stannis, Tyrion, Euron, Daenerys…

Eek, please no. That would be too random.
Sansa would be my pick, as in "best choice". Jon is too braindead and easily manipulated and Tyrion is just a meme nowadays.

No. 30404

I stopped watching a few episodes into season 6. Really didn't want to watch after the unnecessary changes to Sansa's story. What was the point of switching Jeyne and Sansa? It felt like the show just wanted Sansa as suffer fodder.
I agree with you on the show ruining the characters and at least in the show Sansa seems to make the most sense.

Lol I didn't know Gendry was this unpopular. I like underdogs that's why I loved Dany from the earlier seasons and Arya and Gendry too.

Oh wow, I actually thought Arya would be good for the realm since she lived amongst the common people and was exposed to how the war affected them.

No. 30406

I want the seven kingdoms to fall apart too. Destroy the throne, let it all burn by dragon fire. the riverlands is a mess but I'm hoping edmure will return and rule as head of house Tully too. Everyone forgot about that and how he's in a prison

God I hope sansa doesn't take the throne. She has zero interest in returning to the south and only wants to stay in the north. She asked dany what about the north and how they finally have it back

No. 30409

Arya has no idea of how to rule.
Spoiler from the final leaks below:

It seems that one of the dragons will burn the iron throne anyway. Decent choice imho

No. 30411

Leak guy says the person who ends up ruling Westerns in the end is elected by a small council and it's Bran.

No. 30412

Ha ha *Westeros

No. 30418

File: 1557099435158.gif (861.85 KB, 499x281, GMtcRVF.gif)

Thank god it's Cinco de Mayo, no way I'm watching this trainwreck episode sober.


Can't wait for this shit show to end. I can't believe the fanfic leak was real. I'm not even that surprised about Bran being king since there's a tiny bit of foreshadowing in the books. But his council is a damn joke. Bronn, really?? Who the fuck is Bronn to be a part of a council of anything?

No. 30435

I really liked this episode tbh. I hate the high action scenes, that isn't what I began watching this show for. All the character interactions were precious.

No. 30445

Can someone post the confirmed leak?

No. 30446

Can someone post the confirmed leak?

No. 30454

I fucking hate this. Poor Brienne. They did her character so dirty.

No. 30456

The fuck is this…?
How can D&D botching the whole series in just 4 episodes?
There is nearly nothing that makes sense anymore. I´m disappointed and angry. There has been so many possiblities of how this series can end. You have the fucking original author and creator in front of you and nevertheless this is the outcome? D&D, you really fucked up .

No. 30491

Who thought this would be a good idea? If the books (ever) end like this it will be even more sour.

No. 30492

File: 1557142933174.jpg (43.06 KB, 634x632, FB_IMG_1557140926527.jpg)

Same, I'm so angry.
The only scene I was feeling something else than disappointment was when Sansa was crying over Theon. But everything else…
What the fuck was that Bronn scene, I hate this prick so much. Jaime/Brienne moments were so boring and gross. I wanted them to be together few seasons ago, but shit, I don't care. Gendry doesn't even know his name. Noone sees ships. Noone. Arya is doing nothing again, and hell, if she'll kill Cersei I will be really angry. Mad Queen!Daenerys is too rushed. Jon doesn't care about Ghost. Tyrion is scared. Sansa is Sansa. What was that, really…

No. 30493

To be fair to them, even GRRM isn't sure how to end the series, so I imagine if they did give the a draft of sorts it was never 'final' and it can easily change. As many people on reddit have said, the entire dragon scene may have made some sense with the book characters, the whole NK stuff may have also made more sense (because there's space to explore it all a lot more without rushing it).

They really fucked themselves over by straying from the book material and selecting a fairly short number of seasons (because the fucking books are that long), so now whatever happens will either make no sense or will be extremely disappointing.

No. 30514

I’ve not read the books yet, but who exactly is Dorne’s new Prince? I thought the sand snakes wiped out the Martell line?

If it’s true Bronn actually does get High Garden I’ll be so fucking mad, Sam is technically Lord of The Reach as he is the only male heir of Tarleys, also I fucking hate Bronn and really want him dead

No. 30517

NTA but I found this

I would appreciate confirmed leak anon letting us know if this is what they had in mind.

No. 30519

Nah, that's bullshit. D&D realized they killed off all Martells, and didn't introduced any other Dorne hause, so they have to pretend there is some long lost brother left, or something.
In the book, Doran is doing pretty great, Quentyn is dead and Trystane is still a kid and… Arianne is alive, too. But they are dead in the show.

I'm pretty sure Tyrion is only fucking with Bronn, there's no way this prick will get one of the greatest castle in Seven Kingdoms. Besides, other Reach houses are alive too, as far as I know, so I don't think Tarlys are first choice to the lordship anyway

They don't care about smaller houses; we don't have Daynes, Manderlys, Karstarks, Redwynes, Hightowers, Velaryons and all the rest. So who cares who have Reach, Dorne and Riverlands

No. 30521

You guys are being so fucking lazy with the "spoonfeed me the leakss!!!!!11" for several days. Jut fucking google it. How do you think people find leaks?

No. 30524

How am I fucking lazy when I actually did google this for myself and post my findings? I just want to know if this is what the anon referred to (probably yes, but I am not sure).

You talk like there are not hundreds of fake leaks everywhere.

No. 30527

File: 1557152312999.jpg (48.28 KB, 1173x600, FB_IMG_1557151735805.jpg)

Don't fight, we should bond over ashes of this show. Let's talk about next episode teaser, because it looks like nothing will happen. and there are 3 episode left. Nice.
Pic unrelated, it's for fun.

Why would Sansa betray Tyrion, tho? I hope it's not real, they are my only hopes D:

No. 30529

File: 1557152844435.jpg (12.84 KB, 499x249, FB_IMG_1557152459644.jpg)

No. 30531

File: 1557152969479.png (Spoiler Image,830.83 KB, 1432x1041, got spoilers.png)

different anon but these are the basically now-confirmed leaks, 6/6 so far

No. 30532

Thank you! Seen most of those but missed the council one.
People are pointing out how it doesn't make sense for Jon to take the black again when there is no nightwalkers anymore, what do you think about it? Is the Night Watch being repurposed?
Also fuck Bronn, holy shit, what is he supposed to do in the council?

No. 30533

I saw those before watching the eposide 4, and I was like "There is no way they gonna make it so bad". But now…
Are they seriously will forget all the shit Bronn did? Just because the audience liked him a few seasons ago? What The fuck

No. 30534

i have no idea anon . . . it makes a lot of thematic sense for the character though! i think he's either going to create a new night's watch or go North North with tormund and ghost

No. 30537

Bronn does not deserve any kind of government position, ever. he is a fucking cutthroat… unless maybe they'll have him do something selfless to prove his loyalty this time? Bronn has become a charismatic version of the Hound in this way. They have him hostile and cheeky but he will sometimes go out of his way to help others. He will deny that he was being selfless but it still scores brownie points with the audience.

I like both Bronn and Sandor but I definitely don't want to see them rewarded too generously. They are mercenaries.

No. 30538

There's speculation that Bran is going to say that the Night King always exists. That would give legitimacy to NW still needing to exist. Otherwise, what the fuck is the point?

GoT will end with a shot of a new Night King (or Queen) opening their eyes.

No. 30540


The show really took a nosedive after season 4 but jesus fuck I never expected this kind of dumpster fire. I'm honestly upset by how awful it all is now. Why the fuck is Bronn even still around?

Guess we only have the books to look forward to.
I always thought that battle against Jaime and Daenerys might actually happen in the books but instead of Jaime it would be Aegon Targaryen/Blackfyre.

No. 30541

That's always been the fan theory so it makes sense.

That being said - what is the actual purpose of the NK at this point? Having some 'villain' come back every however-many years for a war seems awfully dumb

No. 30565

File: 1557164946332.gif (2.28 MB, 275x225, 1556583353747.gif)

>implying the fat man will ever finish them

Just finished watching the episode, what a fucking shitshow. Given the leaks, it's beyond saving at this point.

No. 30567

Did I miss something?
The Children of the Forest made the NK to end humanity. In the end they helped the raven and than also Bran.
How should a new NK come??

No. 30573

File: 1557170444220.jpg (161.52 KB, 720x480, got-s7-drogo-pic.jpg)

Agree. And It's probably for the better if the fat man never finishes the books. GRRM did an interview and said the show's like 96% a faithful adaptation (as faithful an show adaptation could be) but he also said ADOS was gonna be bittersweet. I'm conflicted. Like what's the sweet part in this shitshow if the leaks are 100 percent true?
BUT, but I still want to believe somewhere in George's notes there's a better ending for all these characters. Like Dany is straight up pulling Jesus moves in the books and the show just?? gives us that mess?

No. 30574

There's a high chance Gurm was lying when he said it's really close to how the books will end. He had to promote the show and if he admitted the endings are different, people would be less drawn to the show.

Not that I think the books will ever be completed.

No. 30575

The show doing a 180 on Dany is so fucking rushed and weird. Yeah she's always been flawed, but they're writing it with such a weird and unconvincing focus. There's probably a way to write her arriving at Mad Queendom that would work, but right now it's just like they're downplaying every stupid thing Jon has ever done while insisting upon some inherent Goodness he has while inflating every questionable thing Daenerys has ever done and totally erasing the good and clever shit. It feels like they're just desperate to have a Mad Queen v Mad Queen thing and for all the huffing of its own farts this show has done over how SuBvErSivE it is, that's the same old boring shit. Especially if those spoilers are right and the "good end" ends up being the crazy bitches were justly murdered and now the land can prosper under the wise rule of a bunch of random dudes including one most famous for betraying literally anyone for enough money

No. 30576

not really, he said recently:

>Some storylines and characters have continued to diverge from the books and Martin has been more vocal about the subject recently, telling Rolling Stone: "Of course you have an emotional reaction. I mean, would I prefer they do it exactly the way I did it? Sure."

In another frank chat this week with Fast Company he revealed: "It can also be… traumatic. Because sometimes their creative vision and your creative vision don't match, and you get the famous creative differences thing — that leads to a lot of conflict.

No. 30577

I'm so fucking done with this shit

No. 30579

File: 1557173334167.jpg (17.33 KB, 960x548, FB_IMG_1557173232790.jpg)

At least Podrick was cute

No. 30581

The biggest Game Of Throne plot twist is that he's actually a virgin

No. 30583

File: 1557174568413.jpg (92.61 KB, 1200x800, garbage.jpg)

I'm suprised nobody has mentioned the starbucks cup yet. This is so sad.

No. 30585

It's so tragic we forgot about it

No. 30587

I find it fucking retarded how drogon, a dragon that can kill an entire army and fleet of ships will just be idly by to let Jon kill dany like that. I'd expect him to fucking eat him after this whole ending sounds ridiculous overall. Gonna love also the ton of guys reacting who are going to just shit on women being crazy murdering rulers with that all male council ending

Also where the fuck is edmure. It's like these starks forgot they have an uncle, aunt roslin and a cousin out here. He's still fucking locked in a prison unless I missed something about arya freeing him when she was there

No. 30596


I am already so tired of online men being like HRGH BUT SHE DID X BAD THING AND SHE'S BEING CRAZY NOW and just generally displaying a total inability to think abstractly enough to grasp "why did the show make these choices specifically, why do they not take the many times Tyrion was stupid/Jon was weak/Jaime was a monstrous asshole as seriously as the times when Dany was extreme." The show has leaned so hard into telling over showing in the past few seasons and I'm so fucking tired of actions meaning nothing and it all boiling down to "Jon/Tyrion/Varys/Jaime/Man X is transcendentally good/smart/brave/redeemable and Dany/Sansa/Arya/Cersei are transcendentally crazy/evil/selfish/stupid/unfit for power because we say so."

And it kills me because if they showed more nuance w/ the women the coming conflict would be SO much more interesting. Really dig into how the world bears some responsibility for warping Cersei into the monster she is. Explore how if Dany hadn't been quite so intense, she NEVER would have gotten ANYWHERE beyond being the young pretty girl who was sold to men. Let literally any of them just LIKE the other for ONE MOMENT. Men write the most boring fucking female characters.

No. 30601

two years of shooting and development, folks.

No. 30603

File: 1557183654397.jpg (70.29 KB, 948x960, FB_IMG_1557183607694.jpg)

No. 30690

File: 1557242242042.png (1.11 MB, 2048x1536, 1556396688299.png)


No. 30715

if it's Quentin, I'll kill myself

No. 30734

Sigh.. not this shit here

No. 30785

File: 1557319005005.gif (3.04 MB, 400x223, ezgif-3-d826cc68baec.gif)

No. 30799

Don't worry, anon, they'll probably never mention Dorne again.

No. 30800

You're not totally wrong about this. It's also not even OT to talk about a feminist reading of a text that contains female characters. It's 100% part of the discussion. the Female gaze thread talked about GoT for a while, you might wanna bump that if you want to keep talking about this side of GoT bc people ITT would rather post Robert Baratheon reaction images about how they want to kill themselves.

I want to say, though, most of the weird portrayal of women rulers and how they behave is actually on the fandom end. Sansa's aversion to Daenerys is seen as a "Catfight" in the eyes of the audience, but it's never framed that way in the show. Sansa brings fair points against Daenerys and Daenerys is acting according to her entire arc's development of "it's so hard to trust people but I have to live for that throne bc that all I've ever known my entire fkn life".

Obviously, things like Sansa basically saying she wouldn't be strong and cool without her rape… which is awful. They should have written that conversation entirely differently. But then there's the rest of it, which I don't think it a text issue in terms of it reading as "bitches be crazy". I think that's the fandom seeing women a certain way.

No. 30826

True. What was I even expecting

The Robert pic was obviously reply to something, it's sad we cant even post memes now, in the GoT thread, and it had nothing to do with that female characters critic thing.

No. 30827

I was being cheeky about the reaction images, you can relax.

No. 30828

Thank you

No. 30831

File: 1557349289262.jpg (65.54 KB, 1137x640, FB_IMG_1557348956970.jpg)

Look at my prince. There's no point in him without Aegon but for some reason I'm excited for the first time since season has started.
(Now imagine Targaryens banner behind him)

No. 31227

Worst episode of the entire series

No. 31228

So what was the point of Brienne? What was the point of any of Jaime's character arc?

No. 31235


No. 31263

I don’t understand. Even as a battle/action episode, this was shit. No fighting even really happened. A Golden Company cameo for nothing, an entire iron fleet for nothing. what was the point of setting this all up? cleganebowl was the only decent portion of the episode

No. 31264

>she liked cleganebowl

No. 31267

File: 1557764139420.jpg (977.94 KB, 1156x864, Burning-of-Lake-Town-01.jpg)

I do agree with people saying that this is largely George's vision for the ending, although it's not making sense in the context of the show because of how much they had to cut out and that it may be executed in a slightly different way in the books (i.e. Euron's Dragonbinder coming into play and himself being an overall stronger force to be reckoned with than HBOpirate.) I'm still very glad I was never that invested in this show to begin with and skipped like 3 seasons of fanfic.

No. 31268

Out of all the plot lines it’s the only one that I think ended justly, but I might just be blinded by my love for Sandor. Why didn’t you like it anon?

No. 31274

Sandor's arc ending in fulfilling the spiteful revenge idea is awful. That revenge fantasy is closely tied to his damage as a person. Starting to heal from that through Sansa and Arya but reverting to doing it anyway is Jaime Lannister levels of arc reversal.

No. 31275

That’s fair. Beyond his bits with Brother Ray in the show I don’t feel like Sandor had much purpose. I wasn’t a book reader until now, but being as unhappy as I am with where this is going, I decided to buy the books and see what I was missing out on. The Hound is a personal favourite character so I hope I get some more insight.

No. 31276

The book Sandor is leagues better, though the actor himself does a great job working with what he's given in the show. If this show has achieved anything, it is to entice people into reading the superior material. Godspeed anon <3

No. 31291

File: 1557780946307.png (457.3 KB, 512x444, 1504123752302.png)

What a pile of trash. Even the show stans are having none of it. Literally every character arc has been ruined, Varys deserved better, the Hound deserved better. Even Dany deserved a better endgame than this. And no, clearly Dumb&Dumber didn't "foreshadow" anything, since they said themselves that she wasn't going to be like her father, this was a poor shock value last-minute asspull. Jaime deserved better. Cersei deserved better. Literally how much of a shit writer do you have to be to do this

No. 31292

Basically this

No. 31293

File: 1557781904213.png (182.04 KB, 338x381, tumblr_inline_p6rdfrP2Lb1qizd5…)

I really hate the "mad queen" stuff and I hope it doesn't happen in the books, but honestly I think it's going to happen.

No. 31296

.It'll happen, but, if fatman ever releases the books, it'll be handled better. With the books you get internal dialogue and scenes of her hallucinating that were cut from the show. She was never built up as strongly in a hero light in the books, and always came off as much more flawed.

Basically, I'm not mad that Dany went mad. I'm more irritated at how clumsily the show handled it.

No. 31298

Hey guys haven't participated in this thread but wondering what you think about the red witch and that whole religious aspect with the new gods and old. I thought with all the fantastical shit going on the religions were going to be way more important. Like what was the point in the red witch? She was invested in the throne making demons babies with Stannis to just turn to dust after the Night King falls? I thought her and the dude with the flame sword were in cahoots about something. Like what

No. 31299

I haven't saw any tweets about this. I read the first book not sure if I finished I don't like GRRM style but like the fantasy on screen. The Hound was my favourite. I really wanted him to have a better end too, I also didn't understand Wtf The Mountain became or how or what etc baffling. I was so disappointed he went out with The Mountain. I saw him as a Tragic Hero so I guess him dying is thst arc being fulfilled idk, he did laugh at the end? Laughing at a cruel world? I just want to run to him.

No. 31303

File: 1557789177487.jpg (131.59 KB, 898x640, YEP.jpg)

Also Jaime

No. 31304

Clearly Dabid realized there were too many important storylines, too little time (and functioning brains) to sew up a satisfying ending for them, so shit happened

No. 31316

I mean, this is the way GRUM writes women in his books, so why the shock? All his women are only strong through rape and sexual violence. it's actually trash

No. 31325

I’m just glad that my bb Theon had such a good, complete character arc and died before all of this shit happened.

If the spoiler is real and Tyrion gets executed I hope it’s before Bronn can get High Garden, so that fucker can go live in a hut and die

Apparently according the actor who played Selmy he’s already written book 6&7 but made a deal with the D&D to release it afterwards, idk if this is actually true seeing as George denied it, but hopefully it is.

No. 31329

There's a twitter thread floating around about Sandor's arc. I don't remember the account but it was a woman with purple eyeshadow.

No. 31330

No. 31331

"Game of Thrones author George RR Martin denies "absurd” claims from cast member that he's finished last two books"

No. 31332

Unrolled, for any twitter haters:

I Hate That It Looks Like Cleganebowl is Going to Happen: A Thread In ??? Parts
Some things to start off on:
1) Obviously, this is based on my own OPINIONS from the books
2) I do not have the books in front of me atm
3) This thread is mostly about the Hound aka Sandor Clegane, but is a microcosm of why the show is so fucking squirrely and not good
SO, okay. Cleganebowl is a good meme/fun batshit ASOIAF theory, it's been fun screaming G E T H Y P E, posting pictures of chickens etc. I'm not gonna act like I don't do it all the time. But it looks like the show is going in the direction where it's actually going to happen.

For those who aren't aware, Cleganebowl is the idea that the Hound and the Mountain are gonna fight to death at some point, and that it will be badass and that worlds will be SHAKEN by the supreme EPICNESS of it.
Most of the theory behind it is based in the idea that it would be fun to see two epics fighters kicking each other's ass and hopefully the Hound getting some final sweet revenge on his brother, The Mountain, for deforming him/killing their family/being a giant asshole
But to me, this happening as the resolution to Sandor Clegane's arc makes zero sense, and also just seems to be based in a really, really shallow reading of the character and some of the larger thematic elements of ASOIAF.
(One more note: if this is where GRRM actually intended to go with them and D&D aren't just doing it for shits and giggles, I will buy myself a t-shirt that reads "pendantic asshole" and call it a day)
So, okay. I think one of the reasons I (and maybe others?) enjoy the ASOIAF series isn't because it's shocking or breaks fantasy clichés or whatever, but because I love how the overarching theme of it is about cycles and the breaking of them. Almost all of the POV characters and
a lot of the secondary and tertiary characters have arcs that are tethered to this idea of cycles–whether it's Dany being the breaker of chains, of the Azor Ahai Reborn Prophecy, of the rigid and violent bones of Westeros unraveling after hundreds of years
Characters are always engaged in it. Even the setting and landscape are entrenched. The Free Cities in Essos were only free cities when the Valyrian Freehold met with cataclysmic doom and empire fell. And it's something I keep in mind in my readings, this mirror history

I hate that I'm gonna say this, because it's used as a bad faith excuse for a lot of the violence against women/characters of color in the books and ESPECIALLY the show, but let's just take it that Westeros is loosely based on feudal Europe–in particular that it's ruled
by a pretty strict, patriachal (please don't @ me, i'm using this in the most literal sense), hierarchal society. A very ordered one with some changes in power at the present, but still with an ebb and flow.

Most of ASOIAF/GoT is characters reacting to this reality.
So why the Hound? If you've followed me on Twitter, you know I fucking LOVE this giant piece of shit character, and it seems pretty silly given that he's a secondary character in a cast of hundreds. But if we're talking in circles (literal), I enjoy him so much because
GRRM says a lot through this chRcter about the cyclical of violence, toxic masculinity, and what it does to a person when that is what a life is built on.

At the start of the novels, the Hound is one of the biggest LIVING in-universe bad asses in the book.
Like, outside of the Mountain and Jaime Lannister, ya don't want to pick a fight with him. He's big, he's deadly, he's pragmatic, and he doesn't seem to have much in the way of scruples or a filter. He's a big, foul mouthed war machine.
And that's how Ned sees him, and how we are introduced to him, and given how much of a read Ned really had on the situation, not the end to that character.
Holy fuck I'm still doing this.

Anyway, a short summary of the Hound: His older brother, The Mountain, jammed his face into some fire at the age of 7(?) and is implied to have killed their father and sister at some point as well. Gregor is rewarded with knighthood not much later
The Hound bounces, terrified of his brother, and as someone from a titled house in the Westerlands, swears fealty to House Lannister and fights with them in Robert's Rebellion. He's roughly 12? at that point. Flash forward 15 years, he gets upgraded to personal bodyguard yadayada
Anyway. After Ned, the only character we really see interacting with him is Sansa, who, feel how you want about her, isn't a character of action. She's an observer and an empath, not so much a doer. She's also… 12-13? That age again.
The show has Petyr give Sansa the Hound's backstory, but in the book it comes straight, unfiltered from the Hound while he's drunk and escorting Sansa alone. And he… uh… cries while he tells her, and then immediately threatens to kill her if she ever tells anyone this very
personal raison d'etre: why he hates knights, why the world is shit. From Sansa's POV, the world is still great, knights are heroes (this is her circle). And despite his uncouthness, Sansa immediately starts to see him as… well, fucked up and sad.
Like, a TEENAGER can see this. But Sansa tries to not let it challenge her worldview, even after Ned's death and Joff's monstrousness. Most of Sansa's plot in the second book is basically her and the Hound fighting about the world and whether it is inherently good or bad.
And by the time Stannis's ships attack Blackwater, the big badass turns away because everything is engulfed in his trauma button, fire. he tries to do the good thing and take Sansa with him, but ends up getting violent and mean to her when she refuses.
And Sansa somehow sense that what he needs is … mercy. And in front of him, she sings to the Mother to let him know peace. And this shames him so much that he bounces. Sansa, for the rest of the books, wonders about him constantly and whether or not the Mother heard her prayer
(I'm not touching the UnKiss. GOOGLE IT.)

The next time we see him is in Arya's eyes, when the Brotherhood has captured him. And it wasn't in a big fight. (pls correct if misremembering). it's because his dumb ass was so drunk that he was basically pissing around the woods
Like imagine this ~ badass ~ having left his ~ badass ~ job is in such a state that he can't fucking function and leaves himself in a highly vulnerable position. And this is a thing that happens a lot in the Arya and Hound adventures in Book 3.
When he first kidnaps Arya, she does what she really only can do: taunt the shit out of him. And nothing seems to get to him except when she brings up Micah, the butcher boy he killed at the very beginning. Hmm, that. Pair that with the fact that he literally can't shut up about
Sansa and how he ~ tried to save her ~ and how him returning Arya to the Starks will be ~ noble ~, it's a weird light that he wants Arya to see him in. Anyway. After the Red Wedding happens and spoils that plan, there's a large chunk of the book in which they just aimlessly
wander the riverlands, and the Hound spends a lot of it drinking himself sick and literally doing nothing. (This does not make for good TV). And Arya, A TEENAGE GIRL, sees it for what it is: sad and pathetic. Like really fucking sad. And as much as she hates him, she
(un?)consciously always comes back to this. ANYWAY. They show up at the Inn of the Crossroads (NGL, this scene was super fun in the show) and the Hound finds out that Sansa was married off to Tyrion and disappeared, and then Arya notes him get sloppy drunk.
To the point when that a fight breaks out, he kills all of the Lannister dudes, but is so sloppy that he gets a dumb ass cut on his fucking leg. It gets infected, he can't continue on, and Arya leaves him a crying mess, saying every awful thing he can about himself because he
wants out of his misery. his life is shit, and the most he has to show for one of violence forged in this idea of getting revenge is hanging around two teenage girls and doing an ok thing. And then he's left for dead.
And my read of all of this is not of a cool, foul mouthed badass. it's a very sad and damaged human being who, when pitted against the arcs of the two POV characters he spends a lot of time around, becomes really, really interesting.
Sansa is the idealist, the dreamer, a believer in this cycle of chivalry and romance–she's plunged into the horror of King's Landing the same age the Hound started killing for the Lannisters as a means to escape the brother that killed his idealism.
And while this cynicism rubs off on Sansa in a huge way through her arc, her appeal to mercy and gentleness sticks with him in his. The idea that he might not be completely awful and capable of more;
Arya, meanwhile, is also roughly the same age he was, and also heading down the path of becoming a death machine; she's just too young to see that her need for revenge, however noble it might be, is just as fruitless as the Hound's to kill his brother.
Crossing people off her list doesn't make her any happier, even if her list is made of awful people–it only leads her further into strangeness, a lack of humanity. A noble intention lost to violent ends.
So this is the Hound: someone who seems to have been the very extreme conclusion of what a Westerosi man needs to be to survive: (strong, stoic, unfeeling, cruel) is ultimately a sad, drunk man, with no one who loved him, left to die in his own blood in an inglorious death.
A lot of characters are motivated by revenge/violence in ASOIAF, and in this one secondary character, we see just how miserable it makes you. How easy it is to retreat into a persona (The Hound) and to lose humanity. (see lady stoneheart as well)
With the show eclipsing the books, we now take it as a known that the Hound is alive. Where the books are, GRRM only hinted about it in passing when Brienne passes a septry on the Quiet Isle and meets a Septon who mentions having met Sandor Clegane.
The Septry has his horse (The Stranger, a blasphemous name for a pet, given that it's basically the god of death, wow what an edgelord u r Sandor) and the Septon says that "The Hound is dead. Sandor Clegane is at peace."
But there's also like a giant, shrouded, limping monk digging graves of the many, many bodies that wash up to the septry as a result of the violence in Westeros and ok, come on, it's 100% Sandor Clegane. And it's 100% a poetic justice for a man who dealt death to now
have to deal with the remnants of it.

I don't know what GRRM was planning on doing after this, since this gravedigger nor the Quiet Isle are ever mentioned again. I won't lie that I want him to UwU be Sansa's sworn shield when she's Lady of Winterfell. (Pls.)
But regardless of whether this was set-up for something bigger or just GRRM giving us a nice, subtle end to Sandor's story, I don't think there is anything satisfying to having Cleganebowl at this point.
Apart from the fact that the Mountain is dead and now a zombie (lol these books), that ~ The Hound is Dead ~ is clearly a metaphor for the violent side of his personality being relinquished. that is over. the only way i could maybe justify something like Cleganebowl happening is
that zombie Mountain actively threatens someone he has a meaningful relationship too.

All this is to say that, except for when the Hound means something to the POV characters, I don't know what the fuck D&D pull from his character.
That he's big? That he's sarcastic? That he swears (and he is foul-mouthed in the book, but nowhere near to the extent that the show portrays him as)? I have nothing against Rory McCann, who I think is great in the part (please come to Philadelphia, I <3 U senpai)
That he can be a tool to level up Arya and have fun hijinx while gleaning nothing of the fact that he is helping her down the same path he went down as a child?
The show actively doesn't give a shit about his relationship to Sansa, and it pains me, because the two of them are actively breaking each other's cycles and I think it's cool that being emotionally strong and empathetic is a way to heal
But the show only gives a shit about Sansa as far as they can brutalize her or make her a mini-Littlefinger without doing the homework. Which is another rant.
So, except in some rare moments of writing in the show, the Hound is reduced to what he is at the outset of the books: mean, foul mouthed, crude, and ??? probably just going to kill his brother for no real reason besides the fans love the idea and so much of the showrunning
since they caught up with book material seems to be based on fan-service and weird shit that sounds bad ass? He'll also probably die and get mercy from Arya or something without having ever really changed, whatever.
Sure, make him say cunt 800 times and rub it in Sansa's face that she's was brutalized. Whatever. So badass. Eat some chicken. Don't question the circle of violence, toxic masculinity, and pain.
In conclusion: (Guess I'll die image)

Thanks for reading. I just think that Sandor Clegane’s arc is immensely fascinating and cool and super undeserved by the show, like a lot of other things. Apologies for typos, repetitive wording, etc. If I’m misremembering something, lmk. Bless u GRRM for giving me my burnt bae.
One last addendum: i'm not gonna act like a part of the fandom tends to woobie away some of the more insidious actions he has in the books, but i think the show does it too in an attempt to make him likable without having to dig into why he's an interesting character? OK DONE.

No. 31342

Just say you didn't read the book and go

No. 31391

Its good to see that the general consensus on GOT is that its shit now. Four or maybe even five seasons too late perhaps, but better late then never I guess. I just seriously hope the retards that named their children after characters in the show will now go and change their names.

No. 31832

Probably, but I think it would be much better if she became Daenerys the cruel, instead of Mad Queen Daenerys. Her becoming ruthless and doing some very morally questionable things thinking it will benefit the greater good would be awesome and more satisfactory than Daenerys who snapped after her nephew didn't want to fuck her and after she heard some bells.

No. 31833

She has impulse issues which is what people attribute to being mad. I don't think she could be, say, a Tywin type. Tywin was cruel and morally questionable but did things in a calculated way. Daenerys' violence is more of a spontaneous reaction thing.

Mad queen isn't an issue but the catalyst should not have been getting rejected by Jon. They could have given Varys more room to actually conspire, which could make her change of heart more sensical. The betrayal didn't pack a punch bc Varys immediately got caught and he didn't even do anything yet.

The writers may have intended the advisors' betrayal to be more the trigger when planning the season but she got rejected by Jon twice and the advisors barely got screentime where they do anything against her so… looked more like Jon was the strongest reason.

No. 31839

NTA but I think that the main trigger was Dany's sudden decision to rule with fear if she cannot rule with love (as apparently everyone loves Jon). Her murdering innocent people is a complete character assassination and I can't even blame her, I blame the shit writers that decided to turn Dany into her father after seasons establishing the opposite.

I think that women that say it's 'traumatizing' to see Daenerys become an evil character are exaggerating, but goddamn am I angry about this turd of an ending.

No. 31909

not debating anything, I'm just in Ireland now for vacations and wth nobody watches GOT in here?? where can I watch the final episode tomorrow?

No. 31920

pirate it.

No. 31922

that's weird. i feel like everyone watches it here. who have you been interacting with? the only person i know who doesn't watch it is my mum. it's simulcast on sky atlantic at 2am gmt tomorrow night/monday morning. the normie showing is at 8pm on monday. it'll inevitably be playing in some pubs sports style on monday if watching it with a crowd sounds interesting to you.

No. 31963

I love how people liked Dany because of her being breaker of chains and everything. But they couldn't see that she is actually arrogant, impulsive, violent and obsessed with power bitch. And she always have been. Especially in books.

No. 31982

Some people would have seen her as a hero no matter what but the show really worked hard to frame her as "not her father". The way the show framed Daenerys is quite similar to how they framed Jon. It's not totally the audience's fault that they didn't expect Dany to go from ruthless but good to… kill millions of people for no reason.

Her being power hungry, violent, and even paranoid checks out but her decision that she can't possibly even try to reign peacefully first before going for mass murder of innocents is… it's not sensible from a writing standpoint. A more Daenerys (as far as she has been developed) would be to try to solo the fleet with no help from anyone, which she did, and then go straight to the castle to accept Cersei's surrender. Cersei doesn't bend the knee and Dany burns her and Jaime, who won't leave Cersei. That would make sense. Daenerys doesn't give mercy to anyone that doesn't bend the knee to her. That would be consistent and still kinda cruel given Cersei was clearly defeated and had nowhere to go.

If they're gonna make her go apeshit so quickly then people will complain. Especially if your show has framed her as a hero for so long. This is why storytelling in cinema has so many moving parts. You can have a character that acts a certain way but if the framing doesn't support what you want people to think about her, then the audience will be confused.

No. 32050

File: 1558295695725.png (Spoiler Image,142.16 KB, 500x515, finger-in-d-bum-dothrakii-suic…)

Just say that you hate Daenerys and go.

Fucking thank you.
Also nothing like turning an abused, raped woman into a mad queen, especially when you already have one. That's not sexist at all!
Woman are too emotional and irrational to rule, they are better off being treated like cattle.

No. 32059

I feel like you are just being overlyemotional and trying to see 'muh sexism' stuff in everything. Dany is my favourite character but retarded part of fandom (example: you) is killing my love for her. Please, read the fucking books.

No. 32478

I've hated this show for a long time (the first season was good, dropped off from there,) but I'll be damned if I didn't actually like the ending. That was a good last episode. Fuck the rest of the season, tho. It was trash until episode 6.

No. 32491

The finale was garbage as we all expected

No. 32500

File: 1558322314025.png (67.52 KB, 232x254, R4KGxPC.png)

I liked where all the characters ending, I just think everyone came in expecting a grand final when they should had done like a movie and done last episode and this one back to back. If you see it all at once it would had been more satisfying, instead of waiting a whole week for what was basically an epilogue.

This comic sums up my feelings completely lol I didn't hate it I just hated how it was done.

No. 32512

Honestly never expected Jeyne Poole to be Queen in the North and for Book Aegon to join the Night's Watch or that Dany all along was Jon Connington

No. 32518

This last episode made me realise that I don't care about most of the characters anymore. The first half was pretty good, but the second half was like a unfunny sitcom.

No. 32520

Only drogon mattered. I want to think that he took dany to essos where the red god revives her. And she spends her time restoring valyria to its former dragons-and-magic-everywhere glory

No. 32527

Leak anon was right all along.

No. 32533

This!! The fact everyone is excusing it by saying oh but there was so much foreshadowing look at what she did to the masters and all the people she’s killed. But all those people deserved it! She never showed any signs of true madness till season 8. The fact that she turned crazy so quickly like we really didn’t need two women to be portrayed as insane, at least one woman came out in a positive light ( Sansa). They also could’ve spent more time developing it if they actually wanted us to buy it.
I’m also still very mad about everything that went down with the Night King but too late to complain about that.

No. 32541

>we really didn’t need two women to be portrayed as insane
This, it makes me cringe when those dumb gamer-gate-legacy critics say the show got shitty because of muh evil girl power feminists.
This show did the female main characters dirt by turning them into crazy bitches or perfect mary sues, no in between.

No. 32571

Very true.
The thing is, Dany has shown to be righteous, even if it has been hard. But no punishment was undeserved. You can argue about if death is the right way, but at that time… it was a form of punishment. The people she punished were betrayers, murderers, slavers… She did it to save her, her people, slaves and so on. The unfortunate, the poor, the weak. With going nuts and burning them all, she become the complete opposite of what she started as.
I hate it, how people try to whataboutism with that.

No. 32572

Just finished watching the finale.

No. 32589

I think the ending made sense in the context of the books, but I think they should've come up with a different ending for the show since they already had changed and omitted so much anyway.

No. 32593

No? There were lots of imperfect / non mary-sue / non crazy women. Among the main characters you got Sansa and Brienne. This should be good enough to falsify this comment. Having the final villains be women are good because you never see this in media.

Among characters in general there are loads of interesting ones including the Tyrells, Ygritte, etc.

Arya felt slightly mary suey but ultimately I think she's boring / weak enough to not be a mary sue.

No. 32595

Did anyone else think the season finale was incredibly underwhelming? I was bored to death, I stopped the show to do dishes halfway in because I was bored. Nothing interesting happened. I know they have to wrap things up but a little more excitement would have been appreciated for the end. Even the very out of character episode prior to the finale would have been a better ending. They could have added 20 minutes to that to finish the entire story instead of dragging it out for the final episode.

No. 32596

I tried to watch the finale after work and I ended up getting bored and falling asleep, had to finish it later on

No. 32606

I actually loved episode 5, it was a bit rushed but damn was I entertained and being confirmed right on so many things helped.
I had a very bad feeling about the finale though and I was left massively disappointed. Jesus just 2-3 episodes more would've helped massively to actually develop things and might have ended on a decent, but not great, note.

No. 32616

Should've just ended with the ice zombies wiping out the entire cast.

No. 32621

The thing I don't get is the whole destroying the throne scene and then picking a new King which makes the destroying the throne scene basically useless and of no significance to anyone. Nothing has actually changed after all this other than there's no throne (and they will probably build a new one anyway) and Winterfell is it's own kingdom. There's hardly been much move towards 'democracy' or realising any mistakes. None of the characters seem to have reflected on the war and gone 'ah yeah, maybe having this system in place is a bit shit' and Bran is just… ugh? I've seen plenty of people say how he clearly saw this and how he prepared for this and how he has a right because he should be able to live for a long while and whatever else but surely, seeing this entire war from day 1 really and then coming away and going 'gotta be king' is shit on his part also.

There's just so much that makes no sense or is overall useless and I understand that the entire series is 'different' because happy endings don't exist and it's realistic (sort of) but the ending offers no learning experiences for most characters or makes much sense in terms of world development.

No. 32644


Some people speculate that D&D were trying to be ~~~symbolic~~~ that the Dany's obsession with the Iron Throne is what drove to her demise which is why Drogon burned it.

Which makes him either incredibly perceptive or the dumbest piece of shit ever.

Idk either, anon.

No. 32645

D&D were trying to be ~~~symbolic~~~

D&D only cared about bringing the show as quick as possible to an end, so they can move on with Star Wars. So they gave the show the most basic, boring and stupid ending they could have thought of.
Bran is for so many reasons the most idiot solution to all this. Lives in the past - what he said himself -, does nothing but staring into the sky, says and does nothing even though he knows what is going to happen.
Tyrion said, the person with the best story… bitch, where? Bran is the most underdeveloped character in the whole series. Till the end we absolutely know nothing about his intention, his motives, or thoughts about anything.
Did he play the game in doing nothing? Waiting for everything to burn and than getting the crown handed easily. And than smirkingly saying, Oh, I´m only her because of the throne… like, what?

I stay with my point, D&D burned the series the same way like Dany King´s landing. Without any understandable reason, just to bring it over.

No. 32692


As someone whose favourite character is Bran, I honestly think Jon Snow had a better story. Even putting aside Aegon Targaryen, he came back from the dead. D&D really dropped the ball on that one.

Side note though, Bran's narrative is really interesting. Besides being the supernatural one, I understand the connection with stories because Bran really did love Old Nan's stories and figuring out secrets.

I stipl think it's a far stretch for D&D to say that because of this he would make a great king. I mean, if I were to really tinfoil here, Bran being 3ER and being able to figure out all the worlds secrets or learn from the past somehow makes him qualified to lead as if he could use his Greensight to make informed decisions.

I mean…I get it. But I don't like it lol.

No. 33384

File: 1558998065996.png (140 KB, 785x449, eead.png)

What was with the weird cgi on Dany's face this season? Especially in the last episode. Idk if I'm looking too much into this, but really? Emilia Clarke isn't beautiful enough on her own?

No. 33773

Emilia Clarke is an extremely beautiful woman, but show Dany is so beautiful that there's rarely a male character that doesn't devote his life to her the moment that he sees her. Even with CGI there' no actress in the world that can properly pull that off.

No. 33796

Bran would be a good advisor to a king, at best. He has no business on the throne.

Emilia has aged visibly since having been cast as Daenerys and she still looks amazing imo but some gross male fans have been complaining about how "haggard" she looked for a couple seasons now. Maybe they wanted to shut them up? Idk.

No. 33802

Oh, so I wasn't seeing things. Last season I noticed a lot of CGI on her face, there was a scene (I think where she met Jon Snow and was smiling at him, the camera on her face) where she straight up looked like a videogame cutscene

No. 33803

Samefagging to add, by last season I meant season 7

No. 33893

How do you guys notice the CGI? I never saw it, I thought it's just Emilia looking beautiful as always… I legit can't tell….
How do you spot CGI?
Wow those scrots must be real retarded. She's constantly looking amazing.

No. 33914

Because her face looked "computerized", like one of those recent videogames with mocap characters

No. 33932

She went through 2 brain aneurysms and the stress from that no doubt had aged her a bit but also the show also has been airing for almost a decade.

So they expected emilia who began at 25 with 0 health issues to look exactly the same after all that bullshit she went through for 7-8 years. Male GoT fans should always be avoided.

No. 34155

File: 1559532931954.jpg (211.5 KB, 1920x1088, game.of.thrones.s08e06.1080p.w…)

I've noticed some shows use shitty CGI to smooth out womens "imperfections". They do it sometimes trying to smooth out obvious wig lines too. Compared to some of the other shows I've seen, GoT actually does a better job of it than most.

Also, it took them eight seasons, but they finally got her hair color like I visualized it in the books.

No. 34168

I love how everyone is united in their hate for how it ended.

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