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No. 149546

Thread to post pics and discuss the life and music of Lil Peep

some topics for discussion

>fave songs

>how long were you a fan?
>other similar artists
>do you blame management for his death
>what is the appeal of his music to you?

No. 149547

Maybe delete thread from /g/ and repost thread in /m/? That's where the driverfags are too, seems more fitting.

No. 149548

i love him so much

No. 149631

I love him. I still go through phases of listening only to him and crying every three months or so kek. happy there's a peepfag thread.

No. 149638

>lil peep general
…yeah good luck with that henny.

No. 149642

Nta, but why?

No. 149810

I can never get over how he overdosed, slowly, and none of his retard ass "druggie" vulture friends knew to check him or recognize that he wasn't just passed out. It's such a shame, and I can't stop thinking how if that girl had just called the cops when she got kicked off the bus and he was passed out they would have been required to do a wellness check and he could have been saved. She's dead too now of course, of the same thing. Just so shitty all around

No. 149812

i find the whole situation really ominous and weird.

No. 149814

File: 1624612376452.jpg (91.01 KB, 709x709, 08960f58bfbbfa3d5567235adbeeb7…)

Just wanted to share this incredibly cute pic of him.

No. 149816

I mean he was literally blue and they thought yeah I should film him being completely gone.
It's not like people on the bus where inexperienced when it comes to drugs, it was obvious that he had an overdose.

No. 149818


Ya it's such a pissoff it's really not that hard to tell when someone can't be shaken awake or that their fucking turning blue, and the fact that his friends immediately stole all his clothes. So gross and the aftermath where everyone used their relationship with him for clout really disgusted me.

I also wonder what would've happened to GBC if he hadn't died, seeing as how Pouya and Fat Nick and Tracy turned out to be fucking rapists, I'm sure he would've distanced himself as he was already going in that direction. Just shitty all around

No. 149819

Selfish assholes all around.
I mean what else was the whole tour bus scenario?
It's just fucking sad.

He was surrounded by people who used him for their own gain.
When it comes to Tracy, I feel like it would've hurt once he found out, but I doubt he would've supported him after the allegations came out. They really seemed to be good friends, it's a shame all around.

I do still feel bad for Layla. Yeah unpopular opinion and everything but I feel for her. Same with Emma.
Fuck Azalea tho. What a cunt

No. 149863

Thank u for the thread anon! Peep seemed like such an endearing person. I miss him so much.

No. 149892

File: 1624643355891.jpeg (152.96 KB, 675x1200, d0cb99748d344c08cb255fe2ab361f…)


I feel really bad for Layla too and I also feel like she was the only one who was his equal of all the people he dated if that makes sense. Arzaylea was obviously just some thot and Emma was like a childhood friend but toopoor really did fit with his whole shtick and had the most bratty personality to back up her whole emo girl aesthetic. Still cracks me up thinking of her posting vids of her smoking crack to get back at him after they broke up lol. Was obviously a shitty relationship that she should've walked away from but how could she when he was such a star? and he was still playing with her and doing stuff to get at her when he died? I agree w whatever anon it was in the soundclout threads who said that Layla probably realized a lot of the shit she was doing was pointless when he died. Idk I relate to the whole situation of being in love w someone whilst also having someone seem like their so much more than you and wanting to do anything to make them pay attention to you.

Do you guys think he was sincerely bi also? I do, which is rare cause everyone fake gay these days.

No. 149902

An honest question from a non-peepfag that cannot be answered by simply googling. I have lurked a few soundclout threads around when he was with Layla and when they broke up. Back then, he was considered an abusive (ex)bf. I wanted to give his music a chance, but I checked his lyrics, and they seemed misogynist. Not as bad as they could be, mind you (the 'whiny and/or manipulative pop-punk singer' category rather than the typical 'rap pimp' one), but still. Now that he's dead, everyone thinks he's a feminist soft bbyboi who did nothing wrong. Am I remembering wrong or being unfair to him, or is that just a typical process of whitewashing a beloved figure after they've tragically died?
I have nothing against you, nonas. I think Peep was cute and I would give his music another chance if I wasn't put off by his (supposed) misogyny. I'm coming here with an open mind and ready to learn I'm being totally, or even just mostly, wrong.

No. 149920

I also think he was sincerely bi. Maybe it was just editing but watching Everybody's Everything gave me the vibe that him and Makonnen were more than just friends as well.

No. 149932


I mean if that's some shit you care about to the point of not listening to anything with misogyny in it like, that's great if that's your values and you can really find artists to that standard. Idgaf personally about who a artist is or if their misogynistic because it just seems real and in this age of virtue signalling bullshit unpretentious to me. (except xxxtentacion but he was a unrepetent phsyical abuser who purposely cultivated a army of 12 year olds to defend him lol so it's different)

I mean, pandering male feminists who make faggot ass indie music about like, every girl is beautiful and use buzzwords like consent to market themselves are a lot worse in my opinion, both artistically and karmically than someone who is authentically a bit scummy. Their usually secretly just as shitty as every other rapper who is striving to suceed in these scenes its just under layers of styling and lingo and bullshit.

And ya, there are a lot of girls who now make peep out to be a soft bb angel when he was obvious problematic and emotionally manipulative and a dick to Layla, but most guys are before they turn like, 24? if not their whole entire lives? Idk just doesn't personally doesn't register as something that'd cause me to be unable to enjoy his music because I don't care for musicians pretending to be pure virtuous angels for the sake of their image to twitter faggots on the internet. Then again I've spent a lot of time with these types in real life so it doesn't really bother me. The world is fraught with losers and you can opt out or you can party.

No. 149940

You sound a bit condescending there, but maybe I'm misunderstanding. If I also did, it wasn't my intention, so sorry just in case. I honestly wasn't sure if I remembered right that he was a dick or not. Especially since the simping and babying him seemed weird for lolcow if I was being right.
I haven't heard anything by him yet, don't even like rap that much (beyond few examples), but was kinda curious. When I checked his verses, I sighted and gave up. I have like 50 other apparently great artists to listen to, so I'm not in a hurry to get back to Peep on spotify. I had (or still have) the mildest curiousity though. Hope it explains what I mean.
>I mean, pandering male feminists who make faggot ass indie music about like, every girl is beautiful and use buzzwords like consent to market themselves are a lot worse in my opinion, both artistically and karmically than someone who is authentically a bit scummy. Their usually secretly just as shitty as every other rapper who is striving to suceed in these scenes its just under layers of styling and lingo and bullshit.
Hard agree! Always hated when shit metalcore bands did the whole "have you ever self-harmed uwu?/I kissed her scars" thing lmfao

No. 149949


Sorry nonnie not my intention to be condescending at all, I'm not a good writer I just mean like my music taste is pretty basic and I listen to a lot of shit that's popular so I'm lazy and I don't have the effort to seek out people who don't reflect this misogynistic fuckboy element that exists in a lot of music in this current moment in time, and also I love rap so its a given that like 3/4 artists you listen to are gunna have some heavy misogyny involved and you kinda stop noticing it.

If u want a general sample of his music listen to star shopping, beamer boy, awful things, white wine, and switchblades, those cover the bases of his softer stuff to his more party boy stuff. There's a lot of good artists out there so you definitely don't have any obligation to listen to these popular acts that reflect shitty stuff. and ya I agree theres a lot of peep defenders on here haha I guess cause he did a good job of playing the game of portraying himself as a vulnerable softboi and that's appealing to girls? And ya don't get me started on the weird sexist tropes that exists in most metal. It's kinda like the devil you can see verse the one thats hiding is all I meant to say.

No. 149968

Dude he was sending photos of them shirtless in bed with a heart filter to his fan pages and mako was straight up calling him his boyfriend, I’ll never forgive management for trying to bury that

No. 149969


can you post them? I never knew any of this

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