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No. 221252

Tell me about your favourite band or artist nonna! What kind of music do they make, how did you find them, why do you like them?

No. 221322

File: 1657676038643.jpeg (116.41 KB, 631x300, A6E4ADF3-BED7-4A1E-8259-9F86CD…)

Jackson Pollock cool

No. 221391

Kek I meant more like musical artists

No. 221394

Dunno how exactly I heard of them but it started with Cybele's Reverie which began a march from their first bubblegum shoegaze albums to Dots and Loops. Haven't completed an album after that though.

No. 221395

One of my favourite bands ever is the Danish group MEW, it's one of the few artists whose full discography I have on my playlist. I know shit about genres but Wikipedia says they fall under alt/prog/indie/post rock or dream/space pop lmao. Sounds so pretentious hipster bait and it is, but GOD I love them.

I can't even remember how I found them, but I think it was in my early teens when I got into indie rock, I scoured last.fm for those lmao. Years later an ex girlfriend I had was into MEW heavily too, and listening to them now always feels a bit bitter sweet. I think that kind of just makes the emotional connection to their music stronger for me. It evokes memories from my teen years, and the times I had with her. The songs are so dreamy, I love every single one.

No. 221397

Am I Wry? No and Apocalypso are my fave songs from them. The newer albums are stellar too but nothing compares to a song you have loved for years and years tbh

No. 221478

You’re right, I do love Hieronymus Bosch as well, the detail is stupendous

No. 221495

I'm currently living in my Depeche Mode era. I discovered them in college when I first got into 80s music, new wave, post-punk and all that stuff. I knew all their hits, but I never got deeper than that. I started listening to them more this summer and now that I'm older and revisiting their music I think they're perfect. Some of their melodies are so beautiful, even if they're simple and get stuck in my head. I can hear their influence in so many bands that I used to love (like NiN). I love their old style- even if some of the outfits are dated. Their music videos (especially the 80s ones) are so cheesy, but they make me smile because they're cute and dorky. Also I think the members are cute as hell (but I guess that's subjective).

I'm glad I started getting into them when I did. I'm going through a pretty stressful transition period and so many of my views on things and how I want to live my life have been changing and maybe their songs have played a part in that. I'm happy to have such a great band as the soundtrack to this period of my life. There are things in the future I'm stressed about and not looking forward to, but I think if I can come home and listen to DM at the end of the day then I'll be okay.

No. 221637

i love mew, the vocalist has such a soft voice. my favorite tracks are "Coffee", "Then I run", and "Panda". the duet songs are really lovely too.

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