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File: 1649666829779.jpg (208.28 KB, 728x1200, alan-lee-the-art-of-middle-ear…)

No. 196559

Similar to the HP thread, discuss all things relating to LOTR and Tolkien and his works. Favorite books, thoughts on the movies, what you'd like to see in the future etc.

>What was your first experience with LOTR? What hooked you?

>Movies vs Books- is one better? Do you have an opinion on that?
>Have you read the books in the extended Tolkien world- Children of Hurin, Unfinished Tales, The Fall of Gondolin etc. do you plan to?
>What more (if any) Tolkien/LOTR media would you like to see in the future? Could be shows, movies, games, comics etc.

No. 196562

I hate the look of the Amazon show and I will not be watching that trash.
The original trilogy is amazing and I love it to bits, still watching it yearly. It got me into reading Tolkien too as a kid!
I'd love to see more games set in the universe, the Shadow of Mordor was fun (if a bit repetitive).

No. 196563

honestly if he amazon show is trash that kinda works out for me because I hate amazon and want to avoid giving them anymore money. on the other hand it also kind of sucks because it would be nice to have a new (good) show set in that world.

No. 196565

right?? I would love to see a show about the time before the lotr trilogy, but this just isn't it. The trailer looks like shit, it just looks like another generic fantasy show.

No. 196567

I bought the Silmarillion in Spanish (my L1) but I couldn't read more than 50 or so pages, and that was like a million years ago. I don't know if it's my own short attention span and aversion to books, or if the book's just that dense. Or maybe I should read LotR first, I don't know. I really, really want to get into Tolkien's stuff, especially since I (claim to) like high fantasy and Blind Guardian is one of my favorite bands kek

No. 196593

File: 1649676122755.jpeg (322.82 KB, 1170x1572, 2487F26B-9A87-47D7-8D82-A62267…)

Kek the YouTube comments are almost all these sage JRRT quotes over and over. But really, who’s surprised that it sucks? It’s being made by Amazon. I would’ve actually been shocked if it were good.

No. 196594

Silmarillion is a nightmare to read even for people obsessed with LOTR, it's a collection of lord rather than a novel. Don't judge LOTR readability (lek) by it!

No. 196599

i’ve read the hobbit and thought it was cute but i don’t know if i could read lotr. my 13 year old sister recently read it all and really
enjoyed it, as well as the movies, but i could barely sit through the films.

i used to love fantasy as a kid so i wish i read it back then, i don’t know if i could read it now

No. 196603

Great thread op! Tolkien is my obsession.

>What was your first experience with LOTR? What hooked you?

Seeing Fellowship of the Ring movie. I absolutely loved it and was instantly hooked. After that I read all the books.

>Movies vs Books- is one better? Do you have an opinion on that?

Books for sure but I really love the movies too. Though, I don't like some of the changes, specifically the changes made to Sam and Faramir's characters.

>Have you read the books in the extended Tolkien world- Children of Hurin, Unfinished Tales, The Fall of Gondolin etc. do you plan to?

Yes, everything, including History of Middle Earth. I'm a nerd.

>What more (if any) Tolkien/LOTR media would you like to see in the future? Could be shows, movies, games, comics etc.

I'm going to watch the Amazon show but I don't have high hopes for it. I think it would be cool to have more games in the future, specifically games based off events from the first age.

Anyone been involved in Tolkien fandoms? Theres some really great fanart and fanfiction out there.

No. 196605

File: 1649680636485.jpg (351.44 KB, 960x1920, IMG_2864.JPG)

>What was your first experience with LOTR? What hooked you?

Saw the first film, remebered we had a rolien book at home, picked ip the Simm and never looked back. I'm a silmfag through and through
>Movies vs Books- is one better? Do you have an opinion on that?
Books, unquestionably.
>Have you read the books in the extended Tolkien world- Children of Hurin, Unfinished Tales, The Fall of Gondolin etc. do you plan to?
I'm the lind of autist who read HoME and every but of extended lore that applied to the Silm. So moqt of HoMe, Unfinished Tales, Fall of Gondolin, Beren and Lùthien, you name it
>What more (if any) Tolkien/LOTR media would you like to see in the future? Could be shows, movies, games, comics etc.
None tbh. Adaptations always disappoint. I'll stock to fanart and fics.

PS Fëanor did nothing wrong

No. 196607

for real, amazon sucks (also hating what they did to the wheel of time lol)

No. 196608

File: 1649682604900.jpeg (132.52 KB, 1080x1565, mae_is_bae.jpeg)

Yay another Silm fan! I thought I was the only one. I stan Maedhros forever.

No. 196634

i really don't understand this take. i like lotr, not a huge fan of it and silmarillion is million times more interesting. i was put off by it for long time because people kept saying it is boring and was surprised how interesting it is

No. 196660

File: 1649688979243.jpg (51.69 KB, 400x350, IMG_1897.JPG)

Based. I still love Maedhros but i've been warming up to Curufin for some time.
Maeglin is my edgy sadboi problematic fave tho.

No. 196677

I wish I were you. Then again, I'm not obsessed with LOTR (the most casual fan) - but also aware that's what the fans are saying. I tried reading Silmarillion, but gave up.

Is the anon hating LOTR video games
(including LOTRO) present here?

No. 196698

File: 1649697517686.jpg (548.28 KB, 2048x1490, Ferry Bluff_bald eagle_Ryan Br…)

The one thing that make me roll my eyes every single time (5 times)

No. 196710

nayrt, but as a silm fan i'll admit it's not a book for everyone. It doesn't help that some translations were shit.

I wanted try shado of mordor but i hate how they made Celebrimbor look. I've sworn off adaptations in general.

No. 196716

(nta) Shadow of Mordor is absolutely great with their depiction of orcs, but lore-wise they just kind of stitched up everything else as best as they could. It's really more a game for Grond lovers than elves connoisseurs

No. 197217

I read the silmarillion a very long time ago, I liked it but it was hard to get into at first. It reads more like a nonfiction or history book. I was gonna suggest the audiobook but I couldn't find one in Spanish unfortunately.

No. 197224

What on earth convinced you to try Silmarillion first?? LoTR is one of, if not the, most popular and respected fantasy stories in existence and you presumably have heard endless references and discussion and praise about it. Meanwhile the Silmarillion is comparatively obscure and like… for people who are obsessed with LoTR and need something extra autistic to quench their Tolkien thirst. I'm just bewildered that you somehow though it was a normal way to get into his books.

No. 197754

File: 1650090091527.jpeg (521.62 KB, 590x874, F2CF016E-5E06-4BA3-901F-CD3CF3…)

I wish the nips were into LoTR. I want CFDCT (Cute Fellowship Doing Cute Things) anime, no matter how retarded that sounds

No. 197940

when you said nips I was thinking nipples and I was like what

No. 197969

that's the point i'm pretty much a casual lotr fan too and i still think silmallirion is more interesting but people kept saying it is for hard core tolkien fans only

then again i'm the kind of person who thinks the tom bombadil scenes are honestly some of my favorites from the book so i guess my brain just is wired in that way

No. 200411

the silmarillion imho has much more complex themes and great worldbuilding. i like it much betrer than LoTR whioch was a slog to go through
the silm gets an unfair reputation bc a lot o people don't read past the boring openingg chapter but it's not as dry and autistic as it's made out to be
it's also great for fanworks

No. 212557

File: 1654643643822.jpg (82.18 KB, 900x506, celebrimbor.jpg)

So who else is grieving over this reveal? With every new image that comes out this show looks worse and worse.

No. 212636

It’s not as popular over there is it? I thought that at least the westaboos would eat it up. Your picrel is super cute and I want to read slice of life doujins of the fellowship now
>people kept saying it is for hard core tolkien fans only
lol I don’t get that. It’s a great collection of stories written like classical fairytales. Sure, it’s even more interesting if you know the rest of the works but it stands pretty good on its own.
>short hair
>played by some old dude with bad skin
whyyyyy oh why? No seriously why is his hair so short this is sad. I don’t mind him being played by an older actor but this guys face doesn’t look fitting at all

No. 213314

wait why the fuck is celebrimbor some wrinkled old scrote with short hair????? he's supposed to be a fucking elf!
i never intended to watch this travesty and i'm still offended

No. 221768

New trailer for the Rings of Power show

No. 221913

Idk, it looks kind of cool, but trailers can be misleading. I really don't want to give Amazon anymore of my money though.

No. 222111

It looks… ok, I know it won't be good just because they have no right for almost any source material so we can't expect anything more than a fanfic loosely based on Tolkien's letters, but it certainly doesn't look as bad as people try to claim. I'm getting annoyed with all the whining that it doesn't look like Jackson's movies, I know plenty of us grew up with these but not everything has to be the same all the time.

No. 222988

I'm excited about it and will hold it on its own and not on anything from the books etc. I did the same for HP and it just makes everything more enjoyable.

No. 263926

File: 1671165609491.jpg (20.19 KB, 342x377, dvds.jpg)

girls, it's about that time of year…

No. 263927

I really enjoyed it. It's not perfect, but I thought it was entertaining and beautiful. I felt that Middle Earth feeling, you all know what I mean.

No. 263934

what time ?

No. 263985

Are you slow? In all seriousness.

No. 264251

The holidays mean hopefully having some extra time to hunker down with the vastly superior Extended Editions, nona! If you haven't seen them and you like LotR, you must.

No. 264425

File: 1671326622578.jpg (541.07 KB, 910x1211, Screenshot_20221217-202054_Fir…)

No. 273106

This actually made me somewhat sad

No. 279714

No. 279727

Can't imagine anyone being happy about this. Too bad people who actually cared and protected Tolkien's legacy are no longer in charge and only money matters now

No. 279936

this article is kind of ambiguous, hopefully if they do make more movies it won't be another adaptation of the main books. like the other anon said, I can't imagine anyone being happy about that

apparently some people rewatch the lotr trilogy around thanksgiving or christmas, I'm guessing maybe because that's the time of year they came out originally. I didn't know this was a thing til different people I follow on instagram who don't know each other started posting about watching all three movies on thankgsiving

>extra time
>around the holidays

what planet are you from

No. 281310

I read the books when I was 13-14 while being sick at home with flu.

No. 292960

File: 1682776659925.jpg (133.79 KB, 1200x628, FuwIKd6WAAk9BQK.jpg)

Kenji Kamiyama's The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim Film Sets Annecy Premiere Plans

>Well ahead of the planned theatrical opening on April 12, 2024, Kenji Kamiyama's The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim film has its sights set on a premiere at France's Annecy Festival. As producer Jason DeMarco confirmed on Twitter, the film's Annecy debut is lined up for June 2023.

>The 2023 Annecy International Animated Film Festival takes place June 11 to June 17, 2023.
>The main voice cast was announced back in June 2022, including Brian Cox (Succession) as Helm Hammerhand, Gaia Wise (A Walk in the Woods) as Hera, Miranda Otto (returning from The Lord of the Rings trilogy) as Éowyn/narrator and Luke Pasqualino (Snowpiercer) as Wulf.
>Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim is set 183 years before the events depicted in the original The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Helm and the people of what will later come to be known as Helm's Deep must make a daring last stand when the Dunlending lord Wulf launches a sudden attack. Can Helm's daughter Hera find the strength to lead the resistance against this deadly foe?

No. 293057

god i wish they'd stop making adaptations. they're turning a wonderful universe into marvel shite

No. 293066

At first, my dad bought me a copy of The Hobbit, or There and Back Again and I ignored it for some time because I didn't like the cover, lol, there was very goofy looking Bilbo, although I LOVED fantasy genre so it was pretty stupid of me. One day my dad just opened it and started reading to me out loud, I was instantly interested, and later he bought LOTR and read the whole thing to me out loud, too. I was so fascinated, I even kind of fell out of love with Harry Potter, lol. And only then I watched first two movies, the third one wasn't even released yet. Really liked them, too, and how can you not to: the cast, the costumes, the music, and everything else is amazing. I liked both books and movies back then; started rereading first part a couple of years ago for the first time since childhood and actually was susprised how different it was from the movies that I rewatched billions times on TV since then. I forgot how different the characters were but I'm not surprised the story was altered, it probably doesn't translate well into a movie the way it is. The beginning isn't as dynamic. Well, although the TV show could probably work if made decently, who knows, I'd be curious at least. I plan to reread the whole thing in the original soon.
I didn't watch The Hobbit trilogy though, except for the first movie but I can only remember the very beginning because I fell asleep in the cinema. I won't ever watch them because there was no need to add all that shit to the story. Also I can't accept sexy dwarves.

Have anyone watched Bakshi's animated movie?

No. 317631

>Lord of The Rings: The War Of The Rohirrim Anime Film Delayed to December 2024
It has so little publicity and now it's been delayed - I think they are ashamed of the final product.

No. 391573

File: 1718135187959.jpg (164.28 KB, 879x1130, 1718127170734982.jpg)

First Images from 'Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim' anime.

No. 391583

File: 1718137059886.jpeg (521.62 KB, 590x874, IMG_5001.jpeg)


Anime just doesn’t suit LoTR, I can’t put my finger on why. I think it only works with a storybook or illustration vibe like so, but somehow the movie still just looks off even though it’s objectively not bad.

No. 391615

please, for the love of god. anime is so hideous, just go for a western animation style. the masculine males and then the female characters looking like a different species is so jarring.

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