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No. 231195

Anyone else is tired of flashy channels with a million shortcuts and annoying personalities screaming at you to click like and subscribe? maybe you just need something to put in the background while you sleep or work? or live vicariously through other people because you live in a big city? then this bread is for you.
Post comfy youtube channels, preferably without voices and good visuals, not only ASMR, please.

Channel about a dog and his owner going camping:

Walking around X place:

Diorama channel:

Crafting channel:

Japanese Camping channel:

No. 231196


No. 231197

Lovely idea nonna but /m/ is right there

No. 231198

sorry gonna wait until an admin moves it to /m/ then

No. 231199

enjoy cozy fishes(learn2embed)

No. 231208

This Korean woman makes lovely, comforting journaling videos

No. 231210

Cute Minecraft builds by Zaypixel (she also has shorter videos)

No. 231216

Watching birds and squirrels eat

(the big ass coconuts are sending me tho, did he really think anyone was going to eat that?)

No. 231218

I love her videos

This guys rides trains

No. 231224

I hope he comes back….

No. 231228

Goodnight Moon’s high effort roleplay videos are very nice, I come back to them every so often. Wish she had continued making them more often but I understand that it’s a lot of work. Easier to just make generic asmr videos.

No. 231278

Solo Travel Japan. There's also Solo Solo Travel Japan who does the exact same content but I think his captions have a bit more humor to them.

No. 231279

Canadian man goes camping/stealth camping. No fluff, no frills, just camps and talks to the camera. There's something very endearing about his content to me. I love camping content but I have a hard time finding videos I like to watch. I really like his.

No. 231305

No. 231309

This Japanese frog channel, i posted it before the /m/ destruction

No. 231329

Fall asleep to this in the afternoon. Try lucid dreaming to this

No. 231365

Japanese van channels

solo woman

No. 231366

and couple

No. 231473

she doesn't make videos anymore but SoSonia's videos make me happy.

No. 231500

Thank you nonnie for posting this! It was a sweet video and cheered me up.

No. 231779

Claire Luvcat's channel is so cute

No. 231792

oh, this is nice! I love channels about the Japanese countryside.

No. 231890

I've been watching PearFleur for almost a decade now. Back when she was petitcakes making polymer stuff. Not only she's greatly improved as an artist, she makes the comfiest videos ever.

No. 231891

Her video about making watercolors is also very good. It's like she's making potions.

No. 231892

Miss Mina used to be a travel channel turned into a comfy channel. She still does a lot of food and travel but her mushroom videos are the best imo.

No. 231895

I love Atomic Shrimp. It's hard to describe what he exactly does, because he does everything. His foraging and food challenge videos are great. He also exchanges recipes common in his culture with a nigerian youtuber, and vise versa.

No. 231901

An european youtuber showing village life. I love it so much. It's very relaxing to watch.

No. 231911

YES!!! Atomic Shrimp is the best

No. 231916

I’m so excited. I plan on growing some mushrooms as soon as weather cools down!

No. 231935

I loved his John Barosa scambaiting series of videos

No. 232312

I've never seen someone try so hard to be a manic pixie dream girl in real life

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