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No. 151043

Sometimes I want to enjoy homosexual manga, but there is a problem.

>Look for yuri.

>Find one with nice art.
>Start reading.
>Obviously written by a man with either no concept or no concern as to how women interact, think, and fuck.
>It's like watching two men having sex with each other.
>But they have women's bodies and it's unnatural and awful.
>Might as well look at yaoi instead.

>Find yaoi with nice art.

>Start reading.
>Obviously written by a woman self inserting as one of the characters and writing the man fucking her in a way no man would ever act.
>It's like watching two women having sex with each other.
>But they have men's bodies and it's unnatural and awful.
>Might as well look at hetero so at least one character is accurately written.

Can anons suggest good homosexual manga and doujins written with an understanding and respect towards how the sex portrayed actually thinks?

I can suggest two:
Yuri. Reimu and Marisa

Yaoi. Artist likes shotas so I'll just post his name in case a link isn't kosher.
Shiba Yuuji

Hell, hetero doujins with accurately written females are rarer than capitalist troons, so post those too if you find them.

No. 151048

Yaoi isn't self insert its a form of retaliation against lolicon coomers

No. 151056

I'd beg to differ, revenge is the last thing I was thinking when I was masturbating to it when I was 13. I see lots of shotacon in yaoi that is made by women, so I don't think it's a counter culture sort of thing.

No. 151062

all "explicit" yaoi made by men is deviant fetish porn and most of it involves shota. if that's not what you're looking for, then stick to BL content made by women.

No. 151070

Bara manga is usually made by men, by it's just porn without plot.
That being said, I like it more over regular BL, because I don't like bishounens and in bara men at least look and act like men.

No. 151128

>Obviously written by a woman self inserting as one of the characters and writing the man fucking her in a way no man would ever act.
>It's like watching two women having sex with each other.
That's why a lot of fujos are lesbian/febfem bis kek. also yaoi/BL is a genre in itself, if you want actual gay comics written by men (and can stomach hardcore bdsm rape or shotacon porn because lbr that's what most of them are) you should be looking up geikomi/gay comics instead.

NTA but anon's being accurate to a degree, at one point scrotes tried to run fujos out of Comiket by scaring them with explicit lolicon porn that turned into a genre and the women pushed back even harder https://crawfordpro.wordpress.com/2020/05/03/article-the-castle-of-doom-and-the-lolicon-boom/

No. 151230

File: 1625500453559.jpeg (59.5 KB, 462x586, 9CB6CFE2-05E8-41B9-83DD-80F566…)

>Obviously written by a woman self inserting as one of the characters and writing the man fucking her in a way no man would ever act.
I’m not seeing how this is a bad thing.
>That's why a lot of fujos are lesbian/febfem bis kek.
Exactly, I don’t know where the ‘all fujos are straight girls’ thing came from at all.

No. 151232

look up data, most interviewed fujos identified as straight

No. 151235

File: 1625501931353.jpeg (51.41 KB, 546x452, C4C00766-C948-4347-B85E-29729F…)

The closest thing to that (at least that I know of) is the AO3 gender/sexuality stats where straight women and bi women are almost the exact same amount.

No. 151236

File: 1625503256661.jpg (50.74 KB, 600x931, Hanjuku-Joshi-Yuri-Manga-1.jpg)

I still really love Hanjuku Joshi by Morishima Akiko. I have been reading Conditions of Paradise/Rakuen no Jouken, but there's a few pedo stories in it that bother me. I love her artstyle though.

No. 151252

There were research surveys done and used in scientific papers. I posted about it some time ago when the topic was brought up. You can look it up. They may be a bit outdated, but at least they will explain why people assume that fujos are straight.
I remember fujo being a 90% straigt phenomenon in the 00's (at least in my country). They were basically a female equivalent of horny teenage scrotes watching harem anime, except they squeed over the bishies instead. Yes, I knew a few of them IRL.

No. 151323

If you're talking about that one "study" from the early 2000's (over 20 years ago) that's often quoted as the source even that one said that majority (60%-ish?) of western fujos reading localized BL identified as "not straight". And since then the selection has been made more available with digital releases and the community has been growing exponentially so the data doesn't really hold anymore.

No. 152021

OP Touhou doujin is literally pedophilia (inb4 "4000 year old demoness") why would anyone but scrotes enjoy it

No. 152053

Late reply, but there was more than one study. Anon was asking where the straight fujo stereotype came from, so it doesn't matter that the data is outdated as it reflects the fandom at the time when the stereotype was created.

No. 155319

Not true, that's just how Japanese women look. I'm 30. One of my friends is Japanese and is 38. I thought she was younger than me until she told me her age. If Reimu was a real person she could conceivably be anywhere from 16-28. In Japanese porn the best way to tell age is to judge by the behavior of the characters. Japanese porn, agewise, actively divides itself into two major subsets, by standards that are different from those of western countries because, unsurprisingly, it is a foreign culture.

<14=pedo stuff. Expect lots of "I can't believe I'm fucking a 1X year old girl!" and "I don't know how sex works please teach me oniiiiichaaaan."

>14=normal porn, age is irrelevant to the story, the character's life experience is the only variable.

Also don't tell me that only men can be pedos. That's profoundly ignorant. Acting on evil desires is a human thing, not just a man thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 155331

No, you coombrain, "over 14" is not normal porn. Get help and stop cooming to children.

No. 155332

With reference to the Japanese culture's perception of it. Please don't twist the statement I made to make me a coombrain boogeyman.

No. 155350

File: 1628520450616.jpeg (85.34 KB, 352x389, E6838E53-51D3-46B4-88BF-115665…)

Just finished the first two chapters and I’m loving this so far! Thank you for posting!

No. 155352

don't even reply, it's an obvious scrote who's too invested in JAV and buying into the 'in Japan the age of consent is 14!!! YAAAAY' pedo meme

No. 155353

I hate this fucking meme so much because in reality the age of consent is set by the prefecture by a separate child welfare law and in every single one of them the age of consent is 16 or 18, yet pedo moid weebs keep claiming that they can fuck a virginal 13-year old in glorious Nippon.

No. 155364

File: 1628531507060.jpeg (Spoiler Image,255.45 KB, 700x983, 1D9C55D0-8ED3-4618-B8D3-E5E1F6…)

Anyone here read Syrup - A Yuri Anthology? Some chapters have some questionable content, but that aside I think you guys might like it. also this page in particular is… really fuckin good, holy shit

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