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No. 173830

A thread for farmers who are musicians, make music or work in the industry.

We can discuss:
>Need for advice
>What genre you specialise, like or work on
>Which instruments we play
>Gear and gadgets we use
>Programs we use
>Projects we are working on
>Resources and where to find them
>If you are crazy enough, a collaboration with other farmers

No. 173831

OP here, I made this thread because I am working on an EP but I want advice on lyrics and instrumentals.

No. 173896

Glad this exists. One of my dreams is to be a musician and for the first time in my life I had enough money to buy an instrument three months ago.

I like…everything, but mostly innovative women, or people, but mostly women. Joanna Newsom, I love, love, love. I’ve read about her using African harp playing techniques and it inspired me to look into other ways of learning music. A harp would be my ideal instrument, actually. But there is exactly five harps in my entire country (thirdie, sigh).

I also love Kate Bush. I love creatively self-sufficient women in general; Kate learnt production all by herself and after Never for Ever never let anyone creatively intervene more than she liked. She wrote and produced all of her albums. The Dreaming is my favorite, as it was when I was 16 years old and heard it for the first time and thought I’d like to work in music. I love, love, love Lisa Germano, one of the most brilliant musicians of the 90s, but sadly not as known as she should be. Geek the Girl is brilliant and it’s very lolcow-ish. Def give it a listen. I also love stuff like Syd Matters, really well-crafted bedroom-ish indie. Built to Spill don’t have a bad song in their discography, and I love Doug. Grimes wqs amazing before she went insane with the Mars leatherman. Hop Along, Queen Ansleis will forever be a favorite of mine. The singer had made it when she was 19 years old and it’s just magical. Noisey, earnest, lovely freak folk, put together by her own hands. I also love the Clientele, and it’s a shame how they’re not known more in the dream pop world. CAN is great. Mark E. Smith is a brilliant asshole and an amazing writer.

>If you are crazy enough, a collaboration with other farmers

God when

No. 173899

there is actually a music composition thread on /ot/ but I don't think it's been bumped in at least a year so it's probably good you started a new thread. also who are the musicians in the pic?

No. 175829

I'm so glad you want to began working on your music! sorry I left this thread abandoned.
What genre are you planning to dive in with your first project?

No. 175830

I had no idea there was one already!
also the girls in the pic are "Skating Polly

No. 175842

started playing bass not too long ago, but recently didn't have much time to play due to a very heavy uni workload. Can't wait to get back to it although I'm only learning songs I like at the moment. I really want to get serious about learning it and learning theory.
I also really want to learn how to use FL Studio properly. I'd like to make my own secret EP, that I'd never release and just keep to myself. I know I should just get to it and start creating, but I've had a weird mental block about making art in general for the past few years. Hope I'll beat this soon and just start fucking around with music

will definitely check some of these out nona, you sound so passionate about them it's so cute !

No. 175843

ah me too anon, id love to learn how to use a DAW properly so i can start producing some fun music just for my own enjoyment.
honestly though every time ive sat down and tried to learn how to use various software it's been really overwhelming. ik a tiny bit about music but really all i know is some self taught piano, so when i read discussion from music producers online its like we're from completely separate worlds

No. 175848

same, music producer speak is absolutely bonkers and almost comical, they use the weirdest words to define pitch or depth for example.

No. 175969

It's cool, nonny. I've been into field recordings for a while, and I really like folk/electronica/baroque pop. Basically folkish baroque pop tinged with electronica (or perhaps the opposite?)

Thank you, nonny! I'd really like to learn theory as well. Going to go autodidcat on that one, I really don't like the haughty attitude

>so when i read discussion from music producers online its like we're from completely separate worlds

Oh, same. It's why I like self-sufficient artists, after all. They had to learn everything on their own. I'm still an earnest novice and I've always come upon this attitude from second or third gen musicians or people who are classically trained that is very arrogant and very nose-up-in-the-air, which sucks because I've always wanted to learn and be technical. As I grew up and started realizing how much Money is important (esp when it comes to something like music), I started noticing there's this division of "lower form", very stitched-by-the-hands art, and then these well-off kids who've been learning everything from the hands of the master since age 5 or something. Kind of like the division between embroidery and doll-making, and other "higher" forms of art that are considered more "legitimate."

Anyway, I'm learning FL Studio as well, and looking to buy a synth. Just to get a small workstation going. I've been getting the itch to record something recently but I find myself putting it off because of my non-technical peasant status. There's this band I listen to, and the frontman is hesitant with calling himself a musician since he has no formal training and he just sings/screams, and when the interviewer asked him how he communicates with band members he kept saying, "I say stuff like I need that part to be not so limp dick" – and that's the level I'd be at right now.

No. 176021

Samefag but
>I really don't like the haughty attitude
I wrote that by mistake, was up at 3 AM kek. mind scrambled eggo

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