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No. 236414

A nostalgia thread for a beauty/fashion/aesthetic trend in Korea years ago that used to be popular and also known in niche western communities.

General term
>Ulzzang (literally meaning "best face") is a South Korean internet slang term that is commonly used to describe attractive looking netizens. Unlike other mainstream celebrities or actors that are known for similar appeals, "Ulzzang" usually refers to an ordinary person who arises to internet stardom solely as a result of his or her good look.

You can post anything ulzzang related in this thread whether it be posting about ulzzang fashion, sites, makeup, beauty, skincare, the ulzzangs themselves, videos, pics or even drama relating to it.

No. 236416

File: 1662399885737.jpg (46.69 KB, 629x629, tumblr_oedi5nzaFi1vyeo57o4_640…)

Also id like to add that the ulzzang trend is dead completely and lost popularity in korea so if you still see posts in 2022 of ulzzangs then those are not ulzzangs, and the people calling them ulzzangs are just trying to revive the ulzzang trend.

No. 236435

File: 1662408633934.jpg (53.81 KB, 420x627, a42ac0044cf66090aef723abc5d0f5…)

I dont have any pics from my ulzzang phase but im 100% sure i looked like a hot mess, still, I was really happy and i really thought i looked just like picrel kek
thanks for the memory trip anon

No. 236450

File: 1662413225897.jpeg (4.03 MB, 1500x3116, 5937E622-48D5-4B53-A1C8-50F37B…)

Were you really hot if your haduri angle maximum exposure selca didn’t pop off
This pic triggers my fight or flight. Every bitch made this stupid ass face in pictures, this was the duckface for asian girls.

No. 236466

I fucking hated this trend and I'm glad it's dead. I remember making fun of it here and on /cgl/.

No. 236505

File: 1662425972695.jpg (58.48 KB, 736x733, tumblr_p3qj5ceOWK1vyeo57o3_128…)

Does anyone remember this, i used to see him in alot of those male ulzzang pic suggestions back in the day.

No. 236700

Yes! I follow him on IG. he’s a tattoo artist

No. 236832

File: 1662543578153.jpg (65.06 KB, 400x321, LeeYeonJuMikki.jpg)

I was a big fan of Mikki/Lee Yeon Joo back in the day.

No. 236837

File: 1662544576985.jpg (107.13 KB, 400x534, resource.jpg)

Also one that was known by either Hwang Jung Jin or Jung Joo Ah.

No. 236894

File: 1662549091285.jpg (59.01 KB, 405x720, hq720_2.jpg)

Ulzzang basically got replaced with douyin/weibo/chinese aesthetic which i see on pinterest and other sites.

Personally in my opinion i preferred the ulzzang aesthetic, maybe its the nostalgia but this douyin/weibo aesthetic is so gross with the edited giraffe legs and weird faces like the one in this pic, also they all look the same since they use the same editing apps.

Meanwhile Ulzzangs had to manually photoshop their photos back then so there was some difference and uniqueness even if it was fake lol.

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