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File: 1644559867056.jpeg (355.32 KB, 2048x662, 2737753 (1).jpeg)

No. 185766

A thread to discuss anime figures with emphasis on nendoroids. Let's help each other find resources, help and support on nendoroid maintenance, purchases, resale value as well as custom projects and dioramas. A few questions to start off the thread:

>How many nendos do you own?

>Do you have a favorite one?
>Is there a character you'd like to be made into a nendoroid?
>What are your thoughts on today's current retail prices?
>Any customs or dioramas?
>What do you think of scale figures?

No. 185768

File: 1644560603686.jpg (228.83 KB, 600x734, 77a2b89791551745cd8b761aa08208…)

Thanks for the thread, nona!
I'll start by posting here this nendo doll sewing magazine that was shared at some point on /toy/
Super cute stuff! Lemme know if the link works, but I don't know how long it will stay up!


No. 185771

Super cute, I don't own any anime figure but this ones are very cute to me.

No. 185773

I love nendos so thank you Nona for this !

Okay this might be a dumb take but I always felt funkos tried to be the American version of nendos but funkos are so fucking ugly lol
And nendos are so cute and so many accessories to them!

No. 185777

File: 1644562401537.jpg (113.87 KB, 1200x840, banner_home_frozen_hanami_nend…)

Nendos are absolutely much cuter and much more well done than funkos, but to be completely fair I don't even think they are comparable or target at the same people, in general. I think funkos started more as a "modernized" version of baseball and bobblehead characters and mascots, but with a bigger focus on pop culture than sports and whatnot. They sold well cause it's dirty cheap to make and to buy, also easier to display since there are no moving parts and such. Aside from crazy collectors, I think funkos are more of a "here, my coworker, have this toy from this show I know you like to display at your work desk", while nendoroids is truly for fans who have toys as a hobby.

They are super cute! Since they are very small too, it's easy to store and carry then. I recommend getting one if you ever come across a character you like, nonnie.

No. 185779

File: 1644562996714.jpg (1.85 MB, 3000x3265, IMG_20220211_080224.jpg)

i love my cute girls

No. 185787

File: 1644564503249.jpg (84.37 KB, 600x900, 2015121422082292-1.jpg)

Does anyone owns any of the playsets?
I have some saved money and I've been thinking about getting the japanese living set A. But I'm really torn to be honest, cause I see these handmade japanese dollhouses and when they are well made, they are so much cuter. And probably cheaper to DIY (at least in my country)
However, I do like the accessories that come with the set, plus I don't know if I am skillful enough to build the house myself. If at least there was a laser cut file with the pieces, I could try. But I could only find western houses..

No. 185790

Give me your Lisa figurine and nobody gets hurt.

No. 185792

File: 1644566026598.png (370.69 KB, 600x800, FLRpewIVUAI9P0j.png)

No. 185866

File: 1644602593012.jpg (46.34 KB, 670x586, e071891d5ca3d530fb3fa8a5a45222…)

>Is there a character you'd like to be made into a nendoroid?
-Mob Pyscho 100 (since One Punch Man has nendoroids why can't Mob Psycho 100 too?)
-Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
-Sailor Moon
-Studio Ghibli (I would really love a Kiki nendoroid)
-Ness and Lucas from the Mother series
-Bee and Puppycat (since nendoroids has been touching upon western media)
-Yuko, Mio and Mai from Nichijou (it feels incomplete if it's just only Nano and Hakase)

No. 185869

File: 1644603030049.jpeg (16.34 KB, 192x256, 08CFFF9E-FDC2-4600-A4C9-C87FE0…)


No. 185975

File: 1644627415627.jpg (1.54 MB, 1867x1400, TdrXoFp.jpg)

Super cute ideas anon!
Now that you mention it, it is weird that don't have any Ghibli nendos.

No. 186013

File: 1644640539109.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2828x2828, 92DD51A0-1C96-48A0-887B-D7F081…)

Everything I wanna get aside from wonfes
All nendos aside from Kaede scale.

No. 186021

A My Melody nendo? They definitely have to cash in and make Kuromi next

No. 186094

mp100 would be so cute! A dimple faceplate for ristu would be so funny too, it would be an instant preorder. Maybe with the new season coming out we'll get lucky!

I would also love to see more golden kamuy nendos and nene from toilet bound hanako-kun. final fantasy characters would make really great nendos too.

No. 186095

what's the cheapest place to buy nendos and without any crazy shipping prices? also for anime merch in general

No. 186101

File: 1644683105804.jpg (290.06 KB, 1280x853, 6282101982727.jpg)

I want a Sugimoto one so badly!
Picrel is a fanmade one.
The only nendo I own so far is Ogata, and he's so lonely without a rivalmance. I really want the Asirpa one as well, but I got into GK a bit too late to buy her at a reasonable price. Manifesting that they'll rerelease her when Sugimoto is announced kek
GK has so many meme faces, it would make from great faceplates, like Asirpa's. Aside from Sugimoto, I'd love a Koito and Tsurumi ones.
Also kinda impressive that we don't have any Yakuza ones afaik. We do have amogus though

I think shipping rates depends a lot on where you're from. I guess the cheapest is to preorder then on the GSC site, but you can also check their official partners in your country and that would probably be the best option.
If you don't mind secondhand, you miiiight find stuff on like Yahoo Auction or Mercari for a little cheaper if the seller just want to get rid of it, but most are savvy enough to know their aftermarket value.

No. 186217

File: 1644720792800.jpg (165.47 KB, 850x300, nendocollection.jpg)

Great thread anon, I'll be posting here regularly! I own nearly 30 nendos and I've been collecting since 2015, I think my first nendo was Tomoyo. I'd love for more of my husbandos to have nendos but I won't hold my breath… I'm lucky enough that one of them has a nendo already and that I was able to find him for such a good price when he goes for $100-200 aftermarket price.

I do think accessories are dwindling compared to earlier releases and nendos are getting pretty pricey for what they are but it's a much better situation than figmas. I don't have any customs yet but I want to make one of one of my husbandos and also one of myself so I can put us together!

No. 186218

Tomoko is infamous for her long hair impending her standing up on the stand, did you get that issue? It's too bad because she's so adorable.

No. 186219

File: 1644721262912.jpg (143.82 KB, 650x750, ccsnendo.jpg)

Yes her long hair does get in the way sometimes unfortunately but I think she is so worth it! But I also use her body for Sakura a lot so sometimes she's not in use. Now, the pink dress Sakura is the most infuriating nendoroid I've ever owned and I almost considered selling her at one point until she looked at me with her big green eyes and she won me over again. She's lucky she's so cute because she is a bitch to pose. Everything falls apart very quickly, multiple accessories have broken and had to be repaired because they're so fragile and her fly pose is impossible to do because she just falls apart (at least for mine, I heard it varies so maybe I just got a shit mold).

No. 186221

This Sugimoto is so cute! The artist did a great job with his faceplate and expression. I really hope he gets one soon and that Asirpa has a re-release.

No. 186223

File: 1644721671690.jpg (155.06 KB, 650x840, fb64899dd94c7daa8d11cff2fddfea…)

I wish I had the Galko nendoroid, she's pretty adorable. But she's kind of niche and worth hundreds now, sadly.

I currently own Tracer, Mercy, Racing Miku 2020, Jotaro Kujo, and Joseph Joestar. Mercy is such a pain in the ass, she has tons of parts that are really fragile and don't stay on very well. I'm thinking about getting rid of it altogether since I'm not into Overwatch anymore.

No. 186322

File: 1644775548267.jpeg (263 KB, 1125x1500, 1645179.jpeg)

I like your little collection anon, especially your racing Miku! She's super cute. If you're not into OW anymore I think someone might be interested in Tracer and Mercy as a set. Also Galko is really adorable, I've seen her in person but unfortunately her asking price seems to go for 120-130 average. I think I'd still pay that much if it was a nendo I really wanted personally.

No. 186334

File: 1644781669812.jpg (150.09 KB, 800x800, figurine-phoenix-wright-miles-…)

I said on the dumbass thread that I preordered Phoenix and Edgeworth's nendoroids on Amiami, I'm looking forward to it but I'm not sure if my order was actually taken into account since I did that a little but after the deadline for the preorders. If everything goes well, I should receive them in August. And just this Friday I've been told by my manager that my company wants me to renew my job contract, so the reason why I felt guilty over preordering expensive toys doesn't exist anymore.

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