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No. 221560

A thread about theatre, dance, performing, etc.

Talk about:
-unpopular/controversial opinions
-your favorite theatre shows
-storylines/lore of shows
-your experiences with performing arts
-voice techniques
-embarassing/interesting moments that have to do with performing arts
-basically anything that has to do with the subject line(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 221561

shouldn't this go to /m/

No. 221562

You’re right. I’ll delete this and make one there :)

No. 221563

Wait nvm, can’t do that. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the mods.

No. 221564

Can anyone recommend a costuming/sewing cow? Doesn't have to be on this website. I'm looking for new entertainment.

No. 221591

maybe cathy hay? she got cancelled a while back, and bernadette banner (who she was best friends with) totally disowned her. I'm not even sure why she was cancelled, I think it was because of some native american peacock dress, but don't quote me on that

No. 221596

it was because she was using Bernadette for clout I believe, I wish we had an historical costuming thread in snow to discuss it kek

No. 221601

I would love any sort of costuming drama thread since most cosplaying drama threads seem to revolve around racefaking and age of characters portrayed rather than costumes

No. 221625

Idk if this is the thread i'm no theater kid but god i fucking hate lin Manuel Miranda

No. 221628

As the weirdo nerd kid in high school, I would rather sit and talk with the jocks and preps for a full lunch season than spend a second with theater kids

No. 221642

gurugossiper has a whole subsection dedicated to costube / costumer drama. it's bizarre visiting that site and seeing how polite people are to each other compared to here kek

No. 221677

File: 1657785162650.jpg (1.03 MB, 2480x3508, 349-affiche-1624027097[1].jpg)

Has anyone tried out watching live ballets/operas in cinemas? They sound like the best opportunity for me to get some classical culture in my middle-sized town, but as it is 3 times the price of a regular movie ticket I wonder if it's really worth it…
Also bolshoi ballets are still banned from broadcasting because of the war lol

No. 222223

I've gone to a few, also when they play older movies like Gone with the Wind and the King and I. I think it's worth it, and it cost less than actually going. And better than some bootleg versions on youtube.

No. 268965

File: 1673732465550.jpg (112.96 KB, 530x800, Fedora_EventThumb[1].jpg)

I've finally been to a live broadcast of a Metropolitan Opera production (Fedora by Umberto Giordano). The stream actually doesn't stop during the intermissions, so you either get footage of backstage workers changing the scene for the next act or mid-performance singer interviews about their roles or the opera. It's a bit off-putting at first but all in all rather interesting, especially since opera singers aren't mainstream celebrities, which means you're not going to easily find this kind of content elsewhere
I don't live in an anglophone country and the audience in the theater was pretty much 90% boomers so they nearly all talked over the interviews as they weren't subtitled and old people don't speak english here, but otherwise it was a pretty good experience. The songs are all subtitled which means it's pretty easy to follow the plot, and you get the huge production value of the Met for a rather low cost
For all nonas interested in the experience, the next Met live is on the 18th of march, and will broadcast Lohengrin by Wagner (5 hours long!). If you live in any decently sized city your local movie theater will very probably show it

No. 268976

I've been going to these for years with my mom. The first one we saw was Faust and that was probably a decade ago. Everyone else in the theatre is always much older lol. I always liked the interviews and backstage stuff but usually they have about 10 or 15 minutes of actual intermission too where there's a timer on screen and they just show the audience at the Met. Maybe it's different in other countries. I don't like how much they like to do the same operas over and over again (Carmen, la boheme, stuff but Mozart etc) I really wish they'd do more Wagner as he's my favorite composer so I'm excited for Lohengrin but I don't like the modern costumes for that one. I'm not as much into Opera anymore but I still like going from time to time especially since my local opera company only does 3 per year and didn't even do that for 2 years and when they do it's either Carmen or La Boheme.

No. 269020

Operas are extremely expensive to produce and usually don't break even (which is why they call for donations during the intermissions) so sadly they're pretty much forced to show what they know will draw a large audience, which means the same 20 or so famous operas. It's however still brand new for me so I've still got some years before I get bored of it lol
I hope I'll be able to read your impressions of Lohengrin after it's shown!

No. 284026

File: 1679219298667.jpg (72.5 KB, 785x590, intro-2[1].jpg)

That's it, I watched Lohengrin! I had no idea that was where the Bridal Chorus comes from (which isn't the Wedding March, as yes there are two different wedding songs)
Fantastic show with an absolutely beautiful set. They tried to make it "post apocalyptic", but instead of having it Mad Max-looking it's more about space paganism where everyone wears dark cloaks except Lohengrin (who wears a normal shirt) and there's a gigantic stone eye with an ever changing cosmos in it. Major characters were color coded (white for the good guys, red for the bad guys and green for the neutral king and herald) and singers of the choir had both green and white cloth on the reverse of their cloak which they could change on the go to show who they were singing about (one messed up and pulled the wrong color mid show lol). Very impressive opera, and the director managed to make it look much more sacred than if he had pulled the regular knight routine

No. 290073

Weird question but how can I get into opera? I love how it sounds but I'm not too familiar with high brow arts so I have no idea where to start. I have heard that Carmen is a good opera for people who are new to operas and I do like the music in it but I would also like to hear an opera that isn't a chamber opera. Basically I'm looking for an opera that has a grand orchestration and stage, but also appeals to people who aren't too familiar with opera. Does anyone have any recommendations?
I like musicals so I do have some familiarity to singing on stage but I know that operas and musicals are different

No. 290104

I personally am getting into opera by basically watching every opera I have the opportunity to find. I've done it either by going to the local productions (they're uncommon but still worth it) or by watching met lives (every month at your local movie theatre!)
Your appreciation of any opera will not only depend on the opera itself, but on the director, the performers and even the day of the performance, which means you can have a really bad time watching a poorly done Carmen or a great time watching a much less renowned 21st piece, all this depending on random factors only opera experts will be able to recognize (just like movies). So since any opera can give you a bad impression of the medium, there's basically no opera "for beginner". Furthermore all (19th century) operas are rather straightforward in their execution and require no specific knowledge to be casually enjoyed, as the songs are all subtitled nowadays. I'd suggest just going to whatever opera you have the opportunity to watch, and if you don't like the performance to keep giving opera more chances until either it finally clicks or you run out of money. Some of the most famous operas are also available on youtube for free, but their productions are sadly of very varying quality
Next Met Live is Champion (21st century boxing opera) in two weeks, then we'll have Giovanni by Mozart next month, then The Magic Flute! by the very same in two months

No. 290654

File: 1681867652973.jpg (7.61 KB, 236x227, 28c248e93314a47b1e02ab51988e61…)

why do i have to talk to redditors in order to get bootlegs its hard to be an anti social broadway fan. i wish i was a burgerfag so i could watch the plays in person

No. 312441

File: 1691041965947.jpeg (35.61 KB, 468x702, hvorostovsky-featured-img.jpeg)

Why did he have to die

No. 312443

what subreddit?

No. 312446

If it helps I'm a burgerfag and I don't get to see many plays live. And the ones that do come near me are usually expensive and/or sell out

No. 312473

i knowww. his version of songs and dances of death was god tier

No. 312853

r/musicalbootlegs and r/musicalbootlegstrade. There also some people who does trades on tumblr you can usually find them by poking around searching for different actors and plays. I bet twitter has a large trade community too but havent checked. Some people also calls bootlegs for slime tutorials so try searching for "[play] slime tutorial" on different social media

No. 312860


No. 359638

Huge autistic text wall incoming but I have so much pent up love for Tosca I can't help it. Basically it's one of my absolute favorite operas, one of Puccini's best, and the more times I hear it the more I fall in love with it. Fortunately there's a superb full version on youtube, vidrel.
>background story based on real historical events in Italy in June 1800
>real locations in Rome
>plot unfolds during a single day
>fast-paced, no boring scenes
>dramatic arias
>sex, death and torture, tragic love (the best themes)
>dramatic murder scene
>incorporating "real life" sounds into the music (church bells, the choir)
Of course you can criticize Tosca's character and the portrayal of women in opera in general, but at least Tosca has an active role in the plot instead of just standing there and crying and being the morally perfect soprano. Though I will forever be biased because I love this opera. I wish I could see it live again at some point.

No. 359676

Why is this message still here?

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