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File: 1461895202006.jpg (703.83 KB, 1073x1650, this kills the man.jpg)

No. 15655

We're living in the age of reboots and most of them are awful. Let's talk about it.

No. 15656

Does Unreadable Squirrel Girl count?

No. 15657

File: 1461896251909.jpg (167.46 KB, 540x602, tumblr_inline_o3f51kZ4fL1r20qr…)


>written by a trans woman

>said trans woman jams their own trans oc into comic
>decides to make kimber/stormer ship canon with zero build-up

I'm not sure if I've seen more self-serving writing, it's hard to believe they were apparently a fan of the original when they've changed so much in this reboot.

No. 15658

File: 1461896356744.jpg (40.79 KB, 442x350, SquirrelGirl.jpg)

Since the current Squirrel Girl is technically a reboot of the character, I'd say yes.

No. 15659

File: 1461899140810.jpg (80.81 KB, 1280x720, 1461692009846.jpg)

nuPPG is awful. Everyone on facebook that did those dumb avatar pictures ought to be ashamed.
>lots of animation errors
>perspective and alignment errors
>animation style nothing like original
>voiceover errors (i.e. Blossom voice when Buttercup is 'speaking')
>character personalities have been destroyed or hyperized
>they made bubbles way too edgy
>too many 'bro' moments
>literal memes
>Miss Bellum excluded for "negative" influence

No. 15660

I'm a fan of the new Jem comics if I'm honest. The buildup to Stormer/Kimber had no gravity to it and they had a duo in the show, so guess that was for long time fans. I like that they are giving the Misfits some love, especially Pizazz. It feels rushed and the trans girl suddenly becoming the new lead. I don't know comic formats though.
I've seen people bash on Jerrica not being the no nonsense girl and people be like WHY SHE NO SLAY LIKE A QUEEN!!!! (cringe cringe criiiinge) but I can see where their coming from. The comic has faults.


it ain't nearly as bad as that movie.

(If we wanna discuss PPG and my pandering pony IM ALL FOR IT)

No. 15661

i feel like this show was just a cashgrab thrown at millennials who have never seen the show but reblogged pics from it on tumblr alot for some reason.

No. 15662

I think you actually nailed it, anon. Thanks. Been trying to think of what bothered me about this whole thing and that's it.

No. 15663

The things I hate the most from the new PPG is the voice actresses. Bubbles sounds so old, Buttercup sounds whiny. Blossom is kinda okay, but I like the previous one better. And it seems that the original voices weren't even invited to voice the new PPG? I find it a bit disrespectful tbh, they basically gave 'life' to the show.

No. 15664

File: 1461911168824.jpg (279.16 KB, 1216x1800, JEM-bio-stormer-final.jpg)

wtf! I didn't know about this until now…I was happy, OP…
>tfw they made half the characters fat
>tfw they forced in a trans char
>tfw they made my fav char Stormer REALLY fat

No. 15665

Ah and here are all the characters for who's interested
Worst part is, i kind of like the new outfits but everything about the character designs screams Tumblr.
>tfw Stormer's guilty pleasure is probably binge eating instead of binge shoe shopping
ugh…why her

No. 15666

This is so bad. They made the charming glam rock style of the 80s some tumblr trash, all down to this art style.

The actual series always handled diversity amazingly well. This is so hideous and forced.

No. 15667

File: 1461930280236.jpg (34.04 KB, 600x338, CcVT-hgWEAA1HIe.jpg)

Their voices annoy me SO MUCH. I only saw caps of the shitty animation on tumblr (pic related) so I didn't bother watching the eps, but then I tried watching a clip - couldn't even finish it.

No. 15668

…Isn't that from the Kimber is a Lezzie episode of Jizz? Did the writers steal it? Lolwhat

No. 15669

gosh that animation style is so horrible, uuugh…

No. 15670

File: 1461946163301.png (209.13 KB, 488x468, tumblr_static_7l7y5gcefl8ogkgw…)

I hate Sailor Moon Crystal

No. 15671

i do too, and not even just the nostalgia factor. naoko just made the whole process drawn out and we ended up with an inferior product. i'm really unsure why she was so happy with the result, especially the art style, which is the main reason why it took so long. it's so bad, and the animation is so lazy. maybe she just doesn't get how to translate manga concept stuff to animation.

No. 15672

File: 1461949168370.png (175.89 KB, 625x351, er.png)

crystal fucked me off because the people who enjoyed it got butthurt when people complained about how ugly the animation was.
>'b-but it's homage to the manguhh!!1!'
fuck off. the original was old as fuck and had bad animation but it's still a hundred times better than crystal

No. 15673

I think the new animation IS ugly though, but the colors are nicer than the old one. Still, visual-wise, I'd prefer to watch the old one, but it's just me.

No. 15674

Death-busters actually has good animation so far, they've completely overhauled the team in charge and the design process, most notably the transformations now have minimal CG and the specials are hand drawn. Credit to them for listening to the complaints of the fans.

No. 15675

>everything used to be better xD
When they bring it back for the 90s kids they still complain, people like you can never be pleased I guess.

No. 15676


it should never been rebooted. Or not like they did.

No. 15677

File: 1461961828248.jpg (42.78 KB, 500x374, stormer.jpg)

Hopefully the comic will drop enough in sales to get cut and it will fade away like a bad memory.

No. 15678

This show was always awful, though. Nothing of value lost

No. 15679

Which is the trans one now?

No. 15680

i don't think this thread is right for you.

No. 15681

I actually hate body diversity shoehorned in so fatties can feel better about their terrible life choices. I'd rather have characters be fit or at least reasonably average. Fat characters are better suited to the peripheral. It's not cool to be fat or to encourage youth to be ok with being obese. Making a character suddenly fat because diversity pisses me off. If Stormer was always fat I wouldn't care. But she looks like she's never met a buffet table that she didn't like.

In the cartoon the Misfits exercised a lot. There were plenty of scenes where they were working out.

I've seen pages of this comic. It looks so tumblr and "mah diversity" that I wanted to puke. I really hate it.

Some fans shipped Kimber and Stormer because of that one episode where they quit their bands for being under-appreciated and form a duo. But if you are gonna make it canon at least make it look like something that happens naturally. It was really fanfictiony. Which is how I regard this comic. Bad fanfiction that got published somehow.

No. 15682

>Cartoon Network announced on June 16, 2014, that they had revived The Powerpuff Girls in a new series, which was to be produced by Cartoon Network Studios. In their 2015 upfront on February 19, the network announced that Nick Jennings would be its executive producer.[1] Bob Boyle, who previously has produced Clarence, has created Disney XD's Yin Yang Yo! and Nickelodeon's Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and also former producer and art director of the Butch Hartman's animated series The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom would also produce. Meanwhile, Craig McCracken, original creator of The Powerpuff Girls, would not work on the series, even though he gave the show his approval
This is why it's shit. The original creator literally wanted nothing to do with it, Cartoon Network just wanted some more cashmoney dollars.

No. 15683

File: 1462022159738.jpg (179.29 KB, 900x1260, 1JEM-bio-blaze-tms.jpg)

other anon posted a page here >>88913

No. 15684

File: 1462025664435.jpg (79.38 KB, 580x580, powerpuff_newvoices-580x580.jp…)

Yeah, and apparently it's all of a part of big marketing scheme. Rumors said they cast the younger actresses so they can 'show them off' on social media. Come to think of it, it might be true. We don't see the original voices being showed off often in the media like this when the original came out, but since social media is rampant now, they feel the need to cast the younger albeit unknown actresses to the tweens demographic, so they can be more 'relatable'. But eh, the last bit might be just me, looking too much into it.

No. 15685

Buttercup's VA looks like she's about to get triggered.

Also I just noticed that tuft of hair sticking out of Buttercup's head. Why tho?

No. 15686


No. 15687

WTF!? Who the fuck is writing this shit!?

No. 15688

File: 1462033196937.jpg (17.81 KB, 600x600, CM3oDBwWoAElVPS.jpg)


No. 15689

None of them seem like they'd be very relatable to tweens (they look pretty plain and unremarkable), but I guess that's just me.

No. 15690

Are there any characters under 5' 8"? They're all Amazonian.

No. 15691

>not even inviting tara strong back

literally the most popular female American VA with a huge following

No. 15692

cause she's a fucking demisexual agender with tomboy tendancies obviously, her hair can't be perfect you ableist shit.

No. 15693

Yeah, bad move on Cartoon Network indeed. What ticked me off the most is that they invited Tom Kane (Professor Utonium and Him) and Tom Kenny (the Mayor and narrator) back to voice their characters, but not the original trio. But looking at where the new PPG is headed…maybe they dodged a bullet on this one.

No. 15694

I thought they used young, unknown voice actors because they are cheaper to use than professional ones.

No. 15695

It's possible, but in my opinion, money should be the least of their problem if they invited the original voices back. PPG is a popular show, the fandom is loyal and some fans and former children were quite attached to the voices, it just doesn't make sense that Cartoon Network want to sacrifice that for cheaper voice actresses. Not to mention as >>89104 said, they invited several side characters' original voices back. It really doesn't make sense to me. If they use the original voices in the reboot, I'm sure they will make big money too, maybe more than they make now.

No. 15696

maybe they wanted the original VAs to come back but then figured they probably wouldn't accept.

No. 15697

I don't know if I can find screen caps of it, but the original VAs weren't asked to come back. When the new ones were announced, the old ones commented about it on Twitter. I know Tara Strong was at least hurt by it.

No. 15698

No. 15699

Thats it, That's completely it. First Silent hill then Tomb raider then Jem and the holograms now this.

I have bore witness to watching my entire childhood be destroyed.

Anon, hold me.

No. 15700

>eliminating miss bellum character and ms keane's boobs because they feel they are 'too sexual for kids'
>proceed by adding PPG twerking

kek. what a logic.

No. 15701

File: 1462074846046.jpg (624.76 KB, 1920x1440, pain and suffering.jpg)

Hey Arnold is getting a new movie soon. Netflix is doing a CGI Magic School Bus. Fresh Prince is getting a reboot. Hold me anons, I'm scared.

No. 15702

She actually seems like she has a sense of humor. Unfortunate that she happens to look like the typical tumblr idiot

No. 15703

WHAT? Fresh Prince is getting a reboot?? MOMMA NOOOOOOOO! Just…WHY?? It would ruin the legacy!!

*holds anon


I kinda find it funny, but disgusted at the same time

No. 15704


The Fresh Prince reboot is gonna end up like Full House's, fuck. Why can't they just make new good shows and leave the good old ones alone?

No. 15705

Ok lets talk about the fact how there are faggots complaining about the reboots. If you have to ask me, I hate them more than the worst reboot in existence.

I'm fucking thankful reboots exist, it brings me a smile.

No. 15706

This thread is not for you.

No. 15707


I thought this was a screengrab from a episode of regular show where they parodied PPG. This is actually it's own show?

No. 15708

>Aja is 5'5
>Shana is 5'2
>Roxy is 5'6
>Stormer is 5'5
you're getting angry about the wrong thing here

No. 15709

File: 1462114564623.png (173.85 KB, 429x423, yafuckedup.png)

Then why are you fucking here? Hide the thread and go complain about shit somewhere else.

Glad they exist? Super for you. The amount of poorly done reboots only tells me companies are fucking lazy, unoriginal, and will take the easiest route to get people's nostalgia money even if the product is horribly made.

No. 15710

Wow…wow, wow, wow. How the fuck is this even remotely okay? This actually aired on television?

No. 15711

>everyone fat
>Jetta is black
>Jerrica is shorter than Jem by severeal inches
>tumblr personalities

This is real?

No. 15712


No. 15713

Ha, still looks like a man!

No. 15714

Has anyone looked up reviews of this? It is almost unanimously getting great reviews, like 8/10. It's a fucking travesty and a slap in the face to original Jem. Should've just created original tumblr OCs, but these people only know how to hijack others works.

No. 15715

I love hate the jem comic, it does some parts really good but uugh the "aesthetic" of the comic is so ugly the fashion and glamor of it is poorly done. Most of the clothes and hair looks like Tumblr bullshit

No. 15716

From what little I've seen, the newest season looks miles better. Seems like toei has finally got their shit together

No. 15717

File: 1462209401961.webm (868.3 KB, 640x360, 1461739051606.webm)

>Buttercup is talking
>Blossom's voice comes out
2016 PPG is a hilarious trainwreck

No. 15718

LMFAOO!! bitch wtf

No. 15719

Oooh…someone's paycheck would be getting docked that day.

Also this snippet of an episode.The jokes are just not making sense, for me.

No. 15720

everything about this is awful

No. 15721

Blossom's voice I can handle. Bubbles I guess I could get used to. But not Buttercup. She's supposed to have a scratchy gravel but she doesn't and it bothers me so much and I can't watch the new show because of it.

No. 15722

File: 1462237870246.png (586.05 KB, 883x537, badtrip.png)

I feel like anyone who didn't rate it highly would get harassed by tumblr and called trans/homo/whateverphobic and a misogynist. No one can have an opinion anymore. Someone will see it, scream about being a victim, get an army of asshats together, and dox the shit out of you.

No. 15723

File: 1462241003003.gif (1.99 MB, 400x226, Tombraidervsfakeraider.gif)

Why is Lara Croft now katniss evergreen. Tomb raider fucking upsets me man, They took Lady Lara Croft and made her some basic bitch that works in a fucking bar. Fucking hell I hate this reboot. Its not tongue and cheek or isolation, Exploration, Puzzles, Raiding fucking tombs.
They even got rid of her theme.

Tomb raiders reboot rustles my jimmies hard. Fuck.

No. 15724


I haven't played the latest one but tbf the first one was really good.
Also, isn't Lara in the original incarnations a bit older/in her late 20's? I thought the point of the reboot was to do an origin story?

No. 15725

It was origin in terms of a "The Tomb Raider 2013

No. 15726

They fucked up lara really bad. They just toke name Lara Croft and slapped in onto a completelly different character and different game.
Fucking squareenix they only think about money. I hope this game fail, so that they won't make another abomination.

No. 15727

Yeah but I'm still salty about her original bio being completely removed. Lara raided tombs as a passion and she gave up her fiance and her family as a result. Not this whole "Need to find mummy, Need to be like daddy" hack writing, She was far more empowering when she was a rebel. Now she's your typical clown following in daddies footsteps. Sad honestly.
Also this whole BS about her being too sexy fucks me off, Wtf is wrong with big boobs and a nice body? Its sexist to have an extremely attractive female heroine.

No. 15728

Fuck yeah, Its utter trash and the complete disrespect CD and SE have towards Classic fans is terrible. SE for shunning the Sony fans that supported Tomb raider from its routes and CD for usurping what could have been Tomb raider anniversary edition developered by Core Design and to add to further injury their behaviour towards fans and towards original lara, Calling her the "icequeen" well fuck yeah I like an icequeen, Touchy feely lara is getting gross.

No. 15729

File: 1462242021921.gif (1.95 MB, 1098x626, i_really_cry_IRL_right_now.gif)


No. 15730

Me too anon, from the trailer of the game I already know I'm going to hate it, story-line wise. But yeah, the graphics are amazing and the game itself is quite entertaining, imo. If only they didn't attach the "Tomb Raider" name…

No. 15731

i'm upset because the outfits and hair are actually really cool but it's not jem…

No. 15732

what about the fuckin star rash all over the pink character's skin and those hairs? that "Jem" comic is disgustin and a joke to the original material

No. 15733

They'll probably try to make it all serious and edgy like the did with fucking Archie.

No. 15734

Oh God I watched five minutes of it, laughed and closed the tab.
>how can we make Archie interesting to millennials?
>make it gritty and depressing, they love that!

No. 15735

Her arms are so long in the second to last panel topkek

No. 15736

File: 1490328963374.png (890.4 KB, 940x891, yuck.png)

Sadly the Jem comic has only gotten worse since it got a new, even more tumblr artist.

No. 15737

the last panel

giant neck, tiny lil shoulders

No. 15738

File: 1490335749073.jpg (108.26 KB, 634x665, 3321018A00000578-3537358-Feeli…)

This. So many times this. Let me tell you anon - I feel seething rage towards this fucking reboot. I love the original movie to bits and the moment I heard they're making a "reboot" instead of a passing-of-a-torch sequel and the "reboot" is going to have an all-female cast I knew it was going to be awful. I mean I'm female and have no problem with female characters. But when you go all out like that and get the king of cucks (Paul Feig, pic related) to direct you just know it's going to be a patronizing, low-level, tacky flick trying to cash in on feminism because of COURSE women will watch and feel empowered by anything as long as it has women, no matter how shitty the writing is right? Grill power!

I really, really hated watching the movie. I didn't pay for it in the theaters because I didn't want to fund this kind of shit. I'm so glad it flopped because it was an awful piece of unfunny shit and the way their marketing relied ONLY on the "look at your new heroes girls lol misogynists btfo!" thing made it even worse. They had a fucking movie universe planned around this crappy movie and seriously thought it was going to be the bomb just because feminism is the "in" thing right now. They really fucking thought women were that stupid. I have rarely felt as insulted in my entire life. The issues they faced during the development really show on the screen and according to the leaked e-mails they forced Bill Murray to make a cameo by some shady means just to take those desperate measures to appeal to the fans of the original movie. Bill Murray, the man who denied any thought of a new Ghostbusters movie for over 20 years and was basically the reason the 3rd movie never got made despite numerous tries.

Someone once mentioned that if they wanted to make a genderswap to emasculate the original loved flick to the altar of feminism, why did they pick ghostbusters instead of some macho movie that's all about male empowerment? Why did they pick the "everyday American" comedy about a couple of slobbish exterminators trying to keep up a small business? It's so retarded and only because the director (a man) thinks feminism is about shooting male ghosts in the dick and queef jokes.

B-but it made a few little girls dress up as ghost busters on Halloween! Feminism is SAVED!

No. 15739

The purple haired black girl (Shana) is based off of Whitney Houston so it only makes sense she would be a tall & thin regal beauty. Why are they making her short and chubby? wtf.

No. 15740

Why are they all so fucking ugly? Jem and the Holograms were all pretty and thin! They're rockstars for fuck's sake!

Gross. This goes into the trash along with the new movie. Fuck this gay earth. Leave shit I love alone.

No. 15741

that art is terrible

Yeah, ghostbusters fans have a right to be upset. Rebooted as a feminist promo piece of all things..

No. 15742

File: 1505120585661.png (1.04 MB, 982x1608, newpgg.png)

The PPG reboot is doing so badly, they're adding a ratings-trap fourth Powerpuff Girl.
I'm all for diversity and representation in children's media (having been a self-loathing black child who wished she could be as pretty as Disney's Cinderella), but not when they're just half-assed tacked-on tokens.

And why did they give this child Garnet hips?

No. 15743

What the fuck? I don't know anything about PPG but why didn't they make her the same height as the other ones? That and maybe a more muted hair color and she'd fit in so much better (which should probably be taken into consideration if she's going to be a permanent fourth girl??)

No. 15744

File: 1505131962693.jpg (62.23 KB, 650x715, 21369347_1457887810913189_6321…)

friend of mine just shared this today

No. 15745

Yeah, I'm still not watching this show.

>make a wild decision to make a fourth powerpuff girl

>make her black
>people complain
>you're just complaining because you're racist! our show is about inclusivity! why do you hate women so much!

No. 15746

File: 1505133652441.jpg (33.25 KB, 360x361, _20170911_073841.JPG)

A black Powerpuff could have been cute but they went with this awful attempt at pandering to Tumblr with ~unique~ cyan hair and THICC thighs (even though the original Powerpuffs still have the bodies of kindergarteners?) but not even Tumblr is falling for this transparent shit.

Perhaps this new Powerpuff is an attempt to absolve for that poorly received transgender unicorn episode. They've even got a lesbian singer voicing her.

No. 15747

I mean if they at least made the 4th girl look normal like here >>15744 it wouldn't be so bad – still hamfisted inclusivity but not as bad – but they had to make her """""thicc"""" and give her snowflake hair instead of hair and actual black little girl would have.

No. 15748

sorry *an actual black little girl

No. 15749

File: 1505140039571.jpg (80 KB, 1024x576, DIZj0QnUEAAf-xL.jpg)

idk how late I am to this party because it's been many, many years since I watched Pokemon for the last time and honestly I lost track with all those new Pokemons and such. ANYWAYS I have no idea for how long this is a thing but WHAT happened to the character design or everybody in this serial???

No. 15750

wait did they legit give the black powerpuff girl thick thighs? if so wtf

No. 15751

the real screenshot is this
it looks like they gave her wide hips unless it's a poofy dress.
what could their explanation possibly be? like we know why they'd do this to pander but how would they actually publically justify this lmao

No. 15752

>Netflix is rebooting the Magic School Bus.
Here's the trailer. It looks so fucking cheap.

No. 15753

Did they seriously try to make Ms Frizzle hot?

No. 15754

File: 1505173160282.png (287.58 KB, 780x437, new ms frizzle.png)

Nah, they just replaced her with her hot younger sister.

No. 15755

Why do they keep rebooting shitty meme shows in the first place? First Full House now this

No. 15756

File: 1505175288143.jpeg (60.03 KB, 661x360, 90s.jpeg)

Nostalgia makes money.

No. 15757

File: 1505176044257.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 137593505136.jpg)

Just… why?

No. 15758

>original Magic School Bus
>shitty meme shows

Oh fuck off, the original was fantastic. This new bullshit is a travesty.

No. 15759

They kids all have same face syndrome.

No. 15760

is this not just rehashing bunny the fourth sister the girls made themselves? makes sense why they wouldn't want to depict her the same way considering the original was basically disabled and then died.

No. 15761

the cherry on top to this whole jem thing is that they remade the theme song with someone who can't sing

No. 15762

Them making Heathers SJW. The original Heathers would bully them.

No. 15763

Even Rainbow Brite got a reboot apparently. I blame My Little Pony for this.

No. 15764

File: 1505288338630.jpg (37.76 KB, 768x431, gallery-1501685894-it-pennywis…)

Movie was ok but nothing will ever be scarier than Tim fucking Curry and early 90s anamatronics

No. 15765

I actually had to check if this is legit and damn. It's like a re-enacting of that Poochie episode from the Simpsons, only taken even further. Why is she bigger than the other girls? Why does she have shock-coloured massive hair with a "cool streak"? I'm surprised they didn't give her the Miley Cyrus undercut every Tumblrina uses with their characters.

These reboots are just giving me a feeling they're made for adults to feel nostalgia over, not actual children.

No. 15766


AAAAAGHH this looks SO CHEAP! In every fucking sense! It's even worse than >>15752 and I am not even a Rainbow Brite fan. shit.

No. 15767

I think the problem with all those reboots is that before they'd draw everything frame by frame (resulting in something looking very nice or very very choppy). Kinda like those elements in the background you KNEW would move later cause they were standing so much from the handpainted background.

Now, everything is just so bland, so generic, so smooth moving. You can select a whole arm in any basic animating software and giggle it around : bam, you got 5s of animation without having to draw that arm 15 times in 15 positions.

I feel like there's just no personnality left anymore with those types of animation. It can be done well but it irks me when it's for a reboot of a show like the magic school bus.

Thankfully there's still people putting out nice videos, like students at Les Gobelins.

No. 15768

fucking nooooooo!

No. 15769

idk why that new ppg reminds me of a brown colored stephonknee (or whatever that trans age man was called)

No. 15770

>Perhaps this new Powerpuff is an attempt to absolve for that poorly received transgender unicorn episode.
I wasn't too far off with this guess. The movie Bliss is being featured in (I bet she disappears at the end, never to return except for an occasional cameo) is written by the some of same people who did the infamous unicorn episode.

Also, apparently she's got big hips because she's a teenager. I'm still put off by it for some reason.

No. 15771

File: 1505547389268.jpg (28.48 KB, 480x360, pokemon-sun-moon-anime.jpg)

i hate the new pokemon designs
they should fucking retire ash and not bring brock and misty into that shitfest

No. 15772

Popples too

No. 15773

This is just getting worse and worse

No. 15774

File: 1505567979753.png (1.02 MB, 1064x462, DA535D4A-86A4-4FF9-A046-DCD0AF…)

What, no post about this garbage yet? The remake that nobody asked for and is trying way too hard to be *~*fierce and inclusive*~*

No. 15775


why would a teenager be hanging out with kindergarten aged children? why does she have long, straight blue hair instead of black afro textured hair? She looks so out of place compared to the rest of them.

No. 15776

File: 1505571105510.jpg (85.53 KB, 736x736, 869c1202e4d18b1c64b894d2df867a…)

This is just so odd to me. Like who are they targeting. Someone mentioned they think it's for adults to nostalgia over but who wants to see their childhood characters bastardized into tumblr lezzies, and preppy 8 year olds.

I really never could imagine popples being brought back, they somehow made them even worse than those creepy 3d care bears.

No. 15777

File: 1505610187348.png (1.63 MB, 1108x947, original vs reboot.png)

I really don't understand how the writers could have thought Chloe was a good addition to the show (which should have died seasons ago). Did they learn nothing from their previous attempts at adding new main characters?

>why would a teenager be hanging out with kindergarten aged children? why does she have long, straight blue hair instead of black afro textured hair?
From what I gather she was a past failed experiment who can't control her powers, so she's technically their older sister? Maybe she's a rebellious teenager that dyed her hair? Still a hideous character design regardless.

It's amazing how much charm these cartoons lose in the translation from hand-drawn animation to Flash/3D animation. I know the originals were just designed to sell toys, but rebooting the franchises to sell more toys, banking on the nostalgia trend and cheaper lazier animation makes it that much uglier.

No. 15778

holy shit, that gave me a flashback to the first "failed experiment sister" powerpuff girl episode with Bunny. Can you imagine if something like this aired today? They would get blasted off the network- Bunny was basically coded as having downs syndrome. I can't find the clip but there was a cringey part in the episode where she even sings the powerpuff girls into but in a retarded voice.

No. 15779

Okay the reboot thing is going too fucking far now.

No. 15780

>(I bet she disappears at the end, never to return except for an occasional cameo)
I have to go now, my planet needs me.

No. 15781

Well, here's something to hopefully look forward to to kind of waft out the stench of shit from this thread. (I know this is a reboot hate thread, but I didn't really know where else to share my hype about the Hey Arnold movie.) The trailer was posted in July, but I've never seen until now.

No. 15782

lol i was gonna post this
im kinda holding off on the hype since the first film was kinda cringe imo that rooftop scene was a bit too much LOL so i know any form of romance in this one could just be a cringy repeat, i was one of the people signing the petition and joining the fb group for this movie lol orz, im glad something came out of all those letters and emails being sent to nick lol

No. 15783

>It's amazing how much charm these cartoons lose in the translation from hand-drawn animation to Flash/3D animation.
That's because computer animation always looks more fake than drawn stuff. I know drawn animation is "fake" too but it's organic. CGI movement is controlled by humans but created by machines, so it's "too perfect" and thus too unnatural. And of course the textures always look like plastic, whereas in a more simpler hand-drawn environment your brain fills in whatever blanks it has. CGI doesn't let you do that.

I can't believe they pulled a literal Poochie episode. A sudden COOL and HIP TEENAGED extra character with a RADICAL hairdo appears accompanied with a huge hype centered around her and then disappears just as fast as she came.

No. 15784

>I can't believe they pulled a literal Poochie episode.
LMFAO NO omg, did they really? All that fucking build up (albeit for something we all knew would be garbage) only for them to have the new character fuck off at the end. That's so hilarious wow. I couldn't bring myself to tune in. I just want this show to die already.

No. 15785

>a literal Poochie episode
kek after seeing that chatcer in this thread I got so riled up that I lectured my boyfriend for an hour about what Poochie is. So glad to see that here.
I don't get how the rebooted PPG can see itself as progressive when it took out anything that was uncomfortable from the original and replaced it with this fluff

No. 15786

File: 1506119812651.png (267.39 KB, 586x503, blisstina.PNG)

>disappears just as fast as she came
And yet they still made merch of her. I'm sure the little black girl modeling shirts of their totally-progressive one-off Mary Sue is just a coincidence too.

How is it possible to be this misguided in your attempts to be progressive (even if you're solely doing it to pander)?
>Miss Sara Bellum had to go, her sexy figure sends a bad message. The Powerpuff girls love boy bands and twerking!
>This unicorn transitioning into a monster is an allegory for being transgender!
>We're gonna give little black girls representation! She's THICC, emotionally unstable and only here for one episode! Buy her merch!

No. 15787

I hate seeing these ugly mixed mutts. Just ersatz white people. Ugly frizzy hair ugh.

In before black rage.(racebaiting)

No. 15788

Are you fucking serious?

No. 15789

Yep. Her full name is Blisstina Francesca Francia Mariam Alicia Utonium, Bliss for short.
I guess giving her a pointlessly long Mary Sue-ish name is supposed to be ironic. ("Francesca" makes me think it's a reference to Dot from Animaniacs' absurdly long name, Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana-Fanna Bo Besca the Third)

No. 15790

The only one who could actually be a Heather is the skinny, pretty black girl.

Of course they replaced a girl with a gay male, I hate it when they take away roles from girls and give them to men.

I bet the fatty will be disabled or have something else going on with her, being fat just cannot equal diversity points.

No. 15791


male or beautiful nonbinary trangender fairy prince boi?

No. 15792

I can't BELIEVE this is real. It seriously looks like they took someone's deviantart OC and used it in the show.
I think the main problem is that they we're so intent on making her diverse and unique that she stands out TOO much especially compared to the other girls. I mean they could've just given her a normal hair color like brown or red even.
As an artist it kinda urks me when I see that. Sometimes less is more

No. 15793

>we could've gotten a black PPG with adorable afro puffs and a yellow color scheme
Did all the character designers decide to snort some coke while they were drafting this concept?

No. 15794

File: 1506383508323.jpg (30 KB, 333x316, 1445687365144.jpg)

>blossom recolour
>bird poop island
>the fact her entire character is an angry black girl who can't control her emotions

This whole show is a forced meme

No. 15795

Actually Dot's name is funny though, taken from that old cringey yet catchy song of the names, I think. Well that and the show's overall humor works. But in account of Bliss's name being that long is just pointless and stupid. Maybe is some kind of Easter egg or an inside joke?

I am wondering if CN hates itself.

No. 15796

File: 1507252687701.gif (1.57 MB, 500x287, fuck.gif)

No, please no. This is too cringy.

No. 15797

"Bliss" is so forced.
Fucking SJWs ruin everything. I understand black people wanting more representation but this is so forced. She sounds like a Mary Sue it's ridiculous.
I'm tired of the forced political correctness

No. 15798

This one is the worst to me bc it totally ruins the tone of the original. The originals were 3 bitchy thin white girls who were so mean people wanted to kill themselves. In what universe would that fat thing in the middle rule the school? The laughing stock of the original Heathers was a fat girl. It just makes no sense

No. 15799

I don't understand why we couldn't have had a cute black character that looked exactly like one of these designs. Maybe not even as an actual member of the PPG, maybe just as another prominent friend character. They should have just not even bothered with Bliss

No. 15800

wow, reboot looks like a shitty parody of the original

No. 15801

the old horse looks like a horse, the new horse looks like a gay youtuber

No. 15802


Is it somehow a satire of the SJW snowflake cult and the politics of inclusion?

No. 15803

File: 1507579795801.jpg (57.45 KB, 500x500, yhc2s0mI0qGvSVf7hPx4NgSxE-lh0m…)

Okay, I think we can all agree that Heathers look fucking stupid. But holy shit Veronica and her voice. She says one line and I already hate her guts.

No. 15804

I'm hype with you anon, I've been waiting on jungle movie for years now ;w;

No. 15805

That would be wonderful if it were true but you know it's not that deep.

No. 15806

perhaps they want to cash in on the popularity of rick and morty show which seems to use magic school bus ideas a lot

No. 15807

Ben 10 never needed a reboot. Yeah it's been ten years, but does it have to retell the original episodes? Although I haven't watched the previous installments religiously, the franchise still feels current.

No. 15808

File: 1508625903239.jpg (2.04 MB, 2000x879, IMG_8640.JPG)

i really adore the Ducktales reboot so far to be honest,

No. 15809

I feel the same way! It's really cute and well done.

No. 15810

File: 1508631970595.jpeg (51.57 KB, 750x563, 01C0D3E3-CED7-4107-8AC1-14E44B…)

>make her black

if that’s the only reason you don’t like her, people finding it racist is pretty justified. I haven’t watched the show, but assuming she was made in a lab like the others, there’s no real reason why she shouldn’t be black if that we’re the only change.

To be fair, considering she’s probably a lab creation, the changes are all justified but the reason it doesn’t work is because she looks drastically different from the ppgs. Her freakish legs, bright hair, garnet hips and skin color all contribute to her sticking out like a sore thumb.

if her race, despite them being lab created and not actually having one anyway, is your only problem you have with her character design in comparison to the original three, then yeah, people might think you’re being a little racist.

No. 15811

I agree with you, I watched one of the clips posted above of this character and her hair color is explained by her having electric powers. Then I guess she has hips because shes a teenager from growing so fast iirc? The whole point is that the professor used a different chemical to make her and thats why shes different from the main 3 girls. There's nothing "sjw" about that imo, it's just a black cartoon character, people need to get over it.

No. 15812

Honestly when I first saw her I thought it was a poorly made OC or self insert. The reboot of the PPG was just a hot mess anyway of dumb outdated memes, not really living up to what the show really was in the past.
Back on the 4th PPG. It just seems like a cheap and easy way to appear more PC by adding a random black character. I feel people wouldn't be as bothered as randomly creating another PPG that doesn't fit into the PPG universe at all. Nothing about her story makes sense

No. 15813

>if that’s the only reason you don’t like her, people finding it racist is pretty justified.
The issue is its just blatant tokenism. She's not just a powerpuff girl who happens to be black, everything about her is retarded and screams "look at me!", you're supposed to pretend its something important. At least they didn't kill one off and replace them with her like Marvel keeps trying to do.

No. 15814

This. My problem isn't that she's black, it's that she's a token special snowflake.
All the other girls are the same height and size with a color palette that follows some natural aesthetic archetype - blue eyed blonde, green eyes black hair and "brown" eyed ginger (turned pink because it's a cartoon for girls and she's the "main" ppg), and then there's… her.

Speaking only about character design, why is she bigger? Why does she have HIPS? It seems like an extremely racist choice not to make her as young and innocent looking as the others. (This is an actual issue that non-retarded people who fight racism talk about: how black girls are always sexualized and never portrayed in the same innocent, delicate light as white girls are)
Then there's the color palette. I get that it's harder to make a black character visually stimulating and still natural since brown skin, black hair and brown eyed isn't a very good choice for obvious reasons, but it feels like instead of trying to work with it they just said "well, we're doing this to appeal to a tumblrtard audience and they like mermaid and unicorns, right? Yeah, those are gonna be get colors. Lavender and bright blue, like a mermaid unicorn!" and called it a day.
They could have gone for yellow for her eyes and clothes, for example, and left her hair black (with dreads maybe?). As she is now, she just looks like some shitty self-insert and not like an official character.

No. 15815

File: 1508693936190.jpg (313.61 KB, 1296x730, moschino_powerpuff_girls.jpg)

The real reason the PPG reboot even happened was actually because of toy sales. That's why the show itself is so cheap and stale, complete with new "talent" like nobody voice actors and awful animation. It doesn't need to be good, it just lives off the old shows reputation and they make most the money off merchandise. Teen Titans Go was similar but with even less care for the source material. Sailor Moon Crystal even suffered this fate.

No. 15816

File: 1509049216494.png (966.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171026-151605.png)

Though it isn't out yet, this is tantamount to sacrilege.

No. 15817

…this is gonna go the way of Ghost in the Shell and Death Note, isn't it?
I hope this will be okay if they can't be talked down, but I predict mediocrity.

No. 15818

as a long time bebop fan i can only hope the live action is good. i genuinely want it to not suck. i doubt it will happen but you never know. hopefully since the characters are pretty western they won't have to completely change characters or plots to fit american standards. i hope.

No. 15819

I feel like any real fan would respect this show and never touch Cowboy Bebop. It's just timeless on it's own and already Western enough to have gained a massive following over here.

No. 15820

File: 1509060531813.jpg (102.1 KB, 488x441, bkjih.jpg)

No. 15821

it's easier to talk about which reboots are actually good than to go over the hated ones

No. 15822

File: 1513960152044.jpg (17.34 KB, 615x346, 721497_615.jpg)

New Devilman seems to be great and I'm pretty hyped for this.

No. 15823

Some people are wary of Netflix’s involvement in anime but now we have a classic manga getting a full remake by one of the best directors in the industry. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

No. 15824

what series do you mean? Cause I feel like I should see it. Love classic manga.

No. 15825

she means devilman…

No. 15826

I don't remember much about the original Winx Club despite the fact that I enjoyed it when I was younger. I'm surprised the series is still going and even has a Netflix spinoff called World of Winx (which looks awful from what I've seen in preview clips)

Also, the Sirenix and Mythix transformation sequences are so ugly…

No. 15827

Netflix is just streaming it, they did fund it but they're not involved in the production and have given Yuasa freedom to do what he likes.
>Introducing the work as “a story of love at the finale,” Yuasa was told by Netflix from the beginning not to be worried about ratings due to violence and other content. He also thought “if there’s no violence, I won’t be able to depict what’s fundamental to mankind.” Regarding erotic content in the work Yuasa said “if you’re going to look at women indecently, I decided you have to make things equal and capture men too with the same lewd gaze.”

Bless him, I can tell he's going to do an amazing job and I hope he also goes all out with the homo.

No. 15828

It's even uglier than i remember. But it reminded me of another show i want to be continued or, hell, even rebooted.

No. 15829

Ahh memories!
W.I.T.C.H, Winx, Trollz and Bratz were my favourites as a kid.

No. 15830

File: 1514671577259.jpg (Spoiler Image,217.78 KB, 1600x1143, Generation 5 MLP concept desig…)

Anyone seen the leak for G5 My Little Pony (pic related)? What are your thoughts?

I get the feeling that it's just really nice fanart being passed off as concept art for a new generation, but if this does happen to be real I think it's pretty cute, even piebald Applejack if they tone down her poofy hair.

I kind of hope it's fake and that the real G5 (if there actually will be one) won't focus on the same 6 from FIM and will either use different ponies from past generations (Minty, Fizzy, Wysteria, etc.) or maybe even create brand new main ponies. I'm also hoping the toy line won't be as ugly as G4's itty bitty pieces of plastic. Even the G3.5 toys were cuter imo.

I wonder if bronies would ruin G5 like they did G4. Maybe to a lesser extent?

No. 15831

Damn, I didn't think I'd see another fan on here. It seems as if you can't enjoy this anymore because men "claimed" it and now everybody and their mother associates an inherently feminine show with those dudes. It does look as if its just fanart and I wish the hair on AJ was toned down. It just doesn't suit her. Also the reason why older gen characters weren't used in FiM is because Hasbro lost the rights to every character except for AJ. That is why certain ponies take on the name of past ponies (like how Lickity Split is now a boy and brown) yet don't retain the same design as their previous incarnations. This all happened before FiM aired.

As for if bronies would ruin it, some will like it and some won't. That's pretty much what happened when they made Equestria Girls, which I personally enjoy and the normal FiM, but ofc bronies bash EQG because they aren't horses and its "girly shit with love stories".

Oh the fucking irony of that criticism..

No. 15832

I don't like it. Too "extra" and twilight without a horn? This seems fanmade too.

No. 15833

I like the return to more elegant proportions, and piebald AJ is ridiculously cute. But FIM's style really worked to take advantage of Flash animation's 'limitations' (of course amazing stuff's been made in Flash, but FIM's animation was still pretty great for a merch-selling kid's show). I dunno how a more 'realistic' style will be pulled off.

I stopped watching FIM after the finale where Twilight Sparkle got wings, but man, I still really cherish my memories and enjoyment of the show.

No. 15834

I like this, Faust's superflat designs didn't look good from many angles while this can . . . but it would be more expensive to animate

No. 15835

They're claiming G5 will be a CG alternate universe of G4. I really hope they don't do that because CG ages so poorly and is just a fad in animation right now to CG everything. Part of the success of G4 was it was a well animated 2D series with "lore" it respected and continuity. The leaks claim they're going to cater to an older audience and want to be more "cartoon" to net older girls and women and less "only little girl franchise".

I kind of laughed because bronies are simply never factored in by them, no matter how much they whine. Hasbro was like this too, even at the peak of the brony phenomenon. They are only a very small and vocal part of the market, no matter how they try to spin it. Most bronies actually claimed MLP jumped ship very early on (G4 season 3, especially by the end of it.) and threw a legendary fit on 4chan and their online forums, most quitting the franchise altogether. Yet, they claimed before it should be tailored to them and said they had more money than little girls. It was so stupid, too. It all over Twilight becoming a unicorn with wings and a princess and them not liking Cadence a new princess pony at all. Hasbro has the right idea in not catering to manchildren.

No. 15836

Yuuuuup. I remember all that shit and to this day there is hate for cadence because "b-but in fausts bible she was just a Pegasus princess not an alicorn this makes her a sueeeeee". If any characters are "sues" it's flutter, pinkie, and starlight glimmer. All three of them have been able to act like obnoxious tards for so long and operate under the Peter Griffin formula; Learns a lesson and immediately forgets it the next episode.

No. 15837

Came here to post this abomination. They also tried to re-release dolls when I was in high school prior to this reboot that came with a dvd of episodes.

No. 15838

Why does he look like Mugen from Samurai Champloo?

No. 15839

>muh inclusion
>makes the mean characters that are gonna either die in the first episode or be on the background for JD and Ronnie minorities
>the protag is still a pretty white thin girl

I love it when they try to pander to SJWs and do everything wrong. Hope it backfires badly.
If they had just adapted the movie to a more modern, relatable setting instead of trying to be inclusive(and failing miserably) that would be more bearable.

No. 15840

Still better than the new seasons. I binge watched the series i used to like as a kid for the nostalgia and Winx had a downwards spiral. The spinoff is more tolerable than the new seasons and that hurts.

No. 15841


Grew up with G2 with G1 ponies popping every now and then on TV. I collect those two generations amd own some G3 ponies. I REALLY miss the creativity of G1 toys. So many lovely gimmicks and ponies! I hate G4 toys, they are so small and bland. I also hate the idea of Core ponies being rereleased into oblivion while we get barely any other characters.
The G4 cartoon is the best plot and character wise (tho I have soft spot for everything G1…), but the toys are bleh.
Same thing happened with WITCH comics. Read all of them online and arcs got progressively worse and more childish. Not to mention trying to compete with WINX with guardians having new transformation etc. The first 5-6 arcs were the best (though nothing beats the original Phobos issues. Nerissa is almost as good, though).

No. 15842

I loved G2 and G1 and I whole heartedly agree with you about the toys. I hate that they're so tiny now. Ivy was and still is the prettiest pony toy that I had. Her mold was gorgeous and I miss the jewel eyes.

No. 15843

File: 1515127501489.gif (394.11 KB, 500x330, macadamia.gif)

>Animaniacs… is coming to Hulu with brand-new episodes. Steven Spielberg will reprise his role as an executive producer for the series, which kicks off in 2020. Hulu is now also streaming all 99 episodes of the original series, which first aired in 1993.

I'm… curious as to how this will turn out.

Imagine if this were to get the Powerpuff Girls reboot treatment:
>Dot takes selfies constantly and obsesses over her social media presence
>Wakko spouts outdated memes
>Hello Nurse is removed for being too sexy

No. 15844

I hope they give Minerva more screentime. She was awesome.

No. 15845

File: 1515244841445.jpg (125.45 KB, 1280x720, e w.jpg)

Why did I look at this thread. I'm so mad now.

>New Looney Toons show
I didn't think it was possible to make a cheap piss take Chinese bootleg-looking empty hollow shell of the friggen Looney Tunes but they did it. And I hate it.

No. 15846

Lol you should see how salty the staff who worked on this show gets when people criticize it. People are so quick to write off everybody else as ~*nostalgiafagging*~ because ~*they can't accept through their rose tinted glasses that sometimes things need updates and change is good*~ uwu. The staff for the new PPG and Teen Titans did the same shit by taking shots at fans who grew up with the originals.

I really do wonder where these fucking yuppies in animation get off nowadays.

No. 15847

Fucking good, let them ree. I hope they somehow see this and take a long look in the mirror. If someone can look at that screen shot and tell me it DOESN'T look like a bad deviant art drawing from a someone who makes too much 'Drawn Together' porn then idk what to tell you.

I'm not even a hardcore Looney Tunes fan or anything but I sat down to try watch a few episodes while babysitting and everything about it is just so bad.
>The characters are boring fanfic stereotypes of their old selves
>none of the jokes are funny
>the animation looks like cheap foreign labor.
It just ends up feeling like I'm watching an animated version of the Big Bang Theory. Like I'm sitting there waiting for the funny and it never comes…

Old Looney Tunes is a good time
THIS though… this is a bad time.

No. 15848

File: 1515266566483.jpg (32.61 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

My personal hatred here is similar to the looney tunes, I hate what happened to Tom and Jerry. I absolutely adore old Tom and Jerry (besides the racism often featured in old cartoons and media) and the softer animation style, creativity and plotlines and genuine hilarity. Since the 00s or whenever it became a squeaky clean lined generic disgrace. I watched old Tom and Jerry every day with my grandfather as a child and it drives me nuts that it's garbage now

No. 15849

File: 1515269992565.jpeg (196.52 KB, 1024x660, CB9DB2AF-88C7-4685-93D6-9F683B…)


If this doesn’t happen or it ends up sucking, I’m gonna flip out lol. I want this so badly, I’ve been wishing for a reboot ever since I got into it (which was in 2010, after the show had ended). It was the first “grown-up” show I ever watched.

Sad thing is, the VA’s for Luanne and Lucky are dead. Though, if both of them are dead, it’d be easier to write that they moved somewhere (maybe California so Luanne can be a famous makeup artist).

No. 15850

File: 1515345893589.jpeg (37.17 KB, 206x239, A55E7863-A1AF-4282-B74B-4F49B9…)

So now that it’s out, any thoughts on Crybaby? I thought it was alright, and some of the changes were a good idea but I felt a little let down because some really good parts of the manga were omitted.

No. 15851

OMG IM SO GLAD THIS THREAD EXISTS. I'm not going to post caps bc I don't want to out myself, but when I found out the Jem comic was being cancelled (due to poor sales!! lol) I wrote on my tumblr a very lite/gentle review/criticism of it (I was overall positive, hoping it came back soon) and Kelly chimped tf out on me. my inbox was soon flooded by people telling me she does that all the time. I didn't say anything actual professional writer/reviewers didn't already say. That dumb bitch cannot write, and that Meredith chick can't draw.

No. 15852

File: 1515639120521.jpg (Spoiler Image,405 KB, 1280x1126, g5.jpg)

Here's some more G5 MLP concept art. Which styles look best/worst to you?

I pretty much like every row with maybe a couple of changes to row 6 (Flutter's green hooves and horn are strange and Rainbow Dash being so ornate doesn't really suit her, but the rest look great, especially AJ) but I'm not a fan of row 2. Rainbow and Pinkie's designs are overkill, and Twilight and AJ look so dull compared to the others.

For the final design, I want the art style of either row 3 or 5, but with the Applejack design from row 6.

Not quite sure how I feel about the species swap. Being a pegasus suits Pinkie, but unicorn Fluttershy and earth pony Twilight Sparkle?

No. 15853

Pegasus does indeed suit Pinkie considering her original counterpart was Surprise, the pegasus pony. White coat, blonde mane. I'm wondering if these are indeed official or fan art, because why would Twilight have no horn when she is a unicorn both in G4 and originally?

Row 2 Twi and Aj are the only ones I like for that section. Rarity looks great on 3, 4, and 5. I don't know, I've always hated Flutter and Pinkie so I couldn't care less what they end up looking like.

No. 15854


I love row 4, the designs/art just ooze personality, like they are not just standing and looking forward. Fluttershy is def. the weakest one on the row (quite literally), but still conveys her character well.

Excuse my following 'tism:

Twilight Sparkle:
>Twilight is hopeful yet confident for what is to come
>like a good hardworking student
>great facial expression looking up/horizon
>I like the idea of her being an Earth Pony because than she would've worked even harder to be a Celestia's student, kinda like a muggle or some shit

>AJ is strong
>(i like how the earth ponies have bigger legs and AJ has even bigger ones than Twi), also confident but in a more "corporal" wa
>The spots on the fur, remind me of freckles that the steryotipical tan country girl would get
>Also twinbraids, kinda dorky but it fits
>One braid is still superior tho

Pinkie Pie:
>Pinkie is playful (only one facing us brom the back, like if playing tag or w/e)
>I love her mane, looks like it's from the 80's, >love how her wings and fur follows the curly motif

Rainbow Dash:
>Super confident and cocky, even more so than AJ
>They actually look like they are kinda daring eachother
>Bigger wings because she's a racer after all

>Look at that motherfucking tail, it looks like a gown's tail and it's totally fitting
>She's so snotty and full of herself, I love it the "better than you" look in her eyes
>Graceful trotting
>The only one that cares enough to wear an earring/jewel in her mane

>She's very shy and smol
>Cute earthy theme on horn
>Fluttershy would be a nice unicorn, taking care of her animals with magic and such

Sorry this was so dumb and long, I just love character designs

No. 15855

I thought it was very ok as well. Some stuff with the animation I didn't care for. But overall I enjoyed it.

I'm already tired of seeing it on my feed. Suddenly everyone is a fan and expert on series. This is probably sounding really elitist, but I don't understand why some people can't admit they got into a series when a remake or reboot came out. It just reminds me a lot of when the JJBA anime came out, suddenly everyone is an expert.

No. 15856

I don’t even watch this show but omg row 2 looks amazing. Rarity and Fluttershy in particular look gorgeous and adorable. I love all the details in this row.
Row 3 Rarity and Fluttershy look nice too.

No. 15857

Y’all just anime fans in the end, no one is giving away PhD because you watched a particular series from the beginning or because you believe you are more of a “fan” than them.
Live and let live, as long they are not hurting others or forcing their opinions on everyone else.

No. 15858

sad cause you're a secondary too?

No. 15859

What I don't understand is why people such as yourself pull this sort of shit, as if something non-fatal can't be irritating or destructive in its own way. When hobbies or subcultures have fake fans or elitism they become gentrified. It happened with sports. It happened with goth. It happened with cosplay and most other "nerd" shit. The behavior alienates people.

No. 15860

thank you.

that attitude is so stupid, and they always come back with 'don't let it affect you' which is so stupid. literally everything anyone does affects others and thinking otherwise goes against the basics of society as a whole. obviously this has less of an important impact, but apply it to anything important and people are up in arms.

No. 15861

I was never a huge fan of Looney Tunes but I did occasionally chuckle at them and I understood the charm well despite not being a fan myself. I tried watching this show because everyone couldn't shut up about how good it was and holy shit it's so bad. It's boring and unfunny with the worst deliveries for the "jokes". I kind of wanna see what the staff tweeted though, this show kinda radiates the same pretentious hipster attitude that the PPG/TT reboot did.

No. 15862

You can either dig or settle for the watered down commentary on the wiki page in regards to Lola. It's been years.

What I don't understand is why these people get into animation if all they're going to do is reboot shit from their childhoods and then act like cunts when people rightly are aggravated. I realize it's an overused insult, but animation really has been taken over by Calarts hipsters who have this condescending as fuck attitude towards everyone.

Has anybody actually toured that school, too? Because you'll see the shit they have by their students which hangs on the walls isn't that profound. It's as if this area became stagnant.

No. 15863

Full trailer for new Heathers is out.

I want to die.

No. 15864

I'm just…confused.

First I thought it was pandering to the tumblr crowd but then I realised they've only made the antagonist Heathers diverse and Veronica is still conventional and pretty, which is pretty un-tumblr.

Then I thought maybe they were flipping the personalities to make it more different but Veronica worked so well because she was an even split between the students. Flipping the personalities doesn't work for her because she had a little bit of everyone. She was a little bit JD, a little bit Betty and a little bit Heather. She even says herself that she could have easily been the next Heather and the Heathers themselves show signs of not being what they appear. Treating her and the Heathers like complete opposites doesn't work that well.

sage for rambling nonsensical blogpost

No. 15865

ehhhh, it's not AS bad as I expected it to be but still the trailer made it to be a lot edgier than a Heather remake should be. The original was a dark comedy musical and I believe it's the core idea of the story.

>Treating her and the Heathers like complete opposites doesn't work that well.
Exactly this.

No. 15866

Someone I went to school (high school) with is in it, so I've had to endure several "YASSSSS" supportive posts about it. I mean, good for them for following their dream and getting a (big?) break. But god, it looks like a hot mess. It doesn't have the same dark comedy as the musical or the film.

Plus I'm salty that they gave Veronica one of Heather Chandler's most iconic lines.

No. 15867

Omg it's just as bad as I thought it would be. The phrase "oh my clit" just murdered my dog and put a pox on my house. I doubt even the genderqueefs will fall for this bs.

also, this is rude but the girl at 1:40's left eye is ten miles above her right one lol that tickled me

No. 15868

I checked tumblr and everyone hates it. No one actually wants this mess.

No. 15869

Statements from people involved with the show as quoted in

Talking about the series theme, Brendan Scannell who plays Heath Duke, a gay Heather, said “The idea is that power corrupts and that everyone is at their core an asshole and concerned for themselves. In the movie three beautiful women where wrecking havoc on the school; that was new and hadn’t been done before. Our modern retelling centers around marginalized communities—a plus-size, a Black girl and a queer—trashing everyone around them.”

“The main thing to really take away is I don’t view the Heathers as the villains,” showrunner Jason Micallef told EW. “The three Heathers are incredibly powerful and ruling the school; they’re the people you would want to be. In the original film, the Heathers were the ones I always loved, and it’s the same with the series. The Heathers are the aspirational characters. [That the Heathers are the villains is] the underlying thesis of the small segment of people that have an issue with it. The villain is J.D. — and that’s the same in the movie and same in our show.”

No. 15870

File: 1516569571688.png (8.25 KB, 291x174, 2018-01-21_221759.png)

I had to walk away and calm my tits after watching this lol. I love Heathers and I'm all for representation but this is 100% fucked and completely missing the point of Heathers.

No. 15871

The thing is though, the Heathers being rich, white and beautiful makes sense. A black girl, a fat girl and a queer dude having that kind of role instead while Veronica is basically Heather Chandler makes no sense. And he can't really pull the "but the Heathers are aspirational!!" card considering they're portrayed as entitled bullies and ulitmately get killed off.

Also where is Martha, the one actual fat girl?

No. 15872

They won't have Martha Dumptruck because that'd be too mean for the HAES crowd. I'm all for inclusion, but I feel like Heathers was best left alone. It was perfect for the time period. I don't wanna sound like an alt-right loser by crying about pandering to SJWs but…hello. That's exactly what this reboot is doing. And for what purpose? As >>15868 said, even Tumblr hates it. And Tumblr moans INCESSANTLY about lack of representation.

No. 15873

Why would we even need a new Heathers when the first movie was great? that's like rebooting Mean girls (which would never work in our super pc universe now.) ugh

No. 15874

File: 1516576915103.gif (960.74 KB, 500x377, tumblr_n1t8nv2oDN1qmencro1_r2_…)

I thought the animation was really wonky and it skipped a lot of key elements from the original manga/movies. I dunno. I guess i'm an oldfag, but it's irritating to see people suddenly sperging over Devilman when it's been out for 20 years (i think longer..)

No. 15875

File: 1516804674723.png (427.96 KB, 780x1220, 3EA4B0CD-F523-44E7-939A-AFE239…)

The more I think about it I keep finding more things I didn’t like. I can reread the manga over and over and still think it’s great but I hate what Crybaby did to Ryo’s character, cutting out a lot of scenes with the devils, adding in that story with the athletes and the voyeur photographer, etc. Since so many people are sperging over the series now I hope they at least read the manga.

No. 15876

File: 1518733102182.jpg (75.81 KB, 800x535, 9da.jpg)

I remember how few years ago I've seen the pic related.
I didn't know they were making new Ghostbusters movie. I thought that the pic is just a bunch volunteers doing the Ghostbusters cosplay to cheer the kids.
Few years late there was a trailer.

No. 15877

>In what universe would that fat thing in the middle rule the school?
Maybe she's thin in American standards?

No. 15878

File: 1518742947962.jpg (98.99 KB, 630x630, 1200x630bb.jpg)

I don't know what the creators were thinking when they decided to create a new "h2o" series. Unless they were trying to send the message that boys can be mermaids too.

No. 15879

File: 1520257008183.jpeg (243.02 KB, 750x1060, 94466C73-AADD-45AF-85D1-4CAAFA…)

>Banana Fish is getting an anime by MAPPA
>the two in charge worked on Yuri on Ice and Free
>the staff decided that instead of following the manga it’s going to be remade in a modern setting
>the manga revolves around mean-streets era 80s NYC and drug abuse during the Vietnam War is a central part of its plot
>fans of the manga are understandably upset and now there’s a flood of “true BF fans” posting for them to get over it because it worked for Devilman and change is always welcome

No. 15880

Literally no one other then manga snobs and older fujos gave a shit about banana fish. Literally this is a repeat of devil man and I can't wait for The Discourse to start popping up about the content.

No. 15881

File: 1520345680700.jpg (148.95 KB, 591x974, 1510838927065.jpg)

Star Wars has more or less been soft rebooted under Disney ownership. Episode 7 (TFA) was overall mediocre but felt somewhat true to the series. I was hopeful that Episode 8 (TLJ) would be an improvement, and give the protagonists some badly-needed development. What we got instead was at least 80% garbage. I don't want to spend ages sperging out about what went wrong, but suffice to say I'm through giving DisneyWars chances. I'm not seeing any more SW movies in theaters again–I doubt Disney will let go of the IP any time soon, so that's goodbye for me.

No. 15882

THANK YOU. I thought the new star wars was utter trash. I can not understand how people LIKED it??? I was sitting there going "wow what the fuck, who thought this is good?

No. 15883


Can't believe that people are still harping on that movie.

It's not perfect and had some sudden and questionable humor but Star Wars was always kind of cheesy.
The movie made Kylo Ren a very interesting character and enemy and some of the cinematography was great.
The casino part was terrible but other than that, I don't understand where all the controversy comes from.

It's absolutely ridiculous that people involved received death threats over this movie.

The video attached is all about the criticism around episode 8, for anyone who isn't up to date on the matter.

No. 15884

The death threats are stupid and inexcusable. The movie was still shit, and made the fact Disney hadn't planned out anything beyond TFA extremely obvious. Every time there was a potentially interesting development, it got tossed to the wayside. Just as an example, I was one of the people who went in expecting Bitter Old Luke. I was interested to see the dynamic between him and Rey. And there was SOME of that, but it got eclipsed by the awful Force Bond plot. I still like Kylo as a character (his arc was definitely rushed tho), but it made me hate Rey. I had been holding out hope she would be less boring in TLJ, but she was still as lazily written as ever. And now she's the sort of person who fucks off to saaaaave a guy who terrorizes her and potentially screw over her friends/allies even more. People are excusing it by saying "well she's being tempted by the Dark Side!!!" but that's just an excuse. Luke's arc in the OT wasn't high art by any means, but it was far better than this.

No. 15885


I kind of saw the force bond thing and Rey really wanting to 'save' Kylo as a nodd to Han Solo.
It was pretty obvious that he was supposed to grow on her as kind of a father figure and he died trying to convince Kylo to return to him.

The only things I found actually bad was, as mentioned, the casino scene (disney trying to paint rich folk as inhumane and cruel was kind of hilarious though) and I can agree that for example the 'romance' between Finn and Rose was very rushed. Rose in general was a really weird addition in general imo.

If you've seen it, what did you think of Rogue One?
That movie was really terrible imo.

No. 15886

I didn't bother seeing Rogue One, sorry.
Finn and Rose having a plot that was basically meaningless was awful imho. It really feels like Disney's decided only characters that can use the Force get to do anything important or succeed at all.

No. 15887

File: 1520438991568.jpg (121.7 KB, 1400x787, yume-nikki-dream-diary_2018_01…)

I liked Rogue One, more than TFA and TLJ.

Opinions on the Yume Nikki reboot? Many YN fans hated it from what I've seen, but it wasn't that bad to me? It was nice and comfy in a way. Obviously not on par with the original YN, but hey.

No. 15888

Yes!!! I really really wanted to like Rey, but their lazy writing and her Mary Sue-ness made me utterly hate the character. I hate how they are afraid to make her a flawed yet interesting character, and just make her too OP. I also hate how a lot of previously established lore from the old movies has been totally ignored. At least I can enjoy Kylo Ren character, but it still didn't save TLJ for me.

No. 15889

I actually liked the reboot for what it was. I kind of wish there were less puzzles and running sequences. I also wish it wasn't side scrolling. There also should've been more emphasis on the effects.
A lot of the yn fans tho pissed me off and sounded so pretentious about this game. They act like their fan theories are set in stone and any resemblance of a canon is threatening. The original wasn't even that filled with content just a wide map and a lot of reused assets. Definitely a mix of nostalgia goggles and hipster mentality going on.

No. 15890

File: 1524382708334.jpeg (15.23 KB, 206x244, topkek.jpeg)

No. 15891

File: 1526990683658.jpg (2.91 MB, 7562x4295, charmed.jpg)

Just why?! Why?

No. 15892

File: 1526991840076.jpg (253.3 KB, 3200x1800, thundercats.jpg)

I love how CN always green-lights these Tumblr art style atrocities.

No. 15893

I saw this last night on a friend's fb feed and nearly lost it

No. 15894

File: 1526993211761.jpg (43.12 KB, 980x490, landscape-1460714899-tv-sabrin…)

> I used to watch Charmed every day after school.

Same. It's sad when I see my childhood series getting butchered.

I'm just waiting to hear about Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot with a diversity cast, maybe they will make Sabrina a tranny or whatever is the hottest thing to be at that moment.

You think that the showbiz has reached a low but then they manage to lower your expectations you didn't even know you had.

> I mean, now a days a reboot only means charge half the cast to black people and call it day instead of writing a really good show or an actual follow up story.

Yeah, it seems it's like that now. I wish I could be as ignorant of it all, unfortunately, I get it in my feed or hear about it through imageboards and forums.

Honestly, I'm glad that I was a kid during the late 90s.

No. 15895

File: 1526995661155.jpg (116.25 KB, 416x640, 4721037-04.jpg)

Sabrina won't be anything like the previous show. It's based on pic related so it's going to be dark and edgy, not like the quirkly, kid-friendly series from the 90s. They've already cast the lead girl, not sure about any other characters.

I'm pretty pissed because any media reporting on the new series always include photos of the original series and how they're "so excited for a reboot!" and not artwork from the comic, which I'm sure they'd be less excited about. I'd say all the hype being generated from the media is going to leave a lot of fans really disappointed over the new series. And that's coming from someone who has read the comic, really enjoyed it and is really looking forward to the series.

No. 15896

That looks like a bad ripoff of Mignola's art.

No. 15897

File: 1526997075673.jpg (68.14 KB, 800x497, Screen-Shot-2018-01-30-at-5.12…)

Omg this. I grew up watching H20 so I gave this a chance. It's vapid and terrible. I skipped forward to the episode that Cariba Heine appears in and it actually broke my heart. The entire episode revolves around how Rikki is an asshole and how mermaids born at sea are so much stronger and better than people who became mermaids by accident. It felt like a giant "fuck you" to the original series, rather than a respectful tribute. They could have had her act like a mentor to the new girls or something. It actually felt like someone's shitty H20 fanfiction, except worse.

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals are now getting another spin-off called Legacies which is supposed to be about the children of the characters from the previous two shows. Not sure what to think about it yet. I have a feeling it's going to be shit because the cast are going to be younger than the cast of the previous shows which makes me think that they're trying to appeal to a new, younger audience rather than the original fans who are probably all now in their 20s.

Roswell, which I loved so much and was really upset by it being cancelled is getting a reboot. I'm NOT happy about this one. It's exactly what >>15894 was complaining about:

>After returning to her hometown of Roswell, New Mexico, the daughter of undocumented immigrants discovers her teenage crush is an alien who has kept his unearthly abilities hidden his entire life. She protects his secret as the two reconnect, but when a violent attack points to a greater alien presence on Earth, the politics of fear and hatred threaten to expose him.

No. 15898

A bad knock off Mignola if he did a revamp of Mandy from Grim Adventures.

No. 15899


I had no idea this existed. Now I'm curious to check it out…

No. 15900

I 100% honestly thought this was one of those joke calarts parodies people sometimes do and was shocked to find out that it's legitimate. The animation looks bad and the character designs are a fucking joke. The story boards looked SO lazily done.

I doubt it'll go beyond the pilot though, the like/dislike ratio on the reveal video is 2.5 likes to 34k dislikes and it's growing. I'm pretty sure the show's creators are going to have a meltdown on Twitter about the audience reaction, just like all the other Calarts reboot assholes before them.

No. 15901

>The original was a dark comedy musical
It was not a musical in any way. The musical is a remake. The original was in the 80s, the musical in 2010

No. 15902

they deserve every bad rating for doing this shit

No. 15903

ugh I'm so mad. This looks so fucking bad. And less feminist??
So instead of the sisters discovering for themselves through their curiosity and intelligence, its explained to them by a man. Instead of self-sufficient career women, they're teenagers.
And the acting is atrocious, the actresses are far less attractive, and the script is so much more hamfisted. They tell everything instead of showing it, and everything is overacted to spell it out for the audience.
The original had its cheesy moments but it was also endearing, genuine, and stylish. Everyone I knew wanted to be one of the sisters (I'm a Piper), they were empowering and inspiring. Not whiney teenagers going "OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING?" Like christ. I'm pissed. So so pissed.

No. 15904

File: 1528627233090.jpg (64.1 KB, 625x469, ea0732f5c6ed29ed84e4db218bb097…)

Its a part 2, but I kind of see it as a reboot. It's the type of bad that isn't funny. It's just bad. Awful movie.

No. 15905

File: 1528647511465.jpg (43.67 KB, 1280x542, utw-thora-evangelion-3-33-you-…)

Does anyone else kind of hate the NGE reboots? I love the original, and the reboots are just… meh. Pandering, kind of mediocre in comparison. Makes me sad I can't mention that I enjoy NGE anywhere without some dude immediately thinking I mean the reboots.

No. 15906

i think everyone who likes the original for what it is hates the reboots.

No. 15907


I definitely do. First one is okay but it's a remake of one part of the original series and not much has changed.
Second one seems to be loved by the fans but I personally didn't like it. Main characters lost their depth while other characters that were important have become nothing but a background accessory. Also introduction of Mari which is a pointless character used only for fanservice.
Third one is complete and utter shit. I don't know what they were thinking with that one but it seems it was made by a bunch of dumb otaku who can only write shitty anime stereotypes. What was Anno thinking?

Is fourth one coming out? I hope it never does, it's beyond saving.

No. 15908

I think the problem with those movies is that they didn't really get the point of the original? Or at least the spirit of them, I think. The original series was about hiding depression/severe anxiety behind the guise of robots fighting deities, with the creator's depression being the main inspiration for the show itself. But, the reboots seem to think that robots fighting deities with weird bodyhorror was the point, and not a means to an end, so it comes off as so very shallow, imo.

No. 15909

The original series, manga and show, is my all time favorite and I loved the intricacies of it and how it handled depression and love and so many other things.

…but I like the reboots lol. I think I was just so pumped for new NGE stuff that I put on rose colored glasses. I didn’t like Mari at first, and agree she’s just fanservice fodder, but I was actually really fond of 3.0. But I can see why people dislike them.

No. 15910

Ugh, the original was so good. This looks boring as hell. They don't even have their original names - Piper, Prue, Pheobe, and Paige. Now they are Macy, Mel and Maggie. And having a man explain it to them? Having them so whiney? The original was about badass women who could take on anything. I really loved them as a young girl.
NBC tried to reboot this years ago but cancelled the project. The original cast all said how much they disliked the idea back then. Why is it going forward now?

No. 15911

File: 1532143109699.gif (1.57 MB, 344x192, fuckyou.gif)

No. 15912

I know I'm probably preaching to the choir by posting this, but has anyone seen the new Titans trailer yet? It's a live action reboot of Teen Titans, and they look/sound like they are trying waaaay to hard to appeal to the edgy teen drama demographic, like everything from the gritty dark blue filter to the slow indie girl voice song, ugh.

Cr1tikal/penguinz0/Charlie recently did a review of the trailer, and said that porn parodies of superhero movies are more true to the source material than this glimpse of the show. I thought that was a pretty fair critique haha

No. 15913


holy fuck that was so bad. i actually don't like comic book movies (or series), but i enjoyed cartoon network's teen titans cartoons. so i wanted to give this a chance! but i can't. its so fucking bad. someone called it "goth dude and tumblr bitch writing a fanfiction" and it sums it up perfectly. i've read this shit before. please, please, stop immediately. i wish they had never cancelled cartoon network's show, it was actually good, then it died, then teen titans go, and now this… all hype for teen titans now gone.

PUT BRING ME TO MY LIFE IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE TRAILER AND IT WILL PROBABLY FIT. ITS SO BAD. fucking hell, put sonic the hedgehog there too. put a mcr logo around it. fuck it! WE EDGE NOW!

No. 15914

You'll be even angrier to know the CN show died all because the fanbase was too female for the network's liking. That's right too many girls liked the badassery of Raven, Starfire and Terra and I guess some people got pissy that sadboi Robin wasn't getting all the love.

No. 15915

File: 1532159405443.png (391.34 KB, 702x336, anna-diop.png)

I mean it kills me how ugly they made her let alone how old she looks dressed like that.

Shes actually very pretty.

Not even getting into anything else because it is just one huge cluster fuck that is going to flop. and when it flops you are going to have the creators crying waaaaah it failed cause of racism.

No. 15916

>You'll be even angrier to know the CN show died all because the fanbase was too female for the network's liking. That's right too many girls liked the badassery of Raven, Starfire and Terra and I guess some people got pissy that sadboi Robin wasn't getting all the love.

Wait, what the fuck?
Show was known and well-liked by kids and was this really a reason they canned it?

No. 15917

That actress does look really pretty but in the trailer they made her look like fire Oprah.

No. 15918

File: 1532179591500.gif (945.1 KB, 400x222, 23756831-3516-4286-929F-C796DE…)

NO. Why!?

No. 15919

File: 1532184463710.jpg (126.14 KB, 713x623, e79.jpg)


i don't think people would have gotten as mad as they did about black starfire if they actually made her look GOOD. like that should be the minimum. she looks like shit.

its like with the "black mary jane" controversy. people were outraged for a week. then the movie came out and nobody gave a shit or mentioned it, because zendaya was good and looked fine in the movie. meanwhile, every shot of starfire so far has been bad and she will look bad in the show. like, its so retarded and i know people will cry racism just because starfire looks like a 45 year old hooker. its a terrible starfire representation, jeez!

No. 15920

She's dark skin so the media has to make her look as trashy as possible. Maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist but it seems everytime they hire a dark skin woman for a role they have to make her look as awful as possible lol

No. 15921

File: 1532186987482.jpg (133.11 KB, 1236x934, IMG_4033.JPG)

But to be fair all of the cast looks like shit

No. 15922

File: 1532187808226.png (249.29 KB, 613x445, 7dSye8t.png)

Who asked for this

No. 15923

File: 1532192501370.jpg (257.02 KB, 1200x873, chucky.jpg)

actually, this one doesn't seem that bad. the cgi reminds me of the animation style of rugrats and seems like it'll really be cute (especially since they have all the original actors and creators involved.) all i'm hoping is that they bring back the sick music in every episode. (you guys know exactly what music i'm talking about).

No. 15924


That's not real tho.

No. 15925

okay…this looks cute af. idk why they had to make it rugrats and not an original story though

No. 15926

It's not? I thought it was shared by Nickelodeon? My bad anon! I wish it were real though, this would be the perfect style.

I honestly love the idea of Rugrats coming back–it's a great show for kids and parents and it helps teach about imagination and all that jazz.

No. 15927

Beast Boy is cute imho. Raven looks alright too. And then there's the pile of trash that is this Starfire…

No. 15928

cartoon beast boy kind of looks like an asian kid anyway. funny that they kept everyone's goth waifu pale and white but swapped out starfire's race. why not make her like filipina?
also agree with >>15919
the choice of outfit and styling almost seems like it's MEANT to polarize their audience. like it's designed to make the tumblr kids go yaaaasssss werk and make their anti-sjw audience cry about their faves being "ruined."
They could make the moderate majority on either side happy if they just used someone cute and styled somewhat like the character but not white. Instead they just grab the minorities of extreme sjws and racist fanboys and bash them against each other. I don't see how that's more profitable but it must be.

No. 15929

"raven looks alright too"

are we looking at the same image, anon?

No. 15930

why do they even need a diversity character in the first place? i mean if they used cyborg in this show that would be fine, cause he's already black… also i agree starfire's design looks shit, she does't remind me of the original character at all. what's the point in shoehorning in a token black girl if you won't even let her look pretty?

No. 15931

I mean, she looks like an edgy teenager, but she's not as busted looking as Starfire

No. 15932

Honestly, though, is it a big deal what race Starfire is? She's an orange alien, ffs.
Brown skin is more similar to hers, anyway, so they could've just gotten a cute midtone black girl and styled her nicely, but instead they did…this. I just don't get it.

No. 15933

Raven needs bangs or something, that middle part isn't doing her any good.
Also yeah, Starfire just looks too out of place. Not even in an "alien" out of place way, which would be the best way, but she just looks like she came out of a nightclub.

No. 15934

>But, the reboots seem to think that robots fighting deities with weird bodyhorror was the point, and not a means to an end, so it comes off as so very shallow, imo.
This. I hated the reboot movies. The original TV anime is so iconic and every time you watch it you realize something you didn't before. I have endless respect for the team who put it together despite losing all their money making it. I've never seen an anime like it and I doubt I ever will.

>its like with the "black mary jane" controversy. people were outraged for a week. then the movie came out and nobody gave a shit or mentioned it, because zendaya was good and looked fine in the movie.
The fuck have you been smoking anon? I for one didn't even know about the controversy when I went to see the movie and I nearly vomited when I realized they made Mary Jane into some SJW activist black girl who refuses to enter the lincoln monument because of a bullshit slave labor claim.

No. 15935

>i nearly vomited

It's not that big of a deal, anon. It's a movie. If you're 'nearly vomiting' over something like that, maybe you need a safe space of your own.

Starfire looks bad, yeah, but the rest of the cast looks like shit too.

No. 15936

no it doesn't matter, aside from the fact that she looks less like a cute orange/brown alien girl and more like a messy black drag queen now

No. 15937

File: 1532265084818.jpg (53.4 KB, 480x480, 7b0b056e87c5f9c982eadb5e94ba7d…)

No. 15938

it’s the washington monument, and it was a throwaway line for a joke. that doesn’t make her character a “sjw activist”.

No. 15939

I ragequitted every time I tried to watch them

No. 15940

File: 1532373874650.jpg (273.38 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_8566.JPG)

This is sorta old news but Strawberry shortcake deserves better..

No. 15941

File: 1532375915939.png (116.9 KB, 390x604, Strawberry_Shortcake-0.png)

damn, i hadn't seen this yet and i want to cry now.

tbh i like this new design more than her recent tween fashionista phase (pic related), because she actually looks like a cute, fun little girl. i just don't understand why they updated her to look like something from a shitty kids cgi movie? the original art was so whimsical and charming.

No. 15942

File: 1532625469347.png (860.86 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20180726-191214.png)

I bet the plot twist will be Charlie's a woman now or something

No. 15943

a transwoman kek

No. 15944

File: 1533567046242.jpeg (127.59 KB, 768x433, E4FF717E-633F-4D00-90F0-75A33A…)

Can’t believe no-one’s mentioned the Heathers reboot TV show. The pic speaks for itself.

No. 15945

No. 15946

File: 1533569517807.jpg (60.89 KB, 980x653, Charlies-Angels.jpg)

The cast for 2000s Charlie's Angels is the best, the reboot actors look weird and out of place to play the angels plus they kinda look like drugheads

No. 15947

Oops, guess I scrolled too fast. Thanks anon and also sorry for reviving the thread lol

No. 15948

holy shit that's so bad

No. 15949

i have split feelings about it. on the one hand obviously it looks like shit and that movie is untouchable and shouldn't be remade anyway. but on the other hand

>i'm loving the self-drag of accidentally admitting that sjws are the dumb,petty, shallow, clique-y, mean girls of this generation

No. 15950

>Big point in Heathers being how crushing the societal structure within HS is from racism to body shaming to homophobia etc with iconic token stacies (rip shoulderpads)

>We need to be inclusive!! LETS MAKE THE REJECTS THE BULLIES!

Even with Heathers absolutely (divine) hysterical wardrobes fitted with pads and clip on earrings, the characters had power to them. They were real embodiments of stacies, you feel their disgust for the world even when they portrayed it in the most vapid comedic ways.

The reboot however couldn't even choose attractive minorities like wtf
Fugly tubby with a pixie cut, Inbred Ginger Fag and Possibly trans Dora the explorer(who doubles as a hooker in detroit)?
No matter how good this script is any insult out their mouth is it's own selfdiss bruh.
I need to know if Martha is gonna be made into some ana chan or what cause I can't see them commiting whale on whale abuse.

(All the rude shit aside, I do wonder if they will Kill elements like Marthas tiny but significant (bigfun) role. I really love Heathers and im becoming a perpetually salty lesbo seeing 'lgbt' attached to 'the destructive reboot of all your faves: The inclusivity saga')
Sorry for the sperg

No. 15951

Nah, your sperg is right on the mark.

They don't seem to actually understand the true message of original Heathers. Instead, they're trying to make some bullshit that is supposed to appeal to the current generation.

The bad thing is, unless you've actually seen original Heathers you won't realize how much they've raped it.

No. 15952

File: 1533629736419.jpg (449.97 KB, 1366x945, Questionable reboot.jpg)

I hate nu-tomb raider

No. 15953

The entire series is meant to be
>The coloreds, fats and gays are oppressing us normals (skinny, blond-haired, blue-eyed white people) now :(((
in show form, and treats real life as if it's Twitter/Tumblr.

No. 15954

They used a pretty bad image for the original, reboot seems like a huge upgrade based off that.
I see the appeal of OG Lara though in other images

No. 15955

File: 1533637732041.jpg (283.4 KB, 1920x1080, bioshock-infinite-elizabeth.jp…)

Yeah, me too and I hate it with passion. Looks-wise I don't care that much though I had no issues with the og lara.

But the gameplay was utter shit. It's either cutscenes with mashing buttons or just going around with a bow and her spouting nonsense.

I only played the first nulara game but there were no tombs, more like caves where there's a convenient treasure lying around.

Also, the characters are two dimensional, the plot is full of plot holes, the OST is forgettable.

I didn't even bother pirating the other nulara games.

When I read through some /v/ comments on nulara almost all of them like her because it makes them want to protect their fragile waifu.

Similar thing with Bioshock Infinite. Guys say feminists ruin video games but I honestly think neckbeards with their waifuism ruin it.

No. 15956

>product of feminism
That's good, though. New Lara > Old Lara.

No. 15957

Yes!! The new Lara is just so whiny and forgettable, also the games are nothing like the good old ones.

No. 15958

File: 1533731408529.png (121.86 KB, 500x388, 44-価-normies-get-out-reeeeeeee…)

>having audacity to claim nu-lara-the-victim is better

No. 15959

>having the audacity to claim old l*ra-the -mary-sue is anything but trash

No. 15960

I also prefer new Lara over old Lara tbh.

No. 15961

True. The new game is so damn easy.
In the old game you pressed a button wrong or timed a jump badly and you were dead. In the new one you can play with your eyes closed and you don't die no matter what.

No. 15962

Precisely, it's a game for brainlets and/or casuals.

No. 15963

Both Lara’s suck, but the older one is worse. She was always a shitty character, people here only like her because she makes them feel nostalgic for when they played the game as a kid.

No. 15964

Don't know if this counts as a reboot, but I grew up reading Archie comics and I laughed when I saw the trailer for Riverdale.
My curiosity peaked and I ended up watching the first season. It kept me watching, but only for bad reasons. A light hearted comic about highschool friends turned into a drama that young girls would be into. Archie fucked the teacher, the weird incesty vibe I got from Cheryl Blossom, the whole pregnancy story line…So dumb. It reminded me of scream queens or vampire diaries or pretty little liars or one of those trash tv shows aimed at teen girls.
Jughead is a fucking emo instead a a jokester who eats all the time.
I feel liked Archie like tge simpsons, is one of those shows that just shouldn't be attempted to be made into live action, let alone a shitty teen soap opera.
If they did wanna remake it, a movie would have been better, but even then, Archie is always going back and forth on Betty and Veronica, so a movie wouldn't allow closure.

I feel like I am alone in this opinion, because every girl I know loves this show. Even lose the fact that it was based on as comic, and I still get shitty netflix mediocre vibes from it.

No. 15965

I like the story and Lara's character design from the old games and movie, but I like the new game play better. If only they'd kept the character true to what she used to be, it would be a lot better. I suppose she's meant to be younger, so hopefully whern more games are released, she'll take on her old persona and look, but I doubt it, since the movie and new francise has taken the 'Katniss route' as another anon put it.

No. 15966

>and look
No, thanks.

No. 15967

Haha I don't mean the giant polygon tits or terrible graphics, but I do miss her iconic braid and aqua singlet. I also like her little round 90's sunglasses she used to wear. She had cooler costumes in my opinion. Now with the bow and black/dark hunting equipment, she doesn't stand out from any other female video game character. She looks like she woukd fit into any game rather than being Lara Croft.

No. 15968

File: 1533828504574.jpg (39.36 KB, 248x300, 566184067ab2210ffacad53c197358…)

>Iconic braid
>aqua singlet
>round sunglasses
I miss this aesthetic since trilogy started.

No. 15969

File: 1539362837163.jpg (118.05 KB, 618x410, charmed_new1a.jpg)

I'm LOVING this new, inclusive remake of Charmed! :^) Soooo woke

No. 15970

>oh no their brown now :(((
How was their race important to the plot? Chill.

No. 15971

Since Jem is the thread image, did anyone else get weird vibes from Ross/Sophie Campbell's work way before he trooned out? I used to read Wet Moon since it came out and I always thought he had a very weird fetishistic view of alt girls and lesbians. When I discovered he goes by Sophie now it all made sense

No. 15972

Can this be read online somewhere? I'm morbidly curious now….

No. 15973


Oh for real. I always liked his work, is the thing, because he really is very talented and I liked that he didn't get all sameface/body like a lot of dudes. But there was always a whiff of……..weird fetishy shit. That particular kind of thing trans women do, where they think because they're not crushing beer cans and yelling NICE TITS, it's not the same old gross shit. But you can just feel the weird idealization of it, of these uwu sweet sexy thicc goth girls. Part of the fantasy is what he imagines their lives to be, and I can't read Wet Moon anymore without feeling it coming off the page in waves. He wants to be a sexy carefree goth twentysomething who makes out with all her friends so bad.

No. 15974

Sad they are remaking one of my favorite shows. I doubt they'll ever capture that early 2000s charm. (no pun intended)

No. 15975

Nu-Lara is trash and you cant convince me otherwise.

I used to braid my hair like Lara's. I dunno, but i freaking loved the first three games when i got my ps1. She isnt the same character at all anymore.

I would have been happy with an older Lara in her mid to late 30s instead of this shitty reboot Lara.

No. 15976

Yes. I read a short comic of his in a sampler for girls’ comics about a bisexual black women who becomes an amputee and has her head shaved. A few years later I came across Wet Moon (on accident while looking for the Atsushi Kaneko series of the same name) and I thought huh, is this guy fetishizing lesbian black women and amputees or what. It’s in everything they draw.

No. 15977

I know they always make the excuse that nu-lara is younger and more naive uwu and that's why she's so different, but part of me thinks they made her dull because they were scared of offending people by making her sexual again.
People will keep bitching that she's a sexist character or that young girls and kids play the new games and it isn't appropriate.
Most video game women are sexualised anyway, not sure why they had to go all PC and chop her tits off and take away her sass and short shorts.
I never even thought of her sexually when I played the games as a kid.
Even if they wanted to make her more modest, they could of kept her personality or some of it. She's so timid half the time.

No. 15978

That's weird because i was grew up playing games in the mid to late 90s and Lara was liked equally by female and male gamers. I never heard she was overly sexualized…

I swear the PC police is the worst.

No. 15979

Every critic review makes it sound like a libfem's wet dream. It won't surprise me if one of them turns out to be a troon later on down the line. Chill, American anon, not everything is bad because da races r diffrent. :(

No. 15980

Whew, so I was not imagining it.
>inb4 he hacks off a body part because he is also transdisabled (other than his dick I guess)

No. 15981

Calm down. You could've just explained that instead of just expecting everyone to have a kneejerk reaction to dark skin and the word "woke".
I'm not even American, kek. Are you that NEET sperg from the Disney thread?

No. 15982

Picnic on Hanging Rock tv show looks like absolute garbage that only a ex tumblrina tv production assistant in LA would come up with in boardroom meeting after doing massive amounts of coke and selling the "feminist" angle for maximum shekel output . It's a shame because the original movie was lovely relic of 70s filmmaking and aesthetics.

No. 15983

Picnic on Hanging Rock tv show looks like absolute garbage that only a ex tumblrina tv production assistant in LA would come up with in boardroom meeting after doing massive amounts of coke and selling the "feminist" angle for maximum shekel output . It's a shame because the original movie was lovely relic of 70s filmmaking and aesthetics.

No. 15984

I'd love to argue with you about this but it straight up put me to sleep within the first 10 minutes of episode 1.

No. 15985

File: 1540629892858.jpg (31.97 KB, 680x383, Sabrina-Vertical-Main-RGB.jpg)


The new Sabrina series is amazing! But like >>15895 said, it is not a reboot of the sitcom. It is based on the comics and thus darker and more serious. It still has its funny moments, though, and while it takes note from current series and aesthetics, there is something very "90‘s" about this show. It's all about strong female characters and female solidarity and it's just very magical and a bit disconnected from the real world which I personally love. They don't even use smartphones! And the witches are badass and pretty evil. It reminds me of a less gruesome AHS: Coven and has the perfect amount of scariness. It's a bit like the Monster of the Week shows (such as Buffy) with villains that are not too scary, which is very 90's, too.

No. 15986

The Sabrina comic reboot was pretty good but the new TV series sucks. It's like they got confused as to whether they were rebooting the classic teen drama Sabrina, or the dark new actual-witchcraft comic series, so they just end up with a mediocre mix of the two with some AHS shock value yawn-worthy shit thrown in.

No. 15987

I couldn't finish the first episode and I'm really disappointed because I enjoyed the comic. It's littered with SJW propaganda and school bullies are blamed on "white patriarchy" lmao. Riverdale is far superior imo and that's saying a lot because Riverdale is a messy, unrealistic cringe fest. At least the diversity in Riverdale is natural, not forced and it doesn't treat you like an idiot during serious scenes and spoonfeed you things like "White people are bad, aren't they?" or "Being transphobic is bad, isn't it?"

Also the blur effect is nauseating. What kind of idiot directed this?

No. 15988

exactly, if you want to include diversity do it naturally - it doesn't work ever if it's in your face, even things marketed to young children do it more subtly than that for example disney. And also what's with "white patriarchy"? when they were just talking about males, it's so weird shoehorning this new feminism at the time that it was based was 2nd wave feminism?

Also confused about the period, night of the living dead being new in cinema was in the 60s.
Yet the cousin has a modern laptop when laptops weren't invented till the 80s (like ugly prehistoric version) and used commonly much later like 2000s also keeping in mind the sleeker design. So???

No. 15989

are we talking about Sabrina ? The "white patriarchy" comment was cringe but it was said by a 15/16 yo girl so thats in character and fits the narrative. Also, are you disagreeing that guys who pull off girls t-shirts to check for their tits aren't doing it out of sexism ?

Also, i'm only at ep 5 but I haven't seen anything against white people or about troons.

No. 15990

doubleposting (didnt see your comment) but many cinemas show old movies.

No. 15991

None of them have mobile phones, she talks to harvey from landline, uses a polaroid and all the cars are 50s/60s style.

No. 15992

Are we watching the same show, anon? One of the main characters is trans.

No. 15993

Both Riverdale and this exist in a universe that's definitely the present but is peppered with retro elements giving it a surreal vibe. That's all it is, it's a deliberate stylistic choice but it's all supposed to be happening in our time.

No. 15994

I've only seen 3 episodes but I'm under the impression that she is a lesbian who dresses in a boyish fashion.

No. 15995

Seconding that. I am actually the anon who praised the show for not using smartphones, but Harvey does have an iPhone.

I thought so, too. I think her character is a bit ambivalent because she often seems comfortable with being a tomboyish girl. I thought she was lesbian, too, because of her internal struggles (wants to be "normal" etc.) and how she cuddles another female character. However, especially in the later episodes it becomes clear that she probably is trans. Really hoped that she was just enjoying the boyish look and think her being trans is not very well written, too.

That being said, I don't think the show is "SJW propaganda". Yes, SJW topics are addressed in the fist episodes, but it's really just a lazy attempt on appearing to be woke. Most of it is cringy and they should just have left it out because there's really no point. But that's what makes it bearable imho. It's easy to ignore the SJW tendencies of the show. I am at episode 7 now and it's rarely addressed anymore.

No. 15996

Seconding that. I am actually the anon who praised the show for not using smartphones, but Harvey does have an iPhone.

I thought so, too. I think her character is a bit ambivalent because she often seems comfortable with being a tomboyish girl. I thought she was lesbian, too, because of her internal struggles (wants to be "normal" etc.) and how she cuddles another female character. However, especially in the later episodes it becomes clear that she probably is trans. Really hoped that she was just enjoying the boyish look and think her being trans is not very well written, too.

That being said, I don't think the show is "SJW propaganda". Yes, SJW topics are addressed in the fist episodes, but it's really just a lazy attempt on appearing to be woke. Most of it is cringy and they should just have left it out because there's really no point. But that's what makes it bearable imho. It's easy to ignore the SJW tendencies of the show. I am at episode 7 now and it's rarely addressed anymore.

No. 15997

Seconding that. I am actually the anon who praised the show for not using smartphones, but Harvey does have an iPhone.

I thought so, too. I think her character is a bit ambivalent because she often seems comfortable with being a tomboyish girl. I thought she was lesbian, too, because of her internal struggles (wants to be "normal" etc.) and how she cuddles another female character. However, especially in the later episodes it becomes clear that she probably is trans. Really hoped that she was just enjoying the boyish look and think her being trans is not very well written, too.

That being said, I don't think the show is "SJW propaganda". Yes, SJW topics are addressed in the fist episodes, but it's really just a lazy attempt on appearing to be woke. Most of it is cringy and they should just have left it out because there's really no point. But that's what makes it bearable imho. It's easy to ignore the SJW tendencies of the show. I am at episode 7 now and it's rarely addressed anymore.

No. 15998

Omg are you me? I think the exact thing about crapfest Riverdale and only watched one episode of Sabrina. Absolute rubbish.

No. 15999

File: 1540773615509.jpg (267.94 KB, 1057x1206, Screenshot_20181029-003641_Sam…)

Her character is "non binary" and the person who plays her
is a FTM trans person so no, she's not just a lesbian. The whole reason why the bullies lift her shirt is to check what gender she is.

No. 16000

File: 1540774467253.jpg (85.34 KB, 1000x563, netflixs-chilling-adventures-o…)

Riverdale pulled the same bullshit for the first 3-5 eps and then they didn't really mention any of it and went right to the damn story. I hope Sabrina does the same because I don't think I can sit through a whole season of well off to do kids bitching about nonexisting problems.

Do really like the outfits and how everything feels vintage, but with modern day elements(cellphones, and other tech.)

No. 16001

Is this anon still here, I wonder?
Sabrina is the cringefesty trash I expected. So sad, since I loved the 90s tv series. I wish they'd stop remaking beloved 90s/early 2000s shows already…

No. 16002

Agreed. The early 2000s movie was a lot of fun. I liked each Angel, and of course, Bill Murray was great too.

No. 16003

Reading that made my eyes bleed. Horrible

No. 16004

I also thought the political commentary was unnecessary and unnatural. I finished the show today and really don’t care for it, which is a shame because I love witches and I liked the world building (for the most part—some of it worked while other parts didn’t). I think the way it was marketed really ruined it for me. I had no interest watching the show because I assumed it was a reboot of the ABC Family series, and someone I follow on tumblr was blogging about it and mentioning Satan and other things that made me go wait what. That made me watch it, but it’s also what makes me not care for it. I was sitting there the whole time thinking who asked for an edgy Sabrina reboot?

No. 16005

>>16001 Yeah >>15987 is me. I think because I was so invested in it, it was extra disappointing. Like I enjoyed Riverdale/the comic, so I had really high expectations for Sabrina.

>Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot with a diversity cast, maybe they will make Sabrina a tranny
It's scary how accurate this anon was lol.

No. 16006

They have to take everything for white people and ruin it. Sabrina was a show for white girls and was well loved. Now they will ruin it.

No. 16007

go back to /pol/

No. 16008

You would think trans people are a significant part of the population the way they pop up everywhere and the way we have to listen about them in feminist spaces instead of focusing on actual women.(mtfs still act like entitled men)
It is shitty that Sabrina is awkwardly cramming this shit in too. But everything else about that show looks beautiful to me. It's aesthetically perfect really. I hope they tone this mess down.

No. 16009

that anon isn't wrong, but generic white girls are now the tumblr crowd. it makes sense, but these reboots don't in general.

No. 16010

there are like 4 black characters in the series Ambrose, Roz, one of the weird sisters and lady blackwood.You barely see Lady Blackwood.
I think when it comes to Ambrose, that's partly what makes his charms. He gives off Jimi Hendrix Dandy vibes.
Everybody else is white.
But I'm also super pissed off about the non binary character, I was hoping so hard she would be a boyish lesbian.

No. 16011

Tr00n characters are pushing out lesbian and gay characters and I'm really sick of that bullshit. When are we gonna stop encouraging mental illnesses?

No. 16012

File: 1542119126005.png (386.01 KB, 756x414, charmed.png)

Since many anons have criticized the Sabrina reboot for being too SJW, what are your opinions on the new Charmed now that it has been aired? I have only watched one episode so far and I think it's ridiculous. While I defended Sabrina and thought its SJW elements were bearable, Charmed is really over the top. There is nothing magical about it, too, it only focuses on feminist topics and the writing is incredibly bad. I'm embarrassed for the writers; and I actually share most of their opinions on feminism. But the way they process it is just cringeworthy. I miss old Charmed and while it was not the most diverse show, its feminism definitely was more natural and less forced.

No. 16013

This is the problem I have. Not everything has to be diverse. Forced diversity is what is killing us. Look at shows like Sabrina. I want to like it, but the trans thing is too much.

The original Charm had a lot of good things going for it. I remember loving the drama and magic, and how the sisters stuck together through thick and thin. It had a great message that anyone could take home and my sister and i are from PR. Good writing is always better than shitty writing with diversity. Look at how the new mass effect suffered from that when it was fine.

No. 16014

I thought this would fit here because I just watched the Defective Pikatchu trailer and … I don't how to feel about this. While I think that the animations look great, I can't stop feeling a bit weird about this thing? I know I'm too old for pokemon at this point but as someone who watched the animated movies in the movie theaters as a kid (and the whole tv series), I can't not feel weird about fuzzy pikatchu while being able to talk??? Thoughts?

No. 16015

Pikachu’s fur texture looks awful especially on his tail. It looks exactly like a stuffed animal. Maybe they were going for that? The rest of the Pokémon don’t look any better. Apparently, they hired that realistic Pokémon artist who’s popular on Reddit for this movie. I never liked his art because the Pokémon he draws all look grotesque and completely lose the spirit of their original forms.

Despite how ugly the Cg looks to me, I still want to watch it because it’s a ridiculous live action Pokémon movie. I never thought something like this would happen. I just hope this movie is not bad in a way that’s boring.

No. 16016

I thought this was a weird ad on my IG. I just saw that. What a joke

No. 16017

File: 1542127458531.gif (3.46 MB, 368x368, da153772fa16.gif)

So danny devito's not voicing detective pikachu?

No. 16018

I'm not even going to watch the trailer but from what I've seen of what they did to jigglypuff, that's going to be a no from me. Maybe it's going to be so over the top it'll be a great movie like the live action Ace Attorney movie but I have doubts than anything else

No. 16019

make sure to torrent it and not give them money for this shit.

No. 16020

make sure to torrent it and not give them money for this shit.

No. 16021

I'm not even going to watch the trailer but from what I've seen of what they did to jigglypuff, that's going to be a no from me. Maybe it's going to be so over the top it'll be a great movie like the live action Ace Attorney movie but I have doubts than anything else

No. 16022

Seriously. A huge deal breaker.

No. 16023

Danny Devito probably saw this as another career-killing video game movie like the Mario Bros movie and knew better to stay the hell away.

No. 16024

File: 1542131646593.jpg (18.28 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

>tfw I actually think it's adorable

No. 16025

Anon that was Bob Hoskins, easy mistake though.

No. 16026

Idk I'm actually kind of excited for it. The Pokémon look bizarre (like those artists who draw "realistic" Pokémon or meme faces) but it's funny. I don't think it's taking itself very seriously.

No. 16027

Yeah, I know he didn't star in it but my main point was that the shittiness of video game movies such as Mario Bros. probably has deterred a lot of A-list actors from wanting to star in them even if the role is perfect for them. Upon first impression, this Detective Pikachu movie just screams of another shitty failure similar to Mario Bros. to me (gritty look with cartoony characters in a realistic setting except with shitty cg attempting to make them look real now instead of with animatronics) and I wouldn't blame A-listers from wanting to stay away from it.

No. 16028

File: 1542139592183.png (1.49 MB, 1292x942, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 3.06…)

I'm dreading it already.

No. 16029

Eh. I just felt like it was a rehashed Ted (the talking bear movie, especially with the Reynolds ad-lib tier dialogue) trying to appeal to ~le millenials~ with Pokemon nostalgia. Didn't really sit right with me. I like Reynolds fine but I keep hearing Deadpool too much in that role and it's too distracting.

No. 16030

No. 16031

I dont watch tv in general and stream a lot of old shows, but what the hell. Are they going to reboot EVERYTHING from my childhood but with 'diverSITY' ? fucking christ

No. 16032

its easier to pander this way than to actually develop well written poc characters with their own stories
they know people will go see it because of nostalgia, rather than their claim of not putting a poc in their own original storyline because they wont make a profit from it

No. 16033

I swear I once had an awful nightmare as a kid and was something like this wtf

No. 16034

Thats what I don't get about this "progressive" stuff, is how closet racist and sexist it seems.

"Oh hey guys heres a new powerpuff girl, shes black, no biggie, but shes a kindergarder with a thick booty and loses her temper! she also wears a colored weave!"

Same thing with Ghostbusters, its like the try and pull the most 1930's black caricature actor and tell them to act super low class.

Then the new Lara Croft, despite killing hundreds of men, and some with her bare hands, she still talks to herself and has sobbing fits. wtf.

I'm convinced everyone that publicly announces how anti-racist or how feminist or how anti-rape they are. Are the exact opposite.

No. 16035

that's cause all of it is intrinsically sexist and racist. most of the people designing these characters could care less about the people it's representing, they're just using it to virtue signal. but the end up slipping and just stereotyping the shit out of everyone because that's how they actually feel.

No. 16036

sage bc this post is old, but they weren't trying to pander to sjws, they were trying to pander to the adults who were teens when heathers came out aka boomers who think SJWs and minorities are the devil, but also tried to market it to SJWs to try and double up on views.

Which, backfired horribly.

No. 16037

It's not even that, she doesnt have her widows peak bc it looks like they cheaped out on the wig.

No. 16038

File: 1542823440760.jpg (341.83 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20181121-120323_Sam…)

Is it too late to hire a hit man?

No. 16039

File: 1542824677856.jpeg (98.54 KB, 523x533, 56465739-99B2-4086-9427-26B627…)

i still can’t get over the fact that heather chandler in the reboot looks exactly like martha dumptruck from the original (but on tumblr stereoids). you know, the girl heather chandler maliciously bullied for being obese and conventionally unattractive? i fail to see the purpose of this irony when it’s so damn unrealistic for this heather chandler to hold the same position as the original. martha dumptruck in makeup and a faux fur would still get curbstomped by the high school climate because it’s fucking brutal; that’s part of what made the original heathers so fantastic because it didn’t sugarcoat it in the least.

also how dare they make my girl heather duke a fugly freaky dude i will never forgive them

No. 16040

OT but ugh, gen x are not boomers. gen x were the first to hate the boomers, however. heathers is a great movie about gen x'ers and is better than the john hughes shitfests.

t. historyfag

No. 16041

God I hate the new reboot so fucking much. Making Duke 'genderfluid' so they can call him Heather while writing him as the most stereotypical depiction of a bitchy gay man is so insulting. The whole reboot is pandering bullshit while also somehow managing to be incredibly insulting both to fans of the original and the demographic they're trying to milk money out of.

No. 16042

File: 1543872071221.jpg (167.47 KB, 2028x1130, she-ra.jpg)

So what do you guys think of the new She-ra?

No. 16043

Bad art at times but was actually good and engaging.

No. 16044

File: 1543873845455.jpg (139.57 KB, 1067x1085, 1543211261338.jpg)

I liked it. I was expecting some uber Tumblr-ey shit but it was fine.

No. 16045

Catra and her scorpion friend were great!

No. 16046

>>16042 i don't mind the character design i just don't like the art style… it's meh

No. 16047

I enjoyed it. Catra's character arc into villiany was really well done imo. Also, a bit off topic but the amount of aurora/catra shipping is pretty weird to me. I got a sibling vibe from the whole time. They even both refer to shadow weaver as their mom at one point.

No. 16048

File: 1544971525233.jpg (19.94 KB, 235x418, 646e70cd8bb56b6887e9c89f44a310…)

>sibling vibe
I got the opposite vibe, to me it was pretty clear there was something else. The author herself is a Catradora shipper

No. 16049

File: 1549388917513.jpg (18.17 KB, 341x192, Carmen.jpg)

anyone watched the new carmen san diego? i think its pretty cute. some of the 3d animation looks wonky but overall the animation is pretty nice

No. 16050

Yes, I liked it and want to see another season. The light and backgrounds are pretty but Carmen's face is too simple and childish esp compared to the original. But maybe she will mature more (physically) during the series.

No. 16051

I'm going to get shit for this but I feel like all the problems everybody had with the TV series for Heathers; can be found in the musical too. I don't think it's terrible but I don't get why it got such a pass for all the changes it did to the original movie too.

No. 16052

Absolutely gross.

No. 30275

File: 1557006693059.jpg (27.64 KB, 568x416, the-twilight-zone-2019.jpg)

Its really bad.

No. 38498

why why it looks so bad

No. 38500

What's bad about it? I love the original and was hoping this one would be binge-worthy.

No. 38507

I want Kstew to be happy and live a nice life but this movie… JEsus.

No. 38577

File: 1561940470521.jpeg (38.24 KB, 480x270, 4DA71E1A-EF78-4749-92D9-F77115…)

Every one of these shitty Disney live-action remakes. So transparently a cash-grab, and they shit all over the originals. I’m glad there’s finally some real backlash for the new Lion King remake…

No. 38578

(I know they aren’t really reboots but I had to vent somewhere)

No. 38633

File: 1561978083028.jpeg (420.78 KB, 1000x1409, open-uri20150422-12561-4il5i8_…)

Ugh I hate that they're remaking the Lion King. At least a live-action remake of an animated movie with human characters isn't as bad but having hyperrealistic animals dance and sing is just going to be weird and uncanny. At this point we've come full circle back to old school talking animal movies like Homeward Bound, lmao.

No. 38876

I was obsessed with this movie as a kid omg. Also Milo & Otis. I think what made them great though is that they just filmed real animals and obviously that wont work for lions and hyenas but still, that was the whole charm, real animals whose thoughts were portrayed via voice. There are actually a couple of new movies right now about dogs with inner dialogue but neither of them really hit it too big I guess.

I do wonder about an inevitable Snow White reboot, and how atrocious CGI dwarves will be…a Little Mermaid reboot is gonna be torn to shreds because it has the most diehard basic bitch fans. What if it has a Shape Of Water feel to it? Lmao christ I hate this timeline

No. 38884

bitch i'm so scared of him

No. 38888

Exactly, why on earth would I want to see that beast singing hakuna matata?

No. 38906

All of those animals were abused. There were a lot of dead kittens and puppies. Really fucked.

No. 38911

you ruined my life

No. 38930

File: 1562178581081.jpg (269.79 KB, 640x907, sailormoon_4th_fixw_640_hq.jpg)

New Sailor Moon movie was announced and looking at the poster I must say the art doesn't look bad. The new show looked awful at times so It's kind of nice to see they've apparently decided to abandon that weird manga homage art style.

No. 39006


I don’t like the look of the new lion king. At all. They’re becoming a pain in the cunt now and everyone’s raving because Beyoncé is playing Nala. Like we never saw that coming…

No. 39007

The new little mermaid… Jesus.

What baffles me is that the black community are bitching about it not being a red head playing Ariel. But complain about there never being black leafs or black girls on roles. Yet it makes me wonder if zendaya who apparently originally was going to get that role or another mixed chick played Ariel, would they still bitch and moan then? Black people seem to give mixed people a pass in black roles.

Also it makes me kek how Lin Manuel Miranda will be writing up the lyrics for the new little mermaid. He’s good at what he does I won’t lie.

But since he adored that movie as a kid and has his kid name after the crab and his wife is named after the human witch bitch. I’m just like “didn’t see that coming” he’s taking over Disney too.

No. 39008

wtf why is disney shitting out all these live action remakes no one wants at once?

No. 39011


For a quick buck

No. 39013

Also another thing about this new little mermaid movie

Everyone keeps saying they want her to have a red weave. Why is it the black character has to have a red weave but all the other girls who’ve played Disney princesses have looked natural? I don’t get it. Why can’t she just have natural hair and the colour? If we’re that intent on having a black female actress play Ariel. It’s like black women can’t let go of weave.

No. 39016

The ONLY reason Disney is doing these live action remakes is to extend their licensing on their IPs. If they don't do anything with them, they lose the license. So they crank out a bunch of half assed live action/CGI reboots that they know are gonna flop.

No. 39035

I guess people will be even more upset if she doesn't cause then she'd look nothing like the Disney version.

No. 39036


She’s a dark skinned black Woman of course she looks nothing like the original Ariel

No. 39064

what licenses? the movies they're adapting into liveaction are all fairy tales with no copyright, what they're trying is to appeal to 90s kids nostalgic for their childhood while also building up a excuse to release more merchandise of princesses and popular animal characters

No. 39075


And they’re all awful

No. 39110


They weren't abused in homeward bound, the trainers even explain intensely how the scenes were made and how many cuts were needed + "Hollywood magic" to make it seem realistic/happening at once

Milos and Otis, though… The cliff and bear scene, oof. It was never a thing in my country and I didn't watch it as a kid, and now I can clearly see why. Disturbing

No. 39244

Disney is also involved in R&D when it comes to just the tech side of all the graphics tools theyre devleoping. Those tools are later appropriated in other industries. Think of these movies as not just cash grabs but basically public funding to improve visual tech that can later be used in scientific and military use.

No. 117885

I'm not saying Winx was stellar (it was always shitty compared to the Witch comic), but Jesus fucking Christ, this is underwhelming

No. 117887

File: 1607610804384.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_bc173f25783afb5b92a29b3…)

why is Flora a fat, white dwarf and wtf happened with Musa aka the only asian Winx girl?
So I guess whitewashing is okay if it's not a black character?

No. 117890

where tf is my girl Tecna wtf is wrong with Netflix I hate it

No. 117891

Why are they in their thirties and dressed like fat Americans? It is an Italian show

No. 117892

File: 1607613432915.jpg (43.44 KB, 680x783, 7fd.jpg)

This is literally the Netflix Adaption meme

No. 117896

>all red clothing
ha, ew

No. 117905

Musa is played by Elisha Applebaum

No. 117906

THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FLORA??????? also, aren't they 16? why do they all look like they are in their early 30s??

No. 117908

instead of bringing w.i.t.c.h. back they give us this shit…

No. 117915

My first thought seeing this was like… was this really necessary? I mean who wants to see the fucking Winx Club as some edgy Netflix show? The appeal of Winx Club was how they were basically fashion doll fairies, who the hell decided to write a Riverdale AU fic and make it into a show?

I'm usually not reeing about whitewashing but this is ridiculous. Everyone except the black girl has been made into a white girl. Flora was a sophisticated latin girl and now she's a short fat white chick? What the fuck are these outfits anyway, they look like they dressed up blind.

This. Like all the actresses look like they're at least 32. Couldn't they cast any younger people or even style them better?

No. 117936

EEEEWWWW keep this shit in cartoon where it belongs

No. 117937

A year ago it was said that its a Winx show for young adults, that would involve sex scenes.

Also, theres not going to be Brendon but there will be a love triangle with Stella, Sky and Bloom.>>117885

No. 117941

Where the fuck is Tecna? I'm gonna sue netflix. Straffi how COULD you? This is a whole country's childhood

No. 117945

>This is a whole country's childhood
More like the whole world's kek

Also I read the short uggo is not called Flora, but Terra. She's still basically the same character but whitewashed. IDK why they bothered to give us a bootleg instead of the real thing.

No. 117951

Well, her big ass self is earth shaking

No. 117980

File: 1607668415030.jpeg (138.12 KB, 800x800, EE9CA38C-0D81-40C0-A59A-DF8A93…)


> My first thought seeing this was like… was this really necessary? I mean who wants to see the fucking Winx Club as some edgy Netflix show?

I mean that’s a meme of it’s own.

No. 117981

File: 1607671173274.jpg (110.78 KB, 1024x509, Eo4kfnIXEAMAnit.jpg)

I truly don't understand Netflix's casting choices

No. 117983

>a love triangle between Stella, Sky and Bloom
absolutely disgusting, I hope it flops hard

No. 117987

Is Techna not in it?

No. 117990

I'm assuming since their going more for the nature which aspect, they would remove the tech based one

No. 118008

>Also, theres not going to be Brendon but there will be a love triangle with Stella, Sky and Bloom.
But why? This is the most fucking retarded plot setting ever. Stella was a rich bitch but she was still supportive of Bloom and this feels so out of character and unnecessary. This show must be some money laundering scheme.

Why all these unnecessary changes? AFAIK Flora was a consistent fan favourite and I'm already seeing so many people being pissed that she's practically gone, the same with Tecna. Did they just give the 2-second gist of the show to some grimdark writer freelancer and let them have free hands with how to make it?

I'm not going to watch this, not even as a joke, so whatever but the fact that they don't respect the original product is just straight out angering. The show wasn't ground breaking or anything but it's still something a lot of people grew up with and remember fondly and they took away everything that people actually liked about it. W.i.t.c.h would've been much fitting for something like this.

No. 118015

It was a cute italian show now it just looks american

No. 118018

The clothes that they are wearing are so fucking boring. Not to sound like a total sjw but they really just choose to make musa and flora white, its so dumb.

kek i saw somehwere that they only changed her name to Terra because so many people where mad that they casted a fat white girl for her.

Aren't Bloom and Stella best friends in the show tho? I don't remember them ever fighting eachother because of some boy

No. 118022

Did a German person dress them up?

No. 118042

Let us be glad they didn't bring back, and subsequently FUCK UP, w.i.t.c.h.
You just know it would be the same as this Winx Saga shit.

No. 118052

File: 1607718025725.jpeg (111.51 KB, 828x1334, E5990950-3E0D-4429-ACE7-2156C5…)

when i first saw this creature i thought it was a meme, she looks more like a live action shrek character

flora was a beautiful, elegant and feminine latina girl. what they did to her is like a cruel joke. like another anon said it’s been proven that this actress was originally cast as flora; the character’s name was only changed to terra bc of the backlash.

No. 118089

Holy shit hahahha what the fuck is that. What the fuck.

No. 118090

I don't even understand Netflix's logic, they could cast a diverse group of attractive women and no one would complain

No. 118095

Usually I am all for less attractive women being cast, it's shit that women always have to be young and pretty to justify taking up screen time while male actors can look like trash and nobody has a problem with it. But cute girls are necessary for something like Winx, the character designs already exist and are a massive part of the appeal in the first place.

No. 118096

My tinfoil theory is that Netflix is being extra edgy and casting the show horribly to get extra attention, same with how they presented the Cuties movie. Maybe they’re hoping some people are going to make YouTube videos about the cast and get some views outside of the original Winx old viewers.

Same with the Death note live action movie, at some point they have to do it on purpose. It’s not like there was a shortage of talented Latina and Asian women to pick from to cast Musa and Flora.

No. 118127

I've seen posts on tumblr stating all this shit was Iginio Straffi's decision and not Netflix's and that he literally stated that this edgy, grey version of Winx was his dream. IDK what to think about it since it's hard for me to believe he would cast such badly fitting actresses. WTF is going on with this man. He always striked me as more of a coomer than a sjw.

No. 118137

the one time in my life i would’ve preferred a coomer in such a position. i hate him for a lot of things now, including making me feel that.

No. 118337

holy shit the styling did them so dirty, like they look so much better in these headshots than in the fucking show. i came to this thread specifically for this. i am pissed. just dont fucking make anything if its going to be THIS low effort. stop touching all my favorite shows growing up. whenever i feel nostalgia for winx you know what i do netflix? i DONT wish for a reboot because nickelodeon already did a reboot horribly, i JUST REWATCH THE FIRST THREE SEASONS.

No. 118338

well, looking at the original winx designs, did you expect anything other than a coomer?

No. 118349

I meant that I've always thought that he was a coomer, but the live action casting is more reminiscent of sjw bullshit (except for the whitewashing). The girls are so ugly in looks and styling.

No. 118369

File: 1607928112930.jpg (128.26 KB, 260x630, IieFY0K.jpg)

Was their clothing budget like a dollar? Who the fuck looked at Italian fairy fashion sailor moon and was like "We gotta Riverdale this shit." Flora's replacement probably is them just rehashing her and the later seventh member Roxy the Earth Fairy since Bloom is the dragon fire. Techna is gone and why is it the only one that remotely looks decent the girl playing Stella. What a great look for your progressive 'adult' winx club reboot. The only one that looks good is the blonde blue eyed girl.

No. 118538

File: 1608088886731.png (1.47 MB, 1353x2048, 1607560361769.png)

has anyone seen this, they're rebooting ICarly but for "Adults

No. 118539


No. 118541

What does that even mean? Is it going to have retarded sex jokes? Maybe more foot fetish stuff?

No. 118542

well it's not gonna be r-rated but I'm assuming sex will be casually mentioned and maybe some more risque jokes

No. 118546

Watch them not even do the iconic, sailor moon transformation sequences. Also,
>Bloom wearing full red instead of blue, and all the girls in these boring, ugly ass outfits.
They should have just made this a different show.

No. 118577

File: 1608110411553.jpg (118.48 KB, 735x910, 680f94a17c0ba4e482605ae6de90f9…)

They had the opportunity to cash in on the early 2000s fashion hype, and they completely blew it. Why? Was the show being filmed in like, 2016 and they didn't know what to do?
An aesthetic like pic related would've been so much more fitting. Something irreverent and pop-ish, even if the actual vibe of the show was dark.

No. 118578

How does the girl playing Stella look more like a Winx Club character in her headshot than when she's styled for the actual show? Why would they do this?

No. 118894

We need a reboot of the reboot. Or nothing at all. Wasted opportunity.

No. 119825

File: 1609309862682.jpg (127.85 KB, 720x518, pixlr_20201230032951551.jpg)

Am I the only one just hearing about this for the first time?

No. 119830

File: 1609312797790.jpg (150.18 KB, 960x720, 0bfcb24e6b4391f950f796242fa3bd…)

>in the the updated version of the series the titular superheros are now disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting.
This is an interesting concept, but we don't need to have some angsty version of PPG. Just make this a different tv show on netflix or hbo or something. Even amazon prime has a superhero show. I'm convinced these new reboots are just showrunners using nostalgia to get extra attention for their shows without actually sticking to the original idea at all.

It would be cool to see live action Mojo Jojo and a dragqueen Him, but they're probably gonna dumb down the character designs and make them look like some average human dudes. In fact, Him'll probably just end up being an annoying gay dude. All the powerpuff girl villains were so cool, but I just know they're gonna be so bad in this remake.

No. 119835

5 bucks says it's similar to the Winx Club reboot with gritty realistic settings that ~appeal to every young adult who watched this series as a child~.

And then I actually read the text in your picrel. I can't believe I was right. Who the fuck even wants shows like this? The people who still care about PPG would probably hate this and the people who don't know about PPG don't have any emotional connection so that they could be lured in with the name alone.

No. 119836

Sorry to samefag but, I'm just realizing "disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting." is literally already a show. It's The Umbrella Academy.

No. 120643

Who do you think is gonna be the trans one?

No. 120644

>unironically asking
It’s obviously buttercup, she’s always the ftm one.

No. 120655

I think it's gonna be literally this minus the fighting, so I guess they'll just join buttercup for the next episodes

No. 120801

Bubbles will be revealed to be mtf, instead of just ditzy she will be a sexualised bimbo like the blonde from Euphoria and Twitter will eat it up

No. 124162

This is my passion is graphic design bad

No. 124232

She-ra was an atrocity and it should have never been made. These people just flat out changed the sexualities of like half the cast to fit their #wokeagendas. Why not just make a whole fucking new show then? No need to mess with a classic. I hate Hollywood.

No. 124241

I don't see why almost everyone loves it,also hate the ugly as fuck anime imitation art style and the slow animation.i hate She-ra's outfit,why biker shorts?when they could have given her white armor instead and where are catra's shoes?

No. 124259

They wanted to make her look like a dyke when she transformed. Also made her gain height and weight. #staywoke

No. 124344

>>124232 I liked the series and cried like a bitch when the lesbians kissed but I agree it should have been an original property or at least had better character design. Catra's terrible mismatched highlighter eyes bugged me every scene she was in. And then they went and gave her a fucking soccer mom pixie cut on top of that. I stan her character but she was hard to look at by the end. And the animation was sooo stilted and weird, they had so much hype and most of the last season looked worst than a filler episode of… Name an 80s anime.

No. 136421

File: 1618048773848.jpg (75.47 KB, 728x546, b07798230f4f450597130f9a72b3ee…)

Necro-ing to post some pictures from the Powerpuff Girls reboot >>119825. These look like Party City costumes. Could they have at least ironed the clothes, and made them look like something adults would wear?

No. 136422

File: 1618048843080.jpg (743.07 KB, 2048x3072, powerpuff-girls-live-action-tv…)

Samefag, here's a full picture of the costume. They're supposed to be adults in the reboot, so I don't understand why they're dressed like the original Powerpuff Girls.

No. 136423

Yeah this looks bad.. the clothes contrast a lot with their age

No. 136424

Also samefag but I thought this was a picture of cosplayers from some convention before reading the post. The outfits look extremely casually and sloppily put together

No. 136426

This is a joke right… like why are they adults..wtf are these costumes…make this stop.

No. 136428

if they want to go the cartoon accurate route why do they even have fingers

No. 136429

This. Why not put them in cartoon accurate suits instead and have it just be a western toku show aimed at kids?

No. 136436

At first I heard it was ''mature/serious version'' of the cartoon, and I hate these, so to other anons' disappointment I have to say that I actually like it.

No. 136572

There’s so much that is plain bizarre about this reboot. The clothes, the “serious” story about them navigating regular adulthood, and it’s kind of fucking weird they made Buttercup biracial for woke points. The entirety of their existence is because Professor Utonium accidentally added Chemical X to a concoction and made 3 human-LIKE looking “children” with super powers. It’s already so absurd of a plot that genetics are probably out the window (assuming Professor didn’t get a racebend) but then why are the other 2 not mixed or mixed looking? Are they all a different ethnicity and 2 of them just don’t look it? Again, it’s just really fucking weird. The level of commitment they have to it too by giving the other 2 accurate hair styles and close-enough and leaving the Buttercup without bangs and short hair is like why bother? They also gave buttercup stripes on her socks (why not stockings???) and I think Bubbles is supposed to have thigh highs which is also fucking weird, again. I think they’re going to try way too hard to show us “Buttercup is different!!!” and will probably make Bubbles “sexy & innocent” because this is the CW.

>western toku
That’d actually be a great idea but unfortunately shitty tokus is the CW’s specialty. Riverdale was bad but The Flash is genuinely worse than anything.

No. 136579

File: 1618119410073.jpg (46.83 KB, 474x710, 1f92dd4a3d8de4fdf371c73dbfb2a2…)

Imo, Buttercup's actress being a different race doesn't matter at all because they were all created and could look different from each other. Also, I think Blossom's actress is Asian. The stylists did them all so dirty with those hairstyles though. Bubble's pigtails and Blossom's bow make them look so juvenile. I think they tried to make Buttercup's hair similar to the original by giving her short hair, but they could have still gave her bangs like picrel. I genuinely hope those outfits are just some kind of joke.

No. 136602

File: 1618130344964.jpg (3.25 KB, 263x135, tape.jpg)

Those "belts" look like shit, it's like they're wearing some closet cosplay but used tape for the belts or something.

No. 136647

The green dress literally has big creases in it wtf

No. 136736

Has anyone seen this? Apparently it's a G5 movie that's going to come out on netflix
The bronies are going to hate it lmao

I'm kinda sad that they went the cgi route with this series tho, it feels soulless

(Repost because I'm an idiot and the full names of the ponies are in the description. I still think "Izzy" is a stupid name for a pony)

No. 136874

Those disgusting, smug looking creatures should be slaughtered and rendered into a paste

No. 136879

File: 1618217837503.gif (2.32 MB, 250x141, 88c93a6be686f8a6af9c74befc628b…)

The only thing that I like about this gen is that the orange pony is a big gen4 fangirl, and one of the designers is actually a MLP fan-artist, which is very cute. Really wish they didn't go full 3D route though, looks as horrible as WinX 3d Movies….Literally.

No. 136887

tbh nothing looks AS bad

No. 136900

I think they are kinda cute, I like how they have hooves and the unicorn has a long pointy horn, but I wish their faces were a bit less squished. I agree about the names, they sound like name-surname, when usually pony names sound more like a phrase.

No. 136905

>That thumbnail
>Aqua collar on a tan animal-human hybrid neck, leading up to a humanoid expression
Scooby Doo is that you?

I'll never unsee

No. 136924

very happy to say I will continue to have zero reasons to give hasbro my money and will just stick to buying G1 ponies secondhand (well, unless I find a way to buy repros without paying an arm and an leg for shipping from USA)

No. 136969

File: 1618250551413.jpeg (711.37 KB, 1620x1617, 268732D2-68D5-4136-AC66-DC58BF…)

Where are you from.. The repros were released in the U.K. of course I realise the world is bigger than US and Europe but I’ve seen the same issue when they are sold out here, many are only available from American eBay. Usually just as well to pay the same for a vintage one. But I can see repros starting to show up secondhand now and postage within Europe won’t be as bad. Disregard if you’re from somewhere else and this is a waste of your time. But

Also have you seen these new releases. They are a nice middle ground I think, reminiscent of g3. Personally I can’t stand friendship is magic style

No. 136972

Polish MLPfag here! Sadly the G1 repros aren't distributed here at all. Okay, there is one person online that sells literally 2-3 ponies, but they are all Collector's Pose repros and I already have original ponies. As much as I appreciate them, they are the most boring so I have no reason to spend money on them… It fucking sucks. Now I realize that I haven't even tried looking up for UK Amazon for repro ponies, but I feel like shipping would still be expensive (based on my few Ebay purchases).
>But I can see repros starting to show up secondhand now and postage within Europe won’t be as bad
Oh, do you mind telling where? Maybe I'm wrong and the shipping will not be a nightmare after all!
The pony you posted is nice, really reminds me of G3s (I like them, thou gh IDK what to do with the small collection that I have somehow aquired. I don't love them, but it feels like a waste to sell them since I may miss them in the future).

No. 137025

File: 1618272838857.jpeg (213.03 KB, 1024x901, C5BDE1A5-CF8D-4AC8-9702-9DC0FA…)

They look cute but I wish they went with 2D, I really liked the row 4 and row 5 designs from when this thing got leaked.

No. 137029

Why does pinky pie have wings everywhere except the first one? why doesn't fluttershy have wings? why are they all different designs?

No. 137031

File: 1618274341368.png (105.22 KB, 248x313, F7F6F842-75B0-4A7F-9D2F-3BA87E…)

I think it’s because her beta (surprise) had wings and they wanted to give her wings again in the reboot. No idea for Fluttershy though, kinda defeats the purpose of her name if she doesn’t have wings.

No. 137033

Row 5 designs are so cute! I would’ve unironically bought at least a figurine or a toy of each of them! Specially Pinky Pie, she’s so cute.

No. 137036

This was actually posted up thread years ago and I sperged about how much I liked row 4 kek
I was literally rereading it yesterday, trippy

I hate the new 3D look, they look like trolls background characters rejects. Wish at least the color scheme was cute, it's hideous
>Mfw even those poopsie pedo unicorns have better color schemes than official mlp shit

No. 137037

They would be cute if they weren't another animals with Elsa face. I'm not a fan of any of those designs, but I would go with Row 3. Still, G1 reigns supreme.

No. 137055

Row 3 designs are way too over designed imo.

No. 137062

I'm betting money on this being a scene where one of the girls says something along the lines of "always doing this from a young age but how they are soooooo tired of saving the day and are finally breaking out to be their own persons", and shit will get dark and they will have some modern day outfits that go along with their original colors and go back to saving the day.

YA tv is so easy predicted.

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