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No. 172556

Post anime OSTs, be it OPs, EDs, character themes or BGMs, you like, whether because they're genuinely good or because it's a nostalgia flash.

No. 172558

Jigoku Shoujo first OP. I sometimes remember it randomly and it always takes me a minute to figure out where I know it from again. The first few times I didn't really like it because it sounded kinda boring, but it really grew on me.

No. 172561

to be fair… it's a catchy song!

No. 172563

samefag - lucky star had some nice music too, makes me think of summer

No. 172564

Good taste!!

No. 172565


No. 172567

No. 172568

No. 172569

No. 172570

No. 172571

Law of Ueki is so aggressively 2000s!!!

No. 172572

No. 172573

Gosick OP 1 used to be my favorite because of the visuals alone

No. 172574

Yes I like monogatari leave me alone

No. 172576

I didn't knew this was a anime OP! I only remember listening to it on a CD my uncle had (burned?), thanks so much for posting this lmao

No. 172577

Nothing will ever come close to the Berubara OP

No. 172578

Still loving Death Note's

No. 172583

Monogatari had some good music to be honest.

No. 172584


No. 172585

No. 172592

The first few episodes I didn't like this one but I came to appreciate it.

No. 172593

One of the more unique OPs I've seen

No. 172597

No. 172598

I know this is coomer animer but this song KILLS I swear

No. 172599

A classic.

lmao this song baited me into watching Valkyrie Drive. Shitty ecchi anime and eroge have great music.

No. 172617


Man I forgot this anime existed. I unironically liked it…I know it was for coomers but I just love battle action anime but with a female cast for a change (and it's also gay).

No. 172625

I love this song and the english version too, never finished watching the anime though, got so boring but I always come back for the opening theme

I'm crying. I remember listening to this song non stop during my weeb days. I think I even downloaded all the albuns this guy had.. ofc I heard him first on gravitation lmao

No. 172673

Samurai Champloo is full of bangers

Yesss nona! And so much of the lucky star bgm sounds like Animal crossing music, it's cute and relaxing.

No. 172684

>Samurai Champloo is full of bangers
Yes! They captured the feeling of the anime so well

No. 172685

samefag but I also love the space dandy ost

thank you for making me discover this nonnie

No. 172693

This theme is so cool.

No. 172694

panty and stocking is absurd porny shit but definitely has good EDM

I found this song by accident and made me interested in the anime but it's too shittily animated to watch

No. 172701

can't wait for season three!

No. 172726

Alright, I'll be the one that posts the nichijou opening

No. 172727

All the best bleach openings/endings are made by women!

No. 172728

it's the 5th opening

No. 172733

Darling in the Franxx ED 5

No. 172735

Inuyasha ED 2. Fukai Mori was the first song I downloaded when I got internet as a kid.

No. 172747

>Tfw no vampire butler BF who plays the cello

No. 172756

Bokurano OP is the best.

No. 172774

for all the edgy bitches out there

No. 172784

Now this is pure nostalgia. I used to rp one of the characters in a defunct social media and my friends included Misa Amane, Jin from yuyu hakusho, another Misa Amane, Tifa Lockhart, two girls with random anime pics called Asami and Ruby, Edward Elric and Judai Yuki (I think he was Sasuke Uchiha before but he swore it was another guy. We just agreed he was crazy and played along). Man, I miss it.

No. 172788

>tfw no demon butler bf you sold your soul to

No. 172789

Kare Kano OST. A couple tracks ended up in the Evangelion movies.

No. 172825

Welcome to the NHK has a top tier OST, imo it's the best part of the show

No. 173057

EASY BREEZY. Surprised no one posted this. It's so catchy.

Yes! I like its upbeat tone and how it fits well with the anime's vibes.

No. 173060

No. 173265

This counts

No. 173269

This is so comfy and good, my boy deserved better.

No. 173270

One more, it still stings.

No. 173274

I watched the ghost stories dub and loved this song.

teddyloid is great!

No. 173276

i remember when hack//legend of twilight used to come on at like 4am on sunday mornings on CN and i would watch just to listen to this song. Its so nostalgic and makes me cry. The lyrics are beautiful too.

No. 173277

Shugo Chara's subunit Buono was my everything I remember learning all the dances to their songs and even got my little sis involved and she doesnt watch anime. i still know this dance by heart over 10 years later

No. 173293

The anime ended up being a huge disappointment with wasted potential (at least it wasn't coomery, though). The opening is good and catchy though

No. 173294

Absolutely the best part of the pile of shit that was Mawaru Penguindrum. Legendary song

No. 173295

A mystery why nobody has yet posted this bop

No. 173296

Loved it and still do.
>inb4 reee scrote moeblobs

No. 173297

see the above

No. 173298

No. 173300

No. 173304

No. 173305

No. 173307

another moeblob I related to as a teen

No. 173308


No. 173351

reminds me of better times

No. 173355

haven't watched the show but every OST etsuko yakashimaru has put out is to my liking

No. 173384

The first Hellsing anime was kinda crap but the OST is absolutely amazing and absolutely perfect at setting the mood.
I haven't watched ultimate, but I see many people say they think it's a shame they didn't reuse the OST

No. 173410

KHR soundtrack is the best pick-me-up

No. 173434

I don't normally care for Gundam stuff, but Iron Blooded Orphans' ost is so good that it made me watch it

No. 173458

No. 173459

No. 173460

No. 173539

OTM girls were the best part of season 3 of aggretsuko

No. 173541

Hard disagree.

No. 173542

Last one:

No. 173582

Sorry but I hated that song and accompanying animation so much. It was cringe. It's like Ikuhara tried to pull Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku again but what he came up with was pure shit

No. 173609

I unironically love idolcore shit

No. 173618

Is Soldier Game legitimately good or is it just brainrot from being exposed to idol shit from elementary school onwards?

No. 173656

Remember when dick mangina ruined this OP?

No. 173674

I really like KOR's soundtrack.

No. 173684

my comfort show

No. 173796

Idolshit can be good.

No. 174232

Came here to post a request

The ergo proxy ed is unironically what got me into radiohead lmao

No. 174387

Couldn’t believe how good the op was for a really obscure fujobait anime

No. 174458

Omg I loved that crap. You've unlocked my secret fujo memories

No. 178497

An anon posted this in the anime thread but I want to post it here too.

No. 178499

Love the song, the art, the animation, the cute boys dancing… I lost interest in JJK almost exactly when they changed the OP/ED and I don't think that's a coincidence

No. 178523

I love this music so much, I might just watch the anime to see it in motion kek

anon, you should try reading the mangas, I almost stopped at the same point but things starts to get really intersting after the end of the anime !

No. 178552

loved Blue Exorcist's OST growing up, still do today

No. 178554

I'm not usually one for sports anime but I really liked this one, especially the theme of the second season. Give it a shot anon! I don't know many Megalobox fans. Plus Joe is kinda cute.

No. 178556

No. 178565

The ending is a bop too

No. 178575

The first one and Analogy are my favorite openings from Higurashi, but all of them are good imo.

No. 178579

Samefag but the new snk op is amazing.

No. 178580

Tatami Galaxy ending is definitely one of my favourites.

No. 178604

Gundam Wing OST
It's made by Kow Otani, the same person who made the OST for Shadow of the Collossus and Godzilla…

Also the OP and EDs are made by TWO-MIX which are very nostalgic if you like that kind of music

No. 178637


No. 178644

VN so hopefully that's fine, but I listen to this all the time.
It's genuinely so creepy and uncanny but still sounds so nice matching the game's tone the best.

No. 178674

All the Pani Poni Dash OPs were great but this one is just chefs kiss

Other great ones are the Azumanga Daioh OP, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru OP, My Song and Crow OSTs from Angel Beats, and Shikabane Hime OP. Used to listen to them on repeat on my MP3 player when I was younger.

No. 178675

Samefag also all the Working!! openings are perfection.

No. 178729

Idk where from but cute

No. 178809


No. 178819

Fucking love when this one starts playing

No. 178820

It's great and I remember that legendary expert beatmap kek. I miss 2014 LL era so much.

No. 178860


I speak french and sometimes I have a cringe fantasy about singing this at an anime con karaoke or something

No. 178871

I have a love-hate relationship with the Monogatari Series. Bakemonogatari had great visuals, music, and a story that wasn't completely terrible. Nisemonogatari is garbage (except for Kaiki) and the scrotes who defend the sis-con nonsense are worse. The only seasons that ever reached the level of Bake was Monogatari Series: Second Season and Hanamonogatari (but that's just a personal opinion). Everything else is just pesud nonsense used to cover up the weird loli groping scenes.

Sodachi from Owarimonogatari was actually pretty interesting and actually served as a nice foil to the general saccharine tone the series has kept for a while up to that point. She also has the opening in the series a.k.a the vid I posted.

No. 178876

I hate how much I loved this series, it's just so stylish. I can no longer tolerate scrotey pedo haremshit but imagine how good it could be if it redirected that perverted energy into age appropriate relationships and a gender balanced cast that doesn't totally alienate a female audience.

No. 179364

It ran last season and wasn't even that good, but for some reason I keep thinking about Visual Prison and am sad that it only were the standard 12 episodes. I'm convinced it's because I adore the OP lol.

No. 179365

This is so cute the fuck

No. 179418

Here's a recent one I like, it appeals to my inner chuuni.

I love this song too. I didn't even bother watching the show since I knew it wouldn't be my thing, but I've listened to its OP too many times.

No. 179924

Death Parade's OP is catchy as hell

No. 179938

extremely based and boomerpilled

mahoujin guru guru isn't really talked about much since it was a kids show, but my god does the ED slap

No. 180005

The BNA OST was really good and is to me more memorable than the show, though it was cute.

No. 180036

No. 180807

One of the OPs I never skipped

No. 299148

A.Z, despite turning into a pile of manure at the end, has a great OST, which is sadly underutilised in thw show.

No. 299150

Still such a great OP. It made me watch the show.

Whatever even happen to Lisa Komine? Why isn't she more popular? She has a unique voice.

Get the character songs, there is a good number of them scattered along different albums.

I'll be buying more albmus from Asriel at some point.

I like the OP better.

No. 318325

This anime is pretty much forgotten unless you're a Tomino cultist. The opening is good though.

No. 318330

Started watching because of the OP and I liked all the flowers and refined sailor moon aesthetic.

No. 324801

I'll forever love my idol shit

No. 372299

It's so calming…

No. 390575

I could never really get into Hetalia but this one is of my favorite character themes.

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