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File: 1648583477192.png (367.97 KB, 540x319, VTDr0gr.png)

No. 193190

Until we get the old vampire general back:
In light of recent events (the death of Anne Rice, AMC announcing a new Interview with the Vampire show, Twilight nostalgia) let's have a vampire thread. Any IP with vampires in it is fair game for discussion.

No. 193191

Vampire in the Garden trailer

No. 193192

Sage 4 no contribution but this thread pic is to die for, good choice nonna!

No. 193207

The character designs are kind of shit, looks like a kid from deviantart drew them, but the premise could be interesting.

No. 193208

I busted into a huge grin when I saw the thread pic and then I had to stifle it because I’m in a zoom meeting rn kek. I need to watch that TV series, I absolutely loved the movie.

No. 193224

File: 1648593862714.jpeg (569.51 KB, 902x1280, 7248858D-A95A-44E5-98B1-970E1E…)

There’s a pretty good vampire manga called Shiga Hime. It’s really graphic with a lot of nudity (don’t bother if you hate boobs), but the art is great and the story doesn’t drag. I almost wish the mangaka kept going with it

No. 193298

then you'll love the tv show as well! i like it even more than the og movie and it's now my favorite piece of vampire media!

No. 193419

Nonnies, do you know any good vampire books apart from VampChronicles? I want a good book about vampires without a stupid wattpad female character x bad boy vampire lover. It makes me really upset to read books with shitty pushover female characters.

No. 195286

File: 1649272080412.png (1.21 MB, 1337x904, unknown (1).png)

there will never be a game that scratches my vampire itch like Vampire:The Masquerade

No. 195287

Same. Perfect atmosphere and writing

No. 195372

File: 1649289242859.jpg (Spoiler Image,218.09 KB, 842x1200, laughingvamp.jpg)

I recommend a manga called The Laughing Vampire by famous eroguro artist Suehiro Maruo. It's very surreal and has a lot of sexual content, but I loved the way it portrays the tragic vampires. I'd compare it to Lychee Light Club when it comes to the guro, some of the deaths are pretty creative and even beautiful in a sense.
Here's the cover for volume 2, censored for breasts.

No. 195413

It's too bad about the sequel. I was cautiously excited when it was announced but now it'd be better off it'd just not happen since it's getting moved around so much and put on the back burner of development. I don't think any good can come from trading hands so much. If any game deserved a well made sequel it was VtMB and I always secretly wished one would come about, but that's just how game development is, wishy-washy.

No. 195426

File: 1649310896381.jpg (376.61 KB, 828x1200, lrKkrqJUrKOgOcFf6Z7kYY4XIotaFJ…)

ugh Maruo is my guilty pleasure. I didn't enjoy this one as much as I thought I would but has an interesting atmosphere and his compositions were really beautiful

No. 195427

File: 1649311123935.jpg (149.6 KB, 750x994, baccd9e3cd9d21cc5a3d5af76959e5…)

Samefag, also it always confused me how his works always feature a lot of really stomach turning scenes of violence, but at the same time, as a counterpoint I guess, there is also a sense of romanticism

No. 195681

I was wondering what happened since I barely kept up with it but hearing that just breaks my heart.

No. 195705

didn't some people in here got cancelled because they like Maruo?

No. 195715

>didn't some people in here got cancelled
>people in here
>got cancelled
This isn't twitter

No. 195806

No. 195816

Bitch, go back

No. 195962

File: 1649455172996.jpg (320.27 KB, 1865x933, vampire types.jpg)

Are there any original vampire types you like? I like the mosquito-inspired vampires from Crimson Court, the flea-inspired vampire from Bloodborne and the buck-toothed vampire from Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979 Herzog version)

No. 196005

File: 1649462942116.jpeg (429.08 KB, 881x1134, 167520D7-D41A-4988-B6D7-DFE0EA…)

It’s the Flesh-Eater Courts for me. Here’s their little about in case no one plays Warhammer.

Flesh-Eater Courts are the courts of madness that serve and are bound to the vampires known as the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings who believe themselves to be mortal monarchs and see cannibals not as monsters, but as starving peasants and soldiers that need their help.
Most of the flesh-eater courts are Mordants, former mortals starved by famine and desolation that trapped themselves within a horrific delusion. They are utterly convinced that their cannibalistic feasts are splendid and grandiose visions of nobility.

No. 196069

This is cool. I like how they take the "vampires are sexy and aristocratic" trope and said nah, they're just delusional kek. A lot of Warhammer lore is pretty interesting but I wish it didn't attract so many obsessive scrotes.

No. 196075

File: 1649489938732.png (311.54 KB, 453x655, 34903284320846.png)

I think I've mentioned it before but the concept of vampires in the book Blindsight is really cool. It's a sci-fi twist where vamps were a human subspecies that evolved into a pinnacle predator. Peter Watts comes up with biologically viable reasons for some of the common stereotypes. They were dependent on a nervous system compound from normal humans hence the cannibalism, there is an issue with their visual cortex causing seizures when vertical and horizontal stimuli fire simultaneously (aka a "Crucifix Glitch") and they could induce a state of hibernation/dormancy to avoid hunting human prey to extinction (similar to "undeath"). The captain of the ship in the book is a vampire. Their line was brought back to life through genetic experimentation for their incredible cognitive ability in such roles, but obviously, they scare the shit out of most people and are heavily surveilled.

No. 196076

No…? I posted his works here several times and never got even one negative comment

No. 196081

Oh right they appeared in that trailer for the vampire pirate
>Blindsight is available online under a Creative Commons license
Might read it on my work computer then
Iirc another type of SF vampire was in battle angel alita (where they're V-mutants aka vampires with high cancer risk), which gives a very rare instance of a kung fu space vampire

No. 196082

File: 1649493688327.jpg (106.25 KB, 980x639, MV5BNWIwNTRjMDUtZjllOS00ZDY4LW…)

If someone feels like playing an atmospheric vampire themed game, I recommend checking out Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi. It's an old game and so the graphics are not the best and the story is simplistic, but it's fast paced and fun

No. 196137

File: 1649516937725.png (722.64 KB, 887x1024, 9E1B630F-D214-447D-8DB8-46C6E5…)

I love the vibe of vampire coast so much. It’s really unfortunate that they never made any models for tabletop.

Yeah, it’s definitely a game played primarily by annoying, greasy moids. Age of Sigmar is so fun and I just know women would be interested in all of the faction lore/crafting (kek.) By crafting, I mean assembling, painting, customizing. You can literally decorate your models however you want and it doesn’t change the gameplay. Making terrain is fun too. Man, I’ve gotta get some of the girls that play Magic and board games at the card shop on the Warhammer train.

No. 196150

File: 1649519828782.jpg (1.15 MB, 1712x2400, Ayami Kojima.jpg)

I love the art for Castlevania done by Ayami Kojima, everything she makes looks nice, but her art for this series is super impressive.

No. 196155

She is an amazing artist. I wonder what she is working on these days.

No. 196156

Nonnies, I want to write a vampire character. Do you have good movie/manga/book/etc media recommendations for that?

No. 196163

Red Embrace Hollywood, Happiness (Oshimi Shuzo), Only Lovers Left Alive, possibly Byzantium (been meaning to watch it forever)

No. 196170

I'd assume that they are like any other characters, you just have to think about some things like how do they feel about being a vampire, what were they like before they got changed, how do they feel about humans, if there is a vampire society in your world, how do they feel being a part of that etc. I think the movie adaptation of Interview with the Vampire was pretty good from that regard, every character was compley and had a different viewpoint. I'd also recommend Byzantium if you like a bit fairy tale-y stuff (the pacing is a bit slow, you've been warned)

No. 196368

Vampire the Masquerade Clan Books

No. 196802

I stumbled upon this on Youtube. Never heard of it before, has anyone watch The Strain? If yes, how is it?

No. 196805

all of castlevania

No. 196807

I agree, all of castlvania except for the cursed netflix show fuck that pos

And Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust
Its nice and edgy

No. 196808

>And Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust
Yessss seconding this! The first part (Vampire Hunter D) is also good, it's just very 80s and the animation is less remarkable

No. 196809

Samefag, I always loved the hybrid 'let's go with everything' setting that Vampire Hunter D has. It's a post-apocalyptic Gothic Western with horror and sci fi elements? I remember watching an interview with Hideyuki Kikuchi and he said that the original novel would have been just horror, but then noone would have published it, because at the time horror genre was not popular. So he made the setting in the distant future and added sci fi elements and then the publisher was like 'okay this will work'

No. 196852

Ive read the trilogy and watched the show twice. The show is very campy but entertaining. It has some strong body horror and definitely isn’t like typical vampire. Season one I think is the strongest but it’s a solid story with a conclusion. The ending could be more satisfying in the show I guess but it’s still a solid 6-7 out of ten.

No. 197066

File: 1649865483148.jpg (307.2 KB, 1280x720, p20481773_b_h8_ab.jpg)

Has anyone watched Midnight Mass? What is it like?

No. 197068

I wanted to torrent this because it looked really cool, thanks for reminding me

No. 197072

It was so boring I actually never finished the last episode, that level of boring, anon. I am angry I wasted hours on it just due to the hype at the time.

No. 197078

Unlike >>197072 I loved it. I love mixing christianity lore with horror, and I really enjoyed how the series explored it's main subject (don't want to spoil). It was nice to put things together and see the story develop, and writing is great; one specific monologue is so beautiful it will probably stay in my head forever. Out of the three horror series made by Mike Flanagan I've enjoyed this one the most; but I also think it's least "spooky scary" out the three and more, hmm, emotional? It uses horror to explore different, more down to earth themes.

No. 197088

saged because I have nothing to add but I agree with >>197078. It does have an emotional horror vibe to it. it combines chrstianity with people having conflicting goals. some people try to do things for the ones they love but then realize it was the wrong thing to do and is harmful stuff like that

No. 197114

Watch it for the hot priest. The monologues one after the other make me laugh though it’s very like no one actually listening to each other just forming their own dramatic speech while the other drones on.

No. 197117

lol if you're talking about that scene where they're mourning the death of the missing baby, then yeah, that was pretentious and cringe >>197078
it's amazing how they transformed a park in vancouver into a maritime island town setting though

No. 197214

i read the fanfics on ao3 more than actually watching it.
A pity that there are not that many good dark vampire shows. What we do in the shadows is great but it's a comedy.

No. 197234

One anon's cringe is another's treasure ♥ The way it's constructed is very theatrical, I can see how someone may dislike it but personally I enjoy this kind of thing.

No. 197926

File: 1650141909232.jpg (22.06 KB, 512x288, 6153d37c9c1e3.image.jpg)

Thank y'all, I just finished the last episode and I frickin' loved it!! Started watching it for the hot priest, stayed for everything else kek. I was hesitant at first because it comes from the same creator who made The Haunting on Hill House which I tried to get into years ago but couldn't (the pacing of the show was like…a snail on Xanax or something kek) but I loved this so much (although yeah, this also felt a bit slow). I always felt like horror is best when it crosses into other genres as well, and this delivered that pretty well, I mean there were scenes where I was almost moved to tears. Also, I loved how religion wasn't just a passive backdrop but it was integral to the story and they explored ideas (dangers of blind faith, exploration of what happens after we die, also liked the Muslim sheriff vs son wanting to convert to Christian faith storyline).
I understand and agree with what anon said about the writing, when it's good it's really good, when it's bad, it feels like the characters are not having a dialogue but instead are agressively monologuing at each other without acknowledging the things that were said.
I also felt conflicted about Riley, I couldn't decide whether he was meant to be a bit… not sure what's the word, wooden? Flat? Or the guy playing him is just a bad actor, kek. I liked how Ancient Vampire Dude #was left ambiguous and we never learn what his true motivations are. But tbh I actually felt like Beverly was a much more menacing character. My stomach was in knots whenever that woman was on screen kek#. All in all, great show

No. 197958

Boring. White. I think religion and horror is really done out and i couldn't get into it.

No. 197963

It's was okay. Unironically enjoyed it more when it was just a drama about a struggling island town.

No. 205291

File: 1652283742527.jpg (230.18 KB, 1280x720, G4kxuwJ.jpg)

A vampire x vampire hunter romance based on a short novel by V.E. Schwab.
>Juliette faces increasing pressure to make her first kill and establish herself in her family of legacy vampires. She can’t help but set her sights on Cal, the mysterious, beautiful new girl who just so happens to come from an equally esteemed family of hunters. But both girls learn that it’s, well, much harder to kill someone when romantic feelings are involved.
This sounds like an ao3 fic

No. 205292

Samefag forget to mention the name. It's first kill and the movie hasn't come out yet.

No. 205324

I am the werewolf

No. 208608

File: 1653326495519.jpg (145.93 KB, 811x1328, doW1kgr.jpg)

Does anyone remember this movie/tv show? I love how it made fun of twilight without ridiculing its fans.

No. 208657

Posting some songs about vampires. Pls reply with more.

No. 208658

No. 208659

No. 208688

File: 1653348516551.jpeg (86.43 KB, 356x500, 8B719130-15BC-426D-9D06-65A19A…)

Still my favorite vampire anime, despite the ending and such.

No. 208751

File: 1653379526644.jpg (309.63 KB, 936x1200, FTfUf4uWQAUViPB.jpg)

I'm noticing just now the absence of a certain vampire in this thread

No. 208768

>Nightmare anatomy

No. 209370


No. 224590

File: 1658795673464.jpg (28.66 KB, 720x720, 295605243_3295338587417088_570…)

So, Claudia in the new Interview with the Vampire show will be 14 and this is how she's looking like. Idk what to think about all this, considering a big part of her drama was being stuck in a kid's body forever (not that they should've cast a literal 5-year old here, but you get the idea).

No. 224596

File: 1658799341150.gif (59.83 KB, 220x149, ugh-dana.gif)

Just gonna ignore this absolute garbage. The movie with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise wasnt perfect, but it was damn close to the novel. Aside from choosing Antonio Banderas as Armand, it was an incredibly good casting. I will not watch this woke bullshit.

No. 224597

It's basically a different character now. If they try to give her the same story and personality it won't make any sense because, like you said, Claudia's drama was from being stuck in a child's body forever (specifically a small young child.) Like… 14 is still a child but a lot of people are at least full height at 14 so it's just not at all the same.

They'll have to re-write her character or I don't see how it's gonna work. It could still be a good show but I almost feel like they should have just given her a new name or something, that's not claudia lol.

No. 224600

File: 1658800141501.jpg (33.03 KB, 400x300, yd-cast.jpg)

What was the piece of media that got you obsessed with vampires? For me it was this masterpiece

No. 224601

maybe it is just a woke thing but I actually really like the new racial makeup of the cast. the story is set in New Orleans ffs. they have a chance to incorporate some nasty mulatto class drama and step outside the normal black/white race divide (they won't do this but I'm imagining they will)

No. 224638

She still looks childlish enough, so her character arc will work I think; plus if they decide to stick to the OG story we won't have to see a child forced to kiss adults like it was the case with poor Kirsten Dunst, I remember she said she hated having to do so. Also I'd rather have an experienced, older actress than a child barely capable to act, and good child actors are really rare.
I've watched the trailer and Lestat/Louis chemistry seems to be there so I'm cautiously optimistic actually.

No. 224645

Honestly, the awfulness of the QOTD movie has lowered my standards to the point where I'll be okay with this new show if it manages to fuck up less than that movie did, lmao.

Even though there's definitely some stunt-casting going on with this new show, I'm optimistic that the character writing will be relatively intact because Christopher Rice, Anne's gay son, is working on it. (He's also less unhinged than his mom, lmao.) I was always frustrated by all the no-homo in previous adaptations, because Lestat's tumultuous relationships with Nicki and Louis are crucial parts of his character motivation. The second book made no secret of the fact that Lestat became infatuated with Louis because Louis reminded him of Nicki. Now, in the books, Louis and Nicki looked really similar; they were tall Frenchmen with long dark hair, pale skin, and narrow features. However, I think it would be really easy for this new show to just have their similar personalities be the thing that draws Lestat to them, rather than their appearances. It's also very woman-porn to have their personalities matter more, which works for the show's target audience.

As for Claudia's age, she's been aged up in literally every adaptation because it's impossible for a six-year-old to believably act like an adult. Kids that young just don't have the acting chops. Kirsten Dunst was 12 or 13 when she starred in the '94 movie. Once again, the main idea with Claudia is that she's frustrated she'll never be a woman, and that's a conflict that could theoretically work if she's a preteen. Story-wise, the only important thing is that she be noticably younger than Armand, who was turned when he was 17.

No. 224834

File: 1658902615334.jpg (439.27 KB, 1200x1200, rs_1200x1200-211029123435-1200…)

Truly the most powerful vampire of all time.

I haven't caught up totally on the show I'm curious to find out why he is a toddler in the new trailers

No. 224864

File: 1658907423933.jpeg (70.63 KB, 933x621, 1606325689468.jpeg)


No. 224952

I was fine with him being an occasional gag but it's nice he has a subplot going now, I like his character.

No. 225133

It refers to things that pander to non-sexual female fantasies, typically rom-com tropes. So like, French Kiss with Meg Ryan is a good example; it's a romantic comedy that takes place in Paris. Meg gets to do all the touristy things while a handsome guy romances her. It does the "pretending to be dating" thing you see a lot in fanfic, as well as a big dramatic love confession at the airport.

So like. The idea of Lestat becoming infatuated with Louis solely because his personality reminds him of Nicki is woman-porn-y. Y'know, blind love and such, it's an old trope. Not that I would mind if the show used it.

No. 232051

it has black family for your diversity points my lady.

No. 232053

File: 1660898794613.jpg (104.01 KB, 423x734, d26as49-9fd879e2-cc29-4eec-baf…)

Damn I have great memories of watching that show on summer mornings with my mom lusting after the vampire dad

Pic rel my first otp

Requesting less known (good-ish) vampire novels, read all the classics; anne rice, let the right one in, that one king one, dracula. Especially interested in female writers.

No. 232062

File: 1660904524817.jpeg (554.02 KB, 1280x800, D8A948F2-8FF8-4D5B-9F34-ABE2A1…)

Idk what happened with this show when the original cast left, but I loved Aidan Turner’s edgy boi vampire in Being Human.

No. 232063

File: 1660904815157.png (191.42 KB, 266x377, Vampire_-_The_Masquerade_–_Blo…)

This is one of my favorite games. I haven't touched anything else White wolf/VTM related but god i wish they would make another game similar.

No. 232074

File: 1660912539662.jpg (272.7 KB, 1000x1574, 81gWlxuSjNL.jpg)

Have you read American Vampire? I got into it recently. It's a comic, though. I'm not sure if you specifically wanted novel recommendations.

No. 244214

File: 1664711838738.jpg (71.59 KB, 1280x720, image-w1280.jpg)

I just watched Martin (1977), I am unsure how I feel about it, sometimes I liked it sometimes I thought it kinda sucked, but was interesting little movie, kinda funny, acting wasn't that good, lead actor was cute, felt pretty mundane for a vampire story. Even tho it's George A. Romero's most pics online are kinda shit, it has a ton of different posters, almost all of them make the movie seem scarier or edigier than it is and the main character more menacing than he is, he is pretty awkward, there were moments in which I was thinking "is this guy autistic?".

No. 244362

File: 1664752577140.jpg (56.63 KB, 1152x747, ApmovbJ.jpg)

Ok I don't hate the new interview with a vampire, still sailing the sevens seas to watch it.

No. 244365

File: 1664752804507.jpg (33.76 KB, 823x469, EF14EGV.jpg)

samefagging, this one was for ao3, tumblr and livejournal

No. 244381

File: 1664760655380.gif (8.39 MB, 540x360, Tumblr_l_234318044554930.gif)

Anon, that bit with the coffin actually happened in the book, but I understand the gist of what you're saying.

Thing is, after how straightwashed the movies were, I'm honestly okay with them going a little overboard on the gay pandering. Fags and fujoshis are basically VC's core fan base, after all. Plus Anne's gay son has a lot of creative control now that she's dead; make of that what you will.

I'm also okay with the show being more of a drama/romance than horror. The point of IWTV was to be an examination of death and morality through Louis's experiences, the idea wasn't necessarily for it to be ~scary~. Also I think Louis and Lestat being more overtly romantic in this heightens the drama of the eventual betrayal (spoilers I guess if you haven't read the forty year old book.)

No. 244508

i have to say i love how gay it is… like i truly don’t get the point of doing an adaptation unless it’s sexy and gay. i know the books were gay too but it’s a bit of a cop-out to do all that but say that vampires don’t get the urge to kiss or have sex

my other thoughts are that it’s giving me a lot of hannibal tv show vibes. that’s one of my favourite tv shows of all time so i’m so excited to be able to watch something similar. i also think it’s very interesting that they cast a black man as the lead role and they didn’t just gloss over it. his skin colour actually impacts the storytelling a lot due to the time period and it’s interesting as it adds an extra layer of conflict and tension between him and lestat

No. 244549

I really like they way they're handling race. So many shows just arbitrarily cast black actors with no regard for their experiences or how it could expand the story. This show actually acknowledges it and makes it part of the plot, which I really like. It feels like an intentional artistic choice and not just stunt casting.

No. 316505

rereading the vampire armand by anne rice…realizing that this novel was probably very foundational for a lot of my current degeneracy (pretty sure i first read it when i was like 12 kek)

No. 316543

File: 1692641028347.jpg (52.96 KB, 540x354, again.jpg)

Starting a new game again! Seen it mentioned a couple times upthread, what's your favorite/least favorite clan/character/storyline/etc nonnies? What do you like/dislike about them? Do you play any mods (antitribu, clan quest)?

No. 316568

>least favorite
I hate the sewers and the stealth gameplay. Nuff said.
I usually play as a stealthy, kind-hearted Malkavian or a gun-toting Toreador (slow time goes brrr).

No. 316580

Anyone have any good smutty sexy vampire man romance novels or fanfictions I can read? I don't even care if it's cheesy like that wattpad vampire slave novel. I just want to flick the bean while imagining a hot vampire man.

No. 316594

Noooo I love the little meatball guys they are so funny! The sewers are notorious though, I think they accomplished their goal pretty effectively as far as level design kek

No. 316600

File: 1692657211507.gif (356.81 KB, 500x250, 51b1ed27319445564725358dff44ca…)

They are the creepiest thing in the game to me by far. The hotel can't compare. Also they remind me of picrel.
Going off on a tangent here, but what I miss the most about games is the "do less with more" philosophy. The chicken sounds in Japantown accomplished more for the atmosphere than any amount of muh reflections and muh polygons ever could. And I like how each and every detail served the storytelling purpose. (VTMB 2 is gonna be trash.)

No. 316621

I wasn't familiar with VtM lore when I first played Bloodlines, so that whole section with the Tzimisce monsters really freaked me out too. At least with the ghost hotel I already knew what a ghost was.

No. 316624

It is creepy and sad realizing that each one of those things was a person, or several people in the cases of the larger ones. I also love how every background character and environment, even the items you get tell a story and it adds to the world. The sequel is absolutely not going to measure up, if they even finish it at all. Not that old WoD was super serious high art or anything, it's total goofy corny edgelord bs and that's why I love it, but it's like the whole team just doesn't get what made the first game or the world so fun and interesting

No. 318617

how the hell are vampires so common in fiction but the only good vampire game is vtm:b and arguably the only good book series are anne rice's novels

No. 318636

Good vampire lore is so hard to come by because too much of it romantizies vampires instead of focusing on better, more interesting aspects of the lore. It's usually si childish. I blame garbage like twilight, vampire knight, vampire diaries etc.

No. 318662

This, and even Rice's novels jumped the shark in the 90s. "Sympathetic vampires," is a really hard concept to pull off if you're not willing to fully interrogate the underlying moral questions it raises. A lot of vampire media shits the bed by trying to separate vampires from their inherently immoral qualities by having them drink animal blood, donated blood, or not even drink blood at all. Without the ethical paradigm, it's just goths with a kink, basically. Rice never shied away from examining taboo in her books, and I think that's part of why they were special. Additionally, her origin story for vampires as a species is so delightfully bizarre that you can't help but admire it. I won't spoil it because it's an important part of books 2 and 3, but the weirdness honestly does make it feel like an old folktale.

As an aside though, American Vampire is also a good book series, if you count comic books.

No. 318772

File: 1693497642024.png (1.29 MB, 1585x1199, troika archivedotorg.png)

Someone at the internet archive uploaded vtmb, looks like it's really the whole game. Files for the unofficial patch are included too, but I'm not sure which version:

No. 323933

File: 1695869326075.png (1.76 MB, 2292x900, 9127986226515.png)

Right now is an amazing time to be a vampire enjoyer. This thread should be more active.

No. 323940

File: 1695871517876.jpg (528.85 KB, 1707x2560, kffoWJ7FfPRlFFBGixOMbq3blQp-sc…)

Rewatched this gem last night, I love it. The vibes are immaculate and Tilda looks amazing, even Tom Hiddleston looks hot for once.

No. 323942

I watched this movie a long time ago, so idk if maybe there’s things I didn’t pick up on or something, but they had zero chemistry. Such an odd casting choice for a couple. Individually, I think they were amazing! But the scenes where they’re meant to come across as deeply in love just did not give me that. It was almost negative chemistry.

No. 387330

can anyone recommend good vampire games that aren’t vtmb, vampyre, or code vein? text games work, rpgm games work, i just want to be a vampire (or interact with vampires)

No. 387411

>inb4 diabolik lovers

No. 387481

castlevania, esp sotn and aria of sorrow. if vns work, animamundi.

No. 387498

I literally just came here to post about this. I love Mia Wasikowska in this film too!

No. 387504

If text-based CYOA games are your cup of tea, I'd definitely recommend the VTM titles from Choice of Games. VTM Night Road and VTM Parliament of Knives are absolutely stellar, but I wouldn't recommend VTM Sins of the Sires because it forced my player character to care about some random TIF mortal even though I did not indicate that I gave a shit about her kek

No. 387508

Kek that was my first thought but I didn't want to be a weirdo

No. 387603

man i've played all of these. it's so fucking over for me

No. 387607

>anima Mundi
Based af, fellow BL visual novel enjoyer.

No. 397800

>vampires one of the most popular subjects in fiction
>only like two ips do them correctly
i am dying

No. 397825

which two? pls share thoughts

No. 398430

File: 1720297893508.png (14.95 KB, 962x94, Screenshot_388.png)

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