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No. 194634

Old thread:

A thread for posting WOMEN ONLY indie artists and musicians you feel need more recognition or just like.

>Post examples of their work and if needed a brief description.

>Any type of art is welcomed.
>This isn't a milk thread, you can go to the "Indie Band Cows General"

No. 194692

File: 1649089043631.jpg (13.88 KB, 283x158, noriko.jpg)

No. 194693

File: 1649089483698.jpg (18.48 KB, 592x401, jucara.jpg)

No. 194697

I haven't seen Indigo De Souza posted here? She's not really new but I never see anyone talk about her, every track is sorta different, so if you don't like this one then she probably has something else palatable for you!

No. 195494

I love this! Thanks for posting. I'll check out more of her work.

No. 195495

I love Uncaught in Promise and hope she makes more music in the future. It was a random spotify find for me last year. Anyone know of any other bands with a similar sound?

No. 203766

i freaking adore Lingua Ignota's music, i recently had the pleasure of seeing her live and i almost cried. I wish i knew of more female artists that invoke that same feeling

No. 208739

>i recently had the pleasure of seeing her live
Wooow lucky you ! I'm really happy that you got to see her nonnie ! How was it ?! Could you please describe a little bit more your experience of the concert ?

No. 208741

Maybe Ayria? Not sure if she's still making music though

No. 209892

thanks nonna! she was performing at a festival i was volunteering at and i couldnt go see her full show but she performed one song as part of a secret concert there. She climbed a big stage lighting tower and sang from there, not to sperg but it was epic.

No. 209893

That sounds soooo awesome, you are so lucky

No. 214778

No. 214781

She is exactly how I imagine some of the farmers here kek

No. 214793

garage punk/rock the song has english subs but it's about domestic violence so stay safe nonnies

No. 214805

This isn't twitter, underagefag. The trigger warning was gay and unnecessary.

No. 214823

>stay safe nonnies
this is so fucking embarrassing kek

No. 214828

No. 215313

I’m a huge Night Witch fan. They’re skramz from Florida. They deserve a lot more attention.

Gonna dump some female fronted punk.

No. 215314

No. 215315

No. 215316

No. 215317

No. 215320

Just posted some more underground stuff, but there’s antischism, dirt, Amy from nausea, svffer too off the top of my head. Asking for suggestions too.

No. 215322

Also, what do nonnie think of youth code? I really liked them, but was super disappointed in this most recent release. It felt… cheesy? Just lacking any originality they had.

Sarah has an amazing stage presence and they’re so fun to see live.

No. 261446

I usually fucking hate youtube's recommendation algorithm but i must admit they got it right for once. The music video is kind of amateur but the song is dope and the plot about killing johns is based (and unexpected. But it looks like she's from eastern Europe so that might explain a lot). Hell yeah. Anyway just wanted to share for any nonnies who might also like it

No. 261522

oh anon. you took me back to my teenage punk years.
i always liked this band. it's got two women and a dude for vocalists but the women stood out to me so much. they are so loud and discordant and i love it. was really great to hear as a self-hating teen

No. 261523

melt-banana, female vocalist and female bass player, love em

No. 261524

all female japanese noise rock

No. 316797

New kristin dropped

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