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No. 194132

Post any media that is remarkable to you, or talk about it if you cannot find the particular moment. Music videos are welcome.

No. 194144

The whole movie Fluke makes me want to throw myself out of a moving vehicle into the ocean, but in a good way. It's a really beautiful movie and I don't really know how to describe the plot exactly because it's kind of wacky, but it emphasizes family and valuing your life. If you were only going to watch one talking dog movie, it should be this one. It's got Samuel L Jackson and the guy that played Joker in Full Metal Jacket as the two main dogs. They don't make the dogs move their mouths or anything corny like that, I promise you this movie will surprise you.

No. 194148

This will always be the saddest scene in all of movie history.

No. 194240

File: 1648931273756.png (691.81 KB, 627x829, tumblr_nkgn5xvHfN1tggy4no1_640…)

The last episode of Sailor Moon S always makes me cry.

No. 194248

File: 1648932640210.jpeg (61.07 KB, 960x720, x720.jpeg)

I don't watch a lot of South Park but the episode where Stan feels like everything looks/sounds like shit to him. It was oddly a somber episode for the series

No. 232389

File: 1661044584867.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2022-03-11-03h56m33s92…)

season 15 e7 good episode…

i dunno why but this scene from ergo proxy made me feel quite emotional

No. 232396

This is one of my favorite childhood movies! The ending always gets me, when fluke runs across the country going nowhere until some place feels like it's calling. The "letting go because things cannot be the way they used to be" trope always gets me.

No. 232401

episodes 10 and 14 of samurai champloo

No. 232406

I remember watching this with my brother when it came out and trying really hard not to cry kek

I also may have teared up watching it again 20 years later

No. 232410

That's 11 nonnie and it's my favorite. 14 is amazing too. The singer for the scene with Mugen sets the scene perfectly.

As for me, the ending to FFX and the song that plays, Suteki Da Ne

No. 232651

scrote anime but it hit me
skip to 2:13

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