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File: 1641725404511.jpg (48.32 KB, 800x533, phoque.jpg)

No. 178213

This thread is about animals of the pinniped family, commonly known as seals, sea lions and walruses.

You are welcome to ask any questions about pinnipeds, I will gladly answer you. (I'm not well versed in walruses tho.)

No. 178214

File: 1641725479452.jpg (522.77 KB, 2400x1600, 061121-Seal-Pup-John-Baran-200…)

I will start by dumping heart warming pics of pups and their mums to get you hooked.

No. 178215

File: 1641725552007.jpg (240.47 KB, 800x533, Bébé_Phoque_de_Weddell_-_Baby_…)

Weddell seal pup. They live in the antarctic and are earth southernmost mammal.

No. 178216

File: 1641725618494.jpg (569.53 KB, 1361x2042, EcZI34lXgAEgNCy.jpg)

Antarctic furseal pup and mum, if I'm not wrong.

No. 178217

File: 1641725759935.jpg (663.54 KB, 1920x1689, Leucistic_Antarctic_Fur_Seal.j…)

Godamn I was wrong, they are steller sea lions !

Those are antarctic furseal pups. As you can see, the white one is leucistic : it has a pigmentation default, but that makes it even cuter.

No. 178218

File: 1641725850243.jpg (1.48 MB, 2500x1201, header-sea-lion-pups.jpg)

More sea lions

No. 178219

File: 1641725883314.jpg (388.99 KB, 1600x1200, mom-baby-wedell seal.jpg)

Wedell seals

No. 178220

File: 1641726004927.jpg (1.5 MB, 1980x1486, Pusa_hispida_pup.jpg)

Baby ringed seal. Those live in the arctic.

No. 178222

File: 1641726144381.jpg (913.31 KB, 2560x1707, MBNMS-HarborSealMomAndPup-Fitz…)

Harbour seal pup and mum. These seals have a very wide repartition, you can see them on both side of the Atlantic. I'm happy because they started to come back to french beaches in the 80's, and now we have more than 600 of them !

No. 178223

File: 1641726208753.jpg (1.13 MB, 2048x1356, Weddell seal pup and mom.jpg)

More antarctic fat blob love (Weddell seals).

No. 178224

File: 1641726290147.png (3.1 MB, 2394x1804, C5Q6ZOzXAAA25_M.png)

Baby seal in China.

No. 178225

File: 1641726336296.png (644.33 KB, 1000x664, D-We_XSWkAA_xpf.png)

Harbour seal mom and her young peeping on the surface.

No. 178226

File: 1641726374112.png (3.7 MB, 2048x1153, wedell seals_2048x1152.png)

Another weddell seal pup and its mother.

No. 178230

File: 1641726747829.jpeg (708.13 KB, 4000x2672, blanchon2.jpeg)

And obviously, the mandatory Groenland seal pup pictures.

No. 178233

File: 1641726855628.jpg (683.45 KB, 1024x682, blanchon.jpg)

Knowing that some canadian moids bashed those adorable and helpless creatures to death is the undisputable proof that scrotes are evil, being only seconded by pickmes who wore their furs to stay ~~fashionable~~.

No. 178235

File: 1641726888570.jpg (43.65 KB, 700x473, blanchon4.jpg)

look at this loaf-full of cuteness!

No. 178239

File: 1641727113587.jpg (191.1 KB, 1024x768, blanchon3.jpg)

Any human hurting these things should get a lethal injection right away.

No. 178242

File: 1641727265232.gif (832.89 KB, 220x124, BAF7E542-0F74-4AFA-BE9E-1EE779…)

No. 178243

File: 1641727362626.jpg (206.83 KB, 1200x1200, 42927018076acf9c43d2cdcb30cf27…)

are you the anon that wrote you got unexpectedly interested in seals in 2021 in the nye resolution/last year retrospect board (don't remember which one)

No. 178248

File: 1641727756837.jpg (351.31 KB, 1200x716, weddell seal vs pinguin.jpg)

I don't think so. I think there is 2 of us on this website loving seals. I'd love to meet the other seal anon !

No. 178257

File: 1641730465092.jpg (18.27 KB, 580x388, f8df2a22409f6c398d25411294ef44…)

i hope you meet her too

No. 178267

Seal non! I replied to the anon in the mundane thread and am the anon who mentioned seals in the NYE post. I come to offer good tidings and seal content!

No. 178276

File: 1641734055793.jpg (248.36 KB, 800x527, mizore 1.jpg)

Mizore, as a baby with lanugo fur (ringed seal)

No. 178277

File: 1641734089637.gif (2.25 MB, 480x270, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

Mizore gif

No. 178280

File: 1641734267759.gif (14.94 MB, 400x405, ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif)

Last one for now so I don't spam. Baikal I think?

No. 178282

Those eyes.. like doll's eyes..

No. 178283

This is great news! I'm happy, we will have a lot of fun in this thread!

It's hard to tell them apart sometimes, especially the juveniles. I think it's a baikal seal too.

I love the mixed pinguins and seals sounds in the background. What a choir !

No. 178284

Dropped the vid I wanted to attach like an idiot. I love pinniped colony choirs. I would enjoy living next to one tho.

No. 178308

this one has good reaction image potantial

No. 178318

OK seal questions for OP: How smart are seals compared to for example dogs?
Is their eyesight as good above and under water?

No. 178322

File: 1641741268679.gif (823.12 KB, 260x146, 665B94E8-2B20-4727-97CE-EBDE16…)

No. 178326

File: 1641741774053.gif (889.73 KB, 260x146, 7C4CD599-BCB6-4BD4-83BA-D77CD9…)

No. 178357

File: 1641752614561.jpeg (310.73 KB, 844x1221, BD2C8A23-AD5A-4F09-A598-C6405F…)

Sealanon, have you seen Song of the Sea? It’s a very cute Irish movie that involves seals.

No. 178370

File: 1641755694070.jpeg (474.24 KB, 1536x2048, 1102B8F9-C47E-4926-9B35-8F6078…)

Dear sealoving nonnies, there’s this movie that I liked a lot as a child, it has seals, I hope you like it.

No. 178371

this one is so nostalgic to me. I think it was animated by one person!

No. 178400

Thank you for your sggestions. I will subject my bf to those. I'm sure he will appreciate it.

It's hard to compare their intelligence, but they are probably on par. Sea lions especially can be easily trained, and are known to have the basics of logical thinking. Knowing that seals can be trained for shows too, even if they're slower and clumsier than sea lions, when out of water. They probably have similar intelligence.

Seals have great eyesight underwater, but thy don't see well from afar when out of water iirc.

No. 178419

Arare-chan always puts a smile on my face, she has the cutest smile, like a cat! So fat, too. I dream of someday getting her official plushie.

No. 178450

File: 1641776572717.jpeg (604.53 KB, 1601x702, 565FE6FC-89C5-4A5C-A6F2-74A5AA…)

Personally I like looking at the less-aquatic ancestors of aquatic mammals. This is Enaliarctos, an early pinniped.

No. 178451

File: 1641776681054.png (769.82 KB, 1000x619, 416EEAD7-05BB-4AE2-A8A0-2F3587…)

And this is the oldest pinniped, Puijila. Looks like an otter. I wonder if otters will evolve into sealy animals if they survive this mass extinction?

No. 178478

File: 1641796157742.jpg (69.24 KB, 700x866, 1621248628904.jpg)

>tfw you will never have an otter-dog

No. 178532

File: 1641824434304.jpg (3.26 MB, 3000x2000, smug seal.jpg)

Damn, I want the plushie too… AndI have a japanese shoping service order on the run… It's pretty tempting.

Male otters are horrendous rapists anon. Don't fall for them. Seals don't rape each other, except elephant seals, because male dimorphism allows them to do so.

It really looks like a sea bear !

No. 178533

File: 1641824755518.jpg (Spoiler Image,787.27 KB, 2560x1600, elephant-seal-01.jpg)

I'm not surprised about their eyesight, their eyes are special and soulful and look like they were made for underwater sight.
>Seals don't rape each other
Now I like seals even more. Except elephant seals, who need to evolve asap because no wonder the females don't want these uggos.

No. 178536

File: 1641826230346.png (883.84 KB, 800x600, a349ba5cc5_50010920_lion-mer-s…)

Male seals can harass the females during matin season. Male grey seals try to attack the pups sometimes. It depends on the species, obviously, but females manage to get rid of the males without too much effort.
Female groenland seals just have to raise their heads to make the male go away. When a male grey seal try to initiate mating with an unwilling female, they fight them off for few seconds, and males give up to go do scrote shit on the beach (fighting with another male, harassing females etc).
After (goofy) mating, seal couples sleep next to each other in spoon position. It's pretty cute.

Sea lions are highy dysmorphic and have harems, but females can generally move from a harem to another, without having the alpha male harassing them. It does happen in some species (antarctic furseals I think, not sure), but most of the time females are free to chose which dominant male protect them. What is also funny is that even if females live in a harem under the proection of a bull ,they still mate with other males underwater… lol. "Alpha" males getting cucked, basically.

No. 178538

File: 1641826946342.jpg (202.13 KB, 1024x731, Laughing-Seal-1-1024x731.jpg)

>males give up to go do scrote shit on the beach

No. 178619

File: 1641851266864.png (15.16 KB, 436x399, SquishySealDefault.png)

Back at the pinnithread with the pinniheads.
>>178357 >>178370
These look adorable! Thank you for letting me know these exist. Look like good films for cozy weekend mornings.

Also, adding that you can get a Chrome extension that gives you a random seal (or other cute animal) for new tabs. It's called Tabby Cat. It's on Chrome, not sure about any other browsers.

No. 178657

File: 1641861240796.png (822.19 KB, 500x1139, l-has-a-bucket-noooo-they-be-s…)

There used to be a famous elephant seal that had a lot of memes of it, for some reason there was even an encyclopedia dramatica article about it, but I can't remember it's name. I think it died though sadly.

No. 178659

Omg I haven't thought about that stupid meme in years. Rip bucket seal

No. 178679

Made me laugh too. Amazing thread seal-anon.

No. 178680

File: 1641869507022.jpg (83.19 KB, 612x611, istockphoto-116435985-612x612.…)

How can an animal be so goofy looking yet scary at the same time

No. 178685

idk I feel like if I had a very long sword I could fight this thing and win.

No. 178687

File: 1641871945991.jpg (43.19 KB, 634x444, animal-size-comparison-40.jpg)

they're really big. but maybe you could

No. 178695

File: 1641876941180.png (415.56 KB, 600x538, A82639EA-BDD3-40C1-8C7E-68BB1A…)

No. 178697

Why the neck do that

No. 178711

It’s like humans leaning back and getting a double chin except more extreme because of all the blubber. As an aside, seeing seals literally bounce their way across land like goofy living water balloons always makes me so happy

No. 178714

For any sealanon who needs to know, it's called galumphing!

No. 178727

fatfuck. theyre all fatfucks.

No. 178786

File: 1641920455106.jpg (223.52 KB, 1100x1015, blob-seal-pillow-9440.jpg)

This was my most cherished purchase during the pandemic.

No. 178788

I want it too someday, I need to first sell some plushies I don't like anymore

No. 178821

Nonnie can you tell me if this is really as soft as it looks? And which size did you get? I've been debating purchasing this plush for so long, I never buy plush but I'd use this one for a pillow if it's big and soft enough.

No. 178835

A timeless classic

No. 178852

Oh jeez I don’t think I could actually.

No. 178897

Yes it's very soft! It's basically a pillow. Get it!
This is amazing, I don't think I ever seen a seal shouting "blergh" at water before. Well done little seal.

No. 178898

No. 178915

Do you have a 60 or 80 cm one? And doesn't it lose shape when you sleep on it?

No. 178920

File: 1641997313502.jpeg (62.26 KB, 690x680, 21673BA0-50A7-4C54-BA11-EBA922…)

No. 178921

60 cm, I just hug it a lot and it keeps it shape.
Wish I could hug this cute blob

No. 179343

Bumping with this song. It keeps getting suck in my head and making me cry which is hard to explain to people lol

No. 179788

File: 1642426833012.png (637.73 KB, 620x576, iktf walrus.png)

>tfw bf got me the fattest seal plush as a present
>tfw his bag with all of his stuff got stolen at the station
>tfw seal plush was in the bag

i love how they glued their tags on their heads, they look so silly

No. 179796

Make you bf dress up as a seal instead.

No. 181522

File: 1643101976842.png (1.6 MB, 2500x1667, 20130905_Seals_024edit.png)

I love seals. Seals are my only reason to be alive. I fucking love so fucking much fucking seals. I want to have a seal as a pet. I don't want to fuck a seal. Or maybe yes. I don't know. The only thing i know is that i love seals. Seals. Look at those little eyes, soft hair and cute nose. They're too perfect. If i can't get a seal as my pet i'll kill myself. I can't live without one. I'm already dying because i don't have one of these adorable criatures in my pool. I want them. I want to adopt every fucking seal of this planet. I'll give them names and surnames. I'll be their mother and father. I'll make an empire of seals. Now, fear them. The seals are coming for you. They're everywhere. I'm their leader. This isn't even a joke. A seal has the power to ruin you life. I don't need food or water. I need a seal. That's enough, at least for me. I don't give a fuck about other animals. Having a dog or a cat in your house. Imagine that shit. So fucking stupid. Only seals will save this universe. Fear. Pain. Loss. They control it. You don't need a family of humans when you have a seal at your side. They're my family. Fuck every one of them. You need a seal and you know it. Punch your uncle and get a seal. You'll thank me later. They have powers. You all motherfuckers. Pieces of shit. Fuckers. Pray for a seal today. They're coming again. I'm so angry. Adopt a fucking seal in this moment or i'll kill you. We live in a simulation, and the programmers are seals. Pray. Please. Respect. The new order. Seals.

No. 181527

Damn, nonners, I'm sorry.

No. 181578

Why do people care about aliens when we have these floating fat torpedoes in our oceans, making spaceship sounds under the ice?

No. 181698

File: 1643187428730.jpeg (194.91 KB, 1024x683, weddell seal face.jpeg)

Sometimes I wonder if the alien in Antarctica conspiracies took some inspiration in the otherworldy sounds these fat blobs make.

>be diver in a time when antarctica fauna is still mysterious
>go underwater to study soil and algae
>hear these. fucking. sounds.
>look around, see nothing but peaceful fat blobs
>i-it can't be the seals r-right
>s-seals don't make such sounds, r-right
>get out of water and never come back

No. 181715

It's so beautiful, reminds me of my dog a lot

No. 181724

Seal on land:
>Barely can move because so fat.
Seal under water:
>Effortless speed
>Techno music noises
Amazing creatures.

No. 181730

Oh my god, seals invented synth music

No. 181733

This must be the same seal as >>178835 or young seals all really hate getting into water.

No. 181763

I won't be surprised if they are all like that at first because water is new and therefore scary. Learning how to fly is also very difficult for birds

No. 182103

Youtube is now recommending me random seal videos.
What is this creature? And why is it crying, rough day? Sad about no legs?

No. 182107

File: 1643394378612.png (215.82 KB, 448x336, 88e.png)

thank you for sharing, i love this.

btw is seal-chan who just posted in /ot/ here too??

No. 182131

File: 1643401774354.jpg (93.96 KB, 900x602, seal-tears-michelle-cruz.jpg)

I love how weird these little dudes faces look. Seals often appear to be crying, but liquid running from their eyes have nothing to do with sadness, or an emotion of any sort. In fact seals have a protecting mucus covering their eyes, allowing them to spend a lot of time underwater looking for prey. Seals have better eyesight underwater than outside of it : on the ground they don't see well from afar. The tears you see is simply their protective mucus running from their cute round eyes.
Both seals and sea lions have this protection.

Yes, this is my resident thread. I often post seals facts here.

No. 182134

File: 1643402773460.jpg (40.31 KB, 870x499, 5394.jpg)

It has the weirdest face. I can't believe seals are real sometimes.
I know animals don't cry like we do but I didn't know it was their special eye protection fluid running. Neat!

Fun fact: Harbour seal is called knubbsäl in Swedish. It means chubby seal.

No. 182142

File: 1643405472954.jpg (57.14 KB, 700x777, 107ed00af16a4328a7e19acdb31e30…)

No. 182146

It looks like a lard balloon, I want to boop it.
This thread makes me wonder:
If you petted a seal, would it be soft?
Do they smell bad like dogs or mostly like the sea?

No. 182161

File: 1643416142948.jpeg (125.49 KB, 900x600, main-qimg-11c70ebd1bb740aee51d…)

oh, what a sweet thread! does op have any tips for what anons can do to help aid in seal conservation/protection? It seems hard to help beyond donating money to organizations, and I haven't got that much money.

No. 182219

Harbour seals are one of my favourite ! I'm glad they are coming back into european shores, and flourishing. People love them. They're also bringing tourists into regions that didn't have much appeal before, and helping the economy.

>Do they smell bad like dogs or mostly like the sea?
Not sure about seals, but sea lions and fur seals (otarids) stink. It probably has to do that they gather into huge rookeries and poop themselves.
>If you petted a seal, would it be soft?
Probably, since they have a thick layer of blubber under their skin, to protect them from the cold waters. No idea how their fur feels to the touch, but knowing that a lot of pinnipeds are still hunted for their hide, it must be pretty soft. Walruses on the other hand… must feel pretty rough to the touch!

Well you can donate to organizations, like the ones involved in the caspian seal (on your pic) protection, which is critically endangered. I donated for the mediterannean monk seal.
But, really the must you can do, especially if you live in an area where seals come to reproduce, is to spread awareness. Tell people that loving seals is fine, but loving them to death is not. For instance, if there is harbor seals in your area, ell people that they shouldn't ever approach seal pups on the beach, because it could scare mom and cause it to abandon the pup, leaving him to certain death. Tell them that pups should be appreciated from afar. It's about their safety and survival! And if they happen to sea a pup visibly sick and/or emaciated, the best thing to do is contacting a marine mammal rescue organisation.
Anyway, for any seal specy : never approach pups ! Do not touch them ! It could break the mother-pup bond. They recognize each other with vocalisations AND smell. Mothers do not take care of pups they don't recognize as their own. It often leads to heart-breaking scenes of abandonned, starving pups desperately trying to suckle female seals, only to get rejected, and left to die by starvation.

No. 182235

File: 1643457077715.webm (2.16 MB, 640x800, 44c042d34f594c12940bdbf0b656b9…)

wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

No. 182296

File: 1643477371167.jpg (36.82 KB, 479x852, d6aed8a45e90a4c92d74e7013871bd…)

This is the best thread right now.

No. 182433

File: 1643548997789.jpg (64.01 KB, 840x525, comfy seal.jpg)

Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate it.

No. 182442

How do seals like that not get water inside their ears?

No. 182480

I'm assuming they can close their ear canal off when going underwater, similar to how thier nostrils close when they dive

No. 182487

File: 1643562651249.gif (8.65 MB, 512x288, hooded_seal_male.gif)

Why do some seals have the ugliest moids

No. 182510

oh god it looks like a giant hemorrhoid mixed with a kidney bean

No. 182516

The why chromosome strikes again.

No. 182799

File: 1643659365488.jpg (94.37 KB, 447x447, Grey Seal_0.jpg)

No. 182833

File: 1643666051282.jpg (766.51 KB, 1136x1692, Budd_Christman_and_a_new_frien…)

Where's he going?

No. 182863

probably taking him home. i would too.

No. 182978

File: 1643714968145.jpg (113.43 KB, 1080x784, phoque3.jpg)

>I'm assuming they can close their ear canal off when going underwater, similar to how thier nostrils close when they dive
Exactly, I know for sure that sea lions and furseals (otarids) can do this, despite having (cute little) outside ears. Btw "otarid" (otarie in french) comes from the ancient greek for "little ear" ! This is how you can easily tell them apart from true seals.
True seals don't have outside ears, and the circle you can see in place of ears is their eardrum. I don't really know how their inner ear works.

i-it's supposed to attract lady seals tho…

Now that's what I call a huge baby, damn. Imagine holding all that squishy fluff, heaven on earth. Someone should redraw Bosh's "Garden of earthly delights" but with seals. It could be called "Garden of marine delights" or something.

No. 183131

File: 1643742724999.jpeg (5.81 KB, 311x162, leopard_seal_ underwater.jpeg)

Expert seal anon, do you in the future (hypothetically) seals could evolve to be fully aquatic marine mammals? Especially with climate changes reducing Artic ice, is it possible for seals to start becoming more sea based animals? It would probably take ten thousands of years to fully transition, but their bodies are already pretty well built for water anyways. I could definitely see leopard seals becoming the 'new' apex mammalian marine predators if orcas were to disappear.

No. 183137

File: 1643744341664.jpg (194.09 KB, 1035x541, japanse sea lions.jpg)

I'm sadly not an expert on the subject, I never even saw a seal irl to be honest (just a sea lion 10 years ago in a zoo), but I love learning about them ! Like most animals, they are fascinating in their own way.

>in the future seals could evolve to be fully aquatic marine mammals?

I'm not sure about this. I think being amphibious fits a niche. Let's remember that most seals don't have land predators, with the exception of polar bears in the arctic. Even those are pretty rare, and less of a threat than orcas. Underwater, however, they are way more at risk of predation : deadly orca pods, various sharks, polar bears again, and even walruses. I'd say that man activity is more nefarious towards seal underwater too, as they frequently get caught in fishnets which often results in serious injury and even death. For reference, more than 1000 marine mammals die everyday of entanglement…

Global warming and ice melting will definitely play a part in their evolution, but let's keep in mind that most seal species (harbor seal, grey seals, monk seals…) do not breed on ice. And even for species that do breed on ice, they could adapt and breed on land, too. Similar adaptations have been observed mediteranean monk seals : threated by over-hunting, they stopped gathering on beaches to breed, and formed small colonies in caverns, far away from human presence. Same for japanese sea lions, however it didn't save them from extinction (RIP sweet angels, pic related). Some seal species could simply go extinct in the future, maybe because of man, maybe not. Most of the species that ever existed got extinct way before humans appeared on earth.
It's really hard to foresee what could happen… The possibilities are endless. Who would have thoughts that mammals will evolve to get out of the sea, then evolve back to live in it ?

No. 183158

File: 1643746598237.gif (206.66 KB, 650x450, baikal-seal.gif)

Np, you seem well versed in seal knowledge!

I'm just into speculative evolution as a fun exercise. Yeah I think there would have to be a major hole in a niche (like the extinction of many large carnivorous cetaceans) for seals to take advantage of a fully aquatic lifestyle. It is not fully understood why whales went completely aquatic when their ancestors were similar to seals in that they could come on land, but being fully aquatic allowed them to become the giants they are today.

I didn't think about the advantage of escaping the threats of predators in the water by hopping on land, I've seen many videos of seals (and sea otters) jumping onto
boats to escape orcas and sharks, haha dolphins wish

I've also recently learned of a the Baikal seal, which are the only purely freshwater seal in the world. They are restricted to Lake Baikal in Russia, the deepest lake in the world. If I remember correctly, they are the largest marine creature there and don't have any predators in water. I think of any population this one could be the most likely to embrace the full aquatic lifestyle, if humans don't destroy them first. Also didn't know Japanese sea lions were extinct, rip </3

No. 183161

Omg the noises are too cute, seals often sound like someone is dubbing them as a joke.

No. 183209

Some of their cries sound like human babies but less annoying because seals are cute

No. 183870

File: 1643880188369.jpg (9.57 MB, 4734x3156, Harbor_Seal_(28948533510).jpg)

I love seeing pics of different pinniped species non interacting with each other.

No. 183897

File: 1643895278763.jpg (86 KB, 689x450, Untitled.jpg)

i love seals so so so much. here's a lovely and rare ribbon seal

No. 183899

File: 1643895549386.png (576.75 KB, 890x447, newfoundland-adult-harp-seal-a…)

i love when they do this

No. 183900

File: 1643895571165.jpg (230.84 KB, 1800x1013, seal-e1562182526280.jpg)

No. 183901

File: 1643895739959.jpg (67.51 KB, 750x390, monk_seal_m_a_cedenilla.jpg)

No. 183913

Why is this so funny. Good mommy though.

No. 183931

File: 1643906598965.jpg (2.64 MB, 3354x2516, weaned hawaii seal pups sleepi…)

Seals living in cold waters need to come on land to regulate their temperature. Even if the air is cold, inner temeperature drops way quicker in water (for physical reasons). As you can see, seals have way more fat around the belly than on their slim flippers or cute nuzzles. This is why they avoir putting them on the cold, wet sand or ice. As a result, they have this funny banana shaped pose. Cute and smart, always !
Seals living in warm waters, as those hawaiian monk seals, do not do that banana pose. They rest like couch potatoes on the beach.

No. 183932

File: 1643906642240.jpg (249.16 KB, 1276x1002, Seal_with_swimmer_detail,_Silv…)

Cute pinniped art i wanted to share.

No. 183933

File: 1643907297994.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1634, St._Bride,_John_Duncan_-_1913.…)

another adorable seal

No. 183934

When he picks up the little mermaid baby… I'm jealous. Also love how he took off his gloves to touch it, he really wanted to feel the softness.

No. 183963

File: 1643912185599.jpg (108.13 KB, 800x624, Walking_seal_on_beach_(LAPL000…)

I simply love how this fur ball casually approaches the humans in noisy snowbikes.

Open debate : Why don't we have seal pets ? Seals have been trained since the XIXth century at least for shows, and sea lions are even used by the US navy as bomb squad experts. More recently, steller sea lions have been trained by scientists to recover relevant data. Why don't we keep them as pets ? Especially in coastal regions, where they could freely roam in the open sea, and come back for food and shelter, basically like amphibious cats.

No. 183964

File: 1643912287552.jpg (246.81 KB, 1050x700, navy_seals_a_brief_history_of_…)

Pic related, a goofy trained navy seal

No. 183965

It has already been attempted. But why didn't it become a thing ? The sea lion in the vid is a pup, so maybe he left the family to gather with other seals in a rookery when reaching maturity.

No. 183983

This art is so beautiful! The seal is the cherry on top

No. 184000

Don't they have a real nasty bite? That on top of that can cause really mean infections on humans. We're gonna have to settle for the squishy seal pillows…

No. 184107

File: 1643941911499.jpg (70.35 KB, 625x415, eine-sache-die-mich-heute-extr…)

that is so incredibly funny to know

No. 184109

if you are privileged enough to live on a coast with seals you can admire them from afar. but like >>184000 said, seals are not cuddly no matter how adorable they look, they do not want to be petted by humans. and their bites can indeed cause something called "seal finger". plus, they are often very stressed by contact with humans / pet dogs running around on beaches.

No. 184179

File: 1643963471043.jpg (100.7 KB, 1349x759, phoque france.jpg)

I know about the dangerous abcteria they carry in their mouths. I wonder if a treatment for this exists ?
Their bite can be nasty, but most seals do not tend to be agressive, especially from a wild animal standpoint. Seal and sea lions attacks are pretty rare, considering how close they live with humans and how much they get harassed. Sea lions have a bite 6 times stronger the one of a pitbull, but they're never recorded biting with full strenght, it's always warning bite.

I guess it's a bit like racoons, they're friendly towards humans, but they have those nasty germs that make them too dangerous to be kept as pets.

No. 184180

File: 1643963576119.png (2.06 MB, 2000x1000, bb phoque.png)

Here is a higher res of this pic

No. 184181

File: 1643963645559.jpg (148.23 KB, 640x595, grey seal pup.jpg)


No. 184264

The smile, the pose…this warms my heart.

No. 184391

File: 1644013097710.jpg (3.96 MB, 3182x2000, jeune phoque commun.jpg)

Harbor seal pups are one of the cutest things on earth.

No. 184393

File: 1644013151261.jpg (60.64 KB, 961x638, phoque-istock-496793764-maurib…)

the iconic smug harbour seal pic

No. 184412

We probably - and this is just a wild guess - don't keep seals and similar animals as pets because we live on land.
They are simply too big and boisterous to keep in tanks at home, and I don't see my mother ruining the bathtub in her house if my sister wanted a pet seal when we were kids - but I'd bet an oligarch somewhere has a pet seal no questions no doubts

No. 184413

Samefag but I just remembered hearing about a guy who stole a penguin from a zoo and kept it in the bath, don't got getting any ideas op

No. 184475

Harbour seals are the best.
I just came across a BBC programme where they are called "chubmarines".

No. 184504

File: 1644069545985.jpg (247.82 KB, 1920x1080, norppa-ja-kuutti.jpg)

saimaa ringed seal and a pup.

No. 184505

every summer there is a trailcam live about the seals

No. 184608

That's one hell of a snore.

No. 184859

I'm pretty sure I follow you on Instagram, love u pinniped queen

No. 184962

File: 1644222445489.jpg (26.38 KB, 640x341, High Chonk - crop.jpg)

>critically endangered
>still manage to fight to get a spot on the same rock

Oh yes I remember this documentary, still sad they drifted the subject on foxes and deers halfway through

God, I wish that were me on this shitty monday morning

T-thank you anon. I'm glad my passion for pinnipeds is appreciated somewhere !

Btw, I've found this amazing blog that goes very in-depth about pinniped science, especially evolutionnary-wise. Here, an article about the science of chonk :


They also explore pinnipeds in the media, and bad representation cause meltdowns for the author. For instance, when watching an old 60's show about a sea lion being reffered as a seal :
>I found it extremely distracting and disturbing, and started shaking and crying in the corner of my couch in rage

I'm happy to have found another pinniped autist.

No. 185941

File: 1644620101127.png (3.81 MB, 2048x1365, chat phoque.png)

not a cat

No. 185980

This thread is the perfect combo of wholesome autistic special interest and cute shit. I want to live here
I did some wildlife rescue work for a while and the only thing I learned about seals is that their mucus is really intense and if they sneeze on you then you have to get antibiotics

No. 186032

Damn, thanks for curing me from my wish of petting a seal.

No. 186038

Before this thread I had no idea what seals could sound like. They keep surprising me. These little pups sound like small angry dogs!

No. 186050

>I did some wildlife rescue work for a while
Damn, lucky you ! Sadly seals live hundred and hundred of kilometers from where I live. It won't happen anytime soon !

Sea lions and furseals don't make the typical baby seal sound, which can be summarized as "l'egg" >>178835 or baby sounds >>183209
Californian sea lions pups, on the other hand, sound like goats.

I'm really happy because a third seal species is coming back to France ! Mediterannean monk seals, critically endangered, have been spotted on Corsica island. It's very good news for the species ! They used to be everywhere around the mediterranean sea, but they have been hunted almost to extinction in the industrial era. The time has come for them to claim back their rank as god blessed creatures, as Homere described them.
It's also a good news for us, because monk seals are very curious, friendly and playful creatures. Human-seal friendships will flourish with the return of the mediterranean monk seal.

No. 277793

i miss this thread. look at this adorable hunter.

No. 277801

File: 1677167672302.jpg (147.52 KB, 1920x1526, 3jafbv.jpg)

Holy shit, it's back!
Most unexpected thread to be controversial on LC

No. 277887

File: 1677183842239.jpg (84.8 KB, 960x727, Baikal seal.jpg)

this one literally looks like the weepy cat memes

No. 277898

Seeing this thread reminded me that I used to have a shirt that said "I <3 PINNIPEDS". It was either from Sea Lion Caves or the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I got to stay in a condo in Newport once that was right over the docks, and there were always sea lions going ORH ORH ORH all through the night. It was hard to sleep but the sound was still kind of comforting.

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