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No. 190632

please post about your favourite websites in this thread.

No. 190634

File: 1647707539685.png (1.62 KB, 223x185, Windows93_Logo.png)

No. 190750

File: 1647749674935.png (76.17 KB, 960x720, mi.png)


lmao this is so cool but kinda scary, I opened the virus

No. 190967

thank you so much nonnie for this, now I'm obsessed

No. 190973

livejournal.com for when I'm feeling nostalgic pls don't disappear

No. 191044

i love losing myself on neocities sites bringing back the late 90s for me from when i was kiddo/young teen

this is one of the best sites i’ve found, it’s amazing as a jumping off point for so much more (webrings and other links), the girl in charge (all signs point to actual female lol) is super talented too.


No. 191604

This one is quite comfy: https://middlepot.com/

No. 191644

File: 1648061813813.png (87.91 KB, 508x524, kp.png)

this will always have a special place in my heart: https://kidpix.app/

No. 192936

File: 1648502024691.png (141.06 KB, 256x256, 2f3cac9e-aeda-11ec-a44a-4f8b89…)

I found about it from here, we had a thread for it >>166096. Picrel prompt "lolcow'', hyperion blend.

No. 194204

File: 1648921673762.gif (947.37 KB, 500x475, 355a744a3c1542f8292ebecd8c5e4b…)

not exactly a whole website since it's just that page but it's magical nonetheless.

No. 194230

File: 1648928136929.png (478.32 KB, 1034x1034, koalastothemax.png)

natural selection but with stupid little cars

listen to samples from an insane range of genres generated via spotify, very fun for finding weird new music

funny sounds and emojis. just a cute website if youre easily entertained tbh

game about selling paperclips


No. 194281

you choose a country and a decade and it plays some of the top songs. great way to find old gems.


No. 194372

This just unlocked a core memory

No. 196456

File: 1649632245524.jpeg (58.63 KB, 900x542, exptv.jpeg)

Love this site: https://www.exptv.org/

obscure media tv stations streaming 24/7

No. 196457

these are so cool. boredom cured thank you

No. 198275

File: 1650254959959.png (482.01 KB, 600x600, 257476_purBfkiT.png)

No. 198293

File: 1650260923638.gif (850.05 KB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

free online snythisizer

No. 198681

File: 1650344676067.png (857.55 KB, 806x1064, Screenshots_2022-04-19-02-04-2…)


No. 198684

File: 1650344769490.png (286.9 KB, 806x468, Screenshots_2022-04-19-02-05-4…)

No. 198686

File: 1650345197317.png (717.76 KB, 806x1206, Screenshots_2022-04-19-02-13-0…)

No. 198689

File: 1650345730397.png (244.06 KB, 806x1583, Screenshots_2022-04-19-02-21-2…)

Find a lot of neat/weird websites made by random people

No. 198691

File: 1650346085940.png (948.07 KB, 806x1287, Screenshots_2022-04-19-02-27-5…)

No. 198692

File: 1650346169639.png (352.7 KB, 806x1283, Screenshots_2022-04-19-02-29-1…)

No. 198693

File: 1650347032321.png (572.39 KB, 806x744, Screenshots_2022-04-19-02-43-4…)

No. 198698

File: 1650348432978.png (425.04 KB, 802x528, Screenshots_2022-04-19-03-05-3…)

Flick through channels on an old TV and watch programs from the 90s. There are versions for other decades as well.

No. 198707

File: 1650351150063.png (1.07 MB, 806x820, Screenshots_2022-04-19-03-51-0…)

Every time the page is refreshed a new cat is generated from millions of cat photos

No. 198810

I used to use this all the time. I went back recently and it's like a time machine to the older internet.

No. 198861

File: 1650393706014.jpeg (154.35 KB, 512x512, C7E0B83B-3EC3-4C0E-B49B-C2FC39…)

No. 198883

File: 1650397179049.png (496.76 KB, 525x545, 55.png)

there's something unsettling about the cat pics that it generates, yes many look like cats but something about them never feels right, something essentially organic they lack

No. 199317

You have to find a wikipedia page title but every word in it is redacted, guess redacted words to make them appear

No. 199324

This is so fun, too bad it's daily and not a new one every time you refresh. I got it in exactly 69 guesses

No. 199341

That was tough, I knew the subject of the article but gave up trying to find the exact title. I'll definitely play this frequently.

No. 199778

File: 1650726779656.png (365.35 KB, 758x730, somafm.png)

Internet radio with good playlists

No. 199788

Thank you for posting this anon! I stumbled upon it ages ago but couldn't remember the name

No. 199813

Today was very hard it took me 84 guesses. I have to brag, I got yesterday's in only 49. This game is so fun, I say what I'm thinking out loud and my roommate helps me too

No. 199874

File: 1650741052518.gif (3.79 MB, 500x281, infinite.gif)

hope requests are ok here too

can anyone recommend a youtube clip looper with custom time frames? I've already tried:
>infinitelooper.com - no longer works for 95% of videos
>looptube.io - confusing and buggy af

No. 199878

It took me about 150 for today's and I'm catholic, I got "cardinal" pretty quick but it took me about a hundred more times to get "cardinals"

No. 199884

what the fuck, does the game have a limited amount of articles? I got [redacted] of cardinals, which I only only thought of because a bonnie mentioned the cursed word. Or are they obsessed with cardinals?

No. 199890

Same, it took me a while to try the plural. I cheated a bit I googled "how does the pope appoint cardinals" and there it was kek I would never have known otherwise
Sorry maybe I'm too ESL but I really can't understand what you mean to say

No. 199895

I think we should make a thread for the redactle game
It's the top 10,000 articles and this game was only #17

No. 199896

Nona, the game has a single article every day, it's shared among every player
One for all browser games (like wordle) would be fine, if it's just for redactle I fear it'd lose steam after a few days

No. 200038

It's not your English since autocorrect mangled my post kek. I was weirded out by the site giving me another article about something related to cardinals after another poster mentioned having the word in hers. Maybe they have purposefully chosen 10.000 articles with uncommonly used words, cardinal(s) being one of them.

No. 200105

Here are some common words that do not count as "free" words:
That, while, are, then, be, some, more, can, also, away, which, may, other

No. 200798

#20 solved in 19 guesses

No. 204304

just tried this today, holy heck that was hard

No. 204329

It took me 185 attempts. I need to study geography a bit more, kek

No. 204369

Mind that very low results can be achieved by finding a string of about consecutive 5 not too common words, googling it with " " quotes and adding "wikipedia" behind and you should get the article on the first page of results, which got me "monosaccharide" in 32 guesses and I don't even know what that is lol
However, I think finding specific keywords that only occur in a certain type of article (like "born" determines if the article concerns a person) could get even quicker results than filling it with common words like in >>200105 . I'll have to research this further…

No. 204418

obviously it gets way easier if you google things, that's cheating imo. i got today's in 78 guesses but i wasted a few, i think i'll do better tomorrow. thanks for posting the site here op nonny

No. 204486

Yeah ideally google shouldn't be used, as everyone should know what "monosaccharide" is, but…
However it does feel too easy (got #31 in 24 guesses with it) so the keywords for educated guesses I've found out are:
A person (first line will also have parentheses)
A geographic feature
A country or a city
An object
>science / studies
Something related to a science (can be an object, like snow, here related to physics/meteorology), "studies" is more linked to sociology/health
An abstract concept, may not be related to a particular science
>century / history
A long-standing artificial concept
Already given as a free word, but if it is in the very first sentence of an article it's a cultural work (book, movie, statue, etc)
So far these 9 words have been used by the 17 articles I've solved. Improvements are welcome

No. 204680

It took me 200 attempts to get it right lmao
I had already kinda guessed something that was related to that subject, but didn't submit the word. That would've been a huge hint, I think

No. 205092

A living being
The letter count of secret words may be found out by selecting them and counting the number of spaces

No. 207116

Yay I got it in 41 tries. Coincidentally, it's the puzzle number 41 lol

No. 208493

File: 1653272920678.png (949.02 KB, 1258x646, teheh.png)


This site is huge, lots to see and look around for.

No. 208529

I got the #46 Redactle in only 27 guesses hehe

No. 208536

I KNEW there had to be a Doom gif somewhere

No. 209162

If there are any anons still playing Redactle, I guessed today's word in 9 guesses, I just wanted to brag. The other day, my brother solved "red sea" in two guesses. Lucky bastard
I always try "war" unless I can tell it's an article about a person, also try "genus" to see if it's a living being. Of course I always try "physics" too if I don't know what to put in kek there's been a lot of physics topics lately

No. 209164

I’m not clicking this shit.

No. 209176

Got today's in 51 tries, "war" put me on the right path lol
My best so far is "William the Conqueror" in just 7 tries

No. 209183

this is so epic and coooool i love it

No. 209967

Damn, today's puzzle was pretty hard. I forgot everything about my chemistry classes

No. 210499

I'm getting sick of all these nerd shit answers! This isn't what I studied!!!

No. 210575

File: 1654033252813.jpeg (477.5 KB, 828x1207, F064DA2E-6928-441C-9C9B-BF96D0…)


Used to be my favorite website growing up, it was such a cute website and had little gifts hidden daily on the website, so you could win or get something for your profile, it was like a social media for diddl fans and collectors (lol)

It was a great concept, but everything went to shit the day they axed the website with renewing it for whatever reason. And they stopped making their magazines and items (at least outside Germany ig.)

No. 210618

Me too, I didn't even learn that viscosity shit in high school.
Hopefully tomorrow we'll get something easier

No. 211708

File: 1654376491293.webm (7.8 MB, 800x600, wrong rodeo.webm)

This site swaps or silences or reverses etc. beats of songs you put in. Try some songs with weird rhythms to melt your brain

No. 211717

File: 1654377747697.jpg (25.98 KB, 1200x628, 9482-6f44-407f-b4d0-86dab7f28e…)

It lets you listen to a lot of radio stations from all over the world, but the best thing about it is that you can see their playlists in the last week (although sometimes the information is inaccurate, and some stations don't give their full playlists). It's really useful when I listen to music on the radio in the car and I can't figure out the lyrics of a song that I liked but don't know the name of.
If anyone knows of a similar site that gives the playlist for radio stations outside the US please share, because not every station I listen to is on this site (and I'm too lazy to call the station and ask for the song name directly kek)

No. 211719

File: 1654378150782.png (390.99 KB, 2094x378, retroachievements-logo-large.p…)

Also, not sure if this should go here or in the video game thread, but RetroAchievements. It's more than just a website, it's also a sort of "system" for adding and keeping track of achievements for retro video games. You have to make an account, download an emulator, and have the appropriate game ROM and then you can start achievement hunting. On the site, there are forums for each game, contests, leaderboards, and other cool stuff.

No. 211723

No. 212119

Oh fuck not more math shit

No. 213276

Pretty hard one today… just cheat

No. 215997

forgot one but this is another

No. 219952

eBird.org for all kinds of birdwatchers and researchers alike to record their observations. https://ebird.org
If you're not a birdwatcher, well, basically if you know Pokemon (and more specifically Pokemon Snap), it feels like an online PokeDex for birds, where you can submit audio and photos, specifying what behavior was captured and the age/sex/number of birds, and other people rate them out of 5 stars. Obviously, birding is much more satisfying and healthier than a video game, and it's surprisingly fun.
Anyway, I like eBird's website more than iNaturalist for identifying bird species, it generally feels more "readable" or streamlined than iNaturalist, which is a similar site but for all wildlife.

No. 234507

File: 1661757466308.png (862.4 KB, 1177x740, christ help me.png)

I am so sick of neocities nonnies. A few years back it was fun, but now if you go to the recently updated sites you would struggle to find a site not made by a tranny with some fotm neopronouns and "kill terfs" in their about me section.
The community turned into Twitter 2.0 and I'm so sad.

To keep this post on topic though https://search.marginalia.nu/ here's a really cool search engine for personal websites.

No. 234551

lmao this bitch is my personal cow. did you see the last month of dokodemo drama? couldn't decide it was worth a thread here or not. These people need attention to breathe, 30 max followers isnt enough. and maintaining a website is work so hopefully soon they get bored and leave. Do you know any Neocities alternatives? why is free static hosting with a small sane community too much to ask.

No. 234553

File: 1661785470461.jpg (39.42 KB, 537x538, IMG_6228.jpg)

ntayrt but wth happened? i'm not in the loop with these communities or anything but dokodemo is one of the most popular sites on there, and i loved the design of it, nostalgic and cute, so wtf happened? just went there and greeted with picrel. can you summarize the drama?

No. 234559

todays redactle was stoopid

No. 234561

She really has every identity that a person online would have. Schizo with autism and ADHD, trans, intersex, ~queer~, neopronouns, not human, personality disorder. And to top it all off, she's in a system. In fact she's the host! Lol, have you noticed nobody but the host ever has social medias?

No. 234566

File: 1661787623145.jpg (169.66 KB, 750x642, proship.jpg)

I can summarize. I don't personally know any of the people involved but this is what I know. For some context, there has been a large influx of new users to Neocities in the past two years, many of which are children around thirteen or so. In the past month there has been a lot of posts about people hating Twitter but continuing to use Neocities for microblogging, which is what I think caused most of the drama.

>about a month ago, a site called Roxellle (three Ls) shows up, has a bunch of Discord screenshots of someone named cakie/Roxelle (two Ls) admitting to being a pedophile

>Roxellle says they got the screenshots from someone else, it is a mystery
>Roxellle posts comments to everyone's that has Roxelle linked that she is a pedophile so half of Neocities ends up seeing this shit
>most don't get involved, at best they express not liking the idea of callout sites
>everyone gets called a pedophile apologist anyway
>eventually dokodemo comes out and says he (might be a fakeboi tho) took the screenshots and posts some trauma dump about not wanting to say anything because he was being blackmailed by Roxelle
>Roxelle is a mentally ill 16 year old and has been a pedophile for the last two years
>dokodemo says he's deleting his site and the unofficial Neocities discord he runs
>he doesn't
>both Roxellle and Roxelle get delete. peace returns to the land.

A few days ago:
>Ddkodemo makes pic rel joke about not caring about proshipping
>lullabye starts telling him to kill himself, calls him a pedophile, accuses him of endangering children and misgendering by using they/them
>says its her job to protect the children because she is a grown adult with 5 million mental illnesses
>back and forth across many profile comment threads
>other sites joining in on telling him to die, including many of the new users that are children
>completely uninvolved sites start catching a few strays
>trauma dumping by both dokodemo and lullabye
>no surprise they're both insane
>dokodemo deletes his site
>lullabye still telling people to die

No. 234568

Also adding that 5amgirlfriend was recently outed as a terf even though it was never a secret to begin with. If you still lurk here, 5, I hope you're doing well.

No. 234572

i don't believe that she has aspd

No. 234576

I actually missed the one 3 weeks ago, so I didn't get to see dokodemos mandatory txt file of him explaining himself and the whole trashfire that went down. I managed to see the roxellle site in the archive though.
For the past few days I've just been reading lullabyes and her mutuals updates and I can't believe how they managed to ruin the small neocities community with their cancer in just a few weeks. I think they all made accounts around the same time and ever since then neocities has been extra cancerous. Are those the carrd newfags people have been talking about?

>Do you know any Neocities alternatives?

Sadly I don't. Some of the people I followed jumped ship and swapped hosts after this whole thing went down because they don't feel like this community is heading in the right direction which is a shame but I totally get it.

So many things about her read like absolute terminally online bullshit. Said she's intersex and has periods, but is also transfem, who knows what means at this point.

No. 234580

holy kek what a shitshow! too bad about the site really and neocities in general now. thank you for your service anon

No. 234582

5 was really nice, I'm glad I exchanged a few e-mails with her before she nuked everything.

No. 234585

Ironically lullabye and her mutuals complain about carrd newfags just as much as everyone else but they're too fucking stupid to realize they are the carrd newfags everyone hates. They think it's only about code theft. I can repost dokodemo's first txt file and screenshots in a while if there's interest but I don't think it adds much to the story other than some context about how dokodemo and roxelle knew each other to begin with. This became a most hated website thread kek

No. 234587


Is this “lullabye” person the same person who initially went by “babyz” or something…? I remember that doko-whatever-the-fuck threw a huge tantrum when they copied their site layout too closely when they first joined, kek. Some of the older folks on the site tried to scold them for being so childish…it was a big shit show. Sadly not surprised to see that the kids are still fighting.

It’s a shame tho. Neocities used to be so comfy. There were always a few weirdos about, but everything felt more innocent back in 2014-2016 or so. If someone feels the need to make a neocities thread, I wouldn’t mind contributing

No. 234602

File: 1661796000783.png (497.64 KB, 803x839, donutsteal.png)

>they're too fucking stupid to realize they are the carrd newfags everyone hates
kek classic
Some of them migrated from everskies which is a dressup doll game with editable profiles and it's even worse than the carrd retards in my opinion.

Actually I think it isn't, I remember the babyz person remaking her profile completely in her own art.
I love when people are like "don't steal my graphics" but their graphics are 2 generic pngs of anime girls + a dotted background.

I'm all for a thread as well honestly.

No. 234611

God Everskies users are insufferable, I was playing since beta (pre-retard infestation) and it was just regular ass people and then suddenly all these fag/got pronouns "ur not an obese fatty stop using the obese people clothing!!!" "Admin is racist!!! Boycott!!" yet is online 24/7 kek. I can't remember what board the worst carrd/bios thread is on but I'll definitely upload some Everskies profiles kek, r/everskiestrash is a good place to see the shit show

No. 234618

Is there enough Neocities milk to warrant a dedicated thread? A lot of sites are carrd-like enough to just be posted in the carrd cringe thread. Maybe just an oldweb thread would be general enough. No hate to sadgrl at all but I think there might be some stuff going on in the yesterweb comm as a whole and they're not all on Neocities. Posting old comfy Neocities would be cool too tho

No. 234619

oldweb/personal website thread would be great
I'd love to hear about webring drama kek

No. 234663

I'll make one on /ot/ because this seems more aligned with website hate and salt threads.

No. 234670

No. 234740

Yeah that cow was annoying me too. Glad to see neocities drama on here now. Anyways, avoid yesterweb and sadgrl.online like the plague.
Doko and some others spilled deets but they exhibit groomer behavior and ban anyone for anything. Sadness steals code layouts too.

No. 234763

>Sadness steals code layouts too.
Not surprising. Yesterweb thing is tryhard and their server is full of fake niceness and you can't criticize anyone, even that their sites are broken and full of sloppy markup.

No. 235741

File: 1662156262394.png (599.44 KB, 2132x739, lullabye.png)

lullabye seen dating herself

No. 236526

Missionaries on MY lolcow?

No. 236530

Some of you need jesus he's a better man than half of your husbandos

No. 241325

please please keep stalking their page… it's so funny, they deleted a bunch of the funny shit but watching their disaster is awesome https://neocities.org/site/strawbabie

No. 273232

I like going on letsdraw.it because it's like skribblio but there are a lot of different game modes you can play and also it saves your drawings so you can look at them later. I think it's fun and scratches the pictionary itch I get. I'm a very lazy person and HATE waiting my turn to draw and in one mode you don't have to wait you get to draw every turn (in draw best)

No. 306433

File: 1688406930810.png (985.47 KB, 1000x750, doitfornull.png)

Kiwi Farms
It's now here:

>inb4 I get called a moid

I don't care what you think. There are plenty of women on KF and you can stay in denial of existence of female shitposters.

No. 306434

No one is in denial, retard. We just don't give a fuck about KF here outside of the designated thread for it. All you cocksuckers do is start shit like the autistic basement dwelling cousin of a family. There are women here, obvs there would be women there too, but that doesn't mean we give a shit about you.

No. 306439

Ew. Are you that one Null fangirl

No. 306657

Null just needs to retire. It's clear that kf isn't fun for him anymore and it fucking ruined his life. Leave kf to the politisperging racist edgelords

No. 306671

NTA but I agree. He should hand it off to someone with more resources to combat troon nonsense and just focus on his streams, since that's what he seems to prefer doing.

No. 306903

Imagine having null as a husbando when dynastia is right there
>respects and loves women
>huff petrol, strong lungs
>no mods, no masters
>never unfunny
>aborigine, rich history and culture
>completely anonymous, no face + no voice = max sexy

No. 306962


No. 307077

No one is denying there are, but kiwi “jokes” and shit posts are annoying and unfunny like its users. It’s basically edgy PULL with more racism and autism.

No. 307740

File: 1689011816725.gif (213.6 KB, 110x100, danse.gif)

I still fuck with this website

No. 307751

go back

No. 316760

Everything in one place.

No. 320166

My local weather website is one of my favorite sites because it has a surprisingly interesting curation of nature/weather videos, especially of things going on where I live. I like browsing on there as much as Youtube tbh.

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