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File: 1552439535349.jpg (217.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 17333

post webms, youtube links etc. of random videos that don't fit in any other threads.

No. 17335

video from the op image

No. 17341

Secret society pizza prank

No. 17343

Dude rocks out on Taiko No Tatsujin

No. 17349

it's music but whatever

No. 17352

(cont.) had that song stuck in my head for weeks. TIL the whole song is in english.

anyways, Paper mario baby

No. 17353

Paper fucking Mario!!!!!

No. 17357

No. 17373

I find Rick and Morty kind of obnoxious, but Morty's voice in the Japanese dub is kind of adorable. He calls Rick "Ji-chan" instead of Rick.

No. 17384

Kneading Morning Meows

I really love this channel.

No. 18030

April the Giraffe is pregnant again and due any time!

I watched her last birth live, so I'm not so pressed this time around.

No. 19175


I wonder if Paper Mario will be ever that great again. Loved those two games.

No. 19176

No. 19178

No. 19179

No. 19180

No. 19181


last one

No. 19369

I'm laughing so hard. I love this video for multiple reasons.

No. 19401

No. 19780

No. 20323

my new favorite video

No. 20341

reminds me of one of my old favorites

No. 20410

No. 20441

No. 20443

No. 20448

No. 22120

I love watching old youtube vids. The people filming themselves back then all seemed so strangely innocent; a lot more charming than youtuber nowadays, with their perfect editing and expensive camera/mic/lights.

No. 22810

Sigh… So many comments saying the minute hour would one day blow up, but that never happened.

At his worst he's "starts normal, but gets edgy", but at his best he has some fun to listen to surelist comedy. Suprised none of this has copyright strikes because he uses a lot of copyright music

No. 22811

No. 22816

i love these dumb botw videos so fucking much, i lol'd at this

No. 22822

File: 1554009898394.webm (4.46 MB, 1280x720, hehexD.webm)

No. 22823

File: 1554009925512.webm (1.76 MB, 640x360, squish.webm)

No. 22827

is it bad that that was the first video I thought of when Dolores O'Riordan died?

No. 23266

Can't stop hitting replay, h e l p

No. 23269

Very sexy, anon.

No. 24226

Microwaving fish at work is a personality defect

No. 24282

No. 25976

No. 26798

I'm sorry

No. 26799

No. 26800

No. 26801

No. 26804

No. 26805

No. 26806

No. 26807

No. 26808

want to eat my sword husbandos

No. 26810

No. 26817

And once again kpopland is copying glorious nippon…

No. 27082

Thanks, it's great. I want more!

No. 27097

Anon I've been trying to remember the name of these videos for like the past 6 or 7 years and you mean everything to me

No. 27099

No. 27100

No. 27101

No. 27102

No. 27185

The show this skit is from is called Vermillion Pleasure Night.

No. 27298

Thank you!

No. 27326

File: 1555804145643.webm (9.14 MB, 1280x720, ricardo.webm)

No. 27471

No. 27781

No. 29795

No. 29827

This made me really happy

No. 31386

No. 31511

I just wanna play with it all

No. 32585

No. 38933

Girl would you like to come back with r

No. 39437

No. 39440


No. 39455

Does this chick have autism AND gastrointestinal issues? Geez louise

No. 39854

No. 40108


No. 40698

(Autotuned Cows)

I thought this video needs to be posted on this site.


No. 41020


listening to part 2 rn and this girl's story is absolutely devastating, it made me cry. it makes me feel extremely lucky to be raised an atheist and i'm just glad to know she's no longer in this situation.

No. 41050

This is some fucked up shit. I'm glad she got justice in the end, though.

No. 41060

No. 41061

No. 43473

The future is now!

No. 44221

No. 44931

singlehandedly restored my faith in men tbh

No. 45082

Fantastic taste, anon. Lynch's Rabbits is a trip and a half that I hadn't thought about in a while. I also absolutely love Svankmajer, his version of Alice is one of my all time favorites.

This homage to Svankmajer that the Brothers Quay did is great as well.

No. 45229

No. 45237

is it bad i found this hilarious

No. 46459

old lady singing to her dog.

No. 47831

The Dennys Grand Slam


No. 47923

No. 48021

The flashbacks you’ve given me, anon…
I swear there’s another version of this and I liked both and would be an actual cringy tween weeaboo memorising the lyrics to this.

No. 48031


Thanks anon, now put on your best Jack Skellington t-shirt and dance with me.

No. 48720

No. 48722

No. 48755

I love this and the original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ony539T074w)

No. 50568

No. 50586

No. 50591

No. 68644

No. 68652

No. 68706

No. 68711

No. 68712

No. 68713


No. 68768

Oh fuck me lmao this was peak comedy when I was younger

No. 69523

Hoolllyyy shiittt
I was looking for Alex Jones memes until I saw this in my feed
I laughed for 20 minutes straight

No. 70881

No. 70916

No need to understand korean, you will cry either way

No. 71181

No. 71209

No. 71502

Save all the videos you like before YouTube kills itself

No. 71505


i also like this animator too anon

No. 71506

No. 71507

No. 71508

No. 71544

It's the same person who made this viral video years ago

No. 71563


Yeah, they used to do a lot of these collage/psychedelic horror type of videos. Now it's mainly their ant colony and Minecraft letsplays. This is my favorite recent video of theirs.

No. 71868

Nana makes the best horror videos and minecraft let's plays. Fun sentence to say. He is also working on a horror game now.

No. 75955

File: 1582115727128.webm (2.13 MB, 640x360, tumblr_puduxrp9YE1u32bhn.webm)

No. 76054

This is so good what the fuck

No. 76142

I know right? Had to share.

RIP Chester you beautiful soul

No. 85967

Documentary about a man with an extraordinary brain.

No. 86014

it's time to post this timeless classic, Konis Hupen

No. 86106

File: 1587809998725.webm (1.16 MB, 480x480, YF07QRKCAAcozsDI.webm)

No. 86117

No. 86153

A peculiar art project that you either hate or love

No. 86167

No. 86359

汉服赏 Chinese Traditional Clothes | 6 | 复原小组带你还原中国装束

No. 86558

File: 1588306107707.webm (3.99 MB, 632x480, wake_up.webm)

No. 86582

I fucking LOVE traditional chinese clothing

No. 87487

File: 1588784332654.webm (931.75 KB, 720x720, 56154.webm)

No. 87488

File: 1588784409438.webm (66.75 KB, 480x480, 88496.webm)

No. 87489

File: 1588784453053.webm (494.94 KB, 640x640, 7456.webm)

No. 87490

File: 1588784487076.webm (652.96 KB, 640x640, 6568.webm)

No. 87491

File: 1588784538764.webm (2.78 MB, 480x270, 89484.webm)

No. 87492

File: 1588784585530.webm (3.24 MB, 480x480, 98486.webm)

No. 87493

File: 1588784669643.webm (9.22 MB, 480x378, 3145.webm)

No. 87494

File: 1588784782505.webm (12.37 MB, 640x640, 54458.webm)

No. 87495

File: 1588784839252.webm (4.6 MB, 720x890, 8974321.webm)

No. 87670

there is no need to be upset

why is this hilarious

No. 90476

Reading about the imminent eruption of the 17 year cycle cicadas has me missing the south a bit

No. 91591

Why can't I stop watching this thing?

I read about it a few days ago, crazy stuff

No. 93893

No. 93902

No. 94389

Blogging but I just smoked a joint and I realized Ren and Stimpy remind me of Eminem and Dr. Dre so I searched google to see if anyone else made this connection and I found this video. What a gem

No. 94390

A brash little ratty molerat-looking dog and his stupid lumbering, mouth-breathing, affectionatly gay partner

No. 94439

No. 94518

No. 94520

i got this in my recommended last night, it feels like an authentic youtube relic

No. 94523

know nothing about this channel but the interaction was very wholesome

No. 94634

File: 1591266360545.jpg (62.35 KB, 640x492, .JPG)

wow hello fellow consumer of terrible music! pleasant surprise to see another msifag on here

No. 94636

Ah, i don't browse /m/ but I just saw your reply here and me too! Get It Up is my ironic "don't really know what i'm doing" whore anthem that was recommended to me by an internet friend in a playlist made for me a good while ago. Sex For Homework reminds me of this really weird hookup I had with a guy from high school and taking his virginity. Their songs are very hit and miss but when it's a bop, it's a bop.

No. 94643

Another msi fan here. Got into them because of MCR as an emo teenager and I still listen to them now unashamedly.

No. 96320

No. 96937

I don't know how I found this but it's the worst thing I've ever seen

No. 97131

Dr. Ramani is a queen but this specific video is great, cuts to the harsh truth.

No. 97268

I wouldn't be surprised to find out she's a farmer.

No. 97295

File: 1593251372738.webm (2.08 MB, 640x640, 1593146512804.webm)

Don't worry about the dog.

No. 97301

No. 98207

No. 98282

I love john goblikon of nekrogoblikon
I can't believe I watched all of this

No. 99308

No. 101054

I feel like shit atm and this made me feel better

No. 101501

I know we already call Lainey footface but damn

No. 101947

and that's the tale of the christmas cretin.

No. 102038

one of my favorite videos, i love how much fun their having. It makes me sad that OP added ' Ultimate Cringe' to the title

No. 102122

Aww I love that one too!
The girl who made the original video has made some impressive Pokémon suits too. They got way too much flack for this imo

No. 102151

I found this at random and every now and again I go back and watch it for how it's put together.

No. 102154

Oh to be an elephant listening to piano.

No. 102932

This legit made me cry

No. 102952

No. 102963

No. 103206

No. 103241

This exists…

No. 103256

No. 103841

No. 103942

I have no clue what it's saying

No. 103974

All i got from this that uh she moved (?)to canada and smokes are fucking expensive the dudes dress badly (????) And she eventually gets fat, uglier but way happier than in japan. Yay.

No. 104426

File: 1597462878532.webm (1.44 MB, 384x288, timos_in_agony.webm)

No. 105310

This is currently one of my favorite videos

No. 105317

File: 1597989880994.webm (1.32 MB, 1280x720, serbian raptor.webm)

No. 105319

What's the name of the video, it says video unavailable

No. 105349

I love you anon for bringing this to my attention
also ATS is a masterpiece and Linkin Park's magnum opus. Had to say it

No. 105484

It’s an Arthur/Linkin Park mashup. I guess this particular youtube video doesn’t allow embedding on other sites. Try clicking on the video title instead of the play button so it will take you straight to youtube.

I don’t care about how much of a meme Linkin Park has become, I still adore their music! My personal favorite is Minutes to Midnight simply because that’s the album I listened to the most when I was younger. I’m still bummed about Chester, man.

No. 105507

No. 105511

saw on a fb group, I love the simple fun of old YouTube. plus the song is so catchy.

No. 105569

No. 105577

No. 105587

No. 105835

No. 105842

At first I thought this is so bad but then I thought, did I make a song when I was 13? I did not, and if I did it would have been worse. So good for them

No. 105846

you do realize they haven't made it on their own? This band was an industry plant that failed

No. 105861

That's alright I still think they're admirable for trying

No. 105874

Well, they didn’t exactly fail but they were nothing but a one hit wonder (at least here in Germany).

No. 106004

I just found this on accident and I'm in tears

No. 106091

I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old. Please show me more sfm videos you like

No. 106184

File: 1598696163886.webm (2.19 MB, 480x360, eva_sketches.webm)

No. 106605

No. 107242

No. 107326

It kills me when he looks in the camera and smirks

No. 107543

No. 107557

i’m in love

No. 107738

im looking for a video/webms. it's of a probably russian man and a crowd of young children surrounding the boot of his truck. he has a carnival like wheel there, one like wheel of fortune or whatever. instead of using a spinner or a bottle, he uses his arm as a spinner and goes through a few cycles before landing on a spot and giving the kid who paid a toy prize. it's so fucking stupid but it made me laugh so much when i first saw it. if you find pls link

No. 107742

Damn these are so awkward to watch! In a bizarre, somewhat endearing way.

No. 107759

If I had to listen to this then so do all of you

No. 107765

this one's my favourite

No. 107768

No. 107773

That wasn't bad, this is my favorite

No. 108067

No. 108082

No. 108110

AS IDs have some great short animated content

No. 108111

No. 108115

No. 108121

No. 108122

No. 108213

No. 108284

No. 108557

No. 108565

blessed video

No. 108606

No. 108690

Fuckin slaps

No. 108706

Men holding small animals make me weak

No. 108829

No. 108881

File: 1600946824597.webm (2.97 MB, 960x540, 99c4a78c77bc1184d0f0d7aac28a60…)

grrrrr you're not supposed to touch baby deer, their moms will abandon them

No. 108882

No. 108898

this is a myth likely created to keep people from messing with animals. human scent doesn't cause animals to abandon their youngings

No. 108933

No. 108944

The best

No. 108950

No. 108954

File: 1601003202063.jpg (10.16 KB, 250x252, 1597616243992.jpg)

No. 108955

No. 108974

No. 109032

I usually hate these videos but the screaming sound effect when she brushes her hair is killing me

No. 109704

Where's the other Alex Jones anons?

No. 109705

I fucking love the sequel to this video

No. 109710

holy shit my boyfriend is a huge bts fan and he just caught me watching this while cry laughing and now he wont talk to me lmfao

No. 109711

No. 109725

No. 109726

No. 109824

Boy, if this was done today they would have skinned the designer alive…also I love how models used to enjoy themselves on the runway, nowadays they just walk in, walk out

No. 109827

No. 109841

No. 109867

File: 1601748835573.webm (506.74 KB, 434x768, 063a802d58452e7160705fac53252e…)

No. 109881

No. 109882

I'm losing my shit because of these

No. 110184

No. 111046

No. 111249

For the anon in the meme thread asking for snarry cringe

No. 111277

Fuck this got a kick out of me. I can't wait for new Grand Tour babyyyyy

No. 111280

No. 111291

I hate this video so much f you

No. 111308

No. 111456

No. 111485

No. 111620

a modern classic

No. 111972

autistic crossover

No. 111973

This gives me many feelings…

No. 111975

File: 1602926694130.jpg (50.1 KB, 226x256, img_20201017_105824 (1).jpg)

sometimes I stumble upon a video with some sport I don't even care about but then I see a cute guy and I get hooked. This Devon seems like a fucking cutie and he's 6'4. Usually I'm not into buff guys but there's something about him I had to watch the whole match and the moment when he says "Work it… I want you to remember" is so weirdly sexual and dramatic. I don't understand why it makes me so horny

No. 111984

No. 111985

Fucking gross just the thumbnail makes want to kill myself and i shall spam random videos till this shitting thimbnail gets burried in this oh god you fucking stupid little bug

No. 111986

No. 111987

No. 111988

No. 111989


No. 111990

No. 111991

No. 111993

I've seen that before lol. Reminds me of this guy.

No. 112014

Holy fuuuck this reminded me of this video

No. 112281

No. 112288

guts theme is so good jfc

No. 112424

Snippet of a song about a mongoose cryptid from the 1930s.

No. 112521

No. 112736

Gave me Parappa vibes

No. 112738

Dunno why vid is broken but here>


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