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File: 1648746797944.jpeg (181.14 KB, 934x891, 1DD6DBBE-332F-4E13-85F9-7313B9…)

No. 193677

Post iconic videos from the early days of Youtube.

Replaces >>>/m/151031

No. 193678

I know Potter Puppet Pals technically predates YouTube but I think it still counts.

No. 193684

No. 193707

There's so many old animated shorts I watched that I can't find anymore, but I used to watch this all the time

No. 193729

my spoon is too big

No. 193730

I am realizing so much of 2000's humor is 'lel random thing funny XDD' but like drawn out over a few minutes. I think the humor is kind of the same today except much shorter for the zoomers with short attention spans

No. 193745

Double rainbow guy made me cry with laughter before I’d even touched drugs

No. 193767

Oh my god I remember watching this on albinoblacksheep as a kid. I remember thinking the guacamole was supposed to be symbolic for something

No. 198305

I hate it so much

No. 198338

This dude is still making Salad Fingers among other animations. I started to watch the newest episode and the first thing I say was the ad for his Patreon and I just closed the video right there. I don't need to think about Patreons when I think about Salad Fingers. I want to think about the strange and unruly early Internet.

No. 198353

No. 198449

No. 198451

No. 198456

>"illuminati the Occult secret satanic message rihanna song umbrella"
Illuminati videos scared the crap out of me as a 10 year old. Along with music video analysis they also analyzed songs played backwards.

No. 198462

Spongebob Souljaboy Crank that

No. 198463

This shit still cracks me up.

No. 198466

>Trance - 009 Sound System Dreamscape
The copyright-free song that everyone chose after their video with music got striked

No. 198470

File: 1650303722201.png (710.17 KB, 607x718, ytchannel.png)

The old customizable youtube channel layout.

No. 198473

Peanut Butter Jelly Time with Lyrics!!!

No. 198476

By the thumbnail you should already know what it is

No. 198479

I Need A Pencil (Official Video)

No. 198487

No. 198488

For a while people were using this website called Xtranormal to make skits. Usually about idiots they encounter at work.

No. 198489

No. 198491

Before vine and tiktok compilations, we had this.

No. 198493

No. 198494

No. 198498

No. 198509

Venetian Princess parodies

No. 198512


No. 198516

Good old times when people had the power of customizing anything. It's such a shame today's internet definitely lacks of it.

No. 198517

I'll always think of these two

No. 198520

Kek I remember this my brother used to watch these videos

No. 198528

File: 1650309936291.png (686.14 KB, 1110x610, 1_s9NZB0sU9O7ArVATounrcw.png)

The thumbnail reminds me of how back then it was trendy to make the thumbnail background neon colors

No. 198559

this was my childhood

OMG, I was just thinking of this lady and wondering what her name was because I couldn't remember. thank you!

No. 198572

I hate this because it reminds me of Onision so much (fitting since he tried so hard to be a bootleg Shane)

No. 198593

Shane has always been a sex pest. i really cant stand him.

No. 198594

Oh my gosh!! I used to quote the hot kool-aid video so much. Shit was peak comedy.

Gen z has been robbed of creativity.

No. 198595

This one is so much crunchier than I remember

No. 198598

This song and whole channel had a grip on me when I first started using YouTube

No. 198606

This was funnier when I was 12, but it such a perfect time capsule of the 2000s.

No. 198608

Samefag, in addition to misheard lyrics I liked literal music videos. I watched this so many times, I often find myself singing these lyrics instead of the real ones.

No. 198609

i loved these layouts and i was devastated when they removed the friends list because i lost contact with people i was friends with but not subscribed to

No. 198613

No. 198615

No. 198616

reminds me of this

No. 198622

Oh fuck yeah that was another one of my favs, also the “du hast” one that I can’t find anywhere, so here’s nightwish to make up for it.

No. 198623

These were the best

No. 198625

No. 198627

What I like is people still make these about current news events and the format is still funny

No. 198636

fuck this reminded me of this best slipknot performance ever

No. 198652

No. 198656

More on the weeb side but I enjoyed the parody animations for this commercial.

No. 198701

mmmm naruto amvs from more than a decade ago

No. 198887

No. 198891

No. 198973

No. 198982

I still think about Star wars muffin

No. 198995

THANK YOU. I regularly have “Asbestos! I’m baking muffins asbestos I can!” rattle around my head but I feel like the only person on earth who saw this video.

No. 199007

No. 201953

Who could forget this classic

No. 202965

No. 202975

the crack spider's bitch

No. 204564

I loved these animated music videos for different series like with danjo, marissa stole the precious thing, etc

No. 204677

No. 204681

I don't know if this counts as it's from 2012 but I watched this on repeat a lot back in the day

No. 204713

I loved this shit

No. 205033

No. 205176

A Halloween classic

No. 207951

No. 207958

>Haven't seen this in years
>Am greeted with
NOTE - This video may contain transphobic, homophobic, sexist, or other types of humor or dialogue that no longer represent how I, the creator of this video, wish to present my works. At the time I thought of it as "harmless jokes" but it is clear the damage that has been done by such dismissive and toxic writing on my part. I apologize for it, as there is no real excuse for using it.

No. 207960

No. 207961

No. 207963

This was the top video in youtube's comedy section forever ago

No. 207964

No. 208023

Green is not a creative color

No. 208025

It's fucked that I was watching them pre-Youtube. Neil Cicierega too.

No. 208280

No. 208281

No. 208283

No. 208287

No. 208288

No. 208289

No. 208290

No. 208297

No. 208305

Marry me nonnie

No. 208490

No. 208731

No. 208736

are we allowed to post youtube links?

No. 208745

No. 208748

No. 208820

No. 208821

No. 208823

No. 208894

I still think about this when I got lots of options

No. 208924

yes, actually
i tried posting a youtube link but the thumbnail didn't show up kek

No. 208925

No. 208926

No. 208927


hi my name is boxxy(learn2embed )

No. 208950

Ntayrt, but did you put the link in the youtube slot? It's below where you can put the link for the imgur image.

No. 208959

File: 1653467078608.jpg (33.31 KB, 597x347, emded it dummy.jpg)

it's right here anon

No. 208963

thank you nonnie! i didn't even notice that youtube slot. welp, i can't delete the other posts but i will do it correctly from now on

No. 209021

This guy's channel was gold. The videos where he went to McDonald's and killed the roach were also classics.

No. 209055

i have a whole playlist of this stuff, but i was also a weeaboo so most videos are anime shit

No. 209056

No. 209057

omfg just saw that the girl who made this amv became a vtuber.

No. 209079

YES. I watched that one a million times. I miss those days ;_;

No. 209081

No. 209083

this is still the most iconic sims video ever.

No. 209085

No. 209086

No. 209095

Linkin Park was also really popular for amvs kek

No. 209100

you can tell this was made before freetime was released from the "she did ballet" bit

No. 209150

I'm so relieved she didn't knock over any furniture

No. 210609

i miss him

No. 211878

No. 211879

and cant forget this classic either

No. 232648

Reviving this thread because I had memory holed this for 15 years

No. 232652

she was undoubtedly one of the most based hp fujos

No. 232655

God, we need to archive those videos. I'm horrified that one day either she deleted her account or YouTube purges those videos for some retarded reason. I could not stand losing them. Phoneposting, but I will try to save them once I have a computer on hand

No. 232852

fucking true!!!!!!!!!

No. 250640

Holy shit I can't believe this video popped up for me again. Happy halloween nonas!

No. 251077

No. 251134

Kek idk what I expected when I clicked this but I can say it didn't disappoint

No. 251141

he was a warrior

No. 251168

who remember

No. 252525

No. 270725

Anyone else remember this

No. 270963

Yes I do I used to love weebls stuff

No. 273446

It looks great

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