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No. 165620

Dump what's in your japanese playlists here. All genres and vibes welcomed.
Introduce farmers to niche (or not) artists. Shill your favs. Ask for recommendations.

>Try not to embed yt videos with no context nonnys. Please leave at least artist name, song/album name, and genre if you like.

>General discussion is fine ofc but actual gossip, dramu shit goes in designated thread >>/m/14863

No. 165621

I've remembered how much I'm in love with the song Dear Future by Coaltar Of The Deepers. Does anyone know more songs like this? Apparently it falls under Japanese shoegaze. I want to give Coaltar Of The Deepers a shot as well, but IDK where to start

No. 165625

I’ve been listening to Creepy Nuts a lot lately, their music seems fitting for Halloween

The first album I listened to by CotD was Yukari Telepath, so I’d recommend that one. As far as Japanese shoegaze goes my favorite artists are CotD, Shojoskip and Tokyo Shoegazer

No. 165633

shin takarajima by sakanaction.

randomly came across this on youtube and love it. the song is super catchy imo, love how campy the video is

No. 165637

You should listen to Sadesper Record and Astrobrite and If you liked CoTD since the leader contributed to those bands and they have the same vibe. CQ also gives the same vibes.

Other bands I like are:
Uchu Nekoko/宇宙ネコ子
Flipper's Guitar (Shibuya-Kei)

Songs I like at the moment:
toe - two moons
Disco Crimson - CQ

No. 165645

thanks for this thread, I'm super lazy to contribute right now but I promise will do later.

No. 165646

ty for reminding me of this anime

No. 165653

I don't listen to much Japanese stuff so idk if they're niche or not, but Otoboke Beaver is good riot grrl. More female j-rock recs would be appreciated!

No. 165667

COTD also has their compilation best ofs called the breaststroke and the breaststroke II so u could get a better overall vibe

other bands:
plastic tree (specifically the album Traumerei)
my dead girlfriend
plastic girl in closet

No. 165673

I didn't really get the Kenshi Yonezu hype until this song, it's so good.

Love these songs! Actually I was listening to the Beck OP today at work and seriously vibing.

It's crazy how much music I enjoy has come from anime OPs/EDs, I feel like you get exposed to a decent variety of styles. I think it's because there's a big market for music specifically designed to match certain themes/moods. It doesn't have to be cool or appeal to the general public or fans of a genre, it just has to suit the anime series.

No. 165689

I suddenly realized most of GO!GO!7188's discography is finally on spotify! I'm nostalgic for this period in time.

No. 165693

No. 165710

speaking of anime op/ed that are genuinely good songs, i listen to uso by sid (fma brotherhood ending) regularly. love jrock with orchestral sounds

No. 165711

also been listening to a lot of shishamo lately. i think i saw them on a nhk show or something, but they're an all girl band that formed in hs. think there might have been some line up changes over the years though

No. 165739

No. 165740

No. 165745

No. 165908

Etsuko Yakushimaru - Radio Onsen Eutopia
only half of the album is still on youtube but the whole thing is finally on spotify.

she is also in Sōtaisei Riron and made some of in my opinion the best anime theme songs- end credits on Space Dandy, themes for The Tatami Galaxy, Arakawa Under The Bridge, Mawaru Penguindrum and a bunch of others that maybe haven't stuck in my head. anyway, worth checking out if you haven't anyway- no idea how well known she is in the west

No. 165910

I'm deep diving on my depths of youtube bookmarks here to dig up some of my favourite obscure japanese tracks.

mikan mikku
strange, japanese post-punkish song. (according to the comments though it turns out that one of the members was in fact later a member of P-MODEL, Susumu Hirasawa's band who are totally worth checking out as well- 2D or not 2D has a truly exceptional music video. Hirasawa has made a tonne of pretty experimental and kind of difficult solo stuff but is particularly known for, at least in the west, for his soundtracks- he had a long term collaboration with satoshi kon- paprika is my favourite and probably most listened to, and the soundtracks for berserk.)

No. 165911

I don't even know what this is but I love it- apparently this is called 'we are interesting people.'

No. 165912

Luna - Commet Sa Va
super good chanteuse revival new-wave ep. the whole thing is sung in schoolyard french. I wish I could find more of their work but they seem to have fully disappeared.

No. 165913

Yoshiko Sai - Mikkou

lost psychedelic singer/songwriter/musician/painter who was fairly recently rediscovered.

No. 165914

Melt-Banana - Cellscape
far better known, but no less interesting. probably my favourite japanese band. still annoyed i missed their show in my town 4 years ago because I had too bad flu to get out of bed.

No. 165932

So pretty sounding, I like listening to this while I study.

No. 166620

It's a shame this album is less than 12 minutes long. Gridlink has some controversy surrounding them, mainly because the vocalist is extremely xenophobic. They have a few songs related to video games and anime.

I LOVE Melt-Banana so much. Their sound is great. Makes me want to thrash around and eat banana popsicles afterwards.

No. 166811


BECK was amazing, thank you sm for reminding me nonny. Wish the anime went on for longer. The Pillows are honestly my favorite jrock group, though it's a shame a lot of people only know their FLCL soundtracks.

No. 168729

apparently wednesday campanella have a new singer. not sure if i'll like their music as much now that kom_i is out…just not as fun imo

No. 168730

versus when kom_i was in the group

No. 168743

Yeah, the new singer sounds really generic imo. I don’t know what I’m going to do without kom_i’s charismatic spazz dancing, I wonder why she left the group?

No. 168749

No. 168753

I read on wikipedia (lol) that she left to persue personal projects. Hopefully that means at least some solo music! I really love her as a musician and performer

No. 168775

Kom_i better have a solo career or I'm gonna friggin kill my self

No. 173982

I needed this thread

No. 173986

I want to drink and do karaoke

No. 173987

I could have fixed him

No. 173988

No. 183587

No. 183639

No. 183765

No. 184495

apparently, girugamesh is back.

No. 184498

Thank god! We really needed this thread.
Hopefully the schizo from the other thread doesn’t come shit in it.

Here’s some uh… hip hop? Its real good

No. 184500

Something else entirely but it was on my youtube recommended and I’m still processing wtf it is

No. 184501

The only Japanese singer I listen to, I want to discover new things thanks to this thread.

No. 184507

No. 184711

10/10 taste, nonny

No. 185418

No. 185419

No. 185421

I like Shugo Tokumaru.

No. 185597

I’m constantly nostalgic

No. 185599

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