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No. 151684

Checked the catalog and couldn't see anything so how about a Skins thread? I saw Effy posted on /g/ this week and it's fun to think about the show's influence on younger millennials. Discuss:

>Favourite and least favourite characters

>Any ships you loved/hated
>Who deserved a better ending?
>Who did you want to be like and identify with most?
>Character style and outfits
>Did the show influence you at all? Whether in terms of drinking/drugs/sex or your views on mental illness and sexuality
>Cast members
>What would you change about the show, if anything?
>Do you think there will ever be a reboot?

No. 151687

All of them were unlikable but Effy was the worst. The show was stupid. I hate that I wasted time watching that fucking crap because my retarded friends memed me into believing that shit is deep. Time I'll never get back. I don't know what I hate the most about this, that I watched that crap, that I remeber retarded plot points because they made no sense or that I remember the disgusting teen crappy jokes about sex. Fuck this shit. Also fuck Effy. Degrassi for life.

No. 151688


Her friends are boring, her boyfriends are boring. Only Effy made it fun to watch because she inspired the female joker in teens.
The show should stay a relic of the past. I mean…look what happens people try to revive teen angst a la Netflix originals. But who are we kidding, they’ll give it a soulless reboot sooner or later.

No. 151689

I am a zoomer not from the UK and when I first tried to watch it at 13 I was kinda traumatized kek. I then watched it a few years later but only the first two seasons. It definitely felt like someone very original and interesting, but also it made me kind of sad to watch them go through that shit. Can't really say it was relatable as well so the "kids just like us!" bit never worked on me except maybe for the dialogues, it basically felt like an american series but the teenagers actually look like teenagers because they are not 25 yo. Its edge though was formidable

No. 151705

File: 1625801926137.gif (503.23 KB, 499x277, tumblr_mfc59nBb4N1rv7cdvo1_500…)

I love gen 1 and I'm a huge fan of Maxxie/Tony but that's about it tbh. Wish we got more of them on the Russia trip. Cassie and Chris were also super interesting and it's a shame that Chris got killed off.

No. 151708

I can't believe they made gen 1 only 2 seasons I know thats like how the show works but gen 1 was magic and they never really recaptured that and i feel like later generations were just reiterations of the most popular characters, like chris being a fan favourite gave us cook etc. Anyways I like the comfy scenes where they are all watching tv waiting to buy pizza the most, otherwise it's unbearably goofy.

No. 151711

Cook was such a gross cartoon that it was very tempting to nope the fuck out of the first episode of that gen. Gen 2 was a big misfire for me, but I did think the sleepover episode was kinda charming until the end.

No. 151715

I've rewatched the first 2 gens many times and yet half of the series still feels like a fever dream I'm not quite sure happened, like Freddie's death or video related. I'm very fond of it but it's a weird series, with the frequent shifting between comedy and serious drama.

No. 151896

>Effy made it fun to watch because she inspired the female joker in teens

Kek that's such a perfect description of Effy. If you watch some of the series back it's really quite funny like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UzOyYynueQ vid related. It makes me wonder exactly how much of the "romanticisation" of Effy's mental illness was intentional and how much was just stuff going over the teen audience's heads.

No. 151903

Not gonna lie as an entirely unmysterious, unalluring goblin Effy just made me like crazy women. I never wated to be her but boy did it become a blueprint of a different kind.

No. 152046

Fuck Effy, she’s always pissed me off even when I was an edgelord teenager.

No. 152850

I'm surprised they got away with this in 2007.

No. 152946

File: 1626724742298.jpg (23.76 KB, 500x282, cc6d7fa3fc1e3f23cb76e10cda8c26…)

I had a huge love/hate crush on Sid

No. 153075

Most of gen 1 is legit some of the best television of all time, with extremely likable characters (except Cassie tbh), but they lost me with gen 2. I find it tonally a mess and they jumped the shark even before the Freddie nonsense with Effy smashing someone's skull in because mushrooms or something?

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