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No. 17333

post webms, youtube links etc. of random videos that don't fit in any other threads.

No. 17335

video from the op image

No. 17341

Secret society pizza prank

No. 17343

Dude rocks out on Taiko No Tatsujin

No. 17349

it's music but whatever

No. 17352

(cont.) had that song stuck in my head for weeks. TIL the whole song is in english.

anyways, Paper mario baby

No. 17353

Paper fucking Mario!!!!!

No. 17357

No. 17373

I find Rick and Morty kind of obnoxious, but Morty's voice in the Japanese dub is kind of adorable. He calls Rick "Ji-chan" instead of Rick.

No. 17384

Kneading Morning Meows

I really love this channel.

No. 18030

April the Giraffe is pregnant again and due any time!

I watched her last birth live, so I'm not so pressed this time around.

No. 19175


I wonder if Paper Mario will be ever that great again. Loved those two games.

No. 19176

No. 19178

No. 19179

No. 19180

No. 19181


last one

No. 19369

I'm laughing so hard. I love this video for multiple reasons.

No. 19401

No. 19780

No. 20323

my new favorite video

No. 20341

reminds me of one of my old favorites

No. 20410

No. 20441

No. 20443

No. 20448

No. 22120

I love watching old youtube vids. The people filming themselves back then all seemed so strangely innocent; a lot more charming than youtuber nowadays, with their perfect editing and expensive camera/mic/lights.

No. 22810

Sigh… So many comments saying the minute hour would one day blow up, but that never happened.

At his worst he's "starts normal, but gets edgy", but at his best he has some fun to listen to surelist comedy. Suprised none of this has copyright strikes because he uses a lot of copyright music

No. 22811

No. 22816

i love these dumb botw videos so fucking much, i lol'd at this

No. 22822

File: 1554009898394.webm (4.46 MB, 1280x720, hehexD.webm)

No. 22823

File: 1554009925512.webm (1.76 MB, 640x360, squish.webm)

No. 22827

is it bad that that was the first video I thought of when Dolores O'Riordan died?

No. 23266

Can't stop hitting replay, h e l p

No. 23269

Very sexy, anon.

No. 24226

Microwaving fish at work is a personality defect

No. 24282

No. 25976

No. 26798

I'm sorry

No. 26799

No. 26800

No. 26801

No. 26804

No. 26805

No. 26806

No. 26807

No. 26808

want to eat my sword husbandos

No. 26810

No. 26817

And once again kpopland is copying glorious nippon…

No. 27082

Thanks, it's great. I want more!

No. 27097

Anon I've been trying to remember the name of these videos for like the past 6 or 7 years and you mean everything to me

No. 27099

No. 27100

No. 27101

No. 27102

No. 27185

The show this skit is from is called Vermillion Pleasure Night.

No. 27298

Thank you!

No. 27326

File: 1555804145643.webm (9.14 MB, 1280x720, ricardo.webm)

No. 27471

No. 27781

No. 29795

No. 29827

This made me really happy

No. 31386

No. 31511

I just wanna play with it all

No. 32585

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