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No. 170868

Originally utaite (歌い手) was a term to describe online artists who covered various VOCALOID songs and uploaded them under the utattemita (歌ってみた) tag the onto video websites like NND and YouTube. Due to its growing popularity in recent years, the term seems to have shifted to include people who cover non-VOCALOID songs, too.

Some questions to get it started, feel free to ignore
>When and how did you get into it?
>Who's your favorite?
>What's your favorite cover?
>Do you like ryouseirui?
>Do you listen to non-Japanese utaite, too?
>Have you seen anyone live?
>How do you feel about the shift between vocaloid exclusive content and the current broader definition?

No. 170871

I love EVE

No. 170884

I hope this thread takes off.

>When and how did you get into it?

Through hearing English covers of anime songs on youtube in 2008
>Who's your favorite?
Soraru + Lon duets
>What's your favorite cover?
It's hard to choose, but Soraru + Lon's Remote Control is so energetic
>Do you like ryouseirui?
I'm not sure who counts, Nano and Mafumafu are good though
>Do you listen to non-Japanese utaite, too?
Yes in both Japanese and English, I love hearing how different singers translate lyrics. Honestly it's what I mostly listen to
>Have you seen anyone live?
>How do you feel about the shift between vocaloid exclusive content and the current broader definition?
In a way it doesn't bother me since I got into it through anime, not vocaloid. But musicians who use vocaloid to get into the mainstream music industry annoy me some

No. 170886

Love seeing how far REOL has come even though I get nostalgic for old days. I still play a bunch of her songs on osu

No. 170887

No. 170897

>When and how did you get into it?
Haha, oh wow. I got into it through the Vocaloid fandom obviously in the 2011-2013 sort of era. I also joined the western vocaloid/youtaite fandom and uploaded vocaloid covers I made and (actual vocal covers) to Youtube. Made a lot of friends along the way.

>Who's your favorite?

My favorite is ゆある(Yuaru), I love her strong chest voice. She sounds so lovely and powerful.

>What's your favorite cover?

To this day it's probably Tengaku by Hanatan. Vid related. I listen to it when I want to feel empowered lol? It's cringe but who gives a fuck.

>Do you like ryouseirui?

I used to. I considered myself one as well back in the day since my voice is naturally deep. I enjoy the voice acting part of it but slowly grew out of the "gender-special" aspect. I think it's impressive to be able to use multiple registers of your voice in a way that sounds good. Ika-san is one of my favorite ryouseirui. I also enjoyed Kogainu back in the day.

>Do you listen to non-Japanese utaite, too?

Sometimes. I dislike the popular ones like Rachie and Jubiephonic. A lot of my friends were part of the western utaite community. My favorite is relatively unknown. https://www.youtube.com/user/1001piecepuzzle

>Have you seen anyone live?

Nope! But I've always dreamed of seeing Nano live. She started off as a Utaite so I guess she counts?

>How do you feel about the shift between vocaloid exclusive content and the current broader definition?

I honestly miss the days when the vocaloids were characters themselves with unique PVs and storylines. It was fun when vocaloid had a VAing aspect to it and people would try to simulate the voices. Nowadays it's more about the music itself, which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes I miss the storytelling. Stuff like the Synchronicity series, Servant of Evil etc just had such interesting compelling storylines and while the music wasn't always great I wish we could go back.

No. 170910

Same. The MV for this one blew my mind

No. 170911

I love Ika-san too! It's been seven years at this point, but I don't think I'll ever get over her Bad End Night cover.

No. 170915


The guiltiest of bops

No. 171119

I love that this is a thread, it's like yall had the same childhood as me.

Anyways, some of my favorites: Lasah, Gazelle (Yanagi Nagi), Choucho, Hanatan, EVO+, Reol.

A lot of them went on to sing anime/opening games and originals! So happy for them!

No. 177698

Unpopular opinion but Kyounosuke's ruining her voice with testosterone, she's getting that transman frogginess. I heard so many female singers don't realize T can trash their ability to perform and become devastated by that, I can only wonder if she's fully prepared for it.

No. 177815

What a shame. She had such an incredible voice.

No. 306782

I'm sad 96nekos cover of Kagen no Tsuki is like the only one to exist. I like her, but my favorite thing about utattemita was always hearing all the different versions, interpretations and arranges of songs, so having only this one and one vtuber cover that I refuse to listen to is a bit sad lol. I'd check NND, but the website doesn't work for me anymore, alas. I wonder why it's so much less popular than Jougen no Tsuki, you'd consider those to be like some A and B side just because of the name alone, and they both came out in 2013, but you barely even see Kagen no Tsuki even mentioned on any of KurousaPs/whiteflames pages, too.

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