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No. 205305

What do you all think of s14 now that it has wrapped up?
Any expectations for the All Winners season?

No. 205308

File: 1652289864519.jpg (36.03 KB, 600x616, 1631923726440.jpg)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, if you want to see worship misogynist gay men go to twittr not here

No. 205310

Gross. I hope this shit is locked asap.

No. 205311

fuck off with this crap nobody cares

No. 205314

Not even OP, but we had a RPDR before, so I don't see what's the problem? Don't like it, hide it

No. 205320

Yay gay men stereotyping women. How fun!

No. 205321

I really liked Willow but I’m annoyed he trooned out.
I couldn’t stand Bosco. Huge eye roll that he got the golden chocolate bar or whatever it was.

No. 205323

Up until 3 months ago there was an active RPDR thread + the drag cow thread in snow is semi-active. Just hide the thread newfags.

No. 205329

there’s nothing stopping anyone from using this as a bashing thread js

No. 205335

You’re surprised… that a man who regularly wears womanface… trooned out?

No. 205337

Literal gay shit thread, I respect weebs more than this literal homo garbage
Not everything needs to be remade but ok, I'll just watch this thread sink to the bottom like the needy girl overdose game no one wanted a thread for

No. 205338

Kpop>drag queens

No. 205342

literal pile of shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>darg queens

No. 205359

File: 1652304023421.png (16.32 KB, 210x240, huh.png)

kys i guess

No. 205372

Say what you will about the act of drag, whatever. But Drag race hasn't been worth watching since sub season 8. Now it's all about twitter feuds and woke politics. RuPaul backpedaled so hard on what drag should be about and he's a pussy for it. Soon entire seasons will have HSTS casts and the idea of female illusion will be lost entirely.
Why can't fags just stay fags instead of thinking performing as a woman means that you're really one on the inside? Fuck off. It's only going to get worse from here on out. Season 4 was the best.

No. 205396

I would say RPDR has always been about woke politics but it did get particularly bad in s9 and onward with the introduction of a lot of troons and enbys.
Season 14 felt like a good case study of how much of a social contagion trooning out is. The season started with 1 troon and by the time the episodes aired there were 5. But even with that being said I did kind of like s14 it felt more like a return to form. The two seasons before this were so god awful and universally hated that my expectations for this were on the floor but I was pleasantly surprised.

No. 205397

shit thread

No. 205401

Well keep in mind the Carmen Carrera controversy when they had to change the you got shemail intro back in I think season 6 or so? That's also when Ru got cancelled for saying that he wouldnt allows trannies on the show because it defeats the purpose of female illusion. Oh and let's not forget how that one all-stars season had two winners, one black and one white, because there were accusations of drag race being too white…even though the first winner was literally an African man. It was already a long time coming I feel

No. 205848

Can anyone spoonfeed me why Sharon Needles has only recently been canceled? I know she did a bunch of stuff with nazi memorabilia and racist stuff but that has all been known since her season. Did she do something within the last few years that has people up in arms?

No. 205919

This and I find it funny how many Drag race queens trooned out of nowhere years after being on the show and being just as insufferable then they already are (Gia Gunn, Carmen, and Laganja to name a few).

No. 210345

Don’t know the full details but apparently she groomed a (female surprisingly) young fan

No. 212939

so i'm just watching old drag race seasons and im currently watching all stars season 6 and i really liked the pink table talk challenge. it was actually interesting and entertaining and miles better than any of the acting challenges. i think they need to cut back or get rid of the majority of the scripted acting challenges. theyre boring and not funny at all. more down to earth things like this, or improv challenges are okay tho

No. 214308

Yea I agree. I hate the acting challenges that are scripted, they're just full of shitty jokes that aren't funny to begin with. I mean it'd be fine to have one or two to demonstrate their acting abilities but at some point its every other challenge and I want something new. The majority of them are awful at it too, but I love Bob's acting so much

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