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File: 1655435627380.jpg (91.15 KB, 800x533, diceborder.jpg)

No. 214969

A thread to discuss TTRPGs and anything related to the medium.

> Post about TTRPGs, duh
> Sperg about characters you like/dislike
> Ask advice about TTRPGs, learning to play, finding groups, etc.
> Discuss experiences with groups and games
> Vent about problem players
> Share current news and media related to TTRPGs

> Spoil campaigns (please use the spoiler tag for things like major plot points or puzzle solutions)
> Nitpick anon headcanons or character builds
> Shame anons over preferred games (we already know the hobby is overrun with scrotes and most lore stinks from it, it's fine to discuss that just please don't bash nonnas for playing in those settings.)

No. 214971

Starting out with some easy discussion: Anyone here have favorite dice? I have a purple plastic set that I use for GMing and playing a solo campaign because the d20 rolls high so often that it's become a running joke with my GM.

No. 215077

File: 1655471562917.jpg (91.14 KB, 1170x724, E4qJ56xUUAM5WTU.jpg)

I bought an XL squishy d20 from etsy and I love it! I prefer unique sets/dice.

Also I just started Unsleeping City on Dimension20 and I'm so in love with it already. (I'll save my Brennan Lee Mulligan sperging for another thread.)

No. 215081

File: 1655472727456.png (2.84 MB, 1583x990, insp2.png)

Ooohh cool! I have done other hobbies for a while but I love painting miniatures. My bf is a WH40k autist and I bought a couple armies too kek, though both sit mostly unpainted… I have only played a couple times though, so I wonder if I should sell my minis though that would break his heart lol. DnD with the same figures sound found but we never got around to it since we don't have friends really

I have Sylvaneths from Age of Sigmar and Tau from Warhammer 40k (yes yes I know lol). Here's my Sylvaneth inspo pic

No. 215149

Oh squish dice roll so quietly, they're wonderful. And you can sperg about TTRPG movers and shakers, I never heard of Brennen Lee Mulligan before, it looks like he's a well known GM? Sounds cool!

Omg Nonnie did you paint your Sylvaneth with doe dots? That inspo pic is so cute, love the color reference for the beetle wings

No. 215206

OP, where would you recommend a beginner to start?
A few years ago I tried playing D&D 3e with my (then) boyfriend and a friend of his. It was super awkward though, and I couldn't even finish making my character (a half-elf mage).

No. 215341

Oh no, what was awkward if it's okay to ask? 3e is pretty tough to get into because the mechanics are crunchy and the edition suffered serious power creep issues, but there were also a lot more gatekeepery tossers playing 3e compared to current.
If you still want to try D&D, 5e is the current edition and is the most beginner-friendly. The Player's Handbook is enough to teach how the game is played and you could even make your character using just the PHB if you wanted. (Half-elves are a base PC race and there are three full arcane caster classes of wizard, sorcerer, and warlock if you still wanted to play mage.) That's all it takes if you're looking to get into the game itself. Finding people to play with is a different subject and I'm a little too hiki to help there, but I'm sure other nonnas have good advice on the social gaming aspect!
If not, apparently solo tabletop gaming has taken off in the last few years https://lifehacker.com/solo-tabletop-rpgs-are-really-fun-actually-1849067606

No. 215417

Being a newcomer can be intimidating, especially playing in new groups. Online resources like Roll20 can be good for finding games, but can be toxic if you're not familiar with the content. Like >>215341 said though, best to familiarise with the base rules, finding a version of the Players Handbook to read online is remarkably easy.
If you're able to, getting a game with an all female group, or mixed at the bare minimum–Swear to god, learning to play in a game store back when was a hellhole of sweaty nerds and casual misogyny that I wouldn't wanna subject anyone to these days.

No. 215444

Is anyone else sick of how oversaturated the hobby is with D&D content? Don't get me wrong, D&D has always been massively popular in the TTRPG world, but it seems like all the newcomers over the last five years or so have gone straight to 5e. I don't know if it's because of Critical Role or what, but I've not had much luck getting a group together for the games I actually want to DM because everyone seems to be expecting iMmERsIvE story games with shitloads of NPCs and story beats when I just want some old school fucked up dungeon campaigns with a minimum of queer pandering. Fuck me for liking weird OSR indie shit, I guess.

No. 215451

You sound based af and I would play old school campaigns with you. I dunno what's up with new D&D but social media and stranger things ruined so much of it.

No. 215459

>what was awkward if it's okay to ask?
Other than the fact that talking to the friend was awkward in general, I think he was a shit DM. Me and my bf were always asking what we had to do next (both of us were beginners) and he was pretty slow and didn't seem to put in real effort.
>3e is pretty tough to get into because the mechanics are crunchy and the edition suffered serious power creep issues
I see, I had heard that 3e was the best one for some reason but if 5e is easier I'll probably start with that one.
I'm also pretty socially awkward, ESL and asocial in general so I would only feel comfortable playing with people I know well enough, not with strangers. Maybe I'll watch others play on YouTube or Twitch or something while getting familiar with the rules.
Of course, it doesn't need to be D&D.
>apparently solo tabletop gaming has taken off in the last few years
Oooh, thanks for suggesting this. I had no idea solo TTRPG was a thing.

No. 215501

the only tabletops I've done in the last like 5 years has been 5e D&D and a homebrewed game my friend is making, gotta spread my horizons more, suggestions?

No. 215505

It's definitely because of critical role. In the french paper RPG scene for instance critical role had much less of an impact so the dominant setting is Call of Cthulhu and D&D games are rather uncommon
Vampire The Masquerade is often a blast, it's in a modern setting and it's popular enough that most DMs know roughly the rules

No. 215606

community and stranger things also contributed to the recent increase in d&d popularity
i think sadly in the minds of many people ttrpg and d&d are one and the same

No. 215639

File: 1655676233465.jpg (70.84 KB, 600x600, mymeowmeow.jpg)

I wish my friends wanted to learn Call of Cthulhu, I want to DM but they already know DnD too well and don't wanna invest time into another game system. Plus now we have too much of a time difference so I don't think they'd wanna try something so immersive online. Alexa, play despacito

No. 215729

You just have to trick them
>they have to fight cultists that worship a very large mind flayer/a very ugly beholder whose name is an great old one's name but backwards
>sanity system is done with psychic damage and already existing spells like feeblemind (cast with traps or something)
>skills are based on ability score (eg accounting = INT * 5) and you just don't mention their existence at all, just check your secret ref sheet when you do a skill check
They're going to play CoC whether they want it or not

No. 221446

File: 1657713216943.jpg (117.74 KB, 1181x930, big robot.JPG)

I need to come up with a color scheme for my T'au army but I'm totally lost ahh. I'm thinking I could look up some gunpla etc to get inspo for big robot colors?

No. 221469

That's a good idea, Transformers also tend to have some nice and simple color schemes.

No. 224025

There's going to be a new D&D movie, looks okayish

No. 232198

Don't know if this is the appropriate place to write this but I hate Critical Role. Seriously happy that it got a bunch of new people into ttrpgs but hate how game culture has morphed around it. It's annoying how much table time gets wasted from other players recounting campaign stories none of us played in. I don't care about any of these characters or their celebritard players now please just roll the stealth check before GM asks a fifth time in a row. I don't hate anyone who contributes to CR and Mercer's How to DM videos are okay, I just wish I could find friends who can talk about D&D without referencing someone else's streamed game every other sentence.

No. 232207

>cis people
Are you lost buddy?

No. 232209

uh huh that's nice the fuck does any of that have to do with critical role?

No. 232210

He's spamming a bunch of threads, I wouldn't bother with him

No. 232216

File: 1660972251634.jpg (26.44 KB, 640x375, 412da7.jpg)

No. 232243

No. 232265

File: 1661004058206.jpg (432.19 KB, 1233x1600, TheExpanseRPG-Cover.jpg)

I'm really interested in learning how to play this. I love the expanse setting but I know it would be impossible to find players for and I've never been a gm

No. 232278

Nona's, how do you get more comfortable roleplaying?
We started playing with my old group of friends and we're really comfortable with each other, but in so far our playthroughs seem almost mechanical. Like our characters barely even talked.

Our DM is making a customized campaign specifically for us and I don't want to waste it on "go there and do this", I actually want to have fun with the girls instead of just watching our exp grow.

Also. How do you better embody your character? I made a pretty interesting chara, but I struggle with developing her in any recognizeable way so that she truly fits me. Her playstyle is great and I think it represents fairly well what she is about, but I feel like there should be a more pronounced connection to make it all cohesive and play nicely.

I got hooked on dnd through The Adventure Zone Balance and it seemed so fun to me how the players can just meander and do unimportant shit, but they still complete the quest.
Our group chemistry is great when we don't play and just interact, but when we start playing, I feel like we all become stiff and lifeless. I genuinely love the characters my friends made and I'd love to know more about them and learn to love them as more people than stats and presets.

No. 232685

honestly anon it just takes time. When I started to play dnd it took a couple games to get into character and vibe and even then improve can be fucking hard. Try not to think about it too hard and just have fun!

No. 234330

I baited an entire table full of nerd guys from my school's TTRPG club into playing a brutal old-school dungeon crawl by advertising the game as a 5e oneshot and switching the system to OSE on them at the last second, and the fuckers are all actually enjoying it so I wanted to gloat. They got lulled into a false sense of security after soundly beating a few fire beetles and decided to charge the next group of monster, some giant lizardmen, head-on, resulting in one character death and one near-death. I hope by next session they figure out tactics that aren't Leeroy Jenkins reenactments, but if they don't learn from their mistakes I'm going to have so much fun forcing them to deal with the consequences.

No. 235937

File: 1662230950714.jpg (43.52 KB, 440x440, 1610793188093.jpg)

I think it comes with time like other nonna said. I suffer from pic related so it really did take a while to get better at opening up to others through rping, so anyone can really learn to get there imo.
I just begin developing characters by brainstorming things I find cool, even like other characters from games/books etc I like. Like one time I was coming up with a character and I first said "ok I love Lei Lei from Darkstalkers, so I'm going to use her as a starting point, but make the character male instead" and went from there until I had a surprisingly fleshed out, if zany, character sheet.
Trial and error, nonniekins!
That sounds like absolute heaven nonnie, I must admit. I tried with my uni's group but they were such, such touchy little rich fuccbois that I gave up and one guy had an absolute breakdown because he insisted that I had "promised on my life" to give him my Netrunner starter kit, which is OOP and expensive af lmfao. Amazing card game btw hope there's like a sequel to it one day!
As for me currently, I'm thinking of running a game of Don't Rest Your Head, which is about insomniacs who gain reality bending powers upon staying awake too long and entering a weird nightmare plane a lot like the way Silent Hill works, but the power system is soooo fun in it, I swear to god.
Here's a link to the official pdf, highly recommended!

No. 251618

Wanted to play Cursed City at a Warhammer store birthday event today but my wage was delayed and i couldn’t afford to travel. feels fuckin bad man. Decided to watch a lore video about Morathi and the narrator was a tim. cant have shit in detroit.

All that aside. i really like painting but i do it in bursts where i’ll sit for 8 hours hyper focused like an autist to paint one mini then i’ll stop painting for weeks while I devour the novels. The new shorts reads that take 30 minutes are decent for before seeping or in coffee shops.
Currently reading Ghoulslayer. Haven’t read Gotrik and Felix, wasn’t really into the fantasy but the character is oddly endearing. Heard Warhammer world has an exclusive too so gonna go full sperg and have a weekend trip to Nottingham.

No. 254307

File: 1668114041159.jpeg (169.64 KB, 750x332, 7ED37D5B-18CE-48D7-A29E-263591…)

Warhammer Fest tickets on sale tomorrow nonnas!

No. 254326

File: 1668118703968.gif (Spoiler Image,54.94 KB, 297x498, heidi-klum-worm.gif)

AYRT, I never realized anyone replied to me before the thread fell down the catalog. I was deciding between running Don't Rest Your Head and Trail of Cthulhu for a horror oneshot event recently, and I went with Trail of Cthulhu so I'm curious how Don't Rest Your Head plays. I got really into Trail of Cthulhu scenarios after a successful The Dance in the Blood run and I simply cannot wait to inflict more Lovecraftian horrors on 5e zoomers (yes they're enjoying themselves too). Picrel, if you know you know.

No. 255389

Wanna Dm so bad to take the weight off my friend but there's 7 hour time difference and I don't think I could reasonably focus.
Also it's damn expensive. Also my regular group can only play weekends which is taken up by the current campaign, other people I could ask are "omg girl play video game" types so absolutely not. He's gonna have to be a forever dm for a little longer.
(repost to sage)

No. 255424

Sorry if this is off-topic, but I hate that Warhammer is infested with trannies.

My local Games Workshop had a tranny regular who used to make everything fucking awkward whenever he came in. He seemed to change his pronouns by the day, on one occasion insisting to be referred to as 'it', which I refused to do. I swear, one time, he was wearing these leggings so low you could literally see the top of his pubes. He eventually got banned from all Games Workshop stores because he thought it would be a great idea to just casually admit in conversation that he's sexually attracted to children but would never act on it. In a Games Workshop. A place that is literally a glorified toy shop. Where children routinely come to play, paint and hang out.

God, I was so fucking glad to see the back of that fucker.

No. 255568

oh, worm!

No. 260527

File: 1670150421491.png (165.55 KB, 695x515, sessionlately.PNG)

Starting to think DM has a pee fetish or something. Every time we scare someone or chase them off they wet themselves and I'm getting grossed out by it. I only have so much uncomfortable laughter remaining nonnies.

No. 260578

show him this comic and feign innocence if he thinks you're calling him out

No. 260587

If you call him out take care it doesn't turn into them shitting their pants instead

No. 260615

That's happened once or twice too. Oh my god kill me now.

No. 279651

ayrp sorry so late. but i just want to paint my little guys but the online groups are so full of disgusting males and “male feminists” who are pushing for female space marines.

Not to get emotionally attached to a game but it would diminish the Sororitas if there was female marines.
(but also just let one thing be exclusive. god.)

No. 292973

File: 1682779417284.jpg (134.7 KB, 699x960, reject modernity.jpg)

No. 304736

File: 1687745946048.png (67.25 KB, 496x517, 2339285786261af817c5b7babc56dc…)

I was thinking about running a Kids on Brooms game set in the Winx Club universe for a few friends, since I think the two would mesh well together, but I'm a little stuck on what the actual plot of such a game could be. I ran a Kids on Brooms game earlier this year at my university and ended up really hating the story I was telling. It's hard for me to tell what the stakes should be, since the system has magic but no concrete hit points or anything. I would love some suggestions!

No. 310558

File: 1690265450211.jpg (345.89 KB, 949x626, Z(12).jpg)

based and OSRpilled
I want to run a proper, dark/pulp fantasy-inspired oldschool dungeon crawl so badly but my players are all weebs with zoomer taste in media so I won't be able to have that kind of campaign for a very long time.

No. 319051

bumping an old thread. but can anyone recommend a fun podcast to listen to? preferably an all-female one, thanks

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