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No. 222066

What multiplayer games have you you guys been playing? Just curious.

No. 222068

The few friends I have either don't own the game multiplayer games I do, or aren't interested in the same games anymore.

No. 222071

File: 1657864929035.jpg (58.76 KB, 700x362, channel-preview.jpg)

Just an hour ago I played Mario Kart Wii's CTGP mod with a friend. She'd never played the Wii version of Mario Kart before. It's a must have for anyone who still plays the game from time to time, even though there are some duds in the custom tracks. The Wiimmfi rooms have people in them on Fridays/weekends too, but local-multiplayer is still the best way to play TBH.

No. 222073

I barely play multiplayer games. Aside from ACNH sometimes and Pokemon games to trade pokemon and complete my pokedex. And even then, I remember playing Pokemon XY for online battles as well and I'm a flithy casual when it comes to this type of battles but every single time I was about to win the opponent disconnected their 3DS so my victory wouldn't be recorded. I stopped online battles after that, it pissed me off so much.

No. 222074

>every single time I was about to win the opponent disconnected their 3DS so my victory wouldn't be recorded
kekk people are such cowards.

No. 222075

Yeah it's fucking pokemon, not sole competitive game with rankings, I was just playing for fun, I hate these killjoys so much.

No. 222077

Yeah, it's not a big deal if you lose a few points, you get matched with people who are around your level, anyway. I had a couple of guys "lose connection" as soon as I knocked out their first pokemon in a single hit kek.
The reason I stopped playing competitive was that I simply refused to use the teams that were commonly found in competitive and preferred to make teams based on my favorites, that's the main reason I kept losing most of the time. I really don't like playing Pokemon online because competitive doesn't allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to teams and movesets, and most people play competitive. The scene is way too serious, they suck the fun out of the game. Pokemon is way too unbalanced for it to be fun.

No. 222094

I sincerely hope Valve makes good on their promise and does something to fix TF2. It is literally the only FPS game out that does character classes right.

No. 222096

Yeah I always use my favorite in general so mostly during the main game and some optional things like contests and battle facilities, and that makes the games a little more challenging than when hardcore fans who only care about big numbers describe the games. But that's what also make the games fun. Problem is that in gen 2 and its remakes I almost only have water type pokemon.

No. 222105

I don't know if it counts but I used to play on the unofficial online Doom servers (Zandronum) and it was so much fun, it's too bad that it got taken over by stupid immature moids who can barely string a sentence together. I wish there were more women (who aren't pickmes and nlogs) on because it's a simple and old game but the mods are suprisingly well done and fun. Actually I wonder if farmers here know about it.

No. 222114

I really like .io games because I can just jump in my browser and play like miniclip used to be. My favorites are littlebigsnake.com, krunker.io, and diep.io
Also, I've been playing MK8 lately because there are some new tracks out but I can't get anybody to choose them in multiplayer. It's very frustrating because I don't want to have to spend money on them but I want to try them. I literally will play 20-30 games and nobody will select one even if they are options, they just select old tracks. Why the fuck? Why? I am pretty sure I could draw all of the old tracks by hand I have played them so much. What the fuck? I'm seething

No. 222172

I found out the bot problem isn't present at all if you stay in reputable servers like uncletopia

No. 222214

I've been getting back into L4D2 recently, I played it all the time with friends when I was a teenager and it holds up really well. Now I just play with randoms which is less fun, but at least since I've been playing campaign and not versus there's basically no toxicity.

No. 222225

I "quit" league for 2 days after one guy got tilted and I tilted back. But I'm back on League and I still hate the Star Guardian event

No. 222234

I'm playing league a lot these days as well. Gold, main support. I hate that the star guardian event is just a fucking boring visual novel shit, i remember the very first SG event was a PVE mode i absolutely loved, but Riot never brought it back because the player base didn't care that much about it.

I don't know why, it was so different, i've never forgotten about it. It was so fun.

No. 222238

ugh i just remembered, i used to play overwatch a lot and i mained ana (cool old lady support sniper) and a roadhog main i stacked with dm'ed me out of the blue saying, 'hey do you want to be an honorary member of my mercy harem :3' and i still feel sick thinking about it(:3' )

No. 222387

Shoot them? Mute them?

No. 250612

File: 1666753380180.jpg (37.94 KB, 583x900, 1c08b88458a26dbd35450bffb684ce…)

anyone still playing left 4 dead

No. 322857

File: 1695407251738.png (1.15 MB, 709x915, n.png)

Why is he like that?

No. 322943

No. 322970

i wanted to buy the game a few days ago. shall i?

No. 322971

reviving this thread because it needs a proper revival, lately i'm really obsessed with tf2 and world of warcraft. tf2 has a nice community and the game is as good as it was years ago imo (except the 2020-2021 bot problem, holy shit that was DREADFUL). as for world of warcraft, i'm playing on the private server warmane and i'm having so much fun (except when the game makes me do only that fucking dungeon blackrock spire reee i hate it so much) anyways, any nonnies here that play these 2 games? let's get spergy

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