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No. 213278

We have a movie thread, but I though it would be interesting to have a specific thread to focus solely on actor performances and the acting craft in general. Here are some questions to kickstart the thread!
>Performances that you believe were not praised enough by the press/public
>Who is an underrated actor in your opinion?
>What actors do you love/hate and why?
>A performance that made you hate a movie?
>Your opinion on the ethics of actor direction (for example, how some directors will push theirs actors to their very limits in order to create the best film possible?)

No. 213279

Samefag, but I'm gonna start by bringing up Alekseï Kravtchenko in Come and See, I find it crazy how some of his facial expressions are absolutely engraved in my brain. Being so talented at such a young age is just crazy honestly !

No. 213309

patiently waiting for my favs to get shat on

No. 213312

kek nonnie me too, who are your favs ?

No. 213318

File: 1654898133542.jpg (288.36 KB, 1083x1600, MV5BYzYwMjZhOGEtMGZlZS00Mjg1LT…)

Very rare instance of Brad Pitt in the role of a complete moron, and one of the four Coen movies where Clooney has a comedic role
I'd really like to see a movie where Brad Pitt is a villain…

No. 213330

I've been wanting to see this movie for years! Maybe it's finally time

No. 213389

He married the hot robot chick from weird science and then cheated on her with their 16 year old babysitter. Now he’s in movies like this.

No. 213395

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