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No. 23607

Write fanfics about your favorite cows! It can be slash, bondage/torture, self-insert, lemon, hatefic, etc.

Write to your heart’s content!

No. 23608

File: 1554316084815.jpg (25.52 KB, 436x326, gif-eating-popcorn-64-gap.jpg)

Oh, this thread should definitely be good.

No. 23609


Oh boy.

A tale of two sisters, one older and the other younger. One made it as a model and the other who was more fame hungry didn’t succeed so she became crazy, started ruining her life online and hunting down her sisters fans. Ends up in a padded cell because she’s crazy ordering hit men who fawn over her sister and people who love her.

Or - Venus Angelic who finally ran away and became a secret assassin for japan.

No. 23627

I’ve been bored at work so I’ve been working on…something…

Sakura blossoms perfume the air, as a heavy steam wraps itself around your tiny toweled body. Dropping your towel leaves only the night sky kissing your skin, sticking your toe into the warm onsen brings forth a wave of warmth and comfort. Are these feelings, like my exclusive anime figures, only available in Japan? You’ve dreamed of your pilgrimage for so long, but the circumstances surrounding your journey into the east have surpassed your wildest dreams. Slowly submerging, wading forward, eyes focused you wrap your arms around her, allowing her to let out a small squeak as you embrace her soft as mochi folds. “COLLETTE! I thought you were fucking my —- oh” Momokun tucks a strand of hair behind her ear with an anime blush “I was wondering if you were going to finally show up!”

This is the first time you’ve done anything close to this but you knew but this trip would be full of firsts for you. Your first international flight, your first karaoke, your first time letting a woman take care of you… You haven’t been friends with Mariah Mallad (known by the internet as Momokun) very long but the bounty of Love she shows her friends isn’t lost on you. You’d read how she’d spend money on her friends before, it wasn’t anything surprising or new. You’d seen the pictures of lavish commissioned costumes, trips from here to there, extravagant dinners and admittedly felt a twinge of jealousy. who wouldn’t? free everything for simply tolerating this cow? That was the old you. You hated to use to word cow anymore when referring to her. The only feature you considered bovine were her big brown eyes and long eyelashes, they reminded you of Elsie the cow from your childhood. (CONT)

No. 23628

Umm, konichiwaaaa bakaaa?” you snap out of it “are you going to stand here and look at me all night or are we going to relax?” Feeling around for a suitable spot to park yourself Mariah pulls you into her lap giggling “best seat in the house my dude.” you can’t help but smile at her, she’s done nothing but be a constant light for you. After you settle in, Momo walks you through the agenda of flying home in the morning. Like her Instagram stories she talks a mile a minute, rushing through details, she mentions she needs to pick up extra luggage for her hauls and maybe a few last minute stops. “…and then when I’m back in Vegas…” she’s still going but you don’t mind, mentally collecting dots across the top of your mind as if this were actually an Instagram story. Eventually, the vibrations stop and you take that as a cue to speak “Mariah I…” how are you even going to put this into words? “I’ve..had a really great time on this trip and…an even better time with you..” you were always a queen on anonymous boards but expressing these raw feelings burns like salt “I just, I don’t want to lose touch when we go back okay?” A classic soft smile crawls across Mariah’s lips and you’re greeted with the most reassuring thing you could have ask for…a kiss from your ‘kun.

Her soft lips matching yours, you feel her passion devouring you with a fire you’ve only seen her reserve for pho. eventually your tongues make it into the soup you’ve been creating together. it feels like an entire era before your lips part again. “Mariah, I…” “shhh” she shushes you gently before lifting her breast to your mouth “Mommy knows.” Taking the cue from the woman who’s been holding you like a baby for the past hour, you slowly and softy start to suck on the ample breast in front of you. you know there’s no nourishment to be gained from this but you swear her skin tastes like things you’ve never tasted before. the saltiness of her sweat, tacky syrup of left over body spray, her purest essence? you lap greedily all over Mariah’s breasts as moans of approval drift off into the Japanese mountains. you smile, pulling away “I thought you were supposed to have cold milk after the onsen” she laughs, shoving you slightly “I already told you about the milking machine! nothing came out!” (CONT)

No. 23629

both sighing you wiggle your way out of Momo’s lap to cool off. Standing up feels amazing! The warmth rising up to keep the real cold away as the night air is able to refresh you. It doesn’t last for long as you feel the gaze of eyes and the tickle of acrylic nail tips across your stomach. “Dozo, let me take care of you” “take care of me? Mariah, you bought my ticket, you’d hardly let me swipe my card for anything! you HAVE been taking care of me!” “Mommy knows best” and with that, and a motherly scooch Mariah pins you against the side of the tub. All the rumored women she’s slept with must not have been a lie after all, do straight girls have amazing lacrosse careers? it doesn’t take long before you’re like one of her cats, a ragdoll in her hands. Losing yourself, you find yourself again as soon as she runs a clawed finger lightly up your slit. You nod eagerly to her knock and allow her to spread your own tender “momokun” (CONT)

No. 23632

licking her thumb Mariah firmly presses on your clit making you squirm under her weight. she can easily dominate you and honestly, at this point you wouldn’t care if she devoured you whole. you need more of this, another woman has never made you feel this way. tryin to distract yourself without killing the moment your mind races back to her camversity streams. Sexy and coy. Accidentally showing too much. Those guys paid her so much money, but here she was pleasing you not out of an obligation but because she wanted to. it’s hard to keep track of time in a place so timeless. “AH! Ahh? ahhhhh” escapes your lips but it almost sounds like it’s coming from somewhere else entirely. Mariah’s fingers slowly pumping into you, moving in ways you didn’t know they could. “Mate, I told you I was double jointed!” she laughs while you can hardly reply. Stabilizing your shaking body with an arm around your waist, Mariah spins you. You truly feel like a baby, on the brink and seeing stars you feel her warm breasts pressing against your back. A firm hold on your waist, your senpai’s lips and tongue on your ears and nape. you’re getting closer. panting, begging, you speak to her in the most romantic language….Japanese. “Yamete momokun!” You didn’t mean to be so formal “please, Mariah” you’re begging “I can’t I can’t…please” (CONT)

No. 23633

Some people’s jimmies will be rustled…

A Tale of Two Edgelords

August 29, 2010

Stevie didn’t imagine going to the city where sex, drugs and rock n’ roll once reigned, let alone to meet someone he considered his “arch nemesis” but here he was.

Stevie had a thing or two to say to this man, this man who is now considered a “YouTube star”. He wanted nothing more than wanting answers about his creepy religion and sociopathic persona, then maybe beat his ass as an extra bonus. However, that will have to wait as soon as the “star” finishes hanging out or “collaborating” with “dumbasses” Matt and Vincent.

Setting his luggage into the compartments of his suite; feeling jet lagged, Stevie lied down contemplating about this ordeal - this “invitation” to talk things out with Gregory himself.

“Why did this fucker brought me here in the first place? We could’ve just email each other or talk on the phone somethin’…ain’t like his little battered wife doesn’t know who the fuck I am anyway.”

He then texted Greg to tell him he arrived, not caring to wait for a reply he took out his iPod, popped in his earbuds which were already blasting a Type O Negative song; not caring for whatever consequences or risks for hearing loss - it’s the least of his worries when there are bigger fish to fry.

An hour or so passed before Stevie could open his eyes as dusk had taken over sunny LA, “Man, what time is it?” he said out loud to no one in particular. He checked his phone to see the time but was surprised to see a text from 30 minutes ago; what is your location? it stated.

Just checked in at the Holiday Inn he responded, you?

Chateau Marmont.

Okay…so where do you wanna meet?

My place. The Holiday Inn’s not far from it, I can see it through my windows.

“Creepy little fuck!” Stevie muttered to himself before agreeing to meet him then went downstairs to ask for a driver.

No. 23637

The giant peach clears your head with her lips pressing against yours once more and you fall limp in her lap. Tension released and the sitting on the human equal you feel the type of zen circle_of_chiefs must feel after spouting his bullshit. “Ah, gomen you’re…” Mariah interrupts again “a handful?” you playfully squeeze her breast “I’d say a little more than that.” Lingering a little longer, you dry off and dress with Mariah hardly able to keep your hands off you hot water kappa. walking down the streets hand in hand you wonder what the future holds but don’t want to ruin the moment to ask. Japan is a place of myth and legend but isn’t Vegas legendary too? You’re able to leave in the morning with an unshakable smile. checking your phone before lift off you notice Mariah’s Instagram story…it’s a picture from 12 hours ago. it’s you. Sleeping peacefully. the caption? [HAD THE BEST LAST NIGHT IN JAPAN WITH MY GIRLFRIEND] a whisper from the seat beside you “I hope that’s okay..” you lean to lay your head on her soft shoulder “oh Mariah, it’s just….sugoi”(FIN)

No. 23639

can you retards spoiler this shit?

No. 23642

You bumped it without sage, just hide the thread

No. 23643

Spa day with Luna

I take Luna's hand and lead her into the bathroom.

I have prepared a shower stool in the shower and gesture towards it with a friendly, warm smile on my face.

"It's for old people. Please take off your clothes and sit"

Luna starts stripping seductively in front of me, dropping clothes dramatically.
Bralettes, big panties and for some odd reason three stuffed animals go flying onto the bathroom floor.
Then she sits down onto the stool in the shower.

She is marvelling at my bathbombs that are assembled in a shelf next to the tub.
"I get it now, self care!" she says.
"Exactly!" I say and smile "Self care"

I take the shower head, turn on the water and test the water temperature after a while and adjust the temperature until I'm satisfied. I take her T-Rex-hand and let the water run over her arm "Is this good?" I ask her. She nods "Yes, it is, anon-chan"

She closes her eyes and I start showering her. The shower gets a little steamy. The water sounds like a little streamlet from a spring. I hum a little song quietly while gently carressing her.

I take a shampoo bottle that smells of flowers and fruit and put a little bit into my hand. I gently rub it into her wet hair and let it soak for a while. Then I rinse it and apply a hair mask in the same manner.

While I start scrubbing her skin with a muted pink loofa and some shower gel, she takes the shampoo bottle to study it. She asks "Is it cheap?"
I reply "It's reasonably priced and good quality. Now close your eyes"

I start scrubbing her face. Pieces of make-up break and clash into the tub and a cloud of dust spreads from her face.

After I'm done, her face is squeaky-clean and flush with colour. She is looking at me curiously and so do all her little freckles.
I rinse her hair again to remove the hair mask.
The brittle hair is now soft and shimmery and falls down her back in beautiful damp, blonde waves. A strand of it curls down her neck and onto her pale collarbone.
I am content with my work so far.

Then I tackle her hands and feet. With a saw I remove long, old nails, natural or fake, and wash away what remains of the dirt under them.
The waste I put into a trashbag.

After another round of loofaing and rinsing her body, I decide we are ready to move on and invite her to step outside of the shower onto the rug. I dry her off with a soft towel after a few stuffed animals, a squeaky toy and a broken pill box have fallen out of it.

I lotion her whole body with a rich lotion, really getting everywhere into almost every crease.
Then I offer her a bathrobe and she slips into it.

I apply a white face mask to her face. Then I present her with a pair of green slippers and she slips into these, too.

"Let's go into the living room"

We enter the living room and sit down on the couch.

She sighs contently, stretches and puts her legs up onto the couch, for some odd reason she is now sporting combat boots encrusted with dry red dirt which is falling onto the couch.
Perplexed, I avert my eyes onto the table.

"Here are some cucumber slices for your eyes" I say offering her a plate of cucumber slices gaily. "Just don't eat them all at once"

Luna turns to me looking a bit apalled
"Euw, that's disgusting! Don't worry, I can survive years without food"

She takes two slices of cucumber and then reaches into her bath robe pulling out a purple stuffed teddy, I'm not sure where from.
"Are you gonna order me some take-out now?" she asks and pouts. She then proceeds to apply cucumber slices to the teddy's button eyes angrily.

"Okay, Luna, let me just go take out the trash"

"Come on, Lurch, let's go"

"…. B- cough…. But where?" Matthew's living corpse rises from beneath a pile of stuffed animals in the corner. His voice is coarse and rough and sounds like from beyond the grave.

"Oh, you know. You've always known"

I smile knowingly reaching out my hand to the Indian cigar man on the floor.

"To the magical dumpster at the end of the rainbow where everything is in our size

No. 23646

File: 1554336258500.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.47 KB, 960x960, moo.jpg)

On an early Saturday afternoon in May, you find yourself wandering around an anime convention, marveling at the countless weebs dressed in everything from shoddy cosplays to omocat merch to ahegao tee shirts as you amble about. You, on the other hand, wouldn't dream of leaving the house in such hideous garments. You've taken this as an opportunity to flex your sweet lolita coord and you look absolutely darling. Or so you were told by a few anons on /cgl/ the night before.

It's a rather boring con, so you browse lolcow on your phone to pass the time. Newfags run amok in Onision's thread, several anons in the Unpopular Opinion thread are bickering about something asinine, there's an argument in the Men You're Ashamed to Say You'd Fuck thread as an anon who posted Brenton Tarrant desperately tries to defend themself, another one of Taylor Nicole Dean's pets has perished, business as usual.

Eventually, you scroll down to your favorite thread on the site, Momokun's thread. It's booming today because she's visiting a con and not just any con, the con you're currently attending.

In fact, she was the real reason you came here. You wanted to see her for yourself, maybe snag a couple candids and have a laugh at the harsh difference between what she posted online versus her true nature with your fellow farmers.

Hours pass and even after keeping a close eye on both her thread and her Instagram stories, unfortunately you still haven't seen hide nor tail of her. You sigh in disappointment. It would be best to just give up your search and head home. You decide to take a quick trip to the ladies' room before you hit the road.

After the long, laborious process of getting back into your dress and pettis, you exit the bathroom stall. As you go to wash your hands, suddenly one of the stall doors slams open with a loud clang, startling you.

"Looking for me?" Says a familiar voice in a patronising tone.

You look over your shoulder to see… Her! Momokun, in the flesh, wearing her iconic cow ensemble. Her gigantic breasts spill out the sides of the small, cow print bikini, it's a wonder how that thing has managed to hold up all day. She paces towards you with a chillingly vacant look in her eyes. The ground seems to shake a bit with every step she takes.

You freeze, unsure how to react. Would it be wise to keep a low profile and pretend you don't know who she is or pretend to be a fan? You decide to do the former.

"Uhm… Are you talking to me?" You ask.

"Uhm, yeah, I'm talking to you. You see anyone else in here?" She retorts, chuckling.

"Oh," you pause "I'm… sorry, ma'am, but I don't believe I know you."

"Don't be silly, you've been looking for me all day, haven't you?" She asks in a smug tone.

"I–" you start, but she cuts you off.

"You a farmer?"

"A… A what? No, I work in retail." You lie, unconvincingly.

"My dude, I saw you checking my thread like twenty minutes ago. No need to bullshit me."

"I'm not, I-I…"

"Uh-huh." She says sarcastically.

You're growing rather anxious. You begin to back up as she draws nearer.

"Heh. So you think I'm a big, fat cow, do you?" She says tauntingly and tilts her head with a smirk.

"N-No." You insist.

"I mean, obviously there's a reason why I haven't lost any weight after all this time." She says and pats her belly "I really do work out quite often, but to be honest I don't share all the details of my diet online…"

"I-I think you look fine, really!"

You hear her stomach growl loudly.

"You're a pretty shitty liar, my dude. Might want to work on that," she gives a short scoff, "not that you'll have the chance to after I'm finished with you…"

"Wh… What?" You nervously stammer out. It'd definitely be best to leave now, you think to yourself as you take another step backwards.

Then you feel your back hit the wall. She practically has you pinned. She smirks once again and licks her lips, the vacancy in her eyes is quickly occupied by hunger. She's looking at you as if you're a delicious bowl of Tonkotsu ramen.

You try to make a break for it, but she grabs your arm with a death grip. As you desperately try to get her to let go, she slams you back against the wall with her other hand, knocking the wind out of you. She then forces her soft, squishy chest up against you, pinning you up against the wall so you cannot escape. You cry for help but to no avail, as her breasts snuff out your shouts.

"Momo, p-please, don't do this." You beg. "Wh-what about your die–AHHH!"

Before you can finish your sentence, she unhinges her jaw and pops you into her mouth.

You scream again, desperate for someone, anyone, to come help you, but deep down you know it's too late.

She swishes you around her mouth for a bit, tenderly prodding at you with her tongue and coating your body in her saliva before swallowing you whole. Her throat squeezes you tightly, rapidly sucking you further and further inside her.

You continue to yell and grunt, attempting to cause as big of a stir as you can in hopes that someone might be able to hear you.

"Scream as much as you want, my dude. No one's gonna be able to hear you down there," She says with a sinister snicker.

As much as you don't want to accept it, you know she's right.

You slide further down her esophagus, her esophageal muscles gripping you like an anaconda. As air grows sparce and it quickly becomes harder and harder to breathe, you stop screaming to save your breath. Her stomach continues to growl loudly, beckoning you in.

"Mmm… hopefully your-URP-little farmer friends will learn from your mistake." Her words are muffled, you can barely make them out. The vibration of them rings through your body.

Eventually you plunge into her stomach. You wiggle and writhe in there as much as you can to try and get her to spit you out, but your energy is running low. Her strong stomach acids begin to erode your skin. It burns badly.

Your head starts to feel lighter and lighter as the combination of the heat, the humidity, the strong smell, and the increasingly limited amount of oxygen begins to overcome you. You draw your final breath, accepting your fate to join the mushy chunks of whatever her last meal was.

Soon after, the burning sensation begins to fade and your life flashes before your eyes as darkness begins to close in.

Your limp, now lifeless body begins to slowly dissolve into sludge.

Momo pats her bulging abdomen and gives a satisfied belch.

'Might need another lypo session after that one…' She thinks to herself and goes on her merry way.


No. 23658

anon, i was close to crying but it also weirdly reminded me of a better written and witty quizilla-style lemon. i loved it , thank you!

>She is looking at me curiously and so do all her little freckles
dream fulfilment AND poetry? you're spoiling us anon

it was hot until the vore started, 3/10

No. 23670

Thank you so much for this. I was hoping someone will write a fanfic about my fave cow. The only thing I personally wish was different is the ending. Appreciate that you thrown in a twist, but at the same time would love if the protagonist went off with Luna to search for the magical dumpsters and left Lurch off in the dust.

No. 23677

thats beautiful, anon, but also reads like im having a half-nightmare.

also the ending is about shooting him in the head, right?

No. 23708

thanks for enjoying my tired, silly writing. And yeah, I rushed through the whole thing and the end def was lacking.
The other stories have been pretty outrageous, too. This is a cool thread

No. 24000

>>23633 - Chapter 2

The Chateau Marmont sat on top of a hill, it laid nestled between the beautiful California beaches and the lively area of West Hollywood. Stevie couldn’t help but be enthralled by the scenery of the Sunset Strip and longed to explore it once business was through. Speaking of which… the hotel was just around the corner.

‘Swanky’ he thought to himself as got off the car and thanked the chauffeur. He then proceeded to walk inside, marveling at the intricate designs and beautiful architecture; he could feel the spirit of old Hollywood. ‘

‘This place is too good for onishit, Jewtube or Machinima must’ve paid for it probably.’ Another thought came by.

Stevie went towards the platinum-blonde receptionist behind the desk and asked for a “Gregory Daniel”, before calling Greg’s room-

“I’m right here.” Greg retorted.

“Uhh hi, I guess…” was all Stevie could say to the man who was directly facing him. He was somewhat frightened of him, yet keeping his composure. Greg walked towards the elevator and all Stevie could do is follow.

Stevie noted that he and Greg share a similar “rocker-chic” style; Stevie was more blatant with his trip bondage pants, Suicidal Tendencies t-shirt, black sneakers and three-layered studded cuffs on his wrists - all black of course while his hair was slightly disheveled and kept the pubes-like goatee. Meanwhile Greg was more laid-back grungy with his dark blue, acid-washed baggy pants, ankle-high combat boots and a plain black shirt. He still had that Kurt Cobain-inspired bob cut yet slightly growing; he was clean-shaven. Stevie couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of being stuck in 1999.

There was awkward silence throughout the elevator ride, and that silence continued until they got to Greg’s suite.

Stevie closed the door behind him and cut to the chase.

“Alright man, what is it that you want? You’ve brought me down here from fuckin’ Nevada and for what? And I’m sure it’s not to explore Hollywood!”

“Is it a crime wanting to meet my haters?” Greg retorted.

“Shit dude, you couldda just emailed me or Skyped me or somethin”. I have a life outside of bitchin’ at ya!”

“Don’t seem like it.”

Stevie was already heating up from Greg’s callous replies, he was trying to reframe from punching the taller man’s face and could barely contain himself doing so.

“Look, I want these accusations to stop. I am not a cult-leader nor do I follow any religion, including Sicesca. Got it? It’s in the past, time to move on.”

Stevie just stood there with his mouth open.

“Motherfucker you’re still doing the same thing and Lord knows what other hidden agendas you probably have for your dumbass fans. Man, I feel sorry for your wife having to put up with your manipulative ass-by the way, how is Skye doin’?”

“Please leave my wife outta this, she has nothing to do with…”these ideas” you like to attack.” Another callous reply.

“I’m just worried about her, man.”

“What, do you think I’m beating her or something? I may be rude or annoying to her but I could never lay a hand on her. I love her too much for that.” The last sentence was muttered under his breath.

The feeling of awkwardness was growing and none of the two wanted to break the silence. That is until Greg spoke up.

“You obviously have a lot of issues and you are probably using my videos as punching bags. You should probably get help for that, s’not healthy.” He smirked.

Stevie’s rage lit up again and lunged himself at Greg, Greg could barely dodge the attack.

“The fuck’s your problem?!” He asked, turquoise eyes showed fear before reverting back to anger from Stevie’s prior comments.

“You don’t know me, motherfucker, you don’t know me!!!” Stevie swung his fists before finally punching him in the face.

Greg doubled over and held himself up by the ottoman before landing on the floor, holding the front side of his jaw with the other. He removed his fingers and noticed blood leaking out of his mouth, anger came over him - it was his turn to deliver the blow.

No. 24015

Are we allowed to port prompts? I'd love to read some snarky shoe/preg domestic fluff.

No. 24020

ew what the fuck?

No. 24026

Knock yourself out!

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