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File: 1656731680951.jpg (285.94 KB, 2048x1152, 70fd6f05702a7321302aecc484faae…)

No. 218463

General thread for any nun related media. Movies, series, comics or individual characters. Discussion is also welcomed.

No. 218479

The first thing I thought when I saw this thread was that nun movie with Whoopi Goldberg

No. 218481

Sister Act.

No. 218494

Good thread

No. 218495

File: 1656741116630.jpeg (73.41 KB, 408x600, 1616459228498.jpeg)

Do fantasy inspired nuns count?

No. 218497

File: 1656741209553.jpg (21.93 KB, 360x360, 1642410476524.jpg)

No. 218498

File: 1656741244505.jpeg (480.13 KB, 720x1018, e7c29f15-b7e7-54d9-bb76-3fafc5…)

No. 218501

File: 1656741956164.jpeg (259.43 KB, 1362x2048, FQpwsGBaAAEvGul.jpeg)

Sure! Very cute picture anon ♥

No. 218569

Comedy nun movies is an underappreciated genre!

No. 218640

File: 1656784589220.jpg (72.65 KB, 540x367, Walter Everett.jpg)

Great thread! I have so much stuff to post, I'm so excited !

No. 218643

File: 1656785501597.jpg (939.43 KB, 4284x2856, CTM_S7_EP06_06.jpg)

Anyone else love Call the Midwife? I adore all the characters tbh, and I love what a huge swath of women it focuses on, but I have such a soft spot for the nuns. Evangelina was such a boss.

No. 218652

File: 1656786656596.png (227.58 KB, 500x379, 2839938283838.png)

If this hasn't been a confession op pic it should be

No. 219327

File: 1657004363270.jpg (48.09 KB, 564x663, nun57.jpg)

No. 219328

File: 1657004490508.jpg (32.56 KB, 500x540, nun56.jpg)

No. 219329

File: 1657004692326.jpg (128.64 KB, 1280x912, Agnes of God (1985) 2.jpg)

No. 219330

File: 1657004772859.jpg (236.2 KB, 1280x897, Agnes of God (1985).jpg)

No. 219333

File: 1657004985904.jpg (58.94 KB, 1208x648, black narcissus.jpg)

No. 219334

File: 1657005051484.jpg (35.94 KB, 564x522, nun1 (2).jpg)

No. 219335

File: 1657005104984.jpg (295.12 KB, 1200x809, Nuns clamming on Long Island i…)

No. 219336

File: 1657005233028.jpg (32.42 KB, 564x752, nun10.jpg)

No. 219337

File: 1657005297111.png (298.13 KB, 768x572, The Last Relic, 1969, Grigori …)

No. 219338

File: 1657005345735.png (547.12 KB, 768x572, The Last Relic, 1969, Grigori …)

No. 219339

File: 1657005444727.jpg (43.61 KB, 440x720, nun3.jpg)

No. 219340

File: 1657005485533.jpg (93.94 KB, 564x742, nun6 (2).jpg)

No. 219341

File: 1657005543871.jpg (61.29 KB, 403x441, nun7.jpg)

No. 219342

File: 1657005639823.jpg (23.73 KB, 373x512, 0a0ad3859d5d9dfece370d4112912d…)

No. 219347

File: 1657005989740.jpg (965.5 KB, 840x832, きし夛2.jpg)

No. 219349

File: 1657006079296.jpg (72.48 KB, 366x1000, St.Olga, Mikhail Nesterov.jpg)

No. 219369

File: 1657022487368.jpg (58.92 KB, 512x671, anons and a nun.jpg)

heck yeah, my kinda thread

No. 219371

File: 1657022763133.jpeg (273.35 KB, 682x519, st teresa of avila for a nonna…)

No. 219372

File: 1657022935384.jpg (99.25 KB, 635x757, pls don't shit on my manuscrip…)

No. 219376

File: 1657023687968.jpg (24.13 KB, 310x465, sister wendy - no jokes, go an…)

sister wendy beckett. her documentary called the story of painting changed my life and you should watch it if you haven't already. i met her once, she came to my school. she was really funny

No. 219377

File: 1657024079498.jpg (257.94 KB, 640x831, dealing with moids.jpg)

No. 219382

Perfect filename.
Why are we a bunch of birds though?

No. 219568

File: 1657090374748.png (666.28 KB, 574x839, 1fd9cc97c88be08f8ffe226f7a2292…)

No. 219570

File: 1657090405755.jpg (74.51 KB, 705x1000, 2d193ba8588ca2030560100de153f8…)

No. 219586

File: 1657091352657.jpg (168.64 KB, 1024x817, Corita-at-Immaculate-Heart-Col…)

She was sort of the unofficial patron saint of my alma mater. She was a cool woman and artist, but kind of a moron for working in a workshop with dangerous chemicals without any ventilation.

No. 219595

File: 1657093692484.jpg (133.89 KB, 679x680, katenun1.jpg)

the best Kate Bush photoshoot

kek, the filename

No. 219596

File: 1657093717931.jpg (97.86 KB, 620x616, katenun2.jpg)

No. 219607

File: 1657101578995.jpg (174.07 KB, 972x703, tumblr_36a06ffa7076b14175298b5…)

goth nun

No. 219619

File: 1657109389195.png (237.42 KB, 704x1147, bd94b0ceb8cc4024d18ad139d81150…)

every single image in this thread… is now on my computer! thank you nonitas for blessing my eyes with your images!

No. 220032

File: 1657254798613.jpg (59.5 KB, 1000x752, Laverne & Shirley S1Ep4.jpg)

No. 220035

File: 1657259973846.png (214.39 KB, 496x515, bird is the word.png)

we're birds because we all carry the holy spirit of god and we shit on losers from a great height

No. 220064

kek cute, anon.

No. 220178

File: 1657296205797.jpg (246.67 KB, 1005x1621, Peter Lindbergh.jpg)

Kirsten Owen, Linda Evangelista and Michaela Berko for Comme des Garçons at Pont-à-Mousson Factory, Nancy by Peter Lindbergh. (1988)

No. 220189

literal virgin walk kek

No. 220195

KEK anon, pls

No. 220332

File: 1657358266429.jpg (4.32 MB, 2500x2912, theLYSproject.jpg)

No. 220333

File: 1657358304902.jpg (1.64 MB, 1468x1955, 暴君.jpg)

No. 224308

File: 1658676863910.jpg (883.34 KB, 2749x2309, Franceschini,_Baldassare_-_St_…)

I'm currently reading about Catherine of Siena and thought art made of her looks really cool. I've always wondered whether, given the means, I would want to live as a nun if I was born in those times. on one hand, I know the ye-olde-me would love the opportunity to disavow all men because not even present me is all that keen on them. On the other hand, nun life be hard, yo. And I might get punished for fellow nun seducing and spitroasted or something.

Nonnies, what do you think? Would you have wanted to live as a nun in pre-industrial times, with all the pros and cons of nun life?

No. 224309

File: 1658676945782.jpg (2.09 MB, 1720x1724, Sano_di_pietro,_santa_caterina…)

No. 224311

File: 1658677081673.jpg (1.93 MB, 1271x1920, La_Magdalena,_San_Pedro_de_Ver…)

No. 224312

File: 1658677272499.jpg (1.59 MB, 2403x2954, Dolci,_Carlo_-_St._Catherine_o…)

No. 224316

Lovely art, anon. Honestly, I think I would have… I'd be scared of getting ill though. I wouldn't want to leave my sisters behind.

No. 224326

File: 1658679302340.jpeg (118.71 KB, 1000x622, 22478CE3-D636-44C5-A97F-52A762…)

Has anyone watched the film Bernadetta, that lesbian nun movie? Trying to decide if it’s worth a watch.

No. 224379

yes and I love it.

but I also just like verhoeven films. this one is a little different in that he seemingly went out of his way to make it pretty (or at least cast pretty people unlike his other period movie) and the idyllic setting contrasts with the crazy shit happening and made me feel crazy watching it lol

No. 224401

Good to know, thank you! Going to put it on my watch list.

No. 236803

File: 1662529782971.jpg (79.12 KB, 564x705, c9e122ec8897a70012b0a9358944c4…)

No. 236804

File: 1662529868881.jpg (66.49 KB, 563x692, c7a724776123474c43155af1e6d3a5…)

No. 236805

File: 1662529976717.jpg (50.82 KB, 564x695, 643b1dac9288f05a3fc3d14e4c0356…)

No. 236836

File: 1662544536780.png (234.87 KB, 640x480, sailor moon sister maria.png)

did you watch it? I'm just curious

No. 236838

File: 1662544607113.png (284.81 KB, 640x480, sister maria sailor moon.png)

No. 237001

File: 1662583566553.jpg (1.42 MB, 1400x1230, 69906554_p0.jpg)

Cute female pope from GGXrd. She did nothing wrong.

No. 238582

File: 1663046987494.jpg (77.18 KB, 564x766, b53d1eeea17d1ae1524c155f67861d…)

No. 240738

File: 1663711489111.jpg (32.46 KB, 510x680, e147a18ff8056172544a627489cf49…)

No. 240760

She's even reading yaoi….

No. 245354

File: 1665111954037.jpg (1.36 MB, 2700x3600, MV5BODM1MDc2YzktN2JmOC00OGUxLT…)

No. 257970

File: 1669422747690.jpg (1.19 MB, 1602x2250, jinx88 48372455_p0.jpg)

No. 259602

File: 1669850709318.png (877.53 KB, 510x714, FWQz_jjacAERVox.png)

No. 264661

File: 1671434660545.jpg (23.85 KB, 439x500, FjyjT1RWYAEvq9_.jpg)

No. 288923

File: 1681215845205.jpg (303.44 KB, 2048x1152, easter nuns.jpg)

No. 288926

File: 1681216240360.jpeg (390.79 KB, 1964x2432, 3578357894.jpeg)

No. 289025

File: 1681250690683.jpg (36.19 KB, 735x817, TSNUN.jpg)

Where do you nonnies find these cute images? Every time I encounter disgusting moid brained ones and it makes me wanna kermit

No. 289027

File: 1681251099592.jpg (63.44 KB, 373x523, 0f6555748fdee3d68dfec2f23ee834…)

Rosette is cute!

No. 289048

I remember watching this anime and ending up crying, I want to watch it again but I don't want to suffer

No. 290237

File: 1681723696870.jpeg (307.15 KB, 2048x1152, 50B93A68-E223-45D7-B814-DFBB3B…)

No. 290240

Hahaha I remember seeing ep 1 of this on Gaia online back when they were streaming anime

No. 290365

File: 1681751834428.png (106.02 KB, 676x791, 766666.png)

No. 290374

I reread it recently, I needed it. The manga is also tearjerking and you should read it too nonnas….

No. 290574

File: 1681834639241.jpg (104.61 KB, 1024x602, Ft1gsemWAA.jpg)

No. 290598

File: 1681843998477.jpg (83.78 KB, 564x708, 3c2b9b0562e8bbea437cfd9081aa3b…)

No. 290599

File: 1681844027744.jpg (140.55 KB, 564x794, 5e5d4b34a1469d11d42a67ef81176f…)

No. 290600

File: 1681844049186.jpg (32.47 KB, 359x393, 39a4c97a7775fd08572aa460804cc6…)

No. 290601

File: 1681844071767.jpg (62.46 KB, 564x754, 169e7d136a741b304f5048e42afec1…)

No. 290602

File: 1681844101344.jpg (42.99 KB, 378x500, c695e745c904d3633e41334968b1f4…)

No. 292245

File: 1682500157565.jpeg (31.99 KB, 480x359, 283928292929822.jpeg)

No. 292259

Why does this screenshot make me laugh every time?

No. 328666

File: 1697801233503.jpg (18.64 KB, 400x400, d3f1f94fcedb4a04c3a7d195b75d1b…)

No. 328814

File: 1697832576456.png (6.58 MB, 2000x2400, Sister_Irene.png)

I watched The Nun and Nun II for the first time recently and I love Sister Irene. Such a cool character. She is probably one of my favorite horror protags now. I also love how the title "The Nun" is actually referring to her, and not the demon Valak.

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