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File: 1632756543904.jpg (Spoiler Image,87.27 KB, 972x1092, 1632755830541.jpg)

No. 162004

Welcome to the Bad/Hideous Art Thread, here, you can post
artwork that are (actually) bad or hideous, but not well drawn or detailed artwork you don’t like simply because you either have a vendetta for an artist you despise, or don’t like the way they draw.

Here's the guidelines made by last thread's anon to try to maintain the thread's quality:

>Don’t post drawings that are made by beginners (doesn’t matter how old they are) or drawings that are made by anyone under the age of 18, even if their bio doesn’t clearly state the age. This is a thread made to post and make fun of terrible drawings with weird mistakes and/or stylistic choices, not scribbles created by toddlers and beginners just because they don’t know how to draw a hand or the other eye.

>Please limit the amount of certain fetish art that is posted here a lot, specifically the foot and brap fetishes, because they’re boring, unfunny and we’ve already seen them countless times before in previous threads. Other fetishes that aren’t the ones mentioned are fine though
>Don’t post well detailed or well drawn artwork made by professional artists
>Don't post drawings that are made by someone you hate. Take your vendetta somewhere else
>Feel free to edit, redline, or redraw anything that's posted here, but don't post them in this thread since there's already one on /ot/ which exists for that purpose
>Remember to spoiler any NSFW, gore, fetish or grotesque drawings that you post here
>Always sage your posts when going off-topic
>And no, photo-edits aren't allowed here

If you understand what you just read, then congratulations, you’ve made this thread 0.01% better than it actually is and we thank you for that.

Previous thread: >>>/m/148164(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 162018

what have we told you about making new threads before the previous one hits the limit….

No. 162025

Anon the first thread isn't even at 1100 yet, this is massively premature

No. 162035

ugh this thread pic is cursed. I thought we weren't supposed to use spoilered pics for thread OPs

No. 163188

File: 1633597188669.png (139.68 KB, 591x574, 1614552701803.png)

i hate the way they draw cheeks

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