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File: 1630357567053.jpg (550.63 KB, 3688x2539, 163035628992.jpg)

No. 158229

All GI related discussion, salt, metas and rants go here.

> Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Daily check-in https://webstatic-sea.mihoyo.com/ys/event/signin-sea/index.html
>Redeem codes without having to log on https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
>Check your spiral abyss data https://webstatic-sea.hoyolab.com/app/community-game-records-sea/m.html
>Wish simulator (feet. old banners) https://gi-wish-simulator.uzairashraf.dev/
>Wish counter with some pull statistics https://paimon.moe/
>Damage calculator https://genshinimpactcalculator.com/genshinCalc.html
>Build simulator https://www.gscale.cc/
>Stereotypical smelly AGProgrammer-run database filled with pretty much everything found in game https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/

previous thread: >>>/m/141618

No. 158231

Great choice for an OP image nonnie

No. 158232

File: 1630357940673.png (93.97 KB, 288x288, E90a0WjVkAAC7Sk.png)

thank you nona, OP looks fantastic with all those links love you

No. 158233

File: 1630358046290.jpg (81.68 KB, 655x646, 72bf7d4aafd4fd3cbf55034adb250a…)

Aw man I've been saving this pic for the next thread

No. 158234

No. 158237

thanks~ i want to be that fatui grunt so bad

No. 158240

File: 1630360162961.jpg (63.07 KB, 630x630, 1616048209109.jpg)

You probably just suck at the game, nona, because Xinyan is literally an objectively bad character. I have her at C5 and even then she's still awful because of her dumbass split scaling (you need to build DEF for her shield but also her burst scales with ATK so you also need to build ATK if you want her burst to do any dmg, the one advantage is that you can ignore crit rate and just focus on crit dmg) but also how her kit gives her useless passives that improve her DPS potential. Her options are:
>pyro physical DPS
lmao most of the enemies have stupid high physical defense so superconduct is necessary so any physical DPS needs to be at least electro or cryo
>support for a physical DPS
both Razor and Eula have much better characters for a team than her (Diona, Fishl, Beidou, Kaeya, even Bennett).

No. 158243

File: 1630361874696.png (541.34 KB, 804x770, 22.png)

>superconduct is necessary so any physical DPS needs to be at least electro or cryo
Nope. Actually, Xinyan makes any phys DMG DPS useful/viable, no matter the Vision.
Superconduct reduces the physical resistance of all enemies in the AoE by 40% for 12 seconds. (copy pasted from the wiki)
Meanwhile, Xinyan's shield increases phys DMG by 15% (the shield lasts 12 seconds, just like superconduct's effects) and at C4 her Elemental Skill also decreases opponent's Physical RES by 15% for 12s.
So, yeah, she works with any phys DMG DPS, it doesn't have to be Cryo or Electro kek.

No. 158244

File: 1630362291374.jpeg (203.12 KB, 1616x1535, 98F88919-F1D9-4677-A69A-7C9531…)

>xinyan is shit!
>xinyan is based!
The only true way to appreciate xinyan is to main her despite her flaws

No. 158246

File: 1630362735387.png (163.84 KB, 216x193, zxinyan.png)

totally agree
btw, I can't wait to see her next patch!! she's actually going to appear for the first time in an event! She doesn't have an Archon quest of her own, so I'm excited to see her talking and interacting with us outside of the teapot, love my girl.

No. 158247

File: 1630363165127.jpg (1002.62 KB, 4096x2297, 20210815235913.jpg)

according to patch notes samurais are getting nerfed in 2.1: they move less and can be CC'd by anemo so everyone can stop crying or celebrating over venti being useless in inazuzu!

No. 158256

File: 1630368060143.jpg (44.23 KB, 600x526, 1616324564725.jpg)

>Xinyan makes any phys DMG DPS useful/viable, no matter the Vision
lmao viable for what?? for abyss it sure fucking isn't because even Eula is struggling in remaining viable in abyss despite having a gigantic nuke as a burst, and Eula's best teams do not have Xinyan on it (usually its Eula, Diona, Fishl and Beidou because Eula needs electro not only for superconduct but also to provide her energy, which Xinyan isn't able to do)
>Meanwhile, Xinyan's shield increases phys DMG by 15% (the shield lasts 12 seconds, just like superconduct's effects) and at C4 her Elemental Skill also decreases opponent's Physical RES by 15% for 12s.
Except for the fact that, you know, her skill has an 18 second cooldown and regenerates 4 energy, which isn't enough to fill her 60 energy burst. That means that Xinyan's shield buff uptime sucks while Superconduct has 100% uptime because you can just keep proccing it. So, actually the 40% constant physical res debuff from superconduct is miles better.
On top of that, Razor, the only other character in the game that is a physical DPS, does not need any more physical dmg%, just giving him a goblet and his asc stats are enough for him, any more and it's diminishing returns. Buffing his attack with Bennet and proccing superconduct with Kaeya/Diona is a much better support choice.
>she works with any phys DMG DPS, it doesn't have to be Cryo or Electro kek
there are no phys dmg dps in the game that aren't cryo or electro other than xinyan wtf sort of garbage team are you running?

No. 158258

>there are no phys dmg dps in the game that aren't cryo or electro other than xinyan
Nta but jean, kazuha, venti, zhongli… you can build plenty of characters physical. Using bennett with razor instead of xingqiu/rosaria + zhongbedo is not very antifujo of you.

No. 158259

just because you can do something, it doesnt make it good, also who tf builds physical venti and kazuha?? probably the same kind of retard who would put XQ on a team with Razor wtf are you even trying to do with that? an electrocharged team that has literally negative EM??? might as well just heal your enemies and hope for them to kill themselves
>is not very antifujo of you.
neither am I the anon you originally thought I was or am I braindamaged enough to think about team compositions with your retarded headcanons in mind

No. 158262

>probably the same kind of retard who would put XQ on a team with Razor wtf are you even trying to do with that? an electrocharged team that has literally negative EM???
Dumbass, superconduct and options for off field cryo are so shitty that running xingqiu over a cryo will always result in more damage for razor teams unless you happen to have a c4 support ganyu lying around

No. 158264

File: 1630371182726.jpg (66.12 KB, 640x636, 3fb96e_40e7dfe0_640.jpg)

>lmao viable for what??
>there are no phys dmg dps in the game that aren't cryo or electro other than xinyan wtf sort of garbage team are you running?
I think you misunderstood me. What I was trying to say, nonita, is that she doesn't need to apply electro+cryo to be useful, unlike the average superconduct team. It's true that right now there aren't that many phys DMG DPS charas , but you saying phys DMG DPS characters can only be those elements is incorrect because Xinyan exists.
>Except for the fact that, you know, her skill has an 18 second cooldown and regenerates 4 energy, which isn't enough to fill her 60 energy burst
your energy recharge substat, sister??

>Buffing his attack with Bennet and proccing superconduct with Kaeya/Diona is a much better support choice.

>two healers
watch this
Bennet, Xinyan (pyro synergy boosts your ATK%, didn't you say Razor shouldn't focus that much on Phys DMG? you know, my Razor has an ATK% build, so…), a sub DPS of your choice and Razor
there, I fixed it

>neither am I the anon you originally thought I was
oh man, she's trying to play that card.
I do wonder if you're the same metafag that keeps spilling bullshit about whatevs kit without any kind of explanation and calls it a day. I'm still waiting for that anon (don't know if it was you kek) to explain to me why did she think Aloy was a 3* Chongyun lol. Beats me.

No. 158265

Oh that was me not the other anon, and I stand by that. aloy is going to suck ass as a dps, but her ult is a low cost cryo nuke so she'll more or less be limited to spamming that the same way chong does in the national team. only her E is less useful, her ult multiplier is lower than his c0, utility isn't as good as his c2 and he generally shits all over her at c3-6. The one nice niche she has is annihilating abyss hydro herald shields with her E, I heard it takes them down in one hit.

No. 158266

Diona by herself has enough off field cryo application for Razor to maintain an 100% superconduct uptime, a Xingqiu in that team is going to be wasted mess up reactions because the enemies will constantly have a hydro aura to them

> is that she doesn't need to apply electro+cryo to be useful, unlike the average superconduct team
she's a waste of a slot, literally the only thing she does for your team is something just the reaction superconduct is able to do by itself, dumbass, that's without accounting the actual utility the other characters will bring like healing with diona, crit rate with rosaria, on top of actually being able to do dmg
>but you saying phys DMG DPS characters can only be those elements is incorrect because Xinyan exists.
lmao so she's not shit because there's maybe an hypothetical future physical DPS character that she could be used as a good support for? are you fr?
>your energy recharge substat, sister??
LMAO so now on top of def, atk and crit dmg you ALSO need to build energy recharge on her. all that fucking effort for a subpar buff you could literally replace by just using the right elements
Also, that team fucking sucks, thanks for confirming you suck at the game because you're going to be overloading constantly and having to spend all your time running around trying to fucking hit something. If your Razor is in any shape or form doing any dmg at all (lmao let me guess 9k autos?) is because you can slap bennet on anything and make it passable

No. 158269

>antialoy anon suddenly appears after days of total silence
>coincidentally it happens when metafag is also around
>the post length and time between posts match
>"that was me not the other anon"

>comparing a sub DPS with a DPS in terms of utility

nona what did you smoke today, I want some

>her E is less useful

>aloy is going to suck ass as a dps
oook, now I understand how did you get to that conclusion
man some people cant read I guess

>she's a waste of a slot, literally the only thing she does for your team is something just the reaction superconduct is able to do by itself
yep, and to get that reaction you also need to occupy a slot
>healing with diona
why? why do you need so much healing nona? that's two healers in the team, you could have Xinyan dealing more damage with her burst
>lmao so she's not shit because there's maybe an hypothetical future physical DPS character that she could be used as a good support for?
I mean, as I said, she can also work with the other phys DMG DPS, but in the future she'll probably the star of many teams because she doesn't need an elemental reaction to be useful
>LMAO so now on top of def, atk and crit dmg you ALSO need to build energy recharge on her.
why would you raise so much stats on Xinyan? just choose between a more ATK focused build or a DEF bulky one, Energy Recharge as substat for her burst
>having to spend all your time running around trying to fucking hit something
didn't know superconduct sucked enemies in. just dash nona (dash dash)! anyways, bigger enemies don't fly around, they get stunned which is really nice.

Enough metafagging for today, let's just agree to disagree and call it a day. No hard feelings nona.

No. 158270

File: 1630373928152.jpg (212.37 KB, 776x766, dtt.jpg)

>Diona by herself has enough off field cryo application for Razor to maintain an 100% superconduct uptime
Again, it does not matter because superconduct is so shitty that replacing xingqiu and his high damaging 100% uptime ult with a character that brings absolutely dick to the table in terms of damage will result in lower damage overall for razor teams. not everything is about muh reactions. his best teams include xingqiu.

>mess up reactions because the enemies will constantly have a hydro aura to them

You do know transformative reactions don't behave the same way as amplifying ones yes?

Ugh I will agree with you that xinyan is fugly and useless and with other anon that this entire discussion is retarded and should end immediately, so the last word on this is all yours

No. 158287

I don't like it, not eye catching enough.

No. 158288

Can you autists stop arguing so much

No. 158289

Am I the only lesbian in this thread?
Or the only one who actually likes the female characters and mostly rolls for them?

No. 158291

lesbian too and on god never seen a self proclaimed lesbian who didnt end up being either a middle schooler with neopronouns or mtf give a shit about genshin girls. they have zero appeal to me.

No. 158292

same here, i'm a lesbian as well and would much rather pull for the male characters over 95% of genshin waifus

No. 158295

I love Xinyan's design and sad that people think she's ugly. Other than her, Fischl and Rosaria have my favorite designs but overall I think a lot of the designs have too much going on.

No. 158297

Motherfucking this, I'm a lesbian too and the only people I've seen unconditionally waifufag in Genshin are self-inserting straight girls, scrotes, trannies and k-pop "lesbians". I roll for male characters 95% of the time because they're made to be way more interesting lore and design wise and coincidentally my equally lesbian girlfriend thinks the same. It's not that I hate female characters or anything at all because I always have plenty that I like in other games, in Genshin they just tend to be bland, annoying, forgettable or all of above.

No. 158298

Im a lesbian but i only like a few of the female characters so i mostly pull for male characters. My fave female character is Beidou and i actually right now have a hard time remembering if i like any of the other female characters. I really like mona her personality, she was really fun in the star event but sadly she has such a coomer design. The thing is that even if i like a female character design like Ayaka, there story event sometimes ruins there character for me. I though the story event of Ayaka was cute but her character was really boring, I also really liked Noelle at the beginning of the game but after the date events i realised really how plain she is.

No. 158308

Noelle's hangouts made me like her less too. She's incredibly stupid, freaking out over distant exams and not realising when people are clearly lying/misleading her. Still sat through them all for the primos.
I love Chongyun's design but also think his personality is incredibly dull and boring and I'm not a fujo so I don't care about his ship with Xingqiu.
Diona's was fine, nothing special. Never liked Barbara and her hangout didn't change that. Actually I think the only good one was Bennett's.

No. 158309

In this thread I will once again remind anons that the best written female character is unironically Qiqi.

No. 158310

Even though everyone, even scrotes, say she's boring I still like Ganyu a lot. I have a huge soft spot for her. I think I'll main her forever even when she gets powercreeped. She's very cute to me.

No. 158313

File: 1630410027832.png (3.65 MB, 1680x2244, D76BC159-F5B2-4A1B-942B-D07123…)

uh well. i'm bi with a lesbian girlfriend, does that count? and fyi she's a lot more forgiving than me when it comes to the waifubait female characters because she already enjoys cute uwu moeblob types, but i'm more preferential to mature ladies like lisa, ningguang, and beidou so i'm getting my primos ready to pull for raiden

No. 158314

Raiden Character Demo is out!!

No. 158323

That photo is so adorable it hurts

No. 158325

File: 1630428067886.png (2.03 MB, 1792x828, D599B654-A02E-4B8A-88C9-A42CCC…)

I thought Ayaka's story quest was very cute until she started autistically dancing in the river kek

No. 158326

File: 1630429184635.webm (301.57 KB, 480x480, scara_3.webm)

2.1 spoilers
kzsc walked so dottoscara could run

No. 158331

File: 1630430317240.jpg (156.76 KB, 908x868, E0OPumcXsAov-Xb.jpg)

im late but im lesbian but i only like a few female characters in this game because they arent very unique

No. 158332

Ngl her little performance at the end of our "date" is cute. That's what made her grow on me, it just shows how her character is built to be elegant and graceful. On a woman's perspective, I see her as a really gentle friend. But I still don't like how they minimized her character into another cute and submissive waifu trope.

No. 158333

I was fine with her story until that stupid fucking date and dance thing. Ruined her whole character for me, I didn't want her to be a dainty blushing "oh she's just a lonely little girl" waifu but a respectable first lady of the Kamisato clan.

based dottore simp anon being a lesbian

No. 158336

File: 1630430772652.jpg (27.74 KB, 517x634, E0lfb2RVkAAjwjJ.jpg)

holy shit i was called dottore-anon last thread and now ive been found again despite other people posting dottore, am i that fucking obvious or ..but yes, i like women very much

No. 158337

File: 1630432438895.png (55.22 KB, 122x206, 1616064791018.png)

So, nonas, there has been a few rumors passed out by supposed reliable people on NGA about what the rest of the banners will look like for the rest of the year and the agreed order is something like:
Raiden > Kokomi > Yae > Ganyu (with Tohma) > Hu Tao > Albedo (with Gorou)
So I really don't think we should expect a new male 5* character to come this year.

No. 158338

Alright I just finished Yoimiya's story quest too and I actually thought it was very heartwarming! Why does it seem like most people tended to dislike it?
Yes we talked to NPCs a lot but they had good stories and Yoimiya was still there with us. She's a very likeable character too.

No. 158339

how the fuck do I complete Baal's quest?

No. 158342

File: 1630434712829.jpg (451.97 KB, 2048x1431, jsisheye7e.jpg)

hm I haven't seen anyone reliable say this and there's no indication of yae 2.2, this looks like fanfic to me

why are you shilling your waifus so hard who gives a shit(ban evading )

No. 158343

glad to see something other than hate here for once, ignore the anon above me kek

No. 158344

on the topic of unreliable nga leaks, here are some potential thoma kit details

>hold E and Q both grant shield

>tap E is like bennett or rosaria
>nice CD times
>80 cost Q
>Q provides off field pyro application
>damage sucks
>base shield is weak but has a refresh mechanic that makes it manageable
>hp scaling ascension passive like zhongli's
>C1: using elemental skill gives resistance to interruption, shield strength increased by 15%
>C2: when character is affected by pyro-shield, +15% ER and 10 attack speed. Works off field
>C4: everytime shield is refreshed when burst is active, creates a pyro symbol that reduces pyro res by 3%
>C6: sword, bow, polearm, catalyst characters under pyro shield can gain a buff every 3 sec. Buff adds 35% attack speed, last for 3 sec (so busted it makes this leak sound fake)
sauce: https://ngabbs.com/read.php?tid=28303701

No. 158346

sometimes it feels like posters are being negative for the sake of contrarianism when in fact it just makes them look like huge seething autists. not like i'm much better though since i'm also posting here to begin with lmao

right? i had to do some digging to find half-decent sfw lisa art but it was worth it

No. 158347

>She's a very likeable character too.
Yes I agree, I like her as well, I loved when she said you have to communicate with others and say what you want to say, because if you don't you'll regret it in the future. I also liked her ramblings/spergings, kek, I found that part of her personality kind of relatable.

No. 158348

>Thoma, a significant character in the story, a 4* in a Ganyu rerun banner
Not even Mihoyo would be so dumb to give him this treatment, why would've they advertised him just yesterday if he wasn't going to appear in a banner soon? Also according to other leaks there are currently no plans to add Yae in the summoning pool.

Because she was a boring and bland as bland can be goody two shoes and even the NPCs were more interesting than her. It's a chronic problem with the female characters in this game, no conflict or flaws at all besides "she's shy how cute" or "she blabbers how cute". I don't think most people hate her, they just view her as wasted potential.

No. 158349

I'm bi and I like mature female charas, so far Beido is the best. Though I like most of the Genshin characters (male too).

No. 158358

are you the same anon i chatted with in the other thread about beidou? if so, you actually inspired me to add her to my main team because i forgot how awesome she was, and she's been fitting right in

No. 158362

File: 1630446164847.png (40.12 KB, 116x120, 1616514889907.png)

Stop being such a bitch to literally anyone who talks about a female character, anon, that wasn't me.

ehh if the buff is only atk speed then I thinks its believable but idk
I'll build him anyway because it's Tohma but if that's his kit it doesnt seem very useful for me ngl

No. 158364

Thoma could be a Magikarp, and I would still roll for him tbh

No. 158365

File: 1630448181738.jpg (234.63 KB, 1920x1920, u7v38eqw3ng61.jpg)

Late but I'm also a lesbian, and the only girl I like so far is Beidou, because her voice actress in english is Allegra Clark. I can't unhear Dorothea and Shamir from Fire Emblem whenever Beidou talks. I really liked those characters so it transfers over to Beidou kek

I think Kokomi is really pretty and I like her animations, but idk if I'll roll for her. I also really like Lumine but didn't want to stare up her dress the whole game. I regret not picking Lumine and at the same time I kind of like that she's the badass queen of darkness or whatever in my game.

My fav characters are Kaeya and Venti so far.

No. 158366

I don't think I'm that anon, it seems to be a lot of Beidou fans here.
But good taste anon, I have her as my main.

I love Beidou eng voice, her voice made me like her even more.

No. 158388

me hating on baal while waiting for the annoying server maintenance to end so I can roll and hopefully get pity

No. 158389

Not a lesbian but it’s annoying when anons think you like the female characters because you’re a coomer scrote, it’s just really fun playing with powerful female characters. Not everyone is a crazy ass heterosexual fujo

No. 158391

I’m not a lesbian but it’s okay to like the female characters of the game, like, it’s your primogems, there’s no need to do some “I’m not like other anons” nor make it 8deep16you.
I like a bunch of the girls, like Nigguang, I love her voice, also Xinyan, Yoimiya, Sucrose, Lumine, Lisa and even more, coomers will coom even if the characters are wearing frumpy pants and hoodies, so I think we should just like the characters we like and enjoy them, if they’re too shallow, write some fanfiction and make them more interesting or something like that.

No. 158393

>implying the actual lesbians itt aren't the fujos accusing people of being coomer scrotes
what made you think otherwise?

No. 158394

everyone whisper me scaramouche cutscenes because i don't care enough about the quests to do them

No. 158396

No. 158398

Holy shit, Raiden doesn't work with Beidou or Xingqiu during her burst. This is going to rustle some feathers…

No. 158432

File: 1630504889251.jpeg (32.79 KB, 708x442, 1A3A009C-AEB5-4074-9CBD-E7CCB3…)

Do you also have to end up uninstalling and installing the game again in your PC whenever there’s a big update? It’s so annoying, this happened to me when I had to update the game for windblume and Zhongli.

No. 158444

File: 1630511271600.jpg (Spoiler Image,241.05 KB, 1388x208, nooooooooooooooooo.jpg)

sisters… dendro archon's gender might have just gotten retconned….

nope, never happened to me

No. 158445

Please be a translation error… or make another Archon male, otherwise fuck mihoyo for real

No. 158446

File: 1630512907515.jpeg (242.29 KB, 750x1058, 86F19876-A914-4AB5-A5C7-67CFF7…)

What?? He was supposed to be a cute boy! Fuck this shit!

No. 158447

I'm happy we got to see Kokomi's lesbian McMansion. It makes me less disapointed about her design

No. 158448

No. 158450

No, she works with Xingqiu. Not Beidou though for some reason.

No. 158451

File: 1630514670826.png (1.65 MB, 1792x828, 76252264-642D-4762-81BF-510BF7…)

My first double 5 star pull! Qiqi guaranteed me Kokomi and I also finally have my Mona.
Unfortunately, Sara feels very bad to play. I have no idea what she does. Raiden feels very fun though. Her attacks are gorgeous.

No. 158452

The Dendro Archon and Lesser Lord Kusanali are separate characters. Lesser Lord Kusanali is just being mentioned more since we'll most likely meet her before the Dendro Archon.

No. 158453

The dendro archon (God of Wisdom) is still a male. The lesser lord is only a diety, similar to Liyue's adepti and Inazuma's Yae Miko.

No. 158454

Here's some extra Thoma leaks as well.

No. 158455

ARCHON QUEST ACT 3 SPOILERS (view at your own risk)
Signora's death from Raiden Shogun's musou no hitachi is very satisfying. She was so arrogant to begin with like she had the balls to threaten one of Teyvat's active and deadly archon like that. But I still like her as a character, her design and boss music were very beautiful, along with her back story since it's already confirmed that she was the Crismon Witch of Embers. Also, the signora mains reddit were in shambles since the past few days. I can't believe players like those exist, like they saved thousands of primos for her and that they were planning to boycott genshin cause the game killed their waifu. They look like clowns atm and their posts are like jokes, until I realized how serious they are from crying like a bunch of babies. RIP Rosalyne Kruzchka-Lohefalter.

No. 158456

Beidou and electro mc. CN players are super pissed about how shitty her and sara are.

I'm extremely disappointed but not surprised at how the first female archon turned out. Has anyone played her story quest yet? Spoiler alert: it's pure waifubait. It's so bad that even the majority of her simps are upset about it. The juxtaposition between her personal quest and Zhongli and Venti's first personal quests is crazy, like it's genuinely upsetting that the genshin team puts little to no effort into their female characters. Pick a random generic anime personality, show some bob and vagene and call it a day every single time.

No. 158457

>they killed off the only character my sister and I found cool
Now I don't regret dropping genshin at all

No. 158462

File: 1630518044104.jpeg (90.34 KB, 1024x321, F523118B-0B39-4990-A586-DE508A…)

The entire thing was ghetto as hell, everything about the plot was so confusing, and it upsets me that they make you do these boring ass mini quests to waste time. I loved watatsumi island’s design, but it feels like it could have been saved for fontaine since it’s going to be the water nation. It’s laughable how trash Sara is, what the hell is her special attack? It’s lazy because they were trying to get Raiden out as fast as possible to line up their business wallets. Thoma and Scaramouche were cute as always and the way they did Signora is dirty but eventually from the outcry of their CN players her death will be “forgotten” or they’ll put a deus ex machina like Kazuha countering Raiden’s attack using his dead friend’s vision. Everything about it was so pretentious and clumsy it was really entertaining. Also good luck and rip to the casual players trying to get past the Raiden rematch, it’ll probably take me a million times to win. The new chat emojis are adorable! All of this shit when into a boring messy story that actually put me to sleep when they could have put that energy into a get eat anniversary patch.

No. 158469

I love Thoma's animations, it looks like he's dancing or smth. Really dynamic.
His second idle animation is so fucking good, I want to smooch the person who animated that.
I love him and I already have all his ascension materials (except for that blue mushroom, I guess it's from the new island). Can't wait!!

No. 158476

I love his animation so muc, im gonna pull for him no matter what!

Yeah im also dissapointed with how Baal her character turned out. I also dont like her normal attack animation but since she is suppossed to be a support(?) i guess that doesnt matter to much.

Those emotes are so cute!

No. 158480

I'm currently having the same problem with Sara. I'm trying to figure her skills out, but maybe it's me since I suck at bows and aiming in general.
It's a shame since she's so cute and the only reason I pulled in Baal's banner.

No. 158481

Is Baal bad? I felt she was really fun to use in the trial.

I haven't done her quest yet, but from what I've seen so far, Baal's character looks like a badly done Signora.

No. 158483

Is anyone else having lots of trouble with the Raiden training part? I run aling the edge and try my best to dodge but always get hit too many times.

No. 158485

Inazuma feels so rushed outside of the pretty overworld… Scared for muh husbandos, hopefully they've had a little more time to cook.

Really bad. Like worse than Zhongli before his buffs. Her not having good synergy with beidou, the only decent electro, is pretty damning. As a character, she stops acting all villainous in her story quest. It's a bunch of misunderstood tsundere bs and uwu fluff as "Ei.

No. 158490

>It's a bunch of misunderstood tsundere bs and uwu fluff
What's the most offensive part is that multiple people called this shit ages ago. The badass war lord just has to be a misunderstood tsundere waifu.

No. 158503

I don't get why they're saying Raiden is shitty. Sara I can agree on but Raiden feels fine to me.

No. 158507

>implying hangouts aren't just boring dates

No. 158530

You're completely right, I'm dumb and I panicked kek

No. 158539

File: 1630589197764.jpeg (105.03 KB, 536x536, 706D7DFC-29D2-4CA8-B147-866B93…)

I wish Mona got a less revealing outfit as a skin. I actually like her a lot. She has the prettiest eyes and cutest hair to me, and I like her attitude.

No. 158555

File: 1630596963306.jpg (471.45 KB, 3444x1532, z6jvz8ae0zk71.jpg)

as long as albedo wins thoma in the custody battle idgaf who second banner is!!! please please

thoma is really good, his shield is as strong as diona's with full ult uptime at c2 and the pyro xingiu stuff does decent damage

No. 158559

I like both the male and female characters, I don't understand why people are so adamant on hating either.
As long as Genshin is releasing new characters, there will be both males and females. So to hate one seems to just be ruining your own enjoyment.

No. 158560

Everyone on Reddit says it’s gonna be Hu Tao and Ganyu rerun banners. I really hope it’s Albedo or Xiao instead.

No. 158561

File: 1630604008075.jpg (727.73 KB, 4096x2336, 20210902_115251.jpg)

reddit is a cesspool of retardation, hu tao ganyu banners in one patch is wishful thinking with no evidence to back it up. there's actualoy more evidence of another childe rerun than either of them. new leaks imply albedo story quest part 2 or event in the next patch.

No. 158562

No. 158564

not everyone is going to enjoy every new character mihoyo shits out like you do, anon

No. 158565

It's not my fault Mihoyo can't write an interesting female character to save their lives or even give them a pair of clothes that don't put booba and ass on display. Even the ones that have a skirt long enough to cover their crotch can easily be subjected to upskirt shots while gliding like Noelle. I legitimately tried playing with female characters in the beginning but the over the top titty jiggling was so disturbing I couldn't do it anymore.

No. 158568

I think Hu Tao might be possible with Thoma, since they've been releasing banners with one 4 star that matches the 5 star's element and last time they had Xiangling on even though she's also the same weapon type as Hu Tao. I do hope it will be Xiao instead but his rerun seems so unlikely at this point. Maybe they'll go crazy and do three banners in one patch again.

No. 158571

Yeah I feel like it’s gonna be Hu Tao soon too. Ganyu I doubt since we just got Aloy. Three rerun banners would be nice but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

No. 158581

File: 1630612967155.png (38.4 KB, 780x447, 1630612366125.png)

She's selling an absolute disgusting amount on CN, nonas, I'm losing hope for the game

No. 158585

File: 1630613811398.jpg (17.88 KB, 750x226, 5ugmng4zn2l71.jpg)

Is this fake or one of those "predicted sales" because this is the one I saw

No. 158588

It's true, it just only calculated half of a day sales and she was released somewhat late there because it was together with the patch, I think.
I'm just annoyed because her story quest sucked as did Inazuma part 2 but Mhyo will keep making it because well, it's selling here anyway.

No. 158589

That's sad, not looking forward to mhy taking this as the go ahead to make more characters like her in the future. Bet the top up reset paired with them deliberately making her earlyish cons the most useful played a big part.

No. 158590

I think so too, she needs C2 and a high cons Sara otherwise she's completely useless but with them she's like one of the best DPS characters in the game.

No. 158595

saaaame. it's kind of autistic but i feel uncomfortable playing as mona because of her outfit. same goes for ganyu too. i know i should separate the characters from their fandom interpretations but it's hard when you can just look at them and know exactly what type of people they were made for.

No. 158599

File: 1630619456515.png (316.28 KB, 602x226, 1630618371750.png)

Apparently we're getting another Childe banner and Tohma is in that banner.
Mihoyo really wants everyone to have Childe

No. 158601

Agreed. Almost every character can be reduced down to a one-dimensional trope if you look hard enough, male or female. The nonnies who fawn over male characters who’ve barely shown up in the story but cry about how there are only 1 or 2 likeable female characters in a line-up of almost 30 makes me question them more than MHY.

No. 158602

I don't understand how so many people are whaling for her, she seems to be underwhelming as a playable character and her story is boring as fuck. Does she needs full 6 constellations to work or what the hell are these numbers? Scrotes were milked dry of F2P primos after Ayaka and Eula so that they had to buy heaps more?

>3rd Childe Rerun
Are they fucking kidding me, look I love my boy but I just want new 5* male characters. In the past 6 months we got Xiao and Kazuha, and 6 5-star (counting Kokomi) girls.

No. 158603

>with them she's like one of the best DPS characters in the game
not really but she does catch up to the average 5 star c0


No. 158604

> there are only 1 or 2 likeable female characters in a line-up of almost 30
How is that hard to believe? They keep cranking out female characters on a manufacturing line just to make moids buy more primos instead of veering off to competing games, it's not like there's a ton of time or space to give them a fully developed personality. Male characters in the game are far, far more rare, of course they get more chances to become a well-rounded character since they relatively get more screen time than most female characters, especially because Mihoyo is terrified of giving their female characters interesting flaws or drama that could accidentally make male players fall out of love.

I really have no idea how waifufags get their feelings so hurt over people being mad over the ridiculous gender ratio of the character roster, like fuck don't worry man you'll keep getting 20 waifus for every 1,5 husbandos, I guarantee it. You've already won, just like in every other animu game. You have no business being so pouty over anons demanding more husbando pandering.

No. 158605

File: 1630621611231.jpg (289.43 KB, 1678x1338, 1611217344905.jpg)

>Are they fucking kidding me, look I love my boy but I just want new 5* male characters.
A lot of people do but we're getting reruns now so it's Hutao and Childe apparently. I guess they don't want people to have Ganyu since she's so fucking broken and they're not done with the next part of the Dragonspine questline with Albedo so we can't have him either.

No. 158606

No one on here is arguing that the gender balance is justified, or that MHY isn’t pandering to scrote fans. The problem is that some female fans pin their internalized misogyny on scrote fans, MHY, or whatever other scapegoat they can find.
You would have to reach really hard to say that Xingqiu, Chongyun, Razor, and Bennet are written to be more interesting than literally every female character - and those are just the obvious examples. The dark and broody males (Diluc, Xiao) are their own trope, just like the goody two-shoes girls.

No. 158614

I absolutely agree with this. It's fine to not like a female character, but some anons here are way too aggressive towards them and it weirds me out.
Most of the characters in this game are one dimensional, both men and women, it's a gacha game. Sayu is just a sleepy girl, Bennett is just an unlucky boy. But them being simple doesn't mean they're dislikable.

No. 158615

File: 1630627531013.png (1.5 MB, 1792x828, CA78F303-0423-4713-8316-63EF99…)

This has to be the prettiest area in the game. I'm really impressed with Inazuma!
My favourite place in Genshin was Dragonspine for a long time, but Serai and Watatsumi Island blew me away. The OST is just getting better and better too. Can't wait until they release the Inazuma soundtrack.

No. 158616

I'm convinced that if Raiden was a man some anons here would have no problem with her.

No. 158617

nice photo anon!

No. 158619

File: 1630629711357.png (55.06 KB, 1625x253, A26F0004-C35C-433F-9335-0D8934…)

I'm still confused about who grants visions and this line confused me even more.

No. 158620

What? How do visions even work then? Maybe it’s the people from celestia that gives visions?

No. 158621

>boolying workaholic waifu #85 is literally internalized misogyny
Genshintards to the rope pls

No. 158624

To clear up some confusion about the dendro archon's gender:
Kusanali =/= Dendro Archon. She's known as a lesser god. In chinese, she's called the Flower God whereas the dendro archon is called Grass God. The text was kinda confusing.

No. 158625

incoming spergery but this is such a cope. the males you listed objectively ARE written to be more interesting than the female characters, if only because we get more content with them defining what makes them interesting specifically through voicelines/hang outs/quests/whatever.

for example, take albedo and mona - both interested in fate, what lies 'beyond', alchemy and stars and blah blah blah. they share a lot in common, even in canon (klee's voiceline about mona talks about how mona and albedo spend time together discussing things). albedo is characterised as a well-rounded, interesting character. though his alchemy does define him to a certain extent, he has more to him than that - his relationship with klee and alice, his enjoyment of sweet food, his interest in art. mona, on the other hand, is constantly reduced to 'haha poor' and 'haha starving'. most of her voicelines relate back to this somehow. her birthday content related to her being hungry and poor, as did her in-game mail. her interpersonal relationships with other characters are nigh non-existent because the voicelines that aren't about being poor are about hydromancy or whatever.

this is just one example - if you look at jean and ganyu, their character is nothing more than 'workaholic'. noelle and barbara are the cute ones, rosaria and lisa (and likely yae miko) are sexy, so on and so forth. there are very few female characters who defy this (hu tao comes to mind, but nobody else).

compare this to characters like razor, who can barely string a sentence together in the English dub, yet still managed to get in on the klee event and have a more varied backstory. minimising it to 'uwu intewnawised misogyny' is just embarrassing and lazy. the scrotes behind this game just cannot fucking write female characters, point blank, and pretending that it's actually anti-feminist to point that out makes you sound like the raging twitfag you are

No. 158626

File: 1630636900373.jpg (28.38 KB, 262x512, unnamed.jpg)

Hoping this character hasn't been scrapped. I love her design.

No. 158628

File: 1630638388517.jpg (209.94 KB, 500x729, 1624842470713.jpg)

Your bias just clearly doesn't let you pay attention to the female characters enough. The story doesn't even pay that much attention to Mona being poor, during the 1.1 event it's literally only mentioned in passage. Sure it's a recurrent joke but that's literally just it.
Mona's a skilled magician and maybe way too proud. She could have enough money to survive but she's too much of an autist to corrupt hydromancy and use it for anything that isn't pure. She saved our asses when we saw Scaramouche the second time which shows she is both skilled and has good judgement skills on power, but also that she puts maybe too much thought on how strong her opponent will be (seen as how she was surprised freaking Klee was Alice's apprentice).
She's also a part of the Hexenzirkel, which is this mysterious witch circle that has extremely big names in it (her own master, Alice, Signora was in it for a bit).
We have no idea where she comes from, she could most likely be from Fontaine, and her vision is only Mondstadt shaped because it was her master who gave it to her, but we know that her birthname wasn't Mona Magistus, that's an alias that she chose for herself which implies she has some sort of past she wants to leave behind.
She surprisingly gets along well with Klee and Albedo but Fishl seems to put her off because of the way she speaks.
There's tons of interesting shit about Mona, sure the game has some waifubait but Mona's quest was not it at all, it's actually one of the best character quests in the game so idk what you're talking about

No. 158639

>m-muh internalized misogyny
Lmao, because I don't like a bunch of fictional anime women? I support all real life female creators in the Mihoyo team unconditionally and think they're doing an amazing job staying in the business especially in a country that's so volatile towards women but these characters are not real, and they're undeniably created for male player fantasy fulfilment first and foremost, not as some epic female role model. Am I "misogynist" for thinking fleshlights and sex dolls are nasty too?

No. 158643

I’m pissed that kokomi was so hyped but didn’t do fuck all in the Archon quest.

No. 158645

I think the Inazuma storyline hasn't been finished yet, she'll probably play a bigger role in the upcoming chapters.

No. 158650

Some of these new puzzles in inazuma are absolutely batshit. Also tedious.

No. 158656

File: 1630663099525.jpg (61.59 KB, 960x303, hopeless.jpg)

Dendro Archon's gender may have been actually retconned after all. This is the first time I've truly been tempted to drop the game. I hope this is still some sort of error, as the voice over still has yet to be changed and the original cn is ambiguous
Sauce for the image: https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Lore/comments/ph177v/things_you_may_have_missed_dendro_archon_gender/

No. 158657

samefag, but you can find it in Chapter I: Act III - Solitary Fragrance quest if you want to look at the archive

No. 158662

Well fuck mihoyo, if I don't see any more male characters (and an archon) coming I'm dropping this shit. Apparently everyone thought that it was going to be a male because of a translation error. Get ready for a cliché flowery nature goddess uwu that's totally original. And possibly a loli too, since they mention that she's young.

No. 158668

This better be a translation error, I'm dropping this fucking game if the Sumeru archon is a loli when I was expecting a confirmed husbando.

No. 158669

i'm so in love with these new islands, the stark contrast between the two's aesthetics is especially tasty (also i liked running around as beidou in watatsumi because heehoo pirate lady in mermaid land)

No. 158676

>game starts with a bunch of bait cute male banners
>becomes honkai 4th within a year
time to look into selling my account

No. 158678

So it's real, it's in the patch notes that they corrected a translation error using he/him pronouns and the Dendro archon is actually a woman. So like >>158662 said get ready for a moe fairy loli waifu archon and her cleavage friends.

This. If we're not getting a new 5-star male announce in the next 2 months I'm selling my fucking account and quitting.

No. 158681

One of the only non revealing clothed female character

No. 158682

Mona literally saved our life, the whole Stars event had little to do with her being poor and showed us another side to her and her astronomy. She has a relationship with her mentor too.

No. 158684

Seriously, she has a lot of potential so where the hell is she? Maybe they didn't want her to outshine Raiden?

No. 158686

But what's wrong with moe loli cleavage, nona?? your internalized misogyny is showing! support anime women!!

No. 158687

>plays a gacha game
>gets surprised when there's more female characters and they're dressed revealingly
If you want only men just play Ensamble Stars

No. 158688

Her release has been delayed because Mihoyo is too busy altering her model to show cleavage and thighs.

this tbh all these nlog nonnies here need to mind their internalized misogyny, if you don't love and accept 90% of the characters being one note anime waifus in revealing clothing in a game that's supposed to be unisex then you must hate women right???

No. 158689

>comes into a genshin thread on a majority female website
>gets surprised when most of the users prefer husbandos and repeatedly call you a retard for your one-man shit waifu positivity brigade
If you only want to shit up the thread with sperging about your shit waifus just go to reddit.

At the very least learn how to reply to multiple anons in one post instead of spamming. Transbian itt istg.

No. 158690

If you want more male characters then pay up

No. 158691

It's the resident unintegrated s-word lurking these threads. Ignore it.

No. 158694

Yeah I have no clue why any real woman would act like that over some awful gacha characters, underage twitterfag or otherwise

No. 158698

File: 1630677714663.jpg (100.55 KB, 1224x720, EtzSYmXVcAMnIhB.jpg)

stop fighting over a chinese game of course there won't be more male characters than female, they know their audience. I don't get what this is supposed to do. Can't you just like both

No. 158700

No. 158701

I could like both if the ratio wasn't so fucked, at this point like 70% of the characters are female and mots of then unimaginative waifus. Thoma is the first new male 4-star after release so in a fucking year and there are 7 male 5-stars characters against 12 female 5-stars. Female players are always expected to make do with crumbs and just learn to like what scrotes like because you barely have any options.

No. 158702

no we cant, you and the other gross waifufag can go fk yourselves though

No. 158703

ayrt, interesting point. I didn't see it like that until your last sentence and I can see where you're all coming from because nowadays a lot of gamers are female. That's kinda depressing that we have to accept what moids like

you sound like you need a hug nonny come here

No. 158705

File: 1630678855090.jpeg (40.65 KB, 720x401, 19E340EF-D0D0-46D4-9392-A10991…)

Goddamn if you're so unhappy with the game just delete it and move on already, it's not that hard. Quit this "I-I'm totally gonna do it guys!! if Mihoyo doesn't give me another boy to jizz myself over I'm dropping Genshin!!!!" bait sperging.

No. 158706

You're right anon, I'll just stop playing this shit if it's going to be waifufagging from now on. I'll just accept that every form of media that's not specifically specified to be female only, i.e., is supposedly "gender neutral", it's always going to take male needs and interests first and treat scrotes as the default. Well nonas, it was fun while it lasted so maybe the first 4 months.

No. 158708

I downloaded this motherfucking chinese piece of shit, I'm sure many of us paid to get things in-game and we will complain about it if it starts being full of shitty one dimensional waifus when it's marketed as a game catering to both females and males.

No. 158711

File: 1630681571750.jpeg (77.64 KB, 1024x863, A36956EC-1365-4B7F-A71B-34A9A1…)


No. 158712

Enough with this crap. If players are disappointed with the ways they're being treated by mhy including the scarce male characters, perv pandering, and shameless cash grabs, they have the right to do so without you coming in to cape. Continue to look upskirt every chance you get while we talk about legitimate grievances we have.

No. 158713

File: 1630682038031.jpeg (81.24 KB, 737x803, F64CC286-2E15-41E6-89A4-A7D09C…)

Let's talk about dendro. I know it's still probably far, far away but I'm wondering if we'll have some kind of poison reaction due to Baizhu's snake. I really like it when characters have some kind of creature they can summon, like Fischl with Oz, Xiangling with Guoba etc, so I hope the snake is involved in his kit and that he is a DPS.
Yaoyao seems to just be another healer but I hope she isn't. She is adorable. Maybe her kit could trap enemies for a bit in thorns or something?

Dendro with hydro could be… swamp?? No idea what that would do though. I would say slowing down enemy speed but we already have that with cryo. We already know what burning does and I think that's a good reaction. Dendro with cryo and electro I have no ideas for. It's a shame that they probably won't fix electro before releasing dendro. I assume The Chasm will release before Sumeru, so the next 'big' thing will have to be dendro, surely.

No. 158715

I wish the Dendro god is Baizhu’s snake who refuses to have a human form because it’s a “harder existence” or some shit.

No. 158717

>wah my shit pay 2 play weeb game isnt pandering to my femcel senses but rather to scrotes which is the main demo what a surprise

No. 158718

File: 1630682287365.png (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 1360x768, 19306E71-AF2E-4DD9-9049-2DD5F8…)

That would be interesting! Guoba is apparently a God himself, not an archon but some sort of God. I LOVE when games do things like this and I love Guoba. I'm excited for Moonchase purely because of him.

No. 158719

File: 1630682604263.jpg (27.84 KB, 541x707, 56fhb67s5ws61.jpg)

At this point I'm pulling with the punches and making due with what we get. Am I disappointed about all the mis-marketing? yes. but, I'm I also still somewhat interested in Genshin's future? A definite yes.

but for those who wish to depart from this game will have my blessings and it sucks there's barely any female-aimed gachas here in the west. Maybe we might get a game similar to Genshin which lacks most of the issues this game had. Who knows, good ripoffs do exist.

No. 158720

>Dendro with hydro could be… swamp??
Maybe dendro will have a reaction with geo? And im super excited to get Baizhu even if it will probably take a long time.


Anon do you just never play gacha games or are you just baiting. Azur lane, Honkai impact, punishing gray raven are an example of games that have like 80% female characters and those are just a few i have named. All these games focus on creating lewd anime girls to sell to scrotes so im sure you will like it.

This so much anon, I don't expect to have like a full game of male characters, i just want to have it more balanced even ratio.

Why are people not allowed to complain and vent about genshin?

No. 158721

Bennett will always be best boy so I don't even care what males release now

No. 158722

File: 1630682856106.jpeg (608.04 KB, 633x1108, 75857E75-815A-4EC6-9576-32F7D4…)

I think geo and anemo could have interesting reactions with dendro, but since they have no other reactions I doubt it.
Anemo and dendro could be like a leaf blower, lol.

No. 158723

Although I love the two new islands, I feel like 2.1 screwed up EVERYONE. Lack of male characters, the female characters released have questionable kits (apart from Ayaka), the story is messy, the awful anniversary rewards etc. Once again, Genshin proves that the one thing the team does best is exploration.
They really need to reconsider their writing team, and then think long and hard about how they could improve Electro. Genshin has always had balancing issues (look at Qiqi), and I think before releasing dendro they really should fix electro.
I still love this game and will stick by it, but I won't be surprised if a lot of players end up quitting soon.

No. 158724

I only got into this game in the first place because I wanted more botw, I guess when botw 2 comes out that's when I'll leave this crummy bootleg and never come back

No. 158725

Yeah even the waifufags that I know have admitted that the Inazuma archon story so far has been a mess and ultimately disappointing, and the overworld puzzles have been tedious and often nonsensical. It just fell flat on its face and there's no denying it. Electro traveler is absolutely useless and electro as an element is still in need of a critical buff. Really hoping that Mihoyo picks up the pace.

No. 158726

the idea of plant magic is cool until you start really thinking about what the reactions are even gonna be. the problem is that the other 6 are either some form of energy, an element, or in geo's case, a compound, which are all abiotic concepts. they're not complex multicellular organisms like plants. unfortunately mhy kinda backed themselves into a corner from the get go.

No. 158727

I love Guoba too! He's so cute

No. 158728

>"we want male characters!!!!!"
>new male character announced
>expect a lot of excitement and simping from nonas in this thread
>mfw only two anons answer the post and talk about it
>"we want female characters that aren't sexualized or boring waifus!!!"
>xinyan gets released
>"she's ugly"
>hu tao exists
>aloy gets released
>"wow she's so ugly
>"actually, yk, mona is a super cool character!!!"
>anons start sperging about how male characters have interesting stories, other anons sperg about females having interesting personalities as well
>someone says the females are one-dimensional stereotypes
>another anon makes a point about how the male characters are based on tropes as well
>first gacha game?.jpg
>anons complain about eng dub and claim jp dub is better
>"you're just a weeb"
>they are playing a gacha anime game
>anons say they are going to quit the game
>they are still here 56 days later
>shit up the thread with infighting, doomposting and moralfagging
>everyone is trying to one-up each other and be the best feminist in the world
>mfw the thread is full of twitter users calling each other twitterfags

did I miss anything?
first point makes me think that… only a 10% of us are actually playing the game and talking about it, the rest are trolls kek

>Why are people not allowed to complain and vent about genshin?
The problem is every post on this thread is a always THE SAME FUCKING COMPLAIN AND DOOMPOST. Not only that, but the second some anon shows some kind of positive feedback or someone says they enjoy the game, you all try to shame those anons by calling them "waifufags", "fujoshits", or "transbians". The positive posts are ignored, it's like everybody here is hate-playing the game. Just look at the Team Fortress thread, girl, I want what they have.
I understand and support being critical of the game, but it's super fucking annoying that all of the posts are whining "I'm quitting the game if I DON'T GET A HUSBANDO NOW!!" and when we get one you still complain or bitch about whatever, or even right down ignore it. I'm keking at that post saying "I PAID FOR THIS GAME I DEMAND FEMALE GAZE!!" like she's funding fucking Mihoyo. You're not, nona, your money is just a teardrop in the ocean of moid-money Genshin gets every second. Don't waste your money on these games, is not worth it.

No. 158729

Well, silver lining for me, I can save for C6 Dainslef, unless Mihoyo pulls another Signora.

No. 158730

File: 1630684507036.jpg (151.56 KB, 1000x1300, 20210831_084401.jpg)

The only upcoming male electro character 100% gives me debuffer vibes… if his debuff is good then it won't even matter that he's electro and I couldn't care less about the fate of an element with only one other male who deals physical damage. Would be based if they went the route of putting minimal effort into waifu kits since they know they'll sell anyways as we've seen with raiden but keep the boy meta streak going to give neckbeards an incentive to pull.

Nobody reading all that shit

No. 158731

i'm glad there's sane anons here

No. 158732

which upcoming electro male? have the leaks came out?

No. 158733

>you femcel whores should be happy for that one male character you got amidst 6 new female characters smdh

No. 158734

>someone makes a valid point about the state of this thread
>proceed to project your apparent crippling adhd onto everyone else in your reply
not everyone is as exceptional as you sweetheart

No. 158735

nta but where did she say that

No. 158737

File: 1630685316192.jpg (87.93 KB, 998x1023, 20210825_103125.jpg)

Scarymoose, based on the cutscene and some elements of his design like the mist pattern on his veils among other things

No. 158738

I’m not gonna read all that but last part is true, you’re right

No. 158739

I don't even like to read this thread anymore because the anons are being so hostile and negative all the time.
Like this one for example, why are you being so fucking heated for??

No. 158742

God only knows when we'll get Scaramouche. Do we know the visions of the rumored Inazuma male characters beside Tohma and Gorou?

No. 158743

I agree with this however if you want more people to talk about the game then you should bring up more topics to talk about.

No. 158744

No. 158745

The infighting starts because people lament over the shitty gender ratio and waifufags get their panties in a bunch over it and start complaining about fujos and husbandofags ruining their fun. If you just ignored it and let the husbandofags vent about a very justified woe with each other instead of calling them "misogynists" or "what did you expect it's a weeb game lol" because they don't simp for anime girls every time there wouldn't be a problem.

No. 158747

File: 1630686918378.jpeg (455.5 KB, 1895x1895, 55C0A4D9-08B5-4D86-983C-906F77…)

After I get Kokomi I think I'm going to focus on weapon banners instead with my future wishes. I like getting new characters but I hate building them. Artifact grinding causes me great pain. I think I'd rather focus on making a few characters amazing than roll for new ones. I know weapon banners are a scam for F2P but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by new characters.

No. 158748

>I like getting new characters but I hate building them.
same lol, grinding is literally painful, specially the artifacts.
I wish you could change substats or main stats with some kind of material, like dream solvent or smth.

Good luck farming specters for Kokomi, nona, they drop very few mats even at WL 8 and they are hard to kill if you don't have Kazuha or Ganyu, rip.

No. 158749

Yanfei deals with them nicely

No. 158750

imo artifact grinding wouldn't even be that bad if the other rewards like mora and friendship xp were better, bc at least you'd get something else out of it to make up for bad rng.

No. 158752

Im a huge autist so i will respond to much every point you made.

>The fact that not enough people on this thread talked about Thoma the new 4* character

Thoma has been leaked for a very long time so this is why i believe that not many anons replied to the post where they showed of his attacks. You can look at the previous thread and you will see that plenty of anons have discussed him, we even there talked about his new face change ect. You have to keep in mind that Thoma has been leaked months before and he still isnt even released yet.

>Anons saying that Xinyan is ugly

They're all wrong, she is cute and the fact that she uses a guitar during her ult is really cool. Her kit is bad to other characters tho because of the split scaling, but i feel like that shouldnt hold anyone back for wanting to play her. I do feel bad now that i didnt defend her but you can see a few other anons do say they find her cute so i think its stupid to generalise like that.

>Hu tao

She has had her banner months ago? No one has mentioned her so how do you expect anons to talk about her, you can look back at the first thread if you really want to and you can see that most anons like her. But since she hasnt been important to the story since her release you cant really expect that people will keep talking about her even two threads later.

>Anons say that Aloy is ugly

Theyre kinda right because her head is really large but i still think she's cute and she's free so i cant complain. Also the way you're writing this make it seems like there were no postive comments about aloy but that is not true, anons have made comments about how they think she's cute and like her character design.

>another anon makes a point about how the male characters are based on tropes as well

While there are some male characters that rely on tropes i feel like most of them are better devoleped. And it especially stand out because there are so much more female characters compared to male. I'm not saying there are no well written female characters but i even feel like if you just compare character trailers. The female characters trailers are really lame compared to the male ones (especially eula was very bad imo).

>anons complain about eng dub and claim jp dub is better

I think we can all agree that the anon who keep fighting about english dub is the most annoying one. Like she has come multiple times in the thread just to sperg out about how the jp dub is so much superior even if you only mention the english dub once.

>The positive posts are ignored

But it seems to me like you're doing the same thing, you keep talking like no one likes aloy or xinyan here even tho there have been posts here or on the previous thread that they do like them. I agree with you that some anons are very negative and loud but i think you yourself are focussing on the negative posts far to much, the best thing is to just ignore these posts if it makes you this angry.
Sorry for the huge autistic response kek.

Some people are saying itto will be a geo claymore, no news about ayato or if he will be even playable i believe?

I'm F2P and since the weapon banner has changed i have decided to also focus more on weapons and less on getting more characters. I have so many chracters i still want to build like you said the grinding is annoying. I don't feel like the weapon banner is such a scam now since you're eventually guaranteed to get the weapon you want. Goodluck on getting Kokomi anon! I'm hoping we will get another childe rerun after because i want to get his c1.

No. 158753

File: 1630688510964.png (728.45 KB, 690x828, 1627662446599.png)

Not even a fujo but I really think the Dendro Archon being a woman is almost unnacceptable. I never expected a balanced ratio but I was pretty happy with 3 to 4, but 2 to 5 seems ridiculous. Archons are THE major characters from each region which means we'll NEVER get another male one.
It also adds to a bad feeling in general because the Inazuma story sucked so much, I guess. Like, it makes no sense we haven't met Ayato yet. He's the head of one of the tri-commissions and his little sister involved his clan in a civil war, his retainer almost had his vision confiscated and he's doing what???? Literally nothing???? What could ever be more important than that??

No. 158755

I agree, but I somewhat blame the translation for this. Apparently the dendro archon was always a girl, but since I don't understand Chinese I can't say for certain. Are there any Chinese speaking anons in this thread?

No. 158756

nta but i really appreciate that you gave a calm, level-headed response to each point instead of shitting yourself and screaming. that's based as hell, anon.

No. 158758

I dont speak CN but I've read that all mentions towards the Dendro Archon were gender neutral, so either the EN translation defaulted to male or they had knowledge about it being a man and they changed.
Considering it's a change that comes together with tons of other little retcons, like the thing about Zhongli telling us Baal died 500 years ago (lmao such a fucking bullshit retcon, how can someone bem SO incompetent as to change that instead of writing around it? I'm still pissed), it's more likely that they changed it

No. 158759

gee I wonder why people are being negative when everything in genshin sucks right now besides the overworld, which is a whole lot less fun to roam when don't have any new characters to explore it with or any reason to explore because you have nothing to spend the resources and primogems you'd get from it on. game's a boring grindfest. if you want to circlejerk about it go back to twitter.

No. 158762

I'd like to add that nobody here called Xinyan ugly (just that her kit is bad), people were ranting about reddit moids calling her ugly because she doesn't look like a generic waifu. And multiple anons were saying they liked Kokomi for example. That anon is just strawmanning at record speeds and probably salty that someone insulted her waifu.

Not to be a full on doomposter but I called this ages ago, they bait female players in with male banners in the beginning and then just devolve into another waifufagging gacha after the first year is over. It happens all the time with new gacha games.

No. 158763

But… Baal DID die 500 years ago. I assume you're not caught up in the story?

No. 158765

I admit… I called Xinyan ugly. I admit it and I stand by it. Forgive me nonnies but her hair is awful.

No. 158766

Yeah I have to admit that I hate her hair and I think that's justified seeing how over the top it is lmao, but I like that she actually has clothes on and has some edge to her design. It's a shame her kit is shit

No. 158767

File: 1630690036309.gif (470.61 KB, 220x220, ADCE9CED-399C-4F93-9862-FB61AC…)

I didn’t like how at the end of the archon quest Yae just info dumps you with the juicy deets that could have been fleshed out.

No. 158769

Yeah, Xinyan's clothes are nice. I really hope Yunjin's design won't change much because she's the most appropriately dressed female character so far. I like her dumb hat too.

No. 158770

She did, but Zhongli never told us that, that is my point, they changed it because at the end of 1.1 Zhongli specifically told us that Baal is the current electro archon.
They could at least pretend Zhongli was lying to us to protect Beelzebulb because they were friends, but they made it seem like he literally told us when he didnt.

No. 158771

Yae is a bitch ngl

No. 158773

she does it again in raiden's shopping date story quest too. signora died for this?

No. 158774

How tf does this bitch not know what a gnosis is? She knows everything but not what a gnosis is??? Absurd

No. 158776

I think she was joking?

No. 158777

Yup while the western audience seem to complain about how Kokomi can’t crit and electro needing a buff (cause Raiden is a disappointment) the CN community has mostly been constantly complaining about how much the Inazuma archon story sucks compared to Mond and Liyue. They seem to be fine with Raiden, not as much hate like Zhongligate. I do think Mihoyo will try to make a better story in the future since they actually listen to the Chinese fans rather than the global community.

No. 158781

Ehh I didn't pick up the tone but maybe? It just felt weird because why would she trade that for a random person's life yk?

No. 158782

Oh no, we already had two male archons and one female one so far oh no the true evil imbalance of having female characters! We still have Fontaine and Natlan, seethe there will be more male characters in the future for you to fap too since that’s the only reason you care about the game.

No. 158783

Anon you are aware that the rest of the archons are confirmed to be female and that's the reason people are so mad over the Sumeru one being changed to female, making the ratio 2 males to 5 female archons?

No. 158784

We literally know that all of the archons we dont have yet are women, anon.
>there will be more male characters in the future
lmao you keep saying this but will it? because currently there's negative news about it, the only one we're getting is the one we have known about for ages
Also, it's also about just how fucking weird it is to have 5 female archons and 2 male ones. It makes things less diverse and less interesting in general dumbass.

No. 158785

Pyro and hydro have already been referred to as female multiple times by multiple characters. in fact the former is another recycled honkai character.

No. 158786

Ayart and the way you worded your post is not aggresive at all. As other anon said, thank you, that's really nice.
I actually agree with almost everything you said, except for a few points

>you can see a few other anons do say they find her cute so i think its stupid to generalise like that

I know there were some anons who said she was cute, I was just pointing out the hipocrisy of those who said they want female characters that aren't sexualized, when Aloy got mostly shit responses. I remember even one anon said she didn't want her and wished she could exchange her for starsglitter kek. That type of anon never gets shamed or called out, yet when some anon says they like Kokomi, someone has to jump and screech about it (see >>158156 >>158170). The one screeching is never in the wrong and nobody tells them to shut up.

I don't like Albedo or Kaeya and I don't see the appeal of Kaeluc. I also didn't like Ayaka's Archon quest and dislike Sucrose. Yet, do you see me getting worked up when anons mention liking them? No, if someone wants to sperg about those characters/ships, good for them. If some anons in this thread like Ayaka's quest, that's good, those who don't shouldn't start sperging about "YOU'RE JUST A WAIFUFAG" or publishing a fucking manifesto about how everyone that liked Ayaka is probably just a moid, damn. That's the only thing I ask.
Anyways, you're good anon, if all those infighters were like you I wouldn't even mind some doomposting kek.
I'll stop sperging about this.

No. 158787

This has to be bait.

No. 158788

ofc it is kek

No. 158789

Why does that matter? What’s the problem with a female-dominated game? Not everyone who plays this is a horny greasy weeb? Not everyone has the same perception about the characters, not everyone who plays this game calls all of the female characters ara-ara or mommy like a complete freak. Why am I, a woman should be punished for liking a FEMALE character because nippon scrotes sexual use the hell out of these characters? This whole thread is making me realize that women will never give a shit about women, even if they’re fictional.

No. 158790

>Pyro archon Murata is confirmed female
>Hydro archon is confirmed female
>Cryo archon a.k.a the Tsaritsa is confirmed female
>Now Dendro archon Kusanali is confirmed female
I was ready to accept 3 to 4 ratio but 2 and 5 with both male archons already being revealed is embarrassing and a clear signal of what direction the game is going to take when it comes to the character gender ratio. Even if you're not a husbandofag you can't deny how one-dimensional and ultimately scrote-pandering games that are only waifus are. If you think the current female characters are fine then just wait a few years and you get sexualized, half-naked lolis and monster titty mommies popping up in the gacha.

No. 158791

>female-dominated game
you also think that sexualizing your body is empowering I assume, kek

No. 158792

this has to be bait

No. 158793

There are tons of female dominated games out there, go play fucking Honkai Impact if you think coomerbait is empowering for you.
The fact is that Genshin was advertised as somewhat balanced and appealing to a general audience, including it's female players, which is something that only happens once in a blue moon with games in general, specially in a project as high budget as this so its obvious the part of the playerbase that is getting left in the dust is getting pissed, fuck off.
Also, these character were literally tailor made for scrotes or do you think Raiden takes out the sword from her boobs just because?

No. 158794

File: 1630691699952.jpg (44.68 KB, 1080x711, 34ccbdb404a93bec301a4f2c42fcbd…)

TIL onlyfans nude selling is a feminist industry because its female dominated

No. 158795

No. 158796

excuse u little miss internalized misogyny she takes the sword out of her gnosis not her breasts!!!11 it's all coincidental go play enstars or something if u hate women that much smdh!

No. 158797

It all has been bait these past 2 hours. Can we move on?

Have you nonnies noticed the new treasure chest voicelines? Venti’s is so cute, everyday I regret joining the game too late and missing his banner

No. 158798

i have not heard any of them sadly

No. 158799

Zhongli's was the first I heard
>Unsolicited! And all the more valuable for it :)
really caught me off gaurd. what did he mean by that?

No. 158800

No, because this game isn’t just about the characters or have you just forgotten in your rotten fujo brain that games also have many things to offer? Just say that you as a woman don’t like other women and go, weirdo. None of this is bait, just a differing opinion. This is what I get for browsing /m/, the retardation is unreal

No. 158801

Oh, I saw it by accident actually while exploring and it made my day lmao ofc that would be his reaction, the little shit.
Hopefully he will actually appear during Dragonspine part 2, I keep wondering what he feels about the whole Durin ordeal and Khaenri'ah.

No. 158802

I like them a lot! They are really cute, although I haven't heard all of them. Some of the characters get really excited about discovering chests, it's actually really funny. What does Venti say?

No. 158803

File: 1630692121610.jpg (116.6 KB, 1500x1015, 1629652747960.jpg)

>"Thank Barbatos! … wait a minute"
it's honestly the best one yet

No. 158804

File: 1630692162098.jpeg (362.23 KB, 1150x1700, 2DE46C4D-D44E-4F24-9BD6-83851D…)

Every character got one with the update! Venti thanks Barbatos for the treasure chest and then realizes he thanks himself. It’s silly but small things like that makes me enjoy the game. I think some characters even got 2 voicelines

No. 158805

i'm gonna check them all rn kek time to open some common chests

No. 158806

Yeah i also remember that anon who said she didnt want her which is stupid because she's free and no one is gonna force her to play her. You're right about anons like that not being called out because i always choose to ignore people like that since i believe that giving them attention will make them sperg even more. But those people themselfs will often attack other anons when they do see them posting postive things about a character or something else they disagree with.
The example you choose with kokomi, i understand your frustration. While the comment might not be as aggressive as example the anti aloy anon, it's still an unnecessary comment.
I want to also thank you for responding so nicely to me and I truely hope we will eventually have less infighting in this thread!

The saddest part is that we currently have 40 palyable character and only 12 are male (13 if you have choose aether to play). That's a big gap and i think it will grow. As example inazuma has given us 5 female characters and we will get 2 more. We have gotten only 1 male inazuma character and will get 2 more. So 7 new female characters and 3 new male characters.

I did notice it and i was really surprised because i never read the notes about the updates kek. But it's super cute and i hope they will add more voicelines like that, i hope that you will eventually get venti anon!

>I like her dumb hat too.
I also really like her design and i really hope they won't change and sexualise it. I was really surprised to hear that she was a geo polarm tho.

No. 158807

Having a lot of female characters doesn't make it a female oriented/dominated game. That is like saying huniepop is a female dominated game kek. Romanceable male characters, female characters with actual personalities and the option to have both female & male protagonists for female players to choose their preferences and be represented makes it a more female dominated/oriented game. Having scrote pandering waifus with trope like personalities just makes it another isekai harem.

No. 158809

Nonnies remember it's likely most of the harbingers will be male.
Really hope Dottore will be playable, that man is insane in a brilliant way.

No. 158810

File: 1630693890162.jpg (118.22 KB, 960x720, Et2XoIQVcAMBuww.jpg)

you. i like you, nony

No. 158811

>what did he mean by that?
That it was unexpected I think?

No. 158812

They're extremely cute. Although it seems like most characters have 2, some have only 1. I think Bennett and Raiden have only 1.

No. 158813

those new voicelines are the cutest shit and i'm always in support of bennett actually experiencing joy

No. 158814

File: 1630694049903.jpg (125.93 KB, 480x480, tumblr_4a8d502ab4a1155df132c2b…)

nona, you're cute and I love you, thank you for being so nice, I also hope we can end the infighting.
I wish you get all the 5* stars you want and may you win all your 50/50.

No. 158815

I also hope that we will get some more males related to Khaenri'ah and Dainsleif will probably also get released at some point. When Dottore gets released it is officially over for the pyro/cryo waifu bitches. Also Inwas really smug about the fact that Kazuha got a really cool and powerful scene with his friends vision in the Genshin 2.1 release when scrotes said he would die - but instead their shitty waifu Signora died kek

No. 158816

Yeah we'll I love you. MWAH MWAH.

No. 158817

File: 1630694345900.jpg (97.12 KB, 736x720, Euczmt-U4AAyx78.jpg)

shush nonna i love you more and you know it

No. 158818

I doubt it, Raiden is already put up to be the best selling character in the game so far. In 2 days in Japan she already sold more than Kazuha did and is catching up with Ayaka.

No. 158820

sheesh i really don't understand it. if her skills are that shitty then why would she be the best selling character? the phrase "your waifu is shit" literally fits

No. 158821

Fucking beats me, anon, she's both shit and unlikable and her story quest is awful (even the CN playerbase is saying this) so I don't get it either.
Maybe it's because she's Genshin's version of Mei from Honkai idk

No. 158823

File: 1630695682767.jpg (76.62 KB, 923x923, 1617212840811.jpg)

im sorry but why does it sound like he is commenting on a random dick pic he got kek

No. 158824

File: 1630695776947.png (515.16 KB, 635x612, 6d9.png)

No. 158825

"booba sword," and the top up reset. speaking from experience, buying all first time top ups gets you exactly enough to c2 a character with average luck, and guess what constellation she needs to be good? haha

No. 158827

Yeah this. Top up reset was literally the reason, Klee sold like hotcakes too because in the beginning a lot of late joining people missed Venti and she was the second 5-star.

No. 158830

File: 1630696624939.jpg (505.93 KB, 1598x1257, Screenshot_20210816-232357_Ins…)

I can't solve half of these overworld puzzles anymore. Like I get that its optional content, but man this game makes me feel stupid

No. 158831

File: 1630696895867.jpg (568.35 KB, 1598x1254, Screenshot_20210816-232410_Ins…)

I wish mihoyo would give us a playable male character with the buff/blacksmith guy body type. I'm sick of all these skinny twig men

No. 158833

true she is just a shitty kuudere trope whos boobs got memed that's why she is 1st. there is nothing more to her. when i played her story quest it felt so shallow i cannot believe that she is an archon, zhongli and venti are superior to her in any way i truly pity the scrotes. even ayaka and yoimiya are more interesting and i forgot that they even existed after a few weeks. i hope they change their minds and make the hydro or pyro archons male my hope won't die out and i will pray every night for it to happen.

No. 158834

Actually yes, I wonder why are we having so much infighting over a dumb ass game. There is nothing wrong with being critical, but holy shit, rabid anons losing their minds every single day because someone else likes a character's design is the peak sign of having the please-go-out-sometimes disease.

No. 158837

File: 1630697350705.jpg (103.13 KB, 534x800, dcc2e5d95546e1655de4db0272ca41…)

Btw anons, how do you think the Tsaritsa will look like? Actually, scratch that… How do you want the Tsaritsa to look like? I kinda want her to look like picrel. I know we are probably getting a boring design, but her being a big Russian lady dressed as some kind of revered saint or the Ice Queen would be really cool. Thoughts? (plz no bully)

No. 158838

You are right, anon. I love all of the skinny prince type male characters but there is a significant lack of buff muscle bulls to balance them out.

No. 158839

I want her to look like an old russian babushka. Peak female character design choice right there. Yours is also awesome tho I love the big crown and blue robe.

No. 158840

Literally bronya (honkai impact 3rd) with fancier Russian robes

No. 158841

File: 1630697762362.jpg (158.58 KB, 416x416, 157775237-170667a.jpg)

>new Tsaritsa leaks just dropped
god please make it real


No. 158842

I'm so done with this game. I gave them way too much money I wish I could get back. I'll probably just watch the story on YouTube though regarding baals story it probably won't even be that good anyways.

No. 158843

File: 1630698611870.jpg (46.5 KB, 290x409, 1903_ball_-_Princess_Olga_K._O…)

as long as mihoyo gives her a fancy kokoshnik (picrel is one of my faves) i will be happy with anythi- >>158840 i like bronya's color scheme but other than that god, please, no. i hate her ugly ass twin tails

No. 158844

That headdress is really cool maybe she can also hide her Gnosis there. Mihoyo should hire us we are better at making the characters designs. I agree that Bronya is boring. What kind of weapon do you guys think the Tsaritsa will use?

No. 158845

File: 1630699050966.png (439.21 KB, 960x660, Herrscher_of_Reason_(Bronya).p…)

This is the character everyone thinks she will be a look a like, sort of like Raiden.
They will probably age her up because there isn't a model to fit her in the game at least but it will be disappointing

No. 158846

File: 1630699309912.jpeg (183.76 KB, 900x900, 2A2F033A-9435-4DA9-9C1C-A56565…)

In her Herrscher form (basically 'God' form) the dumb twin tails go away. I think she'll either look like Bronya or Cocolia, who is Bronya's adoptive mother.

No. 158847

Good lord honkai characters are uggo. they all look like z list vtubers.

No. 158854

I think it's kinda boring that the archons are going to look like honkai characters, but apparently they do it for some sort of multiverse bullshit plot? Venti and Zhongli are different in some ways to the honkai "counterparts" but Raiden didn't get a good "redesign" and they'll probably do the same for the other waifu archons too. And I'm bummed because people theorized that the Dendro archon was going to look like a cute grey haired guy from honkai but I guess that's impossible now (unless they do like they did with Venti).

No. 158858

I really, really want her to look like that but we all know she'll have her booba and vagena out like the rest of the female characters and she'll have another misunderstood tsundere backstory to her. Screenshot this post for 2024.

They really do. And I find it really lazy that they're rehashing the designs for Genshin.

No. 158859

i unironically support the idea of a babushka archon, that'd be the tightest shit

No. 158860

Aside from design similarities, Venti's personality is nothing like Wendy's, and Ei's is nothing like Mei's and so on.
I don't think Zhongli looks similar to anyone from Honkai. Some say Fu Hua but I don't see it.

No. 158862

Play Tears of Themis

No. 158871

Yeah, that game is really good can help to get over the lack of genshin men salt

No. 158881

It's a completely different kind of game. I don't play mobile otome that force you to microtransaction to get all the story. The guys are all boring sameface too.

No. 158890

Story-wise, it's pretty f2p friendly outside the cards.
Although I agree on the same face, some NPCs are way more diverse and hotter, I don't know why the main characters look so bland in comparison.

No. 158894

Why the hell should I play otomeshit if I want to have a more realistic gender ratio (i.e. 1-to-1, not 10-to-1) in a fun adventure game with interesting combat mechanisms and world building? Why would I consider a bunch of sameface moids hitting on a self-insert girl with barely any gameplay to be the same as Genshin? See that's the problem, every time there's a game being marketed as gender neutral and for the general audience it always ends up being fully pandering towards males and if women demand more they are just told to go play "girl games" like otome visual novels which are an entirely different genre.

No. 158897

File: 1630744226949.jpg (928.8 KB, 1920x1080, what_i_expected.jpg)

>a game being marketed as gender neutral
I'm genuinely curious as to why some anons are saying this. Maybe is the same anon, but I've seen some posts complaining about this "marketing". Did I miss some kind of advertisement or ad campaign where they specifically said they were going to pander to girls? When I got into the game (I've been playing since release) I already knew this game was going to have a lot of female characters with sexualized outfits. I actually thought it was going to be worse (picrel is what i expected, i got into the game thinking it was some kind of moid mmorpg), and was pleasantly surprised when characters like Zhongli and Childe were released. I see this game as another Granblue/Arknights.
So, what is this "gender-neutral marketing" you are all talking about?
>inb4 the "marketing" is just their friend asking them to play the game or some twitter user making a thread about Genshin

No. 158898

In the beginning the gender ratio of the characters was much more balanced to the point is was almost half and half, date events didn't exist and even after they did it was for both male and female characters, you could choose the gender of the protagonist, the story in general had no hints of ever being anything else than this generic JRPG story. That spells gender neutral to me, unless you believe that only men are allowed to like games with a focus on combat.

If it would've been moidshit from the beginning it would've had only a self-insert male protagonist, vast majority of female characters all throwing themselves at him, other male characters being non playable etc. According to surveys the gender distribution of the playerbase is around 50% male and 50% female and the initial massive popularity was boosted by this fact alone. You have to understand that games that are waifu only never make it big and stay in the niche corner. Companies need that 50% female playerbase to stay afloat and alienating them means a gigantic loss of revenue, no matter how much moids throw money at a new waifu because they'll get distracted by a sparkly new game sooner or later. They're a fickle audience because there are so many options for them while women are known to be much more loyal to the characters they find enjoyable.

No. 158900

>gender ratio of the characters was much more balanced to the point is was almost half and half
>you could choose the gender of the protagonist
So, as I thought, the marketing didn't exist and it was only the wrong assumptions you made when first playing the game. Nona, I understand your frustration with the game, but if you paid attention you could have seen how different Diluc's and Mona's outfits were, how there was only one male 5* in the permanent pool, Xingqiu's outfit vs Barbara's, yada-yada-yada.
As I said, this is a gacha game like Arknights or Granblue. There'll be husbandos, but waifus will always outnumber them. It is was it is, ofc it's shitty, but the game was never marketed as anything else than a gacha anime game.
>companies need that 50% female playerbase to stay afloat and alienating them means a gigantic loss of revenue
You're forgetting those female players are also pulling for 5* female characters, while retarded scrotes are so adamant on not being seen as "gay" that they refuse to pull on husbando banners.
>unless you believe that only men are allowed to like games with a focus on combat
I don't believe that, but society and developers do, which is shitty because most of female gamers already enjoy a hobby that is commonly (and mistakenly) associated with men, so game companies thinking shit like "girls don't like action games" is stupid. But what can I do.

No. 158903

Why are you so hung up on this marketing thing? Was the game supposed to specifically say "A game for girls and boys alike"? Something like Animal Crossing is a gender neutral franchise enjoyed by both genders and you don't see them branding it all over their marketing, it's just that the game has no defining elements one way or another, i.e. it's not a waifu dating sim or an otome game. The same goes for many JRPGs like Final Fantasy. One could argue that video games in general are a "boy thing" but that has been proven false time and time again.

>There'll be husbandos, but waifus will always outnumber them.

Nobody denies this. The problem is that the ratio and focus is in danger of steadily slanting from "waifus outnumbering" to being "only waifus". Of course developers will put out more because men prefer quantity over quality and feel insecure if they're not constantly surrounded by a harem but are people just supposed to stop complaining about it? The games relying only on moid money are flash in the pan and fade into obscurity sooner or later because a new franchise will always take over. Genshin already dropped on the list of worldwide most profitable mobile games after a dry spell for new male characters so if anything, waifufags who want to keep the game alive should expect Mihoyo to keep half of the userbase interested and funding the game. Sure, female players roll for the 5-star female characters too but if they'll often be burned out and disappointed for prolonged times of generic waifus and no husbandos or non-sexualized female characters.


Funny you should mention it because Granblue has always been very husbandopandering compared to its competitors which is probably why it's still afloat after so many years. It's probably the only game that has released swimsuit versions of the male characters. Arknights on the other hand has never been a big thing globally, it continuously ranks with very modest numbers. It has a bigger profit margin than Granblue but on the other hand Granblue doesn't have as high production values and it's not as popular in China (the undeniably largest market for mobile games) as Arknights. Fate Grand Order started bleeding money immediately once they alienated their female audience because like mentioned, the male whale churn is big and the are not a sustainable source of money, especially because they start reeing the second a waifu isn't a broken overpowered DPS (see: Yoimiya drama). But once they released a new husbando for the new story chapter in August the sales jumped almost 500% in one month.

>game companies thinking shit like "girls don't like action games" is stupid. But what can I do.

At least stop enforcing it yourself, that's like the bare minimum.

No. 158904

>At least stop enforcing it yourself, that's like the bare minimum
I'm not taking the bait and I'm not going to start another spergfest.

No. 158906

File: 1630750884052.png (210.12 KB, 398x444, E6QiOpRXEAMfqNI.png)

Nonas, do u like this fighting event? I think it's kinda boring, but I do enjoy playing with the 5* characters I don't have.

No. 158907

Same thoughts tbh. It was fun to try out some characters that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise! I was hoping that Hu Tao would be in the lineup as well but you can’t get everything.

No. 158912

Nta but how is this bait? She's right. Just because it's not literally spelt out, it doesn't mean there has been no marketing. The game does feel more gender-neutral because of the mc choice, the available starter characters, the good looking male characters (compare this game to something like LoL, where all the males are either ugly, buff, covered in armor or ugly monsters while the females all look like models), the somewhat interesting Zelda-like story and the female characters not being that sexualised compared to other franchises (take some of the first ones that we see in the game: Jean, Barbara, Amber or Noelle all have something going on design-wise and they're not all just in bikinis with some pieces of armor here and there and huge swords, like coomers love). Clearly they were thinking and pandering to their female players, at least in the first year, because scrotes don't really give a shit about Aether being cute, Kaeya's cleavage, Zhongli's over-detailed ass, Venti being a bishounen, Razor and Bennett also being cute, and the male characters overall having complex backstories and relationships with other characters (though I do think they've always pandered to the coomers just a little more, but let's just say that it was acceptable). Many people saw this as just a weeb Zelda with a good male-female character ratio that also made the effort to pander to both males and females in a "balanced" way, I myself started to play it because I was intrigued by the fact that the game had both hot waifus and good-looking husbandos that weren't useless and ugly side characters but actually had plot relevance. Honestly I'm willing to wait and see what they're going to do after this, maybe it's just a phase where they feel like making a lot of female characters and the other regions are going to be good like Liyue and Mondstadt were. Maybe Inazuma's just a bit shitty.

No. 158931

File: 1630769487374.jpeg (927.56 KB, 1920x2442, 9B542719-963E-4066-99F4-BCB3FD…)

I can’t believe we’re still arguing about this for 2 whole days. I think we all have heard each perspective now and should just agree to disagree. Can we keep it a bit more lighthearted now and stop infighting?

I like husbandos so here, have a Thoma! Feel free to post cute pics of your Genshin husbandos anons, I like to save some for my collection.

No. 158940

Archons, I pray that I can get Thoma without pulling Yae.

No. 158941

I agree with this post. From the very beginning there has been more female characters than males. I do believe they sell better. But hey, at least most of the male characters are amazing, whereas Amber and Xinyan aren't that good.

No. 158944

He'll probably be on a rerun banner, maybe Albedo's…?

No. 158945

I do like it, however I wish that the trial characters would have changed by now. Some of the trial characters seem poorly built too, I wish we could see their artifacts. The Ningguang there feels weak but I know she can do better.
I wonder why Mihoyo seems to build trial characters horribly sometimes, like Yoimiya having a full noblesse set in her story quest, why? It fits her terribly.

No. 158946

Playing as Xiao makes me feel a little dizzy. Anyone else?
Also, the new chat emojis are adorable. Wish every character had at least one.
They also need to give Sayu and Yanfei another idle animation.

No. 158947

File: 1630774163681.jpeg (576.52 KB, 2048x2048, E-CVCZFUUAY8m6G.jpeg)

I don't have cute pics or horny pics or anything, because I don't have a Twitter account and idk where to get them… Most of the fanart I have saved up on my phone is from these threads. Did you see those Thoma edits where people edited his clothes (picrel)? There's even a nsfw one.

What do u mean, Yae is not coming in 2.2, Genshin didn't post anything about her.

No. 158949

All characters have the noblesse obligue set in their archon quests, I have no idea why.
But they do choose unusual combinations sometimes, Xiangling has a weird weapon in that character trial thing where you can play with the banner characters.

Dizzy? What do u mean? Is it because he almost teleports through air or because he jumps really high? I've heard users complaining about getting dizzy when they played non-stop, maybe you should rest a bit nona, take a breather.

No. 158962

Fair enough. I just personally gave up on Genshin having a decent male/female ratio, I don't think Mihoyo cares, especially now that Baal's banner is selling so much.

No. 158967

File: 1630781878899.gif (754.2 KB, 498x498, dainsleif-genshin-impact.gif)

I'm really praying my boy doesn't get killed or he'll never get a banner

No. 158971

If you want to see more good genshin fanart posted by their original creators, pixiv has a lot of them

No. 158975

File: 1630785208541.png (294.13 KB, 1539x649, wqen7734tjh71.png)

>I do believe they sell better
not really. adding to this that yoimiya was the 3rd lowest selling character banner to date, only outselling keqing and klee's rerun and I don't think kokomi will do much better.

No. 158979

>Husbandos selling like crazy
Waifufags BTFO'd, also Venti mains rule the earth

Still don't understand why Kazuha didn't sell better than Albedo. He's become a permanent addition to my combat party and is an amazing buff to elemental reactions while Albedo's meta is confusing to use and bordering on worthless for most players. Is it because he was outhyped by all the Inazuma leaks that people just ignored him?

No. 158981

>Albedo's meta
using that word incorrectly btw but a free 20-22k neutral aoe damage literally every 2 seconds, 125 em buff with 90% uptime, and some added tankiness from crystal shields isn't useless on any team besides freeze because geo procs shatter. him and zhongli are one of the most cracked character combos.

>confusing to use

all you do is press E and fuck off like fischl? he's even the single cheapest unit to build in the game (def% artifacts, doesn't care about set bonuses besides ap 2 piece, BiS is a 3 star weapon) idk if you've just never used him before or what but hes extremely simple

No. 158983

I'm ESLchan so sort of lost on the terms but anyway, what makes his elemental confusing is that it's easy to use but to get the best party around him is what turned me off about using him. Maybe I'm just shit at figuring out how he works but I haven't seen many Albedo users out there so I haven't been able to benchmark

No. 158987

he's a support, you don't build a party around him you throw him on whatever party that could use him. for ex xiao's best party is zhongli albedo flex.

No. 159017

File: 1630834786390.jpg (39.22 KB, 596x353, 1630834650111.jpg)

Thoma date event nonas I cant wait!

No. 159023

File: 1630839675068.jpg (148.15 KB, 1200x1200, 504ba8d594b4b3e3697445515e5e6b…)

I hope he gets in trouble again and we help him untie his wrists but you also can tease him and let him suffer a little. Sunshine smile husbando, here I come.

No. 159028

File: 1630840925878.jpg (242.11 KB, 1570x2048, E8s95QSXoAg53jb.jpg)

did somebody say husbando, here i come with mine

No. 159036

Dottore anon is giving me Komaeda anon vibes kek

No. 159037

please don't say that, i'm sane

No. 159038

File: 1630843864645.jpg (344.41 KB, 2048x1399, IMG_20210207_141201.jpg)

I think she's nicer than komaeda anon. I don't mind her.

No. 159044

You're not going to be an insane mad person along with your husbando? Sad!

No. 159045

File: 1630847855218.png (262.03 KB, 309x309, 9CDp8z4h_400x400.png)

i mean i'm definitely not sane as in normal but I'm not a kinnie or talk about my discharge on lolcow kind of insane

No. 159046

ngl Komaeda anon is based so keep simping for your husband nona

No. 159047

File: 1630848791191.jpg (111.73 KB, 735x904, EuITsdbVcAE0mSg.jpg)

haha that is sweet of you nonni. I'm going to shut up now and keep lurking now tho, i have shitted up enough of this thread and the last one. See you all when new Dottore leaks drop. I love you all and please stop infighting

No. 159050

File: 1630849220809.jpg (97.78 KB, 899x1080, IMG_20210221_205656.jpg)

dw you didnt shit up thread, we love u as well

No. 159052

noooooo Dottore wouldn't want you to leave nonner, keep spreading the love

No. 159053

shit okay, one more thing, i'm getting a little paranoid about being confused with other dottore simps especially the one that posted the weird guro porn i don't want to be confused with people like that that's why i need to stay quiet kek

No. 159054

That was one of the scaramoucheanons, and I think she got banned for posting that kek. Your way of speech is a lot nicer and less deranged, so it's okay. I love your menes btw.

No. 159055

hell no as scaramouche simps we're not claiming that piece of shit, it was confirmed as a shitposting scrote

No. 159056

File: 1630850072010.jpeg (701.72 KB, 3800x1990, 3CCDFD27-F8DF-424C-BB3C-169F9F…)

(Sperg post) Gosh the hopeless romantic in me loves tragic characters like Rosalyne who have romance as part of their tragedy so much. I don't even like her design. It's a shame that most of her lore is hidden behind artifact and weapon descriptions, but I suppose for ADHDs who just want to zoom through the story and don't care about lore it's a good thing?
I always wish the story and dialogue was longer, but when I watch my normie casual friends play they complain it's too long. I wonder if that's part of the reason why the story this time seemed shorter. I don't understand how some world quests are written better than the MAIN story. Surely there must be different writing teams?

Anyway, I know there's many Venti fans here, but after learning more about her I'm surprised all she did was kick him.
Venti's constant dormancy screwed Mondstadt somewhat since he wasn't around for most of(?) the Cataclysm when fuckers like Durin were showing up, it's also the reason Rosalyne hates him because he wasn't around to possibly save her lover, thus she had to turn herself into the Crimson Witch to fight the monsters off, constantly be in pain whilst burning herself and everything around her for centuries until the Tsaritsa found her and gave her the Cryo delusion which stopped her burning. It's likely her face is burnt underneath her mask. I hope she is with her lover in the afterlife. In English when she dies at the end of her boss fight, her saying "I never asked for redemption, never" tugs on my heartstrings.

No. 159057

you are very sweet nonni. I will pop in every once and then and spread some more dotty love then, kek

okay i'm relieved to hear that, i was starting to worry that scaramouche fans were a little crazy but i'm glad it's not like that. He is a super cool character especially with that new reveal Yae gave us and i hope he becomes even more relevant from now on

No. 159058

To be fair it's often made clear that Venti never wanted to be an archon and instead wanted to live as a free person so he escaped the responsibilities laid at his feet, caused by the trauma of losing his best friend during a war. The reason why they took his gnosis by force was that he didn't want to get involved with Tsaritsa's scheme and they knew it, whereas Morax agreed to negotiate about it.

No. 159059

I'm Venti fan, but I also love Signora's character and I think her dead was a fucking joke. She had so much potential, and they decided to kill her so suddenly like she was a mere NPC. I don't like her design either, but I liked her being unapologetically violent and bad. In my opinion, Raiden should have been the one dying at the end of this chapter, and Signora should have had more spotlight.
>I suppose for ADHDs who just want to zoom through the story and don't care about lore it's a good thing
They should add some kind of "skip" option for these people.
>In English when she dies at the end of her boss fight, her saying "I never asked for redemption, never" tugs on my heartstrings.
We don't deserve her.
Nice pic btw.

No. 159060

>To be fair it's often made clear that Venti never wanted to be an archon and instead wanted to live as a free person
Nta but I'm not exactly sure this is true, anon. Venti escaping his responsibilities has a lot more to do with him being cunning and not really understanding just how much he should intervene in Mondstadt's affairs as a free nation than not wanting to be an Archon, because his dream is to preserve the freedom his old friends died for.
I think his constant sleeping is the way he found to prevent the erosion Morax was talking about (and that made Ei autistic enough to NEET herself) rather than just lazyness

No. 159065

her entire life was ruined because the anemo god who helped cause monsters run free in his lands did nothing to stop them until Durin

No. 159067

Idk why but I find it super funny that some people dislike Signora because she kicked Venti when Childe was about to destroy a whole City.
I wanted to see more about her and pull for her. She left us too soon.

No. 159068

File: 1630858813321.jpeg (99.59 KB, 540x782, DE89753D-6508-4C59-BCAD-67C9FA…)

I love Signora but if Childe was assigned to be at Inazuma it could have been him instead.

No. 159075

File: 1630859877202.png (337.02 KB, 673x680, 1615053302666.png)

Hey nona, just some questions from someone who wants to understand the lore better and you and other nonas discussing Rosalyn and Venti seem like you know what's going on. Did you get Signora's backstory from reading the artifact captions? Can I get in-depth info from checking the archives and books we gathered? I haven't been able to focus on playing seriously because of uni things so I can't check for myself rn. I missed a bunch of things from rl distractions and would love to understand the archons and the wars better. Sorry to bother you guys with basic questions!

No. 159082

No worries nonnie! The Crimson Witch artifact set seems to be about Rosalyne, and https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Rostam this is all about her lover with many links. The genshin impact fandom wiki is a good place to get lore if you're feeling lazy.

No. 159083

Anyone else not feel sad over Teppei dying at all? He wasn't dislikable per say, but I am a little salty he got more screen time than Kokomi, Sara and Signora. I understand that it may be a risky move to kill off a playable character (though they did it in Honkai so who knows) but playable characters are who players are attached to. An NPC under the resistance army got more screen time than his own leader.

No. 159087

I think it would be better to kill a main character, that way the death would actually hold a lot of weight, as long as they do it right and not for the sake of being dark and edgy (an unnecessary death of a cute girl).
Any bets on which Playable character could die? I'm thinking maybe Venti, Kaeya or Albedo. Some people say Childe has a lot of doom flags but I don't see it, maybe I'm in denial lol

No. 159088

They wanted to create drama with a death but keep the dying character "NPC-ish" enough via design and everything so that players wouldn't riot for not being able to use him, however in order to have the death make any kind of an impact on people they needed to make him likable and give him plenty of screen time. All in all a really bad move that didn't play out well and I fully agree how annoying it was that he stole screen time from other characters that are already confirmed to be playable or have been significant to the story before. They could've just given his position to a playable character and then faked his death if they really wanted to shoehorn in a cheap death scene, even that copout would've been better.

I wonder if Inazuma had a different writing team because I've seen nobody like the story and even the Chinese players are complaining about how bad the writing has been.

Killing off playable characters wouldn't make sense at all. I can see NPCs like Signora or the rest of the Harbingers get flagged but not characters that have already been made playable.

No. 159090

Lisa has some death flags too. I think it should be one of the starter characters if anyone, since everyone has them and will have some form of attachment, even if just a little. I wish Amber would do more in the story, or had some other side to her. I'm a sucker for twists like that. Everyone speculates that Kaeya may do something bigger in the story and I hope he does, but how unexpected would it be if Amber was some sort of villain instead?

No. 159094

File: 1630872637401.jpeg (280.6 KB, 2048x1536, E50544B4-148C-43CA-8455-60A5E4…)

No. 159095

I just saw Thoma's leaks and he looks so cute and fun to play with, which is bad because now I'm tempted but I'm saving up for Gorou and other boys… but I also need a pyro character different from Bennett… I'm so torn nonas

No. 159096

Same anon, Thoma looks so fucking cool. It looks like he’s almost dancing with his spear it’s so detailed. I saved for Gorou too but since both him and Thoma are 4-stars it shouldn’t be difficult getting them both.

No. 159097

I love the first song so much.

No. 159101

File: 1630874332623.jpg (355.64 KB, 1427x1505, gr.jpg)

>how unexpected would it be if Amber was some sort of villain instead?
It would be corny as hell and the secondhand embarrassment I'd get from it would take me out. The "paimon is evil!!1" theory is just as bad like this is a 3rd grader's plot twist at best.

No. 159106

agreed, genshin ost never disappoints

No. 159107

File: 1630880561475.jpg (66.49 KB, 563x608, dd36a40c8a47c458285e3051cbb2a3…)

I will die of cringe if the "Paimon is actually evil" plot twist ever happens. That would be the laziest writing ever.

No. 159109

File: 1630880870162.jpg (542.71 KB, 828x1305, yankee with no brim.jpg)

Here's a website where you can look more in depth at character models and their clothing, not sure why anyone would want to besides art or cosplay related interests but I'll dump it here anyway.

No. 159120

File: 1630886807994.png (7.66 MB, 3072x4096, 1d7b94849e63710e57bf6a7b71f8e0…)

Btw, JP dub players, am I the only one that thinks Thoma's voice this update is very different from his voice at the start of Inazuma's chapter?

No. 159121

I like twists like that as well, but I can't see Amber as a plot-twist villain/traitor, she's too much of a goody two-shoes. Kaeya makes more sense.

No. 159123

>introduce new Fatui harbinger all the way last year
>his origin and motives are immediately mysterious and grab people's attention
>people speculate about him, why did he say the stars in the sky are a lie?
>artifact lore comes out further creating intrigue about who he is, hinting that he has some relation to the electro archon
And when we actually do the Inazuma story he
>shows up for 2 minutes
>dumps a mustache twirling exposition about to Fatooey's evil plan to sell delusions
>you're expected to care that he made fun of some NPC you knew for a total of 5 minutes that died
>knocks traveler out
>your don't see him again but you go to fight and kill his co-worker who had zero buildup
After the quest
>The big secret about him is revealed
>…through an unceremonious exposition dumb from a third party
>and he was given the gnosis off screen
>story over, go to Sumeru
This was so much worse than Liyue it's unreal.

No. 159124

File: 1630887867998.jpg (160 KB, 960x1200, 1630796602972.jpg)

since all the archons are female after this point, I hope they make all the harbingers male. I'll forgive mihoyo a little if that happens

No. 159129

with how incompetent and lazy genshin writers are I'll be keeping my expectations in hell. a dude who leaked the entire inazuma plot before anyone else said 2.2's plot will be ripped straight out of one piece, with childe as ace and blackbeard as scara which I will go easy on because hehe sexy mafia boys kicking eachothers asses and hate sexing afterwards kek

Me too, fatuus are more interesting

No. 159130

Where do people usually check the reaction of the fans to the story, especially from China? I've tried to check on Reddit but there's usually nothing but waifu spam there

No. 159131

That's not even true, just search by 'hot'

No. 159135

Except it is true, the genshin plebbit is full of clout chasing costhots, hourly "resin system bad" posts, insanely unfunny memes because it's reddit, ugly fanart because it's reddit (all the talented artists are on pixiv twit and ig), and whenever a waifu releases it turns into an endless flow of coomshit. Expecting meaningful discussion on a majority male website that is indistinguishable from a youtube comment section ain't smart; go find a good discord.

No. 159136

I hope they make Paimon like Sailor Chibi Chibi moon where she’s just the lesser form of sailor cosmos (or changes into a sword like the anime).

No. 159137

There's still reactions and discussions to the story, are you blind?

No. 159138

Is this you: >>159090? If so then lmao feel free to take your ass back there. Better discussions on hoyolab and that's saying a lot.

No. 159142

Anon asked where to see reactions to the story and that she can't find ones on Reddit but they are there and easy to find, I don't understand. I never said they were good, but they're there. Hoyolab, reddit, hell even Twitter, I've seen plenty of people talking about the story and most seem to dislike it.

No. 159144

File: 1630898195387.jpg (62.09 KB, 680x481, adorable.jpg)

Wanted to share my favorite fanart, it's so cute, I look at it whenever I feel down. My favorite Genshin artist is @Qi2341! Picrel is her art. She draws a really cute chibi Aether, usually interacting with Childe.

No. 159153

I think it's confirmed that most Harbingers will be male but seeing what happened to Signora I'm not going to expect them to become playable. I'm already fearing that Scaramouche was given the death flag.

Fully agree, the subreddit is just fucking awful for the reasons you mentioned. It's insane how every gacha game's sub ends up being exactly like that (shitty kindergarten level drawings, lazy costhots, unfunny memes, coomshit etc) two minutes after launch. I mostly just dig around Twitter for people to follow who translate Chinese players' reactions and watch streamers on
>Expecting meaningful discussion on a majority male website that is indistinguishable from a youtube comment section ain't smart
True. It's telling how on Twitter the people who translate the most content, have the most meaningful points they bring up and explain the lore in a comprehensive way are always female while moids are stuck on chimp mode for all eternity, you wouldn't catch me dead being interested in their "reactions".

No. 159161

>I mostly just dig around Twitter for people to follow who translate Chinese players' reactions
Any good accounts you know of for that?

No. 159169

File: 1630915633068.jpeg (800.57 KB, 916x952, E87uNsIVUA0UTPs.jpeg)

That's really wholesome nona, the art style reminds me of those Genshin wechat emojis.

No. 159174

those tiny abyss mages are gonna make my heart explode holy shit

No. 159180

File: 1630934339826.jpeg (65.11 KB, 750x750, 5820D18F-1D1E-404A-B765-AB46C0…)

I love abyss mages so much, I really hope there’s some keychains or something like that of them in the future.

No. 159186

I think it's probably the same artist

No. 159188

Right? It's so cute, she really makes the cutest fanart! Every single detail just oozes with cuteness. Whose your fave fanartists nonnies?

No. 159190

When I first saw them I let them kill me because they were so cute kek. I wish there were plushies of them, they'd make bank I would buy 10 of each.

No. 159205

I got Raiden Shogun and I slapped 2x thundering fury and 2x emblem of severed fate on her. Is this wrong or are there better artifacts for her?

No. 159208

abyss mages are total bastards but i love them and their big silly bunny ears anyways. the new electro ones are especially cute imo, they're adorable in purple!

No. 159212

4pc EoSF is best with the catch but shes confirmed worse than c0 fischl in all comps but 2 lul
For main stats ER or Atk% / Atk% / Crit

No. 159214

This but you want ER sands and ATK goblet. The Catch is her BiS 4 star but it's a grind to get, even grindier to R5, so good luck with that.
As for being worse than Fischl I'd disagree purely because Oz just autistically stays in one place and if enemies move out of his range you have to switch back to Fischl to place him closer which is a DPS loss. Hell at least Raiden's skill follows your character around, we need more skills like that.

No. 159216

It's already been math'd that a c0 raiden is indeed weaker than a fish with any cons and about equal to her c0 outside 2 teams: eula kinda and the national team. If you rebuild all your characters with minimal ER and have a pjc to give xingqiu she can even replace kazuha or sucrose in national assuming you're a masochist who enjoys dealing with overload shenanigans without a CCer. That team is still not as good as international team with childe, bennett, kazuha, xiangling tho and she sucks with childe.

>you have to switch back to Fischl to place him closer which is a DPS loss

Doesn't matter because of how much more damage he does overall compared to raiden. Oz freikugel hits hard, while raidens entire ult can often be a dps loss.

No. 159218

Fuckin nerd

No. 159219

players who go through the effort of number crunching like this are beyond my capacity. where do y'all get that level of patience?

No. 159220

I was addicted to pokemon showdown for years until I got sick of all the trannies

No. 159230

File: 1630958640803.png (1.05 MB, 744x875, assaas.png)

Nonnies, I want to make a new team, who should I throw my mora and energy into next?
I'm a Xiao main, and I have all the 4 stars of the game + the characters in the ss.
I have no one built other than Xiao tbh.

No. 159233

File: 1630959858214.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1067, thumb-1920-1164149.png)

Sorry for the late response but i love you too anon!
>I wish you get all the 5* stars you want and may you win all your 50/50.
I wish the same for you!

Oh that's so pretty, I would love if the Tsaritsa had a design like that.

>here's even a nsfw one
I haven't seen that one yet but this edit is super good and i wish we will get a shirtless Thoma skin.

Dainsleif has been confirmed as an official playable character way back in September 2020, let's hope he will come soon!

I really hope that she didn't actually die because that would be so lame. I want to see more of her.

I would say Venti, Bennet and Zhongli or Albedo are the characters you should focus on.

No. 159244

Eula, Raiden, Diona, Sara

No. 159247

My metafag brother says best team for Xiao is: Anemo Traveler, Raiden, any healer.

No. 159250

You're brother must be lying because why would he suggest mc anemo, also i would say its better to invest in venti/sucrose/jean instead of raiden as battery.

No. 159252

I guess because Anemo Traveler's burst lowers Anemo RES by 20%. I don't know about the battery character tho, I guess Venti could work too.

No. 159255

like other anon said your brother is full of it. raiden is horrible with xiao and anemo mc is fucking horrible in general. use zhongli, albedo, and jean.

No. 159256

xiangling and kazuha

No. 159257

Xiao works best with Jean since she's also anemo and can heal him when he needs it. No idea why he recommended Raiden, maybe because she helps Bursts get more powerful and that's where Xiao's main form of damage comes from? He also benefits from Zhongli like everyone else in the game.

No. 159258

No. 159260

I'm more amazed at their patience to try out and level all the characters, like fuck I can barely squeeze out an hour out of my day to play due to other things I need to get done, how the hell does one grind materials for the whole character roster to be able to test these things in practice? I just have my main team that I gear up and level and that's the best I can do. At times like this I miss my NEET times when I could spend all my time with autistic damage calculations and endless equip lottery.

No. 159261

raiden doesn't even buff xiao's burst, or any characters with ults that buff their normal attacks for that matter (yanfei, noelle, razor, kokomi) aside from her own

No. 159263

Anon they have Jean's skin, they clearly spent money on the game so I wouldn't be surprised if they spent money to get more resin. Nothing wrong with that of course, but without resin it would be easy to level many characters up, which is how whales are able to do so.

No. 159274

I want to punch mihoyo for this, the anniversary is so lame and underwhelming. Can they pretty please make more golden and rusty koi appear in those puny ass fishing ponds? How are people suppose to get the Catch weapon on time or is it a permanent system? Also what happened to the free 10 wishes does anyone know?

No. 159277

Anon it's not the anniversary yet…

No. 159280

File: 1630983156593.jpeg (127.07 KB, 1000x1422, E-k8X7bX0AA6JMR.jpeg)

Adult model Xingqiu WHEN?

No. 159288

File: 1630989791710.jpeg (661.73 KB, 2048x2048, 78640AD4-2683-4103-9EB1-C11C15…)

Happy birthday Chongyun!!

No. 159291

File: 1630993205763.jpg (402.25 KB, 1765x1828, E-p4tfAUcAAPD1c.jpg)

Anniversary starts around 9/28 when Kokomi banner is up. Then we will receive the free 10x fates around that week. Mihoyo's CN stream hinted that more is to come for the Anniversary.

Ornamental Fish CAN appear as furnishings but it is rng. Good luck on fishing it!

"The Catch" weapon is F2P and is a permanent feature. You can buy it from the Inazuma Fishing Vendor.

Happy Birthday to Chongyun!!

No. 159293

File: 1630994301324.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.98 MB, 4200x4380, 1630096040798.jpg)

Sesield is my new favourite

No. 159294

Um… ew

No. 159296

r u male

No. 159298

File: 1630995061254.jpg (258.75 KB, 1400x2032, E-dpxj6VEAIB-Dj.jpg)

I can see why you wouldn't like it but I think it's cute

No. 159299

Based. I like them too.

No. 159300

not easy to when you can immediately tell this artist draws loli porn on the side kek

No. 159301

Happy birthday to my favourite exorcist cryo boy!!!

ewww this is shit you'd find from the genshin subreddit posted by some coomer waifufag moid

No. 159303

No. 159304

>check this artist out
>it's a Hololive otaku RTing only peak coomershit
Exactly what I was expecting tbh

NTA but one look at his twitter and anon was confirmed to be right kek he's drawing NSFW of that hololive shark loli

No. 159306

File: 1631002672156.gif (3.87 MB, 640x640, chongyun.gif)

Happy birthday, my son.

No. 159325

File: 1631016208603.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3464x3464, 3098084D-8404-468C-8230-E22C7B…)

Thanks anon, I hate it, when I first saw it I didn’t like it, but now that it has been compiled in a single page. I despise it.
>the crying faces
>the oocness that isn’t funny
>the weird last picture that would be cute but is gross to look at after knowing that the artist makes porn of anime little girls
>the whole ass baby Au made wrong
Seriously, there’s another artist who made a baby au of Genshin that doesn’t feel like you will go to jail after reading the comic strips, they’re cute, I think the Twitter handle is something like icedkappe. I only know of the kinder au though.

No. 159331

I like how all of you just knew they'd draw loli kek

No. 159338

It’s just the kind of artstyle that gives you mayor redflags. If you check that person’s Twitter, there’s a picture of the shark girl showing her underwear.

No. 159339

Aww this is actually cute anon, I love Kaeya and Childe's panels kek
>>159293 is just plain disgusting

No. 159343

The most degenerate and ugly thing I’ve ever seen. Fuck off scrote, you ruined the vibes of this thread and I bet you’re going to jerk off to that fact because you’re a disgusting animal

No. 159346

Anon, go outside. It's a comic of anime girls crying. Don't raise your blood pressure over pixels.

No. 159348

His fugly depiction of my malewife offends me equally as much as him being a lolicon >>>/bad art thread/

No. 159352

Fuck off, if she wants to complain about scrote shit she has all the right to, kek.

No. 159356

Obviously, but it's embarrassing to get so worked up.
You're getting all worked up over nothing. Pff, you've changed… You're getting weak.

No. 159357

Anyone else think Venti more or less wearing his dead friend's face is not sweet, but fucking creepy? Get your own look you weird little wisp.

No. 159358

What a cringy scrote

No. 159359

I think Venti is the shadiest character of the whole game, I love him, but he’s just so shady that he should be named slimshady.

No. 159360

I mean aren't him and Zhongli genociders? When will we finally see Dainsleif/our twin again? He's the one who drops the most important pieces of lore and then he just disappears. I hated the lazy cop out of "can't talk about it because of muh contracts lmao"

No. 159361

I actually just finished Dragonspine last night and it’s a lot of fun. I really regret not doing the event on my old Genshin account when it was available.

No. 159364

I fucking hate this bweeh thing, not only is it incredibly annoying, I feel like I'm looking at some sort of diaper fetish art
Specially compared to this one >>159325 which just looks cute

No. 159374

File: 1631041649062.png (3.49 MB, 1920x1080, Watatsumi_Island_Sangonomiya_S…)

Nonas, I've been putting off exploring Inazuma until today and the fucking side quests nearly broke me. I was trying to continue the Archon quest, but it said a character was involved in something else, so I tried going from the top, finishing what I started and I began with the Sakura Cleansing Ritual. Oh my god, why is this shit so long? There's barely a story behind it, it's just so unnecessary and drawn out.
When I could finally pick up the big quest it leads to Yashiori Island. Dodging lightning was super annoying and I hate the rain and getting electro-charged all the time, so I started the quest to make it stop. God, these fucking pillars. Why did they suddenly decide to not tell the player anything? How are you even supposed to find out what you need to do without online tutorials at this point?
I did two wards and then quit out of frustration, fuck the booba archon and her stupid ass hostile environment. I went fishing in Mondstadt and Liyue and decided to unlock the two new islands so I could at least get all the fish from there. Finding Seirei island's fishing spot nearly killed my main and I was about to give up on Inazuma completely until I went to Watatsumi island. It's so pretty! The colors are dreamy, I love the bubbles floating around and the shrine is so breathtaking, it's really beautiful and awe-inspiring! You're also not at risk of death where ever you go kek, it really made up for all the suffering. It almost makes me want to roll for Kokomi, just for the aesthetic. I know they won't, but a similarly designed male character would be so ideal honestly…
I just hope the puzzles and quests in the next region won't be this boring and long, it really takes all the fun out of the game for me. The electro-effect in some regions is just as annoying as sheer cold and I don't know how others feel about it, other than the few reddit people I saw praising it because "wow I love it when games are hard and challenging!", but it just makes everything so tedious.

Same, I was too low level when it happened and I'm still so salty about missing out on Festering Desire, it's so good and looks super cool!

No. 159377

I feel like the gods are hiding something very sinister from the traveler. MC’s sibling and Childe always say to them “you’ll realize what this world is like” and even the laws and layout of Teyvat might be entirely fake and constructed so it might not even be a real world. Yae Miko is definitely lying to traveler, how the fuck would she not know anything she’s one of the most high-ranking people who’s been there for centuries and I’m sure she leaves the shrine and knows and sees a lot of things, Ei has been inside of her temper tantrum vacation refuge for ions so she wouldn’t know anything. Whenever they bring up Sustainer of Heavenly Principles all of the gods and powerful people seem to have amnesia and not “know” about her, Zhonghli is an annoying asshole too telling traveler he can’t say anything like you’re not even a ruling god anymore he could have given a hint. Inazuma might have been interesting but if we couldn’t even get more hints about the most important thing in the storyline it was definitely a filler nation.

No. 159379

I mean the one you've posted is just the same shit but with better art, about the male characters and made by a fujo.

The sad thing is that the Sakura Cleansing Ritual is one of the better quests in all of Inazuma so if you hated it and thought that was drawn out then you will definetly hate the stupid furnace quest.

No. 159385

It doesn’t have a girl pissing herself nor isn’t a 22 strips long comic with the same overused joke of little girls crying.
But okay.

No. 159386

File: 1631047702192.jpeg (764.92 KB, 2048x2048, B91106C4-0817-4A47-A5C6-521CAB…)

Yeah I had the same reaction! Watatsumi island is just breathtaking, best place in all of Inazuma. It has that non-coomer pandering femininity that I love! My instant reaction when I saw all of the seashells and color scheme was how much it looks like Barbie Mermadia kek. I might be the only one who thought that but I love it! It feels nostalgically girly. Like Barbie toy sets from the 2000s.

No. 159388

For me the Inazuma islands are absolutely impossible without an online guide. I could figure out all of Liyue and Mondstadt puzzles by myself and had fun just exploring and finding more secrets but in Inazuma I'm desperate to get rid of the fucking thunder, have no idea how to do it, all of the puzzles are nonsensical and require you to just look it up and I fucking hate it when I constantly have to pause the gameplay to look up guides. Watatsumi island was like a breath of fresh air amidst all that gloomy scenery. Overall it's depressing how dreary and oppressing the overworld has been compared to the previous regions, I missed Liyue's sunny and bright fields and mountains all the time.

NTA but if you can't see the difference between that extremely OOC gross loli bawling comic without any jokes and the one humorously playing off the characters' actual personalities then go back to /vg/ or reddit or whatever moid infested place you came from

No. 159389

The seirai island puzzle was stupidly easy. Just spam the rock moving buttons until they unlock.

No. 159390

I actually liked Inazuma more because of the puzzles kek, I guess everyone has different opinions and preferences. I enjoyed more the puzzles of Inazuma than having to climb the Everest every 2 seconds to get a common chest while exploring Liyue.

I didn't think of that, but I like your perspective nona.
Watatsumi Island is definitely a beautiful, peaceful place in the midst of chaos.

No. 159393

File: 1631049688203.jpeg (367.54 KB, 1418x1680, 8F1904B1-8867-443E-B7B3-19F2D9…)

Yes!!! I love how a rebel camp is set up in a super girly island. It’s the perfect setup wish there was more time spent there on the archon quest.

No. 159397

Am I just dumb or is azhadas challenge impossible? Did co-op matching like 6x and we lost each time. Is there a trick?

No. 159398


or bennett and xingqiu, I had to do it co op until recently because I wanted to save the quest for when I felt like it and always used them. I'm using that combo again for easy signora co op too cuz lord knows if it took me 3 patches to do a short quest for a character I actually like I will never do any of those stupid inazuma story quests…

No. 159400

bring two shields and a healer. my team for azhdaha is always childe/hu tao, zhongli, diona, bennet. i always solo it cause i find it easier than trying to cooperate with some randos.

No. 159401

just solo it. if you already have zhongli or a shield character, i dont think you need a second shield character or healer. my team comp has just been zhongli, kazuha, fishcl, and ningguang.

No. 159402

for co-op having C2 diona is perfection, especially when at a certain point in the fight you need a shield to protect your hp

No. 159411

I'm actually a bit surprised to see you nonas hated the gloomy atmosphere in Inazuma, the unfriendly environment actually makes it my favorite nation, exploration-wise… unfortunately can't say the same about the story.

No. 159412

I agree. It makes it unique and fits with the story and how Japan actually used to be.
My only problem is going from one Asian region to the next felt a little repetitive. Sumeru will be a nice change of place since iirc it's mostly a jungle. And the academy!
Then I'm excited for Fontaine because I love European architecture.

No. 159423

i'm personally really excited for snezhnaya. i love the beautifully stark atmosphere in dragonspine so combining that with slav aesthetics and culture should be interesting. i wonder if they'll implement their version of st. basil's cathedral?

No. 159424

anyone else get really bored and start trolling in co-op? how I do it is when the character pop-up party screen is open and everyone is choosing their characters I always switch to the character someone chose but because co-op doesn’t allow people to play the same characters the game isn’t able to start, it’s so funny watching people get angry it almost makes me feel bad but it’s genuinely fun and harmless they eventually kick you out

No. 159428

File: 1631073823100.jpg (90.05 KB, 650x550, 20210831_101023.jpg)

I like to go to peoples worlds and repeatedly kill myself as my 37k hp zhongli and then revive until their statues run out of hp

No. 159430

This is just rude… I like to smash the clay pots lying around.

No. 159431

kek anon, that’s evil

No. 159434

I'm both excited and dreading Snez.
Excited, because I love snow and want to meet Childe's family.
Dreading because it'll be the last, and that makes me sad.

No. 159435

Yes!! It's even funnier with friends.

No. 159436

File: 1631076816553.jpeg (1.32 MB, 2344x3125, 18516A20-0AC7-49E3-92E8-E86859…)

Posting best boy (Guoba)

No. 159437

Azhdaha is borderline impossible in co-op because you need to have a support character that gives you a shield and co-op cuts on your party size. It sucks because I like playing in co-op but Azhdaha has to be killed solo. They really didn't think it through.

This is why I co-op only with friends and during events that force you to match I kick everyone out as soon as the battle is over

No. 159438

File: 1631077612800.jpeg (68.45 KB, 640x891, 064726BC-5E2D-4BD4-8E0F-F3A12B…)

I bet lumine is ready to get this, me too lumine I can’t wait for this

No. 159440

I hope we get female character designs for schnez that don't straight up have their panties out. Please pretty please traditional Russian dresses!

No. 159441

We’ll probably get a character in a massive fur coat but it’s unbuttoned with her lingerie showing.

No. 159442

File: 1631078775525.jpg (57.34 KB, 563x715, 0902079f913f6a6c5044e1dfe1260d…)

When Snezhnaya comes out in 2028 Genshin has devolved fully into coomer impact and all characters will be loli/big titty waifus running around in sexy bodysuits and panties in the case China's authoritarian government hasn't already banned trade with foreigners /doompill

Kek I'm betting that Tsaritsa looks like this.

No. 159443

Am I the only yume who actually hates Childe. Like I'm going to forgive him just becuause he knew we could win, he still tried to destroy a city.
This is why I don't care about if future Harbingers are male or not, they're all probably going to be asshole villains and I can't husbando that shit anymore.

No. 159444

And fishnets kek, it’s a Chinese game it’s probably and already has been pretty offensive about their attitude towards Russia.

No. 159450

Not a yumejo but maybe it's just me but people who hate characters for arbitrary supervillain deeds like "he tried to destroy a city" judging them upon the morality of their actions instead of how well they're written, their character history, plot relevance, dialogue, design, personality and other things we fully have access to is being an immature, lazy consoomer who wants to be spponfed comfy nice characters with no complexity. You're completely valid in hating a character but that's just how I feel about people unironically hating bad guys for being bad guys.

No. 159473

Yunjin is from Liyue, and obviously a Liyue name, but am I the only one who thinks she looks like she could be from Snez? I'm not exactly sure what her design makes me think that though.

No. 159474

Dw nonnie I'm not a fan of him too. He's too cocky and reckless, though I suppose that's part of his charm for others.
I feel like his story quest was meh in a way similar to how Raiden's was.
>yeah I may have done a couple of horrible things but hang out with me and I'll show you how good I can be uwu
Both include their sibling somewhat.
He's good for bullying and making fun of though.

No. 159475

Take it with a grain of salt, but apparently in the files(?) Ittou is written to have a new body type. Hopefully the buff type.
I think it's about time we get some new body types. Having the same body types all share the same walking and running animation I can understand for multiple reasons, but that's a little tiring too. Klee's old walking animation is just scrapped to never be used again.

No. 159477

I would love to have buff men. I'm so ready. Also a Mona skin that doesn't have a skintight coomer-pandering perma-wedgie. Please mihoyo.

No. 159478

File: 1631102567478.png (100.73 KB, 554x537, Screenshot_20210908-135610.png)

>Ittou is written to have a new body type
Doesn't he have Avatar_Male? Picrel is all the current available bodies in Genshin.

No. 159481

File: 1631106142150.jpeg (249.78 KB, 663x1408, 165DB589-5C33-4A34-897B-FC4361…)

People think it's new because of the 'eff_avatar'
But we'll see. From the way he's described, I can't imagine Varka sharing the same base model/body as Diluc, so bara should be soon.

No. 159482

pretty sure all characters have that in their playable character data, they only lack it in cutscene data

No. 159493

I think it’s just wishful thinking. He’s only been called tall right? And described once as having a large build? Just sounds like a regular male. Other than that why should he be a buff new model? I feel like someone said it and everyone ran with it.

No. 159496

File: 1631111729963.jpeg (191.55 KB, 749x538, A8199510-6F45-4341-8B36-73CF68…)

Happy belated birthday to the cutest cryo user!

No. 159497

Oh my god this picture is too cute

No. 159499

At the beginning I thought Inazuma looked kind of ugly, but it has grown on me and I find it very aesthetically pleasing now. I haven't explored the new islands so I'm looking forward to it.

No. 159500

And this is why I never do Co-op

No. 159504

You can turn it off healing automatically!
I did it when I got my Hu Tao since I didn't want statues to heal her when travelling around.
If you do this, people won't be able to steal it from your statue either.
Only you can heal, just have to do it manually.
Though I think this only applies to new players. Everyone should have a decent healer by now, no?

No. 159505

File: 1631116046605.png (80.79 KB, 256x256, A7BD9701-C7B1-49D6-81D9-9C7C20…)

I have to sperg about the story again.
Signora was practically absent in Inazuma until her reveal.
Compare it to Childe during Liyue's arc:
Childe's presence was throughout the arc, and the story actually built up to the showdown where we beat him down (even if the build up was bad, it wasn't absent)
They couldn't even try and give Signora any story presence.
Perhaps it's because they never wanted Signora to be playable they didn't see the point in putting much effort into her, compared to Childe who they wanted to sell?

No. 159506

this is so cute I'm gonna cry he looks so happy

No. 159507

>using a healer that isn't bennett

No. 159511

Listen here anon you talk shit on Qiqi and we're going to have a problem
Yes she is close to useless, yes I love her

No. 159512

idk man there's been plenty of times where a qiqi main saved my ass in co op. when built right she's a gd lifesaver

No. 159528

Yeah, I was talking with a friend and we agreed that the way miHoyo killed Signora and handled her character made it look like they wanted to get rid of her ASAP. I don't know why, tbh.

No. 159532

>mihoyo: makes a bunch of generic waifus without personality
>neckbeards waste their money on waifus so mihoyo make big moneys
>makes husbandos with actual personalities, backstory and lore for women to enjoy
>wants to get rid of fatui waifu bc she is boring instead of killing kazuha like whale moids predicted
>male fatui husbando who also was a boss lives and is a playable character
>kazuha lives and gets a cool scene with his dead friends vision a d steals baals show
>inazuma milks neckbeards wallets dry bc of forgettable waifus like ayaka, amber 2.0, baal, kokomi & sara to fund husbandos in the next months
>everyone is hyped for new male characters

radfem mihoyo confirmed

No. 159536

probably wanted moids to stop asking for her in surveys.

No. 159537

Signora would have never been playable anyway because her long dress, hair and cape would have caused clipping issues

No. 159538

Exactly, she would’ve needed a mayor design change and then she would’ve ended up running around in panties and a bra.

No. 159541

Maybe they'll change her appearance if they ever resurrect her? She is the crimson witch so it could happen and I'm not coping either I was never interested in her.

No. 159560

noooo anon but don't you see you hate women if you don't find a bunch of predictable, bland coomer waifus empowering!!!! more female characters always means more feminism, it's a big win for us ~sapphics~ nonnie uwu

No. 159589

Look at Thoma’s boring gameplay leak, looks like he doesn’t even want to be there kek. They just mashed Beidou’s shield, they were so lazy

No. 159590

I hope you're joking

No. 159591

eh? His animations are sexier, his element isn't the worst one in the game, and their shields work completely differently. Hers is c1 locked.

No. 159593

File: 1631198954856.png (35.33 KB, 787x764, FFB929B8-9EA2-40C2-A32F-721ECC…)

I dislike the leakers for this game. This got posted and the leaker said "have fun guessing what's real and what's not".
Why not just… give us only real stuff? Whatever, figured I'd post it here anyway.

No. 159595

"Leakers" can fuck off, they are all a bunch of idiots spilling lies trying to get clout and exposure. I'm so tired of them. (Sorry, no offense nona, they are the insufferable ones, not you.)

No. 159598

File: 1631199800461.png (74.31 KB, 204x283, 865CE714-0613-4622-BD86-C7D59D…)

No worries, you are right - that's why they all have Ko-Fis. I'm not entirely sure on how leaking works but why is it that Genshin seems to attract the most attention whorey ones? Simply because it's popular?
Although this got leaked and if true that means they haven't changed Yunjin's design which makes me happy. I'm going to try to C6 her.

No. 159601

I really hope Ayato is hot, I’m kind of excited about having an hydro claymore.
If only my shitty internet could fucking update the game already, i would have the stupid ass fish claymore to give it to my future husband.

No. 159603

File: 1631201014659.jpg (19.79 KB, 353x444, 0v2pfrrvrhm71.jpg)

2 more new waifus… Its like they're trying to get me to quit as quickly as possible

No. 159604


really hope the scaramouche one isnt true. been saving up for him since forever man lol

No. 159605

Yunjin isn't new. She was leaked the same time Hu Tao's design was.

No. 159606

Do you want to go for his constellations or just him?

No. 159607

The only way they could make proper feminist waifus in the game is to give them proper attire and a fleshed out personality.

No. 159608

If any of these are real Ayato's burst sounds real good but not sure about Gorou's one, another male support sounds lame even if the buffs are good. Either way I'm still going to get the puppy boy.

To be honest I'm scared that he'll suffer the Signora fate. I want to believe that Mihoyo wouldn't pass the opportunity to milk the whole fanbase dry since he was trending on Twitter during the new patch release trailer but I'm still afraid kek

You know that's not going to happen. Yunjin might have a chance to be a fully clothed writing otaku but I just know Mihoyo is going to waifuize her some way or another.

No. 159609

File: 1631202053419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,580.8 KB, 1273x525, 868347B9-0206-40D5-BE2D-2F0FC3…)

It’s sad how much you’ll cape for this mediocre shit because it’s a man. It’s boring and contrary to the retard-chan >>159532
making up delusions in her head, it’s very clear that the females in this game gave mihoyo enough money and funding to make scrote characters who are always lame like Albedo.

Picrel is from fat annoying twitch scrote’s scream vod, spoilering to save all of your eyes from possible jump scare at the bottom left

No. 159610

File: 1631202265384.jpeg (419.63 KB, 2048x1732, 2222CF40-2DA3-47CE-A0B0-BE730A…)

Pls no more arguing about male vs female characters

No. 159611


consts dont matter to me that much, but since im f2p and have shit luck on the 50/50 probably for the best i keep accumulating primos

No. 159612

File: 1631202601827.jpg (42.84 KB, 512x888, d10808745674de376b04f8c38aeb32…)

Razor's birthday letter was so adorable, it's like a weird but wholesome poem, I like my wolf son so much

I'm sweating if there's gonna be so many male characters one after another I know I'm not gonna be able to choose which one to roll for fuck

No. 159613

After you've saved up 180 rolls to guarantee one copy of him, just use the rest of your primos on others.

No. 159614

>if I call someone else a scrote they'll never suspect a thing!
you need to learn how to read, look at the total banner sales instead of just the chart kek this has already been posted itt as an example of how the gap between male and female banner sales is nonexistent

No. 159616

>scrote characters
>lame like Albedo
This is such a lame larp, nobody's buying it

No. 159617

If you think his basic and charged attacks are boring I don't know what to tell you and alot of characters are going to have elemental shields in the future. I'm just excited for Thoma to come out and idc what anyone says I think his new design looks way better.
She looks like a blue xingling they're both probably going to be 4 stars

No. 159624

Hey anon where did you get the images for yunjin and this chick. She looks like a combination of xinqiu and xiangling she might have been scrapped.

No. 159625

Thoma is trash and probably will be, don’t care

No. 159628

Leaked Moonchase cutscene here

No. 159630

File: 1631204868665.png (251.53 KB, 657x306, 1627755726971.png)

Albedo is one of the very few actually interesting characters in the game lmao nice try

No. 159631

kek. mad because baal is ass both character and gameplay-wise, aren’t you

No. 159632

Not her but Raiden=/= Baal. Do some anons here not play the game?

No. 159633

Some larper has been orbiting this thread trying to bait people kek. Cringy as hell.
As >>159610 said, don't interact with posts like this, because it brings nothing to the table. It's obvious they are trying to start a fight and rile people up.
Go back to 4chan/reddit >>159609 or better, get a life.

That edit is so cute, I want to hug the person who did it. Happy birthday, my dear carry.

No. 159634

God damn anon stop your autism, next you'll be saying "actually his name is tartaglia not childe" you know damn well what she meant

No. 159635

That's not even comparable. Baal is literally a different character. Tart and Childe are still the same person.

No. 159636

File: 1631205398188.png (555.03 KB, 723x900, 1628101740341.png)

Anon, actually, his name is Ajax

No. 159637

If you're seething because his kit is better than any waifu since ewla just say that lmao have fun with your c0 fischl sidegrade and hydro qiqi

No. 159638

going to call raiden baal forever now to piss off this particular anon

No. 159639

File: 1631205680312.jpg (77.5 KB, 736x873, 50c48d1134653808cc04c9c3fe75ba…)

Didn't yae say they were both called baal?

No. 159640

Baal is Makoto, the dead one, Beelzebulb is Ei, the current archon. They are both basically the same name.
The confusion comes from the fact that they retconned what Zhongli tells us at the end of his archon quest

No. 159641

No. 159642

File: 1631206005447.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, IMG_20201102_155509.jpg)

No. 159646

File: 1631206553740.jpg (64.7 KB, 571x485, 1627797967730.jpg)

We already know Yujin is anemo and that the character based on Fu Hua is true due to these >>159603 leaks
The other ones are probably just lies/speculations based on already in game stuff like Ayato being a hydro claymore.
Leakers for this game are such fucking attention whores it's disgusting

No. 159651

They make small versions of every character I think, they're all pretty cute but I don't know of they do it for degenerate reasons. It's adorable still.

No. 159656

File: 1631210897184.jpeg (260.72 KB, 1242x1246, 6CBBEB8C-DB07-44C3-BB11-2FA8BB…)

Some people on Pinterest are constantly commenting on the small character edits saying that they’re a bit unsettling because there’s always some idiot saying “hurr durr loli pls marry me”
I particularly think they’re just cute.

No. 159659

File: 1631211693926.png (794.43 KB, 842x661, E31E2028-1FA2-422C-BB72-E99A0A…)

Newest genshin leak got Liyue into babies. I wanna squish their cheeks!!!

No. 159662

File: 1631213086567.jpeg (332.69 KB, 1039x546, 59EE5FCF-7940-4FBE-8A80-E06772…)


No. 159677

File: 1631217463343.png (13.63 KB, 500x224, on god..PNG)

Same! The little crumbs and all the fanart made me really excited for his reveal, but why would he be a claymore user when all characters mention him being so good with a polearm? Do you think it might be similar to Childe where he's using whatever he's worst at?

No idea what you're talking about, his movements look really fluid and cool. I love how he swings his leg around and his little jump backwards at the end of the forth hit, it's similar to Kaeya's. I can't wait to get him, I almost don't care which 5 star's banner he will be featured on.

No. 159682

God I'm so tired of all the thigh high and visible panty designs

No. 159683

File: 1631221207251.jpeg (83.4 KB, 600x521, FFB7347A-063F-4B1E-8A68-5DE138…)

Happy birthday to my favorite boy! Razor mains rise up

No. 159685

This is the best thing I've seen so far in this thread, so cute! thank you nonnie

No. 159687

File: 1631221870458.jpg (56.19 KB, 640x658, nrolrfd6nim71.jpg)

Can't give you that, we can give you a sexy young version of an old lady character though!

No. 159714

Anons how likely do you think it is that Childe is actually getting a rerun in 2.2? I joined genshin too late to get him and all these rumors are giving me hope but I'm not sure.

No. 159716

Don't hold hope for it. We don't even know which 4 stars will be on Kokomi's banner yet. Reruns are harder to speculate.

No. 159719

pretty likely! there's way more evidence for him than any other character. and if the ayato leaks are legit that adds some more weight to the rerun rumor: they'll want to rerun tart while he's still the best hydro dps

No. 159780

File: 1631279835504.jpeg (219.46 KB, 1514x2048, E-sqssEXMBEqU28.jpeg)

Which element do you relate to the most, nonas? I thought I was Electro, but I did one of those fanmade tests (it was kinda long) and it seems I'm more of a Cryo or Dendro user.

No. 159783

Whenever I take tests I always get electro, which makes sense because if I had to choose a character who I relate to the most it would be Fischl kek. Either that or cryo. I wonder what dendro users will be like, if they'll all have something in common. Maybe smarts? Dendro archon is known to be wise, Baizhu is a pharmacist, Yaoyao takes care of Ganyu and is a cook that's almost as good as Xiangling despite her age.

No. 159784

Mihoyo is trying to take Honey Impact down. I can understand why but sucks because that site is useful for a lot of things.

No. 159786

Cleansing bell on her hip?

No. 159788

RIP where the fuck else are we supposed to get that information now? not even the leaks, just shit like characters' damage multipliers. thats also the only genshin site that isn't riddled with ads.

No. 159797

File: 1631286418778.png (205.85 KB, 609x758, Screenshot_20210910-164506.png)

>where the fuck else are we supposed to get that information now?
The Genshin Wiki (picrel) has that info, although not in the character's page (you have to click on their talents to see the stats, scaling, etc.).
But Honey Impact was useful, it's a shame they are shutting down…

>Maybe smarts?
Yes, probably. Maybe Dendro users are people who strive to learn something so they can achieve their dreams. Baizhu is interested in QiQi because she's a "zombie" and apparently he has a weak body. People speculate he wants to learn about QiQi to achieve inmortality. Idk about Yaoyao, tho, she seems to like cooking, playing with Beidhou's crew and is interested in seafood according to other characters. No clue as to what her ambition could be…

No. 159808

File: 1631290109976.jpeg (137.78 KB, 749x936, E482A65C-389D-4532-9735-91A6AE…)

Last quiz I did said I resonate better with Electro, I usually get Anemo though. I like both colors so I wouldn’t mind either way.
But wow if most quizzes aren’t weird as fuck being
> https://uquiz.com/quiz/3l5Za3/your-genshin-impact-element-reveal-party
The most cringe of them all, what the hell was that.

No. 159811

File: 1631291806431.jpg (4.43 MB, 4160x3120, 0721210111a.jpg)

Yunjin isn't geo? Bummer

No. 159812

File: 1631292068349.jpg (418.9 KB, 1597x2048, jhytr475frh194519.jpg)

went through that dumb quiz just for it to tell me I have no element ok

No. 159817

File: 1631293479820.jpeg (179.19 KB, 1084x1338, E9FrwVXUUAABIt4.jpeg)

I'm the cryo/dendro anon and I got Geo which is hilarious because I'm lazy and volatile af.
>The most cringe of them all, what the hell was that.
A narc made the test kek. Every question was about the author, yikes.

The one I took had like 30 questions, it's on Quotev and it uses (?) that method where each answer gives you different scores for all results, so I think it's more accurate than all those "choose an aesthetic uwu" 10-questions tests.

No. 159819

File: 1631295799067.jpeg (88.08 KB, 749x424, E6BD8DB4-CC43-4789-A24E-22618B…)

Finally a good quiz! I got anemo after all, I think Venti likes me a lot.

No. 159824

What a great quiz! I got cryo

No. 159827

I never understood why they put leaks in there in the 1st place. It could just work as a wiki and then Mhyo wouldnt care but they straight up put datamined stuff there

No. 159830

Yes, everything there was datamined…? Including all the stuff that wasn't in beta.

No. 159833

I forgot the quiz link but one I did I got electro in and the result just said 'step on me.'

No. 159834

Was probably made by an actual child
You're an NPC nonnie
But really that just means you're probably better written than most of the playable characters

No. 159835

What an odd pairing, I want more

No. 159839

nice, I'm hydro

No. 159880

lol at pissbabies crying and claiming to quit. those "content creators" who leech off honey impact now on suicide watch. That site is full of AIDS anyway with all the obnoxious ads. Someone there is dedicated countering adblockers, the money must be really good.

No. 159892

I got Hydro!! Wish I got Dendro instead.

No. 159915

I'm guessing her design is based on Chinese opera performers.

No. 159956

What? There are moderate amount of ads. And site loads much faster than that shitty slow wikia/fandom.com. I don't know, how they managed to make it so terrible.

No. 159968

It is. I think she's a play writer and actress?
I don't get any ads on Honey Hunter but the ads on fandom wiki are very obnoxious

No. 159971

it's just based off chinese lolita

No. 159976

File: 1631380288047.jpeg (144.26 KB, 600x947, 57D83144-18C3-401E-AE7B-CEE175…)

Her design has obvious implemented elements of Beijing Opera

No. 160003

I don't get it how Baal is not compatible with Beidou, can someone explain it to me?
As a Beidou main, is it worth pulling for her?

No. 160011

Raiden's normal attacks in her sword form don't trigger beidou's ult. In other words beidou cannot deal any damage at all during Raiden's entire 7-9 second burst, very bad for a character who deals the vast majority of her damage via her ult.

And to answer your second question: no

No. 160016

Ohh, now I get it. Idk why I had such a problem understanding it. Thanks anon!

No. 160065

File: 1631419868494.jpg (81.18 KB, 594x644, 1630210942038.jpg)

Is it my impression or are they getting more generous with the events primo rewards?? This fishing one and the the previous battle one give out quite a bit

No. 160070

No anon… it's the same total of 420 primogems every event reward. Maybe the events were just more frequent than the last patch.

No. 160145

File: 1631474818932.jpeg (348.04 KB, 828x536, 99978450-ACC2-455F-A172-BAB142…)

The tranny Honey Impact is having a total melty

No. 160146

I wish I knew what this meant.

No. 160148

File: 1631476888969.png (720.99 KB, 725x594, B638F9FB-EB41-4654-88A8-3B7F57…)

No. 160151

am I the only one who does a simple google search for builds and comes across game8.co or something

No. 160178

File: 1631484699989.jpeg (87.6 KB, 720x743, 75E85B4C-762E-4B77-83C4-A441A6…)

i either do that or i guess and hope rng is nice to me. anyways i only ever used honey impact once and that was to get translations of character voice lines, so i'm kind of just bemusedly watching the histrionics from the sidelines. it's a good time.

No. 160229

File: 1631520134653.jpeg (373.11 KB, 1564x1564, 74697C3E-2D41-46DB-811E-834D72…)

Official cuteness

No. 160232

Aw, I love Ningguang's and Childe's designs

No. 160234

Tiny Diluc with the suspenders aaaaaaAAAAA

No. 160235

Kaeya is so cute and I love how they decided to give Childe dead eyes even as a kid.

No. 160237

oh my god the tiny little asshole Kaeya and the cute little Diluc on a horse and the baby Childe I can't handle this

No. 160240

File: 1631533008923.jpeg (423.13 KB, 1200x1202, DB8164FF-12F1-4D02-8A31-D26313…)

It’s Albedo’s birthday!

No. 160244

File: 1631534949094.jpeg (273.08 KB, 1242x906, BCAD674A-2805-46F8-A5BF-3A7A7B…)

They’re so adorable! My heart!

No. 160257

itty bitty ningguang obliterated me holy SHIT

No. 160264

File: 1631547701281.jpeg (344.31 KB, 2046x1359, E988C1FF-B49D-4C4C-A7EC-A907E8…)

No. 160483

File: 1631677031863.png (146.92 KB, 512x512, 1623200905352.png)

Kokomi is absolutely useless but I'm scared I will cave and roll for her anyway because she reminds me of the old Mermaidtopia barbies I used to play with.
Ayato/Itto anons give me strenght

No. 160486

New Kokomi Teaser out.
Lmao her storyquest is going to be a fucking mess when her whole character is WAR but she not only was fucking bad at it during the Archon Quest, but the war os already over

No. 160495

Her story quest? You mean the little date she's going to have with the traveler in which fuck all happens? kek My guess is the traveler will follow her around and help out with her leader activities and she will talk a little about how leading war is way easier than paperwork or whatever

No. 160499

Wait why is kokomi useless I have been saving my primos for her

No. 160503

Even if you dont decide to roll for her it will be a long time before itto and ayato come out. It's up to you anon.

No. 160504

she can't crit at expense of healing more but honestly if you don't care about meta you should pull for her if you like her anyway

No. 160507


kokomis cute and the concept of "princess but also a badass war general" is cliche but can be done well bit mihoyos really not putting themselves at any advantage with her, considering she barely gets developed, is boring as shit, prances around in her underwear and also fucking sucks at her job.

lol with more waifus the traveller builds their shitty harem. god. mihoyo write an interesting woman please

No. 160508

someone wrote a 7 page long paper on how dendro archon might still turn out to be a guy
personally i think it's full of cope but not as reaching as i thought it would be. i would be happy if it turned out to be true but after inazuma i dont have much hopes for the story.

No. 160510

baizhu has been confirmed to be the dendro archon~

No. 160512

>gorou's twitching ears
hes so cute i'm tearing up

i hope su from hi5 is the dendro archon, hes pretty

No. 160521

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but where does the game tell about Khaenri'ah? I think it's a very cool part of the lore but I just finished the Dainslief quest and he didn't mention it, do I have to read some of the books? Is it told in some other media (like the manga and such) or story quest? I'm confused.

No. 160523

I mean… The one who told us about Kusanali was Yae, the same character who also said she didn't know she wasn't supposed to hand over Raiden's gnosis to Scaramouche. She doesn't seem very bright or, at least, she's faking it, so I wouldn't take anything Yae said to heart. The Dendro Archon is also the youngest of all Archons, so who knows what is going in Sumeru. Maybe we'll have like 3 Archons or an Archon that is constantly shifting their appearance. Inazuma had two twin Archons that worked as one under the Shogun identity until one of them died. There's also a Hindu god/goddess that has like… three or more faces, right? Idk shit about Hindu mythology, and I haven't read all that doc, but everything they say at the beggining makes sense in a way and there's a lot of strange things happening with the translation. Maybe they'll reckon everything once Sumeru is released, but who knows.

No. 160525

It should have been told I'm Dainsleif's story quest iirc, just search up a lore video

No. 160526

File: 1631722777765.jpeg (438.69 KB, 1366x767, 745D3A1C-A743-4027-B57E-3D66CB…)

I love her.

No. 160534

File: 1631723807747.jpg (1.71 MB, 2598x3898, 911133923.jpg)

boy only anons: what's your primo/wish count after all these skips?

I'll hit 200 pulls at reset today! pls barbatos let the rumors about extra anniversary rewards be true so I can get another guarantee before 2.3 in case my vexingly bad luck decides to fk me

No. 160536

Dain talks about it. Did you play the whole quest? He talks a lot about it towards the end

No. 160542

I'm well over 300 pulls. I've been playing daily since launch and have rolled all male characters yet I've still piled them up since new ones have been so rare. I'm all stocked up in case the rumors are true and we're going to be hit with a series of 5* Inazuma boys.

As much as I wanted the dendro archon to be male the most plausible outcome is just that it's going to be another waifu and that's it. I don't give Mihoyo enough credit to cook up some big plan about fake archons and shit. I just need to accept it and hope for more other male characters to be released.

No. 160564

>character is constantly described to be a genius strategist/tactician
>never does anything that actually displays this trait
>gets sidelined in the story
I hate this trope. Feels like so many writers want a smart character to exist but they have no idea how to actually write a smart character so it's all tell and no show.
I don't know why I expect anything from Mihoyo's writers anymore anyway. May as well just roll for designs now and not care at all how they are in the story since the story ruins everyone.

No. 160639

I feel like this might be the product of most of Mihoyos story writing department quitting? So the new team had to pick up the storyboard from the previous team and didn’t execute it well. The team that made the Mondstadt archon quest etc didn’t do the Inazuma story.

No. 160641

Wait what? What's the source on this? They lured players in by the great writing team who then quit and Mihoyo hired a bunch of waifufags incapable of writing an interesting female character to save their lives?

No. 160659

Please don't say these things without providing sources. You know people will ask.

No. 160673

Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 160677

File: 1631819281533.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1369x2118, 4604FF6A-62DA-489C-B570-A7FA3B…)

Oh sorry anons! I forgot most of you probably aren’t on the genshin subreddit and didn’t know. This is the post that I got the info from

No. 160679

Aw fuck. So it's downhill from here?

No. 160683

I will be so mad if Sumeru gets fucked with, not only a shitty waifu archon, but also dumbass writing.

No. 160685

Here's the original thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/pn5o7l/the_inazuma_questline_likely_suffered_from_a_very/
Apparently there's no/very little proof of this beyond hearsay. Maybe this is just me trying to cope and maybe with everyone being pissy over the newest archon quest things will change for the better.
Tinfoil (and again, maybe for just me trying to cope) but everything was so fucking rushed for Raiden's banner to get it out before the anniversary and also before Kokomi's because they knew otherwise legit fucking no one would roll for her. It was probably a last minute decision by the higher ups and the writers didn't have time for it. Hopefully the complaints will have an effect. Not sure how many people in jp/cn are pissed about the story so who knows if they're even aware how mad people are.

No. 160686

The OP of the Reddit post said it was common knowledge in the CN community and that it was hard to find the original post that said that the writers changed because it was such common knowledge. Of course unless we ourselves can read Chinese we should take any info with a grain of salt.

No. 160704

>Apparently there's no/very little proof of this beyond hearsay
As always. Maybe I'm overly sensitive but people state things as if they're facts sometimes. We don't know what's going on in Mihoyo and likely never will.

No. 160811

File: 1631916611746.jpg (89.12 KB, 800x415, 7cc22-16318243334132.jpg)

>ignores kokomi
>rolls for 4* waifus

No. 160812

File: 1631916858424.jpeg (47.44 KB, 411x271, 4BCD8279-46B0-4BA6-8FB3-24143A…)

They want you to roll for the high quality 4* so you get Kokomi and then they go
>hurr durr look at the sales! She’s so popular, totally not a trash waifu!!

No. 160815

File: 1631917596598.jpg (98.41 KB, 750x1000, ssrco,classic_tee,mens,101010_…)

Time to get my c25 xingqiu

No. 160816

This is legit. Never pull for a 4 star unless you want the 5star too.
I used 80 wishes on the ayaka banner and got her twice but not a single yanfei. Trickery

No. 160817

Tfw got two of the three 4* C6
Even less reasons for me to roll for kokomi.

No. 160819

hot damn i could use some rosaria constellations. if i net myself a kokomi then that's just a bonus.

No. 160843

Anyone else kinda hate how scrote-pandering kokomi's design is? Like the tiny shorts/underwear on 'military tactician' is just cringe to me.

No. 160869

I knew it would be xingqiu… kokomi ruining her own banners bad. the weapon banner has jade cutter, stringless, and dragons bane too but her weapon is a 5 star version of the bell. unusable on everyone but her not even better on barbara than prototype amber, so sad.

No. 160873

true now that you say it shorts dont fit her. But, kill me if you want, i think this is one of the better designs recently. I mean baal had her whole boobs out. I really like kokomis hair and eyes tho

No. 160874

I mean almost all female characters have a scrote pandering design. I'm just glad that she doesn't have the weird over spilling thigh thing like Eula or an underboob and she doesn't show that much cleavage. It's true that hers shorts are really short but the only female character with long pants is Jean and her pants are literally painted on her model. Even a character like Ayaka who has a nice design, has a skirt that weights like paper, because if you move her a bit her skirt is flying everywhere and you are suddenly flashed by her panties. So Kokomi her design could be alot worse, I think the best thing about her is her color pallet and her animations. Her animations make her look like a mermaid, but I will skip her banner because I'm on copium that we will maybe get a Childe rerun or a very good weapon for him so I will save my primos for that.

Damn my Xingqui is only c1 he keeps appearing on banners that I skip, please give me your luck.

Yeah I feel like it's sometimes harder for me to get the 4 star character that I want because the 5 star atleast has a guarantee, thankfully we can buy 4 stars at paimons shop.

It's so sad because I really wanted jade cutter but it's like you said, moon glow is made for Kokomi and does not work for any other character so i dont want to risk getting it.

No. 160876

>I'm just glad that she doesn't have the weird over spilling thigh thing like Eula or an underboob and she doesn't show that much cleavage.
This so much. Her design is not that bad, there's worse out there. It's true that those shorts don't suit a high priestess like her, but I prefer that over awkward mini-skirts and stupid boob physics.

No. 160905

Her design is cute but I still have this icky feeling about it, like with Yan Fei's design. Considering designs like Zhongli and Ningguang exist, it shouldn't be hard to find a balance between pandering and classyness.
I didn't realize how big this problem was with Kokomi until I watched this video

No. 160916

File: 1631986001661.jpeg (215.67 KB, 839x1029, 13D38E7D-46B2-49E8-ACFF-8AC16D…)

I still think Kokomi is the most beautiful girl in the game so far. Best idle animations too.

No. 160917

File: 1631986153987.jpeg (2.58 MB, 3268x4096, FF7FABDB-F438-4198-973C-DC6F55…)

Posting this for Dottore anon (anons?)

No. 160919

I love her and I think Kokomi's design is very beautiful, even if it's just the colors, but yeah, a long skirt would have fit her role better. All Inazuma women except for Ayaka and Sara look like someone stole their pants kek, as if they're wearing nothing but a long top. It's especially noticeable with Baal imo, there's obviously something missing there. It makes no sense that Ayaka the Princess is wearing a knee length skirt and has the whole royalty that mustn't be disrespected and is therefore hidden behind a screen vibe, while Baal the Shogun just flashes her underwear at all times? I know why of course, but I wonder what the initial concept art for her might have looked like. They got Ningguang so right, it feels like Yae, Baal and Yoimiya were all made up by the same weirdo that just wanted them to show as much ass and upper thigh as possible, no thoughts about the character, role or personality of these women at all. I like the few male Inazuma characters we got so far, but like the video shows, the designers priorities for the female characters clearly aren't cohesion. Maybe if the shrine maiden NPCs also wore shorter skirts it would work better, this is just sad honestly.

Agreed! I wish they had someone who could actually write her, it's as if they gave up half way. Her battle tactic of "We need to hit as hard as possible without many casualties!" is so bad. It doesn't even sound cool.

No. 160923

File: 1631987086784.png (350.48 KB, 1509x900, 2194BF20-DA7B-484B-8D59-5A903E…)

I sometimes wonder if a long skirt like the shrine maidens wear would cause clipping issues, I can't imagine sprinting whilst using them. Although I love long dresses and ballgown-like outfits, they simply don't fit for Genshin because how on earth could someone fight in that?
I also wonder if Kokomi's battle quote is one of those phrases that sound better in Chinese. I've kind of given up my hopes for the story; people who aren't smart cannot write smart characters. Hopefully Mihoyo will listen to the inevitable feedback they're getting on the story. Perhaps it was rushed for Raiden's banner.

No. 160924

File: 1631987996268.jpg (137.92 KB, 1718x1718, img2.jpg)

I'm rude as fuck to people who come to fish in my world. I say "no fishing allowed" in my bio but those retards still come, randoms and friends list people alike. The fishing system is such cancer.

No. 160925

True, that could probably be an issue. I guess that explains why most of the outfits are basically just strips of fabric on the front and back, if they aren't wearing the knee length skirt variant. I wonder if they will one day release a female character that has baggy pants like Xiao or Aether for example…
The "how will they fight then?" argument doesn't matter, this isn't reality after all, they won't trip or anything kek. Especially catalyst users don't necessarily have to move much anyways. Though I find that argument to be so strange, coomers use it to justify putting fictional women in nothing more than bikinis because they are "so badass" and therefore "don't need armour". Then why do the male characters? Make it equal at least, such flawed logic. How can they concentrate on the fight if their underwear is constantly on display, do they just not care? Does no one in the game's universe look at women that way, so it won't affect any fights, they don't even think about it? It's just natural to them? Then why is it different for the male characters outfits? What is their societal view on gender and sex etc etc.
That it sounds better in Chinese could be possible, but then again, most characters are really surface level if anything. And the writing really took a turn for the worse like other Anons have discussed before.

The fishing system is unironically the best thing to happen to Genshin in a while, it's so repetitive but fun. And why do you let strangers in anyway?

No. 160930

File: 1631989692392.jpg (144 KB, 548x603, yue.jpg)

Well, her desing doesn't fit to her role at all. I thought someone with design like pic rel (It's Yue Qianshuang from Love Nikki) would fit better.
They need to stop being afraid to put armor on their female characters.

Her desing is cute but as a nurse/healer etc.

No. 160934

What server? When I put my signature as 'no fish left' people stopped joining.

No. 160935

When I say "how could they fight?" I'm referring to the animations. You're right catalyst users don't have to move that much including bow users, but I can see a lot of clipping issues with melee users.

No. 160937

Ah I see, sorry for misunderstanding and going off like that! True, it would probably cause issues, especially with clarity of the movement and such. I guess there's no way to have playable characters in long dresses then, but they still didn't have to make their designs look like they lost part of their outfit.

No. 160941

File: 1631997314989.png (508.41 KB, 1000x1000, CA48F836-3618-4D46-9675-C2DEB0…)

I want a character in full on armour like this.
Noelle's battle maid look is cute but I want more!
This character is from a typical moe coomer bait game (Princess Connect) and is a cute girl underneath it.
What character designs do you nonnies hope to see?

No. 160942

File: 1631997778097.jpg (4.63 MB, 4160x3120, 0518212000.jpg)

Aloy will be the first female character so far with actual pants. Jean is wearing tights(I think?)
Please mihoyo, if you won't give me a buff male character, then give me more females with actual clothing kek

No. 160945

File: 1631998683412.gif (2.75 MB, 640x552, barbara-genshin.gif)

I want to talk with the Mihoyo corporate slave that thought Abyss 11-3 was a good idea.

No. 160947

File: 1631999269449.jpeg (72.94 KB, 600x963, 7FC60BF2-9BE7-4BCB-A26F-8335FD…)

I want more dark skinned girls and more lolita-like clothes, something like pic related but the doomer inside my head knows it will never happen

No. 160956

File: 1632001761907.png (126.24 KB, 629x509, tumblr_cadbc4c339a05e3dea70b06…)

Agh, i only saw this now! what did i ever do to deserve such cute nonnas thinking about me

No. 160965

File: 1632003089738.jpg (538.37 KB, 1048x1486, tumblr_mj5e4g0NeL1qjifx7o1_128…)

Full armour would be kinda cool! Maybe in a way where they put the helmet on for the ult like Xiao? It would feel like a waste to never see the cute face behind the tank…
I'd personally like to see some over the top rococo or baroque inspired characters in Fontaine, it could be really good, with the complicated wigs and big hats and all! They are supposed to be a very advanced nation technology-wise, so maybe some skills that involve classical instruments could be possible? Something resembling painted teacups would be interesting as well, no matter if it's part of the skill or a pattern on clothes. I also love Xinyan's look, a male character with those alt fashion/rock elements that pushes it even further would be so nice.

Same! At this point I doubt there will be many more tan/dark skin characters. Cyno is confirmed, but all the NPCs from Sumeru have had light skin so far iirc, so I don't think mihoyo will do much… I thought the girl in your image had a mushroom for a hat at first, the outfit is very cute! Why do you think it would never happen, it looks a little similar to Barbara's, so it might?

No. 160975

Kokomi should have been a Cold War tactician. Jaded by the horrors of war and only sees her men as tools to get revenge for her people’s god. Then made a deal with the fatui for delusions and didn’t give a shit about the outcome.

No. 160984

I don’t know why, but I feel like Mihoyo will go full coomer with the next waifus from Sumeru, I hope I’m wrong though, I really want to keep on liking Genshin Impact.

No. 160986

A desert(?) area will allow them to get away with even less clothes… If our one male sumeru character is already showing a lot of skin then you know the waifus will be extra gross.

No. 160991


hey nonas, did anyone else hear about this ban on effeminate men? do you guys think it has had any effect on the current male characters? just curious

No. 160993

unless one particular govt. official develops a vendetta against mihoyo it won't amount to anything

No. 160994

File: 1632016171892.png (1.78 MB, 1738x1860, 780B3C23-6006-4CE6-BEEC-C420C3…)

That's very cute. Some aspects of her outfit remind me of Lisa and Barbara together. Although most Sumeru NPCs are light skinned (actually, is there even a single darker skinned NPC…?) I do think that region along with Natlan will bring more darker skinned playable characters. >>160965
Amazing idea! I have high hopes for Fontaine.
In my mind she is exactly that.

No. 161003

I love Bennett so fucking much
I would die for him

No. 161027

File: 1632041492757.png (129.85 KB, 440x244, show.png)

>no thoughts about the character, role or personality of these women at all.
I feel the same way, even Kokomi she doesn't seem like a priest to me or a war strategist. She looks like a pretty mystical water spirit or something but not any of the above. I feel like the people who design the characters don't even know even communicate with the writing team and have no idea what kind of character they're actually are.

I think long skirts could still be a thing maybe even with melee characters. For example you can look at Sara her animation, while she does wear shorts she also have a long skirt thingie at the back and front. The slith is only at the sides but while running and other animation the front piece of skirt seems to be hold in place. But tbh i dont think they will ever make a character playable with a long skirt.

Omg I love Yue and her design is so good. I also wish they will put armor on female characters.

>Aloy will be the first female character so far with actual pants. Jean is wearing tights(I think?)
Sadly Aloy is also weiring thights, just like Jean her "pants" are painted on the model. But Aloy does have some kind of skirt thingie so you don't have to look at her ass.

Yeah its kinda weird that all the npcs from sumeru have a light skin. Cyno is from Sumeru and doesn't have totally light skin so we will see i guess. Maybe they will give the people from Natlan a more darker skin?

>I feel like Mihoyo will go full coomer with the next waifus from Sumeru
I'm sure they will, they will probably give lots of female characters belly dancer outfits.

I don't think they needed to change Kokomi's character but i wish she and the rest of the people of inazuma didn't forgive the shogun so easily and just chased her out of the palace or something. It would have been cool to see how Kokomi would take over with a few other people and rule the country instead because Baal is a horrible leader.

>Game developers already were required to submit new titles for government approval before they could be released. Officials have called on them to add nationalistic themes.
God i hate the chinese goverment.

Why did they draw gorou so ugly.

No. 161033

I'm sorry but her pastel soft design combed with this phrase make her sound so fucking dumb. The good thing to do was making her design cute and her personality badass and intelligent, but she doesn't look like a war tactician and she doesn't sound like a war tactician.

No. 161034

Pretty much this, it's another one of those "this will never be enforced but if you piss off the wrong official they can hold it against you" laws. I doubt it'll affect Genshin Impact, for example Danmei (the Chinese BL/pretty boy genre) is massively popular and a huge source of money at the moment and I doubt they're going to take it down. It's usually about the pretty boy idols shown in advertisements and such. I hope at least, if this is the end of Genshin husbandos I'm selling my account

As for Kokomi I think her design is absolutely beautiful and the best I've seen in GI yet, but it's true that her "war tactician" thing was not there. It's a shame because I don't have a problem believing that she's in a position of power with her outfit (albeit I do think she should wear a skirt instead of running around in her underwear) but they missed the mark on creating a brilliant strategist.

No. 161040

File: 1632067316371.png (2.85 MB, 2048x617, A96CECAD-CC41-440C-BDED-D05B5A…)

I wonder how the twins will work together, if everyone here except for Ningguang are 5 stars and who the hell Snez's guy is.
In Honkai, if you use one twin's ult/burst and the other twin is in the party, they'll do the ult/burst together if that makes sense. Always thought it was cute. So I wonder if the twins will play in a similar way. Will they come together or will you have to get them separately?
Is Act V girl going to be the first 'fist' character or will Mihoyo disappoint again? Is her looking like Bennett a coincidence? They even both have bandages over their noses as well as same hair and eye color of course.

No. 161042

File: 1632070817698.jpeg (213.42 KB, 1000x1414, E5C97FF6-3B0C-4351-B739-A0800A…)

Dropping this here for Dottore anon

No. 161043

Oh hell yeah, this time i'm online. Arctics art is so good mmmmmmmm

No. 161044

File: 1632071449278.jpg (95.63 KB, 1084x758, try-not-to-cry.JPG)

I could see them handling the twins either way, but more likely that they'll go the Honkai route. I imagined the Snezhnaya guy, Pulcinella I think?, to be nothing but a story character, the silhouette is very different from everyone else and his shoes are so ugly kek I can't imagine his design is salvageable in any way. I'm so hyped for that part though, Snezhnaya is so mysterious and has been made out to be the enemy of the world, I wonder what's going on inside, since the trailer mentions that the people there have no more love for the Tsaritsa.
What do you mean with fist character? Like she fights without weapon? What would Mihoyo be selling on the weapon banner then? Gloves maybe?

>Is her looking like Bennett a coincidence?

Oh my god, I would never have noticed, that's so interesting! She is from Natlan, the Pyro nation, and Bennett does have this mysterious origin, so maybe there is something connecting them?

No. 161045

Zhongli has long fabric to his knees tho??? So it's not a programming issue.

No. 161046

Sara too, but those aren't closed skirts, which would probably cause some issues.

No. 161050

File: 1632077109914.png (572.5 KB, 818x403, B6E51C5A-F331-4AB3-81AE-FBB956…)

>I-I'm being c-constrained sorry can't tell you
why are the writers in this game so fucking lazy holy shit, she gave up her gnosis hundreds of years ago and killed a fatui diplomat in cold blood what the fuck is she being constrained by at this point

No. 161062

File: 1632083639868.jpeg (533.42 KB, 1200x547, 645F3568-A08B-46AB-999C-7CDA6D…)

I feel like mihoyo is adding too many plot lines without giving us enough. Visions, the sky and stars are fake, abyss order, Kaeya’s backstory, Albedo’s backstory and we also know nothing thus far about the unknown god. Instead we got the vision hunt decree (who cares about that?) that gave us nothing. Pic unrelated but I want more Albedo already mihoyo pls

No. 161065

Kek mihoyo really wants to retcon/minimize any aspects of her being a tyrant and turn her into a pure waifu. Next it'll be canon that kazuha's friend was actually killed by a fatui disguised like the shogun.

No. 161101

Hot photo
I agree with the post too but hot photo first and foremost

No. 161104

Beautiful. Amazing music too.
I want to go underwater ingame.

No. 161109

Watch it have a drowning mechanic implemented if we do go underwater.

No. 161118

>aloy is also wearing tights
ffs Mihoyo just give us one woman with real pants

No. 161122

File: 1632125052608.jpeg (694.62 KB, 1200x1200, 985D3781-095F-4836-B923-CF8A28…)

Thanks nonna, I collect hot photos

No. 161123

>What would Mihoyo be selling on the weapon banner then? Gloves maybe?
tbh i had an idea about having a catalyst character who uses martial arts but i dont think they would ever do something like that kek

i was reading bennett's story recently and i was thinking "what fucking hellhole did this adventurer go to to find bennett there alone?".i hope we get to know eventually

No. 161126

Oh wow

No. 161137

me after me me after me me after s e se x

No. 161138

File: 1632144627017.jpeg (89.13 KB, 564x564, 1A16D934-4A78-4CFD-8E77-153D06…)

I just want to wake up next to Diluc.
And then turn around and see Kaeya, and see Childe stretching as Zhongli opens the door with some tea for me.

No. 161147

File: 1632151926171.jpg (174.92 KB, 1400x660, why.jpg)

Some leakers are hosting a reddit AMA right now and I'm starting to wonder where any of the Ayato rumours even came from, it's like he doesn't exist at all kek. I wonder if they'll reveal anything interesting in the next hours, so far it seems like most of >>159593 is pure speculation or made up, what was even the point

No. 161149

File: 1632153215469.png (92.26 KB, 288x288, E90a4j_VEAIB_eb.png)

Watch Ayato be another """adult""" shota.

No. 161150

Please no, they can't keep getting away with this

No. 161151

New player here, is it worth speedrunning the story requests just to get do the events? Are the rewards worth it? I was planning to do most of the story requests when Albedo's banner reran (so… probably never, lol). I want to actually have some content to complete with Albedo, but I also don't want to miss out on important event stuff just because I want to take the game slowly. I'm AR36, btw, haven't started Liyue's questline yet. Pls help anons

No. 161152

it amazes me how most people don’t know how to play this fucking game. going into domains with the wrong elements, no one ever wants to be healer, no one brings characters that have proper resonance with each other everyone just wants to be the fucking main dps and it pisses me off sometimes, no one ever fucking dodges and then are surprised that they die in one-hit because of their shitty hp artifact

No. 161154

File: 1632157007754.jpg (327.26 KB, 799x634, bartobas.jpg)

Please yes they're the only instant must pulls for me

No. 161156

>what was even the point
Attention of course, same reason why those mouth breathers are doing the q&a

No. 161157

Cute Beidou
Nah, I would say take your time to enjoy the game fully.
I have a friend who plays very casually and he is so awful at the game it's simply just funny to me. Also never dodges, only wants to play Diluc/Xiao etc. Though idiots in co-op are part of the fun for me. I can do domains by myself, I co-op so things don't get repetitive and I'll admit that I love when retards start fighting or are hilariously bad.

No. 161158

You can assume all leaks are fake unless they're datamined. No one can know how Ayato looks like or what his weapon is unless they work for mihoyo in the design department. We just gotta wait for dataminers to leak character models and other info on Ayato. I'm sure they mihoyo will add him eventually tho because it would be very weird if they didn't because he's mentioned in voice lines and npc characters.

Aw don't worry im sure Albedo will get a rerun eventually! Also I think you don't need to speedrun the story, just try and enjoy it with your own pace.

Yeah it's alot faster to clear domains yourself because most of the time people don't know what they're doing.

No. 161160

Some months ago, I got to AR55 and I hadn't even started Liyue's storyline. I was just like you, I thought I would take the game slowly and enjoy the story when I had more free time.
The reality is the story is not that deep, the writing can get really bad at some points (as some anons have pointed out) and I think waiting to get Albedo to start Liyue's story isn't worth it. I don't think you should speedrun all quests in… say, two days, but if you like participating in lore discussion, fandom shenanigans or whatever, you're going to miss out on a lot of things and get spoilered a lot. That's what happened to me. I'm AR56 right now, I'm up to date with the story, and I can say I'm enjoying the game much more than before. Now, I can actually answer the surveys and complain about whatever things have upset me about the story or exploration. I can also discuss lore with other users and understand what people are talking about when they say Inazuma's plot was a dissapointment.
I think you should advance through the story organically (?).

No. 161164

I'd tell any new player to take it slow but if you're AR36 I think you should start the Liyue quest. You've come far enough to the point where you'll get bored soon without story quests. However, I don't think any event is worth speedrunning for. I was a new player (started June 2021) and speedran like all of Liyue to get to an Inazuma event. Wasn't worth it. So idk start the quest but don't rush it for shitty events.

No. 161165

File: 1632160921896.jpeg (162.37 KB, 2048x1152, B917B6E1-7B48-45CF-B32F-D2F43E…)

One more day until Kokomi comes home!!!!

No. 161178

File: 1632169365992.jpeg (572.47 KB, 1200x671, 50940EE8-FEA8-42BA-9032-75A6D5…)

Good luck anon hope you get her! I’m gonna do a few 10 pulls and hope I get xinqiu. Hope I don’t get kokomi cause I want to build pity for a Xiao rerun

No. 161179

why couldn't he be the free 4 star of 2.2 instead of shitty ass xinyan, dammit? they've never given away a free shota before unless you count the lantern rite pick a 4 star, in fact the only free 4 star male is kaeya…
guess it's time to talk myself into buying his last con from the shop because I refuse to touch the fish banner

No. 161180

File: 1632169915193.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, image_2021-09-21_060046.png)


Tysm for all of your advice anons!! I haven't really had the time or motivation to play recently, so I've just been doing the dailies and moving on with something else, but I think I'll start the Liyue quest soon, mostly just for the condensed resin recipe, aha. I haven't done much exploration, and that's probably the best part of Genshin so I'll save Albedo for that!! I really hope Albedo comes sooner rather than later, and that all us Albedo wanters become Albedo havers <3

No. 161187

I would trade the game lore for a more consistent story and with fewer concepts if they explored them right. I want character development, not useless Wikipedia data that goes nowhere

No. 161189

Good luck anon but building pity when you don't want the featured 5 star is plain stupid, especially if you are saving for another.

No. 161194

This is the only thing that keeps me from trying to get Xingqiu constellations. I'm still paranoid about Thoma and Childe being in the same banner.

No. 161195

File: 1632180630126.jpg (228.54 KB, 1814x2048, 20210920_182904.jpg)

we should know which banner he's on before her banner ends! I suggest waiting before pulling

No. 161197

File: 1632185302420.png (53.21 KB, 300x300, E7h6SUCVoAMmiYi.png)

Ayato being a hydro claymore is pure speculation over 2 things:
There's no characters in game yet that use a nodachi (it's like a long katana) and him being a Kamisato and Ayaka's older brother it would make sense for him to use one.
Hydro because we both dont have a hydro claymore yet and also because in the Kamisato state, there's 2 scrolls in the living room that represent Ayaka and Ayato. Ayaka's is the one with the picture of a heron (as she's the frostflake heron) and the one that represent Ayato is the picture of some waves.
Anyway it's just a fair assumption.

No. 161199


im gonna need a bucket and a mop…

No. 161236

File: 1632227930245.jpeg (132.63 KB, 750x819, A412D910-97E7-43FC-93C7-299DCF…)

I saw this and thought of Dottore anon.

No. 161240

nonas omg stop thinking about me i do not deserve it. This art tho…you dont even know what this makes me feel holy shit

No. 161241

File: 1632231931589.jpeg (236.96 KB, 1200x675, 090444A0-8313-4023-BE3C-C54D4C…)

Dottore anon I love how you’re always lurking this thread kek

No. 161242

sora my beloved artist. And yeah i just constantly have the tab open on my pc because i have no life except for reading what other nonnas think about this game. i will show up whenever summoned

No. 161245

No. 161251

Holy shit I may be a shit tier player but Kokomi fits so well into my current roster of characters. I also really want Xingqiu too. But I'm a goldfish (welkin only) and I really, really, really want Childe. I lost 50/50 last time so I'll definitely get the banner character.
Guys, they'll tell us what the banners for 2.2 are during the anni livestream, right????

No. 161252

>goes on second account
>decides to do noblesse oblige domain
>after finishing domain scrotal prick whines about me leaving the domain instead of restarting
>”you love wasting people’s time!”
>scrote leaves
>day ruined

I hate this game sometimes and the people who play it, can’t even have fun in domains anymore

No. 161253

I feel you. I don't let randoms join my world anymore, and I don't match with randoms in domains. They're all annoying, and rarely any good at the damn game. My favorite was always letting some random in while I'm somewhere difficult or important to the game, and the random just warps away to pick flowers or something. Super fun way to enhance your gameplay experience.

Anyway, I only bring actual friends now if I want to play with someone. Anything else is too much of a chore.

No. 161262

File: 1632245481503.jpg (8.72 KB, 267x189, download (1).jpg)

i wasnt even planning to get kokomi but i rolled once and got beidou and then kokomi came.and my roll before beidou was days ago and had mona.HOW

No. 161266

He shouldn't have been rude but he is right. If you're going to do multiple runs in co-op please don't leave the domain.

No. 161269

File: 1632250680452.jpeg (673.94 KB, 1200x741, 0044128B-CEA0-459A-9C40-B06445…)

I got him after 50 pulls! I’m so happy!! Fuck yeah I got so discouraged at first when I got two rosarias and a beidou.
I’m so glad I didn’t get a 5 star too, now I’m nearing soft pity. Hope Thoma is on a good banner.

No. 161272

Did 20 pulls on weapon banner for pjc, got nothing, started thinking about how shitty that donut is and now I'm too scared to pull more. Rip.

No. 161277


No. 161280

babby's first gacha

No. 161284

it's not always common knowledge that you can redo a domain without leaving, because there isn't anything that says as much until you've already waited a few seconds. i didn't know about it until the host told us in chat during one game.

No. 161285

File: 1632262662620.jpeg (339.73 KB, 2048x1968, E_s9nDoWEAQ5w4R.jpeg)

Nonas, I'm curious, what characters have you guys crowned/triple crowned??
Currently I have Xiao triple crowned and am working on Diluc. I was saving the crowns for Ayato and Itto but since it looks like they will take so long to come out I'll think about crowning Kokomi if I get her too.
Also, whats your standard for investing in a character that heavily? Mine is both a mix of the character being good and me liking them.

No. 161286

File: 1632262912821.jpg (105.65 KB, 1221x599, -rhclgb.jpg)

I just really like Amber

No. 161287

I actually liked Kokomi's quest, her being an introvert leader and feeling like her energy was being drained whenever she interacted with a lot of people was really nice, even somewhat relatable. At least, it was better than Raiden's. The quest helped wrap things up with Inazuma's chapter as well.

I only crown 5 stars, I haven't triple crowned anyone tho, just their best skills (Venti's ult, Childe's Elemental Skill, etc.).
Cute pic btw.

No. 161290

File: 1632266721413.png (1.52 MB, 1920x886, 2021921201259.png)

I have been playing this kusoge ever since launch and in my entire time here I have won a coinflip literally only once.
This is my THIRD Mona fml

No. 161296

No. 161298

File: 1632268556191.jpeg (Spoiler Image,135.8 KB, 750x1000, 7E2F8866-9ABF-46BC-A529-C91632…)

Shitpost fresh for dotorre anon

No. 161302

File: 1632269812931.jpg (62.89 KB, 563x797, ef0eefd436f3149ef6b19042ddc015…)

No. 161303

Absolutely based

No. 161306

People on Twitter are bitching about kokomi and I’m tempted to roll for her.

No. 161307

her ult is fucking insane and she does crit, you should. mihoyo definitely trolled these people because she wasn’t MUH DPS + CAN DO ANYTHING WAIFU~ fuck those weebfags she’s definitely better than baal

No. 161308

i secretly want her just to take photos of her

No. 161310

Play on Asia. Everyone barely speaks English here (me too). I mostly use emojis to communicate.

No. 161313

>and she does crit
-100 crit rate anon… she technically can but it requires a total meme build that will cause her damage to suck regardless kek. Barb has higher dps ceiling than c6 r5 meme donut kokomi. Let that sink in.

Her design is better than raiden that's for sure, raiden is fucking ugly

No. 161316

I don't what you're smoking anon but she is very bad unit it's a shame since her design is cute

No. 161319

Thankfully I wasted all 1700 of my primos and didn't get her. Rosaria my main girl got a constellation instead.

No. 161323

Fucking amazing the way it broke scrote brains and made them reee uncontrollably when they were given a female character who is not an overpowered DPS but focuses on support and elemental reactions instead. Kokomi is awesome with the right party comp and her design is cute and despite the panties she's not as coomerish as a lot of the others. Moids just want a waifu that can oneshot a weekly boss at c5 because that's all they're able to comprehend.

No. 161339

This would be funny if i did not know who drew this….VERY well if you get me

No. 161350

I'm so hoping for another male hydro character, I couldn't get Childe and I won't roll for Xingqiu because although I like him, I'm not crazy about how he works. So I'm still hoping for hot hydro claymore Itto.

No. 161353

>apparently a bad unit in a game that highly prioritizes elemental reaction dmg

okay anon, fuck off with your passive aggression you’ll never change my mind

No. 161361

File: 1632319302209.png (217.85 KB, 354x470, 1626853624115.png)

Anon she's a hydro healer that is only able to deal dmg if she stays on field during her ult to deal any dmg while her scaling sucks. Like you can maybe justify her in a Beidou electrocharged team or with Raiden but that's pretty much it??
Mona does a better job at being a turret and supporting and most of all other places Xingqiu is much better.
Are you also the same anon that insists that Xinyan doesn't suck?

No. 161362

File: 1632319507904.jpeg (302.22 KB, 787x761, 54B6C9D2-C464-44F9-B49B-22C01D…)

During an AMA with leakers 2 days ago, almost everything got confirmed as fake. Pic from Reddit.

No. 161363

File: 1632319661091.jpeg (Spoiler Image,378.2 KB, 1363x1430, 614BE460-F2FE-46C4-B289-170DE1…)

Samefag but pic related is the new info they gave us.

No. 161364

Nta but why does Xinyan suck? I use her a lot during cryo harvests with Diluc, Yanfei and Bennett and so far it has been good. Also when I have to fight and need extra shields I keep her around with Beidou and Noelle.
I'm not a metafag, I just play however makes sense at the moment and check metashit when I want to know what artifacts I should get for my characters

No. 161366

File: 1632320559569.jpg (156.13 KB, 1400x1000, 1627453544210.jpg)

Every character is viable, anon, just keep playing whoever you like because with enough investment anyone is good!! But some characters are just objectively worse than others and Xinyan is one of them.
It's mostly like her split scaling for her DMG (she scales w/ Def and Atk) that fucks her over together with her really long cooldown on her skill and so much of her dmg being physical while being a pyro character. Like some of her constelations make it seem like she's supposed to be a DPS but her best role really is like a burst support for a physical DPS? And even as that, there are other characters that do a better job at that (like Rosaria etc etc). Her burst is also super expensive and she doesn't generate energy well, her shield is divided in levels and even then it's not that strong (Diona's and Zhongli's are better for ex)

No. 161372

File: 1632324190887.jpeg (135.73 KB, 750x750, 4573DBFF-F482-4A0D-925D-93F5C6…)

>but her best role really is like a burst support
That makes sense.
Now that I think about it, I mostly have her going nuts with her burst and shield while my Diluc does most of the attacking.

No. 161376

Ntayrt, I'm the Xinyan anon, and man you're obnoxious with your avatarfagging. I had hunch it was you because of that Lumine pic lmao.
Ignore her posts, really. Pay more attention to people like >>161366, that at least are nice and try to explain cons and pros instead of being "you're shit at the game lmaooooo what are you smookiiing" girl, like… grow up.

No. 161377

i. e. nothing and even the dick riders on that website were able to recognize they only did it to get attention

No. 161378


No. 161379

File: 1632328309462.png (1.94 MB, 1792x828, 0967DE91-AA2C-4B7B-A9CE-45CC26…)

I like funny jellyfish hehe
I name him Blubby

No. 161380

File: 1632329759808.png (118.39 KB, 284x296, E_abKOgVgA4sruM.png)

No. 161382

File: 1632331401764.jpg (127.4 KB, 1000x494, OnlyChilde.jpg)

Nonnies i have so much hope that we will get a childe rerun next patch even tho that would be so weird because there are many characters that even haven't gotten a second rerun yet. So i know i shouldn't get my hopes so high but please mihoyo. God i atleast hope the new bow for him will be good so i can get that instead if he doesn't come after all.

>Guys, they'll tell us what the banners for 2.2 are during the anni livestream, right????
God I hope so, I want to get c1 Childe and i'm also not sure if i want to get Kokomi or not. I think im gonna wait the last day on her banner, we still have like 3 weeks so im sure we will get some info on who the reruns are.

Congrats anon!

Yeah the donut is pretty but only good for kokomi, if you don't have her i wont take the risk for pulling on the weapon banner imo.

Aw im sorry anon, thankfully jean is pretty good so its not to bad!

>what characters have you guys crowned/triple crowned??
I have trippled crowned xiao, childe and for kazuha i'm only missing one crown and that is for his normal attack. I might have crowned more characters but my memory is bad kek.
>whats your standard for investing in a character that heavily
Well like you mentioned liking the character is also important for me, but character design and the gameplay itself also has to be fun.

I love this, Amber is so cute one day i will build her!

I'm pretty sure Ayato will be hydro since it's actually already hinted inside the game, so let's hope it's true and that he will come soon.

God i hate Ubatcha, i do trust lumie and project celestia because they have a record of trust worthy leaks and dont just say random bullshit but ubatcha is such an attention whore.
>Yae will be electro's dps ceiling
Didn't leakers also say that Ganyu was shit before and also claimed Yoimiya was super good? I don't trust leaker to know when a character is good or not.


No. 161391

Yeah I actually meant Ayato kek, I keep mixing him and Itto up. I would love to at least have an official hint of their looks, we know absolutely nothing afaik

No. 161397

File: 1632342756964.jpg (272.26 KB, 1080x1440, 20210922_152719.jpg)

itto is tall with red-tipped fleshy horns like that dead oni lady

it'd be a massive missed opportunity if they didn't give him eula style res shred as a 5 star geo dps, I think I won't pull for him unless they do

No. 161406

File: 1632347207127.jpeg (46.35 KB, 623x717, E_5Mp6xVQAw3xYV.jpeg)

wow, kokomi is putting scrotes like twitter user baizhumains who think "wuhh mihoyo will lose MILLLIONS by making a male character instead of more waifus! thats just how gachas are deal with it roastie" on suicide watch… first day sales barely beat keqing whose banner did not have the benefit of debuting alongside a new weapon banner. not even close to the former second worst, yoimiya. scaramouche-sama hayaku!!

No. 161413

But she has no split scaling… The only things that scales with def is shield strength and her C6 bonus.

No. 161416

I thought baizhumains was a woman?
Anyway you seem to have this weird vendetta nonnie. Chill. I don't really give a fuck about sales personally.

No. 161423

last I heard he was a guy who pretends to be into fujo content for attention? can't imagine any real girls would want to be a part of the genshin leaker scene

No. 161427

what about lumie then?

No. 161428

I don't know if it's been proven but I get major tranny vibes from Lumie

No. 161429

File: 1632359764922.jpg (135.78 KB, 1727x1013, g13ei4fvvro71.jpg)

Dottore anon, pspspspsps

No. 161430

im pretty sure baizhumains is a woman?

it's not a bad thing to like female chars, but it'd be nice if they released more male characters…

lol anyway im excited for childe rerun (hopefully). free xinyan next update too. woo!

No. 161432

File: 1632360936917.jpeg (270.12 KB, 832x654, 7FDDEAF1-2906-43F5-A646-464D78…)

Lil Bronya grew up so this is probably what the Tsarista will look similar to

No. 161434

File: 1632361485892.jpeg (108.99 KB, 786x1024, E_5O2baVgAIh0fG.jpeg)

Anon they're going to make waifus regardless of whether or not some of the waifus dont make any money. Do you think that kokomi would do better if she was a guy? Who knows we can't really say. I don't hate kokomi but she is a lackluster healer her burst doesn't insta heal like jeans or barabras and you need her on field to heal when she's in her burst qiqi doesn't need to be on field to heal nor does any healer really. I know jellyfish heals too but if you stagger or get thrown out of the field of the jellyfish no heals for you. I know bennet and sayu have the same thing but their 4 stars. Anyways we're getting guys in the future ayato itto and heizou and can't wait to see what they look like.

No. 161435

File: 1632361973633.jpeg (127.76 KB, 753x598, 40B20974-EFA9-4769-B60F-B7DD75…)

I feel her.

No. 161461

Hehehe… Dottore boobs. Why do you cute nonnas want to summon me so often, surely im annoying the others kek

No. 161464

>Scrotes are rewarded with endless cryo/pyro DPS waifus (Klee, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Eula, Ayaka) while male characters are focused on support
>Ganyu is the most broken ass DPS in the game followed by Eula
>All the rest of the Archons are confirmed to be female
>One flimsy female 5-star healer with a conflicting kit is released
>Scrotes have ridiculous meltdowns going berserk online about being betrayed by Mihoyo and how fans are "being treated like garbage" after being cosily pandered to for 6 months straight
The fragility of a male gacha player is unreal. I'm also disappointed by Kokomi's underperformance but men have no business being this hurt over one bad waifu they can't meme to 500 000 crit damage.

No. 161468

I would definitely have pulled for a cute fish man Kokomi, it would have been interesting kek. I think she works nicely, her colors and movements are pretty and I think she's fun to play with. But I'm trying to build a male harem here.

No. 161469

I like the cape and color scheme but
>the Inazuma signature skirt
>thigh gap

Yess, I'm so excited for 2.2!! Thoma's release on top of first Xinyan and Childe event! I'm looking forward to the plot of the event.

No. 161480

That's split scaling, anon, her skill scales with Def but her burst scales with Atk for dmg so you need to build both. She would be much better and more viable if, for example, her burst dmg was calculated based on her def stat.

No. 161489

You've made a cute impression and I also check this thread every hour on the hour cause I feel that this is the only place for me with like-minded players. So, we're comrades!

No. 161491

Anons, possibly very dumb question incoming. How…do you guys get such high atk/dmg/crit in the 10,000s? Do you have to ascend the character to lvl 90 to see payoff? and then set them up with maxed out artifacts? And talents?
I'm curious if a lot of work goes into it because I see players one hit bosses like it's nothing and I just wonder HOW.

No. 161492

File: 1632406155487.png (41.81 KB, 235x252, yes .png)

love you, nona. i hope you have a great day and then a great weekend and that youll pull every 5star you want in 10 rolls or less. Have this meme i made

No. 161495

who are the characters on right

No. 161496

RIGHT BACK AT YA, NONA. May you get all of your favs and build your harem in 10 rolls or less. I love this thread so much and the nonas in it.

No. 161497

Signora (she's dead though), Childe and Scaramouche

No. 161500

On one hand I'm glad Mihoyo will realize there's only so much shit they can get away with when it comes to skills and in-story characterization, since I don't think even they expected the banner to do this poorly.
On the other hand, Kokomi is one of the prettiest characters in game, this numbers are depressing. She deserved a better kit.
I just hope this doesn't make Mihoyo think the actual reason she flopped is because her design is not as coomerish as the others.

No. 161507

I don't really get your question… Do u mean, how do people deal +10,000 damage to mobs/bosses? Ofc you need to lvl up your charas, their artifact set and talents. Also, most of times when you see those "oneshot ults" screencaps, people use the noblesse oblige set on the character so the ult deals more damage. I've done +53000 crit dmg with a 2 noblesse oblige set before and for the record, I don't really build my characters with perfect artifacts.

No. 161512

Yes you need to max your artifacts and talents if you want bigger dmg. Focus on the stats that your character needs or where they scale off, and make sure to have about 1:3 crate cdmg ratio. (An artifact should also have a cdmg substat) That's the basic part. But the other factors that really bring the burst damage to more digits are elemental reactions, food buff, potion buff and buff from other characters like Bennett (+atk), Diona (for elemental mastery at C6), Sucrose (for elemental mastery) and Barbara (with thrilling tales).

No. 161516

I thought Kokomi's story quest was pleasantly sweet. Though I still want to just get out of Inazuma. I'm tired of all the war talk. At least for me, stories involving war get too much sometimes. I preferred the more fantasy elements of Mondstadt's story, rather than the depressing more 'realistic' Inazuma. Maybe I'm wording this wrong. Everywhere in Inazuma just feels sad. It's not fun.

No. 161519

I get what you're saying, the main quest line is depressing with everything going on storywise. But on the other hand I found that a lot of the side quests in Inazuma had that nice fantasy feel to them (and personally I like them more than the main quest).

No. 161520

I really do want to know if the main quest writers are different from the world quest writers. I want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes, maybe then we could get an idea as to why Inazuma's story sucked.
I pity the music department and overworld design department of Genshin sometimes. They've done a stellar job, but everything else in the Genshin team is not that great right now, especially the character balancing team, story team, and the overall decision making asshats at the top.

No. 161525

Level 90 is a scam for everyone besides kazuha, venti, albedo, and maybe hu tao. Just learn how to build characters because 10k isn't much, my level 70 razor's autos hit for that much with ok artifacts.

No. 161531

Oh my gosh, what am I doing wrong. I'm a Razor main, but I've made him pathetic. I'll take everyone's advice and try to figure things out! Thanks nonas.

No. 161532

I level 90 all characters I love. When I love a character I just want to spoil them. Will triple crown my best boy Bennett soon.

No. 161534

For specific character builds the kqm website is pretty helpful https://keqingmains.com/razor/

(Or ask in here because its annoying to navigate, whichever floats your boat)

No. 161538

File: 1632420687178.png (83.84 KB, 419x238, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

>my level 70 razor's autos hit for that much with ok artifacts.
Level 90 is not a scam, since it lets you upgrade talents to lvl 9-10. If you had said your Razor was lvl 80 I may have believed you, but a lvl-6-talent Razor with ok artifacts is not dealing 10k DMG to bosses. Slimes don't count nona.

No. 161542


really to do big damage is to just learn your characters and learn how the game works. i lvl 90 my dps and i dont really think supports need to go over lvl 80. i dont try to min max them just do the best you can cause rng is a bitch, i normally am happy with 50 % crate and like 130 cdmg

rlly just get most of then to 70+, lvl up the talents to at least 6 ( i go 6 for supports, 7+ for dps), get good characters for reactions such as sucrose, bennett, diona, mona, sara, etc. etc. (honestly i dont even use bennet, he makes the game a lot easier but you can achieve just as much damage without him). crown whoever you want it really doesnt matter. basically crown most things i like cause i like the way the 10 looks on the screen.

really genshin is just about putting the right artifact sets on characters, levelling up them/their talents/their weapons, and taking advantage of team compilations. if youre lost just watch a guide tbh. hope this helped !!

No. 161544

File: 1632422045100.jpg (31.5 KB, 387x410, bbyfurfag.jpg)

>Level 90 is not a scam, since it lets you upgrade talents to lvl 9-10
Wtf you don't have to take a character all the way up to level 90 for that retard

No. 161548

File: 1632422455872.png (102.41 KB, 288x288, E90a3Y8VUAQmmPr.png)

>hiding the lvl
>hiding the buffs
My sides.

No. 161552

You've made me feel much better about my lvl 80 Razor not doing 10k. It's true I should level my talents and artifacts more. And you're right! I'll get a feel for what the characters need. It's like raising pets lol
Gotta invest in the bbs…
I was just worried that asking seemingly simple questions would start to annoy you guys, so thank you for being so nice.

No. 161553

Not doing it again so you'll have to settle for my word: lvl 70 ascended, talent level 8 normal attack, c4, r1 blackcliff with 0 stacks, only buffs were superconduct and geo party buff

It's a self drag to think someone must've whipped out the bennett mona combo for their razor to deal decent damage at all, "nona

No. 161555

>still not posting any in-game screenshot
>"n-not doing it again so you'll have to settle for my word!!1! t-trust me!!"
>anon said lvl 70
>turns out Razor is ascended to lvl 80, just not leveled up
>conviently fails to mention that in the og post
Thank you for the keks. Now go back to /gig/ and stop trolling.

No. 161556

>I was just worried that asking seemingly simple questions would start to annoy you guys, so thank you for being so nice.
Not at all nona, come here whenever you want, just wait to get different opinions because you can see some people are full of bullshit. You are not annoying anyone.

No. 161557

File: 1632424918450.jpg (271.85 KB, 1283x2002, 00owj626w244gap.jpg)

What is /gig/ and why are you having an autism attack in the lolcow.farm genshin impact thread on a thursday?

Serious question - does anyone know a good discord to talk about genshin because this thread is getting 2cringe4me

No. 161559

/gig/ is i believe genshin impact general? Kek i might be wrong tho but i believe theyre simply refering to the genshin thread on 4chan which is really bad btw, dont go there unless you want to see only degenerates posting creepy loli stuff.

Sadly i dont know any good genshin discords because most seem to be full creepy horny males. I did join the childe mains discord but your pic reminds me how one active user kept sperging out daily how scara would never be playable or something and they kept trying to bait people.

No. 161560

I'm a Razor main too and although I try my best, I realized that I'm pretty bad now kek
I just don't have many good artifacts or weapons (I'm f2p), but I think the game's pretty enjoyable still even without 10k damage and all that. I can still do bosses easily and I've learned to not get hit because I kept doing them when I had unleveled 3 star artifacts (and I would get one-shot otherwise).

No. 161561

>a good discord
Doesn't exist.

No. 161562

she’s so adorable, I don’t give a fuck about getting ugly scaramouche I wish I didn’t waste my pity on baal <3

No. 161563

>this thread is getting too cringe for me

stop spamming the thread with your ugly as sin fujo art, we all know you don’t actually play this game and you just flick your bean to the degenerate fanart

No. 161565

oh look it's the flick your bean-sperg, nobody interact

No. 161567

yes please, just ignore and report

No. 161572

File: 1632432655537.jpg (1.67 MB, 2267x1500, _pc293375209.jpg)

Schizo anon acting like he(?) isn't like the only person with a fujo hateboner itt will never not be funny

No. 161574

File: 1632432930794.jpeg (159.32 KB, 659x548, 177949FB-DDA0-4AAE-B8D6-117DCC…)

Not the anti-fujo bait again. This is getting old

No. 161576

This image is so cute, who is the artist nonnie?

No. 161577

I hate it here, this game has a massive fandom yet it is still impossible to find a place to discuss it that isn't plagued with obnoxious trender ~sapphics~ who got bored of kpop 10 minutes ago and chimp when you insult the coom waifus, or cumbrained males who chimp when you insult the coom waifus, or annoying aspies who chimp for the sake of chimping

No. 161579

@life_neko72 on twt!

No. 161580

File: 1632434066548.jpeg (151.82 KB, 750x1689, 1286CFDF-5421-4890-BBC9-46DA5D…)

I know that feel, nonnie, i just want to talk about the cute characters and just have fun, like sharing dumbass memes or talking about how you got to manage to win against a difficult enemy on your own.
I don’t even want co-op friends, I hate doing co-op.

No. 161581

File: 1632435361624.jpeg (754.4 KB, 1200x626, DD8AB177-9A2A-481D-89C8-1C1986…)

Ugh same anon this thread is the only place where I’ve talked to likeminded genshin players. No disgusting pedo scrotes and no woke Twitter spergs. I’m gonna be so sad when lolcow dies after this year.

No. 161585

Actual lesbians exist and play the game you know. I like the female characters.

No. 161587

okay ex loona stan let's get you to bed

No. 161590

i mean, you can actually see the intentions of that anon when the post literally says:
>"I want a place to discuss!"
Let's all got to bed. Really.

No. 161594

So relatable. I want a place where I can chill and share cute fanart, but the fandom attracts the worst kind of extreme fans on both sides of the spectrum, it's always either antis or coomers.

No. 161596

There's nothing wrong with liking any of the female characters in this game.

No. 161598

File: 1632440081534.png (2.64 MB, 1080x2338, qy169yx1t2o71.png)

yes we know, we've talked about it already.

No. 161599

There's nothing wrong with smooching Dottore anon on the lips.

No. 161601

I wonder if Dottore anon gets uncomfortable about weird posts like this, she seems more polite than spergy. Sometimes I feel bad for her.

No. 161602

File: 1632440821621.png (103.24 KB, 854x670, ED14A0CE-0BDC-4CF4-B27C-3F663E…)

Why is the English translation so bad?

No. 161603


ot but fucking what? I missed the memo. lc dies after this year?

No. 161627

They probably have different people translating each quest and no central dictionary of important words.

Though still, 'gods are evil shits and keep the people down' is such an overplayed story beat.

No. 161628

A based and true post nonna if I ever saw one.
>Wahh how dare you insult my sapphic icon coomer mommy created solely as a calculated product for limpwristed males to masturbate over, just say you hate women and go!!!
>Said by either a 16-year old "lesbian" koreaboo who barely even plays the game because she can't afford the gacha, a nasty 30-year old AGP with a picrew avatar or a regular pornsick scrote


Yeah I have no idea how they keep making translation errors all the time, you'd think a high-profile game like Genshin would have some quality control over the localization. I don't know if they're just sending scripts from various acts to random freelancers with no concept for the game's terminology at all.

No. 161631

Absolutely cringe.

No. 161635

There’s genuinely nothing cringe about what anon wrote. This is lolcow we’ve always hated wokefags and scrotes.

No. 161637

Anons, how do you defeat the Nameless Samurai quest? I tried multiple times but I always failed to kill him off within the time limit. I hate how most Inazuma quests have become too challenging and hard to beat for casual f2p players.

No. 161638

Try lowering your world level if it's too challenging? You can always change it back later. Inazuma's quests in general are pretty hard at higher world levels.

No. 161639

File: 1632468310968.jpg (80.68 KB, 765x720, Ettl5JpUYAEcHQa-1.jpg)

its fine. I dont think im bothered by it its kind of cute. Its kind of a new feeling for me when people start talking about me or posting pics of dottore for me. As for the polite thing i dont know about that kek. Im a little spergy, but only in private, i would never sperg on here about dottore or anything because i know its not appropiate

No. 161640

In a sea full of baiting, dottore-anon is like an island of hope. Thank you. I don't have a Dottore pic to offer you, sorry…

No. 161641

You give me too much credit, nonna. I wish i could post the cow dottore im drawing right now because it fits this thread and site so much but i know better

No. 161642

you could also do in in co-op.I asked for help in a genshin discord since I couldn't make it in time and the person also helped me to get the "defeat masanori with ease" achievement

No. 161643

File: 1632470895362.png (83.2 KB, 707x697, 094149.png)

I hate that this theory makes so much sense. I would have never started playing Genshin if it wasn't for all the fanart of Childe and Zhongli all over any social media. Before getting into Genshin I hadn't heard about Honkai even once because there are no people making this much fanart of it.
What's the point in getting this much popularity by having a balanced ratio of male to female characters only to then start pandering to coomers mostly? And the anniversary rewards with these contests are also just taking advantage of talented artists for free marketing essentially. The recent contest where they wanted a design for a publicity bus and winning included the chance of them choosing one design to put on a real bus was so fucking scummy. Just pay your artists. I've seen a lot of posts about how the character preview picture and the one used in gacha are the same now, why are they being so cheap with their artists? The game would be nothing if it wasn't for them, where is all that money even going

No. 161644

I believe the current admin doesnt want to take care of the website anymore for a long time but she still hasn't chosen someone else. But i wouldnt worry to much since one super rich anon donated like alot of money and the goal is 130 dollar and 1093% was achieved of that goal. Also im pretty sure some anons from here made a kpop board so i have faith that if it really looks bad someone will a new site.

We already had this discussion, you are allowed to like the female characters and if you read this: >>158291 >>158292 >>158297 >>158365 we have agreed that most female character arent written well and have a bad design because theyre written and being made by males, this does not mean that we hate all female character but just that there arent alot of good ones. But i think we can all agree that Beidou is one of the best female characters. Also im not saying you cant like a coomer charcter, i really like mona even tho she has a horrible coomer design her character makes me really like her. '
I hope one day that they will release a cute skin for her so i dont have to feel like a pervert or uncomfortable when playing her.

Anyway kinda ot but i kinda hate how people imply that if you're a lesbian you have to like coomer female characters that have a boring personality or something. Like just because im a lesbian doesnt mean i have the hots for these fictional anime women that are written and designed by males kek.

I also never heard of honkai but it seems like shit and full of yuri bait. Maybe this will make you feel better but i believe theyre working on some male character so not all hope is lost for you. Still the imbalance of the amount of male and female characters is pretty big but i sadly dont think they will ever change it.

No. 161645

samefag, I'm not sure why some of the posts i referred to aren't working but I'm to tired to delete and do it again.
I also wanted to mentioned i finished Kokomi's quest and i liked it. It for sure was alot better then Baal's story and i like how it showed how draining this can all be for someone. I still think its bullshit that so many people of inazuma are just alright that the Baal is still the electro archon and that so many people like Sara are also in the same position. It makes the story sound so stupid so many people died for nothing because of there dumbass electro archon. They should have chased her out of the palace and everyone else who was in charge kek. I honestly wouldn't mind if Ayaka, Kokomi and a few other people would just take over the government and it would make more sense to.

No. 161646

The fanartist theory checks out. Half of Japanese mobile games owe their popularity to female doujinshikas and fanartists who created the hype with their works, that's why gacha games like FGO invite them as illustrators for special events all the time. It's low and infuriating though, one of the reasons why I started playing Genshin Impact was the balanced male to female character ratio and the way the girls (during the launch) were pretty non-coomerish. What Mihoyo doesn't seem to realize though is that they opened a can of worms with the worldwide release and aggressive marketing of the game, they can't just rely on riding the initial wave forever and expect people to stay. It's been said time and time again that scrotes are a finicky, fragile, unreliable audience that will ragequit over the smallest mistake as we once again witnessed with Kokomi's banner.

All in all, female fans are the ones creating the content everyone enjoys such as fanart. Men can do nothing but shitty dick measuring contest youtube videos and streams about how their whaled c6 character with equally paid for artifacts does this and this much damage. However I haven't lost hope yet since there are increasing talks about a ton of Inazuma boy characters coming up and Itto and Ayato are basically confirmed by this point seeing how often they're mentioned by NPCs and the story.

No. 161650

Despite all the theories making a lot of sense (and probably being true) I'm still hoping we'll get godly male characters next and that there will be some sort of twist with Sumeru in the future.

No. 161655

New survey is out! What did you guys typed in the suggestions box? I said the usual complaints, that the archon quest is rushed, Raiden Shogun's story quest is shit and the anniversary rewards are terrible.

No. 161657

Was it just me or did this survey feel shorter than usual? I feel like they usually ask more questions than this, like questions about how you liked characters and stuff like that.

I made mine as negative as possible nonetheless, this was hands down the worst patch since launch in my eyes from the events to the plot to the banners to everything.

No. 161659

File: 1632491251912.jpg (267.35 KB, 1200x1200, E7D8pJfXIBEYGBM.jpg)

It's really stupid that they keep alienating the female players with the lack of male characters, but I have this weird theory where Mihoyo feel ​like they don't have to make as much effort with girls because, from what I've seen, female fans in general will become ride or die with a character, so Mihoyo doesn't feel the pressure to create new husbandos, in contrast to the male fanbase, that is not very "loyal" to one single waifu in comparison to women.

No. 161661

File: 1632492018900.jpeg (269.24 KB, 749x934, BB047007-B331-4FB5-9322-D626D9…)

Oh my god that party decoration is adorable.
Now I really want a Diluc birthday party, i hope I’m still into Genshin impact for the next year.

No. 161663

I love when fans do these type of things for their oshis, it looks so cool and aesthetically pleasing…

No. 161664

Everytime I think of the "male characters", I just assume they all moved to Tears of Thermis, whatever you call that game.

No. 161669

I think you can really feel the drop in quality with the story telling. Mondstadt & Liyue were great and Inazuma is just ughhh. Venti & Zhongli are great characters and you easily remember them as Archons. I bet in a few months no one will remember Inazuma anymore because it is just so forgettable. I already forgot who Yoimiya is because she is just so similar to Amber and Xiangling character wise. I also think Ganyu, and Sucrose are easily forgettable. The only reason why people remember Ganyu is because she is the op cryo waifu. I do think Gorou is very cute and I hope we will see more of him and Kazuha. I am also hyped for Itto, I hope they use all of the scrote whaling moneys for his character design.

No. 161670

I wished. As much as I love that game, the designs are all too same-y and I wonder why they didn't make characters with more differences from each other like in genshin.

No. 161671

Didn’t help that Ganyu’s trailer was her just protecting flowers. I like her because we have the same occupation and because she looks cute.

No. 161674

I don’t know why they didn’t just use similar designs to the Genshin boys, that would’ve given them another horse to bet on, all the people, mostly women, would’ve gone to that game as a second option for when Genshin becomes unplayable, either because of the updates, the story being more and more deplorable, or the female characters being more and more coomerpandering and shallow.

No. 161685

I forgot to write about the anniversary rewards but I'm sure most people put that in. I just said the main story felt rushed and a lot of the world quests are better written. If my theory is true that the world quests have different writing teams/person, I hope they get put in charge of the main story. I really liked the Sakura Cleansing Quest (with the masked lady), Chouji, the most interesting NPC imo Washizu (what a dark story quest…), the nameless samurai and his back story, Hibiki and Neko etc.

No. 161687

I was thinking about Ganyu's story quest today and I honestly think it started out good. Her feeling lonely due to being half adepti half human is rather cliche, but it's understandable, it's easy to sympathise and possibly relate to, especially considering Lumine/Aether may also feel similarly alienated due to being from another world and all. Her animation in her story quest was gorgeous, Cloud Retainer teasing her, training with Xiao etc. I liked that. What was weird was how you went from that to doing fucking taxes with her. What? Why? Who thought of that?
I think her story quest could have been sweet if we had focused on helping her feel like she does belong in Liyue even despite her adepti status, or learnt more about Adepti and the Archon War overall. I don't care about Liyue's taxes.

No. 161688

Also samefag but I hope if Sucrose ever gets a story quest or hangout it'll be interesting. The girl experiments on hilichurls and has a pet hypostasis. I love mad scientist characters.

No. 161689

File: 1632508923267.png (82.64 KB, 760x963, Screenshot_20210924-203950.png)

I'm fucking dying.

No. 161691

I have gotten eye of perception twice so far. I know it’s a weapon for a dps catalyst but is it any better than let’s say solar pearl? Is it worth it as a weapon in general?

No. 161692

File: 1632512803472.jpeg (22.12 KB, 253x290, A04DF431-1513-46E4-83EA-2FA5FB…)

my sides, it doesn’t even feel like an anniversary. is there even going to be any interesting events for kokomi’s banner rather than that crappy and confusing one that reuses the normal expeditions just to get primos?

No. 161693

It's not much better than other catalysts but it's a pretty purple so…

No. 161694

>stop alienating the female audience by not adding more ugly male characters that run out of stamina swimming in the water within 5 seconds beecuz wahmen aren’t as fast as men

it’s almost like female players can appreciate female characters as well and aren’t playing to see fuckable johns on the screen nonnie

No. 161697

File: 1632513828994.jpeg (168.23 KB, 1370x424, BA7D95BE-DCBC-4F84-A563-9C5072…)

I’m genuinely gonna be so pissed if this turns out to be true because I don’t want Hu Tao but I love Thoma (this is from the genshin leaks subreddit)

No. 161699

>me having to sacrifice my pity on Hu Tao for Thoma
Absolutely fuck you Mihoyo


It's the waifufag moid consistently baiting this thread with this same bullshit. Don't interact.

No. 161703

As much as I'm counting on that Childe banner, him having a second rerun instead of Albedo, Ganyu or Xiao could piss off a lot of people, especially considering the last strike of shit with the Inazuma storyline, Kokomi's kit and the anniversary rewards.
If Thoma is paired with Hu Tao I'll probably skip both banners, I only have a 50/50 right now but I was only willing to take that risk with Childe.

No. 161705

I have Childe guaranteed I’m so fucking happy now I need to stop gambling like I have pity for Kokomi right now

No. 161707

I hope Childe gets a rerun for every new region that comes out just for the keks.

No. 161710

File: 1632518582900.jpg (238.42 KB, 1882x2509, uae1ncta55w61.jpg)

No. 161711

rippppp looks like I gotta build xiangling with the artifacts I farmed for thoma because fuck hu tao

kys mihoyo

No. 161713

>adepti and half adepti are super special in Liyue
>nobody in Inazuma cares that Sara is a tengu and Itto is an oni

No. 161715

they probably replaced the original writer after Liyue

No. 161724

I literally forgot she was a tengu.

No. 161726

Do you live in Inazuma?

No. 161732

I hope the rumors/possible leaks of a new buff male body type is true

No. 161733

File: 1632536497516.jpeg (426.16 KB, 1448x2048, FEAAD8C5-01E4-4CD8-BA3B-8D3E52…)

PLEASE COME BACK CHILDE (albedo is good too)

No. 161735

Barbara is not even that popular why is she suddenly the marketing choice for the game?

No. 161737

Because she’s an uwu aidoru who cheers up the loser scrotoids so they work and spend money on the game.

No. 161738

But she's not even popular WITH those scrotes tho. Like I would say Xiangling or even Amber are much more popular than her. Is she some dev's favorite?

No. 161742

it's probably because her character archetype is very recognizable and popular amongst weebs, and it's inoffensive as a whole with general audiences. she's a cute girl who does cute girl things in a perfectly modest outfit and that makes her an easy sell, no extra in-depth game lore required.

No. 161746

I love the Liyue soundtrack, been listening to it almost daily.

No. 161749

I literally have no idea. It's always been a mystery to me.
>She's given for free multiple times
>She's forced in the summer event
>She gets a free summer skin
>The Chinese advertisements try to meme her as the ultimate kawaii aidoru cheerleader waifu
>In reality nobody barely cares about her because she lacks so much charisma and is the blandest written, most inoffensive character there is to the point even braindead scrotes don't give a shit about her
Going to agree with >>161738 and guess that she's some developer's best girl, there's no other reason for it.

No. 161752


Not to mention, she had that legendary hentai doujin with Aether. Everytime I go to those facebook meme groups, they always bring up the 'code' to that doujin whenever Barbara is mentioned in a post. It's also shown that she's prone to creeps like NPC Albert who is obsessed with her. Scrotes fetishize her most of the time yet they're malding everytime they get her in gacha for the ×1000 cause they don't even use her.

No. 161755

File: 1632565471449.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1351, D9BE61F1-9B91-4C35-8698-A7B186…)

the game's entire soundtrack is delectable but there's something about dragonspine and liyue's music that's especially choice. i could listen to "treasury from the northland" all fucking day.

No. 161765

File: 1632573996052.jpeg (125.1 KB, 512x993, 25BD26E1-7E9F-4BCB-8E2C-A26419…)

Nonitas I’m so happy. I finally have a fluid, solid party and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s best boy Kazuha, Xingqiu, Diona, and Ayaka. Also got Mona on the current banner so I’ve been slowly building her up to use on the side as hydro support because of her AOE.

No. 161767

File: 1632577562651.jpg (63.49 KB, 800x800, O1CN01k9fvLX1v7IYrfxfSO__22084…)

Do you have Genshin merch, anons? I have picrel (comfy as hell), two acrylic stands (Venti and Fischl) and one of those Vision keychains. I wish I could get the Guoba pot, it's so cute.

No. 161780

File: 1632582354922.jpeg (206.8 KB, 749x1117, 5F36428F-BE87-4D73-BBF1-BBA307…)

I will commit sudoku in front of Mihoeyo’s quarters if Ayato doesn’t look anything similar to this.

No. 161782

File: 1632582891052.jpg (48.45 KB, 735x732, EwJZv7uWgAIp2VZ.jpg)

Fuck the leaker who got my hopes up for Thoma to be on Childe banner.
It would have been so perfect, collecting constellations for my husband while getting some Thoma constellations. Now I gotta pull for fucking Hu Tao?!?!??!?!?!?!
This is my 13th reason

No. 161785

anon no this is the ugliest fan ayato I've seen, the last thing I want is a clapped nero clone or an animefied LoL reject

No. 161786

File: 1632585016903.gif (1.29 MB, 540x215, mfw.gif)

what's making me the most sick is that hu tao c0 is unironically way shittier than xiangling now that the catch exists like they couldnt even throw him on a semi useful waifu banner but a ezskip benchwarmer waifu banner

No. 161788

File: 1632585222477.jpg (304.54 KB, 1456x2048, E__OFXmVgAEOm0k.jpg)

She's useless at C0, I find her and the hyper around her really annoying and I also don't really have the need for a pyro 5 star anymore.
I might really have to skip Thoma for now and just wait until he's on someone else's banner or I can pick him up from the shop….

No. 161794

File: 1632592106651.jpeg (443.06 KB, 1240x1748, AA538255-6698-49E4-8A2B-DADF88…)

No. 161795

Don't make me regret rolling for Hu Tao any more than I already do. God she's so cute but she's so boring. C6 Yanfei is 10x more fun.

No. 161796

Nah, no merch of the game looks good to me. I mean, the official slime plushies are cute but I don't want slime in my house.
Keqing and Ningguang's figures look amazing but too expensive and not fond of either of the characters, and although I love Mona her figure is too coomer for me.

No. 161797

I really do think there's some dev that's fond of Barbara. Amber is 10x cuter sorry not sorry.

No. 161799

File: 1632593179218.jpeg (193.06 KB, 750x749, 822791A8-B4E1-4718-B026-D80EBF…)

No, you’re right, Amber is not only cuter but also has a more interesting story than “I hope I can be as tall as my sister uwu”.
It has to be some dev in love vomit with Barbara because she’s always a damsel in distress who is gentle and always forgiving of the creeps that creep on her.
I wish they could’ve made her more disgusted by them or something, to criticize the crazy otakufags who stalk idols and such, but then again, that’s the easiest crowd to attract.

No. 161801

File: 1632596824767.png (585.13 KB, 960x500, 64FF26A7-9459-42D4-AEB7-59E892…)

amber is so cute that eula falls in love with her

No. 161803

Amber is so cute that I'VE fallen in love with her.

No. 161817

exactly, Ayato needs to have long white hair or Mhyo can just fuck off

No. 161823

File: 1632617571327.jpg (58.15 KB, 800x445, ayato.jpg)

No. 161858

NTA but Ayato has to look like this, if he isn't similar to this design I'm going to die

No. 161871

Kinda wish I had Ayaka now because I think it would be cute to have a 'family' party of Ayato, Ayaka, Jean and Barbara.

No. 161884

Is The Catch good for Thoma or nah?

No. 161909

Newfag here. I'm building my team around Beidou. My team includes Beidou, Yanfei and Sucrose/Barbara. Should I choose Rosaria or Xingqiu for this team?

No. 161910

Anyone else feeling burnt out by Genshin? I still like the game but after the dissapointment of Inazuma, the lack of male character releases/non-stop waifus, and how crappy the anniversary is looking I haven't been able to bother playing every day, even to just get my Welkin. The game can still be fun but I'm just kinda geting fed up with MHY at this point.

No. 161913

xingqiu and ditch yanfei for fischl or electro mc. bennett >/= kazuha >>>>> sucrose if you have either of them.

No. 161914

I like to play with Yanfei and I don't have any electro other than Beidou and Lisa. I don't have Bennett or Kazuha.

No. 161915

Since you seem early on, don't worry too much about team building yet.
A lot of people are nonnie. I am a little bit will still play everyday. I haven't done most of the Inazuma world quests because I feel no incentive to, but I think that may be because I just dislike Inazuma.

No. 161916

File: 1632690355036.jpg (746.49 KB, 1589x1807, 20210925_124618.jpg)

your beidou is going to have crippling erectile dysfunction without a battery but like the other anon said it really only matters if your team sucks late game

No. 161920

At some point I was, I disconnected from the game for a few days so I recovered a little.
Nowadays I barely use my resin, my battle pass progress is shit and I'm too lazy to grind materials,but at least that way I don't get tired from the game as often. It hurts my completionist brain tho

No. 161922

Yeah I ended up deleting it… The story went to poo and we only got waifus, if I wanted to play an avg rpg game I'd get one without Chinese spyware/horrible security.

No. 161924

Yeah, I'm still early in the game so I shouldn't stress about it, I just don't like to waste my materials lol. I finally decided to build these two for now, I like to play with them both.
>your beidou is going to have crippling erectile dysfunction

No. 161935

Same, it’s so disappointing and most of the time you don’t even have anything to do but mindlessly grind and play boring side quests.

No. 161936

I wish he was real so I can suck him all night

No. 161947

The big downside to have a catalyst-user like Yanfei and a physical DPS like Beidou together is that your opportunity to trigger reactions is more or less limited when Beidou bursts.

I highly recommend you use Fischl with your Yanfei, or anyone that can proc elemental damage passively while you busy your Yanfei blasting autos at the enemy. Fischl is the best 4* option here since you can reposition Oz to follow your Yanfei around. The other option that I use myself is Baal whose elemental skill procs for ALL attacks.

No. 161948

I should also add that you give Yanfei 4pc Wanderer's since her true power comes from her charged attack. And give her a pyro damage bonus goblet to drive home the arson.

No. 161949

Wut… Beidou is a pure electro off field dps whose ult procs with normal attacks like xingqiu… have you never used her before? The ideal yanfei overload team would be beidou fischl and kazuha or bennett, no baals needed because not only is her skill damage pure doodoo but her buff does not apply to yanfei

No. 161958

File: 1632717649610.jpg (491.55 KB, 2700x3108, FAMhF6bWEAERlne.jpg)

Nonnies, can you post your favorite teams? Doesn't matter if it's memes or meta. I'm so bored with this game right now, I need inspo

No. 161960

File: 1632719819594.jpg (569.46 KB, 777x755, 85127572.jpg)

stuck at 95% on new event and can't get the fish claymore

No. 161961

My complete meme team: Kazuha, Bennett, Razor, Kaeya/Xiao

No. 161966


right now ive been using a combo of yoimiya xiangling zhongli and rosaria. having the time or my life lol

No. 161968

File: 1632732289753.jpeg (544.23 KB, 782x1200, 5E2599C5-24C4-4C13-9C31-64CEC5…)

Anons who play with a controller, how the fuck do you use the bow users? How am I supposed to click the attack button at the same time I’m moving both joysticks to move and aim?

No. 161974

Kaeya, C2 Chongyun with sacrificial, Barbara, Kazuha with favonius. C2 Chongyun and 2 recharge weapons provides non stop skills and bursts, while all enemies can't do anything.

No. 161976


nonnie lacks reading comprehension

I JUST said that Beidou can't help proc overload unless she ults then goes off field. I've used her before. And it seems like YOU haven't used Baal before. She does damage just fine with her skill. And it's application (ult buff, constant damage esp to distant enemies like Oceanid birds, etc.) is way more broad than Beidou's freaking ULT.

But of course, you're comparing a 4-star to a limited 5-star. Using Beidou, or even completely disregarding her and using only Fischl, is perfectly fine.

No. 161977

File: 1632739202923.jpeg (141.55 KB, 680x652, 2B55D717-E2E8-48CF-BDB1-85CF8F…)

My main team is usually: Diluc, Venti, Kaeya and then I tend to alternate the rest of the team by putting either Mona, Beidou, Electro Traveler or Noelle depending on the extra stuff I need.
I’m still confused about the whole 5D chess teams stuff and meme teams so I just pick whatever characters I got the most leveled up that made more sense when I was reading the options for F2Ps’ Abyss Teams.
I also put Diluc and Kaeya in the same team the moment I got Diluc because They’re hot and I ship them with me

No. 161978


i got lucky with getting c1 raiden and sara on my f2p account, so my main team has those two, noelle, and yanfei/xiangling/xingqiu

No. 161979

bennett, xinyan, sucrose, and beidou/tartaglia/diluc (depending on what i'll need at the time). it gets shit done and it gets it done fast. i've actually gotten so comfortable with my main team that when i switch out to something else i get annoyed that i can't just have sucrose chuck a vial and then blast everything near me with xinyan.

No. 161983

>I JUST said that Beidou can't help proc overload unless she ults then goes off field.
Right, thats how you play her… you shouldn't be having any downtime on her ult, you know that right?

>And it's application (ult buff, constant damage esp to distant enemies like Oceanid birds, etc.) is way more broad than Beidou's freaking ULT. But of course, you're comparing a 4-star to a limited 5-star.

Fast application doesn't matter for overload because it has a massive icd and why the fuck would a yanfei be struggling against oceanid birds??? Idk what kind of hardcore copium you're huffing but raiden needs c2 to compete with either of them outside of one specific team. beidou has one of the highest damaging ults in the entire game, she's always been the best electro and raiden's abysmal E damage can't come close to her (or Oz). That's the whole reason why her ult and beidou's ult not working at the same time was such a big deal.

Acting like limited 5 star units are automatically better than 4 star units is ultra retarded when you literally have kokomi staring you in the face as soon as you login right now kek Bennett is thee strongest character.

bennett kazu albedo zhongli, all using lavawalker sets besides 4no zhongli. they take no dmg and nuke everything, fun times for lazy girl.

No. 161985

Klee/Rosaria/Fischl/Barbara sometimes I throw sucrose,yanfei or Mona in there.

No. 161991

I still think she's better with 4PC CW, more reliable.

No. 161992

Kokomi (yes I rolled), Raiden, Fischl, Mona
Electro charge team go brrrrrr
I love it I find it so fun

No. 161994


i use the controller and you can just use left trigger 2 to aim the bow. i think thats the default key
bow users still suck on controller but maybe im just absolute shit at aiming lol

No. 161995

Did you look on top of all the high pillars between the bridges? It's painful to climb up there but there are a lot of charms

No. 162005

I can use the left trigger?! Shit okay wow thanks anon I had no idea

No. 162008

File: 1632759364631.jpg (72.14 KB, 1024x916, 20201029_013949.jpg)


again with the abysmal reading comprehension kek

>you shouldn't be having any downtime on her ult, you know that right?

You assume the anon asking the Yanfei advice in the first place has the resources to build a good Beidou who can have their ult up constantly.

Of course Beidou is gonna be more accessible than Raiden, and especially if we're talking about their constellations. I never said they HAD to use Raiden.

And just to be clear, although a well-built Beidou does require a lot of resources, she's incredibly fun to play since as a claymore-user her swings have good AoE thus good for both mobs and bosses.

Anyway, I'm just making suggestions like everyone else. It's fun to see an anon go off on me like I'm a Raiden supremacist and can't kill enemies with elemental reactions to save my account.

No. 162010


She's definitely better with that set, but Crimson Witch is notoriously hard to farm and you need to get lucky with your rolls. I gave up farming that domain, but I may go back to it when the Hutao-Thoma banner drops. (And potentially complete my pyro meme team.)

No. 162011

Hope you got it in the meantime anon! I was stuck at 98% and spent like 15 minutes just searching for two missing chests kek. It would have made more sense if they told you the general location and after getting 60% or so on your own because it's easy in the beginning, you could talk to the lady in Liyue harbor and then she would tell you the rest. But a fun event nonetheless, I also really enjoyed the quest and seeing all the Liyue characters.

No. 162012

have they confirmed the new xinyan hangout/mini-event already? i hate that they ignored her again on a liyue sotry quest that involves pretty much all of the characters from the region except xiao

heck we even got BAIZHU of all people (dendro hints?)

pls mhy xinyan stans are on life support rn

No. 162014

File: 1632760141630.jpeg (79.84 KB, 629x629, 2BCDB2A7-85F0-4BE7-9579-FE7580…)

Diluc this, Kaeya that, Childe this blah blah blah, the best Genshin boy is in fact GUOBA. This is HIS game. I love him so much. He's so cute. I would pay Mihoyo millions for a playable Guoba.

No. 162016

File: 1632760275227.jpeg (4.21 KB, 75x75, 299F7BFD-8575-455A-A7CC-5113A5…)

I kneel to one God and one God only.

No. 162017

Fuck my life I was doing the festival event and since I’m refusing to do chi of yore quest I can’t proceed the festival.

No. 162020

I'm glad they took the Lantern Rite criticisms to heart and we're actually learning more about playable characters. Xiangling is sweet and fun. Except I'm going a little crazy because Keqing really, REALLY reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on who it is. She seems so familiar in some way.

No. 162022

Ok, you too, your waifu is shit, learn how to sage, etc etc xx

No. 162023


>implying i have waifus like a degenerate

saying i have shit taste won't improve your reading skills nonnie

No. 162024

don't get why the girls are fighting but does liking a female character automatically make her a waifu? (or i guess a husbando for the guys?)

No. 162026

Nah, it's a term nu-weebs seem to throw around. I think a waifu is your favorite female character that you really really like and have a silly crush on, same for husbando but with male.

No. 162027


I don't even get what you're both talking about but this is a shit comeback

No. 162028

Is there any point sageing in this thread since it's only /m/?
What do you girls think?

No. 162029

most obvious samefagging of the year award

No. 162030


just take the L and leave anon

No. 162031

keqing x xiangling when? they’re such cute friends

No. 162033

File: 1632763560603.jpg (176.67 KB, 1300x932, k2nqt5phva271.jpg)

no more fighting, just focus on the mondstadt lesbians

No. 162036

File: 1632766244949.jpg (360.15 KB, 1712x1536, 20210926112330.jpg)

It's so dumb that they locked the weapon behind 100% completion in the first place, should have been 75 or 80. I don't really give a shit about any of the liyue characters besides Xingyun and Zhongli (and his toad) so this event isn't doing anything for me, now that I have my fish I think I'll sit the rest of this one out.

No. 162037

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No. 162044

guoba anon is adorable

No. 162047

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