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No. 164056

A thread to discuss literally ANYTHING that isn't related to weeb media or korean shit.
>What are your hobbies besides weeb shit?
>Are you a proud weeb or are you ashamed of it?
>How does weeb shit make you feel? Love it, hate it, are you indiferent to it?
>Should we split /m/ into another board solely for weebshit?
Don't infight, if you come to this thread to do so you will be banned. All opinions welcome.

No. 164059

>>Should we split /m/ into another board solely for weebshit?
Honestly? Yes. I'm all for this. There are so many great threads about music and art that get buried deep down because there's always weeb shit being bumped at the top. Like the genshin impact threads, I could care less about a game that looks like pedo pandering. I like anime myself, but this is way too much. I want to talk to other women about art and smarter things too, not just easily consumable media from japan. It feels clogged.

No. 164061

I think splitting onto another board is a great idea
>There are so many great threads about music and art that get buried deep down because there's always weeb shit being bumped at the top.

This is how I feel, I enjoy anime n whatever, but I'd like to see more of those threads and have people encouraged to engage more with /m/

No. 164063

if we split into another board can we get our kpop critical threads back?

No. 164064

Don't they attract a lot of kpop twitterfags though?

No. 164067

I disagree with the idea of a new board. If a new board was added for more classical media, then it would probably be extremely slow like how those threads are already, and the same would happen if a separate board was added for weebshit containment except vice versa- /m/ is already slow as is, at least if you bump a non-weeb thread currently it'd probably stay up for an hour or two. New boards being added for divided interests only really works if both are equally active.
I think their faggotry has died down since a while ago, and as long as a new thread is secretly put up without a big announcement or something I don't see it getting raided right away. It's ultimately up to whether the current farmhands and moderation could handle it though.

No. 164075

What are you even talking about, most of the active threads aren't about anything Japanese. Just hide the threads you're not interested in.

No. 164086

Just hide the threads you don't want to see, that's what I do and it works well. If we create a board to seperate Japanese things from the rest we should also make a board to remove American trash from the rest at this point.

No. 164103

>What are your hobbies besides weeb shit?
i like reading (actually published literature, no fanfic at all), jigsaw puzzling, podcasts, videogames, western animation (bob's burgers, bojack horseback, anything disney) and ofc sometimes movies and tv shows with irl people in it
>Are you a proud weeb or are you ashamed of it?
i'm not ashamed of it but i decided to make it not so obvious anymore and not list it as a hobby unless someone actually asks if i like anime
>How does weeb shit make you feel? Love it, hate it, are you indiferent to it?
i enjoy the things i enjoy but there is a lot of stuff i hate, like how 20 out of 40 new seasonal shows will be jiggly titty anime for coomers and how every shonen author tries to make the new dragonball (which is ugly as fuck in my opinion so that's why i hate it even more). i also dislike how anime icons are generelly associated with the gender cult. i do, however, really enjoy rping and creating ocs with other people and we usually use more or less obscure manga characters as faces for our characters and i'd be sad if i couldn't do that anymore. if i see obvious weebs in public, i avoid all eye contact.
>Should we split /m/ into another board solely for weebshit?
i think it would just make both boards slower.

No. 164217

I am pro-splitting /m/

No. 164223

I don't understand the point. Are you too lazy to click through 2 pages or what? We don't need 2 dead boards

No. 164229

I almost want to make a new weebshit thread just to spite you. I've been thinking about making it for a while but I'm sure it would die immediately

No. 164230

>What are your hobbies besides weeb shit?
Reading classic lit currently (mainly Agatha Christie novels), Antiques, gardening, hiking, interior decorating and the one that matches the least I like to watch trashy reality TV a lot to the point where it's basically the only live action thing I watch.
>Are you a proud weeb or are you ashamed of it?
Proud, I genuinely love to wear my hobbies on my sleeve and talk about how much I love lolita and general weebshit.
>How does weeb shit make you feel? Love it, hate it, are you indiferent to it?
Just a part of who I am, personally I don't really care about the historical aspect of Japan (the Yokai and samurai shit that people get obsessed with is super boring to me) so it's pretty much just only pop culture post 1960s that I care about.
>Should we split /m/ into another board solely for weebshit?
No, that sounds pointless.

No. 164254

File: 1634181460883.png (229.96 KB, 500x402, D9656CC3-4519-4B47-BA1E-F927F1…)

>What are your hobbies besides weeb shit?
I like Korean shit, but I've been trying to expand outside kpop since the personalities in it seem too stale and faked. I also like western film, television, cartoons, writing, and since I can never get to doing art anymore, looking at art. I've gotten so lazy these days that I can't even say I have productive hobbies.

>Are you a proud weeb or are you ashamed of it?

I was a proud weeb or at least an increasingly reluctant one for years, nowadays I am ashamed I was ever a weeb. Seeing this friend I have be a turbo weeb makes me shudder, I wish I could tell her to watch other shit, but she won't listen.

>How does weeb shit make you feel? Love it, hate it, are you indiferent to it?

At this point I'm either indifferent to or hate it. The series I think will hold up still will sit at the back of my mind as decent works, but most of it I have realized is male pandering garbage with highly sexist undertones. Even good series can have these. Can't help but fear that one of the few series I do still like with mostly girl characters (Little Witch) is probably produced by perverts too. The fandoms however are the atrocity that made me stop liking anime. After the Vic Lasagna voice actor fiasco and all the people defending him, and the increased amount of coomer pandering and downright boring unwatchable dreck each anime season, I gave up entirely on new series after watching eizouken in 2020 turns out the creator of eizouken was a lolicon loving creep. Don't get me started on my hatred of fujos or their yuri equivalent. I'll be here all day. All in all I had personal bullshit happen with anime fans sexism, combined with the general climate of sexism, that made me resent what anime does to people. What it did to me too. I wish I'd kept myslef as diversified as I was and balanced between western series like I did for a few years instead of spending a few as a weeb tard who insisted 2d shit was better when it was just as vapid if not worse than anything coming out of the west

>Should we split /m/ into another board solely for weebshit?

Nah. The problem is this board has a lot of weebs. Who will insist that anime is the ultimate pantheon of entertainment. It's more like a mausoleum where many a woman's dignity goes to die to defend coomershit and coomershit disguised as "empowerment".

No. 164259

Absolutely based take anon.

No. 164268

>The problem is this board has a lot of weebs. Who will insist that anime is the ultimate pantheon of entertainment.
But the anime thread itself is buried so deep and people barely talk there
The fuck is up with people wanting to split? As if /m/ wasn't slow enough?

No. 164287

>What are your hobbies besides weeb shit?
writing and drawing, crafting things
>Are you a proud weeb or are you ashamed of it?
I won’t consider myself a weeb, I just consume a lot of comics and fiction in general and there is just so much stuff from japan it’s inevitable. I learn japanese for fun so I can read some of my favorites in their original language. But I generally prefer the way stories traditionally get told in manga than western comics, the paneling and dynamics are better for intense storytelling than the rather static looking colored pictures that are wide-spread in western comics imo.
>How does weeb shit make you feel? Love it, hate it, are you indiferent to it?
I hate that there’s so much paedo shit and sexist degeneracy in general that it’s always hard to find good works which aren’t riddled by this shit. That’s a general media and society problem not limited to weeb stuff but it’s way too normalized and cultivated in this niche to be easily ignored.
>Should we split /m/ into another board solely for weebshit?
no, different threads are enough that would be overkill.

No. 164291

>Don't get me started on my hatred of fujos or their yuri equivalent. I'll be here all day.
Go on… No, but seriously I'm curious why do you single out those two groups. Personally I hated generic coomer scrotes hyping flavor of the month moeshit and troons the most (I guess those overlap with yuri stans, kek). Nothing against fujoshis unless they are like the few fuming psychos that have a grudge toward any content and fan that doesn't support their, uh, unique vision (sometimes more like delusion).

No. 164312

Lmao I love that the concept of this thread is "don't talk about weeb shit, now tell what life is like as a weeb

No. 164332

/m/ is already pretty slow, to split it into two boards would make them both even slower. As other anons have said, just hide threads you don't like. Weeb shit is imageboard culture at this point. Even the 'avatar' of lolcow is weeby, Board-Tan.

No. 164373

I really don't care about troons and I couldn't tell you the difference between a troon and a normalfag anime fan in the communities I was a part of. Almost everyone I knew was a man or woman straight up. Most of the sickos were men who liked loli, men who liked yuri, and surprisingly, fujos. I don't really care nor try and clock whos a tranny and who isn't because I'm not a radfem. Most of the rampant misogyny was coming from males. Irrelevant to the rest of the discussion. But I was surprisingly harassed by female fujos, not aidens, who considered themselves to somehow be above me, as well, and there were at least two fujos who were the male equivalent of lolicons who loved posting about how depraved and gross they were and how they fetishized little boy characters and consumed shota. Insofar as I was aware they weren't larping, I saw their faces and heard their voices, clearly women. lolicons are given to be annoying and obviously evil but people never take into consideration that there's a bunch of fujos who are creepy and annoying as well. I quit being a fujo because I started to loathe the genre and anime, but also because I don't think anyone should consider themselves holier than thou for fetishizing gay sex, let alone excuse the pedochans who see it as a pipeline to shotacon. There were also multiple fujos who pardoned the pedo fujos behavior as "iTS JUST FICTIONAL", and that sparks the usual "fictional vs real life cp" debate to which I will always say there is something wrong with anyone who looks at cp, male, female, tranny, what fucking ever.

No. 164380

I haven't interacted with actual coomer scrotes in so long. I feel like I could enjoy anime again since I don't fuck with fandoms, but only if the majority of creators didn't inject their personal perverted preferences into everything.

No. 164411

Thanks! Sorry about your bad experiences. Wouldn't want to run into those kinds of fujos, horrifying.
About the troon thing - I meant both FIMs and aidens. Beyond coomer degeneracy, I really hate transing characters that clearly aren't and shouldn't be. I guess everyone has the right to their headcanons, but many of those people push their interpretations as canon that everyone should follow. TBH all minority headcanons are insufferable when twitterfags demand you to subscribe to them.

No. 164485

I know people are saying this board is too inactive already to split, but what if a weeb-free zone was more appealing to others? If someone who’s not into anime comes here and sees mostly weeb shit, they’ll likely get turned off and leave without seeing the buried threads.

Idk, just a thought. I’ve found myself disregarding threads because of the over abundance of anime pics/discussion that I don’t care about. I’d love more active general threads about music and video games and whatnot.

No. 165083

Just use the catalog…

No. 286995

>What are your hobbies besides weeb shit?
History shit, languages, general non-fiction since it's almost always interesting to learn about shit, I also like to draw (though mostly fanart), think up own stories though too lazy to note them down, games and non-Japanese comics and some cartoons are cool too.
>Are you a proud weeb or are you ashamed of it?
Neutral. I never considered anime related hobbies as an ideology or anything, not everything needs a label. I neither hide that I am into anime/comics nor do I talk about it unless the other person is into it as well since that would be pointless. I am not the type that could walk around with merch and shit either, but this is because I value privacy. If you ask me I will tell you which anime I enjoy and why, but I don't want to show every rando in the streets what my hobbies are.
>How does weeb shit make you feel? Love it, hate it, are you indiferent to it?
Mostly indifferent since I don't interact much. But I generally hate this social media mindset that makes everybody overshare everything in front of everybody. It's not because it's anime, I generally assume that a person might be not for me if they wear merch and shirts with the logo of their favorite series/games/books/whatever.
>Should we split /m/ into another board solely for weebshit?
Rather indifferent. Might make finding shit easier, but I think the board isn't into it enough to need one. I can't stand real life shit, novels, private talks or celebrities though so maybe such a board wouldn't be so bad since the only shit I discuss anyway. Maybe just a general 2D board that also includes comics. Though I admit that I hate webtoons/korean stuff but they aren't very popular here I think.

No. 287006

>What are your hobbies besides weeb shit?

books are my main hobby/interest, mostly fantasy but I read a lot of genres. I also love music, mostly metal, and I love going to concerts. I like classical music and opera too. I'm really interested in languages and linguistics, history and other subjects. I like video games though I'm more of a casual gamer. I really wish I had someone in my personal life who I could talk to about books besides my mom, preferably someone who also reads, but anyone I've encountered with those interests usually is also a weeb and their weeb interests outshine any of their other interests. it doesn't help that I live somewhere pretty isolated and there aren't a lot of opportunities or ways to make friends.

>Are you a proud weeb or are you ashamed of it?

I'm not a weeb.

>How does weeb shit make you feel? Love it, hate it, are you indiferent to it?

I hate it, almost on a personal level. the art style is hideous to me, no offense to anyone who likes it. aside from just not liking the art style most animes I've seen seem like they have weird sexual undertones and a lot of it seems pedophilic in nature. like how "sexy" female characters a lot of times kind of act/sound like children, I guess this is because in japan being sexy is considered being cute which usually constitutes acting like a child (or what to me, as a westerner, reminds of children I guess) I guess it's a culture thing but it makes me uncomfy. not to mention a lot of female characters, even ones with giant breasts and other womanly features are often drawn with childlike faces. sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who thinks stuff like that and I start to wonder if I'm crazy. but my ex was addicted to lolicon and gaslit me about being uncomfortable about it, so I guess I'm just easily triggered by that kind of thing. I've also only had bad experiences with weebs (except my sister who isn't a weeb anymore) and every weeb I've been friends with has been a turbo coomer. and they always say things like "I can't stand to watch live action TV shows because of how ugly/imperfect everyone is, I can only watch anime because it erases all the flaws". I'm sorry but if you can't stand looking at real people that's a you problem, also it's usually the ugliest of fucks who say shit like that. they also usually start worshipping japan and feel the need to lecture you on how "japan is the best country in the world, it's superior because of xyz, people there are happier etc" and a lot of times it's shit that isn't even necessarily true. not to mention weebshit ends up invading almost everything I like. for example I have an interest in dead languages and medieval cultures, so I'll start watching videos about runes or something and then videos about vinland saga will pop up in the recommended. I guess that's not terrible, just annoying. also several booktubers I used to watch who only read regular books started to get really into manga and now most/half of their content is about that, which is crappy for me but whatever. and then I have to get lectured by other people about how I'm not open minded because I don't like it. if other people like it, great, I'm happy for them, but I'm just incapable of liking it. I wish I could because I could make more friends that way, but I can't. I respect people for having different tastes (usually) I wish other people could do the same for me.

wow I didn't mean for that to be such a huge block of text, I just have a lot of thoughts lol.

>Should we split /m/ into another board solely for weebshit?

I wish, like the other anon said the more interesting threads always get buried because the majority of threads getting bumped are weebshit. but I don't really know if this site has enough traffic to warrant that.

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