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No. 230933

Talk about webtoons, manhwas and manhuas here.

This thread also was gone yestarday >>>/m/208781 (i am hoping the mods are able to recover these threads)

No. 235323

File: 1661992870504.jpeg (83.53 KB, 828x1150, 14B9D149-2A60-46B7-B6BB-3942E9…)

I want to get this webcomic discussion going, I’ll say a couple ongoing series I’m enjoying on webtoon;

After School Lessons for Unripe Apples (pic), cute middle school coming-of-age romance(?) with a 90s setting.

Happily Ever Afterwards, didn’t think I would enjoy it based on the first few chapters but the characters have really grown on me. Isekai romance with angsty love interest.

Daily Jo Jo, same creator as Yumi’s cells, if you liked that you’ll probably enjoy this.

I’m shit at finding decent romance webcomics that aren’t on webtoon so I’d love some recs

No. 237883

File: 1662824554276.png (1.33 MB, 690x1606, m_merged(1)_1.png)

Random chat is hilarious, I'm having a blast every time. The arch of the demonic man-hater just started, I wonder what's going to happen.

No. 238810

They manage to look even more same-y than manga, it's impressive.

No. 239985

bad thinking diary sucks so bad. shit story, hairless pussies and now rape.

No. 239989

Love advice from the duke of hell is imo the best webtoon there is

No. 239990

File: 1663363234738.png (532.35 KB, 879x952, o9meboyl8wl51.png)

agreed, it vascillates from comedy to drama and back fast enough to induce whiplash and the art is hilariously over-dramatic in a way that most western webtoons never seem to get right

No. 240001

I used to like it but now I feel like the jokes are getting predictable and are recycled a lot.

No. 240673

Teenage dragon is a newish webtoon and its funny as hell, I hardly laugh out loud at comedy webtoons but this one has me chuckling

No. 243360

>After School Lessons for Unripe Apples
can you explain the appeal of this one? I tried reading it after it came out because it's the same author as CITT but it was difficult.

No. 251347

File: 1667045749679.jpeg (499.4 KB, 1414x2048, FfmI2wPUoAA8Cc6.jpeg)

western and Sea pickmes need to fuck off and stop reading east asian comics because their shitty moralfagging that they only do to female characters because they want them to be perfect is so annoying.

I was looking at this manhwa called Serena, and all of the women were losing their minds on the comments because the female character has a lover and a husband, and to them that is extremely wrong and she is a horrible person for that, she is a slut, they should leave her, the husband and lover should fuck etc etc.

And most of these retarded cock worshipping women did not even read the plot that she is forced to marry the husband and its arranged marriage so she is not technically even cheating on him since its a forced marriage.

Again women will fangirl over male fictional murderers yet you want female characters to be perfect angels. This is why women starts reading yaoi and abandon the josei/shoujo genre becuse of the constant analyzing of female leads and the fact that many female leads lose their personality in story's due to having to be perfect.

No. 251413

I can't say dumb comments really bother me, I just don't read them, but you're not wrong. It seems that male characters get to be just that, fictional characters, while female characters need to be modeled after real life morally right women or else.

No. 251416

Thank you. I fully agree and I have the same issues. Most of my favorite characters are male simply just because male characters can be everything, while women are still mostly forced to be the flawless devote supermodels and when they casually aren't they are the femme fatale to bring in fanservice for the coomers and chances are high she will fall for the MC regardless.

No. 251417

File: 1667067188128.png (853.9 KB, 1428x663, Ava.png)

After many many years arc two is finished. I personally dropped it years ago since she was always on hiatus and I just didn't like it any more as time went on. I saw that she had kickstarter for the second arc and was surprised that she still had fans and was completely funded within 16 minutes. Wasn't there some kind a drama revolving her? I just remember someone had made complete tumblr masterpost about along with the creators of The Arcana: A Mystic Romance.

No. 251420

I'll be honest, in addition to jealousy over fictional characters I think those reactions are a natural expression of internalized pickmeism where women and girls try desperately to prove to the world that women aren't cheating whores, evil gold-diggers or vapid superficial bitches, because they've been exposed to those misogynistic opinions their whole lives and now are hyper-aware of it. Basically they're mad that a female character is "making us look bad" though they may not realize it. It's probably also part of the reason why they like and defend horrible scrotes in fiction (sometimes even in real life) to subconsciously prove that we are tolerant and fair and can forgive and love moids who have "made mistakes", and also kind of why so many women are so vocal about liking ugly men I used to be one of those so I may be projecting a bit here.

No. 251437

people are crazy i was looking at some opinions of this manhwa and i saw some women commenting saying that she ''needs to be killed or punished'' what the hell…..south asians,arabs, and westerners are so cancerous when it comes to communities that consume east asian media.
They just take all their baggage from their culture (mostly south asians do this) and force it upon some fictional character made by a person who is working their ass off minimum wage to create those chapters.

No. 252372

I’m surprised that she got way more than she anticipated, it definitely speaks volumes about how loved Ava’s Demon is.
The drama that she got into was mostly related to “why is the artist sexual using underaged kids?”

No. 252373

Do East Asian fans not display the same type of hostility?

No. 256062

File: 1668800618298.jpg (53.67 KB, 599x800, a-business-proposal-vol1-the-o…)

Am i the only one that noticed the theme of workplace/office romance and worker x boss being common romance themes of romance in manhwas.

Im not complaining though.

No. 256078

I'm just happy it's not highschool shit

No. 256191

This would be very off-topic, but as there is no more webcomics threads here, I gonna ask in the closest thing there is.
I planning to write my own web comic, which is basically a collection of short stories, connected by one overarching plot. So, I would like to ask avid wetoon readers about your favorite formats/release schedules for webcomics/toons. Would you be more interested in a story that gets updated more frequently but with just one page, or rather a whole complete story being dropped once a year or so?

No. 256248

in terms of releases most webcomic or comic makers in general update every 10 days. But there are some who update longer or shorter depending on the type of art they draw.
I think one chapter updates are better than the whole story being dropped at once.

No. 256249

Same. The bar is in hell

No. 256255

read a few chapters of this and it's just a standard trashy chaebol drama that's clearly not meant to be taken too seriously. what is it with zoomers and demanding squeaky-clean protagonists and plots that are spelled out from chapter one, nevermind simping for male characters? they should just go back to watching children's cartoons because that's about the level of narrative complexity they can handle.

No. 256270

Kek. The comments are from bato.to isn't?

No. 256298

I'm more of a classical webcomic reader myself, dunno if that makes a difference. I think the webcomics that update regularly and do occasional long updates are the most popular from what I've seen. If a comic updates at least a page a week I'll stay a regular reader, and if its a few times a week I'll become a fan. In my opinion you should always have a small chunk of the story finished and already uploaded to hook readers. I think I prefer frequent updates over big content drops.

No. 256399

File: 1668916167114.gif (876.81 KB, 720x846, 1584563979766.gif)

>Korean FL offs herself to get away from neglecting family and controlling cancer sister, just for shitty sister to continue controlling FL life by taking away her afterlife by forcing her into the body of a bitch who's family loves her meat puppet so much they won't let her die again
Have you ever wanted to commit violence against an author?

No. 256401

The art in this was so nice and the characters were all hot. Despite it being another ceo x office worker romance I enjoyed this manhwa a lot. Simple but good.

No. 256407

Spill what series

No. 256408

File: 1668917430438.jpg (138.19 KB, 948x1049, Screenshot_20221119-220415_Chr…)

The Duchess Has a Deathwish/ I’m a Villainess, Can I Die?
The sick Korean sister had made a wish for her sister and that is how FL got to where she was. If the author wanted to tell a story about how
>suicide=bad and your family loves you please don't
then they failed spectacularly because bodysnatching isekai is the worst setting to tell such a moral

No. 256513

better than the other josei/shoujo isekai manhwas where the FL get reincarnated again and falls in love with the same man that killed her. I really dont understand those isekais, i try to ignore them like the plague and there is so many of those ''abusive husband kills me and i reincarnate again and make him fall in love with me'' type of stories. Theyre all shit, its hard to find decent isekai.

No. 256517

You just reminded me about how much The Abandoned Empress pissed me the fuck off

No. 256690

File: 1669014551701.jpg (86.77 KB, 1007x924, Screenshot_20220326-190917_Chr…)

I've noticed this trend in Asian media (because I've seen it in manga and Chinese comics along with the Korean ones) where the female lead has a goal or a want and she is punished by getting someone else's goal instead, and it's usually the romance itself which is just poor writing. Punished because it's always portrayed in a way that seems like the author is saying her original goal was dumb and the female lead was inferior for wanting it.
>Female Lead wants a quiet carefree life but whoops the male lead is super powerful and now she is in a position that has a bunch of responsibility. Silly woman didn't understand that was she wanted was stupid and gets romance instead!
>Femlae lead wants to run her family business and needs a mid-teir husband to take the company? Whoops, the male lead is the secret prince and never told her until after they married and now she can't get the company she has to be queen and run a country she never wanted!
>Female lead wants to not be part of the original story but whoops the male lead is in yandere with her and she's slowly broken down until she loves him! Isn't that super romantic?
>Female lead just wants to be a good mother but whoops the male lead is her adopted son/pet and his wish for a romantic relationship is more important than hers for a platonic one!
>Female lead wants to leave her neglecting and abusive husband but whoops now he's suddenly finds her super "interesting" and they stay together! Silly Female lead, your abusive husband did nothing wrong. You were the problem somehow!
>Female lead is plopped into someone else's body and just wants to break her engagement with a guy she's not into because he's interested in the original heroine int he first timeline? Whoops, she changed the timeline and now the guy is super into her and the heroine was evil anyway lol, silly woman you need to ignore what your goal is and love the guy you don't trust!
It just never ends and I keep reading them and subjecting myself to this torture in hopes I actually find an enjoyable story

No. 257040

File: 1669126855378.jpeg (819.47 KB, 720x972, Beware-of-the-Villainess.jpeg)

>Female lead is plopped into someone else's body and just wants to break her engagement with a guy she's not into because he's interested in the original heroine int he first timeline? Whoops, she changed the timeline and now the guy is super into her and the heroine was evil anyway lol, silly woman you need to ignore what your goal is and love the guy you don't trust!

lol anon at first I thought you were talking about a manwha I just finished until the part about the guys falling in love with the isekaied FL. If you want something that breaks the stupid trope I would recommend Beware of the Villainess! It wasn't tropey at all and I genuinely enjoyed reading it and seeing what would come next. Some of the plot stuff kind of got wishy washy towards the end as the final arch was closing since some things were set up to seem a bit more grandiose but I think that's because the author kind of wrote themselves into a hole. Other than that it got some good laughs out of me and it seemed like the great almost "revenge" fantasy that goes right.

No. 257043

oh I will warn, the site that I read it from once you hit like… chapter 60 or 70 the translation takes a bit of a nose dive. Stuff like that doesn't bother me much as long as I can still piece together what the context is, but someone left ugly watermarks all over the art and that shit I can't stand.

No. 257113

Late, but I like slow burn stories and I enjoyed the characters. The gradual growth of their friendship was satisfying to me

No. 257780

File: 1669371744594.jpg (68.1 KB, 475x645, 53004450._SX0_SY0_.jpg)

I'm so sad this thread isn't more active, i really want to fangirl on inso's law like genshin impact anons do ! I can't recommand it enough, it's such a good isekai story that doesn't forget after 10 chapters that the MC isn't from this world. Dani-I remind me so much of Haruhui and the humour is similar to OHSHC. All the characters are well developed and touching, the love triangle is so good !
Jiho deserves his happy ending

No. 257782

File: 1669372618930.jpg (46.26 KB, 362x500, 51eXR0NgENL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

So apparently True Beauty ended, anyone here know what the ending was like? I stopped reading when Suho came back and Jugjong lost all character.

No. 257827

Wasn't that interesting imo.
Jugyeong started working with a social media management company and her manager ended up leaking her old shool photos for publicity/to get buzz. She ran away from home because she was so traumatized by people knowing she's ugly, only for her to learn that it's okay to be ugly and people online were supporting her. Suho proposes to her because he really likes her still for whatever reason. The spin-off epilogue chapters have just consisted of pairing off side characters so no one ends up single for whatever reason.

Ultimately don't know why I wasted my life hate reading this when it's noticeably more boring than other popular hate reading fodder like Lore Olympus.

No. 257828

I’ve been looking for a manhwa to read in Korean now that I’ve hit a decent-ish b1 level, so I might check this out. The art styles really cute.

No. 257843

Nta but wow, that's so ass, I can't believe I also hoped it would be something interesting, but nope, it's trash.
I just thought the story was going to be about a woman discovering how shitty is the makeup industry and how nobody really needs to wear makeup to show their *~true beauty~* roll the credits.

No. 257915

I was shocked it actually got an ending, it kept going around in irrelevant plot fillers for so long I honest to god thought they would be going to milk it for another 3+ years.

No. 257946

File: 1669415244840.jpg (80.11 KB, 835x1200, D2qbkZrUkAIQQ40.jpg)

I read this one a while ago after finishing July Found by Chance (a really good take on the "character aware they're inside a story" genre) but it didn't click on me. Does it get better anon? I dropped it around 60 chapters in

Also I finished a few villainess webtoons that aren't shit and have nice art if you need just something light-hearted to read lol

No. 257950

Oh I had this in my backlog for a while. When I get around to it I'll update in here nonna.
I remember enjoying the kdrama of this and then when I went to check out the manhwa the MLs all looked too faggy. Especially (kdrama) best boy Seojun who looked DOUBLY faggy with the idol styling and makeup. Whew.

No. 257955

You're lucky. I started early, skipped many chapters but read the ending chapters and I deeply regret etching it into my brain at all. Starting to hate stories that try saying something critical about beauty but then worship beauty. The MC still dedicates her life to it. However I haven't really liked many manhwa anyway, so ymmv.

No. 257965

congrats for the B1 korean ! i suck at learning non latin alphabet languages so im always amazed by people who can
please do im really curious !
i really liked the extraordinary you drama but the webtoon's characters were too inexpressive to me. tbh the first 60 chapters are prettry representative of the rest of the story, i've read the novel and there's still a long way to go before the "living in a fiction" story line realy goes somewhere.

No. 259374

I used to be super in to webtoons but I kinda stopped reading them around 2020, which is kinda nice because most have 1-2 years of backlog at least. I read through the previous thread and didn't see any of these, so I thought I'd share. I read these all on webtoon but when i did there was NOT the paying for episodes/one ep per day thing going on, idk if any are pirated online anywhere

>Miss Abbott and the Doctor (finished 2020)

Victorian romcom between a quiet and orderly doctor and the eccentric daughter of a local explorer back from the amazon. It's funny and cute, and I like the art. Also, the characters actually have personalities and grow throughout the series

>Hooky (finished 2020)

Fantasy series that follows two siblings as they grow up. I never actually finished it and the art is definitely different from the usual eastern series that gets posted, but the series has a complex plot that develops as the characters get older.

>Empyrea (on hiatus, currently 59 episodes posted)

Lol basically it's a fantasy romance with really great art. The plot is insanely slow but there are some monsters meddling and knights that fight them and nobles that don't do anything. I found it when it was on canvas/discover in like 2017 before it went on hiatus until it launched in 2018. The author has only managed to put out 60 eps between then and when it last went on hiatus in 2021 so I wouldn't be surprised if it's canceled.

>Rise from Ashes (finished 2020)

A secret-ish society known as the Red Crows harness the power of normal ghosts to fight evil spirits. It follows the politics of the world it's set in and I liked it quite a bit, but also never finished it and I will say that the length of S2 compared to S1 tells me the ending might've been rushed.

There's a bunch that are still ongoing so I'm just gonna list them:
The Secrets of Soulford (cool unique art), Suihara: The City of Water (really different plot and setting from normal webtoons!), Hero complex (author posts in August and jan-march consistently but otherwise disappears), The Red King (on hiatus since 2021, nice art). My absolute favorites are definitely Miss Abbott and the Doctor and Blood Stain (by the author of Punderworld, but I cant stand myth retellings so i prefer to ignore that punderworld exists. the author has previously mentioned that she prefers to work on punderworld but she still updates it!). also rip hellish, it's been scrubbed completely, hope the author is ok, I remember that they were going thru a lot

No. 259378

also I went on to webtoon for the first time in 5 months (which is when I last went on just to read the series I like) to write up my suggestions and what has happened? There used to be a really diverse array of genres and art styles. everything on the featured tab looks like same-face syndrome romances or shitty vaguely anime youtube artist style with a nlog fl who's really just has a shitty stubborn personality? I can tell every series now is a romance too, I dont care what category it's hiding under

No. 259466

I read this and enjoyed the start but it gets too convoluted after some time. The new characters feel like overimagined DnD OCs to me for some reason. The start is very good tho and I recommend it too.

No. 259899

Nonna come back! I caught up on all the chapters and I'm ready to fangirl too!! I saw some of the merch that was being sold and I wanted a Yeoryong pin so freaking bad. I didnt even realize this was based on an actual webnovel too which is hilarious.

No. 260346

File: 1670103077400.png (183.75 KB, 412x684, webtoon.png)

Love Advice from the great duke of hell ended and the author is (probably) coming back with a new story about vampires.

Am I the only one who didn't hate-read TB? It was obviously flawed but I dropped it because of the endless filler more than anything

No. 260451

File: 1670120249718.jpg (220.19 KB, 500x500, Insos-Law-Limited-Edition.jpg)

omg that's the most wholesome thing i've ever read on LC ! thank you for coming back
And i agree the merch is so adorable, i'm so jealous of korean fans ! The first volume had the cutest Dan-I keychain i would've paid a whole lot for it.

>your favorite arc ?

i loved the party arc. We get to see Ji-ho in a suit (hehe) and Yuri's monologue got me really hooked up, i usually hate when female characters's whole personality revolves around being in love with one of the MC but she felt so desperate, i really feel like the novel's author made her only to be an evil rival and she can't do anything else but love Ji-ho, she hates it but can't do anything about it The courage test's arc was so cool too just because of how scary it was we still don't know what was that creature who turn off the light was and i can't wait to know
>favorite character ?
I love Yeoryeong's realtionship with Dan-i, it's so rare to see such genuine love between friends, espacially girls, in romance story. She's so based for hating men who only see her for a physical beauty. I can't stand Ruda, he acts like a child and i hate when rich characters' background story is about having a bad relationship their parents.
>just fangirling about Dan-I
I just love her so much. I'm insecure af and her fear that she can't be loved by anyone is so relatable to me. She's not dense to create tension and extend to story but because she's surrounded by people she deemed as more valuable than her. Even if her friends tell her a thousand times they love her she just can't believe them because she's scared to love people more than they love her. The whole "scared to be forgotten by people who mean so much to you" is so real. People i loved with my whole heart left my life without any explanations and they've moved on but i can't, i still think of our time together and i feel like i didn't matter. I know it's corny but the story actually helped me appreciate things are they are happening and do things even if they might be meaningless because i still learn and grow from doing it. She's also one of the first character from a school setting i see actually studying, like a human being. She spends her weekends working and has to cancel plans to focus on homeworks. She study hard but as she says herself, not to the maximum, she doesn't reach exhaustion and doesn't want to but her parents try to shame her for it. I just hope she finds peace, i feel like if she does, i will too.

Have you read the novel ? i tried but Dan-i is not as witty and A Hyeon's art gives her so much life.

No. 260452

File: 1670120789534.png (1.92 MB, 1045x831, wtf.PNG)

To preface this, I don't read webtoons. I found this random YouTube video of a webtoon edited to an Eminem song and I just had to read it to figure out what it was about.
Darbi is a western webtoon about a baby t rex and his family trying to survive in a harsh world. I honestly don't know why I read past the first chapter (maybe it's the autism). Not only is the art style ugly as fuck, but there's so much blood and constant violence it's genuinely hard to tell what's going on sometimes. Why are the dinosaurs swearing constantly? Why do most of them have southern accents?
It didn't take long for disgust to overcome any curiosity I had. The third chapter? arc? features dinosaur breeding season, and Darbi gets captured and thrown into a pit full of giant insects for the entertainment of the females of another species, who are currently squirting everywhere.
He ends up killing every insect and dinosaur there except for one who runs away, Darbi chases it and he ends up underneath two sauropods who are in the middle of fucking. The female gets scared and runs away, and Darbi ends up covered in a metric fuckton of cum. I hope I'm not being pearl-clutchy but who the FUCK thinks of this, let alone makes a comic of it in full colour? I swear to god the moid who made this needs a mental institution.
I didn't want to include anything completely disgusting, so the pic included is just an example of how ugly the art style is. I really needed to get this off my chest that I read such cursed material

No. 260461

i wish i didn't unspoiler this omg. who in their right mind comes up with a baby dinosaur character and immediately puts them in gross sexual situations like that. you just know some mega autist is behind it, like that one koopa guy from the personal cows thread omg. shit feels illegal

No. 260800

Ngl I like the messy colorful art style of this but what the actual fuck is the spoilers lmao. Also why do the dinos have to talk that just ruins it for me, it could have been a cool sient comic about the perils of a baby dino growing up but ops gotta throw annoying characters in there.

No. 273439

Any idea where to read The Sensual M/Love & Leashes? I used to read it back when it was fantranslated and stopped somewhere around chapter 100, and it seems like it's gotten finished and picked up by webtoon, but there's only 5 chapters available.

No. 276754

File: 1676751798646.png (960.82 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230210-234709.png)

I've found some very strange and sexual comics on Canvas, the common things seem to be softcore glossy art, the characters change size and detail panel to panel (breast, lips, height, shading on face etc.) fluctuate a lot, and there is gigantic height difference between the lead men and women.

Also look at these creepy hands (comic is The End of You)

No. 276756

File: 1676752255957.jpg (928.36 KB, 1000x2000, Collage Maker-18-Feb-2023-12.2…)

More from The End of You, top image to highlight strange coomer anatomy and scarecrow shading on the nose, bottom left panel to showcase some clunky "kingpin" alpharot dialogue, and bottom left is the only panel like that in the comic (btw they just met so this is a fantasy in the dude's mind).

No. 276836

File: 1676783059617.jpg (1.38 MB, 1440x1440, Collage Maker-18-Feb-2023-09.0…)

And took me forever to remember the name of this webtoon, it's called The Heart of Eternity and it's full of incredibly gross anatomy and is kind of a 'refreshing' throwback to 2000s era How to draw anime books sold at bookstore. It's so ugly I can't look away.

No. 302133

File: 1686704463271.jpg (344.53 KB, 1080x1688, SEYl4OT.jpg)

Any nonnas reading Aisha? Is a retelling of a story (Ayesha's secret) by the same author. It's your typical story set in 18th century Europe where two twin sisters try to escape from their evil stepmother. It's basically a drama manhua with some elements of mystery and romance (it also deals with themes of child SA and incest so proceed with caution)

Since it's a remake I think we know more or less how it will end, but it's been a nice read so far. The main cast is pretty entertaining and the art is gorgeous. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good old period drama.

No. 302139

I started reading it a long time ago, but I had no idea it was a retelling. I dropped it because I was reading it in mangadex and it's terrible for long strip, but I've been meaning to get back to it in a different site.

No. 302140

nonna you can change it to a long strip format in the side bar

No. 302142

you can read it on the scanlation team's site https://shootingstarscans.com/

No. 302781

>Korean comic face
Uh, no thanks.

No. 303598

File: 1687292629406.jpg (414.9 KB, 1080x1350, LoveStories_SeriesPoster.jpg)

So far webtoon's pride month specials have consisted of:
1) Lesbian dating a man
2)blatant hypno-fetish wank

knocking it out of the park guys.

No. 303611

>>303598 hate the colors, looks gaudy. Of course it would be full of troon (lesbian dating a man?)/gendie shit.

No. 303637

File: 1687302067673.png (450.75 KB, 652x470, expectation vs. reality.png)

>draw a girl
>call it a boy

No. 304675

File: 1687727739124.png (1.08 MB, 797x1224, disgusting.png)

And of course they had to make the actual woman a "lesbian" and have her date a tranny male.

No. 305349

File: 1687987602054.jpg (262.88 KB, 828x1259, Oh-Dear-Nemesis.jpg)

I started reading this and dropped it quickly. Art style is nice, but it was boring as fuck. Speaking of retarded comments, I've been reading pic related recently. MC is pretty ruthless (tho not enough, imo; I've been hoping she was gonna poison her pos father to become the countess quicker) keeps ML at arm's length and is pretty upfront about wanting to break their arranged engagement and willingness to stab him in the back, even after they have sex. People in the comments are so pearl clutchy about it. Yeah, he loves her, she doesn't love him yet and has her own ambitions, but they're clearly the end game, stop crying about women having their own agenda in life.

Also, I've been on a minor OI spree recently and I come with some reviews:
>The Villainess is a Marionette
Great art, hilariously bad plot. The author herself sometimes forgets the MC is a transmigrator instead of a regressor. MC in first life aggressively pursued the unwilling ML, but now decides to drop it and he immediately falls in love with her with no other incentive whatsoever. ML has absolutely zero personality. The plot is completely disjointed and random, people do stuff and things happen without any logic at all. I heard the novel is a bit better, but I'm not gonna bother.

>Second life of a trash princess

Bretty gud. Art is nice (tho the artist puts random bows on random shit), plot is fine and fun, MC is actually smart and gets some shit done. I also like how every background character has their own personality, quirks, relationships and even minor backstory. The MC also does not forgive her father for ignoring her existence for years, even after he tries to make up for it, which is pretty refreshing. The biggest letdown is the ML, who's basically a dumb piece of wood with a pretty face.

>The max level princess is bored today

Pretty good at avoiding some cliches of the genre. MC is a former warrior empress reincarnated as a noble girl. She has no revenge agenda or particularly tragic backstory, and just lives her next life with no particular goals besides having fun, has normal, loving parents and brother, has a fairly realistic relationship with ML evolving from friendship to love and so on. Very solid read, shame it goes pretty slowly.

>Sister, i'm the queen in this life

Dumb and boring. MC is kind of unsympathetic, her sister initially seemed like she'd be a decent opponent only to get nerfed into a retard as soon as the MC goes back in time. ML is also boring. Art is fine. I read spoilers and this story evolves into some insane shit over time and is way too long.

>The perfect plan for a fairy-tale ending

I'm not even gonna bother with any description. The MC is a MASSIVE RETARD. Not even in a fun way, just blood boiling way.

>Survive as the hero's wife

I was hoping for some political intrigue and slow-burn romance, but it's just too cutesy and simplistic for me. Mid.

>There's No Use Hanging On

Shitty art and boring, badly developed plot. MC looks like a poor man's Roxana, MC is bland as overboiled rice and in love with her for no real reason. I actually cackled when he told her her handkerchief in his chest pocket saved him from a stab wound. It's that bad.

>The beast tamed by the villainess

Great art, decently ran plot, incredibly toxic relationship between MC and ML. It's trash, but I love it, though it's obviously not for everyone.

>I've tamed the tyrant and ran away

The author never heard of "show, don't tell". The doesn't make much sense, shit happens just because, main heroine is kind of a Mary Sue, while ML is your typical Dark Possesive Brooding Emperor, yet pretty bland at the same time. Art is okay.

>It's time to change the genre

It's fun and wholesome and I like how it doesn't have any huge stakes, like a country-wide political or world-saving plot. Plot twist is a bit dumb, but it doesn't have any major impact on the overall story.

>The villainess lives twice

Art style is pretty mediocre and the plot is simplified compared to the novels. It's not terrible, but novels are much better, so I recommend those. I like how it focuses more on politics than romance, so if you're into political intrigues, go for it.

>Resetting lady

Very original premise and good art, but I couldn't get into it. The protagonist being insane and murderous sounds fine and I like dark plots usually, but this time it just felt alienating to me as a reader. ML isn't particularly interesting either. Not for everyone, but check it out.

>Kill the Villainess

Another proof interesting premise does not guarantee interesting plot. Good art and I really liked MC's design, but the story was so fucking boring, I dropped it quickly.

>Broken Ring

Also a more original premise and I like how the author explicitly based the setting on early 19th century Spain. Art is very nice. It's also a bit more realistic about how regressing might affect someone psychologically and it has some interesting plot twists. I definitely recommend this, just don't get fooled by the first chapter.

I read the original Ayesha's Secret and it was okayish, but the plot twist was kind of retarded. I started reading Aisha, but I can't get over historical inacurracies and improbable behaviors. The art is gorgeous admittedly. I was all sorts of disappointed, because I read the author's manhua Doctor Du Ming (which had a more traditional, manga format) and it was pretty great, albeit very dark.

No. 305354

holyshit, I hate western gendie bbq garbage so much.

No. 305422

this looks so pretty

No. 305732

File: 1688163778721.jpg (205.98 KB, 850x850, vadtd.jpg)

villains are destined to die got a physical release in my country so i read some pages at the bookstore today and really enjoyed it. i like how the story actually shows how the mc was before she got reborn as the villain and you can see the parallels between her real life and her new life.

anyone have any recs for webtoons that are similar and not the same bland "salarywoman dies from overwork and wakes up as the villainess and her entire personality is villainess with internal conflict dialogue"?

No. 305736

Kill the Villainess is kinda like that, as in MC isn't happy about transmigrating into a novel and wants to go back to her previous life and family, even if she wasn't rich or particularly happy there. She tries to go directly against the main storyline, but realizes she can't, because other protagonists are basically NPCs. Then she tries to kill herself, but it fails every time. She eventually meets a witch who's aware she's a transmigrator and they strike some kind of a deal to get her out. Also, her love interest isn't some Cold Duke of the North, but a lowborn knight with a rather mundane appearance, and her parents and close servants are somewhat aware she's not the person they used to know and it affects them mentally.

As I said above, it's an interesting premise, but I found the execution really boring and dropped it in like 20 chapters. A lot of people like it though, so check it out.

But yeah, it's hard to find stories where MC's previous life has any impact on her personality and plot.

No. 305934

I'm a Villainess, can I die and I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game are exactly what you're looking for. I also recommend Roxana if you like villainess stuff, but that's not a isekai.

No. 306240

All these titles sound AI-generated

No. 306639

File: 1688499588076.jpeg (133.77 KB, 673x1198, Resetting Lady.jpeg)

I got so hooked on Resetting Lady, I'm glad you mentioned it. I love the MC and how she has nothing to lose. I wish they developed the second ML more, the priest guy. He's hot and I like their childhood backstory One of the few webtoons which actually manages to surprise me with its plot twists.

No. 306975

What are your biggest pet-peeves wrt romance comics? For me it's:
1) Bully character's backstory gets revealed and suddenly the main character acts like they're friends, as though the bully didn't commit a felony against her two episodes ago
2) When the main character is arguing with someone and the author portrays the person you think is in the right like they're in the wrong. I know it's petty but I literally stop reading over this

No. 307075

The whole genre/tropey writing of most recent works. I've been following along r/otomeisekai (while not just webtoon) and at this point people are closer to playing bingo with hot fictional characters as the numbers than reading a story. Though I understand why they do it, being marketing, memorability/how easy it is to get people into the story etc.

No. 307076

The whole genre/tropey writing of most recent works. I've been following along r/otomeisekai (while not just webtoon) and at this point people are closer to playing bingo with hot fictional characters as the numbers than reading a story. Though I understand why they do it, being marketing, memorability/how easy it is to get people into the story etc.

No. 307082

The true beauty spin-off was much better and to the point than the actual story was, did someone else write it?

No. 307083

File: 1688730804956.png (265.18 KB, 400x600, 644bc167-a0a3-49cd-bdce-b80e0f…)

I hope it's okay to talk about American/ Euro webcomics here

I want to like Autophobia, but it feels like the writing takes a nosedive around where the couple have their first fight. The main character's dad suddenly has a different personality and the relationship crosses the line from puppy love to being kind of syrupy and gross. I'm also not a fan of how the love interest is portrayed as a perfect flawless boyfriend (aside from being uggo), makes him comes across as flat.

It made me kek when the author closed the comments on that scene where the school locked the doors as soon as prom started like it's a pyramid scheme initiation because people were making fun of it a bit for being a contrivance to create drama and she got her feelings hurt. Like get over yourself

No. 307090

File: 1688733910773.jpg (Spoiler Image,430.27 KB, 600x804, never forget.jpg)

Webcomic artists and criticism, name a less iconic duo

No. 307143

The CBT shilling annoyed me. I know the main character's mental disorder is a big part of the plot but it's literally the most cucked form of therapy

No. 309811

File: 1689951045768.jpg (77.77 KB, 540x540, 3GoingUp_landingpage_mobile.jp…)

I feel kinda guilty about liking this webtoon (Going Up) because both the art and the story are kinda like straight out of a teen magazine (when those were at thing) or the cover art of a chicklit but honestly the art is cute and refreshing compared to all the ugly sjw Western art and manga/manwhas on webtoons.

No. 309813

what's cbt?

No. 309864

Nta but it stands for cognitive behavioral therapy in this case. Unlike in other cases, when it means cock and ball torture.

No. 310006

File: 1690038923248.jpg (310.85 KB, 1080x980, IMG_20230722_171719.jpg)

yes this is exactly what you think it is, istg they're so close to awareness

No. 310008

Hyper coomsumerism at its finest

No. 310022

The description
>Charon's sister dressed him up as a girl, and he liked it. This is their story, learning about who they are, and their friends and family around them.
so it literally begins with a sissy/feminization fetish.

No. 310638

File: 1690279696962.jpeg (14.86 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

I kinda didn't like this webtoon; between SU verse sequence art style and on the nose writting it just felt sloppy. Pity as in the hands of someone competent it could have at least been good ish

No. 310697

It's a type of therapy, built around the idea that mental illnesses (particularly depression and anxiety) are caused by 'distorted thoughts', basically false beliefs that are negative in nature-'my friends all hate me', 'if I go to the dentist I'll end up in horrific pain' that sort of thing. You cure the illness by replacing the negative beliefs with positive beliefs-'my friends actually like me' etc.

For example, the initial post mentions a scene in Autophobia where the main character and his friends get locked out of prom for showing up late. The main character is initially upset, but then tells himself that the only thing which matters is getting to spend time with his friends, so the specific location doesn't matter. And I don't know, that just seems insane to me. Objectively something really annoying just happened to him, surely it's better to just sit with those feelings of frustration for a while, rather than lying to yourself that you're aren't angry. I know growing up with parents who were very uncomfortable with displays of negative emotion is colouring my views a lot though.

Sorry 4 derail

No. 313000

File: 1691262406495.jpg (69.76 KB, 1200x810, em3txatich091.jpg)

I was bedridden all day so I read the first 80 chapters of Olgami/Trapped and I'm hooked. I love the tension brought by a psychological thriller with a slow burn romance and it has so much of my favorite tropes : yandere male, enemies-to-lovers, vampire, ML falls in love first, guys fighting for one girl… this author really gets me. It's dramatic, well-paced, gets pretty dark at times and the latest chapters I read had also some fun moments. The art isn't the best but it's not bad, the characters are all attractive so it's good enough for me. I really like the MC and how unbothered she is, she's a badass.

Has anyone read it, if so what did you think? Do you know of webtoons/manwha/fic with a dark, mature tone and similar tropes?

No. 314191

Broken ring is so good

No. 315041

i'm in a self-loathing mood today, what are your fav webtoons and manhwas to hate-read? the more cringe, the better

No. 315056

File: 1692125152632.jpg (151.33 KB, 1080x1656, face of madness.jpg)

I enjoy reading The Return of the Crazy Demon, he goes around poisoning people with laxatives, but for a noble cause, i think he's very likable and misunderstood.

No. 315060

File: 1692125541275.png (676.5 KB, 800x600, kek.png)

>goes around poisoning people with laxatives, but for a noble cause

No. 315061

did you do lore olympus? there are so many people who hate it too so then you can find discussion on it

No. 315107

File: 1692141687523.png (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20230815-161928.png)

Let's Play is very bad and just kept getting worse and hornier . Freaking Romance and Death: Rescheduled(especially this one) are so unreadable and inconsistent/cringe as well. The authors are also unbearably egoistic about their precious creations.

No. 315842

The Tainted Half is total trash with great artwork.

No. 315850

Seconding Let's Play. Apparently I stopped reading at 163, maybe I should read the last 14 chapters lmao.

No. 316014

File: 1692446592108.jpg (614.28 KB, 1680x825, MWJVNmE2NHNyZkJlc2JIWlVUUzdoM1…)

There is no point in reading manhua in 2023. It's so censored and only going to get worse. Fuck the CCP and fuck communism.

No. 316028

lmao, honestly based

No. 318031

Have you guys been keeping up with Nora swipes right? I'm disappointed with the announced arc but definitely not surprised

No. 318115

File: 1693173101736.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1170x1876, IMG_0738.jpeg)

Looking for manwha recs, I’ve been e joying the following: betrayal of dignity, what it means to be you, your eternal lies, love class and under the oak tree.

Also I’ve been trying to find a good app on iPhone for reading mangas but they’re all poor quality or costs money (like manta and tapas) I’ve heard about paperback but it’s not available on my countries AppStore?

No. 321266

Hey anons what is your take on the whole "True education" scandal.

For anyone who doesn't know the author of that manhwa created a very weird plot on how he thinks Asians are oppressed by black people in Korea and basically wrote a half-white teacher calling the black student a "fucking nigga" and justified that because that black student was "racist" so you should only fight racism by also being racist……very weird plot, was this author doing drugs while writing this arc.

Webtoon also spoke out about this after they received a lot of criticism and they said that the episodes which are racist would not be published official on their site.

Also foreigners and especially black ones get treated horribly in Korea so where did this person even pull our this bullshit fantasy plot out of their ass.

I'd like to add that this same author also had some chapters where he obviously showed he was against feminism but I guess people were fine with that.(integrate)

No. 321267

There's like three black people in Korea how the fuck are they oppressing anyone?

No. 321300

it made me kek

No. 321334

File: 1694697845674.jpg (156.52 KB, 828x1792, F50Kz8aa8AASZ28.jpg)

No. 321335

File: 1694698085037.jpg (111.67 KB, 828x1792, F50Kz8cawAAGFYi.jpg)

It's a weird plot about "evil" mixed race kids and interracial mixing.

The villain is blasian too which makes even less sense why he is the villain because half-black half-asian mixed kids get treated like trash and like outsiders in asian countries.
Author sounds like a boomer afraid of mixed race children.

No. 321336

File: 1694698130424.jpg (209.48 KB, 1192x2048, F5s7X6ObYAIBMVS.jpg)

No. 321338

File: 1694698748094.jpg (198.88 KB, 1220x2048, F5s7X6PbQAA_Zrx.jpg)

No. 321339

File: 1694699013074.jpg (225.52 KB, 1164x2048, F5s7X6La8AAC17f.jpg)

No. 321340

File: 1694699138950.jpg (293.17 KB, 947x2048, F5-_-fAXgAAZp9K.jpg)

The authors response :

No. 321341

Apparently, the same author made a retarded plot about a feminist teacher trying to violently impose her values on the students so it seems like he doesn’t live in reality in the slightest.

No. 321379

Kek why are they talking about wanting to adress these societal challenges and then saying they are too sheltered to actually know anything about it, what did they expect to happen

No. 328511

Let's Play is getting an anime adaptation lmao

No. 328608

File: 1697781870363.jpeg (46.49 KB, 450x602, images.jpeg)

The author's take is the personification of (fictionalized in his head) whataboutisms.

He most likely encountered some story on the 'net of some dark-skinned foreigner detailing their of racism experiencing in Korea by Koreans (which they infamously do)—got butthurt of by it as if it was a personal attack on him and completely missing the point—"b-b-but I'm Korean! Is this person saying all Koreans are bad????" And made this comic as some sort of bruised ego band-aid response.

I feel like he'd probably make a comic addressing very concerning topics like "heterophobia" or "discrimination against abled people" unironically kek.

No. 328609

It's a really bonkers weird "reverse oppression" wet fantasy comic. Half-Black people literally get treated like shit in Korea (look up the story of Han Hyun-min). It's not surprising that an anti-feminist scrote would come up of a plot like this. It's like he wants to feel opwessed in a country where he's a majority male shooo bad.

No. 328871

File: 1697846514460.jpeg (Spoiler Image,119.69 KB, 710x718, IMG_0343.jpeg)

Has any nonna here read the full novel for Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint? I head that picrel is a TiM and I'm wondering it's true (or whether it's retarded fans getting carried away with shoddy translations) / if it's an obnoxiously present element. I really want to enjoy the series, but this character seems important and it's gonna annoy me if it's a big thing.

No. 328939

Korean moids tend to have the most ridiculous victim complex to the point it's a part of their national identity and it extends to this "it's literally oppression if I'm expected to treat black people and women with dignity" bullshit. Not at all surprised.

No. 341113

File: 1702239724621.png (2.75 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2631.png)

Any nonnies here who’ve read Operation True Love??

No. 341181

i think i've read up to about ch 40. i liked it, does it stay good or does it go to shit?

No. 341356

File: 1702323616851.jpeg (183.24 KB, 1135x1800, IMG_2634.jpeg)

Nonnie I’m still on chapter 20, it’s going pretty cute though the MC is annoying me with how much of a pushover she is

No. 349781

File: 1705681066467.jpg (304.22 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240119_171603_Gal…)

All the retarded handmaidens dick riding this loser.


No. 349784

Every single time a guy comes into a romance novel or otome game subreddit and makes one of these posts it makes me roll my eyes. Soooo many women applauding them for nothing. Women don't get applauded for playing 'guys games', I'm not gonna praise you dude. This is so common on female interests subreddits too.

No. 349787

Anon you are confusing otome with otome isekai. Otome isekai are romance stories made for women that involve the main character reincarnating into a world of magic or royalty or her reincarnating into the past.

No. 349826

>Women don't get applauded for playing 'guys games'
I agree with your general sentiment, but there are women who make a living of essentially that "gimmick".

No. 349838

I think it’s a misconception that guys applaud girls for playing guys games and think that the girls are cool for being “not like other girls.” Guys tend to see it as an intrusion on there territory. If you ever use voice chat in any fps game it’s really clear they don’t like girls that play games. Male streamers also complain that it’s harder for guys to become streamers because all a girl has to do is be hot online and yet only a few of the top 100 streamers right now are women so that’s clearly not true. Men get applauded for doing things dominated by women but Women don’t get the same treatment ever

No. 349921

File: 1705710993363.jpg (479.21 KB, 1061x1500, maariamph saagelius.jpg)

i started reading Phantomland tonight, i do like a lot of the character designs besides her choice to include a gendie character … but the dynamic between the main characters is cute

No. 349934

File: 1705715017009.png (1.31 MB, 1818x1433, phantomland.png)

No. 349936

What the actual fuck? Gross

No. 349946

Gross pedo-baiting in the picture aside.
The man literally has roblox head….and you like this shit?

No. 349956

File: 1705726642457.jpeg (562.57 KB, 1170x1114, saagelius.jpeg)

ah this is made by saagelious that pedo woman who insists her ddlg shit is totes not pedophilic and they are all over 18 despite them looking like 14yo anachans

No. 349969

Women who lust after expired old scrotes with sagging balls must be dealt with

No. 351879

what are your guilty pleasure tropes? Mine are

>I died and am reincarnated as a princess to a scary king father and I’m navigating my way through life with the knowledge of an adult

>I died and am reincarnated as the villainess and I must fix my horrible reputation. There may or may not be an antagonist who looks sweet but is actually a bitch

I know both of those tropes are corny and overdone as hell but I still enjoy them

No. 352001

File: 1706546618866.jpeg (290.44 KB, 1080x1084, IMG_0204.jpeg)

any nonnies read lost in the cloud? part 3 just resumed I’m so happy

No. 352027

I feel like the art is getting weird. The way it’s rendered is too much. I felt like it really peaked early season 2. But I’m looking forward to the new season.

No. 352048

I agree about the art looking a bit off, but I think the art was at its absolute lowest early season 2 after the artist took a long break. story-wise though, season 1 and early season 2 were so good

No. 352061

Agreed. Personally, I like the art syle at the start of the series the most. The way she draws chins and hands now is too distracting.
I'm excited. It was honestly the only manhwa I've been waiting for all year kek

No. 354446

It gets better, promise (I've read to the end of season 1 in the Korean app).

No. 372886

File: 1713808563955.png (2.8 MB, 2390x1468, Screen Shot 2024-04-22 at 10.5…)

I hate this industry plant. This is a dumbass Webtoon that was promoted to hell and back nonstop for years, and now it's getting a movie that is never deserved. This was a plant from the beginning to create the Kissass model-> Make a 'successful' comic to generate confidence/IP while it being a backdoor pilot and promo for the movie pitch it is all along. I see you Webtoon, you are not slick.

Freaking Romance's creator a spicy straight TIF/nonbinary edgelord that goes by 'Snaillords'(Aidyn Arroyal). She is an ungrateful whiner who literally said she hates Freaking Romance and her audience, and rushed through the contract with Webtoon to finally be able to make her dream comic (Death Rescheduled).


No. 372914

Nona I know I'm 6 months late but A) she's not an important character, and B) it's a scifi reincarnation thing. Like she is a biological female in her original life and then is reincarnated as a male but retains her original memories/personality/identity, which has an established precedent. It's a little bit obnoxious, but this character is only relevant for 0.3 seconds and then only occasionally referenced and there is not a word mentioned about being trans. It's pretty inevitable that trannies would latch on, and I'm not looking forward to when it gets adapted into the webtoon.

No. 372917

why is it always the webtoons with the most jank art blowing up, ffs

No. 382467

File: 1715808111592.jpg (20.93 KB, 375x291, fdsjfskdlfj.jpg)

Nonnies, can I get recommendations with shitty abusive MLs that end up groveling and being forgiven anyway? Any genre works actually, I just like angst involving POS main love interests. Also, preferably webtoons/manhwa.

No. 382562

File: 1715827730152.webp (38.78 KB, 640x927, akbpve8j7lg91.webp)

Finally read Resetting Lady. Transmigrated FL dies like a 100 times and in this reincarnation she decides to go full Jeffrey Dahmer.

Plot is not super interesting to me and I hate the boring ass ML. Dulan is so fine. I want to read smut with his stuttering priest loser ass. Why can't we ever have hot loser MLs.

No. 382863

File: 1715935783282.png (584.54 KB, 699x923, 5678898987.png)

Atrocious. I am the other anon who hates this unfunny tif so much. She's like a 2010 pseudo deep deviantartist, I'm impressed with how she 'updated' her style while keeping the same 'substance' kek.

No. 383949

Looking for toxic yuri/gl webtoons if anyone knows of any? They’re easier to read on my phone than manga and I’m at work

No. 383959

File: 1716129563663.jpeg (36.47 KB, 554x554, SEXY_HATESEX.jpeg)

On a Leash is gud. I love the dynamic between picrel. Be warned though, it has some mild furry shit if you're not into that.

No. 383965

Thank you Nona god bless

No. 384064

File: 1716142164744.png (848.04 KB, 698x1200, opium.png)

Seconding "On A Leash" and also "Opium," which is written by the same author. "Opium" ends up pretty sweet, but the beginning is very mysterious and shady. "I Love Amy" is also a certified toxic GL classic to me and I love the art style, but it's like a dark comedy about a yandere falling for a depressed autist in high school just to know what you're getting into. "Moonlight Garden" is another one that I like, tons of drama and betrayal and angst in a historical setting.

No. 384077

Where do you read I love Amy? Sorry for spoonfeed request but other human beings’s recs is the best way to find a good scanlation site

No. 384090

File: 1716145024571.jpg (110.57 KB, 1004x918, f99f30b14949c85140a638adda6b20…)

No. 384145

File: 1716153139532.png (917.85 KB, 582x840, Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 3.11.…)

Just finished concentration of malice. Kekk FL is so unhinged. Indirectly murders anyone who slights her. I wish she messed around more with the other males but I was happy with end-game ML. So many loose-ends and sloppy plot but I still had fun.

No. 384211

File: 1716164259577.png (748.31 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_5196.png)

Thank you! I couldn’t get into it at work for some reason but I’m reading it now and it’s very sweet

No. 387542

File: 1717005451830.png (121.12 KB, 1200x240, 5ImTheVillain_landingpage_desk…)

Even by incredibly low isekai standards, this is such shit, from the sloppy art, retarded MC, ugly moids and horrible fashions to a terrible, teenage fanfic-level plot. I sometimes wonder if Webtoon uses bot comments, because I can't believe garbage like that has any readers. Literal cardboard slop.

No. 387546

The guy's face expression combined with the caption and warnings is absolutely flooring me kek

No. 388407

File: 1717295716254.jpg (195.36 KB, 750x714, 1000007665.jpg)

I just stumbled across A Beast Swallowed By A Flower and I really like it so far but had to double take the title. I had passed it up a couple times because I kept misreading it.

No. 392670

File: 1718487468759.png (1.58 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5406.png)

Read Picrel (Death’s Game) because I thought the mc was cute, and was very pleasantly surprised by a fun, twisty drama. I’m a sucker for time loop stories and while this wasn’t one, it scratched the same itch.

No. 392733

lmfao nona I love your image

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