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File: 1650128733474.jpg (24.98 KB, 480x360, Eartha_Kitt_-_I_don't_Care.jpg)

No. 197864

Post your favorite/interesting/bizzare music videos here

No. 197867

Video rel
Eartha Kitt- I don't care

No. 197868

Another music vid I like, love the style of this one

No. 197946

No. 197949

I can't help it, anons.

No. 197953

No. 197979

I like that band, too.
Cool choices, nonnas.

No. 197980

No. 198124

Both artstyle and the song itself oddly remind me of adventure time

No. 198126

No. 198918

These are sick as well!!

No. 199804

GBI by towa tei from deee-lite and kylie. about a font! such an out of character song for her but i love it.

love this, they have the lemongrab noses.

No. 199806

Something about this vid always makes me want to cry, its the color shift when he rolls the crow over and he's stiff

No. 199927

No. 201964

No. 201965

No. 201968

I remember when music videos would play early in the morning on TV, while I was getting ready for school.

No. 201969

Alll I can sayyyy

No. 205666

ngl their comebacks get better and better.

No. 205730

This will always be my favorite.

No. 205772

This song and video was always so pleasant. Straight up cute, even

No. 206058

No. 211927

This is so cool

No. 211975

this is amazing nonnie, thank you so much !

No. 211976

Love this song. I’ve heard it was inspired by the leaked Pepsi document discussing their new logo:

No. 211985

File: 1654450315853.png (84.89 KB, 1101x885, pepsian physics.png)

It sure looks like it, damn this is all a bunch of nonsense isn't it. Managing to confuse others doesn't make one smart
Thanks for posting

No. 212001

This vid is super fun, reminds me of the style of Over the Garden Wall vibes

That band has another music video by the same artist, I think he said it is all stop motion color pencil drawings. I love the style of old school fantasy covers. Flashing lights warning for this one

No. 212528

I love this one. I think it’s adorable and sweet and sad.

No. 212542

have you guys heard of this artist called nttq? I got a video of him recommended to me a while ago and I’m lowkey obsessed. His videos have super high budget with super bizarre intricate plots, often involving BL. Watch and see for yourself. What a journey

No. 212587

Young Morrissey is my boyfriend

No. 212600

Yessss. I’ve been listening to this album nonstop for two weeks now.

No. 212603

I find the guy a bit ugly, but wow his videos are really well done! The budget must've been high, the costumes look good and there are some scenes in the MV that took my breath away. So pretty!

No. 212645

Damn, so much happened in this clip.

The black haired guy with the bangs is super hot though.

No. 212699

What a fucking slut that moid was, that is what happens when you let scrotes have power and sleep around.

No. 224330

No. 224475

Got reminded of this song when I heard it live yesterday and thought that LC would appreciate the MV story; two women are bringing back life and nature to a dead, postapocalyptic word and becoming futuristic nature godesses, no scrote in sight

No. 226375

No. 226645

i loved this band as an edgy teenager

No. 226649

I love that band as an edgy adult.

No. 232188

love this so muchhhhhh

No. 232201

I've sat crosseyed watching this vid stoned so much

No. 250579

this video has Eminem show/slim shady lp era vibes. Qveen Herby rebranded from the duo Karmin (songs like Brokenhearted and Hello from 10 years ago)

No. 250584


This is literally so chaotic and I love it(learn2embed)

No. 250678

It's borderlining on cringe in hindsight but I always thought this one was so pretty.

No. 253660

MuSiC viDeO crEated with AI!!!1
Just kidding but I'm already sick of that clickbait jesus

No. 290940

No. 290956

Ohh even back then such music and aesthetic in the video weren't my usual thing so I would listen and watch it secretly kek but now it brings memories and makes me tear up a bit hehe

No. 292945

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