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File: 1641487409563.jpg (63.42 KB, 474x632, downloadfile-1.jpg)

No. 177575

Requested thread for people who like to go on nature and collect stuff. Talk about some of the stuff you collect, it could be rocks, moss, wood, insects or even random knickknacks. Try to keep it nature bound (example, it could be a piece of glass but it has to be found in nature/on a park/on your daily walk home. Or it could be a rock a friend sent you from across the globe, but if said friend sent you a lamp, the lamp doesn't apply).

No. 177576

Rock anon I hope you contribute

No. 177577

i also hope rock anon contributes. i will also try and pick up shit when i go outside again

No. 177601

File: 1641495230482.jpg (217.61 KB, 1075x880, 11111111.jpg)

Ohhh I love this!! I used to be really into vulture culture, but I kinda stopped because I am now too busy to really get deep into the woods. I started picking up flowers and drying them tho, it scratches the gatherer itch lmao
Also here's a picture of my deer mandible collection. It's amazing to see how different they are. My favourite are the one's from juvenile deer - you can see their teeth growing and it's so cool.

No. 177605

Thanks for sharing, glad I saw this on the first page. I'll have to come back and try to contribute to the threat. I am an avid collector of random things on the ground but especially love vulture culture as well.

No. 177641

Yessss vulture culture welcome!!!

No. 177645

File: 1641504403604.png (529.39 KB, 597x456, 4832-48732057367.png)

I did some beachcombing last summer and found a few crab molts (I think, maybe they were just dead which is a bit more morbid but oh well). I thought they looked cute so I saved them. I collect all sorts of random things like moss, shells, sticks, feathers, bark. I'd like to start pressing flowers as well.

No. 177657

File: 1641507508106.png (280.36 KB, 881x628, 7504385-943.png)

Some of my other favorite finds are barnacle shells. I only collect those that are empty and have already fallen off rocks or whatever they were hanging onto. They're great as little candle/flower/air plant holders. Sorry for the weird edges on some of my plants, I removed the background to hide my messy desk and didn't bother tidying up the sides.

These are really cool, how do you clean them? Can you boil them or would that cause damage?

No. 177677

rock anon if you're out there, do you have any tips for fossil hunting? i collect crystals but they're mostly bought so I wanna get into finding things myself

No. 177684

What a lovely thread, can't wait to see more contributions! I'm obsessed with collecting shells and rocks from every time I go to any seaside, but I don't have one specific place to keep them so they all eventually get lost all around the house. Anyone has any idea how to store these in an aesthetically pleasing way?

This is so beautiful, and so many too! How long did it take to collect all of these?
This is such a great idea with air plants, love it. Are these really tiny plants or pretty big barnacles?

No. 177740

File: 1641544898755.jpg (502.9 KB, 749x824, 48320972-54398.jpg)

You should share some of your favorites! A lot of my finds are scattered too but I've seen some people use box frames or cubby organizers to display things all in one area. I also like incorporating them into decor ideas like with the barnacles. If you have enough you could use shells and rocks to decorate a mirror frame, or put them in a display jar/bowl, to accent a candle stand, as part of a terrarium (or aquarium)…
>This is such a great idea with air plants, love it. Are these really tiny plants or pretty big barnacles?
Thank you, I would say the barnacles are pretty big compared to the ones I typically see. The tallest is around 2" with the plants being around 5-6" for the most part. I got lucky walking around a quiet beach near a more popular area that a bunch of people overlooked. Treasures everywhere. I found some of these moon snail shells there too. It's tough to find ones that aren't broken in one way or another but they have such a pretty spiral.

No. 177744

File: 1641545195039.jpg (58.88 KB, 564x460, 43265465-4327.jpg)

Sharing some images of the ideas mentioned for reference

No. 177746

File: 1641545248651.jpg (66.57 KB, 564x752, 574389053-543.jpg)

Wall hanging with shells, driftwood and rope

No. 177747

File: 1641545317891.png (237.94 KB, 740x494, 3721897-43256.png)

No. 177748

File: 1641545428634.png (662.32 KB, 455x586, 543769853-5432.png)

No. 177755

File: 1641546739746.png (1.25 MB, 1200x678, 20545469_10156362226968942_248…)

I am one of the geology anons, but I mostly look for bones over rocks tbh. I've found a lot of caribou racks, a moose rack, some assorted vertebrae and a jaw bone.

One of the most common/easiest fossils to keep an eye out for are crinoids. They're kinda like proto-plants. They still exist today actually, but they were one of the first animals & appeared as early as the cambrian. You would usually only find the stems, which look like little cheerios made of rocks.

No. 177758

File: 1641546826731.jpg (165.6 KB, 1332x690, P549495_1332x690px.jpg)

crinoid stems for reference

No. 177763

File: 1641547026174.jpg (680.24 KB, 1888x1890, teeth.jpg)

No. 177764

File: 1641547109371.jpg (668.29 KB, 1564x1564, duhuij0qwi621.jpg)

And here is someone else's rock shelf that I'm jealous of.

No. 177767

I used to collect old birds nests that had fallen out of trees. Some of them are really intricate and immaculate, they really fascinate me.

Used to collect bits of lichen too but I'm not living close enough to parks anymore so I haven't picked up anything new in years.

No. 177769

File: 1641547798634.jpg (168 KB, 1200x798, D869_68_684_1200.jpg)

What's your favourite lichen, nonnie? I like the kind like picrel that hangs off of tree branches & makes them look all spooky.

No. 177782

Stop it you weird little goblinas

No. 177786

Nethack Lichen.

No. 177792

oh wow those are so cool, i'll keep an eye out! tysm <3

and ooh that rock shelf is my dream- i'm in the process of planning to build one for books/rocks so i'll remember to share when i'm done

No. 177794

File: 1641558079454.png (379.17 KB, 912x485, shell.png)

Wow, 5" is pretty tall! I think I've never seen any this big - maybe they don't grow so well here in europe - but I'll definitely be on a lookout, this plants idea is a great inspiration.
So lucky to find a shell like this unbroken!

I really like the box idea like here >>177740, maybe it could be done by myself or custom made - I don't really have any "special" shells or stones, picrel is my tiny collection from last summer - but Id imagine with bigger separate shelves maybe it would be a good idea to put my collections there with a note what beach they come from, maybe with a little photo? That could be nice.

No. 177830

This is so cute. I would do this if I didn't have OCD. Rip.

No. 177858

File: 1641586115048.jpg (51.18 KB, 425x638, mapies.jpg)

>go to lolcow.farm
>find out that the website has been infiltrated by a bunch of magpies
>makes sens, they are indeed really smart

no seriously, this is a great thread idea kek

No. 177863

File: 1641589156956.jpg (168.1 KB, 1200x882, E1EX3uTVcAIY2sb.jpg)

Do you still have any? I've never heard of anyone who would collect nests but I imagine it could be really interestin
pic just a bit rel

No. 177864

File: 1641589261148.png (1.02 MB, 888x866, 5487309573405-4322.png)

I was surprised too! The biggest I'd seen before that trip were maybe 1/2" at the most. Your collection is so cute, I especially like the striped black and orange shell in the middle. I've seen people make labels for their collections which I think is a great idea, kind of like a more interactive travel album.

This is one of my few ways to de-stress, don't take this from me nonny kek. This thread has actually reminded me of some glass displays people have sold on etsy. I'd love to do something with wildflowers and insects/snails like picrel, but I haven't had luck finding (nice) bugs so far.

No. 177866

File: 1641589938763.webm (5.75 MB, 638x548, 574389753.webm)

>this could be us but you haven't joined magpie life yet

No. 177867

File: 1641590016218.png (364.58 KB, 494x574, 43208473206.png)

No. 177909

I am a geoanon. The main thing is that you don’t just want to go outside and hope to find something - you need to know where to look. The easiest way is to find info from/talk to local rockhounders. However, the more well-known an area is the more likely it’ll be picked over by the time normie rockhounders get to it. The harder way is to consult geologic maps and publications to find spots that might have good fossils, and then go scout those areas. My best piece of petrified wood came from this technique. I posted it online once and everyone just mocked me because it looks so good in the photo they thought it was just regular wood.

No. 177920

oh shit, amazing thread. i mostly collect flowers/greenery/etc to make into arrangements, wreaths, glass displays, etc. started because i just like getting outside and hiking, but it's also given me a real interest in plant identification. looove inaturalist for that reason.

does anyone forage food? i've always been curious, but honestly, i'm too nervous to go for it. i know all the rules, staying away from roadsides, researching the lands you're on, etc, but even so…it's just so hard to know about the history of every piece of land, yknow? especially b/c i live in a fairly urban area (near boston).

No. 177987

File: 1641650555759.png (3.42 MB, 1242x1404, downscaledd.png)

i sorted my lichen collection by quality yesterday so i will share some pictures. these specimen are all about 3 years old now so they're frail and the moss has shriveled up but they preserved nicely. i was expecting mold or decay but the bark and the specimens all seem very dry and stable. i know it looks like some just have decayed leaves and grass stuck to rotting bark but they are all attached lichens.

i have a branch of what i think is beard lichen, a hardened shelf mushroom and a myriad of bark samples that share 3-4 different types of lichen. the mushroom is suprisingly dense, like almost heavy as a brick. it would definitely hurt if you chucked this at someone lol

No. 177988

File: 1641650679044.png (4.64 MB, 1300x1669, grade a specimen.png)

the lichens seem to keep pretty well, though i dont know how they will look in 10 years, but rn keeping them out of the light and sealed has worked out great.the only specimens im very sure about are the Thelotrema (barnacle lichen). for the other ones i reckon it looks like 2 types of fruticose lichen and 1 type of foliose lichen

No. 177989

File: 1641650774665.png (1.9 MB, 1260x719, nioice downscaled .png)

i don't know what the branch specimen is exactly, i assume it's a beard lichen since it has hardly shriveled at all and it formed on a branch. it's so damn cute and soft. the little frills on its fronds are so cute, it's definitely my favorite specimen.

if anyone knows the name of my lichens so i can label them i will marry u thanks

No. 177994

File: 1641652379056.jpeg (352.86 KB, 1300x866, 5CBA7EB2-EB45-4A7E-80C5-A66DD9…)

I live in a place that is too dry for any lichen besides the flat encrusting stuff and you can’t really remove it, so I’m jealous of your lichen collection anon.

No. 178026

I love it anon! I'm not a super lichen connoisseur, but the top middle looks like it might be reindeer lichen to me? It's Canada's official lichen lol.

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