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File: 1633410858805.jpeg (236.58 KB, 1024x683, bebby.jpeg)

No. 162927

Tranny jannies didn't move the thread so here is a new one. Worship away nonitas.

>Talk about the most powerful animal in the world (capybaras) here and pay respects to the capybara gods. Blessed be.

No. 162928

this one had to be reposted wtf it's a TUBE

No. 162930

Blessed be.

No. 162967

File: 1633457026803.jpg (306.52 KB, 900x888, 2c.jpg)

No. 162968

File: 1633457124153.jpg (8.27 KB, 285x177, images.jpg)

No. 162970

File: 1633457311307.png (32.88 KB, 250x250, capybara.png)

No. 162972

File: 1633457706028.jpg (256.73 KB, 1200x1168, E66-XJtXEAA5POX.jpg)

No. 162973

File: 1633457798941.png (562.22 KB, 640x451, 7fede3d86437cb51d2ee2ad43ac16d…)

No. 162974

File: 1633457859759.jpg (59.95 KB, 700x368, capybara-unusual-animal-friend…)

No. 162975

File: 1633457901989.jpg (145.92 KB, 1024x630, ct-presidential-campaign-capyb…)

No. 162976

File: 1633457989892.jpg (267.57 KB, 1500x1000, main_1500.jpg)

No. 162977

File: 1633458037859.jpg (31.3 KB, 640x360, MenacingBlueGoshawk-mobile.jpg)

No. 162978

File: 1633458114236.jpg (75.87 KB, 615x461, xgrOuFDGqvEdp-sRivQeiN32TxeDm5…)

Alriiiiight that's all I got of these fuzzy lil potatoes.

No. 162979

File: 1633458177746.jpg (127.47 KB, 800x548, capybaraaaa.jpg)

praise be i love these funky jumbo guinea pigs

No. 162998

ty for making this thread, ive been on a capybara youtube binge recently and god they are just the best. posting some of my favourite videos that ive found

No. 162999

No. 163000

finishing with a classic

No. 163010

someone made a really adorable cheesecake with the onsen capyaras

No. 163014

No. 163017

Pumpkin monching ASMR.

No. 163022

File: 1633489902867.webm (3.56 MB, 404x720, 69121d139e180a286f933832299333…)


No. 163028

Aww look at the babybara

No. 163094


No. 163156

File: 1633576364911.jpg (175.54 KB, 662x900, EtTwfvEWgAMa-w2.jpg)

No. 163158

File: 1633576409370.jpg (43.91 KB, 463x275, Cp8eISWXgAAPWPB.jpg)

No. 163159

File: 1633576685517.gif (968.78 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

No. 163160

such funny looking creatures

No. 163163

I love them all

No. 163347

No. 163356


No. 163358

File: 1633673190642.gif (8.44 MB, 155x275, 1631485347686.gif)

I love capybaras. Capybaras are my only reason to be alive. I fucking love so fucking much fucking capybaras. I want to have a capybara as a pet. I don't want to fuck a capybara. Or maybe yes. I don't know. The only thing i know is that i love capybaras. Capybaras. Look at those little eyes, soft hair and cute nose. They're too perfect. If i can't get a capybara as my pet i'll kill myself. I can't live without one. I'm already dying because i don't have one of these adorable criatures in my house. I want them. I want to adopt every fucking capybara of this planet. I'll give them names and surnames. I'll be their mother and father. I'll make an empire of capybaras. Now, fear them. The capybaras are coming for you. They're everywhere. I'm their leader. This isn't even a joke. A capybara has the power to ruin you life. I don't need food or water. I need a capybara. That's enough, at least for me. I don't give a fuck about other animals. Having a dog or a cat in your house. Imagine that shit. So fucking stupid. Only capybaras will save this universe. Fear. Pain. Loss. They control it. You don't need a family of humans when you have a capybara at your side. They're my family. Fuck every one of them. You need a capybara and you know it. Punch your uncle and get a capybara. You'll thank me later. They have powers. You all motherfuckers. Pieces of shit. Fuckers. Pray for a capybara today. They're coming again. I'm so angry. Adopt a fucking capybara in this moment or i'll kill you. We live in a simulation, and the programmers are capybaras. Pray. Please. Respect. The new order. Capybaras.

No. 163359

If this isn't a copypasta it needs to be

No. 163373

>soft hair
Sorry to bust your bubble but that shit is wiry and coarse.

No. 163385

File: 1633701690998.jpeg (172.85 KB, 1125x1082, F3423543-0462-407B-A037-89F4AE…)

No. 163404

File: 1633707204290.jpeg (48.22 KB, 500x267, 19E0A356-33EF-4566-9B3C-C9851C…)

Why is that asshole trying to eat the Capybaby?

No. 163405

I'm concerned about the mother (I presume) not doing shit

No. 163409

File: 1633709004512.jpg (72.16 KB, 605x397, 2da2f5c9a355b9481c2a5d14cf59af…)

Pelicans will eat anything, it's very scary. I hate them
Also I bought two kapibara san keychains when I went to Japan, one for my bf and other for me. I wish they were cheaper, I really wanted bigger plushies lol

Capybaras don't have natural predators that small, so they usually don't worry. That's why they're so friendly to every creature. Here in my country at least the only predators for capybaras are (mainly) jaguars.

No. 165423

No. 165975

File: 1634988772108.jpg (61.73 KB, 550x550, 4a38950759f9054e7e7b11c10036db…)

amazing thread op. I love these beasties

this channel https://www.youtube.com/user/suetoshi2004 got me into capybaras. I recommend it to anyone who loves them or animals in general. so many different types of animal all living in harmony. amazing stuff

No. 166865

File: 1635234047168.jpg (56.83 KB, 593x680, 8).jpg)

No. 167579

This is so wholesome.

No. 167595

File: 1635468433258.jpeg (114.8 KB, 640x480, CDEF9CE7-DE14-4E2A-9EB1-CA18A5…)

Should I move to Texas to own a capybara?

No. 167674

no. they deserve to be free

No. 167752

File: 1635548321333.jpeg (311.03 KB, 900x670, contact has been made.jpeg)

No. 167776


No. 167900

File: 1635640071846.gif (753.45 KB, 498x249, nice.gif)

where will she go?

No. 167913

File: 1635650925396.jpg (593.07 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20211030-222842.jpg)

No. 168259

File: 1635881038994.jpeg (84.18 KB, 474x632, A72FF426-23AC-4D48-833C-27144B…)

Agreed. This thread is about capybara worship.
Here’s one smoking some grass. What a peaceful, majestic rodent.

No. 168564

File: 1636051938633.jpg (604.24 KB, 800x542, 6a010535647bf3970b0224df2fc408…)

this thread was made for me, i have over 300 capybara photos saved

what is that from?!

No. 168596

GET OFF OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 168721

not the person you're replying too but pretty sure its from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town; its one of the pets you can aquire.

No. 181266

File: 1642993633471.gif (3.75 MB, 268x268, 1412A4B3-4B28-4048-9BC5-954AB5…)

She and her children did a fantastic job in the movie.

No. 181267

File: 1642993674354.gif (4.49 MB, 268x268, B3420437-437E-4ED6-BBF6-088F0E…)

Exquisite performance if I do say so myself.

No. 181268

File: 1642993770071.gif (4.19 MB, 268x268, 1D15ACF9-BD40-4E12-9533-2DB6AC…)

No. 181269

File: 1642993793255.gif (2.17 MB, 268x268, 1CD962F6-9282-4F78-AB8D-EBDF42…)


No. 181270

File: 1642993875684.gif (4.99 MB, 498x498, 6E7EB4FB-2A90-4737-95EF-A319E1…)

Am so moved by her expressions. Other actresses cannot compete.

No. 181271

File: 1642993949130.gif (2.1 MB, 268x268, 12E73324-5F99-4F6A-96C3-D96BA3…)


No. 181272

File: 1642994082561.gif (1.69 MB, 268x268, 9079215F-8907-49B1-A96A-1D7716…)

She does all her stunts herself. No CGI needed.

No. 181273

No. 181277

Now I have a reason to watch encanto.

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